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Currency derivatives

Each country has its own currency through which both national and international transactions are performed. All the international business transactions involve an exchange of one currency for another

Scope of the study
    The study can help in analyzing Growth in currency derivatves. Companies are looking to get a competitive edge Quick returns are possible for short term profits in currency derivatives Future growth of currency derivatives

The basic idea behind undertaking Currency Derivatives project to gain knowledge about currency future market.

 To study the basic concept of Currency future  To study the exchange traded currency future


Confidential matters were not disclosed by the company.  To analyze different currency derivatives products. 3. 2 . 2. There were time constraints.Currency derivatives  To understand the practical considerations and ways of considering currency future price. Limitations of the Study Every study is bound by limitations and as such this is no exceptions. So. The currency future is new concept and topic related book was not available in library and market. 1. 4. any error in the secondary data might also affect the study undertaken. The analysis was purely based on the secondary data.

We offer our advisory services with enhanced research and knowledge aims to capitalize the immense potential of the commodities market 3. at Shriram Securities. Therefore before investing.Commodity Broking Investment in commodities is advisable in the portfolio. as it is generally considered as defensive because stocks and bonds witnesses adverse performance during times of inflation. an investor can avail additional benefits like access to various intraday and fundamental calls.Derivatives Trading We. have endeavoured to make trading in derivatives simpler.MAX Strategy 3 .Currency derivatives Existing & proposed product Produts and services 1. By opening an account with Shriram.Equity Trading The best way to amass wealth is by investing in the stock market. 4. 2. We strive to educate new entrants in the derivatives trading market so that they are more equipped with knowledge and techniques.Portfolio Management Services Our Portfolio Management Service is well suited for high-net worth customers who want to invest in Indian Equities and desire to create wealth over longer period After understanding varied risk appetites and financial goals of individuals Shriram has created an Investment Strategy called Wealth. it can be a risky proposition considering the high risk-return trade off prevalent in the stock market. the clients should know how to go about it. However.

2.4.2) RESEARCH DESIGN: Research design indicates the methods and procedure of conducting research study. analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services” All of research can be categorized into basic and applied.4) Process of Marketing Research: The marketing research is done in systematic process. which is carried out to find the solution for a particular problem or for guiding a specific decision. staff and security.Basic Research is that intended to expand the body of knowledge for the use of others.Currency derivatives Module description Introduction: “Marketing research means the systematic gathering. The Researcher has pursued the below process of marketing for my study at Shriram: 5. Hence the nature of my research study is “APPLIED RESEARCH “. It is usually private in nature. My research on Icon Paints is carried on for guiding specific decisions and its results are useful only to Icon Paints for taking particular decision regarding product quality. recording. 5. BASIC RESEARCH: . 1.Applied Research is one. APPLIED RESEARCH: . Research design can be done in following three types:1 Exploratory Research:- 4 .

2 Survey Method: It contains Personal Interview. Systematic observation. Telephone Interview and Mail Interview.3) Data Collection and Sampling: A) Sources of Data Collection:Basically there are two types of data i. secondary and primary: I) Primary Data Collection:- Primary data collection contains the following four types of methods: 1 Observation Method: It contains Causal observation. 3 Causal or Experimental Researches:An experimental research is undertaken to identify causes and effect relationship between two variables. 3 Experimental Method. II) Secondary Data Collection: - 5 . 4 Panel Method. direct observation and contrived observation.4. 2 Descriptive Research:Descriptive research is undertaken when the researcher want to know the characteristics of certain groups.e. The Research Design is: Descriptive Research Design 5.Currency derivatives Exploratory research focuses on the discovery of new ideas and is generally based on secondary data.

etc.Currency derivatives It can be collected from internal as well as external sources 1 Internal Source: Various internal sources like employee. II) Sampling types: There are two types of sampling i. books. which is used for the survey. and housewives. employees to conduct survey and to measure satisfaction level. is consisting of questions and checklist questions to check the customer feedback. The Researcher has used primary data for the core purpose of the project and this primary data has been gathered by survey method.e. etc are some important sources of external data. literatures. C) Sampling Plan: The researcher has design a sampling plan that is consist of five decisions. stock availability. sales activity. i) Probability Sampling : - 6 . Probability Sampling and Non – probability Sampling. The researcher has also used secondary data B) Data collection Tools: To conduct a survey. Questionnaire. product cost. the Researcher has selected a structured questionnaire as an instruction for gathering valuable information from the customers. businessmen. 2 External Sources: Libraries. I) Sampling unit: Who is to be surveyed? The Researcher has selected youngsters. trade publications.

