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Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

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Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

My research project deals with “Quality Circle System as carried out at Bharti Teletech Limited.” The objective of my study is to understand & analyze the existing quality circle system in the company. In this report, I have studied & evaluated the quality circle procedure as it is carried out in the company. The First section of my report deals with a detailed company profile. It includes the company’s history, its activities & operations, etc. This section attempts to give detailed background information about the company & the nature of its functioning. The Second section deals with Quality Circle. In this section, I have given a brief conceptual explanation to Quality Circle. It contains the definition, process & significance of Quality Circle. The Third section of my report deals with my research study about the Quality circle system as carried out at Bharti Teletech Limited. This is the concluding section. This section also contains my findings, limitations & recommendations. The fourth & final section of this report consists of extra information that is related to the main contents of the report. These annexure include some forms & documents relating to the company, also relating to the research study & important documents upon which the project is based.


Sunil Bharti Mittal (Group Chairman and Managing Director) Bharti Enterprises has been at the forefront of technology & has revolutionized Tele-communications with its world-class products & services.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. First private basic telephone service provider in the country. Haryana. Its existing services sector businesses include cellular operations in Andhra Pradesh. First Indian Company to provide comprehensive telecom services Distance outside India in Seychelles Services in India.000 Internet customers. ranging from being the 1. Chennai. First private sector service provider to launch National Long As of April 30. Karnataka & Tamil Nadu & nationwide broadband & long distance networks. it also has a fixed-line operation in the states of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. First cellular service in Delhi.399. 2.696. Madhya Pradesh. Tamil Nadu & UP (West). Delhi. Himachal Pradesh. Maharashtra.000 customers – nearly 1.000 fixed line & 120. Kolkata & Punjab. Delhi. • From the directors desk As we spread wings to expand our capabilities & explore new horizons. 177. Kerala. Karnataka. 4 . 2002. 4. Bharti had over 1. Haryana. 3. Mumbai. In addition.000 cellular. Bharti has entered into license agreement to operate eight cellular networks in the telecom circles of Gujarat. Established in 1985. Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts & innovations to its credit. the fundamental focus remains unchanged: seek out the best technology in the world & put it at the service of our ultimate user: our customer.

HISTORY OF THE COMPANY 1985 Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL) incorporated & entered into a technical tie up with Siemens AG of Germany for manufacture of electronic push button telephones. Bharti has recently launched national long distance services by offering data transmission services & voice transmission services for calls originating & terminating on most of India's cellular networks. Bharti Enterprises also manufactures & exports telephone terminals & cordless phones. 5 . it is also the first Telecom Company to export its products to the USA. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone instruments. The Company is also implementing a submarine cable project connecting Chennai-Singapore for providing international bandwidth.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

Japan for manufacture of telephone answering machines. 1995 6 . (Installed capacity of approximately 10. Button Telephones in Uganda. 1994 BTL’s Ludhiana factory also awarded ISO 9002 accreditation. BTL provided technical assistance for manufacture of Electronic Push of BTL set up at Gurgaon Second to near Delhi. 1989 BTL tied up with Takacom Corporation.000 sets. factory 1992 Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL) formed to offer cellular services under the brand name AirTel. primarily manufacture telephone sets for export to Sprint Corporation. BTL entered into an OEM contract with CONAIR. 1991 BTL entered into an OEM Contract with Premier Telecom. USA. 1993 BTL is Awarded ISO 9002 Accreditation for Gurgaon factory. a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprint Corporation of USA (a Fortune 500 Company) for manufacture & export of telephone sets. Japan for assembly & marketing of Casio Radio Pagers in India. BCL awarded a license to operate cellular services in Delhi. 1987 Ludhiana Factory of BTL commenced production of electronic push button telephones with annual capacity of 200. 1990 BTL tied up with Lucky Goldstar Corporation of South Korea for manufacture of cordless telephones.000 sets).Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. USA for manufacture & export of telephone sets. BTL entered into a strategic alliance with Casio. 00.

Venture with Duraline Corporation. 1998 by BTNL. consolidated shareholding in Bharti Cellular. USA to manufacture HDPE Ducts. 7 . Formed Bharti Telenet Limited (BTNL). an existing profit making company to manufacture Wireless Transmission Equipment. Formed Casio Bharti Mobile Communications Formed Bharti Duraline Pvt. 1997 British Telecom joined the Consortium of Bharti Cellular. a Joint limited a joint venture with Casio & Mitsui of Japan to manufacture & market Radio Pagers. BTNL commercially launched cellular services in Himachal Pradesh. 1998 First ever-Indian Private Fixed Line Service launched in Indore.. Ltd. Bharti & BT formed a joint venture Bharti BT limited for a VSAT project. Acquired Goa Telecommunications & Systems Ltd. Madhya Pradesh on 4th June. Formed a Joint Venture Company Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd. Services launched in Seychelles 12th December 1998. BTNL granted License for Madhya Pradesh Fixed Line services. Bharti Global granted the license to operate comprehensive telecom services in Seychelles as Second Operator. 1996 BTNL’s winning bid for Madhya Pradesh Service Area for Fixed Line telephone services. 1999 License to operate cellular services in Himachal Pradesh. Bharti BT Internet Limited on formed to offer Internet British & E-Commerce Telecom Services in its collaboration with British Telecom.. Formed Siemens Telecom Limited – a joint venture with Siemens Limited to market telephone terminals under SIEMENS & BEETEL brand names. Italy to promote various telecom projects in India. a BTNL awarded BCL consortium with Telecom Italia. with Telecom Italia.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Italy (then STET) to bid for basic & cellular services in terms of nationwide tenders. launched GSM cellular services in Delhi.

Acquire controlling stake in Skycell. EM Warburg Pincus. Bharti Telesoft opened its overseas offices in UK & USA. Acquired eight cellular licenses as fourth operator for the circles of Mumbai. Acquired four licenses to offer basic services in Delhi. 2002 Bharti launched cellular services in Punjab Bharti listed on the 8 . Tamil Nadu & Karnataka circles. Launch of AIRTEL & MAGIC brands in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. Maharastra.1999 accepted Bharti Telesonic has entered into a license agreement with DoT to provide National Long Distance Services in India & has been the first service provider to start service in the country. 2000 New York Life International takes stake in Bharti Cellular. Kerala. Bharti BT Internet launches Mantra Online Internet services in May. UP (West). Acquired controlling stake in J T Mobiles Cellular Operator in Andhra & Karnataka (Now Bharti Mobile limited). 2001 Entered into a joint venture with Singapore Telecom Intentional for Submarine Cable project between India & Singapore Acquired cellular operations from Spice Cell in Kolkata. one of the largest International Private Equity Investors. Intel takes Equity stake in Bharti Tele-Spatial & Bharti Telesoft. for Submarine Cable project between Singapore-Chennai & Mumbai-Singapore. Punjab license restored to Bharti Mobile by the DoT & migration to NTP. Tamil Nadu & Madhya Pradesh. Crossed the 1 million subscriber base mark in October 2001. Haryana. Chennai Singapore Telecom decides to invest in Bharti & becomes partner in BTL & BTVL.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Gujarat. Bharti Telesonic & Bharti Cellular have entered into license agreements with the DoT to provide ISP services in India Bharti launches India’s first private sector national long distance service under the brand name IndiaOne Bharti Launched Touchtel in Haryana. Entered into a JV with Singapore Telecom Intel. joins BTVL. Bharti Aquanet. Haryana.

