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Heritage Partnership Leadership Technology

„ „ „ „ „ Honeywell International & Notifier Overview Reference Sites ID 3000 Fire Alarm Control Panel p User Interface ONYXworks Graphical Specialty Detection:
… … … … … … Smart 4 VIEW VIEW & Cooperative Multi-Sensor Logic HARSH Gas Detectors Video Smoke Detection

„ Summary


Honeywell International & Notifier Overview

Honeywell y International
ƒ Great positions in good industries:
ƒ ƒ ƒ A Fortune F t 60 company $37 billion estimated sales in 2008 125,000 employees in over 100 countries

Automation and C t lS Control Solutions l ti 37% Specialty Materials 14%

Transportation Systems 14% Aerospace 35%


Leading Brands • Life Safety.000 Employees • Technology. Security.3B ƒ 55. ECC Manufacturers • Large Installed Base • Global Expansion Integrators ECC Security Life Safety Sensing and Control Building Solutions Process Solutions From manufacturing to installation 5 .Automation & Control Solutions Profile Strengths Growth Focus ƒ Sales: $10.

Honeywell Life Safety (HLS) 2008: 10. Productivity Culture Long-Term Term Track Record of Growth • Long T Top P Performing f i Business B i I In G Growing i I Industries d t i 6 .500 Employees Fire Control Systems y Sensors and Actuating Devices Gas Detection Systems Safety Products Honeywell H M d HomMed •G Global oba Scope: Scope Systems Syste s a and d Se Sensors so s • Multi Brand and Channel Presence • History of Exciting New Products • Leading Smoke and Gas Technology • St Strong o g Dealer ea e Partnerships a t e s ps • Lowest Total Cost Solution. Global Mfg / Distribution.

Notifier in the Region g Notifier Representation 7 .

International Approvals pp „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ BOSEC ULC STC DBI AFNOR VdS PSB MIE SBSC CNBOP LPCB UL Belgium Canada China Denmark France Germany Singapore Spain Sweden Poland UK USA All Notifier N tifi operations ti are ISO 9001:2000 9001 2000 certified tifi d 8 .

Notifier o e MEA’s s Values a ues a and d Priorities „ Heritage ƒ Partnership P t hi ƒ Leadership p ƒ Technology Local & regional support: … … … … „ Sales coverage Technical support Training & demonstration facilities HLS approved to teach NFPA-72 9 .

Qatar Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia UADAID US air base – Qatar Museum of Islamic Art .Notifier Fire Systems MEA „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) – Saudi Arabia Saline Water Conversion Corp (SWCC) – Saudi Arabia Shoaiba Po Power er Plant – Saudi Sa di Arabia Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)– Dubai KAHRAMAA .India DHMI Ataturk Airport of Istanbul Ankara Esenboga Airport DHMI Dalaman Airport 10 .Qatar MOE – Dubai Atlantis Hotel & Aquaventure water park – Dubai Delhi Airport .

Shandong ƒ Mass Transit.4. Cargo Terminal.FIRE. Guangzhou Metro Line No. ƒ Qingdao Railway Station.F ƒ Maintenance M i t platforms l tf of f Mexico M i DF mass transit system 11 .Net through optic fiber Canada „ Canada Line. Tianjin 03 Post-Project. Guandon ƒ Mass Transit. Guangdong ƒ México ƒ Mass Transit. 12 stations with shopping areas connected to NOTI. it B Beijing iji M Metro t Li Line N No. all stations. Shenzhen Metro. Tianjin ƒ Mass Transit. Shanghai Rail Line 7. 4 Beijing ƒ Mass Transit. Tianjin East Station Transport Hub.1/4. Montevideo China ƒ Mass Transit. Gas Control Shanghai Control. 20 computerized p stations of the line between Vancouver and the Vancouver International Airport Colombia „ Mass Transit. Guangdong ƒ Mass Transit. Tianjin ƒ Mass M T Transit.3. Buenos Aires „ Costa del Tigre Park.Railways and metros Turkey „ Ankara Subway Argentina „ Coastal train. . Medellín Metro line Uruguay „ Carrasco Internacional Airport . Metro Line 9 Mexico D. Guangzhou Metro Line No.