ii) Non – Probability Sampling:Non – Probability sampling contains following methods:a) Judgment Sampling. c) Multi-stage Random Sampling. e) Multi – phase Sampling. The most frequently used probability sampling methods are as below: a) Simple Random Sampling. 7 . d) Cluster Sampling. c) Panel Sampling. b) Stratified Random Sampling. f) Replicated Sampling.Currency derivatives Probability sampling means each unit of the universe has equal chance of getting selected. III) Sample Size: Sample size means limited numbers of respondents covered under the research study from a population and the researcher has taken a survey of 100 respondents to know the satisfaction level of customer. d) Quota Sampling For this purpose the researcher has used non probability convenience sampling. b) Convenience Sampling.

Currency derivatives Why the particular project is chosen If any Indian firm borrows funds from international financial market in US dollars for short or long term then at maturity the same would be refunded in particular agreed currency along with accrued interest on borrowed money. As a result the assets or liability or cash flows of a firm which are denominated in foreign currencies undergo a change in value over a period of time due to variation in exchange rates. It means that the borrowed foreign currency brought in the country will be converted into Indian currency. The foreign exchange markets of a country provide the mechanism of exchanging different currencies with one and another. trading in foreign currencies has grown tremendously over the past several decades. the currency units of a country involve an exchange of one currency for another. With the multiple growths of international trade and finance all over the world. and when borrowed fund are paid to the lender then the home currency will be converted into foreign lender’s currency. The price of one currency in terms of other currency is known as exchange rate. Thus. and thus. 8 . facilitating transfer of purchasing power from one country to another. so the firms are exposed to the risk of exchange rate movements. Since the exchange rates are continuously changing.

Incepted in 2005. Chit Funds and Distribution of Investment & Insurance Products. The values of the company have been a driving factor behind the growth of the company The company has always preferred to walk an extra mile when it comes to servicing clients needs.000+ client base in Pan India and a support team of over 800+ professionals extended across 450 locations in more than 300 cities and towns. the interest of the clients is at the forefront. It believes that the growth of the company lies in the growth of the clients For our company. we have achieved many goals and reached many milestones. Till now. it gives me great deal of satisfaction. today we are one of the fastest growing financial institutions and we have diversified interests in multiple asset classes with more than 50.Currency derivatives Why the particular organization chosen Shriram Group’s businesses strive to serve the largest number of common people. the same money should work for them. We here at Shriram believe that Transparency is the base of a long term relationship. In future also we will try to deliver the best value services to our clients. This has been an important differentiating factor for the company which enjoys enormous amount of trust and goodwill because of the transparent dealings and straightforward approach that it has followed since inception. 9 . Consider these: Commercial Vehicle Financing. Our foray into Non-Life (General) Insurance is again a strong expression of this commitment. The company strongly believes that though the people work hard to make money. This has come not from the aim of achieving customer satisfaction but the aim to achieve customer delight. Consumer & Enterprise Finance. On the global economic front I would like to say that major economies have started stabilizing except some European economies that are suffering from sovereign debt and unsustainable deficit. This is primarily on account of robust recovery in the Asian economies. Reflecting on FY 2009-2010. Life Insurance. It has been a landmark year in performance and scalability. A recent IMF report showed that the global economy expanded by nearly 5 percent during the first quarter of 2010. Retail Stock Broking.

Stock Broking business commenced operations with a corporate membership in NSE in the cash segment in 1996. Rapid expansion has been made possible in this two-pronged strategy of owned and franchised outlets and is expected to have an end-state distribution.DP [IN-DP-CDSL-293-2005] . : NSE-CM [INB 230947033] | BSE-CM [INB 010947035] || NSE-F&O [INF 230947033] . Shriram Insight Share Brokers Ltd. No. expanding into wealth management and advisory space.50. Membership in the derivatives segment in the NSE was acquired in 2003. Shiram Insight Logo: Shiram Insight slogan 10 . As the business starts targeting the next level of mass affluent customers. The business model of Stock Broking largely focused on owned branches in the initial years and has now graduated into the franchisee mode of expansion that will cater to PAN India target market.Stock Broking business is firmly focused in the rapidly growing High Networth Individual (HNI) and Retail space. same would also become a key thrust area that can potentially enhance profitability and shareholder value in the medium term.Currency derivatives Organization profile Stock Broking business of the group was started in 1995. The Business has expanded into the commodities market with a trading-cum-clearing membership in the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and the National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) through a 100% subsidiary.MCX [Membership No: 10115] |The business has an active client base of over 1.The business operates through 1000 branches with equal no. promoted by professional entrepreneurs and incubated by the Shriram Group through its entity. Member: National Stock NSE SEBI Reg.000. of trading terminals. networking over 3000 branches.

