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Is your iPod Broken?

iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

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Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions
June 10, 2004 · 1,153 comments in 2004,Tips & Pointers,Werty So I was using my ipod at work today, a song come on that i did not want to hear and I hit the next button. Well my ipod locked up and just froze. Anyhow i searched google on "how to reset an ipod 40gb" and came up with nothing but crap answers, then finally found the apple manuals: To reset iPod mini, iPod mini (Second Generation), iPod photo, and iPod (Click Wheel) Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.) Press and hold the Menu and Select(center button) buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 10 seconds. You may need to repeat this step. Tip: If you are having difficulty resetting your iPod, set it on a flat surface. Make sure the finger pressing the Select button (center button) is not touching any part of the click wheel. Also make sure that you are pressing the Menu button toward the outside of the click wheel, and not near the center. If the above steps did not work, try connecting iPod to a power adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet, or connect iPod to your computer. Make sure the computer is turned on and isn't set to go to sleep.

Reset Apple iPhone instructions Turn iPhone off and turn it on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. Reset iPod Touch Screen (instructions coming soon) Reset Click Wheel Ipod (newer ipods including resetting an ipod video) 1. Flip the Hold switch on and off and make sure it ends up no longer on hold. 2. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons (center Button) until the Apple logo appears (may take 5-11 seconds, and you may need to repeat this step) If this not work for you try plugging your ipod into computer or wall power.


Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

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Resetting iPod (with dock connector) Most problems with iPod can be solved by resetting it. To reset iPod: 1 Connect iPod to a power outlet using the iPod Power Adapter. 2 Toggle the Hold switch on and off (set it to Hold, then turn it off again). 3 Press and hold the Play/Pause and Menu buttons for at least 5 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. If Your iPod Won't Turn On or Respond * Make sure the Hold switch is off. * If you're using the iPod Remote, make sure the remotes Hold switch is off. * If that doesn't work, connect iPod to the iPod Power Adapter and connect the adapter to a working electrical outlet. Your iPod battery may need to be recharged. * If that doesn't work, your iPod may need to be reset (see above). Resetting iPod (with out dock connector) If that doesn't work, your iPod may need to be reset.While the iPod is connected to power, press and hold the Play and Menu buttons for at least 5 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Resetting iPod mini Most problems with iPod mini can be solved by resetting iPod mini. To reset iPod mini: 1 Connect iPod mini to a power outlet using the iPod Power Adapter. 2 Toggle the Hold switch on and off (set it to Hold, then turn it off again). 3 Press and hold the Menu and Select (center) buttons for at least 6 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. If Your iPod mini Won't Turn On or Respond * Make sure the Hold switch is off. * If you're using the iPod Remote, make sure the remote's Hold switch is off. * If that doesn't work, connect iPod mini to the power adapter and connect the adapter to a working electrical outlet. Your battery may need to be recharged. * If that doesn't work, your iPod mini may need to be reset (see above). Reset Ipod Shuffle 1. Unplug iPod shuffle if it is connected to your computer. 2. Switch the shuffle off (you cannot see the green stripe). 3. Wait 5 seconds. 4. Move the switch to either play or shuffle (green stripe would be visible) Here is a link to the official apple website about resetting your ipod. And to the people that report the following icons on your iPod screen: * A sad looking ipod face with explamation * an exclamation point on a folder * an exclamation point on a battery * a disk with a variety of icons, including magnifying glass, x, arrow and exclamation mark * apple logo * do not disconnect * power adapter plugging into the wall I have not seen many of these, but it may be due to me having a 3rd generation iPod, if you see any of these icons on your ipod check out this article from apple summarizing them. I also have found a site that shows you some advanced (void the warranty) tricks to try and fixing your iPod problems, involving opening them up to fix the hard drive. Try these at your own risk. Remember you are not alone when your ipod freezes. Best of luck resetting your ipod and thanks for leaving your comments!

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Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

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03.05.06 at 5:26 pm Who Else Wants an Unlocked iPhone? 07.12.07 at 3:59 pm Stephen’s Personal Blog » Blog Archive » iPod Mini Reset Instructions 12.21.07 at 1:19 pm { 1150 comments… read them below or add one }

1Scott K 01.27.05 at 4:21 pm Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just experienced my first ipod mini 'hang' and your instructions on what do do were right-on. Thanks for fixing what was looking to be a bad day.

2hmdvd2005 02.01.05 at 12:10 pm I have a mini ipod and i cant reset it, as the bloody thing has no way i can see to be opened or unscrewed i cant do anything, when i try to charge it, nothing happens, tried to reset, still nothing….what can i do?

3Anonymous 02.05.05 at 3:58 am My friend had the same problem. His warranty was over so he did not want to bother sending it in or anything. It sucked for him and he will never buy another ipod again. I would check to see if you are still covered and if so send it in.

4Anonymous 02.05.05 at 1:10 pm my ipod completely blanked out, had no way of getting in! when i had finished cursing the good name of Apple computers, i tried your reset technique and it switched straight back on!! thank you!!

5Anonymous 02.13.05 at 3:54 pm My headphone remote stopped working altogether. The headphones worked but not the remote. After getting another remote sent out (I was under warranty) It didn't work either. I stumbled on your site, tried the reset you suggested and hey presto! it started working again. I guess I keep forgetting that the i-pod is just a real cut-down computer. Just because its an apple doesn't mean that it won't crash.

6Anonymous 02.17.05 at 2:07 pm helpp this did not work for me… my ipod is still stuck on american idiot and I did everything you told me to do ahhh ipod come back ;{

7Anonymous 02.19.05 at 8:12 am Thanks! That worked like a gem! (Especially after looking everywhere for my warranty and falling short!). Appreciate the advise!

8Anonymous 02.21.05 at 9:47 pm Or you can do nothing (if you don't have a charger connected) because when the iPod freezes it is invariably accessing the hard drive, and the battery will soon become discharged. When you recharge the battery later the iPod will boot-up and you'll be fine. Don't panic.

9Anonymous 02.27.05 at 8:13 pm Hmm… well i tried to reset it and no luck what so ever. I went to upload more songs to my iPod from my comp and it died. Its stuck on the Do no Disconnect screen and its making a noise like its booting up and then makes a clicking noise and keeps doing it over and over and over… :'( WHYYYYyY?!

10Anonymous 03.01.05 at 3:52 pm I've had my ipod mini for 3 months, then i was listining to a song. It kept skipping and i was like….an Iopd mini is not supposed to skip. Then it got stuck on that same song and it wouldn't do anything.THANK-YOU!!! The reset thingee worked….


Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 4 of 104 11Anonymous 03.02.05 at 3:33 am It did work for me !!!! Not in the first attempt but in the second!!! Many thanks.05 at 10:18 am I wonder why it need to be connected to the power supply but anyway you are a great help and saved my 3G ipod from a "do not disconnect" stuck on screen hang 18Anonymous 03.05 at 7:22 am Whoa.05.05 at 11:42 pm HOLY CRUD! your instructions were perfect and now i dont hate apple anymore! i was about ready to throw the damned (although pink and pretty) thing against the wall! 21Anonymous 03.2 seconds and then just shut off again! PLEASE HELP !!!! 17Anonymous 03.05 at 8:01 pm U R RETARDS ALL OF U.22. I need to know another way to reset an ipod. Thanks.14.COM/SUPPORT/IPOD U DIDNT NEED 2 GO LOOKIN AROUND 4 THIS SITE!!! THE SAME INSTRUCTIONS R ON THAT SITE…WOW 22Anonymous 04. Thanks a bundle! 15Anonymous 03.werty.05 at 6:43 pm Fantastic! thank you! my iPod U2 special edition locked up whilst I was jogging today.05 at 3:57 am With your help I just managed to 'save' an iPod mini for a beautfiul woman i know… now she says she loves me… http://www. The funny thing is that the battery appears to be totally charged!!! 12Anonymous 03. but do not stop the freezing.03. THESE RESET INSTRUCTIONS R ON APPLE.02. Jesper. The funny thing is that the battery appears to be totally charged!!! 13Anonymous 03.30. It started this a while ago and all of the ways to reset an ipod work.05 at 10:36 pm HELP!!! my ipod keeps shutting off and im sure theres no battery so i go to charge it up and nothing happens just a battery symbol shows up then i try reseting it and it will charge for about 2. And I did not loose any of the data inside.09. PLEASE HELP ME!!! 19Anonymous 03. And I did not loose any of the data inside.05 at 7:56 pm Thank you for the help! I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to revive my iPod.29.05 at 3:33 am It did work for me !!!! Not in the first attempt but in the second!!! Many thanks.25. DK 16Anonymous 03. yours was the first site I googled and the iPod mini instructions worked a treat for reseting it.06. the reset procedure sure brought my iPod Mini back into XP.05 at 7:55 pm My ipod is freezing all the time annonymously.html 9/24/2012 . i dont care if it gets rid of my costum settings or at 11:23 pm The reset instructions worked for me…I just wish I had found them before I threw the ipod against the wall…any advice on fixing a cracked screen? 20Sarah 03. 14Gabbo 03.

After all people read manuals and then do looking for techincal support.05 at 6:44 am Wow… "reset ipod" on google returns your blog on pos #1!!!! Great! … by the way. THESE RESET INSTRUCTIONS R ON APPLE. if for some reason this page gets ranked #1 in Google when you search for reset iPod. These instructions should have been in the manual and NOT on Apple's Or else link to Apple's instructions: http://docs. There is a nice little movie at apples site. on a Green Mini.html?artnum=61705 cheers. 26Anonymous 04.22. 27iscariota 04.18.05 at 10:28 pm chief.11. could you do everyone a favour and be bit more specific in which instructions apply to which iPods? I have an iPod with a dock connector.05 at 2:43 pm U R RETARDS ALL OF U. well you most deffinitelly did if you ended up posting here so piss Hooray. Using the Menu button and the center button reset it w/o any problems. had to hold down MENU and center button at same time for five seconds.05 at 3:20 pm Same here. you dipwad.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 5 of 104 23Anonymous 04. http://www.05 at 1:15 pm FYI on the clickwheel iPod its the Menu & Select buttons at the same time.14. - 29Anonymous 04.08. this site is much easier to get to the info you need.05 at 1:01 pm Thanks for the instructions. 24Anonymous 9/24/2012 .com/support/ipod/tutorial/ip_gettingstarted_t14. Oh yeah and as far as the idiot that wrote that noone needs to look for this site.COM/SUPPORT/IPOD U DIDNT NEED 2 GO LOOKIN AROUND 4 THIS SITE!!! THE SAME INSTRUCTIONS R ON THAT SITE…WOW RE: you are an idiot. apple's site is a clusterfuck of marketing crap. Took three tries for some reason. 25Anonymous 04. 30Anonymous 04.24. thank you 28Anonymous 04.05 at 7:18 pm They ARE in the manual. a 4th gen (click-wheel) but the first paragraph of instructions do not apply to at 7:42 pm my ipod does not work i have tryed to fix it non of the fricken buttons work http://www.05 at 4:25 pm Using the Menu button and the Play/pause button did nothing for me.html Thanks for atleast pointing me in the right direction.25. music for the way home after all! ~js 31Anonymous 04.

05 at 2:35 pm Thank you SO much! When my iPod mini wouldnt turn on or charge I thought I'd killed it! You're reset instructions are great.07.05 at 9:20 pm It is still stuck. Thank You are an Angel!!! I Luv You!!! 43Anonymous 05. Thanks JJ P.11. even after the reset.07.05 at 6:06 pm THANK U! 40Anonymous 05.05 at 10:57 pm worked like a charm! & as for the guy calling evryone idiots-why waste my time at apple's site? they made this constantly malfunctioning thing in the first place 41Sam 05.05 at 10:36 pm Thank you very much!It took all of two seconds and you explained it very simply for people like me…the ones who always seem to have the copy machine break when they use it.weird things happen when I touch computers so it's no surprise that only a few days after geeting my ipod that I would "destroy". You are the best! 35Anonymous 05.05 at 3:43 pm Who knew it colud be SO easy Thanks for the article.05 at 9:19 pm OMG i got my i pod for christmas i thought i broke and i have been searching for eight hours! This fixed it God offically love you.05 at 4:12 pm tanks alot u saved my ipod 33Anonymous 05. It proved very useful.05 at 5:43 am The menu button on my ipod 20 won't work.15.10. thank you very much. I was about to throw it through the window.05.15.09. The songs wil play and stuff. Help! 34Anonymous 05. the menu button refuses to work.03.07.05 at 12:11 pm Hi. thank you so much for writing on how to fix the Ipod Mini.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 6 of 104 32Anonymous 05.html 9/24/2012 . Peice of *$!# I will never buy another one ever again and am starting to regret not getting the Creative Zen MP3 player.S Would you mind if I put a link to your information on my website? 37Anonymous 05.05 at 1:41 am I get a frowning iPod and that is exactly how I feel about them now.11. 39Anonymous 05. but if I want to go back to look through the other playlists. 38Anonymous 05. Thanks again! 42Anonymous 05.05 at 4:29 am thankyou thankyou thankyou..12.werty. What do I do?!? 36Anonymous 05.

Good work. Very clear instructions perfect solution.05 at 8:04 pm Thank you very much.30.05 at 10:20 am thank you so much 52Anonymous at 9:50 pm Can anyone help me? I have the mini and the menu button will not work.04.05 at 6:54 pm thanx y'all.05 at 7:59 pm My friends Mini just froze in my hand.05 at 8:51 pm Thank you so much! When my Ipod wouldn't respond I thought it was done for. 53Xi 06. holding the menu + the middle button worked fine and reset my ipod mini after a screen freeze! 49Anonymous 05.05 at 10:16 pm Thank you! Thank you! My iPod froze and your tip saved me a lot of time.05 at 5:07 am I dropped my ipod down the toilet and thought i'd just lost all of that money but the ressetting instructions worked… thank you sooo much!!! 50Anonymous your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 7 of 104 44Anonymous 05.05 at 6:02 pm YOU ROCK!!! 56Anonymous 06.html 9/24/2012 .05 at 4:09 pm I just froze up. 45Anonymous 05. You're a lifesaver ^__^ 54Anonymous 06. i cannot go back to the original menu by pressing "menu" again.29.30. When I go to the "extras" menu. Your instructions worked perfectly.04.18. 47Anonymous 05. These instructions helped so much and were easy to find! Thank you 48Anonymous 05.05 at 6:03 pm THankyou!!!!!!!! that worked so well!!!!! at first i thought i was going to lose all of my songs when i reset it but then i read someones comment who said that none of the songs were lost http://www. I searched the apple site but it was taking quite to look through all of the purchase opportunities to find actual help. Can anyone help me so I won't have to reset it every time I wanna play a song or "sleep" to music? 55Anonymous 06. Instructions worked first time! Thanks 46Anonymous 05. This was a life saver.03.05 at 6:57 am I was so scared when it froze and the hd started making weird sounds.werty. i didnt want her mad at me =) 51Anonymous 05. this never happens with my 4th Generation 20GB model.05 at 6:45 pm thank you thank you thank you thank you.20. Search google search and you came right up. I have to reset it to get back. I've tried resetting it a dozen times and the menu button worked about 2 times.21.29.