Buenos Aires NSBT Tunnels. Queensland Yunan Da Hong Tian Tunnel.Tunnels „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ Pistarini Airport cable Tunnel. Yunan Three Gorges Tunnel. Yunan Yunan Kunshi Highway Tunnel. Yunan Yunan Anchu Highway Tunnel. Hubei 12 . Yunan Yunan Yuanmo Tunnel. Yunan Yunan Songdai Highway Tunnel Tunnel.

ID 3000 Fire Alarm Control Panel .

Main Features „ „ „ „ „ Meets EN54 Parts 2 and 4 Up to 8 loops 198 (99+99) devices per loop Up to 1584 devices / 255 zones Degraded mode of operation … Enhanced LIB (parallel CPUs) „ Multi-level operator password control „ 9 sensitivity levels for Fire & Prealarm „ Day and Night modes „ Internal and external printer options 14 .

Key y Functions „ Up to 31 repeaters or mimics … Up to 512 LEDs per controller „ 600 event history log „ Powerful Control-by-Event Control by Event (CBE) „ Auto-Learn or PC programming „ Duplicate address detection „ One-man O W lk Test Walk T with ih counter 15 .

Main User Interface 6 Line x 40 Character Graphic LCD Main M i Control Switches Navigation Keypad Numeric Data Entry & Enter/Cancel Key switch Access Level 2 System Status Indicators 16 .

Modular Design g Basic Equipment Kit Cover(s) Extension Chassis (if required) Backbox(es) Optional Expansion Modules (if required) Power Supply 17 .

000 devices „ Master/Slave interlink … Up to 8 panels … Remainder repeaters and mimics … Up to 64 loops in total … Up to 2040 zones … Up to 12.Networking „ Peer P to t Peer P Network N t k … … … … Up to 64 panels Over 500 loops p Over 16.672 devices 18 .000 zones Over 100.

ONYXworks Graphical User Interface .

ONYXworks TM „ Reduced operational costs & improved flexibility „ Ensures accountability which equals lower risk „ Easy y to use set up p tools speed p up p installation and makes programming easier „ ONYXworks supports: … … … … … Notifier N tifi Fi Fire Al Alarm P Panels l Competitive Fire Alarm Panels Security Access Control CCTV networks 20 .

ONYXworks TM contd. „ ICONs can be changed to be seen only while hil active ti – ensuring i no clutter l tt „ Pan the graphics with mouse click and drag „ Added zoom in & out capabilities with mouse wheel 21 .

ONYX ONYXworks k TM Al Alarm 22 .

ONYX ONYXworks k TM Al Alarm 23 .

ONYXworks TM Trouble 24 .

O ONYXworks TM Network Explorer 25 .

ONYXworks TM History Manager 26 .

Specialty Detectors .

Photoelectric smoke k sensing i (Particulate) Thermal heat sensing (H t) (Heat) CO sensing (CO) Infra-red light sensing (Light ( g from flame) ) Advanced time & logic functions (Coordination) 28 .

telecommunication facilities.VIEW Detector Very Intelligent Early Warning (VIEW) detectors: Ideal for computer rooms. clean rooms and any environment where early detection is important 29 .

t t common b base. „ Addressable Add bl d detector.50 times more sensitive than Optical detectors.nine sensitivity levels … Sensitivity S iti it l levels l t to meet t various i environmental i t l conditions diti … Daytime and night-time settings 30 . same detection loop „ Replaces complex and expensive aspirating systems in critical environments.What is ‘VIEW’ VIEW ? „ VIEW is able to detect smoke before it is visible „ VIEW laser system has an advanced laser light source and patented optical design. … Ability to program each detector’s . „ 10 .