National stock Exchange. It is India’s leading manufacturer of high quality telephone sets with an installed capacity of 5 millions. Bombay Stock Exchange & the Delhi Stock Exchange on February 18.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. 9 . COMPANY PROFILE Bharti Teletech Limited (BTTL) is the manufacturing arm of Bharti Enterprises. Bharti Teletech Limited Gurgaon was incorporated in the year 1991. 2002. it is India’s leading telecommunication conglomerate. Bharti received a letter of intent from the Government of India to provide international voice services.

under the brand name “Beetel” have carved a niche for themselves in the market. Beetel constitutes 35% of the total market share in India. 10 . which are equipped with world class manufacturing capabilities & technological expertise. It ushered in the telecom revolution when it has entered into technical collaboration with Siemens. as per DOT requirement.  PRODUCT LINE • Electronic push button phone: Commercial production started in June 1987 at Ludhiana factory. Bharti Teletech’s production units are located in three provinces of India. because Bharti’s first establishment (in Ludhiana) was not able to meet the increasing demand of Bharti’s consistent high quality telephones. Over the years. telecom equipment products from Bharti stable. thereby making Beetel the largest selling brand in country. Developed tone Phone Swithichable Telephone instrument & plan system in-house. AG of Germany to manufacture a wide range of Telephones.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

• Cordless phone: Commercial production started in August 1991 in technical collaboration with L.K. Largest supplier of telephones to BSNL/MTNL in India.S Federal specifications. The first in the country to manufacture & export telephones to USA as per U. Telegraph & Telecommunication (PTT) in India. The honour of being the only Telephone manufacturing company in the country to be accorded with the status of a recognized R & D institution by Ministry of Science & Technology.C South Korea. • • • • Won “Golden Peacock national Quality Award” in 1997.I.G. The pioneers in the country to manufacture cordless phones in technical collaboration with L. • • • • The Largest telephone manufacturer in India. Only Telephone Company to use state-of –the art Surface Mount Technology (SMT).Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Regular exports to Sprint Corp. Won Excellence in Exports Award. Supplier to Post.Supplied over 1 million phones with “ Zero” defect quality rating. (July 1993). Largest Installed manufacturing capacity for telephones in India in private sector. Won OEM contract from Sprint Corporation. U.  ACCOMPLISHMENTS • • • The pioneers in the country to introduce Electrical Push Button Telephone (EPBT) under Siemens License (June 1987). USA since the past 9 years • • The first Telecom company in India to achieve ISO 9000 certificate with STQC & BSI. of India. USA for export of phones in 1991.G. SriLanka & Mauritius. 11 .C South Korea (August 1991).I. Govt.

 QUALITY Bharti Teletech takes further Bharti Enterprise’s commitment to quality & excellence.  INNOVATION CENTRE Bharti Teletech products are synonymous with world class quality. Bharti Teletech is poised to play a significant role in this millennium. In consonance with this commitment & in its constant endeavor to maintain technical leadership & providing the customer with products of international standards. Having been awarded “The Golden Peacock National Quality Award” & “ISO 9002” accreditation. superior design & process engineering. Environment test laboratory for conducting reliability & life tests. error-free & results in reliable & consistent quality management programme to produce zero defect telephones. PTT specifications of various countries. the company has set up a ‘Center for Excellence ‘employing world –class Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for PCB sub-assemblies which is faster. In house library for technical manuals. for its commitment to quality & enhanced value in products. A dedicated team of engineers contributes to Bharti Teletech’s leadership position. The Company’s Innovation Centre boasts of: • • • • • • In-house Industrial & engineering design by CAD (Unigraphics Software). In-house PCB design. Bharti Teletech has also been awarded: • Excellence award in Electronics for Communication Equipment from the Department Of Electronics (DoE). Tie up with International design houses. Specific test equipment’s such as PTT specifications simulator. 12 .Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Government of India.

’ETL’& ‘EC’ standards.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. • R&D facilities fully equipped to suit any PTT/Telecom specifications conforming to ‘UL’. 13 .

Asian Infrastructure Fund Group & International Finance Corporation. 1995 for promoting investments in telecommunications services. to meet DoT & MTNL's requirement of the phones. Ltd. DoT & MTNL are the two major customers of the company. These were joint ventures between Bharti & Casio Japan for CBMC & MSI Plc. The company has an installed capacity of 3. The utilization rates for the capacities of the push button telephones & cordless phones are 32. Bharti Tele-Ventures is India's leading private sector provider of telecommunications services based on an aggregate of approximately 1. consisting of approximately 1.697.000 fixed-lines & 121.01% & 0. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Bharti Telecom manufactures push button telephones & cordless phones. The company has divested its stake from Casio Bharti Mobile Communications Ltd.07% respectively. Bharti TeleVentures has partnerships with leading international investors like SingTel. UK respectively. 177.000 cellular. New York Life Insurance.000 cordless phones. The boost in the telecom sector would bolster the growth in the sale of company's products.6mn phones per annum.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Sunil Bharti Mittal (Group Chairman and Managing Director) Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited was incorporated on July 7. Warburg Pincus. 2002.399. DoT & MTNL have a requirement of nearly 4mn phones per annum.000 customers as of April 30. (CBMC) (into manufacturing pagers) & MSI Pvt.000 dial up Internet customers. Cellular services currently constitute the largest portion of Bharti Tele-Ventures' business in terms of total revenues & the Company expects that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future. The company also has an installed capacity of 18. The Company through its subsidiaries also 14 .

according to COAI reports. As of April 30. The fixed-line services are offered 15 . with a focus on providing cellular services. The Company currently provides fixedline services in the Madhya Pradesh circle.500 million & the EBITDA was approximately Rs 4. BUSINESS DIVISIONS Bharti Tele-Ventures presently offers cellular services in seven of the 22 circles in India & intends to provide cellular services in eight additional circles. Haryana. VSAT. provides fixed-line. approximately 93% of India's total number of cellular subscribers resided in the Company's existing & proposed cellular circles.066 mullion. as per unaudited results. 2002. The Company has also commenced offering national long distance services by offering data transmission services & voice data transmission services The Company intends to widen its range of telecommunications services to provide international bandwidth access & international voice services. for which the Company has entered into licenses with the DoT. The Company seeks to capitalize on the growth opportunities that it believes are available in the Indian telecommunications market & consolidate its position to be the leading integrated telecommunications services provider in key markets in India.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. During this period cellular services represented over 80% of the Company's total revenue. as of April 30. For the year ended March 31. internet services & network solutions. The Company's cellular customers in its existing circles accounted for approximately 21% of the total all India cellular subscriber base. 2002 our revenues were approximately Rs 15. It has also launched its fixed-line services in the four circles of Delhi. Bharti Tele-Ventures was the first private sector operator to provide fixed-line services in India. Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. located in central India. 2002.