Retail Stock Broking. Consider these: Commercial Vehicle Financing. Project Development.000 Cr Shriram Group had its humble beginnings in the Chit Fund business over three decadesago. Packaging. Property Development etc. Not many in the financial services industry thought at that time. Life Insurance.Shriram Properties Pvt Ltd 1999 Commencement of Business . R Thyagarajan. Genesis of the Shriram phenomenon The 30.Shriram Insight Share Brokers Ltd 11 . Press Dies & Sheet Metal Stamping. Consumer & Enterprise Finance.Shriram Chits 1979 Commencement of Business . this small Chit Funds business in Chennai would indeed be the foundation for the financial conglomerate that Shriram is today. AVS Raja and T Jayaraman were the “three musketeers” who ventured into these businesses. Machined & Auto Components. Pharmaceuticals. Engineering Services.Shriram Overseas Finance Ltd 1995 Commencement of Business.Shriram City Union Finance Co (SCUF) 1988 IPO of SCUF 1989 Commencement of Business . The Shriram Way! Shriram Group’s businesses strive to serve the largest number of common people. Milestones Year Milestone 1974 Commencement of Business . Information Technology. Chit Funds and Distribution of Investment & Insurance Products. Our foray into Non-Life (General) Insurance is again a strong expression of this commitment.Shriram Transport Finance Co (STFC) 1982 Commencement of Business .Shriram Investments Ltd 1984 IPO of STFC 1986 Commencement of Business . Value Added Services.Currency derivatives About Shiram Insight The Group has also made investments in Manufacturing.

Value Added Services.Currency derivatives 1999 Citicorp CV financing tie up with STFC 2000 Commencement of Business .Shriram EPC Ltd 2000 Commencement of Business . Engineering Services. Machined & Auto Components. Pharmaceuticals. Packaging. Information Technology.Shriram Capital Ltd 2005 Entry of Chryscapital as Partner with STFC & EPC 2005 Entry of Sanlam as Life Insurance business partner and commencement of businessShriram Life Insurance Co 2006 Merger of Shriram Investments Ltd & Shriram Overseas Finance Ltd with STFC 2006 Commencement of Business .Shriram Value Services 2006 Entry of TPG as STFC's partner 2007 Shriram EPC's JV with Leitner Technologies for Manufacture of wind turbines 2007 EPC's foray into Air Pollution Control with Hamon through JV 2007 Orient Green Power was founded by Shriram EPC 2007 IPO of TAKE Solutions Ltd 2008 Commencement of Business . Project Development.Shriram General Insurance Ltd 2008 IPO of Shriram EPC Ltd 2009 NCD Placement of Rs 10 Bn by STFC 2010 IPO of Orient Green power Industrial Investments The Group has also made investments in Manufacturing. Press Dies & Sheet Metal Stamping.TAKE Solutions Ltd 2004 Commencement of Business .Shriram Fortune Solutions Ltd 2006 Commencement of Business . Non-Finanical service:- 12 . Property Development etc.

Today the group has over 15. 000 employees and operating through 700 locations and manage funds of over 15. Founder Chairman of the Shriram Group of Companies . Engineering Services. Project Development. Pharmaceuticals.000 Crores in the business of financial services including life insurance and general insurance. Packaging. Philippines on Consequential Loss Insurance.1). 13 . 5000 crores.I. The Network Shriram comprises over 650 Branches and Service Centers.C.000 agents committed to ensuring world-class customer service. The Group’s aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. he has transformed the Shriram Group into India’s Premier Networked Financial Services Supermarket Chain. • Masters in Mathematics • Masters in Mathematical Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute • Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute (A. Property Development etc. By inculcating the philosophy of “putting people first”. Information Technology. Machined & Auto Components. About Founder Mr.Promoted the Shriram Group Companies in 1974.Currency derivatives Shriram Group has always encouraged entrepreneurship by demonstrating continuous apetite for investing in start-up manufacturing business.R Thyagarajan. Our Investment The Group has also made investments in Manufacturing. served by more than 6000 employees and 60. Value Added Services. London • Visiting faculty of Asian Institute of Insurance. Press Dies & Sheet Metal Stamping.

