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Accounting for Managers

Program Class of Sem : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code: SLAC 501 Credits :3 Sessions : 33

Session Plan
Session Detailed Syllabus Cases to be Discussed (page reference is from the Text Book) 1. Case 1-2 Kim Fuller (page no.22-23) Chapters in Text Book Chapter 1 Framework (issued by ICAI)


Need for Accounting Information Financial Accounting Framework Financial Statements – Overview


Basic Accounting Concepts: Balance Sheet

2. Case 2-2 Music Mart Inc (page no. 47 in Text Book) 3. Case 2-1 Maynard Company (A) (page no. -46)

Chapter 2 Framework (issued by ICAI) Chapter 3 Framework (issued by ICAI)


Basic Accounting Concepts: Income Statement: Basic Concepts ,Recognition of Expenses, Gains and Losses and The Income Statement

4. Case 3-3 Dispensers of California, Inc. (page no. -75-76) 5. Case 3-4 Pinetree Motel(page no. 76,77,78)

6-7 8-9

Comprehensive Cases Revenue Recognition: Concept – Gross versus Net, Timing of Revenue Recognition, Amount of Revenue Recognition

6. Copies Express ( Page no. 107-108) 7. Case 5-2 Grennell Farm (page no. 132-133) 8. Case 5-3 Joan Holtz (A)( (page no. 135-137) Chapter 5 AS 9 (issued by ICAI)


Inventory valuation in Merchandising / Manufacturing / Service

9. Case 6-2 Lewis Corporation(173-174) 10. Case 6-4 Joan Holtz (B) (page no. 176-177)

Chapter 6 AS 2 (issued

Companies: Full Cost of Inventory, Methods of Inventory Costing and Valuation Principle (Lower of Cost or Net Realizable value) 12 13-15 Quiz I (15%) Fixed Assets Depleting Assets 11. Case 7-2 Joan Holtz (C). (page no. 211-213) 12. Case 7-3 Stafford Press (page no. 213-214)

by ICAI)

Chapter 7 AS 6, 7, 10, 16, 26 (issued by ICAI) Chapter 11 AS 3 (issued by ICAI) Chapter 14 AS 1 (issued by ICAI)


Purpose of Cash Flow Statement

13. Case 11-2 Amerbran Company (page no. -336-338) 14. Medieval Adventures (page no. 335-336) 15. Infosys (Annual report of Company)


Understanding Annual Report


Relation of Cost to Volume Break Even Analysis & Applications

16. Case 16-1 Hospital Supply, Inc.(Page Chapter 16 No.199-501) 17. Case 16-3 Bill French( Page No.504507)

23 24-28

Quiz II (15%) Full Cost – Concept & Uses 18. Pepe Denim (CDC Case 18-1 Huron Automotive Company (page no. 569-573) 19. Case 18-2 Califonia Creamery(page no. -573-575) 20. Case 18-3 Wilkerson Company (page no. -575-577) 21. Case 26-1 Import Distributors Inc. (page no. -854-855) 22. Case 26-2 Forner Carpet Company(page no. -855-857) 23. Case 26-3 Precision Worldwide Inc. (page no. -857-858) 24. Case 26-4 Baldwin Bicycle Company(page no. -859-861) Chapter 17 Chapter 18


Decisions Involving Alternative Choices

Chapter 26

No 1 2 3 Activity Class Participation (Three Phases) Quiz End term Case based Examination TOTAL Marks 40 30 30 100 .End term Case based Examination (30%) Evaluation Plan Sl.