Bharti Tele-Ventures services presently to provides & VSAT based data transmission national multinational corporate customers. through which the Company intends to provide international bandwidth access for international long distance telecommunications services.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Bharti Tele-Ventures has entered into a license agreement with the DoT to provide national long distance services & is in the process of deploying a fiber optic network across India to provide these services to corporate & individual customers across India. These services are expected to be launched shortly. In addition. under the brand name Touchtel. Bharti Tele-Ventures has recently launched national long distance services by offering data transmission services & voice transmission services for calls originating & terminating on most of India's cellular networks. especially for carrying data traffic. Bharti Tele-Ventures is also constructing a submarine cable landing station in the city of Chennai. last mile connectivity in fixed-line & cellular circles. the Company offers secure & reliable end-to-end network solutions to its corporate customers by leveraging the bandwidth available in the Company's subsidiaries through its nationwide fiber optic backbone. Bharti Tele-Ventures intends to complement its cellular & fixed-line services with national long distance services & international bandwidth access. The Company has also entered into a license agreement with the DoT to provide international long distance services in India. VSATs & international bandwidth access through the Company's gateways & landing station in India. The Company also provides Internet access services to residential & corporate customers. 16 . Bharti Tele-Ventures believes that these circles have high telecommunications revenue potential.

& Emphasize on human resource development to achieve 17 . The Company's financial partner. PARTNERS Bharti Tele-Ventures' existing foreign shareholders have acquired direct & indirect equity interests in the Company for a total consideration exceeding US$ 1 billion.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. BUSINESS STRATEGY Bharti Tele-Ventures' strategic objective is to capitalize on the growth opportunities that the Company believes are available in the Indian telecommunications market & consolidate its position to be the leading integrated telecommunications services provider in key markets in India. Asian Infrastructure Fund Group & New York Life Insurance. The Company has developed the following strategies to achieve its strategic objective: • • • • • • • Focus on maximizing revenues & margins. Leverage strengths of our strategic & financial partners. with a focus on providing cellular services. The investment made by SingTel is their third largest investment outside Singapore. Bharti Tele-Ventures' other partners include leading international financial investors such as International Finance Corporation. Focus on satisfying & retaining our customers by ensuring high level of customer satisfaction. Position ourselves to tap data transmission opportunities & offer advanced mobile data services. Offer multiple telecommunications services to provide customers with a "one-stop shop" solution. Capture maximum telecommunications revenue potential with minimum geographical coverage. Warburg Pincus' investment is one of their largest investments made in the world.

strong relationships Finance with international Asian strategic & financial investors such as SingTel.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. The information given below is for the total market & is not representative of Bharti Tele-Ventures' market share or network coverage. Existing New(1) Bharti 18 All . operational efficiencies. These 15 circles collectively accounted for approximately 56% of India's land mass.As of April 30. • • • The strong brand name recognition & a reputation for offering high quality service to its customers. Infrastructure Fund Group & New York Life Insurance. COMPETITIVE STRENGTHS Bharti Tele-Ventures believes that the following elements will contribute to the Company's success as an integrated telecommunication services provider in India & will provide the Company with a solid foundation to execute its business strategy: • Nationwide Footprint . 2002. Warburg International Corporation. Quality management team with vision & proven execution skills. • Focus on telecommunications to enable the Company to better anticipate industry trends & capitalize on new telecommunications-related business opportunities. approximately 93% of India's total cellular subscribers resided in the Company's seven existing & eight proposed cellular circles. & The Company's Pincus. The key demographics of Bharti Tele-Ventures' present & proposed cellular circles are set forth below.

848 593 6.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.22 26.4 6 525 167 3. km)(2) Population in the licensed India 22 3.6 27% 16% 16% 45% 30% 27% 15 1.025 68% 56% 58% 93% 82% 80% areas (in Mn)(3) Market Cellular subscribers in the licensed areas (in Mn) (4) Market DELs in the licensed area (in Mn) (5) Number of vehicles in the licensed areas (in '000s) (6) 36.278 1. Number of circles Area of the circles (in '000 sq.8 29.027 6.0 9.132 9.71 32.779 19 .

restlessness & tension. proneness to error. authority & power. urge for excellence.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. The Quality circles involve people in solving problems & tap their brain power effectively. 20 . In fact.  History of Quality Circles Though the Quality Circles had been operation with different names in India the credit of developing the concept has gone to the Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers (HUSE) along with Dr. interest. historically Gun Mandal (Quality Circles) have been used in different social.e. There is a misconception that quality circles & task force are one & the same. but also to enrich the quality of work life of employees. Kaoru Ishikawa of Mushashi Institute of Technology.. trust & confidence. Tokyo. concern for personal interest. knowledge & concern for others. rightly felt that. religious & political settings since the dawn of Indian Civilization to enhance ‘Satvic Qualities’ (i.) minimize rajasic (urge for economic resources. But quality circle is not task force & the former is broader than the latter.e.. productivity & the total performance of the organization. R. indolence & wickedness. craze for ego inflation etc. analyze & resolve work related problems not only to improve quality. engaged in various functions with an orientation to problem-solving. self-actualization etc. A task force is a group of most skilled employees selected & appointed by management. REVIEW OF LITERATURE QUALITY CIRCLES  What is Quality Circle? It is a small group of employees in the same work area or doing similar type of work who voluntarily meets regularly for about an hour every week to identify. Dwivedi.S.) & tamasic qualities (i.

It was in 1961 that Dr. the number of circles steadily grew to 1.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. ii. creating & developing work interest. creative & innovative skills through participation. Achievement of this objective effectively requires the use of certain techniques. & To utilize individual imaginative. To improve various supervisory skills like leadership. distrust. The concept of quality circles is not an exception to it. To develop. with a view to motivating them. In 1962. including problem solving techniques etc. iii. 20 circles were registered with HUSE. Ishikawa conceived the idea of Quality Control circles & wrote about it in a journal “Gemba to QC” (Quality Control for the Foreman) brought out by HUSE in which he became an important functionary. To improve quality of products/services. productivity & reduce cost of production per unit of output.3 million covering 13 million members in 1986.) Non-application of the science of Bhagavad-Gita & Vedas to industrial & business organization is one of the reasons for dependence of Indian organization on the techniques developed in foreign countries.  Important objectives of Quality circles i. interpersonal & conflict resolution. problem solving. recognition etc. urge to exploit & damage others. loss of self identity etc. To satisfy the workers’ psychological needs for self-urge. iv. v. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF QUALITY CIRCLES 21 . participation. He appealed to the workmen & supervisors to form Quality Circles whereupon they will be given the necessary simple statistical Quality Control tools with which they can analyze & solve work related problems after identifying them. Accomplishment of this objective will ensure enhancement of employee morale & commitment. enhance & utilize human resources effectively..