Our core financial services businesses are housed under the holding company Shriram Capital Ltd:        Commercial Vehicle Finance Life Insurance General Insurance Consumer & Enterprise Finance Financial Product Distribution Retail Stock Broking Chit Funds 14 .5 million clients. has 6. transparency and integrity has helped it to become one of India’s largest Financial Services Network.000 Agents and 36.000 crores. Resulting in inclusive growth. through 2700 Branches across India. The relentless pursuit of this mission. The Group’s reputation for effectiveness. Empowering people through prosperity.000 employees.40.Currency derivatives Shiram group Services Financial Services Financial Services :Helping Create Wealth. served by 1. since our inception in 1974 has given the Shriram Group our raison d'être and our distinct identity.The Group’s Financial Services Businesses manage assets exceeding Rs.00.

He is a member of the Investment Committee of Axis Private Equity. Duggal is Advisor to IMA (formerly Economist Intelligence Unit. Pharmaceuticals. Manipal Acunova. Machined & Auto Components. Duggal is involved in several initiatives in social sector. Fidelity Fund Management. Press Dies & Sheet Metal Stamping. He is Senior Advisor (Asia Pacific ) to Transparency International Berlin. 15 . He is Chairman of Board of Directors of Shriram. Mundra Port & SEZ. Arun Duggal is an experienced international banker and has advised companies on financial strategy. LNG Petronet (Nominee Director of Asian Development Bank). and Hertz (India). He is a Trustee of Centre for Civil Society.Audit Committee). Shriram City Union Finance Limited and Shriram EPC Limited. Mr. Project Development. Corporate management :Board Of Directors Arun Duggal Mr. Information Technology. He is the Vice Chairman of International Asset Reconstruction Company. Value Added Services. M&A and capital raising. Patni Computers (Chairman . Zuari Industries. Packaging. Engineering Services. which is undertaking a number of initiatives to combat corruption problem around the world. Duggal had a 26 years career with Bank of America. He was on the Board of Governors of the National Institute of Bank Management. Property Development etc. mostly in the U. India). Info Edge (India). Dish TV India .. New Delhi. Mr. Mr. Our Investment The Group has also made investments in Manufacturing.S. He is a founder Director of Bellwether Microfinance Fund which provides equity capital to promising Micro Finance organizations and helps them in capacity building. He is on the Board of Directors of Jubilant Energy NV. He is a Board Member and erstwhile Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce. Hong Kong and Japan. which focuses on improving the quality and access of education to students especially for the poor. India. Shriram Properties Limited.Currency derivatives Non-Financial Services:Shriram Group has always encouraged entrepreneurship by demonstrating continuous apetite for investing in start-up manufacturing business.

In 1995 he moved to Tokyo as the Regional Executive. Australia and Korea. He teaches Banking & Finance at the Indian Institute of Management. managing Bank of America 's business in Japan. India. From 1991-1994 as Chief Executive of Bank of America Asia Limited.Currency derivatives His last assignment was as Chief Executive of Bank of America in India from 1998 to 2001.          R. Ahmedabad as a visiting Professor. Delhi. Hong Kong he looked after Investment Banking activities for the Bank in Asia.Sridhar (Managing Director) Adit Jain S. From 2001 to 2003 he was Chief Financial Officer of HCL Technologies.Lakshminarayanan 16 . Ahmedabad. He spent ten years (1981-1990) with the New York Corporate Office of Bank of America handling multinational relationships. A Mechanical Engineer from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Mr. Bafna S.Venkatakrishnan Maya Shanker Verma Mukund Manohar Chitale Puneet Bhatia Ranvir Dewan Sumatiprasad M. Duggal holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.

Currency derivatives Services offered from Shiram Insight capital market Mutual Funds Ipo Derivatives Commodites 17 .