.html 9/24/2012 . and it was stuck. realize that some may not have access to their user manuals. when i plug it back into my laptop it just makes a weird clicking noise!!! any ideas? 60Drew 06. To all those ppl who say that this site is for retards and idiots..05 at 9:18 am This site was a godsend for me today. I pressed the play/pause button and it just stopped…PLEASE HELP ME 59Anonymous your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 8 of 104 57Meeki 06. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! 66Matt E.05 at 10:27 pm Just wanted to thank you for having the presense of mind to create a webpage to help out all of us stuck out here in purgatory. i have only had it a day.05 at 3:31 pm Thank you for your help…. 06. I'm on my third iPod and as far as I can remember this is the first encounter I've experienced with it freezing.17. and it worked! 65Anonymous 06. I don't see an entry for Apple.22. You were the first match I tried on Google. I took my iPod off the dock this morning and it was completely locked.05 at 6:12 pm *sigh* i am saved! THANK YOU! your info worked so well! i do admit that it is just as easy to go to apples but this site had what other people said! one of my main worries about resetting was that i was going to lose all of the data but someones comment told me otherwise so i decided to give the reset a try! 58Anonymous 06. You saved my evening! 68Anonymous 06. And resetting didn't help.05 at 10:11 am I had my Ipod mini plugged into my laptop as i was updating a playlist.17. I http://www.05 at 6:27 pm THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! My ipod locked up on me at work and I didn't have my manual.05 at 8:32 am My ipod mini want reset its stuck on the same screen where i was playing a game. In reference to the comment posted by Matt E.05 at 11:07 am Thank you so much my friend called and woke me up and said i need to reset my ipod and i thought i was never gonna go back to sleap but i found your site and got to go bak to bed thanks a bunch 61Joshua 06. As far searching apple's site.23.28. I've had my iPod mini since Xmas and haven't had a problem until today.15.21.05 at 12:15 am My Ipod is stuck in japanese mode. As I was off to work I did not have time to look for the manual. I find it rather interesting that this site was first on the google list.05 at 11:36 pm Thanks.05 at 7:42 pm whee!! THANK YOU — worked great! none of my songs got deleted either 64Anonymous 06. Lights went out while updating and the iPod just froze…. Worked a charm! 62Anonymous 06.22.23.werty. i looked at the screen and the apple logo was on. How do i get back in english?? 63Anonymous 06.05 at 3:29 pm Thank you! My iPod is just one month old and I experienced my first hang. and i needed to charge it.19.. I figured I just google it or go to apple's site when I got to work. i tried to reset it and it is doing nothing. 67Anonymous 06.14.

05 at 11:29 am THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH YOUR ARTICLE HELPED ME BIG TIME AND SEEING AS I LOST MY MANUAL I CANT THANK U ENOUGH 76pretzel 07. I strongly suggest saving up your little allowances and splurging on a very tough protective iPod case. iPods are miniature computers that are EXTREMELY delicate.15.html 9/24/2012 . they lack substance on their site. I keep mine in my leg pocket and it slams all kinds of stuff and still manages to play the Doobie Brothers. Thanks for saving my lil' pink mini. but then after I reset it. Thanks again!! http://www. Cmoe up with a better solution and i might buy it otherwise get stuffed! 70septuagint 07.05 at 11:00 pm Thanks for the page. It will save you a great deal of time and frustration should you drop your iPod. what i should do so when im installing it doesnt reset.05 at 1:08 am I used your steps to reset my ipod and stuff. anonymous. thank-you 79Anonymous 07. Of course I never installed the Doobie Brothers on it. Now I can stop it without having to wait hours for the battery to die. 77Anonymous 07. It is far too difficult to find what you're looking for if you don't have infinite patience. As a side note. Apple is a phenomenally designed and managed company.05 at 2:10 am Just about to go on holiday. it just seemed like a quality product.17. a quick google and here i am with a fully-functioning ipod.05 at 8:57 am I can afford to reset my iPod 4th Gen(cllickwheel)I need my iPod now.26.05 at 5:21 am thx! 78Anonymous 07.27. Found you on my first google. and when i installed in my computer it erased all the music! so i had to put back the music again.05 at 4:27 am you god 72Anonymous 07.05 at 1:43 pm i have a 40 gig ipod and i upload all the songs in a friends computer.23.werty.05 at 7:34 pm Thanks.05 at 12:29 pm Thanks ever so much. 69Anonymous 07. However. but that is totally ir-elephant to what I'm talking about… 71Anonymous 07.. and i get a lock-up. what do you do next? What buttons do you press to make it turn on? 75Anonymous 07. Thanks! 73Lee 07. I would like to say that the vast majority of iPod defects can be linked to mistreatment. erase all the music? pleeeeeeeeeeease help me grazie 74Anonymous 07.16. and now i travel and i have another computer.29. I don't think they are as delicate as you think.05 at 9:11 am Wow it's amazing to me that since the post back in January that folks are still needing to reset their frozen iPods six months later. It is too generally categorized to be quick. Yeah.26.29. I will always remain faithful to Apple and iPod. Mine has been freezing a bit recently. I thought she was done for.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 9 of 104 want to reiterate the point he made in regard to searching Google for an entry detailing the resetting procedure for an iPod rather than going straight to Apple's homepage. and it went to the apple That said. I knew it couldn't be dead. I didn't have the manual here and was glad to find your page.17.

05 at 11:15 am My ipod click wheel is frozen in the locked position.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 10 of 104 80pennellsny 07.05 at 6:51 pm just today my ipod froze on me on my way home from church. so this happens and i`m totally scared because my dad may get mad because he spent about $500.30. the whole freezing thing has happened a couple times before. I have toggled the lock switch – held it on a flat surface while pressing menu and and i knew what to do already at the time. Thanks!! I hate reading manuals:) 82Anonymous 08.10. It does charge and the computer recognizes it and the restore was successful but no matter what I do I can't unlock it.05 at 8:01 pm Thank you so much!! You just saved my life (and about 500 dollars) 84Anonymous 08. 88tokyo goat 08. ur a fucking Legend!!!! 90Anonymous 08.01. Finally I restored the ipod. Oh and I did let the battery run out completely. cheers for the guidance. hope it will not come again 85Anonymous 08.17.html 9/24/2012 . I was even able to load music back in but I can't unlock it.05 at 1:33 pm Yes – I'd like to concur with some of my fellow iPod mini mates. Cheers from across the pond.07. but this is the first time it hasn`t resetted.00 or so. I too had to press the menu and the CENTER button before it worked for me.05. I have repeated this process several times plugged in to wall. ahhhhh.05 at 9:21 pm I've tried to follow the reset instructions but that will not work. soo…can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!?!?!? or else i`m a dead-girl typing. God is punishing me because I wasn`t really paying attention to the sermon. or it would have this folder with a warning sign next to it…probably meaning a corruption of some sort. so…as of right now i`m letting the battery die-out…and hopefully it will recharge normally like it always has. so if anyone has had the same situation happen to them please help…? yeah…? thankss! 87Anonymous 08.02.05 at 7:44 pm big thanks! it kinda sux that my ipod mini hang up on the first day of use. plugged into computer (Mac ibook) not plugged in. but then after i did the whole reset thing {i found that info in the intructions manual. well. you just saved my arse from something that could have been terrible! THANKS!! *hugs* 86Anonymous 08.05 at 7:51 pm Thank you so much for this! =D 83Anonymous 08. Andrew 89Alex 08. I have updated my ipod.01. 81Queen Simerah 08.01.05 at 5:05 am It worked!!!!! i was goin crazy without it. oopsie.09. so at first i thought okay. BTW} and it would just go back to the apple logo everytime. just got through my first hang as well.05 at 8:42 pm thank you so much!! I thought that I was going to have to face my father in one of his "I'm too drunk to give a f**k about your problems" but b/c of you.05 at 7:33 pm It Really Works!! Quick and Easy. Any suggestions on how I can get it to reset? http://www. then menu and select.05 at 6:46 pm thanks. It Works now. I didn't think it would but I placed it on a flat surface and pressed the menu and select after playing with the hold button (I did this twice).

and that freed the click wheel up enough to respond to the reset command (holding down the menu button and selector).' i've tried everything i've seen online and most of it doesn't work even the slightest bit. the apple shows up.05 at 12:37 pm I finally got my mini unfrozen just by holding down the center button but after I get the apple logo it freezes up again. Any help out there? Its fully charged.05 at 7:28 pm I left my ipod on all night. but right afterwards.05 at 11:33 pm Thanks 100Hayley 08.29. please help. My warranty has expired–now I know why it was so short. which meant it was stuck on the last playlist I'd used.werty.31.05 at 8:45 pm i have an ipod mini and everytime i try the reset techniques (pushing down the menu and select buttons at the same time).01.01.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 11 of 104 91Anonymous 08. Can anyone help me? 102Anonymous 09.05 at 11:26 am Anytime i try to turn my ipod on the apple symbol comes up and then a mini ipod appears on the screen frowning at me with a big exclamation point.28. i tried going into windows explorer and opening the ipod updater to either update the software or restore to the orignal factory setting but my computer isn't recognizing my ipod and is saying 'cannot mount ipod. whoever you are! 95Anonymous 08. 94tara d 08.05 at 5:34 pm Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!! 92Anonymous 08.05 at 8:06 pm I was so bummed when my relatively new IPod crapped out after only six months' use.05 at 6:28 pm Thanks for the info!! I knew how to reset the darn thing. a picture of a dead-face ipod (with the x's for eyes and mouth) shows up with a exclamation sign…has anyone gotten that also? 99Anonymous 08. then when it was out of battery.29. I accidentally pulled it from the wall when it first restarts when it is out of battery and is first being charged. i recharged it.23. but what was key was the part about the one finger not touching the click wheel. the apple logo appeared and then the folder with the exclamation point…. I couldn't scroll using the click wheel. If I toggle the Hold switch it turns itself off again. The reset wasn't working so I toggled the hold switch as suggested.25. Is my battery broken because i have tried to reset when its plugged in the wall unit about 20 times in every different at 10:31 am the problem my mini has is not fixed my the reset technique. 97theconsequencer666 08.29.05 at 1:20 pm Thanks! very helpful! speaking of google.05 at 1:49 am thank you SO much! my stupid mini wouldn't work for hours and i got really worried 101Anonymous 09.It has been almost 3 days.05 at 12:53 pm Uhh…if all of you retards hadn't lost your users someone before said.html 9/24/2012 .29. Thanks so much for your help. and it will not accept a charge.27. Its explains concisely how to reset the iPod in the booklet that came with it. or be recognized by my computer. Is this because of Limewire files? 98Anonymous 08. it's worked in the past but when it froze mid song and i reset it. you're the first link up now! Grats! and thanks again for posting this handy factoid 93Kristen 08. you wouldn't have this problem. http://www. Idiots… 96David Coronado 08.

whoops? if you want to own an ipod for as long as possible.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 12 of 104 103Anonymous 09. btw. etc. if it's a problem that can be fixed without a warranty. but yours was correct! 107Anonymous 09.13. limewire. unfortunately when i brought my ipod in to them they could not fix my problem and i had to get a new one. taking it to an expert is your best bet. i just bought it about 3 days ago and this was quite a shock.17. 110Anonymous 09. bearshare.08. Worked perfectly (especially with the hints).html 9/24/2012 . Thanks again! 106Maddy 09. There was no display and it wasn't mounting when I plugged it into my Mac.05 at 7:10 pm oh yeah.05 at 11:47 am Goodness me !! THANK U VERY MUCH i got a 40gb Ipod from my ex boyfriend as a goodbye gift… when it froze i thought it was the end of it… =0( thank u very much 108Anonymous 09. Oh.05 at 7:53 pm THANK YOU VERY MUCH 111Anonymous 09.06. but now its running again… well.11. and the "you are retards" guy is a loser. you made my day. Thank you.05 at 5:07 am thanx 109Anonymous 09.05 at 3:21 am Thank you. it's a good thing i still had my warranty though.05 at 9:45 am OMG Thanx man i thought i was screwd when my ipod mini wasnt conneting to my pc this fix it 113Anonymous at 10:37 am You're number 1 on google for "reset an ipod" for a reason.05 at 10:29 pm You are the man.11. my ipod completely broke because of downloading music illegally from such places like kazaa.05 at 9:06 am usually when resetting your ipod doesn't work you should take it into the apple store.12.05 at 6:05 pm thank you sooooo much i went on other sites and they said the play and menu button. The reset worked a treat 112Anonymous 09. 104kristen 09.05 at 9:20 am tx I unfroze my ipod! http://www. I thought my ipod mini battery had died.05. will need to replace the battery but the reset trick does it for now…. pay for your music!! itunes or cds is the way! 105Anonymous 09.04. Thought I'd killed my friend's ipod. even if you don't have a warranty there are ipod experts cleverly named 'geniuses' there who will try to help you.werty.

121Anonymous 10.05 at 4:35 am Thanks everyone. Then I stumbled onto your site.27. so i flicked the hold switch on and off.22. what do i do?? 119Alex 9/24/2012 . 116Anonymous 09. Paul. power cource. all the buttons.05 at 5:04 am Thanks so much! Long train journey home from work and thought I would be without my Ipod photo! Great website and again many thanks.05 at 10:39 am If you accidentally turn your 20 GB iPod Japanese. headphones. i need to listen to this music!!!! please help me 118Anonymous 09. When i turn it on an apple comes up and a mini ipod with a frowned face. Click to and select your new language! Hope it helps.werty.05.05 at 2:37 pm Fantastic! I thought I had to wait for my battery to run out before I got anything back from my iPod mini. my Mini decided not to turn on tonight. my mini ipod was completely frozen all the controls and screen.05 at 3:43 pm WOO HOO cheers man! 117Anonymous 09. my mini froze up on me about 4 days ago.04. hold button.05 at 11:28 am what da **** dis bull **** did not do jack ****who ever said it does work is chatting aloud of bull crap i p**s upon dis sight kmt ( kiss my teeth ) 125Anonymous 10.05 at 12:33 pm I reset my ipod. 124Anonymous 10. Props brah. I tired everything.05 at 1:41 pm http://www.05 at 9:30 pm waaa help me!!!! my click wheel is all crapped up and wont moeve and i tried to reset the stewpid like thing but it doesnt work… should i jus throw it out the second story window? or feed it to my dog? … ahhhhhhhh teh saddness. THanks again.25. Tiina! 115R.11.10. Cheers for the info Oli 123Anonymous 10.30. you can escape Nippon in the following way: Hit Menu Click down to the third menu item (very short Kanji) and select Click down to the thirteenth menu item (short Kanji again).05 at 1:46 pm Thanks a ton man.28.05 at 8:44 pm Thnaks. an di hadn't been able to get it to reset for shit! I can now enjoy my jams on the morning commute.05 at 2:47 pm Yes ! It did it !!!! A million thanks from Switzerland! 120Anonymous 10. London 122ol1v3r 10.04. It worked the rist time.30. Badger 09. and select (the seventh is EQ and will be in English.08. then held down the menu and middle button for 12 to 13 seconds and repeated that 5 times in a row and it finnaly worked.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 13 of 104 114Anonymous 09. just as a landmark) Then you are in the Language selection menu.

The songs dont appear on the computer when i plug it in either but it says that my ipod is half way filled up and i don't know how to fix it.05 at 7:19 pm i tried all these instructions with my 20gb 4th generation ipod and its still dead. at 4:38 pm I got my ipod about 6 months ago and it has been working fine up till yesterday when i went to use it all my songs were gone. Very frustrating.30. 136Anonymous 10.05 at 12:06 pm STUCK I-POD MINI SOLUTION I tried in vain to get my i-pod mini to reset correctly after the menu button stopped working but the following solution should work.31. Leave it playing on a continual loop until it shuts down.31.pixi 126Anonymous 10. Make sure that it wont turn on. 133Anonymous 10.18. 131Anonymous 10. my ipod thanks you for saving it from a violent collision with the wall.05 at 9:55 am Thanks a lot. My 30GB ipod photo would not go back to the menu. It works fine after following your instructions.05 at 3:55 pm ok does anyone respond to these comments? 134Anonymous 10.05 at 8:46 am ok i have got a mini pink 4gb! it had froze on me for the first time and i did ur instructions but they didn't wokr i have attempted so many times! i dont know wat to do!! i cant live wihtout it someone out there help! 135Anonymous 10.21. This is similar to a hard reset. Plug the i-pod into the charger and all should be well.05 at 6:57 pm Cheers mate. my 2nd Gen Mini was just saved by you! 128Anonymous 10.html 9/24/2012 at 6:27 am plz help me i tried the reset instructions and they didnt work and my screen just stays blank plz find me and help i am in desperate need i posted that comment earlier and now i tried it again and my ipod worked thankyou alex from switzerland oww i am not from switzierland i am just thankin him i am from aus! 132Anonymous 10. Worth a try anyway.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 14 of 104 omg! thynx it like tottaly shout down…i-pod comes woth a mouael:S huda thunk it byeee thnx again. 130Anonymous 10. Thanks again.05 at 11:49 am Tried It The First Time But Couldn't Get It To Work Tried The SECOND Time And WoopWoop! =] Thx xo 129Anonymous 10. 127Dyck15 10..12.24. just let the i-pod run out of battery.werty. The middle button is broken it seems and either doesnt do anything at all or does its own thing randomly.05 at 3:34 pm My iPod died and a quick google with "revive dead ipod mini" got me this site Thanks! http://www.05 at 9:43 am After trying this a couple times my iPod 20G Color is still broken.