this would produce a catalytic effect on them & induce them either to become members of the existing circle or form new circles. Even the non-members would become part of the structure in the process of quality circle activities. It is found that is as successful in our country. One of the factors for the success of any organization is its structure & the functional rapport between the different elements. The members in a circle should be from the same work place as the members from the same work place are familiar with the work & it will be useful for them in meetings.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. The concept of Quality Circle is introduced to the members by the management with the help of audio-visual equipment & meetings. & proper use of their untapped brain power is the key to its success. In fact. For the successful operation of Quality Circles. (1) Non-members: Non-members play an important role in the Quality Circle activities. There are the persons who have to help in implementing the recommendations made by the Quality Circle members. participating actively in the meetings & contributing ideas/views in the problem identification & problem solving discussions & development useful solutions to the problem/ (3) Leader/Deputy Leader : The Quality Circle leader is elected by 22 . The organizational structure of Quality Circle consists of several levels as shown in Fig. a well-structures approach is The model of the structure is indigenous. of course. 22. Those who are interested in the concept will form a Quality Circle. (2) Members: The basic element of a Quality Circle. the members are the heart of the programme. Hence. The activities of the members include: attending meetings without fail. absolutely necessary.1. is the members themselves. therefore.

Generally. He is responsible for the operation of his circle & is therefore responsible for the circle activities. The facilitator has to maintain sound inter-personal relations in order to function as a social leader. The main functions of quality circle leader as – (a) conducting meetings regularly. teacher & innovator. the circle members. (f) Acting as an evaluator & reviewer if Quality Circle operations & programme. The leader must have skills in discussion. The main duties of a facilitator are (a) serving as a Quality Circle co-ordinator. The structure of the committee is made up of the departmental heads 23 . (4) Facilitator: Facilitator is an important link between the Quality Circle leader & the steering committee. (e) helping the Quality Circle in preparing the presentations. the line manager acts as the leader of the quality circle. leaders & management. (c) acting as link between members & facilitator. visual aids etc. (c) initiating the setting up of Quality Circles by persuading the supervisors by teaching & training. It advises guides & directs the quality circles in their operation. (d) keeping the meetings on right track. He should prove himself successful in acting as a co-ordinator. initiation & promotion of active participation. coach. He should be trained in group dynamics. promoter. (e) training members in problem solving techniques. (5) Steering Committee: It is an apex body at the highest level of the plant which would be responsible for formulating the objectives & for supplying the resources for the Quality Circle activities. (b) training members. (b) generating enthusiasm for circle activities.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. He is expected to be an excellent resource person for training the managers at higher level. (d) providing feedback to the steering committee about the proceedings & results of the Quality Circle. human behavior & participative leadership styles.

Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.









management, engineering, & other service areas headed by the Chief Executive of the plant. The main functions of the Steering Committee are: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Providing training to Quality Circle leaders. Arrangement of meeting halls & associates in the meetings. Providing budget for Quality Circle activities. Making Quality Circle activities as part of the organizational goals. The steering committee would take part in the top management presentation given by the Quality Circles & respond to Circles’ recommendations expeditiously. They may also participate in annul social get-together. (6) Top Management: The top management in the Quality structure consists of Chairman & Managing Director, Directors, Chief Executives, General Managers, & other top executives. Without the faith & commitment, support & encouragement from this top level the activities of the Quality Circles cannot be deemed to have complete support for the programme. (7) Co-ordinating Agency: Although the Quality Circle structure does not envisage a separate department to look after its activities, a great deal of co-ordination is called for convening Steering Committee meetings, arranging management presentations, formulating budgets & disseminating relevant information on circles to the parties concerned, etc. The main functions of the co-ordinating committee are: i. Preparing agenda & convening meetings of the Steering Committee.


Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

ii. iii. iv.

Presenting the report of the Quality Circle activities to the Steering Committee. Maintaining statistics of the operating of the Quality Circles. Co-ordinating training programmes & arranging seminars, workshops, conventions & top management presentations once in two months.


Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

The Quality Circles use certain techniques to identify, analyze & resolve problems. They are (i) Brain Storming (ii) Data Collection (iii) Pareto Analysis. (iv) Cause & Effect Diagram. (v) Line Graphs. (vi) Frequency Distribution. (vii) Scatter Diagram. (viii) Histogram. Among these eight techniques three techniques are mainly used in discussing various problems at quality circles. (1) Brain Storming Processes: Under this technique, a complete free environment is created with a view to stimulating creativity. In this free environment, employee’s ideas are free from criticism. Hence, employees voice all their worthy, as well as stupid ideas. All these ideas are recorded seriously. This technique is useful to generate as many ideas as possible. Later, the plus & minus points of each idea are discussed before taking a final decision. (2) Cause and Effect: Members are asked to find out the causes for the identified problem. In this process, members identify one Then they identify important effect of this cause on the problem.

other causes & their effects. Charting out of those causes & effects resembles a fish bone diagram. Hence, this technique is also called ‘fish bone diagram.’ (3) Sampling and Charting Methods: Members of Quality Circles observe the events & their consequences in the form of positive or negative results. the problem These techniques will work effectively in attaining the objectives only when the organizational structure of the Quality Circle is sound & systematic. They chart out all their observations either in sequence or in some other relationship which gives a clear idea of



Then the members develop alternative solutions. hours & in the company premises. Management has to provide all types of support including finance to implement such solutions. Thus. the Quality Circle identifies several problems which affect the Quality of the service etc.. The size may vary between 6 and 12.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Management reviews the solution & may or may not accept the solution offered by the Quality Circle members. to the management about the postVarious steps/stages in the process of a least one working session in every week preferably during working If the working session is conducted after the working hours. the members either by themselves and/or with the help of others implement the solution. The size of the each Quality Circle should be moderate to enable fruitful discussion. First. techniques. mangers in most cases accept the solutions.. The members & leader are given instructions regarding problem solving Initially. After selecting the problem. discussed earlier. their effect & consequences on organization & members. the support of top management is essential for effective functioning of Quality Circles. cost benefit analysis & merits & demerits of each solution. the Quality Circle members should acquaint There maybe at themselves with the objectives & role of quality Circles. the members analyze it by using the various problem solving techniques Sometimes the Quality Circle leader invites various experts to help in analyzing the problem & their effects. Then the circle should be given an opportunity for making a presentation implementation benefits. If the solution is accepted. Some of the members then present the selected solution to the But management. Each working session of a Quality Circle may be for one hour. Later the members discuss the problems & select the genuine problem. The next stage is that members select the best solution from among the alternative solutions. honorarium for attending the meetings. the members may be paid 27 .

