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INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION During the process of completing ELE 3103 - English for Language Teachers task which entitled “Understanding Basic Linguistics in English Language”, I had gone through joy and sorrow which here I would like to share some of them with you. First and foremost, I would feel very lucky to have devoted group members whose always give me great companionship during carrying out these tasks. My group lays four members which were Aniza Eazan, Nurul Atiqah Zainon Mokhtar and Ummi Amirrah Ayob. Enough babbling, let me share a bit survivor I had encountered. Task 1 required all of us to read two articles sourced from the internet related to language and culture. As fast as lightning, we went to library in order to search for books which comprise related articles. Fortunately, Atiqah realized that the question asked us to get the article from internet. Therefore, we go for Google Search and successfully found few related articles. However, we sit together and discussed. Finally, we came out with two best articles that most related to the question requirements. Done with that, we were required to present the main ideas of each of the article in the form of two graphic organizers. We did not face any problem with that at all since I came up with a brilliant suggestion which was two of us create a graphic organizer. So do the other two. In my thought, we should speed up since times were running out but there were many other tasks should be passed up. For task 2 and task 3, we just took a whole night to settle it down. At the beginning, we were quite fuzzy with the tasks requirements. We got several comic strips to be selected. At the beginning, each of us searches for minimal pairs that enclosed in the comic strips. About an hour later, we realized that we just wasting our golden time if we keep on searching for the minimal pairs in that several strips. We should probably choose the three bests strips and just focused on analyzing three of them to search for the minimal pairs. That did not end yet. We were quite confused on how was the

As we done with all those tasks. Although the comic strips did not give us much story line. I am strongly agree with Madame Rohaya that English is FUN !!  . morphology and syntax. we add on our own situations in order to make it a real story. I am also able to recognize the minimal pairs which I had zero idea about it before.minimal pairs in comic strips? Luckily. Done with that. Aniza gave us a short brief and instantaneously we together carry out the task. I was so satisfied since instead of knowing deeper on phonology. I must broaden my mind therefore I will always be a step forward from others. we move to the next tasks which require us to rewrite one of the selected comic strips and transfer it into narrative form. As a teacher. I cannot just stick on the rigid things. I found that this is the easiest part of the whole project. Otherwise. As a conclusion. I must be flexible and holistic. I enjoy the way I learn as it came in the comic bubbles.