05 at 12:43 am my ipod is my life.05 at 12:10 pm i luv u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u soooooooooooo much 141Anonymous 11. 146Anonymous 11. great stuff!!!! 143Anonymous 11.13. the resetting steps worked for me.06.05 at 4:51 pm Thanks for this – Like the other posters I too had binned the manual and needed your help…. my lovely green iPod mini.21.17.22. nothing did.05 at 7:57 am "The menu button on my ipod 20 won't work.05 at 12:37 pm http://www. The songs wil play and stuff. but the reset finally worked on my 9/24/2012 . always goes dead on me. thanks for the info.05 at 6:44 am i was using my sisters ipod mini but im not supposed to and it froze and i thought i broke it and she killed me but then i found this site first time and it worked. 139chris 11.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 15 of 104 137almost killed brother 11.05 at 3:52 pm It took several attempts. worked on the fifth attempt???? 140Anonymous 11.05 at 12:40 pm Man i love you!!!!! lol worked firstr try.11.01.IE if I had 10 songs not rated – I then rated 2 of them.05 at 12:59 am Thanks m8.05 at 4:08 am Thanks dude! You own haha. reset didnt no more prtable music. Thanks! 145Anonymous 11.02.09. Here's another poser for you….16. man i have technology. 147Dean any other suggestions? 142Anonymous 11. pre the last update – If I rated songs on my Ipod then it updated the playlist next time I went in…. My iPod is working now. What do I do?!?" – I have the same problem as this previous poster and I dont know what to do – please help! 144Anonymous 11.. this site is amazing!!! 138readonaliti 11. omg i think im gonna cry. not my direct music. man today is such a shit day. that scared me shitless.05. the menu button refuses to work.21. my iPod mini is completely —— no more iPod mini for me.05 at 9:56 am ivi'm on my 10th time trying to reset my ipod mini. next time I went into the playlist it had 8 songs remaining (those not yet rated) this doesn't happen anymore since the last Ipod update – any clues? 148Anonymous 11. but if I want to go back to look through the other playlists.05 at 8:33 pm Well. I have a smart playlist called "no rating" in which – no prizes – I smartlist all song I haven't yet rated. im getting the apple logo and then it shows a picture of a sad ipod and tells me to go to http://www.

05 at 7:10 pm hi – i turned off my pc with my 4th gen 40gb still attached – it kept wurring and just said 'do not disconnect'! Your reset tip worked great – thanks! 153Anonymous 11. Thanks again.09.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 16 of 104 Yes!!! thank you soooooo much! I thought my iPod mini is a gonner when it wouldnt turn on for 3 days straight.html 9/24/2012 .05 at 2:59 am It's been said many times but thanks…. it's been said here already but MANY THANKS!! Your technique worked perfectly and I appreciate that you took the time to help "spoon feed" us with some "INTUITIVE ASSISTANCE!". 154Anonymous 11.. sweet!! And I didn't lose any of my music! 149justin 11.05 at 4:22 pm i did it and it did reset…. Send it in. That would be nice but I'm sure theyd search for a leftover mini… what do you think? 152Anonymous 11. but a screen comes in that shows a thing going to be plugged into an outlet… and i have it plugged into my pc and still nothing is happening and it wont stop telling me to plug it in.05 at 12:46 pm Man. Not to slam the creator of this page. we're all in the same boat. it was easier googling it than digging up my manual. But the fact of the matter is that if you don't know how to reset your iPod. connected to USB and nothing… I have a service plan at best buy which is still good.28.05 at 8:50 pm http://www.08.22. 155Anonymous 12. updated my itunes. All is now right with the world… 156Anonymous 12. it's you own damn fault for not reading the manual.05 at 6:26 pm Wow.05 at 1:31 am I tried the reset options as mentioned.07. 150Anonymous 11. I reset.05 at 8:42 am Just a comment to all the people who are much too thankful for the tip: RTFM! Your iPod came in a plastic sleeve that had the reset instructions on it. Also. With my 3G unit. I wonder how they are gonna fix this piece.05 at 8:59 pm i tried what you said but it still doesn't turn back on. It's in the manual. if your iPod keeps making strange noises or is hung up on a song after doing a at 12:07 am Thank you man.23. My 3rd Gen mini (Purchased in May 05) wont turn on. Frustrated – I slapped it hard against the flat surface and what do you know 151Anonymous 11. Google brought me to your site and your advice resolved the problem. or maybe they wont be able to and give me a nano.07. man.werty. or throw it away.26. Well done and thank god for people like you! 158Anonymous 12. even if i push a button it comes up… and i let the battery die and hoped that would help but it didnt 157Anonymous 12. it's broken.

05 at 11:54 pm Also want to add to the list of Thanks! 166Anonymous 12.COM READ ASAP 169LOONEY 12.15.05 at 1:39 pm WELL I HAVE AN IPOD MINI AN MY IPOD FROZE I TRY USING YOUR TIPS BUT DIDNT WORK I TRIED USING THE TIPS ON MY FRIENDS IPOD (MINI) ALSO & IT WORKD MINE IS STILL ON THE SONG I TRY USING THE SAME STEPS OVER N OVER BUT NOTHING SO FAR CAN U HELP ANY OTHER WAY??? IF SO EMAIL ME AT LOONEYX111@YAHOO. any suggestions? email – alex22290@gmail.13.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 17 of 104 ok this ones a pain. I think I ran down the battery too far…. so reset with the select and menu now the select button won't work altogether.12. but with absolutely horrible sound quality.05 at 3:42 pm GREEEEEAAAATTTT!! It also worked for my new iPod nano… THANKS!!! 164Numinar 12. any ideas? 165JK 12.05 at 2:20 pm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Yay! My Mini just completely froze but you saved me ! lol 160Anonymous 12. I have tried resetting it dozens of times but the clickwheel and buttons are frozen. I was listening to an audio book when it put up the low battery warning. had battery issues and froze. just used the instructions to reset my ipod.05 at 5:28 pm My iPod mini just froze.05 at 9:19 am Thanks!! my mini's menu button wouldnt work and before I went to the Apple store I wanted to look online to see if there was a quick fix… there was! your guide took about 30 seconds and its fixed! thanks so much! you saved me such a headache 167Anonymous 12.COM READ ASAP http://www. It works fine for me. 8 month old 159Anonymous 12. Hold isnt on either. I love this iPod. The whole thing just messed up all at once.14. it froze.11.05 at 9:51 am Thanks a lot for the tip! For a moment i was thinking of finding a place where i could fixed the hang of my mini ipod. When i tried to turn it off.12. think it is internal since pressing the select button as hard as hell won't turn it on from standby (hold off.05 at 4:07 am Nice one.05 at 1:39 pm WELL I HAVE AN IPOD MINI AN MY IPOD FROZE I TRY USING YOUR TIPS BUT DIDNT WORK I TRIED USING THE TIPS ON MY FRIENDS IPOD (MINI) ALSO & IT WORKD MINE IS STILL ON THE SONG I TRY USING THE SAME STEPS OVER N OVER BUT NOTHING SO FAR CAN U HELP ANY OTHER WAY??? IF SO EMAIL ME AT LOONEYX111@YAHOO.html 9/24/2012 . 162Anonymous 12.15. then i tryed to reset it but it just keeps going back to the folder with the exclimation mark beside it. connect iPod to power source immediately" "No battery power remains.05 at 6:34 am my ipod has froze and i can't listen to any songs but it say's its charging.10. 168LOONEY 12.13. all the other buttons work and hasn't been dropped or anything. The thing is still playing though. i don't know what's wrong with it!!!!! 161Anonymous 12.werty.05 at 3:34 pm IT WORKED on my iPod nano also!!! THANKS!!!! 163Anonymous 12. like listening to a bad radio station.

Tried turning on… Nothing… I tried resetting as explained above and i get a funny looking icon that appears upon trying to turn the ipod back on.05 at 5:58 pm I don't think that you made a mistake at all.05 at 1:42 pm Unfortunately this didnt work for me.23.05 at 4:43 pm http://www.16. iPod locked up today as I was jogging.22. By the way.20.15.23. I was about to give up and that finally unfroze the screen. This worked for my ipod mini (green) thank you very much 171Anonymous 12.html 9/24/2012 . What Computer HW doesnt at some point in Life.05 at 4:38 pm Fixed my mini Merry Christmas!!! 174Anonymous 12.05 at 5:33 pm Thank you! I just had my mini blank out on me. 179Anonymous 12. The same symbol that you would get in the device manager if a conflict existed.17. information was so good. VERY.05 at 1:35 am thank you so much.get over it. I didn't read all the comments but to reset an Ipod Mini. I would love to get something like that from my mom. Its a picture of the battery and with a little icon of a triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle. My IPOD mini doesnt seem to hold a charge. or until you see the apple icon. 172Anonymous 12.05 at 12:19 pm you just saved my boss from getting very. took a few goes as I had to hit both buttons AT THE SAME TIME but hey excelent.22. Luckily I googled "how to unlock an iPod" and this link came up. This works for the iPod with Video. Ipods will hang so previous people who complain. I was afraid I was going to have to send it in for repairs (that takes FOREVER…). fixed problem on my ipod video 181Anonymous 12.20. you may have to hold down Menu and Select (circular button in the center) for about 10 seconds. as well.17. YOU saved it! Thanks again! 177Anonymous 12.19.05 at 2:37 pm Perfect Fixed it. angry.. 173Anonymous 12. Kudos on a job well done and saving me a world of trouble.05 at 10:44 am thanks to the person who said to try using the menu and center button on the mini. Using the Menu button and the center button reset it w/o any problems. I plug it in and it and it will work just fine but once i unplug it the dam thing just shuts right off.05 at 1:52 pm Using the Menu button and the Play/pause button did nothing for me. 180Anonymous 12. thanks for the fix.20.05 at 2:44 pm Thanks for this information.spannerman 176Anonymous 12.05 at 2:35 pm Im a little scared after reading everyones posts… just bought a nano for my 11 year old for Xmas… Bought high quality (or so I though) just so it wouldn`t break as easy…Do ya think I made a mistake? 175Anonymous 12.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 18 of 104 170LOONEY 12.werty. My 20gig 4th 178Anonymous 12.

screen goes blank when trying reset then apple appears but wont do anything else.06 at 6:14 am http://www.04. Help!! 182Anonymous 12.05 at 7:01 pm Thank you sooooo much.werty.27. you saved my ipod! I was totally freakin until I came upon this site.30. not literally but it sure will help me sleep tonight!!! Thanks again! 187Anonymous 12.05 at 4:36 pm Thank you soooo much my one month old 60 GB just froze and I use it to fall asleep…so that just saved my life… well ok. i connected my ipod to the computer to put some more songs on but the menu-center combination… i was almost ready to get a heart i had to restart it WHILE my ipod said "do not disconnect"…so i was freaking out because after the computer restarted my ipod was STUCK on that screen and i had no clue how to fix it.05 at 6:49 pm i have a big problem all my songs ereased bu when i go to settings about i can se the memory used is the same that before adn i tried to conecct it to the computer an when i open itunes my itunes frozes and windows sais it mos close… i treid to reset it but it dosent works can you help me? 183Anonymous 12. hope it lasts longer now.06 at 3:09 pm Good lookin out man…. but i just thought i'd say thanks for this helpful tip. VOODOO man! 186Anonymous 12.05 at 9:07 pm What OS do you have? 184Anonymous 12. 188Anonymous 01.html 9/24/2012 . so i just resorted to the hi-tec apprach of shaking it and cursing. Thank you X 1000 192Anonymous 01. i thought i was going to lose all my 4000 songs somehow by having to download itunes over again or 189Anonymous 01. 185Anonymous 12..04. 191Anonymous 01.02. it's not the menu/play-pause. my songs are safe…. but thank God for google and then eventually this helpful page.06 at 10:17 am On a 5G (video) ipod.05 at 9:55 pm bought mini ipod yesterday…frozen.28. until i looked at the aplle video's… 193Anonymous 01.25.mine froze and I was like. but you saved the day.05 at 6:39 am My ipod mini has been suffering with battery length for the last month i then yesterday is just went off i tried charging it all night to no avail tried the reset 5 times but no help.and my computer itself froze.06 at 7:32 pm i know you hear this alot. thanks alot.13.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 19 of 104 Ipod mini only has apple symbol showing before and after reset.06 at 1:48 pm This is all a rehash of the Apple page located here All the best michael 190Ryan Malaki 01. now it works again.06 at 8:05 pm It looked like it was going to be a crapy weekend.20.crap…searched and found this page. tried reset as suggested here…nothing works…now what? at the moment my daughter is not overly impressed with her xmas present.

werty. Any suggestions on what to do next? 202Joe 02. won't charge.10.06 at 7:16 pm After a year of ipod envy. every time i reset my ipod. won't be recoginsed by my pc in itunes. 195Anonymous 01. then. i have lost all hope. We have attempted to reset it many times.Does anybody have any suggestions? 197Anonymous 01.html 9/24/2012 . this really helped me out after my Ipod Video 60gb frooze.06 at 6:25 am Thank you for this posting. think I actually prefer my pink mini though! 204Bella 03.06 at 10:04 am i tried to reset it. the apple logo is there. i followed all the steps.06 at 10:23 pm Fixed! I searched heaps of other sites – they said the same as you – except for 1 CRUCIAL THING! – the 'select button' is the one in the center….25. 206taylor 03.06 at 9:47 pm Yeah!! it works again!! thank you so much!! 201Bill Hinson 02. please send me email.10. Your tips solved my problem.12. i tried all of the reset techniques and it won't work.28. 203Katie 03.03. would that have anything to do with it not working? 199miss_b 02.28. Is it time to chuck it in the bin? Anyone have a clue? Used t oget folder sign now just p*ssed off batery sign! 194Anonymous 01.06 at 7:28 pm Thanks – this was a great posting. I went to upgrade teh software on my Ipod and the darn thing just locked up.22.duh!! thanks – I have my IPOD back! 205blackline 03. please. i let my friend charge it on his computer. and get the apple icon to come up but can go no further.06 at 7:10 am Thank you.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 20 of 104 Please anyone help. won't reset.06 at 8:36 pm My son dropped his ipod mini. Sometimes you ust need the simple answer! I am resetting my ipodmini as it is a little confused as I have been neglecting it for a nano.06 at 11:33 pm my ipod mini is a piece. Since I have the music on Meldown averted. whats the next move? it still doesnt move. thanks 198baller 01.09.06 at 2:24 am Thanks a million. I loaded the nano with newly created playlists. my wife bought a nano. 200Polly 02. the apple logo appears. i still cant use it. My ipod mini (probably first generation) won't turn on.06 at 3:39 pm Hey guys for me the only way I was able to reset my ipod video was to press the menu and the center button at the same time. and it froze up on him.01.21.06 at 7:44 pm Hey I got An I Pod mini And it was working all good but now it's just blank Nothing on the screen i tried pluging it in to charge it but nothing shows up still blank Any one got sum answers Please 196Anonymous 01. its just the logo.06 at 8:13 pm http://www.13. Now I can't update my mini ipod! I tried to delete the mini playlist and update it manually but that seemed to make things worse.31.

my waranty is up so is there any places that can fix it? 207Werty 03.html if you decide it is not worth it contact me and I will buy it if the price is right and use it as a mini portable hard 208john 03.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 21 of 104 my mini ipod screen is broken.12.06 at 1:02 am http://www.werty. So it would probably be cheaper just to replace it.06 at 4:24 pm …between my brother and I we've had 2 ipods and 1 shuffle.99 US.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 2:24 am isnt authentic mexican food* just thought id fix that 210Andrea 03.ipodmods.10.11.06 at 10:35 pm thank you so much 214bojana 03. but it will cost you 129.(Please dont say have u installed the software…cus the answer is YES!) 213robert 03.12. 215WesD 03.06 at 2:22 am ok btw after beating my ipod and throwing it i figured on off two things i googled searched reseting an ipod and got to this site and it helped WOOOO also if you people are freaking out just think for a second if this doesnt work the ipod runs on a source hhmm a battery is what i think its called now lets think people what happens when the battery runs out it turns off!!! soo all you do is plug it into your charger and your good to go kinda like taco bell i hate mexican food and taco bell is authentic mexican good also kool-aid saved my life it brought me out of my crack filled life and i emerged a better man fighting for all that is holy and pants… 209john 03.06 at 3:23 pm Thank you for these instructions!!!! 211sindy 03. personally i think ipods are crap! well anyway i tried the toggling with the hold switch and then holding down the menu and select button…but the apple logo tends to appear and thats as far as it goes…i know my battery is flat but it doesnt even get recognised in my laptop… if you can please email me…other wise its going out the window :'( …thanks… 212sindy 03. here is there site: http://www.06 at 8:20 pm I know of one place. You may also want to contact apple customer service and see what they would charge.06 at 4:27 pm oh also…ive kinda given up with my shuffle but if anyone has any info on how to get it recognised in my comp…then leave a message…thankssss… at 10:06 pm Thank you so much!!! Even if this is written in the manual i didn`t bring it with me to china!! Without i wolud be stuck here for 3 moths with no music and very very bad mood.