(d)Development ideas/solutions solving Step 4 the of for various each a (effect) all to major Brainstorming. (c) Treating cause as problem identifying contributing problem. (b)Identifying the problem.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. and the the separate the major to causes contributing causes and sub-causes causes/sub-causes. Problems Selection of a Problem Analysis of the Problem(a) Identification of the Brainstorming effect collection cause and data cause of the problem diagram Pareto Diagram cause and effect diagram. Management presentation. weightage etc. The circle makes to a their 28 presentation . Quality Circle & the techniques used are presented in Table given below: Table Various Steps/Stages in the Process of Quality Circle and the Technique Used Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Identification of the Brainstorming By consensus method based on rankings.

data on the problem may be collected to see the Step 7 effect of implementation. management solutions the analysis. The along QC members with are the After the further involved in implementation management. Management presentation. implementation. Step 5 Step 6 entire of the with developed problem- Management Decision Implementation. circle needs to be for postopportunities CONCEPTS EFFECTIVE TO MAKE QUALITY CIRCLE PROCESS 1. The member & leader of the Quality Circle should recognize & practice the following concepts to make the Quality Circle 29 . Data collection Line Graph. The given making implementation.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

knowledge. 8. Periodic summarizing of the activities by the leaser or by a member to ensure common understanding. 5. Avoidance of heated argument in favour of one particular position. sensitivity skills etc. 7. who is also the supervisor. BENEFITS OF QUALITY CIRCLES Quality Circles benefit both the members & the organization. benefits to the 30 . (iii) selfdevelopment in terms of skills. 6. Promotion of constructive disagreements in place of dodging arguments in search of an artificial state of harmony. 3. Suspicion of agreement that come too quickly & easily. Circle leader. must constantly beware of the influence of the supervisory position. Persuasion by all the parties concerned that there is more than one way to solve a problem successfully. 2. process effective. Encouragement of all members to clarify & build on each other’s ideas 4. In other words full throated eloquence should not be a substitute for clarity & logic. (iv) satisfaction of social & psychological needs. (ii) improved job satisfaction. Avoidance of such techniques as majority vote & division to obtain group agreement. Benefits for members include (i) satisfaction of self-esteem & esteem from others.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

(f) increased managerial effectiveness. (e) generation of pride among the members in doing a meaningful job. (g) development of problem solving – ethic in the organization. who meet regularly once a week. awarding & motivating the Quality Circle members & facilitators. PROBLEMS OF QUALITY CIRCLES However. These problems can be solved if top management takes proper care & interest. It takes time to create the 31 . (h) development of harmony & mutual trust between members & the management. LIMITATIONS OF THE QUALITY CIRCLE SYSTEM  Quality circles are the group of employees. (b) development of solutions to the identified areas. Ultimately the effective functioning of the Quality Circle results in the organizational effectiveness. (d) promotion of participative management culture & team work.22. Fig. participative scheme will contribute to This participative the organizations scheme will if top management takes proper care & interest. sound human relations in an organization & quality of work life of employees. This effectiveness & to enhance job satisfaction. It is a long term process & a never ending effort to improve the quality of work & performance of the employees.3 shows the benefits from Quality Circles & their relationship to organizational effectiveness. organization include: (a) improvement in the job performance of members. there are certain problems in Quality Circle regarding fitting of Quality Circle in existing cultural environment in the industry rewarding. (c) improvement in two way communication among members & members & the management.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.  Nothing can be achieved overnight.

right atmosphere at the work place. if any. highlighting the achievements & strengths of quality circles & providing suggestions (under any capacity) to the weakness of the same. the right attitude in the minds of the workers. Gurgaon. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  RESEARCH OBJECTIVE • To analyze the quality circle activities in Bharti Telecom.  It can take years to have any substantial effect on the productivity or as a matter of fact any reduction in cost. 32 .Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

The primary data has been collected mainly from books. 5) Identifying weak areas in quality circles.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Data or information lies at the basis of any research. The main aim of conducting the survey using questionnaires was to determine the (a) level of improvement in productivity measures. (c) to determine how successfully the circle is able to solve the problems. facilitators. I have made use of questionnaires for ascertaining the attitude of the employees towards the quality circle system at Bharti. & joint coordinator in the company. Data regarding opinion & attitude towards the quality circle system was collected by way of questionnaires designed for the purpose. Further analyses of the past records & future plans of quality circle activities were done. The data for my research has been conducted through both primary as well as secondary sources. (d) to determine the effectiveness of the quality circle activities. 6) Giving suggestions & recommendations to the company. 1) How efficient are the employees in quality circle? 2) What is the level of interest? 3) How much are they satisfied with the activities? 4) Various techniques used by the members in quality circle & scope for improvement. • To find how quality circle works & structure of quality circle in the company. journals. magazines & online resources on the internet. The secondary has been collected by way of observing the quality circle meetings & by conducting informal discussions with the circle members. For my research. (b) to know the technical aspects of the quality circle. (e) to determine the opinions & attitudes of employees towards the quality 33 .

no effort was spared to make the study most accurate & useful. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE The main highlights of my questionnaire are as follows: • • • • The questionnaire is precise & to the point. circle activities. • Respondents’ feedback has been given due importance. the “sample Size” selected for the same may not be 34 . The respondent’s have not been asked to disclose their names or identities. Personal questions have been avoided. LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT  It was also difficult to get all the information required due to the company’s policy of keeping certain information confidential.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. biases on the part of respondents might have resulted in some subjectivity. The language used in the questions is simple & clear. There is provision for their suggestions.  Although all attempts were made to make this an objective study.  Though. • Confidentiality is guaranteed. There are mostly objective questions (multiple choices) but provision for long answers is also there wherever required.

Services of a top consultant from IIT Delhi were utilized for the very purpose. In the period of 6 months. using deeper statistical techniques in analyzing & interpreting data may not be ruled out. quality circle 35 . FINDINGS ON THE BASIS OF QUALITY CIRCLES:  QUALITY CIRCLES IN THE COMPANY On 7th Nov’96 the quality circle movement reached Bharti Telecom.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. due to the sustained efforts of the top management with the aim of setting high standards of telecommunication technology in India. Gurgaon unit. resulting in biased results. the true representative of the Company.  This being the maiden experience of the researcher of conducting study such as this. the possibility of better results.

Every quality circle has its own distinct name & is concerned with the activities of its department. 36 . At the time of introduction the structure was not only made on the paper but also in reality. He helps the circle members during the meetings & after the meetings. circle activities started all the members were given explaining to them the concept of quality circle & the duties & responsibilities they have towards quality circles.  Total Quality Management Council (TQM) Reviews the performance & progress of Quality Circles. they are elected from the members only.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. 15 quality circles have been Before the quality training registered so far. concept was started to mature.  Members There is voluntary participation for the employees. Quality circles have regular meetings with each group meetings once a week for an hour in a friendly & cooperative atmosphere. The members of the TQM council are from different departments.  Coordinator Is the senior executive responsible for coordinating the activities of the circles & Joint Coordinator is directly related to the quality circles? The joint coordinator directs the circle members in all aspects. Every circle has a leader & deputy leader. who is responsible for facilitating & guiding quality circle activities in his individual area. average number of members in a circle is 8. The Mostly all the members are from the shop floor. There are 11 facilitators representing the varied areas in the unit.  Facilitators Every circle has a facilitator.  STRUCTURE The company has a formal & well established structure of quality control circles.