5 Overview of Financial Markets Cost of Capital ISMR and NSE Factbook** RWJ Ch. Ref: INB0014 RIL Bonds :caselet from IBS CDC Valuation of Securities Pricing Using DDM: Indian Banking Sector IBS CDC.6 24 Second test component . Ref: FM0016 2 -3 RWJ Ch. 341-342 Basics of Capital Expenditure Decisions Tata’s Nano Project:Capital Investment Lessons IBS CDC.9 & Ch. Ref: FM0002 ABC Wealth Advisors IBS CDC. 4 Introduction to Risk and Return First test component RWJ Ch. Ref: FINC/027 Smart Investors Ltd.Financial Management I Program Class of Semester : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code Credits Sessions : SL FI 501 :3 : 33 Session Plan Session . Ref: FM0012 Indian Financial System India IBS CDC. IBS CDC. IBS CDC. Ref: FM0010 Max Software Services: Relative Valuation IBS CDC. Ref: FM0067 MRPL and RPL: Analysing Risk and Return IBS CDC. Ref: FM0001 Cost of Equity:A CAPM Approach IBS CDC. Ref: FM0001 Infosys and Satyam Computers: Whose Wealth is Maximized? IBS CDC. Ref: FCF0019 Ambuja Cement Cost of Capital IBS CDC. 10 RWJ Ch. 1 4-6 7 8-9 10 11 12-13 14 15 16 17 -18 19 20 RWJ Ch. Ref: FM0009 An Analysis of Small Savings Scheme in India IBS CDC.23 RWJ Ch. Time Value of Money Unilever Limited: Transforming the Finance Function. 1 Topic Case-Study Readings Course Overview and Briefing Introduction to Financial Management. Ref: FM0015 Evaluation of Capital Investment Projects.12 21. IBS CDC. Ref: FM0011 Allied Products*RWJ – Pg. Nos.

Inc. 22 & Ch.7 Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting Introduction to Derivatives: Appraisal of Bharat Insulation Ltd.32 33 Topic Case-Study Goodweek Tires Inc*. ** ISMR: Indian Securities Market: A Review available at http://www.nseindia. Tata McGraw-Hill Publications. by Ross. Westerfield and Jeffrey Jaffe.nseindia. Westerfield and Jaffe. Q. Randolph W. 25 Contemporary Issues in Financial Management RWJ: Ross. (BIL) IBS CDC..Session . * The cases are from the prescribed textbook Corporate Evaluation Plan S No 1 2 3 4 5 Component Class Participation Multiple Choice Questions Quiz Class Test Project End Term Exam Total Weightage 40 10 10 10 30 100 . 7 th edition.* RWJ –Pg. 25 26 27 28-30 31. Stephen A. 7th edition. Ref: FIN0010 Technical Note on Derivative Instruments. RWJ – pg. Corporate ** NSE Factbook available at http://www. RWJ Ch.207-208 Jimmy’s Hot Dog Stand* RWJ-Pg.206-207 I.208-209 Readings Analysis of Project Cash Flows RWJ Ch. Tata McGraw-Hill Publications. (2008). 8 RWJ Ch. Nos.

p. II. 3 Classification of IS by organizational levels. Ltd. Computer networks. Different types of Information Systems Case: Bumrungrad’s Hospital 2000 Information System. 8.8. trends.5 of Text Book (TB)) Business Processes and ISs.L.417 of TB) Case: Cisco Systems: Telepresence and the Future of Collaboration (Ch. 7. MIS & EIS DSS & ES Chapter 10 of TB 4 -continuation of same caseCase: Autosystems: The business value of a successful ERP system for a small manufacturer (Ch. Introduction to Case: Sew What? Inc. Building models using MS Excel Spreadsheet concepts – Data input. p. p. of . p. Kartikeya Bolar – to be approved by Case Software Platform Research Center (CRC)). (prepared by infrastructure: Prof.: The role of information Information Systems technology in small business success (Ch. 1. Chapter 1 of TB. (ICMR Case Code – ITSY041).Information Systems for Managers Program Class of Sem : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code Sessions Credits : SL IT 501 : 33 :3 Session Plan Sessi ons 1 Topic Case/Activities Reading Material Chapter 1 of Text Book (TB) 2 I. SCM & CRM E-Commerce & EBusiness III.325 of TB) Chapters 10 & 11 of TB Chapter 8 of TB 5 Enterprise IS & ERP Enterprise IS. IT Synergy at Meru cabs Pvt.415 of TB) Case: CRM for building closer relationship with dealers (Ch. 6 7-8 9 Chapter 8 of TB Chapter 7 of TB Chapters 4 &10 of TB Lab Activity Chapters 1 & 2 Winston W. Types of Case: IT infrastructure and Business Process Business ISs. TPS.