19.06 at 2:03 pm Hello. I need some advice. until yesterday.06 at 2:13 pm Okay well ive had my ipod 4GB ipod mini for like almost a year and i just added like 50 more songs and like some of them when i want to play it itll like play the first 3 seonds.18.23.06 at 4:23 am Thank yo sooooo much! My ipod video crashes at altitude everytime i use it on a plane?? Then freezes until the power runs out but tried this and wow… thanks 219jasmine 03.06 at 1:25 pm Thanks so much…this has happened to me before and it just fixed itself after a while in the charger.and freeze….and it happend with a couple of songs…but on my itunes it plays Perfectly. Dont know what to do.werty. http://www. I'm deciding whether or not I should take it apart and clean 216Conny 03.06 at 8:29 pm My ipod doesnt get read by my computer and i went to futureshop and got a newone with colure.17. alot 222Steve 03. I am keeping it cgharged because i dont know if battery gets drained. Amazing what can happen if we read those manuals every now and then. It hung on the "do not disconnect" screen and nothing was working.06 at 7:21 am My ipod when i try to switch it off by pressing play button for some seonds. help. I cant scroll up or down. I have an ipod mini. 226sasha 03.Its not switching off.06 at 6:45 pm my ipod mini is screen is stuck on put wall charger into outlet even when i put it in the wall.06 at 2:08 pm THANK YOU SO MUCH! 217James 03.06 at 6:53 am the ipod menu button wont work. Awesome site..26. My son decided to cycle the power on the puter as I was connecting my 60gig.and like then jus skip to the next song. Iits 30 Gb ipod Apple. 225angel 03.whether i will be able ito switch it one again. 218Craig 03. when i plug it to my computer it is blank but it shows that is half way full (memory). video and more 221Jimmy 03.26. I have a question. at 8:56 pm After six months all of a sudden it is blank. the buttons work except for menu. its stuck and when you press it it skips foward a song rather that going to the menu????????? please help! its not even mine!!!!! 227pradeep 03.26. picture. Your reset instructions did the trick and nothing was lost.19. Help? 224bill 03.06 at 2:19 am I used the restet instuctions on your page and after about 20 seconds my ipod is back to normal thanks.20. but this fixed it right away.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 4:43 pm Thanks it worked for me the Menu + Centre button at the same time reset it – Cheers Steve n London 223corey 03. The clickwheel isn't working. and it has been working fine...what should i do??? 220Matt Semik 03.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 22 of 104 Your a god send.

231aaron 03.06 at 6:44 pm Thanks. 239Rob 04.29.06 at 7:45 am http://www.06 at 6:06 pm Thanks for your help.04. Menu + Centre button at the same time Thanks a lot Steve 229salma 03.Thanks to Steve n.28.06 at 3:48 pm Yes ur tips on resetting an ipod worked great thanks 235Clair 04. He explained it more gently. And then I found this! Hoooray!!!! I am a happy bunny! Now I am not sure if I can make it crash again. My dads ipod mini froze.29. I tried the laptop. the video ipod went off. and using your steps. and off it stayed. It just didn't turn on but I tried the steps you mentioned above and now it works Thanks!! 233Kevy G 04.06 at 4:25 pm Thank you so much! My Ipod's my life aha. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 237Leslie 04.werty.06 at 7:29 am Kool. 232Shanx 03. it really worked 230Laove02 03.06 at 9:43 pm My ipod whon't update any more on my computer.01.05. guess what? After the frist clip was done. I got it working again. 'what do i do if the ipod crashes' well after the updates. etc.06 at 4:54 pm wow.06 at 10:54 am Thanks! I too was thinking about this samething today after applying my ipod updates. but I will try.29.04.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 23 of 104 228pradeep 03..07.31. Thanks! 238Shawn 04.06 at 4:00 pm I chucked my beautiful pink ipod mini againest the wall because it froze and wouldnt work and then got a text from a mate a second later telling me to go to this address to fix it i manged to get it working agin but now its got dirty great crack across the screen i really should wait before i throw things in future lol!! 236Phong Nguyen 04.06 at 12:48 am Thanks – this was a great posting.06 at 12:23 pm THank you so much!!!!!!!!!! i love you… the reset worked perfectly! 234ambr 04. I really didn't want to buy a new Ipod. I got it working again. i was certain something naughty was in that update…. and using your steps.html 9/24/2012 . not even sure if it was done.02. it did not.02.My ipod nano etc. but later when i was playing some videos to a friend.

werty.08. i can't get anything out of the scroll wheel or centre button so your technique is a bit useless for me!! any ideas?? all help appreciated!! 246Katy 04.html 9/24/2012 . It made me giggle but my ipod will not work. Reset it according to your instructions and everything is working well.06 at 1:26 pm Found by google search when my ipod locked up for the first time (I was mowing the yard).net/2004/06/reset-ipod.11. I've tried all the procedures but nothing works. If anyone knows how to get me back to the menu or to fix this problem please let me know.07. 244RobbieUK 04. 245gibster 04.t find a problem with it. I have done many things to try and fix this dilemma but they are turning out to be failures. I was in class the other day and i was just fiddling with it then BAM a menu of diagnosis and things to scan the ipod for errors i was amazed and then i ran a self test and about mid-way thru it died on me for not having enough batteries. the pc goes really slowly and the ipod's screen flashes and makes a clicking noise.06 at 7:25 pm YAY! I thought my old (new to me. who said they couldn. My email is indierocker@sbcglobal.06 at 9:26 pm ahhh thanks! this was so helpful. but when i got it back it screwed up again within 6 hours !!!!!!!!!!!! HELP nothing works.06 at 4:59 pm my ipod 4g with scroll wheel just stopped working. I've never hang my iPod Photo freeze up until now. 243kir 04.06 at 8:31 pm my boyfriend iPod mini wont turn on it turns on to the apple then the battery with an exclamation point on it. Again.10. I slid the hold off and on and then held menu and play/pause and the apple logo came on and voila! Thanks!!!! 247Jessie 04.06 at 1:09 pm i need helpit appears that my shuffle button might be stuck when i put it on now playing the songs just start skipping forward in order if tried reseting but nothing happens. just got it on ebay!) 3rd generation ipod was a gonner because the menu button would NOT work. Just following the first couple of steps helped me to recover. thank you! 240Tim Sisk 04. I've tried resetting it and plugging it in.what else can i do? 248Justin 04.06 at 9:56 pm Hi.08. Thanks! 241madeinhawaii 04.08.06 at 1:55 pm Cheers. I sent it off to apple.10.. Lucky for me that the problem was common otherwise I would have been proper pissed and my as for my Ipod it would have been in loads of little pieces all over the floor http://www. Thanks.10.06 at 2:26 am mahalo awesome thanks ! chris 242silvano 04. When plugged into the USB.10. My ipod has frozen.06 at 11:33 am HELP. Justin 249Silver 04. I know it was in the manual and all but I'm not one to keep the manuals.09. Well when i tried to turn it on the only thing that popped up was the apple logo then a picture of the ipod with a sad face on I am going to try and open up the mini and see if i can notice any wires that have been disconnected. last semester in class i dropped my ipod mini and it froze so i allowed it to deplete the battery then recharge.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 24 of 104 Thank You! Thank You! Thank you for providing this information on your website!!!! Like so many others. i have done that many times.

but still dosnt work i have to put it on charge to put itt on .uk plz i need it working the weel wont respond plz can u help 253TOm your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 25 of 104 250rachel 04.werty. Now the thing is listed in Japanese.06 at 4:25 pm yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! you guys are awsome.21.html 9/24/2012 . The problem I am having with my Ipod is complete my own doing. i wanna gt me ipod mini fxed plz email me mr_nice_guy_farhad@hotmail.. and of course the "Do not Disconnect" warning message appearedand WOULD not disappear – thanks to you I can once again face them!!!!!!! Cheers 252command 04. I find it hard to believe that others have not had the same problem. However.20.06 at 1:47 am wow…my ipod isnt co-operating with me at all. the rest of the features have become useless since I can't read Japanese and have no idea what I am seeing.17.06 at 3:09 am funny but ..20. i tried taking off the scratches and dents on my ipod mini .with some screen washer then my ipod weel dosnt work i tried the method above .it charges normally but i cant selet my song i tried the method above plz i need help im going las vegas .06 at 3:44 pm You saved me!!!!!!!!! A friend give me a lend of their ipod to upload music – when I had finished uploading the music I when to disconnect it ……. I checked the Ipod instructions for changing back to English but someone the setting menu got moved elsewhere and I have not been able to find it. i tried menu and play button like 30 times and nothing happened. I was scrolling through the menu and ended up hair trigger clicking into the language mode. Jim 259Megan 04.. 257richard[ 255richard 04.20.12. i feel like crying =. then all man it just went back off )c: 258Jim 04.06 at 10:27 pm I am glad to see Ipod owner sites like this one.06 at 4:04 pm my ipod has a frown on it and when i charg it on my computor it freezes in the charging screen 256richard 04.. so menu and center for anyone whose ipod wont come back with menu and play 251hugh 04. all of the music is still listed in English.06 at 5:05 pm OMG! i did it and nothing works!! PLZ E-MAIL ME 2 HELP! http://www.06 at 1:50 pm thanks whoever said the menu and center button worked!.20.06 at 7:10 am I LOVE YOU!!! 254natalie 04.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Fortunately.20.06 at 4:32 pm THE GUY WITH THE X MARKS YOU JUST PUT IT ON A TABBLE NOT PLUGGED INTO THE COMPUTOR AND HOLDCENTER BUTTON AND PLAY FOR ABOUT 15 SECONDS.

and when I went to try and erase it and completely restore it. My computer won't recognize it and i don't know what to do… 268cool guy 04.06 at 6:33 pm My ipod video keeps turning on then displays the apple symbol. I tried resetting it. I am guessing that it should be fine though. now i cannot use the iPod updater and the format for the mycomputer thing wont work. INA 262Hilary 04.html 9/24/2012 .26. PPLLLLZZZZZZZ Help THnx 269Ardeth 04.22. and well she formatted it using the my computer thing .06 at 5:07 pm Please help me… When I went to update my ipod. I tried all the freezing techniques etc etc.werty.25. But dis time it jus didnt want to switch on. leaving my iPod with an Unknown file system.06 at 3:54 pm My ipod freezes wen i plug it in.25. how come you don't the manual that came with it when it crashes? 261Ina 04. that was two days ago.06 at 4:21 am Hey.22.06 at 4:39 am If you are all such techies to buy an IPOD.06 at 8:39 am Thank you SO much! I was at work when mine froze up and had no idea of how to reset it. please either post something up here or send me an email as for me. so yeah please email me back QUIICKKKLLYY! Regards AlexRoxUrSox 265Werty 04. my gf was foolin around cause she says i listen to my music more than i do to her. Any suggestions?? 263Sam Williams 04. the reset ting dont work and wen i reset it it makes funny clicking noises then wen i plug it in it buggeres up again 264Alex 04. which I assumed meant I needed to plug it in to finish the update. Well. Your advice is greatly appreciated. yeah and so i non thinknly stopped it.24. I've tried resetting it several times and it is still stuck on the charger icon (charger with a wall socket).Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 26 of 104 260Mr Blobbly 04.25. nothing seems to work. I got da new 30 Gb Ipod video. I the instructions are very user frendly and very effective… THANKS again. Reset accomplished! You've made my day a lot better! 270MD 04. a charger icon popped up.06 at 9:55 am You may want to contact apple about that last formatting issue.25. last night my battery went flat so i connected it to my pc's usb port as i ussually do.23.06 at 9:10 pm THANKS. Dismayed at the prospect of a long day with no music.26. since from my understanding. that an Ipod shuffle can be read and written from a MS operating system from the beginning that it needs to be a native format…most likely FAT32? Perhaps you formatted it to NTFS? 266steph 04.26.06 at 9:46 am at 6:22 am i have an iPod shuffle 512mb recently. id rather die than be without my music. when you select the removable drive. I googled for help and found your site. Then it makes a click noise and repeats the whole process over and over again.06 at 5:40 pm you guys dont leave alot of information!! 267Nick 04. my computer does not even recognize the ipod.

272Niall 04. please help!! xxx 275Bobshoe 04.06 at 11:06 am Have same problem as Hilary from the 04/23/06.06 at 6:57 am Thanks that worked worked perfect. However – the moment I unplug the firewire – it reverts to the problem of not switching off any ideas? 274sarah xxx at 4:52 pm Thanks.15.14. Going on hollidays to Croatia on Sunday morning. Then read your instructions and it came back to life.06 at 12:00 am THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was confused about which buttons to press on my video ipod.06 at 5:16 pm Thanks.06 at 1:40 pm http://www. i can still charge it and upload songs. 276Sherif 04. I tried connecting it to power via the fire-wire – then it switched off normall using the Play button.werty. It now will not switch off – I have reloaded the software. Please help. i cant drain the battery either because the ipod swicthes to auto switch off. But I read what it said and FINALLY my dim slow witted brain got it. run hardware diagnotics and still no luck – the wheel otherwise works normally – just will not switch was a bit worried for a moment til i found this site. I have replaced the battery. and was about to replace it.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 27 of 104 like a previous poster.14.06 at 8:07 pm It worked like a charm…THANKS!!!! 277Gavin 04. charged it and now I am unable to unlock it. 278Minks 05.27. I changed the battery but did not take it off of hold before doing so. Nightmare if I don't have my ipod. 279Esther 05. Cannot find my adapter.30. trying to used usb connected to computer. I am currently going through a divorce and my ipod is all that keeps me sane. Nothing appears to be happening.05.06 at 5:32 pm Ihave a mini ipod which is stuck on hold.06 at 9:10 am Tried to update software on ipod. Haha! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! 280Jeremy 05.29. Ipod screen has image telling me to connect ipod to power supply. nice to find some usesfull help on the internet. I have a 30GIG video Ipod.06 at 7:55 am another ipod solve!!!!!!! thanks i owe u alot 282matt 05. Going to be stuck in Stansted for 4 hours. I can play the tunes when I plug it into my computer but am unable to turn it on and use it inependant of the computer.06 at 1:58 pm as an update to my posting a few days ago (IPod vid 30gig not switching off). Can anyone put me out of my mysery.27. 281budz_05 05.06 at 8:33 am my photo ipod is frozen on the lock screen.14. i just cant use it or reset it. I thought my iPod mini was totally dead. Any advice? 271Niall 04.html 9/24/2012 . 273MD 04.