In fact training is the backbone of the quality circle movement. the method of training are quiet satisfactory. According to the findings through questionnaire & meeting with members & facilitators. The members were given 3 hours of training in different techniques of quality circle like:       Concept of quality circle Brainstorming Cause and effect diagram Pareto analysis Histogram Collecting data They were also taught about Team interaction & how to conduct meeting. In Bharti Telecom. Goal setting process & managerial philosophy. But nothing was touched in Decision making.  TRAINING It is an important aspect of quality circle activity.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. leaders & members. The facilitators were given 4 hours of training. A consultant from IIT Delhi was invited to have meeting & give lectures to the facilitators. training was imparted by the Joint Coordinator. Training was imparted on the following topics:       Concepts of quality circles Conducting meeting Team interaction Cause and effect diagram Pareto analysis WORKING OF QUALITY CIRCLES 37 .

It has also come to light that some circles are not interested in continuing either because of work load or due to lack of interest. The working circles identify the problems. It was divided into five heads:  STRUCTURE 38 .Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. which is away from the shop floor. The last two steps Presentations & review aren’t being completed by the management. This has also contributed to the broken momentum of the quality circle activities. But there are some circles which are very enthusiastic in circle meetings & work according to the set standards. collect the data & do the ABC and Pareto analysis of the problems identified.  MEETINGS: In March 97 the meetings of all the quality circles were suspended for a month due to work load. All the 15 circles were organized & schedules were made for the meeting. All the circles were given 1 hour per week to hold meeting in the company’s library room. They also make cause & effect diagram of the problem & again collect data on the probable causes. The real operation of the quality circle started after the completion of the training. The diagrams give an idea of circle operation as decided by the management: It has been observed that first three steps have been completed by all the circles except the circles which do not hold meeting. in their work are.  CIRCLES MEETING ASSESSMENT: Questionnaire was developed for the assessment of quality circles meeting.

The same few members tend to monopolize discussion. Members of the group raise concerns and questions that are off the 3 4 3 5 1 2 4 2 4 subjects Members know what the agenda is in the meeting Group members come and go at will during the meeting The rules of the meeting are clear.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Discussions seem to go on endlessly. 39 3 3 4 3 1 3 4 . The result is tabulated in the table below: ALWAY S STRUCTURE The group skips from subjects to subject. PROBLEM SOLVING The group divides or stalemates on issues. INFLUENCE Chosen solutions are what the leader wants rather than what the group wants Participation by group members is encouraged Most members of the group Some 4 3 2 3 1 1 3 SOMETIME NEVER S 3 3 4 1 3 4 participate in discussions.  INFLUENCE  PROBLEM SOLVING  OPENNES  FOLLOW THROUGH A total of 7 circles responded to the questionnaire. members have concerns or ideas that never get on the agenda All sides of an issue get aired.

Various alternatives are aired before a decision is reached.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. The same problem repeatedly emerges over the span of several meeting. 5 3 2 4 5 2 5 2 40 . The group proposes solutions before thoroughly identifying the causes. There is disagreement over the real issue or problem which is being considered.

When a decision is reached. are 4 1 1 4 1 2 5 4 1 2 5 3 7 4 4 appropriate action is taken The records of the meeting available before the next meeting.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. OPENNESS Members are willing to express their real feelings about problems or issues Disagreement is ignored. There is confusion after the meeting is over who was to get things done and what was to be done 3 41 . FOLLOW THROUGH There is confusion about who is going to make the decision or have the final say. Members are subject to personal attack. Members are open and willing to be critical.

facilitators members quality circles enthusiastically introduced in Bharti Telecom. it has been found that there is a general feeling among the employees that there has been a slackness According of to interest in quality & circle activities by Top were Management. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: The spirit of quality improvement through quality circle is very much present. time by 16%. FINDINGS  % Reduction of rejects: Hook switch dept. has reduced hook switch assembly.  FINDINGS ON THE BASIS OF THE PARAMETERS OF PROGRESS: 1. Premier final assembly has reduced the problem of wrong wiring by 70%. has totally solved the problem of buzzer distortion.  Reduction in defective products: Base unit sleek dept. find it difficult to implement the suggestions comprehensively.  Reduction or elimination of rework: Rework area has made 1% improvement in RFT due to reduction in the ring problem.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Widespread suggestions have been contributed by employees for quality improvement but management due to causes like short period of time (6 months). 2. Top management took deep interest in introducing the employees with the concepts 42 . PARTICIPATION : On the basis of discussions with the employees & the questionnaire distributed to them.

The reason remains that 6 months is too short a period to show cost reduction. 4.. However. CHANDERKANTA. 3.656 per annum.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. KUSHBOO. MACHINE UTILIZATION : Bharti Telecom LTD. 2. being an electronic telecommunication unit has very little use of heavy machinery. Only one verified example was found in the maintenance department: 40 W tube lights were to be replaced by 36 W tube lights in order to have savings worth Rs. quality circle SANGAM (Premier Hand Set Assembly) confirms improvement in the field of Machine Utilization. 08. 5. of quality circle & in explaining the responsibilities to the employees towards the quality circles. they have been able to make improvement in waste reduction. Most of the work is done manually or by small tools & equipment. COST REDUCTION: It has been found that there has not been substantial cost reduction. 6. 7. PRODUCTIVITY: 43 . Gurgaon. Main reason sited by them is increase in their confidence & team spirit due to quality circle activities. But as time progressed the interest of top management decreased & the suggestions contributed by the members have not been properly dealt with. WASTE REDUCTION: On the basis of interviews given by facilitators & members of quality circles. SAFETY: Safety measures have not been discussed by quality circles mainly due the absence of heavy machinery & safety hazards associated with them.

According to the findings. 44 . Improvements in productivity with the help of quality circle have been ranked highly by almost all the circle members. QUALITY CIRCLE ASHIMITA (TOUCH UP) LOTUS (PACKING) IMPROVEMENT MADE Manpower productivity improved by 80% to 90% Premier packing productivity increased by 10% i. 6 persons are doing packing of 800 sets NAVJYOTI ASSEMBLY) SANGAM (PREMIER HAND SET ASSESMBLY) FAULT FINDER (PREMIER HOUSING ASSEMBLY) (PREMIER FINAL instead of 7.e. These three to high circles have levels increased their productivity due motivational among the members of quality circle. MACHINE MAINTENANCE: No need has been felt to discuss machine maintenance on the quality circle level as the maintenance department is solely responsible for this purpose. there has not been an overall improvement in company’s productivity but at least 3 quality circles have shown some improvement in their respective departments. 8.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

According to the members.  Quality Circle Members and Joint Coordinator : The findings show that communication is of highest level between members & the joint coordinator.  Quality Circle Members and Coordinator : The findings show that there is minimum communication between quality circle members & the co-coordinator. 9.  Quality Circle Members and Facilitators: The findings show mixed feelings on the relationship between members & the facilitators. Joint Coordinator takes out time to personally attend the meetings of quality circle & is available to discuss problem & suggestions.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. It has been found that most members are not even aware of such council (TQM) which is reviewing their progress. While some have been reported to be indifferent towards the quality circles activities. through Joint-coordinator. COMMUNICATION BETWEEN:  Quality Circle Members and Total Quality Management (TQM) Council: Members have gone on record to confirm that there is no interaction whatsoever between TQM council & themselves. Few of them have gone to the extent of discouraging the members to hold meetings by saying that the work load is heavy or little time is there etc. the joint coordinator has been the most influential person form the time of induction of quality circle at Bharti Telecom to date. Whatever little communication is present is with the help of interoffice memo or 45 . He is the major link between the members & the top management. Some facilitators have been found to be very supportive & helpful to the members & towards the activities.

Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. RECOGNITION: Till now no recognition has been provided to the members of quality circle for their efforts. Some are very enthusiastic & are willing to contribute but it has also been found that frustration is creeping among others due to lack of implementation of their suggestions by the management. It has been found that plans have been chalked out to hold presentations & sponsoring quality circle for inter-organizational competition. FEEDBACK: Feedback from joint co-coordinator is present but feedback from top management is yet not present. 11. There is no reward system but plans are there to hold dinners with the top management. 15. PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT: No visible improvement has been seen. 10. 12. 13. ABSENTEEISM: Discussions with members show that absenteeism has been 46 . ROLE CLARITY: Most of the members are well trained in the basic techniques of quality circle & they are aware of their responsibilities as quality circle members. SIGNIFICANCE OF QUALITY CIRCLE TO THE MEMBERS: There are mixed feelings among the members regarding the significance of quality circle activities. 14. Recently on quality circle has been chosen for inter-organizations competition & such gestures by the management will help in making things better.

16. 47 . WORK SATISFACTION: Members feel that due to the lack of motivation from management & negligence in implementing their suggestions has somewhat deteriorated their level of work satisfaction. 17. GRIEVANCES: No discussions have been made on this point.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. reduced to an extent but this reduction has been due to reasons other than quality circle activities.

They have followed an open door policy to help employees & quality circle members to over come their problems. The management according to the findings is not only unable to implement those findings & suggestions but also fail to recognize & appreciate the same. the enthusiasm by which the quality problems with their solutions circle members participate in meetings & strive to come to conclusions about the impending is not sustained by management. The middle management’s efforts have to be appreciated. Gurgaon is that the importance of quality circle was duly recognized by the management. reason is that the duration of training to introduce the employees to quality circles was limited. important reasons are responsible. CONCLUSION One of the more important & significant conclusions which I can draw from my study at Bharti Telecom. meetings an unnecessary obligation. It would have been better if the training should have been spread over a few days to give better insight to the employees in quality circles. They have showed patience in listening to the suggestions & grievances of quality circle members & have done everything under their control to keep the members going. Firstly. Second. This has severely affected the moral of the members & may of them seem to find quality circle 48 . But the Two enthusiasm by which this chapter was opened at the organization has considerable ebbed especially among the circle members.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

 There should not be any delay or non-implementation of Circle recommendations. Quality Circles do not just identify & analyze problems but they also implement them their own recommendations. RECOMMENDATIONS  There should be visible support from management Occasional words of praise & encouragement from all the levels of management go a long way in boosting the morale enthusiasm of the Quality Circles. as long as it is related to the work they are doing. But it should be realized that some of the objectives of the Quality Circles. this can be achieved if circles are encouraged to tackle every kind of problem.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. In India Chairman & Director of BHEL & HMT personally participate in Quality Circle presentations. which are responsible for the encouraging growth of the Circle concept in their organizations. mainly to make different sections of employees communicate better & to break down the barriers between the workers & other levels of management. It has been observed that some circles & facilitators think that only those problems should be solved which fall under the category 1. Those over which circle members have limited control but which require the influence of an outside agency. Those over which circle members have neither control nor influence. irrespective of the fact that it may fall 49 . The work related issues of the Quality Circles can be categorized as follows:    Those over which circle members have control.

Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Even after training. members need further counseling periodically which facilitators & other executives should not fail to give. quality circles may be guided to give first priority for the problems falling under category 1 & to take up others later. The function should be well organized & the top management should attend it. Through this one group can communicate with each other & give suggestions to 50 .  However.  Care should be taken to ensure that the suggestions & recommendations given are being considered by the management & other departments. Facilitators should be liberal with praise & gesture of recognition to maintain high morale of quality circles. under any of the three category. It is recommended that changing of facilitators who aren’t interested may have better result is future. Invitations should be extended to every body including potential quality circles members from other departments & departmental managers as well as a few representatives from other companies.  Improving communication There are a number of different ways in which quality circle can improve communication: o PRESENTATION – The presentation for circles is arranged by the facilitators. o MONTHLY LEADERS MEETING – It is recommended that the leaders of various circles can have monthly meeting of 1 hour in which they could discuss the progress.  Facilitators should become more active in the activities.

But when once he witnessed the case studies given by the quality circle. would take the initiative to remind the members of the scheduled meeting. This should be avoided. he became a convert & thereafter. as well as other information material which could create more interest in quality circle programs.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. o INFORMATION BOARDS – Quality circle information boards are another effective method that can be used. A senior engineer was reluctant to permit quality circle members to have meetings. point which is easy visible. There was a case in Maruti Udyog Ltd. The facilitators can post the accomplishments of circles members.  There should be regular quality circle activities and meetings. o ANNUAL GATHERINGS AND PICNICS – The Company can organize picnics or gatherings for the members to keep people involved & to create an informal channel. Many senior engineers tend to ask the quality circle members to postpone their weekly hour long meeting on the plea of production pressure. each other on how to improve. apart from arranging for the presentation & reviewing 51 The boards should be at a centre . Nothing else demonstrates better to the quality circle members the lack of seriousness on the part of the management than suspending the meeting for 1 month. o POSTERS – Posters help to communicate effectively many messages about the quality circle programs.  Appreciation letters There is another important function that management should perform.

This would help to generate more interest & may encourage workers in others areas & in people who are still waiting to join the circles. Copies of all the certificates should also be proudly displayed on the notice board to show the circle achievements to the employees of the company.  Finished problem display When the problem has been presented to management many details can be displayed in a showcase. 7). Managerial philosophy. Team interaction 2. This will evoke curiosity about the program & participation proceeds more rapidly.  Training On the basis of the findings it can be concluded that the members are in need of some more training on some behavioral aspects.  Certificates Once the problem have been solved & given to the management.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. 52 . And decision making. Like training can be give on: 1. it to present a “thank you” letter to all of the circle members & sent to their home address.  Pictures of circle members Many companies have used this method to promote circle activities. 3. Group pictures of the circle members at work are taken & displayed in the work area. Goal setting processes 4. them. a certificate showing the completion of the project should be presented to the leader & copies given to the members (see EXHIBIT No.

two methods have been used successfully for scheduling meetings:  Quality circle for each shift can function with a linking pin (one or two people who attend all meetings) being the coordinating mechanism.  Presentation between circles According to the findings many circles have a problem that the other circles affect their performance & without realizing this they continue perform in the same manner. to solve these circles should have the authority to call any circle in their presentation & present them with the facts. so that they could improve on it. To cope with the different times when members are available.  The second method involves scheduling.  There is a third alternative: each shift can form its own circle which is independent of other circles in the unit. the circle meets one hour before quitting time for the first shift. 53 . For one week.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.  Problem of shifts Shift work presents a problem for circles & the coordinator is also concerned abut how to maintain the regularity of the meetings. the next week the circle meets for the first hour of the second shift. it is only among the circles to inform each other about their deficiencies. In these it is not necessary that the top management should be present. Therefore.