000 square foot area! 31 . but ……. while … Air Aspirating could only locate the source within an 8.VIEWTM V V’s s Aspiration Systems VIEWTM provides the same fast response as air aspirating systems.200 square feet of the detector. „ Because it is a addressable sensor it can pin-point the l location ti of f th the alarm. l „ Shares the same detection loop as the main FAS „ Flexible p programming g g and sensitivity y settings g „ No additional install costs.. pipe etc „ From third party independent test report in Toronto Canada it was reported that: … VIEWTM could accurately locate the smoke source within 50 to 1.

Cooperating Coope at g Multi-Sensor u t Se so … Uses any three sequential addresses! … Each address can vote ote in t two o gro groups! ps! … Mix technologies. Ion and Heat can vote together! … Add squares of alarm value to obtain MultiSensor Value … Three Sensors @ 58% = alarm 32 . Photo.

Cooperative Multi Multi-Sensor Sensor Logic „ The logic is similar to multi-sensor logic. multi-sensors Distance 33 . using one of the traditional signatures plus ‘Uniform Smoke Spread’ to make th alarm the l d decision. i i „ The combined values are used to: … Respond faster to uniformly distributed smoke … Be less responsive to isolated puffs of smoke „ A major advantage of Cooperative Multi-Sensor Logic over m lti sensors is Distance.

VIEWTM Technology for releasing VSD VSD VSD VSD Obstruction At 0.03% per foot 34 .

View & Photo Smoke releasing system „ „ View as first stage (pre Alarm) Photo as second stage (Alarm) PSD VSD 35 .

„ VIEW is ideal for critical applications where even a trace t of f undetected d t t d smoke k is i unacceptable: t bl … Network server & telephone/equipment rooms … Clean rooms & mission critical areas … Museums.VIEW Summary y „ View Offers … … … … … … … Very early warning Addressability Scalability Fl ibilit Flexibility Ease of installation and retrofit Total supervision Simplified maintenance. archives & records Storage 36 .

HARSH detector „ No longer compromise on detection in critical areas that are dirty or wet „ Helps eliminate most nuisance alarms „ Small air intake fan and high-performance filter allows the HARSH detector to operate in difficult applications such as: … … … … Machine Rooms Sub Stations Lift shafts Cable tunnels 37 .

install and maintain Infrared Flammable Gas Detector: Range of detectable gases including heavy Hydrocarbons • Infrared detection principle provides fastest speed of response 38 .Hazardous Gas Detection Fixed Gas Detector and Transmitter •Over 40 detectable toxic gases and a wide range of flammable gases Fixed Gas Detector – Toxic: •2 wire loop powered 4-20mA toxic & O2 gas detector .15 gas types Flammable. toxic and oxygen gas detectors Fixed Gas Detector: • Easy to use.

What is Video Smoke Detection? „ „ „ „ Camera Based Smoke and Flame Detection Standard CCTV Cameras Image Processing on Motion Decision clearly identified Flame Detector Smoke Detector Heat H t Detector 4 1 2 3 39 .

Conventional Area Of Detection T H E R M A L B A R R I E R Smoke Cools & Reaches Thermal Barrier VSD Area Of Detection Smoke Falls S Smoke k Ri Rises Smoke Falls Fire Starts 40 .

Video Smoke Detetcion Visual Confirmation Multiple Analogue Cameras Optional or Existing Fire Alarm Panel Optional or Existing Surveillance Multiplexer 41 .

Typical yp Applications pp of VSD „ Aircraft Hangars „ Tunnels „ Rail „ Terminals „ Historic Buildings „ Power Generation Halls „ Warehouses „ High Value Areas „ Telecommunications „ Production Areas „ Atria 42 .

Questions 43 .

Summary of Notifier Advantages .

Summary y „ Backing of Honeywell International „ Global leader in Life Safety Solutions: … Single manufacturer… … Over 50 years experience „ Design and manufacture to highest standards … ISO guidelines exceeded „ Flexible & Scalable solutions: … Backwards Compatibility p y … Networking & Integration „ Control & Flexibility: … … … … ONYXworks Cooperative Multi-Sensor Logic 9 levels of pre alarm and alarm sensitivity Specialty Detectors „ Service provided by independent. local experts „ Full Training and Support offered 45 .