Worked a treat.27.01.06 at 9:28 pm ok i have a mini ipod..23. My Ipod video froze up and thought that my parents would kill me fortunately your advice work! thanks a bunch!! 286steve 05. ive been charging it and charging it. My clickwheels frozen and i cant get it to move. when i went back to see it.27. GRACIAS!! 284Shehzad at 9:59 pm i have a 60G ipod and. Using the Menu button and the Play/pause button did nothing for me. I have the 30g and my brother has the nano so the first set of steps worked for both.06 at 11:16 am oh thank you! i am gong to the airport in about two hours and my ipod TOTALLY.. Steve 287Dragon 05. and then it quickly turns off again. :~) Have a great weekend! Shehzad That would only lead 285tish 05. Or worse. as soon as i turn it on – the apple pic appears then this picture of like a electrical outlet and the ipod charger comes out.and that picture still comes out when i turn it on! i dont know what to do! i dont think its the battery. I thought I was going to have to go back to the shop! Cheers ::) 288anonymous 05. thanks again. the regular one. it doesnt turn on to the playlist.29.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 7:31 am Thanks for the advise.06 at 1:36 am http://www.werty. and out of nowhere.06 at 5:21 am Thankyou.19. 291Corey Reeder 06.06 at 7:09 am and then when i do reset it i get a battery symbol with a lightning bolt on the left hand side of it wat do i do now 290rikcy 05.06 at 7:07 am yeah ive tried reseting my ipod and everything else but all i get is a little picture that looks like it is telling me to plug in my ipod when it has benn plugged in for a day 289anonymous 05. Using the Menu button and the center button reset it w/o any problems.06 at 9:37 pm Thanks SO MUCH! I was scared that i might of lost all of my dad but i didnt! Because i like to have alot of songs so i delete them all on my computer and save all my pictures and vids and movies and songs on my ipod so that was my fear but i lost NOTHING. 283Tiffani 05. If I don't have my iPod on there's a good chance I'll fall asleep of boredom! to disciplinary action. PLEASE HELP!! 293george 06. and yes i've tried doing it while charging and not.06 at 3:25 pm when i do it a folder pops up with an exclamation mark 292Ursula Bardalez it needs to be plugged somewhere. for the FIRST time EVER.25.06 at 8:09 am Thanks a million!! You just saved me from loosing my job.07. because it doesnt show no sign of low battery.. holding the center and menu button does nothing.16. just the plugging And i put it on another computer.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 28 of 104 I have the 4th gen 20gb ipod and i cant get it to reset. not even my playlist. completely locked up…i was starting to sweat! your advice saved the day! brazilliant.

06 at 9:56 pm thank you very very much! this is a life saver.06 at 5:30 am u rock!!! i really thought that my ipod video was gone works fine now thank you! 302Aaronn 301raven R1 06. 294martha 06.19. but eventually it stays off.24.06 at 6:15 pm THANNNKKKKKK YOUUUUU SOOOOOO MUCCCHHHES! 298Nix 06. but the wheel itself doent work. thank you from Mexico My ipod works again!!!!!!!!!!!!! 295Denise 06. i got home and plugged it into my computer but nothing happened. ive tried flipping the hold button then pressing select + menu ive restored factory settings.06 at 6:58 am Thanku so much i was really sweatin that it had broken but u saved my day and my bank account from payin some1 2 do it!!! thanku XXXXXXXXX 299eror 06.12. 296LOGUE 06. as when i flip it from hold to un-hold it comes on again.06 at 5:20 pm cheers for the help worked a treat thought it was dead for a second there 297jennifer 06.02.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 29 of 104 My mini needs to be turned off multiple times before it will stay off. i was driving along and then went to skip to the next song and it just froze on the same screen.werty. I was pissed I thought something was wrong with this thing. still doesnt work (the wheel) so the screen works + itunes but the wheel doesnt unless you want to reset it (which again doesnt work) 300Wes 06.13.06 at 12:38 pm hi there (great site by the way) Anyway ive got an ipod nano 2gb.06 at 9:16 am cheers m8 i was so annoyed when it stopped working.06 at 5:14 pm my frined just gave me an iPod nano and i cant erase anything on it! how can i reset everything so i can start out freash?? 305Chris 07.01. without your info i prob would have bought a new one 303JO 07.06 at 6:34 pm http://www. the screen works. i was using the ipod of my brother and he would surely kill me if i did not make it work. this is crazy because I was about to send this thing in.25.06 at 1:05 am yipppie …i love you 304sarah 07. Any suggestions? I push the buttons til it turns off but then it turns itself back on when I release them …. sometimes takes me five tries or more.06 at 1:33 pm I was so affraid!!!!!!!!!No apple service center near here.html 9/24/2012 ..14.13.06 at 8:34 am I am so glad. still wheel doesnt work tried it with power

09. I've updated and restored couple of times. 308Dave 07.06 at 2:31 pm Thank you so much. is there a chance that the problems with the plug may have burnt out the ipod or short circuited it? please let me know! i want my baby back! 306Werty 07.04.10. Chris. not sure if thats a good thing. wow ive had it plugged into the comp for 2 min. but it the charger melted I am guessing the inside of your ipod may have too? I would call the apple store or something and talk to one of the people there and they should tell you whether or not it is under warrenty and if it is fixable. 316esme 07.06 at 7:23 pm Sarah. I found it when trying to help some guy out the other day.06 at 8:11 pm You rock!!! I love your tutorials! You made my ipods work like new! You deserve a giant cookie =] 312ryisdryitd 07.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 30 of 104 i was charging my ipod one night.06 at 6:51 am Thanks a million – my new nano froze a few days ago and I was just about to send it back to be replaced.werty. mine froze a few days ago and ive been madly pushing the menu/center button switching the hold button on and off and doing anything i could to reset it. ever since then the ipod hasn't been working.06 at 4:47 pm Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!! 313puneet maheshwari 07.06. and it says its charged all the way. i guess u really dont need to push that hard.06 at 1:45 pm Guys. not sure what could have happened to cause the meltdown. 307Sandra 07. my ipod shuffle frozen on green 9/24/2012 .06 at 1:14 am thx man it worked great ur a champ 311Ataur Rasool 07.03. nd it finally worked.05.06.06 at 7:10 pm Ghaaaa!! The reset method's worked before but my ipod mini keeps freezing at the apple logo every time I reset it now! What do I do? 309Maddi 07.08. i plugged it into my comp and gently pushed the menu/center button.03. huh. http://www.06 at 10:08 pm Thank you so much….06 at 11:26 pm hahahahah all you ppl who are trying to reset and its not working just keep doing worked!! I was starting to panic 315IpodShuffleSUcks 07.02. I followed your instructions – hold on and off.06 at 1:53 pm thanks a lot man 314terri 07. any other way? PLEASE ADVICE.03. 310kieran 07. i repeated this whole process waaaaayyyy more than once or twice. then push menu and select and its unfrozen it ) Looks like I had run down the battery too low. best of luck. and no sound.. i am guessing your ipod is fried. and the plug i had it in got really messed up and even melted the charger. i think you can just plug it in to your computer and delete all the songs… there is also a way to do a factory restore which can be found on apples help pages.06 at 12:51 pm Thanks lots i thought my ipod was broken but i trie d this and now i can take it on my holiday!!!!!!!!!!! 317Dewey 07. Ive tried the support page and 5 stoopid R's procedures from the apple website. It really made things so easy. and yet it's still frozen.

especially considering Apple has already replaced my Mini once. HELP?? 320Clarence 07. What should i do? 321babyface 07. -don 323Buckholst 07. This has always worked for me but it's extremely inconvenient. Next step – got a replacement off of Ebay for £12.20.06 at 7:44 am …. my click wheel is not working.28. you can off course flick the lock switch a few times that seems to do the same thing as the menu switch.26. my first piece of advice is to try the hold on-off. and I'll be the first to admit that. 319Izzi 07. I even tried the pull the click wheel front off with masking tape trick cleaned the switches and even tested that they were working with a meter (the menu switch was working OK).06 at 7:20 am thank you for the info.16. Better than chucking it I suppose? 324Mike 07.06 at 11:35 am My ipod has froze on the 'Do not disconnect" screen and i dont know what to do???? PLEASE HELP!! http://www. the rebooting became stuck and it kept displaying the apple logo. but came to the conclusion in the end that the problem was in the click wheel logic circuit.06 at 10:51 pm Great Tips.06 at 5:58 pm Let me first say that iPods are extremely temperamental little buggers.26.06 at 2:09 pm cry 322don 07.. though I've had it for a year. One day it froze another day it wouldn't turn on. this has never worked for me. yadda yadda. no matter how many time i reset it.00 and swopped it – result fixed in ten mins flat. then simultaneously press MENU and play/pause technique.19.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 31 of 104 318Lindsey 07. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it.23. but that was all fixable by just resetting it. but it still kept displaying the apple logo. Site was tops in Google and solved my 40gb ipod photo pronto… Faster than any apple support site. The politics of getting my iPod to work are quite complicated. If your iPod is frozen.html 9/24/2012 . i can now reset my ipod everytime it freezes 327rose 07. I dont know what is wrong with it. I've had trouble before with my iPod.22.when i tried to reboot it the screen shut off and turned on.thanks for the tip 328Luv 07. 326wismar 07. This time. Thanks.06 at 9:06 pm PLEASE HELP. i tried every thing but there was no use. What you'll have to do is just let the iPod sit uninhibited by outside forces overnight and then plug it in to charge.werty. Point is if you have tried numerous resets and restores and the menu button still don't work the clickwheel needs replacing. SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME I'AM DESPERATE.15.25.06 at 3:17 pm I have been trying all sorts of ways to fix my wifes Mini which had the menu button only working for reset problem. The charging display looked different.06 at 2:35 am I was charging my ipod video and then when i checked on it. manual.06 at 11:44 am I finished installing podzilla to my iPOD NANO rebooted it.11. My computer said that my ipod wasnt formated so i clicked ok to format it and now it shows a breifcase.06 at 1:45 pm GREAT…. I was back up in 2 mins from problem discovery to resolution. Then i took it out of the USB and it stopped working. There was nothing on the screen and i tried perssing the buttons but nothing worked. 325shefin 07.PLEASE HELP ME.

It's more annoying than anything. thank you 332JLMY 07.06 at 5:01 am Thx man. i wish i'd read this before I slammed my ipod on the floor in frustration…it isn't frozen anymore.02. All the other ones still do.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 32 of 104 329Werty 07. go to task manager.06 at 8:03 am My ipod has a problem! My menu button won't work. What should I try? pls respond to ab_charles20@hotmail. it works fine but wont connect to itunes or the ipod updater. my ipod had returned from the land of Freeze.28. My songs are saved… 333terrikhat 07. For example.06 at 10:36 pm Ipod mini returns from the dead. If I am on a song and I click the menu button to go back to the playlist…it plays the song. but I have the trifecta of a sad mac icon.06 at 11:15 am My ipod fell. I need to make a post about various debugging and service tests that you can do on the ipod…just been to lazy. Please help! 334Aaron Charles 07. With enough clicking and clicking and clicking I can usually manuver backward – do you have any suggestions? 339Amy 08. 337alex 08. but I would recommend contacting the apple store or apple tech support.exe. if you have a PC I think this is a common problem. I had to hit crt+atl+delete.29. Cheers. but when I push the menu button nothing happens.06 at 2:25 pm Hey.28. and kill the following: ipodservice. I just got an ipod shuffle the other day and could not disconnect it. then to processes.html 9/24/2012 .31. If that fails try restarting your computer.02.06 at 10:08 am yeh i have the same problem as above. http://www. It seems like if you are good with electronics you can replace your ipod buttons on your ituneshelper. and I think itunes as well. They menu button is not performing the correct 335Tiara 07.30. When I click the menu button it brings me forward instead of backward. AND the folder with the exclamation mark.06 at 10:36 am I did reset my nano and it did work but all i can see is a white screen.16.werty.29.16.01.and when i press on the click wheeel it clicks! any help on what to do? 336viral 08..06 at 11:44 am thanks you for the reset help 331Gerry 07.06 at 9:52 am My menu button on my mini won't work either…I have reset it 9 million times and the same thing keeps happening.06 at 11:41 am Hey Luv. 330Luv 07.exe. and nothing works 338Pam 08.06 at 11:31 am If your buttons seems broken most likely they need to be replaced. My ipod (20gig w/ click wheel) is a little broken.06 at 11:02 am darn.28. ANY help besides "reset it" would be helpful! 340Werty 08. a disc with a magnifying glass.

I was wondering if there was any other way to get around reseting it? Thank 348matt 08.06 at 12:51 pm AWESOME!!! The only thing that worked was following your steps.19. It's working well now. Mine got stuck on "Do Not Disconnect" screen after plugging into a USB hub on my computer. 344Muffin 08. 345sarah 08. I've tried pressing and holding menu and centre and menu and play/pause. He must have put a lock code on it.html 9/24/2012 . For those people calling us idiots and you were "smart" enough to look on the apple instruction manual.thanks thanks!!! -Amit 350anonymous 08.06 at 6:09 pm thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. (of course i was kind of halfway hoping it wouldn't work and i'd "have" to buy and ipod video 352Jennie 08.24. and didn't remember the reset sequence… karma for you. we neeeeeeddddd more sites like u thank you for taking ur time to help people like me. Jacki.06 at 11:23 pm My grand-daughter dropped my ipod and now it is stuck on lock.06 at 2:28 pm ARGH!!! my ipod keeps doin this weird flashy thing.30. one minute. My 5 year old son..24. Finally I came accorss this page and got i fixed. It needs a four digit number password to get into it but.31. PLEASE HELP!! 351Pat 08.24. 343kj 08.06 at 2:09 pm I am having a problem with my Ipod video. Thank you so much.17.werty.06 at 9:01 pm Hey.29. Alex. Thanks a lots. Email me at: Lj17373@yahoo.06 at 10:51 pm Thank God I found this site!!!! Your instructions worked perfectly.16. Thanks again! 347Jacki 08. I also tried to restore unable to do it either it said internal error…I have tried everything i have read nothing works…how can i get the lock out of my ipod…my ipod recharges and it is recognized by itunes… http://www. Did something strange but now it works (plugged straight into computer USB port).06 at 8:36 pm Cool.06 at 5:44 am THANKYOU =D im going away today and i thought i was going to have to put up with the most boring journey ever so thanks =D 346Zorana 08. I tried resetting but it wont it is frozen. it displays the apple icon.29. how did you happen to stumble on this site?? 342JiveAssMoFo 08.06 at 1:32 am thank you thank you thank you.06 at 11:46 am I faced the ipod 40g hang problem for the first time and was really worried about. I do not know then the out of battery icon.22.06 at 7:41 am THANK U SO mUCH 349Amit 08. thank you so much for sharing! My Ipod Video hanged this morning and I followed your instruction on how to reset. no songs lost. worked like a charm. thanks for the instructions. was messing with it. I had my first ever hang on my 6G mini.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 33 of 104 341bubblygurl19 08. I thought all that money for my ipod went down the drain.28.

Completely died.06 at 2:25 am heylo. http://www.06 at 5:26 pm Chief thats quality advice…my ipod(known to most as the ibop)is gone tho.06 at 12:51 pm I have tried all of the resetting option and nothing will work!! F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 355Yeah. so i got some music from limwire and put it into library on itunes so then i went to put it ont my ipod and i looked in the coloum that has library prodcast and that but it didnt say ipod.2 yrs… all screwing up never gettin one again 363CHris 09.Never again…il stick to my walkman cheers…did you ever have an issue with your walkman?Didnt think so xx 359FilMo 09.08.06 at 5:52 pm my ipod won't play music i have done everything i have pulled it apart to reading how to play music and all it will do is put the apple logo on the screen 358Kates 09. PLEASE HELP ME ive just got a new ipod and ive installed the cd and all that. nothing happined.06 at 11:34 pm 3 ipods in 1.06 at 12:40 pm my ipod shuffle ran out of batt when i was working out yesterday.06.werty.06 at 4:15 pm I was just about to invest in a new ipod when I found your site.06 at 12:09 pm i love you. Many thanks for injecting life back into my much relied on (previously dead) ipod mini !! 360goong 09. now it doesnt even do that.I might kick someone in the face im that annoyed.05.06 at 10:55 am Im just bored at work so I'll comment on this shit although my ipod is not stuck… 356Zoe 09.06 at 5:27 am thanks it's really help in first try.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 10:18 pm I have an ipod 20gb it keeps freezing and freezing so I reset it and reset it sometimes I get the language menu up and I have to plug it back into my computer to get my music back on I have put it in Dignotic (can't spell) mode but it did not work I have searched and searched for some way to fix it because I have no warrenty left and it pissing me off getting the run around on the If someone has any idea on how to fix this problem please please email me and let me know because I'm ready to throw the little thing out the window. please help! thank you! 364krystal:DOT..15. when i got home and plugged it THANK YOU 362travis your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 34 of 104 353KidwithTheiPod 09. email address is gordon952@hotmail. i have tryed resetting it but there is no power at all to the device. 09. Ipod website was down and you saved my ipod for me so I don't have to live a second without it 357Amba 09.06 at 5:18 pm Thanks so much..05. 354sam 09.13.02. when i plug in the headphones usually i would hear a little pop in the speakers just because it recieved power for a sec even though it was off.01. it had everything else but that the only extra ting it has is krystal's limwire tunes :S PLEASE HELP its really frustrating me thanks xx. 361Bobbie 09.