III. IV. IX . VI. Questionnaire for the supervisors. Questions about the effectiveness of the circle. II. Format for quality circle meeting. Circle meeting assessment form. VIII. VII. Questionnaire for the members. Quality circle project report. Questions concerning the feelings about the circles and the organization.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. V. Questions about the technical aspects of the circle. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE SUPERVISERS 54 . Questions about the circle process. ANNEXURES I. I.

Any suggestion given & implemented regarding reduction in wastage & scrap? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 6. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE MEMBERS PRODUCTIVITY MEASURES 55 . Any improvement which have occurred in machine utilization? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 7. PRODUCTIVITY MEASURES 1. Any safety improvements? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 8. Has there been any reduction in overheads? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4. Have you experienced any reduction in rejects? ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Have you implemented any suggestions on cost reduction? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 5. Any reduction in the rework? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. Have you experienced any decrease in machine maintenance? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ II.

How have you improved the quality of work in terms of : o REJECTIONS _________________________________________ o REWORK __________________________________________ 6. What are the reasons that problems are been solved. Whether any efforts have been made to reduce any kind of cost? If yes what? ______________________________________________________ 7. What is the quality related problem? ___________________________________________________________ 2. To what type of circle or team do you presently belong? 56 . What are the safety problems you face & whether they have been raised in quality circle meeting & what are the result? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ III. How many problems you have been able to solve? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 4. 1. ___________________________________________________________ 5. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF THE CIRCLE Tick the correct answer. 1. Have you discussed these problems in quality circle?   Yes  No  3.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

but not daily o once a week o twice a month o once a month o less than once a month 57 . How often would you like the circle to meet? o daily o more than once a week. but not daily o Once a week o Twice a month o Once a month o Less than once a month 3. o Shop.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.floor o Clerical \ office o Technical o Professional o Managerial o Other (specify) 2. How often does the circle meet? o Daily o More than once a week.

Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Prior to joining the circle. 4. how adequately were you trained in each of the following skills? o not at all o very little o somewhat o considerably o more than adequately Please answer by selecting the correct option according to the following scale : 58 . double-time pay o after work at regular compensation o after work without compensation o a combination of without compensation and one of the other 5. For what length of time does the circle meet? o less than an hour o approximately one hour o between one and two hour o more than two hours o length of time varies 6. Do you think the circle should meet: o on company time o after work but at time and a half pay.

on the basis of the above scale. Following are a number of factors which determine how successfully the circle is able to solve problems. QUESTIONS ABOUT CIRCLE PROCESSES 1. Somewhat important iv. Rate each of the following statements according to how well the item describes the purpose of the circle of which you are a member.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. IV. Which of these have been important to your circle? Please answer by selecting the correct option according to the following scale: i. o To increase productivity __ o To increase quality ___ o To decrease the number of defective parts __ o To increase communication between workers and management___ 59 . Extremely important o Aggressiveness of the member’s __ o Ability of the member’s __ o Ability of the leader __ o Ability of the facilitator ___ o Knowledge of the job by the member’s __ o Cooperation among the members __ o Training received by member’s __ o Managerial attitude and support __ o Feedback provided __ 2. Unimportant ii. Neither unimportant nor important iii.

Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. o To improve the quality of work life for employees __ o To increase employees participation__ o To allow the employees use their intelligence__ o To make management or the company look good __ V. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CIRCLE 60 .

what is the contribution that each of the following make to the success of the circle? Rate each according to the following scale: o 1 no contribution o 2 little contribution o 3 considerable contributions o 4 tremendous contributions o You. o not at all o a little o considerably o to a great extent o every suggestion has been implemented VI. 1 How effective the circle is depends upon many people.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. yourself___ o Other circle member’s __ o Leader___ o Facilitator___ o TQ M council ___ 2 To what extent have improvements suggested by your quality circle been implemented? Tick one. QUESTIONS CONCERNING FEELINGS ABOUT THE CIRCLE AND THE ORGANIZATION 61 . in your opinion.

ii. iv. iii.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. I enjoy being a member of the circle __ My experiences with the circle have been unpleasant and frustrating __ I communicate with supervisors more easily than I did in the past __ My relationship with my work group has become better __ Our circle is doing important work__ Our efforts are appreciated within this company__ 2 Why did you join the circle? check all answers which apply: o To get time off from work o To meet or influence members of management o Because of a friend o As a joke o Management or the supervisor told me to do so o For personal recognition o Because of peer pressure o Monetary rewards o To get some problems straightened out o To help the company o To keep my job 62 . v. how strongly do you agree or disagree with each statement? Answer according to the following scale : o strongly disagree o disagree o somewhat agree o strongly agree i. 1 Based on your own experience as a circle member. vi.

3 Do you enjoy being the team leader? Yes / No 4 If you are not presently a circle leader. 63 NEVER . CIRCLE MEETING ASSESSMENT ALWAYS SOMETIMES STRUCTURE The group skips from subjects to subjects. would you like to be one? Yes / NO VII.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

The rules of the meeting are clear. All sides of an issue get aired. Most members of the group participate in discussions. Discussions seems to go on endlessly INFLUENCE Chosen solutions are what the leader wants rather than what the group wants.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd. Members know what the agenda is in the meeting Group members come and go at will during the meeting. Members of the group raise concerns and questions that are off the subjects. 64 . Some members have concerns or idea that never gets on the agenda. The same few members tend to monopolize discussion. Participation by group members is encouraged.

Members are open and willing to be critical. appropriate action is taken. Members are subject to personal attack. OPENNESS Members are willing to express their real feelings about problems or issues. When a decision is reached. Various alternatives are aired before a decision is reached. The group proposes solutions before thoroughly identifying The same problem repeatedly emerges over the span of several meeting. CONTENTS  SUMMARY  INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPANY 1 2 65 . The records of the meeting are available before the next meeting. There is disagreement over the real issue or problems which are being considered. FOLLOW THROUGH There is confusion about who is going to make the decision or have the final say. There is confusion after the meeting over who was to get things done and what was to be done. PROBLEM SOLVING The group divides or stalemates on issues. Disagreement is ignored.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

2 4 8 11 17 17 19 23 24 27 28 28 29 30 32 33 33 39 45 46 51 65  HISTORY OF THE COMPANY  COMPANY PROFILE  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  REVIEW OF LITERATURE • Quality circles • • • • • • • Organizational structure of quality circles Decision techniques of quality circles Quality circle process Concepts to make quality circle effective Benefits of quality circle Problems of quality circle Limitations of the quality circle system  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT  FINDINGS • On the basis of quality circles • On the basis of parameters of progress  CONCLUSION  RECCOMENDATIONS  ANNEXURE  BIBLIOGRAPHY 66 . • From the directors desk.Quality Circle System at Bharti Teletech Ltd.

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