Lab Activity: Developing a multiplication table Lab Activity: Student grade sheet Lab Activity: Student grade sheet Chapters 1 & 2 Winston W.L Chapters 24-30 Winston W. Logical. of Chapter 3 of Winston W. etc.L of 22-24 Lab Activity Chapter 41 & 45 of Winston W. Logical.Decision making using Pivot tables Decision making using Pivot tables Linear programming & Optimization using Solver Linear programming & Optimization using Solver Linear programming & Optimization using Solver Regression &Trend analysis Lab Activity Chapters 16 & 17 of Winston W. Charts & Graphs.10 11 12 Cell Referencing Lookup Functions – Mathematical. Functions – Mathematical.L. IRR. 8-10. 8-10.L . 12 & 23 of Winston W. Chapters 3. Statistical and Financial. Statistical and Financial Data Formatting & Validating.L Chapters 3.L of 16 What-if analysis: Goal Seek. 12 & 23 of Winston W.L Chapter 24 Winston W.L Chapters 15 & 36 of Winston W. Scenario Manager What-if analysis: Data tables.L of of 20 of 21 Lab Activity Chapters 24-30 Winston W.L 17 Lab Activity 18 19 Lab Activity Case: Athletics Authority of Indraprasthan (ICMR Case Code: QM0021).L 13 Lab Activity: Student grade sheet Exercises on NPV.L Chapters 24-30 Winston W.L. 14 15 Lab Activity: Student grade sheet Lab Activity: Student grade sheet Chapters 23 & 33 of Winston W. Lab Activity Chapter 36 Winston W.

Sindhuja – to be approved by CRC) Chapter 5 of Laudon et al. Surajit – to be approved by CRC) http://goo. Prof. (Ch. 687 of TB) VII. Components 1 Class participation (3 phases) 2 3 Mid-Term Exam End-Term Examination Weightage 30 30 40 . Application development Lab Activity Chapter 5 of TB 27 Chapter 5 of TB 28 29 30 Lab Activity Chapter 5 of TB Chapter 5 of TB Lab Activity Case: Raymond James Financial. p. Reports and Forms.252 of TB) Chapter 5 of TB 26 Relational DBMS Case: Star Video library case (prepared by and its operations. BCD Travel. Securing Information Systems Houston Texans. (prepared by Prof. and Others: Worrying about Chapter 13 of TB What goes out.25 IV. Current Trends in Information Systems Analytics Case: Indian Taxi driver and Social media. Surajit(to be approved by CRC) Capabilities of DBMS V. VI. p. Database approach to data management Database Management Systems (DBMS) Case: Amazon. Not What comes 31 32 http://goo. 13.487-488) of TB 33 Cloud computing Case: Better-off in the Cloud – Case of Bajaj Finance (prepared by Prof. eBay. No. and Google: Unlocking and Sharing Business Databases (Ch. Building information System with MS Access Queries. 5. (prepared by Prof. Kartikeya – to be approved by CRC) Case: India Bazaar Retail Ltd. Evaluation Plan Chapter 10 (pg.

De Beers (ICMR) The price war in Gujarat Newspaper Industry(ICMR) The Indian Aviation Industry: Price Wars and More((ICMR) Yes Bank: Competitive Strategy of a Late Entrant (ICMR) Wal-Marts Cost Leadership Strategy (ICMR) OPEC: The Economics of Cartel(CDC) Chapter 3 and Appendix Chapter 6 and Chapter -7 Chapter -8 and chapter-9 and Chapter 11 .Managerial Economics Program Class of Sem : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code: SL EC 501 Credits :3 Sessions : 33 Session Plan Session s 1 -2 Topics Fundamental Problems of An Economic System: Scarcity and Efficiency Demand & Supply Analysis Cases Switzerland. Cuba and India: The Troika of Economic Problems in Three Economies (CDC) Text book chapters Chapter-1 3.6 7-10 Consumer Behavior Do Soaring Price and Mounting Demand in Indian Gold Market Speak of a Paradox? (CDC) Would Housing be a dream in the Dream city of India? (CDC) Mobile Telephony in India: Would Cheaper Rates bring more Profits? (CDC) A Small Peek into Big B's Car Collection(CDC) Chapter-3 and chapter 1(Appendix) 11-16 Production Analysis and Analysis of Costs 17.28 Market Structure and Pricing Policy Tata Nano: A Small Car with Large Consumer Surplus(CDC) Mittal Steel-Consolidating US Operations(ICMR) Business Viability of Dish TV(CDC) Gujarat Ambuja: Cost leader in the Indian Cement Industry (ICMR) Perfect Competition under e-Bay: A Fact or Factoid? ((CDC) Mexican Telecom Industry (CDC) Branded Gold Jewellery Market in India (ICMR) Lev Leviev vs.