Any ideas? 366Brad 09.06 at 9:05 am Hi. Thanks. and I really tried. putting the ipod on a table and pushing the buttons the way you describe it worked! Trying with the similar but less detailled Apple instructions did not work.18.06 at 7:58 pm my ipod nano froze and i did every thing i said up there and still wouldnt work… plllzzzzz someone help mee .23. THe only thing it does is make a repeating clicking sound when I try to charge it.23. etc. Brad 367austin 09.werty. select. Now. select reboot does nothing. "Menu".25.1 to 1.15. so I did. etc) and nothing. I accidently plugged the USB port. when I plug it in.2 because it "contains files that are in use by another application. Is there anyway to get it back to original software? Problem is. ITUNES asked to update software on IPOD.26. I tried the 5 R's (reset. my ipod is dead. I have the latest itunes from APPLE and when I was charging the ipod. THe menu.16.06 at 6:31 pm http://www. While the IPOD was at 5:37 am Thanks After a few goes …. I reset a few times but still no luck. email me at Eaglesfan4life44@aol.the hold switch works nd all nd it says its chargeing when i plug charger in but i cant use weel:/ why is this wb soon plz cheers jake 369barney 09. etc. I have a problem with IPOD mini 4GB. My ipod won't scroll any 368Jake 09." Resetting via iTunes does not work.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 35 of 104 365Sal 09.1 to 1.06 at 10:17 am You guys are doing an awsome job helping people with their ipod problems. No icons.06 at 11:26 pm I've updated to iTunes 7 but can't update my iPod from 1.06 at 2:16 am Thanks. 370Brett 09. CORRECT EMAIL ABOVE 372regg 09. 371Brett 09.2 because it "contains files that are in use by another application.. is ok but no scrolling." Resetting via iTunes does not work.26. logos.Pressing the Menu and Select "middle" button technique also works when 5G Ipod 30Gb freezes and displays a tick and the message "ok to discoonect" for some unknown reason it had pit itself in Disk Mode. play/pause.06 at 11:25 pm I've updated to iTunes 7 but can't update my iPod from 1. reboot.html 9/24/2012 .20.06 at 1:24 pm right well i got a ipod mini battery nd decided 2 change it after some while so i did nd cus i took it out the case the part where it conects at the bottom (witch is teh weel part if im right?) came out but the weld didnt brake (witch i no ppl have problems wid) but what my problem is ive put the batetry in nd the part that makes the week work at the bottom but when i turn it on it shows apple logo but i cant srcoll or do anythhing. all it does is make that clicking sound. etc). it doesn't turn on and like I said.06 at 9:06 pm Hello. thanks a lot 373jaap 09. 374alex 09.23.

06 at 10:53 am problem wih ipod! it makes that clicking sound when i try charging it via computer AND via power adapter…. AND THANKS GOD 377Golam Jamee 09. its a first generation ipod mini about 6 years old. THE MENU + MIDDLE BUTTON WORKED!!!!!!!! HOLY!!! WHEW!!! THANKS MAN. but I didn't want to bother him again. Got my Ipod hang today and makes me blur.28. and i am not able to reset it because the computer does not recognize the ipod. but then it started getting hot as hell and I figured I do a google search and yay for your blog you saved me from wrecking my ipod against a wall hahha 376Tan hanged.would u plz send me some tips to turn my ipod again.i have bought a ipod 3 weeks ago but now my ipod is not working. ever! what to do???? is it over? thanks for any feedback! alisa 381Ramlan 10. Now my Ipod video on run again Thanks again.06 at 3:14 pm hi. it is always at the bottom of the list and i cant do anything about heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 385tyler 10.06 at 5:15 pm THANKS MAN. so I tried it myself.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 1:05 pm My ipod mini is about 3 years old and one day quite a while ago my scroll wheel got stuck all the way to the right.may be its hanged.06 at 5:31 pm i have an ipod mini. Thanks man for this guide.06.07.werty. 382EDWIN BALACACERES 10.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 36 of 104 Thank you! My dad did this yesterday.27. Does anyone know what might be wrong? 380alisa 10.06 at 10:46 pm please helpppppppp my ipod wont turn on because a symbol comes out like a note book and a ! sign help what do i do? please email me at slipknot666.666@hotmail.its not working.06 at 11:39 am Thanks a bunch I was in the libary listening to my Ipod and it froze on American Idot. and it worked like a dream! 375Loc 09. At first I thought I did something wrong (it blanked out) but I reset it again. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! MY NANO FROZE FOR SOME REASON AND WOULDNT TURN ON OR PLUG INTO MY wat can i or pammy268@peoplepc.28. Google the web and find ur site.04.plz do something 378Alex 09.07.06 at 5:29 pm Haha.06 at 10:43 pm please helpppppppp my ipod wont turn on because a symbol comes out like a note book and a ! sign help what do i do? 384EDWIN BALACACERES 10.06 at 3:07 am ahhh ive tried 20000 times on my 60gb and it still wont work suggestions? http://www.06 at 10:40 pm WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR IPOD TURNS ON AND THEN IT GOSE OFF 383EDWIN BALACACERES 10. or 5 and i turned it off and put it on my table then in the morning i tried to turn it on but it didnt so i tried to charge it didnt charge hooked it up to my cpu but that dint work is this becuz my ipod is soo old or wut do it do 379Jordee 10. how approriate and I was like well hatever I'll just wait for the battery to die.27. So the volume is always maxed out.

06 at 3:35 am Nothing helped up until I found a user comment on here saying to press the menu and middle button instead of the menu and play button and it worked. when It's clearly plugged in.21.06 at 5:29 pm i put my ipod on charge and the apple simbol jsut has frozen on the screen i tried reseting it but it doesn't do ANYTHING! please help me! http://www.12. then it just says. Thanx heaps to the person who suggested it. but it still didn't work. 30GB.06 at 8:00 am wicked. Someone PLEASE help me quick!!!!!!! 5:21 PM 396Loretta 10. I’ve already tryed the “hold switch†trick. my hotmail and email adress is skatedevil09@hotmail. “No iPod Connectedâ€. nothing happens. and I want to have something to do while I’m there. I have an ipod nano and I followed the ipod mini reset instructions.16.06 at 3:17 pm u all suck because apple didnt do nothing about my brocken ipodnano2gb theyjust said too bad even though i had awarranty and it wasnt do for another 2 years. I tried to download pics on it and it indicates the pics are on it thru itunes. it shuffles through them all without playin a thing. now Bruce Springsteen can rock again! 394Joy 10.06 at 5:03 pm Quick easy fix. I don’t want to reset my iPod.06 at 4:21 pm I have a 5th Generation iPod. and it worked great!!! thanks 395Kay to the Cee at 1:45 pm i have an ipod 20gb click wheel and the click wheel wont let me browse down what should i do? 387risto liias your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 37 of 104 386joe 10.werty.15. and neither does holding down the Menu and Select buttons.06 at 8:45 pm super 388Heather 10. help.20.06 at 4:14 pm I have reset my ipod nano 2gb to factory settings but it freezes on the language screen and won't do anything.06 at 1:08 pm hi every one im new to ipod and im already having problems first thing is first i have no recipt or box since i have " lost " them some how and i dont have anything to connect to the computer so pretty much the only thing i have is a ipod 2 gb and head phones. the problem is i put on a lock screen and 20 mins later i tried to open it but the center button is not doing anything it wont say invalide code or right code all i can do is just move to the next number with the > arrow im really having problems if any one could help me with this it would be a life saver thanks.06 at 5:51 pm i have a ipod 1GB and whenever i got to my songs for it to play. because I don’t want to lose all of my songs. What can be wrong and what do I do? 397Abbie 10. ITunes doesn’t come up. and I need to charge it. to all ipod nano original people use that is your scren freezes. 392Rebecca 10. and when I go to iTunes and click on Preferences. 393David 10. iPod. but that doesn’t work.15.18. please? 389Mikee O 10. my iPod won’t come on.html 9/24/2012 . thanks so much for all the info! 391hgffvvgnbvn 10. I only have a couple of more hours until I have to go to a football game.08. When I plug it into my computer.06 at 11:10 pm You are a lifesaver! Thanks a million! 390Johnny 10. & reset it and everything cause i don't really know much about it.17.

06 at 10:45 pm The other day I was at school listning to my iPod…It was working GREAT untill I tried to turn it off.php?threadid=6247 In diagnostic mode you can do different things. before mine was shorting out. I would check on in every once in a while to see if it was off…It never turned off and it just kept playing songs.24.ipodhacks. I have reset it from time to time when it has been acting up. and sometimes it will just turn off. I would keep clicking sleep and it wouldnt do ANYTHING.06 at 3:20 pm My ipod (specail edition u2 series) for what ever my ipod is a 2½ yr old 40G click wheel thing. using the Apple software updater. (as in a short) and it wont turn on for about 2-3 am going crazy and dont know what to do…any help? 400hdik2 10. sometimes. I have put it into DIAGNOSTIC MODE http://forums.did you really search this site and read these posts to make that comment.22.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 38 of 104 398Kristen 10. it is usually possible to plug it into the computer.24.06 at 9:36 am solution is try it a several times + let it run flat and try again I think if your ipod is making that weird boot up noise its busted for good(would love to be wrong?) Enough ty comments pls.06 at 6:38 pm have read the above commentsnothing appears to be posted about what to do if reset doesn't work. I have one final piece of advice: put your ipod face up in your palm. and make it appear on the drives list. and it hasnt been on in 2-3 weeks but when i plugged it in it was at 50% power.30. It would play songs and do everything just like allways but it would not go to sleep…I tried around 50 times to turn it off and gave up.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 3:19 am thankx you sooo much!!! u saved my songs!! 401Nick 10. MINE DID THE EXACT SAME THING! 403nico 10. a very useful function since this is the only way to make my ipod want to reset.06 at 11:34 am Hi all. a hard disk scan.lets get some further answers to questions To all those peeps who say this info is on the apple site or in the manual. I just threw it in my backpack and let it do its own thing. eg. Once this didn't work. and drop it onto the floor (let it fall approx. someone explain why it turns off and doesnt turn off for 2 weeks…. If that didn't work. You can also force the ipod to reset. using the above instructions. and my ipod starts to behave normally again… Good Luck to you all! Good luck! 405Sasanka 10.. I have tried resetting it and it does not work…now I connect it to the comp or the power and it will do this werid noise and it wont stop.06 at 3:21 pm Oh and karston. Sometimes it has been possible to update the software on the ipod. it wont charge it will just do that annyoing noise.24. is it broken? shorting out.25.thanks ^_^ also if you can email me at NHorner@shaw. and each time i plug it into the wall or computer its power will drain back to nothing. or my wall. which should be in your Programmes. and choose "format")… AND if this doesn't work.damn trolls!!! p. and I had to format it… (in "my computer" right click on the ipod icon.s ty 404Anna 10.06 at 10:05 pm you're my hero! 399karsten 10.26. When it is reset. 1 metre) – make sure there is a rug underneath… Lately I usually only have to threaten with The Drop. to see if there is something wrong with if you h ave a suggestion (easier for me to read) thanks alot guys! 402Nick 10. When I got home I put it on the charger and left it there for about a day and when I took it off It would not turn on. untill the battery ran out. ill plug it into my computer.

this link sucks crap. crashed the other day and froze at the "do no disconnect" screen.02.06 at 6:45 pm My sister handed down a Ipod Mini thats about 1 year old. i guess). Did I saw awesome yet? Thanks! 408Laurie 11.08. All set. The backlight on the iPod dosen't show but a big battery "charging" symbol The way I unfroze it was to let the battery run. its NOT the folder one that everyone keeps talking about and I have tried resetting. A battery icon with exclamation point in a triangle. Just leave it for a while and windows will recognise it again. man i was about to return the ipod 406Morphox etc. Okay. I read all the comments and my i pod has a folder and a triangle around a exclimation mark. did the trick… cheers… 411bernie 11.html 9/24/2012 .06 at 10:39 pm Thank you! I was ready to toss my mini in the trash. and plug it back in. I figured it was just a case of ejecting the iPod properly. 415Bobby 11. Reboot. so I don't know if this has already been said. 30gb.06 at 1:36 am http://www. i tried reseting it many times but only what comes out on to the Lcd screen is a apple sign and it goes back to a folder and a triangle around a exclimation mark. 407Cuppa Java 11.02.06 at 6:24 am Hi guys.06 at 6:11 am THANK U!!!!!! U SAVED MY LIFE I WAS SO PISSED BUT WHEN MY FRIEND TOLD ME TO LOOK ON GOOGLE FOR A RESET I FOUND UR WEBSITE!! thanks a lot again! ur a lifesaver!! 412Robin 11. charging.02. under that it says http://www. The "Menu + Select" reset worked for me right away. I have an ipod mini 40GB and it has a symbol that is NOWHERE to be found on apple website. thing broke.werty.06.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 39 of 104 thanx a ton man u r a life saver…. Any suggestions? 409Clio 11. My wonderful wife convinced be to breath easy for a second and search out a fix on Google.06 at 2:56 am Hmm. This. but thanks for putting it out there. well my iPod video.06 at 1:29 am hello i tryed yur resetting thing n it worked but now thta i done that the battery went flat and it comes uyp wuit a error in the battery wen i turn it bak on 414Mark 11. leaving untouched over night etc.06 at 3:04 am I was halfway back to the store with my frozen "now playing" ipod nano when I was distracted by a wide screen computer monitor in a local store. I thought I'd google the ipod problem and voila.06 at 12:50 am Thank you! This website is gold! I love you! Thanks for helping me fix my iPod! 410Nork 11.03. and i've not had much help from apple (didn't look hard enough. I hope this helped people that are waiting for a fix.05. but does any one else have a suggestion in what to do? 413haylee 11.06.05. I don't have the time to read all these comments.06 at 3:39 pm hey – just doing some work on a friend of mine's ipod – she didn't have the manual.03.

PC at that time did not recognize my ipod on USB. as some one posted above… I nearly gave up until then… 416ben 11. I started the music quiz by mistake. and i reset it again and still nothing. I was so sad and out of cash.06 at 2:35 pm My ipod nano will only turn on when i charge it but when it comes on it has that lock sign but i cant do anything what should i do. but as soon as I whacked that corner. charging it does not help because the charger does not recogioze it. it completely hang and I was quite pised off till I found a way to reset it . at 5:22 pm thank you soo much you made my day/week/month i was soo worried i wouldnt get my mini to work ever again and my parentals would be mad but you saved me! awesome site btw! 423Punchkins 11. This is a free fix and pretty easy if you've got a hand. but windows can't detect the hardware. I daresay. 419katie 11. Immediately place the finger that was on the menu button on the play/pause button but do not remove other finger that was holding top of center button. and it's been perfect ever since.10. Give it a gentle slap and that sad face and clicking noise will be and after that all tunes started playing like in music quiz. and the Apple store and helpers tried to get me to buy a new $250 one because my warranty is expired.06 at 5:14 pm I installed Ipodlinux onto my 30GB Ipod Nano. I was unable to boot to disc and the system kept going back to Podzilla.This stuff isnt working for me.06 at 10:13 pm Thanks a lot ! I experienced a weird hang with my ipod video "5.06 at 10:15 pm If I were not gay I would kiss you 417ben 11.O. and I stopped it suddenly. Wait 5 seconds Ipod will start to reboot. I tried using a power adapter but still not working. Nothing I tried worked.PLEASE HELP!S. 420Roger 11.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 40 of 104 All Mini users. Here is what I used if anyone else ever has this problem. is there anything i can do? 422sarah 11. i have done everything to try and fix it. This took me awhile to figure out how to restore my ipod but I finally did.06 at 3:59 pm TO ANYONE WHO IS HAVING THE IPOD SAD FACE/CLICKING PROBLEM: I had this problem twice with my lovely iPod.werty. Ipod remains stucked-up.06 at 6:38 pm thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou you saved my day. also.06 at 10:32 pm My mini ipod is stuck on standby.16.19. 424Trevor 11.06 at 11:38 am http://www. and using the hold switch twice. help please. Hold top of center button while holding menu at the same time. 426nicole p 11.18. nothing serious) in this situation. but without playing this game. the iPod sprung to life. I tried plugging it into the computer.06 at 10:15 pm if i were gay LOL 418Kyte 11. 425Nicole 11. I did almost everything but to no avail. Please try this before you spend a bunch of money in the store… seriously. Thx again 421Aubrey 11.5G".html 9/24/2012 . but then I read something online that said to physically whack the right corner of the iPod (just with your hand. After turning it off and on. Press Menu and centre select button the SAMN time. This will automatically default your ipod to disc mode and will be recognized by your PC immediately if it is connected.14.06 at 6:22 pm My Ipod video 30gb froze and I don't know what to do next.14.S.

