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Kuya, lahat ng nakahighlight yan yung word na lalabas sa gilid. Gamit ka nalang ng font na FORMAL tignan.

Tapos po, yung mga logos din na lalabas. (Agape) The Junior Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines is an accredited student organization of DLSUD under the Council of Student Organizations, where it maintains a regular excellent status for years. (Abe) The organization primarily focuses on providing students activities and necessary measures that will foster advancement in the field of business and finance. (Randolf) The best thing about JFINEX is its openness… its accessibility [word “accessible appears] to all students from the College of Business Administration & Accountancy regardless of the program or course you’re studying. (Jim) It doesn’t really matter if you’re taking up Accountancy or Economics or any other business-related programs. As long as you’re interested in finance… you’re in! (Ivy) It associates itself with top-caliber national alliances, such as the Junior Confederation of Finance Associations of the Philippines and the CFA Society of the Philippines [JCFAP & CFA logo appears as mentioned], to serve as a medium for gradual exposure of students to actual practices in the finance world. (Coleen) As one of the most active organizations in the CBAA, JFINEX is known for spearheading projects that promote holistic formation of a future business professional. (Ckiss) We do semestral stock trading games, finance quiz bee. We also conduct seminars, exposure trips… you name it, we have it. (Mavi) Guided by the Lasallian values of faith, zeal and communion, JFINEX is not only focused on shaping finance professionals. The organization is also keen in the development of God-centered and people-oriented experts through spiritual activities and community service. (Maki) Being a JFINEX member has broadened my perspectives in so many ways. [“broadening perspectives” appears] (Gio)

The amount of knowledge I get is so diverse. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.jfinex . [“opens doors” appears] Everyone: I am proud // to be part of JFINEX!!! (one-by-one) Black frame lang na may logo ng JFINEX tapos like symbol nung facebook. (Abi) I’m confident that it will really open a lot of doors within the financial