No.10 . 1 2.8 Evaluation Plan Sl. & 12 and 13. 3 4 Total Evaluation Components Class participation (3 Phase) Written Case Analysis (2 Phase) Interim test (2 Phase) End term Exam Weightage 35 10 25 30 100 .29-33 Game theory & Information Asymmetry AIRBUS 350 vs BOEING 787: Battle for skies(CDC) Externalities: Justification for Public Goods? (CDC) Chap.

I Program Class of Semester : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code Credits Session : SLMM 501 :3 : 33 Session plan S# Sess. BMW’s Company of Ideas Campaign : Targeting the . No Topi c Topic Description Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process 1 1-2 1 Case Grove Fresh Ltd Marketing Organic Juices (2006) Supplementary Reading Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt (HBR) Chapter 1 2 3 1 Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process Analyzing the Marketing Environment Capturing Marketing Insights Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyers Behavior 5 8-9 4 Haldiram’s Group – Seeking the Right Marketing Mix (2003) ITC Foods’ Growth and Future Prospects (2006) Unilever’s “Real Beauty” Campaign for Dove (2006) Kellogg’s Indian Experience (2001) Chapter 1 3 4-5 2 Chapter 3 4 6-7 3 Chapter 4 Indian Consumers: Shopaholics by Chance. Dealaholics by Choice? Chapter 5 General Model for Understanding Chapter 6 Organizational Buyer Behavior by Webster Jr.Marketing Management . & Wind Chapter 7 Business Markets and Business Buyer Behavior 6 10 4 Cummins India – Consumer Driven Modularization Strategy (2005) 7 1112 5 Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy.

Creative Class (2006) Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy 5 Obesity Concerns: Burger King’s Product Revamp (2005) Marketing Success through Differentiation . 15 17 2829 9 . Services. and Brands: Building Customer Value New Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Strategies 6 Glaceau : Marketing Vitamin Water (2007) New Product Development at Schwan Food Company-Innovation through Communication (2004) Lifebuoy in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies (2009) Apple iphone Price Cut: Is it a Right Strategy? (2010) Moser Baer’s Pricing Strategy: Competence based and Value driven? (2009) Pepsico’s Distribution and Logistics Operations (2004) Channel Conflict at Apple (2005) Westside : The Indian Retailing Success Story (2003) Marketing & Communication Strategy of Titan Industries’ Watch Chapter 8 8 1213 Chapter 9 10 1617 11 18 6 New Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Strategies Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value Pricing Strategies Exploit the Product Life Cycle by Levitt Chapter 9 Chapter 10 12 1920 7 Chapter 11 13 2122 7 14 2324 2526 27 Marketing Channels 8 Marketing Channels Retailing and Wholesaling Chapter 12 15 8 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 16 8 Communicating Customer Value Chapter 14.of Anything Chapter 7 9 1415 6 Products.

Division (2005) 18 3031 32 9 Advertising and Public Relations Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Direct and Online Marketing Public Relations at Microsoft (2008) Aventis Successful Sales Promotion (2005) Unilever’s digital strategy (2008) Chapter 15 Chapter 16 19 9 20 33 9 Chapter 17 Evaluation Plan S No 1 2 3 Component In-Class Case Participation: Non-class participation/Mid-term Examinaton End-term examination Weightage 45 Marks 25 Marks 30 Marks .