Wish the people at apple could write real instructions like you do. waited about 20 seconds.I have tried all what i think i should do as click in the menu button… and all the buttons but it just don´t work ..06 at 4:17 pm Thanks dude! Reset mine.then i saw this page on how to fix ipods. but they dont http://www..27.06 at 5:36 pm THANK YOU SOOO MUCH my 30 gig fell on the floor and it froze i tried apple help but it didnt work ur method saved me form spendiing another 3-400 buks thanks! 431kamlanm 429rick 11.06 at 6:40 pm thank you sooooo much i neraly was gonna throw this on the stone floor…and i just put this ipod on ebay so i neraly died. It was really easy actuall.html 9/24/2012 .i tryed yur resetting thing and it worked…thank sooo much 433Tiffany but i have been on dat and i dont understand it help plz 427Dustin 11. 434dominique 11.06 at 12:22 pm didnt work at all i guess i let the batteries die and leave it in a box and go back to the good old cds.06 at 11:50 pm THANKS! 436william 11.06 at 8:43 pm I'm afraid to tell it to my parents that my ipod freeze.06 at 4:11 am Thanks so much.30.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 41 of 104 i have tryed resetting my ipod mini but it dont wrk it comes up with a folder with an explanmation mark and says http://www.26.u rock. One day I got pissed and opened the bastard up. 12.27. This information help me so much so now i know what to do if it is like frozen !! PLEASE HELP ME !! mail: rvo12@hotmail. 435Matt 11. & all of the above.06 at 7:39 pm Thank you so much.28.06 at 2:34 pm I run into this freezing problem at least twice a month with my 60gb video ipod.why not here too cheap i guess? 430Adam 11. 428LyNn 11. & it rocks.22. Thanks heaps.02. None of the reset methods work. ipods are the worst things invented designed in clifornia assembled in china .22. I unplugged it. Thanks again..werty.30. plug it back in and it would be fine (until next time).reseted. I am now enjoying my ipod again.06 at 8:28 am thanks soooooo much it saved my ipod from being thrown out the window 437Madz at 8:24 pm my ipod shows a check mark and it says ok to disconect.tnx 4 your help.23. was panicking! 432christina 11.So i secretly get our laptop and went to this website.06 at 12:41 am omgsh none of this stuff helps me i guess it's either that my ipod's are messed up or these instrucions aren't helping worth a shit i slapped. in the bottom corner is the plug for the battery.Good thing they are still sleeping 438John B. I used to just set it down and let the battery drain. plugged it back in and all was good. The people on apple don give real instructions to help.26. I'm so glad I did this because now when this pos freezes I can have it up and running in less that 5 minutes now. but none of it help i have 2 ipod minis one 1st generation and BRAND NEW SECOND GENERATION i got for my birthday.

WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO TRY ? ? ? 440anomymous 12. 445deepak sharma 12.04.06 at 4:44 pm My 30GB U2 IPOD keeps freezing but works fine when on charge with power adapter. av got a 30GB ipod video. it seems to be the reason my 30GB U2 IPOD keeps frezzing. Your method helped me revive my ipod nano.06 at 4:41 pm what does the battery symbol with the triangle and exclamation mark in it mean. other than that i get a battery symbol with a triangle beside it and a exclamation mark in it . HELP 442sharpo 12. tried it and now it's back! thank you.06 at 7:49 pm thought the iPod battery was finally dead (mini) and needed to be at 11:04 am Exactly what the opening sentence of your site states is what happened to me….04. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 441sharpo 12. So glad yours was the first link I chose from the google results. hey presto.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 42 of 104 work. the only response i get is when i hold MENU and SELECT ! then i get a battery symbol flash up for about 2 seconds which looks hazardous. and it only works when its on charge through the power adapter.06 at 8:45 pm Worked like a charm!!! iPod locked up while changing songs in the car charger cradle.07. it flashes up when i try and reset it ??????????????????????? 443Werty 12.05. 446Tjaart 12.html?artnum=93936 444Michela 12.04.06 at 4:08 pm I have the U2 ipod 30GB. came here. Fookin thing jumps to life after a hour of Menu-Select (ad infinidum) Thanks for the site as well! Now my gf can have her birthday present on time. I gently gave it a spank with my good thing your link was included in my search. Thanks a ton for all your help!! Without a doubt this is a great site!! 448ij 12. Cheers! 447Stevo 12.. thank you! 449Leslie Torres 12.06 at 4:49 pm Sharpo. http://www.05.06. you are a lifesaver.06 at 4:27 pm how do u take these fukers apart. The reset instructions worked purr-fectly for my ipod. that battery with the explamation point means that the battery needs replacement.04.Thank you so much…the internet is a powerful and friendly it a year now) it only turns on when i connect it to the ipod plug adapter.I followed what you said and it worked….werty.05.04.06 at 1:28 pm Thank a lot. mate! Thanks a million.I was listening hit the next button and it locked….06 at 11:27 am Oh. if i unplug it after 5 minites it plays but then becomes frozen.05. what does the battery symbol with the triangle and exclamation mark in it mean.One of them have the oh so depression "do not disconnect" and the other one is just complety out of this world frozen!I really don`t know what to do and just to tell you i am selling my things on ebay . Check out this article about that icon: http://docs.find them there=) 439lee 12.06 at 2:38 pm This post solved it! Who can believe it!?! (ctrl-f search the page for this posting!) TO ANYONE WHO IS HAVING THE IPOD SAD FACE/CLICKING PROBLEM: Nicole! You are my hero! I LOVE it when there is innovative sulotions like this! Thanks stax.html 9/24/2012 . i have tryed all the reset options avalible and i get no

Your solution was the first to come up this time and it worked. 451yaz 12. I was ready to throw my fucking iPod mini straight out the window.06 at 10:07 pm When I connect my 40GB ipod to my computer. It worked like a charm… It happened a long time ago and you are right about not able to find it on google.06 at 6:38 am thank q… love you 458Kim 12.14. ryan.07. 453Glen 12. I couldn't turn the mongrel off. Thank fuck for small miracles and google eh...06 at 1:50 pm THANK YOU!!!! my ipod was stuck on the "do not disconnect" screen and I tried everything to make it work…so I thought…this tip worked for me right here… Reset Click Wheel Ipod (newer ipods including resetting an ipod video)holding the menu and middle but for about 10 seconds did the trick and its up and running now!!! thanks man!!!! HA! =o)!!!!!! http://www. My daughter was playing with it. last evening my ipod(30g video) started to have problem. Cheers. and got into games section.08.06 at 12:51 pm Thank you very much for the tip on how to reboot my IPOD. The internet is so cool – what did we ever do without it. THANK YOU.html 9/24/2012 . Merry X'mas and all that jazz from 'Down Under'. What can i do 454Jazzmine 12.06 at 3:16 pm well it worked then froze again then it worked then froze again and now it wont work when i press the menu and play button so i duno wat 2 do and it doesnt look like its been reset jus back to were it was b4 :S confused peopleeeeeeeeee 452Jen 12. but following your steps. i am in india now . the icon won't appear anywhere! What do I do? 455Luke 12. 456ryan 12. the bitch turned off. 457classic 12. The apple logo dosent seem to go away i tried everything! can u help me your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 43 of 104 450Joseph 12.06 at 11:50 pm Thank-you so much.10.10. pls help me out on this .06 at 7:42 pm My ipod wont work it keeps trying to restart itself and sometimes a battery with an exclamation mark appears.. i tried to give it a rest also for the nite and this morning i connected it 2 the comp and still this problem continues.06 at 12:40 am hey bro .06 at 1:45 pm I need help with my ipod mini. on the screen i have this black screesm with a appel on it . Have a great day.14. Kim 459Jay Ze 12. it took me forever to try and find it.06 at 8:45 pm Thank you.11.13.

20.06 at 2:39 am Thanks! 468Stu 12. Have a blesed Christmas and a loving New Year! 470Btom 12.what else can I do? 471JessRenn 12. IPods mini sorted ! 469Ian 12. I started to panic. it works fine now i had to keep trying to reset it. The service you provide is priceless.06 at 10:35 pm Thank you.19. U rock . then realized that this has had to happen to someone else.06 at 5:08 pm Thanks Dude. your site came up and told me exactly what i needed to see.06 at 12:07 pm This website is awesome.06 at 2:36 pm My 60GB ipod displays a sad face with !. I was so pe\'od that my ipod was frozen. It help me reset my Ipod. thank you.18. but appreciates.22.06 at 8:23 pm Thanks ! I was getting desperate as I was about to go on my Summer holiday and my IPOD had frozen.23.22.did as u guys described & an empty sign bat displays & apple logo thereafter but still ir won't turn on.14.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 44 of 104 460Chris 12.real pissed off & feel like I hate this big shit called ipod. http://www.23.06 at 6:02 pm thanks a million! wow.18. thougth my ipod was broken. at first an exclamation point came on. 461Tiana 12. 463The_psp_playa 12. thank you soooooooooooo much i love you 466Mark 12.23.06 at 3:44 pm you guys are live savers. when i continued resetting it by holding center button and menu and toggling the hold on off it worked. as soon as i saw that main menu again and went to my playlists i actually started breathing again! thanks again!!! -jess. then i tried to plug it into my pc and it wouldnt come on and a big battery with a lightning bolt came on the screen.html 9/24/2012 . i just got my ipod two days ago and it froze on the car ride while i was on my way to my christmas vacation… as soon as i got to where i was going to asked to find a computer so that i could fix And you helped me alot. 467Daniel 12.werty.06 at 4:40 pm Thank You So Much! It worked for me! 465Bibi 12.06 at 7:26 am This man is AMAZING.06 at 3:38 pm Thank you soooooo much i was using my big brothers ipod and it froze when i was playing football and this fixed it!!!!!!!! (I WAS GOING TO GET MY ASS WHOOPED) 464Ivan Howard 12.06 at 9:03 am thank you so much my ipod started working as soon as i did the first steps you told me to.21.21. Cool!!!!!1111 462El Man 12.

It all started when i try to charge my ipod to the mac.25. it told me to plug it in to charge the battery? any ideas as to know what is wrong with my ipod? the clicking noises and the sad face. My ipod suddenly died when i hit the play button for too long.23. I knew this b4 but forgot it and this saved me from having to search te Apple site for like 12 hours trying to find the info i needed.25. and wouldn't respond at all to being pluged in or to any amount of button pressing-thanks 481Ray 12. i tried to reset my ipod (menu and select key together) and i got an ok sign. HDScan scans your iPod's hard drive.. This test will take a few minutes so be patient. To run a scan on the ipod hard drive do the following: Reset the ipod (menu and center button).27..06 at 12:38 pm my ipod is not working with those steps i\'m a girl by the way i did it 9 times it won\'t work if you can pleasa call me at 973372**** i will be so happy now i\'m crying cause i don\'t have anything to listen too bye have a nice day.06 at 10:28 pm I tried all of the above. From here you will want to go to "hard drive". I't says that the iPod is corrupt and I need to fix it.html 9/24/2012 .. 477Shane 12. 479james 12. and nothing works 478Werty 12. then it got stuck at the 25th song and wasn't updating anymore. any help would be much appreciated!!! 475Werty 12.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 45 of 104 472wondz 12.06 at 3:02 pm I Have the new ipod nano and it won't turn on. i was able to get my computer to actually find the ipod. 3. HDRW tests the ability of your hard drive to RW (read and write data).26. Then you will have a menu. It's a 4th generation 20 GB.23. today.26. my ipod is making funny noises (it's making clicking noises-like it spinning and spinning and then clicking). HDSMARTData returns SMART data for professional repair applications and personnel.06 at 11:18 pm let me just thank you…! i lost all hope trying different technical stuffs just to reset my i-pod…then suddenly without much effort…i tried to reset as you advised… well…it worked…! thanks a lot! yey! 473adrian 12. 476nicole orrell 12.06 at 8:33 pm Thanks very much for this info. 2. after that. i tried to restore it. I am guessing it is your hardrive that is messed up… the clicking is probably not a good sign. Then get it into diagnostics mode: hold rewind and center.06 at 6:21 pm Jen. it updated 1 song per every 10 minutes. it would make sense to do this while plugged into a power source.27. Nothing on the internet helped me.werty. Call apple. obviously the tests and the reseting worked… you have a hardware issue which can only be solved by repair/replacement of the hard drive. Here you have 4 options: 1. Nothing! Then I tried doing the same routine but holding the menu button instead of the pause button it worked…Ipods gotta hate em!!!! http://www.06 at 11:46 pm Shane. it started to update my then i got the sad face. so. take it to their store or stick it up on ebay "as is". A FAIL result probably means you need to get your hard drive replaced Since these tests may take a long time. HDSpecs will tell you everything from hard drive temperature to serial number. i tried to restore my ipod.06 at 10:57 pm Ummmm. This is a great way to see if you have a healthy iPod and if your hard drive is fragmented.06 at 4:23 pm I have no idea what is wrong with my ipod. It wouldn't pick up my ipod on my computer. 4.27.26. you will want to go to: "IO". that shit doesnt hepl. i unplugged it and then when i tried to turn on my ipod. if anyone can tell me how to fix it i would really appreciate it 480Thanx 12. because your iPod is fucked.06 at 11:20 pm let me just thank you…! i lost all hope trying different maneuvers just to reset my i-pod…then suddenly without much effort…i tried to reset it as you advised… well…it worked…! thanks a lot! yey! 474Jen 12.

I'm getting a won't even sync to my computer! And exactly one month after the warrenty expired.29.06 at 1:49 pm i have a speaker system for my ipod 30gb. Inside you will see a small system board (green) where the hold (lock) button is sitting..31.01. i left it playing music on shuffle all night as i slept when i woke up it was stuck on one song and completely frozen.29. thankyou. did i mention i got it for christmas? 4 days ago?!?!? PLEASE FIND ME HELP!!! 486Carlos 12.06 at 9:10 pm my menu button does not work on my ipod g3. http://www. so how do I get it to work again 484Joe Burgess 12. mine had disconnected when I dropped it.07 at 1:17 pm YAY thanks man !!! You just made my day !!! Happy new year ! 493kchateshershuffle 01. I dropped mine and after which it was stuck on lock.28. 485tracy 12.06 at 1:56 pm Brilliant.07 at 11:16 am Thanks a lot 492gernsteine 01.It won't turn on. I was able to pop it open with a precision screw driver.29.06 at 4:36 pm hey thanks a lot! That worked so much better than banging it on the table in frustration!:) Sadly. I re-connected it and now it works fine. 483gomez 12.Just my luck. my computer doesn't even recognize it at all. this should connect to the main system board.06 at 2:57 am Dude. Just resucitated my new 30GB iPod thanks to your instructions! 489Darlet Bledsoe 12.06 at 10:05 am If anyone is having the issue where your lock button is stuck on and you can't even reset your ipod I may have a fix.30. There is a copper cable with a black end on this board. i have used your instructions but NOTHING i mean NOTHING is helping.won't light up.01.06 at 2:56 am You are awesome! Thanks a million!!!!! I was able to reset my ipod just instructed 490tara 12.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 46 of 104 482Mont 12.html 9/24/2012 .It just…stopped working.30.06 at 11:00 am FANTASTIC – just fixed my brother in-laws 20GB Ipod – it's been freezing all the time for months – this is the only thing that's worked – THANK YOU LOADS 488Amy 12.06 at 8:48 pm Thanks… My daughter is now a happy camper again! Carlos 487Rachel Kelly 12.werty.28. thanks a bunch! for the 30gb video holding menu + select got me out of the freeze.07 at 2:54 pm I have no idea what happened to my iPod Shuffle. this locking up thing seems to be a common problem with iPods 491Stefan 01. Screw this.31.01. it plays your music and charges ipod at the same time.