job dissatisfaction EVLN model of attitude Reading material.Text book Factors influencing perception.HROB108 8-10 Perception CASE 4: “What customers don’t know won’t hurt them or will it ?” (page 730 case 2) in the text book ) CASE 5: Dilemma: Promote from within or look elsewhere – ICMR Case code.Organizational Behavior Program Class of Semester : MBA : 2014 :1 Course code Credits Session : SLHR 501 :3 : 33 Session Plan No.Text book Theories of personality. Classical Conditioning. Right Man. Cognitive dissonance theory. Inc – (ICMR) Case code. Values. decision making styles Reading material.CLHR001 11-13 Personality CASE 6. self concept. managing. of sessions 1-3 Topics Management Thought and OB Cases VIDEO on scientific management and Hawthorne Studies coupled with discussion CASE 1: The Knowledge (Mis) Manager (CDC) Case code-0B0002 Concepts covered Scientific management. Hawthorne Studies Introduction to OB. Ethics. Fundamental Concepts Reading material.Text book Operant Conditioning. General management. impressions stereotyping. Values and Job Satisfaction CASE 3: The Julie Roehm Saga at Wal-Mart. Forces of OB. Conditioned and Unconditioned response Conditioned and Unconditioned stimulus Reading material. Wrong Job (page 146 case incident 3 in the text book) .Text book Attitudes. BIG five model + Assessment 4-5 Individual Learning and Behavior CASE 2: “Professional Sports: Rewarding and Punishing the same behavior?” (Page 73 (case incident 2) in the textbook) 6-7 Attitudes.

OB0007 Role Play Leadership 21 -23 CASE 11. Case Code. differences between groups and teams. social loafing. Employee motivation: A short case study (ICMR) Case code. dysfunctional aspects of group – group think.CLHR013 Reading material.OB0008 24 Power. V Aravind Eye Hospital: A Level 5 leader Case code. political behavior in organizations Reading material.NCP1 Group and Teams 17-18 CASE 9. Asch effect. etc Reading material. Carly Fiorina. The Politics of Backstabbing ( Page 522-523 (case incident 2) in the textbook) CASE14. perspectives of leadership Level 5 leadership Reading material.Text book Motives – primary and secondary. quality circles. Authority & Politics 25 .Text book Stages of group formation. That’s the way Cookie crumbles CDC.HROB050 CASE 8. theories of motivation – content and process Reading material. interactive communication in organizations Reading material. Text book) Activity Communication 19-20 CASE 10.DEN026 CASE 12. barriers to communication. Dr.Text book Bases of power. types of teams.Text book Session 16. Are five heads better than one? (Case 3 – Page 732 . types of leadership styles.Text book Theories of leadership.The change leader (ICMR) Case code. difference between authority and power. Communication blunders Case code. Needs drive performance (ICMR) Case code.14-15 Motivation CASE 7.Text book Types of communication.BSTR100 CASE 13. etc.

OD.Text book Types of organizational structures Reading material.Text book Why people resist change. Gore and Associates (Page 594 (case incident 2) in the textbook) 30 Organizational Culture CASE 17. action research Job burnout. coping strategies Reading material. WEGMANS (Page 632 . levels of conflict.Text book 28 29 Organizational Structure CASE 16.Pg 557 . stress versus performance. types of change. Negotiation puts hockey in the penalty box.633 (case incident 2) in the textbook) Activity 31-32 Organizational Change Session 33. how to introduce planned change.NCP2 Evaluation Components S No 1 2 3 Component In-Class Case Participation: Non-class participation End-term examination Weightage 40 30 30 . types of stressors.Text book Culture and its perspectives Reading material. No Bosses at W.26-27 Conflict & Collaboration CASE 15. negotiations Reading material.558 (case incident 2 in the textbook) Role Play on Negotiations Conflict handling techniques.L.

Mitra Insurance Company (to be uploaded by the CDC) b. 2004. p. Sampling the Population Favorite (to be uploaded by the CDC) b.Quantitative Methods Program Class of Semester : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code : SLRM501 Credits :3 Sessions : 33 Session Plan Sr. b.QM0001) b. Customer Satisfaction with DTH Services in India ( CDC – QM0006) c. No. Swarnamukhi Public Bank Limited’s SME Loans ( CDC – QM0008) a.pdf with the author’s permission) c. Ascertaining Customer Satisfaction ( CDC – QM0007) d. Ram Publishers (published in ICMR*.545) d. Normal distribution (Discussion Mode) a.stat. The Problem Of a Medical Representative ( Culled out from http://www. 1-2 Topic Scales & Measurements.QM0002) a. Sampling Distribution ( Discussion Mode) e. p. College Canteen (CDC . c. Mattel’s Global Expansion (CDC . Central Tendency and Dispersion CASE Reading Material Chapters 1 to 3 from the Text Book (TB) a. Smoking: A Costly Affair (CDC – QM0009) Care Hygiene (published in s/1/9d2_sure. ( CDC – QM0010) The Strategic Break ( CDC – QM0012) 3-6 Probability & Probability Distribution Chapters 4 to 6 from the TB 7-9 Sampling & Sampling Distribution Chapter 7 from the TB 10-15 Estimation & Testing of Hypotheses Chapters 8 to 10 from the TB .539) Conversys Inc. d.

2004. Melting Delicacies (CDC .545) a.537) b. KATT: An Outsourcing Company (to be uploaded by the CDC) Chapters 11 to 12 from the TB Chapter 13 from the TB Chapters 14 to 16 from the TB Chapter 18 from the TB 19-20 ANOVA Bi-variate Analysis. Class participation (3 phases) Written Case Analysis 1 & 2 Interim Test Final Examination Total Components Weightage 40 10 20 30 100 . 1 2 3 4. p. Real Foods (published in ICMR. Shopper’s Stop (to be uploaded by the CDC) b. Predicting Sales of a Company (to be uploaded by the CDC) a. Melting Delicacies B (to be uploaded by the CDC) a. Planning for Road Safety (CDC . p. p. p. 2004. 2004.541) c. 2004. p. Mining for Precious for Metal (CDC – QM0019) b. Roja Silks (published in ICMR.547) d. Ram Publishers (published in ICMR. Hindustan Foods (published in ICMR. Boosting Sales of Double Kola (CDC – QM0015) b. A Study of Soap Segment ( CDC – QM0023) a.16-18 Chi-square a. Universal Home Products (published in ICMR.QM0016) c. Doughnut Bakers (to be uploaded by the CDC) b.QM0013 ) d. Simple Regression and Multiple Regression Time Series Analysis 28-30 Decision Analysis 21-23 24-27 Chapter 21 from the TB 31-32 33 Revision & Reinforcement through Comprehensive cases Endterm Test Evaluation Plan Sr. The Electric Fan Industry (CDC – QM0017) b. 2004. No.544) c. Measuring Growth and Responsiveness (CDC QM0028) a.

1 13 14-16 17-21 Goal Setting Time Management Effective Presentation Skills. Do’s/Don’ts & Technology Audio/Video Clips and Exercise .Presentations on current business situations and issues Role -Plays through Cue-cards Team Games.Current Corporate Analysis (CCA). Videos.Personal Effectiveness Lab Program Class of Semester : MBA : 2014 :I Course Code: ALHR 501 Sessions : 33 Credits :3 Sessions Plan Sessions 1 -2 3-4 Topics Self Awareness & Self Assessment Talk Summary Pedagogy Instruments.2 22-25 26-28 Conversational & Assertive Skills Leadership & Team Building . Video Case.Self Assessment 9-11 Listening Skills 12 Effective Presentation Skills.SelfAssessment Output Sessions: Product launch/ campaign/Movie Reviews Activity and Discussion Discussion and exercise Output Sessions .Questionnaire – Self-Assessment Guest speaker from industry – Importance of Soft Skills Illustrations.Discussion.Self Assessment 5 Perception & Attitudes (Including Values & Ethics) Body Language Effective Presentation Skills 6 7-8 Discussion. Video Clips. Role-Plays Input Session.

Telephone Etiquettes.Self Assessment Case Group Activity Evaluation Plan Sl. Stress Management Career Planning Creative Problem-Solving including Structured Thinking Practicals (business lunch) & discussion 31 32-33 Activity-based. Dining Etiquette. No 1 2 Component Weightage 25 75 100 Class Participation (3 Phases) Non Class Participation (6 phases) Total . Netiquette.29-30 Social skills.