Note: If you have added or removed items from your main menu (see page 32).07 at 9:31 pm My brother has a new IPOD Video it froze on me i didnt know what to do I went to your site and you helped me alot thanks 500Timothy 01.07 at 5:13 am George.07.Any advice out there? 497tyshi 01.werty.07 at 3:21 pm well what a blinding site ive just un blocked my wifes i pod video because the air was blue and nearley had a full blown row over it fucking brillant site keep up the good work 100% site.05.07 at 11:44 pm thank u thank u it works now 504Mey 01.03.07 at 1:12 pm my ipod got steped on and now something is wrong wit the ink in side its not showing any thing what shall i do how much will it cost to get an video ipod fixed and where should i go 498surflordca 01.07 at 7:46 am Thank you so much for that!!! Panic Over!!! 505will 01. I have the 30 gb 5th generation bran new.07 at 2:08 pm I use i 60 gig ipod and ur instructions run just fine on mine thamks for putting this blog in here and help other people.07 at 3:27 pm My iPOD video just froze.04. 502jen Other iPod settings.07 at 5:14 am Setting the Language iPod can be set to use different languages. 1 Push Menu repeatedly until the main menu appears.05.06. 499jordan 01.html 9/24/2012 .03. but then i found this site and it works now! thanks soo muchh!!! 503Adriana Mantilla 01. 4 Select the second menu item (Reset) and select a language. The only time it frezes up is when i try to play the game vortex. 2 Select the fourth menu item (Settings). n Select Settings > Language and select a thanks 501Werty 01. the Settings menu may be in a different place. 496Preston 01. you can reset the language. 495nkruman Beia 01.03.02. this is a nice helpful site. are also reset.07 at 7:26 am thank you so much for having this website! i thought my ipod was broke for sure.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 47 of 104 494nolan jackson 01.01. Your instructions on resetting it worked great.07 at 3:13 am Yea man great advice. If you accidentally set iPod to use a language you don\'t understand. My ipod is in chinese I was in the dark when using my G1 20mg ipod pushed the buttons or wheel and the next thing I know the darn thing this in chinses I tryed to reset holding down menu and center but nothing. Thanks a million. such as song repeat. but the problem iam having is different.I would like to help support this site please email me a how to and a where to my email TPLBNY@optonline.07 at 8:08 am http://www. 3 Select the last menu item (Reset All Settings).04.

is my ipod faulty or am i doing something wrong.07 at 12:37 pm hi i need help!! i had a new pink ipod nano for christmas and i put songs on it fine and now everytime i want to update my ipod with new songs it wont work.07 at 7:39 pm ok going insane here need my ipod to work and it may be my favorite color(pink) and it may hold 1000 songs but it's about to be thrown out a window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I need it to work out and for study hall tomorrow and the dang battery won't go dead do far and the back light is styain out which should make it die faster you'd think! and none of the reset instructions work for me!!!!! I've been every where online tryin to fix it!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why can't thtere be one big reset button?!??! 515Katie 01.07 at 11:14 pm http://www. and it's still not responding.07 at 6:18 am thanks u soooooooooo so so so much! I thought my ipod was a gonner – but all it ok! Thanks for a sweet site 512was v stuck before 01. then i read this.07 at 10:12 pm NONE OF THIS IS WORKING OR HELPING!!! I HAVE A 2GB IPOD NANO AND I CAN'T RESET IT. it wasnt doing anything.BUT IT DOES NOT APPEAR AND IS NOT AT ALL CONECTED IN ITUNES.08.07 at 8:58 pm what about if my ipod isn't even reading on my computer??? the folder with the exclaimation point is on the screen. THANK YOU!! xxxxxxxxxx 510Amazing 01.10.07 at 12:22 pm Thanks for the help! Now I am able to restore and update! 508kel 01. HELP BEFORE I KILL MY IPOD AND SMASH IT IN THE STREET!!! 511Mel 01. at first i thought it needed to be fully charged so i charged it fully and now it will just say charge.07 at 2:52 pm PLEASE HELP! The centre button on my blue ipod nano (2nd gen) has been depressed and i cant unstick it.10. what the fu** do i do??!?!? 516killa 01.09.07 at 3:10 pm OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! i apple site was rubish. pease help me quick!! 509jaz 01.werty. You cant remove the casing so what can i do? 514ashley 01. hurrah for google bringing ur site 1st to my attention! was so very concerned 513Gina 01.html 9/24/2012 .08. 506will 01. THE USB NOTICES COME UP AND SAY MY IPOD IS CONNECTING. bu tmy computer isn't even reading it as an actual thing that exists.07 at 9:28 am thank u so much. i can't even reset on that side gives you next to no advice or what advice is given doesnt work.07 at 8:09 am sad face* 507JW 01.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 48 of 104 i have a ipod one of the new video one's and i get a face on it… its called a upset face or somthing and it says http://www. i tryed your istructions but that doesnt work eather it comes straight back to that screen….apple. any chance you have any advice! thanks. ive done everythinkg else on the fricken list. I'll plug it in and it will say chargin.

11. I was about to say. thats 2 ipods saved 525thanks 01.07 at 11:54 pm Thanks very much….html 9/24/2012 . Now I've tried the "hold-menu-center-press" and does'nt work. "All you people are gullable morons".11.07 at 12:57 am … nothing is shit nothing worked i need to find a way to competely reset it well can u help jusst e-mail me at killa505505@yahoo.11.07 at 3:03 am THANX. as a bad joke.07 at 10:53 am At first. over and over… 518Pearl 01. I'm desperated….13. Thanks for taking the time out to give this tip. and the person doesn't even remember the numbers. came back to this site cos my brother's 60g just froze and reset did not work.07 at 8:04 am http://www. i tried 3 times and it worked. saw comment that IT MAY TAKE A FEW ATTEMPTS.07 at 4:10 pm Someone put a damn password on my ipod.12. GOD BLESS U ! I COULD RESET MY NEW IPOD 2GB. the apple logo on my video keeps showing!!! 519Emily 01. dude. Thanks.07 at 8:27 pm THANK YOU SO MUCH!! My ipod frezzes sometimes when i plug the cord into the bottom – thanks so much for your tip! LIFESAVER! 520MG2006 01.07 at 11:06 am awesome.07 at 4:30 pm thx you saved my ipod {life} :} 524skunky 01. i found this website and it has been working well for months. In first try we are out of trouble…. God Bless- 523hellfire 01. Thanks a bundle…… 521ANTHONY 01. IT GIVES ME LOW SOUND ? HOW IS THAT ? COULD YOU SEND ME SOME SUGGESTIONS TO ENHANCE MY OUTPUT OF SOUND THANKS AGAIN !! 522Chris 01.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 49 of 104 well my thing is that the sad icon thing comes on and i dont know what to do it totally gay i looked at the aplle .11. This was only the first site out of google.13. But then I repeated the steps a couple of times over and it worked! THANKYOU THANKYOU 528Will B 01.07 at 6:56 pm my ipod mini stoped working ages ago and i thought it was a gonna – the battery has been a problem and it didnt seem to be charging.12.07 at 9:33 pm thanks that was the best info found on the web! 526DaDa 01.12.werty. 517that guy 01.07 at 8:12 am I have a 2Gb Ipod nano how do i reset that ive tried to do it many ways but doesnt work? 527Daniel 01.12. A LOT.

Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 50 of 104 Thanks a lot. Initially this didn't work.07 at 3:12 am Oh my gosh are you kidding me?this shit works like a bitch…. and i was just listening to some music and it just suddenly froze and one of my songs. and after re-reading your instructions my iPOD came slowly back to life. CAN A HOMIE HELP ME OUT? My kids was throwin it 'round. and cracked my god dam screen! I was pissed.15. I need help.07 at 1:37 am Dis yo Gurl.14. 529sal 01.07 at 12:32 pm thanks a ton…and i almost tght tht it was my bad luck…jz gave my laptop cuz it was hangin I've done absolutely everything you've said and it won't work. 535elliot rippingale 01.15. so I ain't got no person to tell me how to fix it!!!! I'm bootsey confused bout thiss.07 at 2:55 pm THANK YOUU SO SO SOSOSOSOSOS MUCH i LOVEE YOU U SAVED MY LiFEE !!!!!!! 537Ann 01.16.07 at 1:18 am m@n cuz…dis aint b3 workin 4 m3. can someone send a super smart ipod gangsta over herr.werty. Straight outta COMPTON!!! Yo gurl finally got the dam computor!!! Well I got one of these Ipod thangss for christmas. the hold 'icon' was still showing on my 80GB iPOD (5G) despite turning the switch off. to help me out? I prefer dark skinned boyz. they alomost broke the vase i was finna pond! Shit. but ain't nobody else got one.html 9/24/2012 . However the menu/select button reset work.14. Cuhs this ain'yt workin! Hollaaa.07 at 9:54 am tanks a lot i could use my ipod for ages ur great! 530faizan 01. So. U_C_IT!!!!! 01. i tri3d everyting it still @int on shuga w@t i spost@ dew b@by boo? help @ sist@ out 534Rhena aka Your_3rd_Street_Homegirl. I'm guessing because the software had completely crashed the on-screen icon showing the padlock didn't change regardless of the switch status. Persistence paid off.07 at 1:43 pm i have an ipod mini.n now my new 80gb iPod…but then I saw this life saver… 531Kristy 01..15.yall saved my ipod i was bout trashin it when i jus browsed thru google and found ur website….14..07 at 7:36 pm PS: I have a 20GB click wheel ipod 533Laquita 01. Thanks. the reset thing doesnt work and when its thinking it makes funny noises.07 at 2:16 pm OOOOOOH MY GOD THANK YOU!!! i lent my boyfriends ipod while i was on a long bus journey it just totally frozed and wouldnt play any song it was as if it was slide showin the songs i did as u said i didnt even looose any songs… hehe he doesnt even know!!!!! thanksssssss http://www.07 at 7:35 pm My ipod freezes wen i plug it in.n b4 tht my iMate K jam broke down. !!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!! 532Kristy 01.16.I love you guys and trust me i dnt say that too often…lol 538sarah 01.14.15. please help! 536AMANDA!!! 01.

I was mighty upset as getting support in India is iffy at best but thanks to your at 6:31 pm none of this didnt work for me.07 at 2:29 pm Thank you so much.07 at 10:54 pm omg.19. 548Ram Sankaran 01. it turns on when i plug it in but when i unhook it from the computer then the screen fades away and doesnt turn back on.22. The tips about how to reset ipods worked.19.PLEASE HELP!! 546Someone 01.21. I managed to reset my iPod using your instructions. I was able to reset it and get it back to working in under 10 seconds.html 9/24/2012 .22.17.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 51 of 104 539Jaime 01.07 at 6:35 am i woke up one mornig looked on the computer for my ipod and it was there i thought that someone had put it in water for some reason.07 at 7:40 pm Thank you so much.07 at 4:58 am why are ipods screwing up in the first place…like why do they have to be reset at all? apple can kiss my ass. I then relized my hold button was on! I tried again and it worked!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH YOU ARE THE BEST HELPER EVER!!! 540Aaron 01.07 at 5:14 pm Omg you guys are great!! Thanks for the help!! Fixed my iPod now!! http://www.07 at 8:55 pm I thought my Ipod Video was threw!!! I tried everything… I went to this site and tried it out but it did not work.18.25.07 at 9:45 pm yaaaaaaa uhhhhhh i tried this and its not working i have an ipod video gosh ur instructions are not working for crap my ipod keeps resetting over and over and will not turn on even if i charge it or let it die and charge it gosh i hate this ipod actually its probably not my ipod its ur instructions there bogus! =[ 550Jack Mawhinney 01. I am from Jamaica and i am going to let everyone know about this site its the best 543Gabri 01.went and did a little research for about 2 and a half minutes when i greatly stumbled upon this wabsite it worked for me very easy and simple 542huntley 01. This is just great you fixed my ipod.werty. you gave me the same answers all the other sites gave me:@ 547steph 01. this didnt work. Thanks a bunch… 549kayla 01. What can I say this site is the bomb. Brilliant!!! 544ANON 01.07 at 11:40 am I had bought a brand new 80gb video ipod just prior to travelling to India and the thing froze after just 1 week.21.19. I thought we just bought another paperweight… Aaron 541Tylynn 01.20.07 at 3:11 am HELP!!! My Ipod won't turn on… it has the apple logo then goes to the main menu then suddenly switches off! i can't connect it to my comp either!!!!PLEASE HELP ME!! 545janna 01.07 at 11:58 am Thank you.

THANK U THANKS A LOOT ..26.07 at 4:05 pm OMG THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! YOUR THE BEST!! =] this was like the first malfunction and yeah.07 at 11:32 am I was really disappointed on my first time using my Ipod. I thourght i had broken my brothers IPod. 553Amr 01. thanks again 558Henry 01.07 at 3:47 am Thanks a lot for the info... hold MENU and Center Button for about 6-10 sec The screen went black and then an apple appeard.07 at 5:59 pm THAAAAAAAANKKK YOUUUUUUUU !!!! U Saved My LIfe. Any advice or is this a gonner? I have a very sad i would have abandoned all hope if not for this site… menu and center button worked for me 559Dave 01.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 52 of 104 551me 01. Look for the reset button as what most of the electric stuff will have one. so scary.07 at 5:15 am My daughters Ipod Video which she got 13 months ago has suddenly stopped working completely..27.29.html 9/24/2012 ..07 at 8:56 pm OMG thank you so much! you really helped me and as i far i can see to a lot of people too… My Ipod got stuck and I don't live in the USA. Uh HUh :( . thanks. But Big Heart And Brilliant People:$. so can you imagined how I was when I realized that the screen was in "Do not disconnect" when it wasn't connected at all!! Thank you so much!!!! XOXO 556Karen 01.07 at 2:09 am Wow. to no avail. I WRITE from ALBANIA .07 at 1:12 pm IT WORKED!!!! for my 80G ipod video.. Syncing with my new MBP right now! (it hung when I connected it to my MBP for the very first time after moving my itunes folder to the new machine) Hope this will help someone else who has their iPod 80GB stuck on Do Not Disconnect. http://www. JU DUAM (in albania means WE LOVE U ) …Bye(K) ) 555mariangel 01. dude.27. No screen display. Thank you for the wisdom sharing.. MY Black iPod IS everything I Have:$. Get stuck in the air plane for few hours and feel so sad.werty.27... Thanks a million… 560Henriette 02. a Small Contry. PS.30.07 at 5:24 am err i did it and it workd but half my batterys gone too =/ 552Cornel Tanady 01.29. 554DreNooSHë 01.26.01. but Ipod don't have one.. After which it rebooted fine. thanks!! =] 557Ryan 01. I have tried holding down Menu and Select several times.07 at 10:28 pm Thanks man i was so pissed off when i saw my iPod freeze cause i just bought it a few weeks ago this really helped. It was stuck on DnD screen. This Is A Crazy Site. cheers. Thanks. 1. Slide button to HOLD and back 2.30.

562bill caldwell 02.07. but didn't notice it at the time I have only used this ipod for about 100 so I know it could be battery life. 568James 02.07 at 11:12 am my ipod came back to life.07 at 4:36 am Thanks so much!!!!! I thought I'd have to buy a new one! 566ipod 4gb 02. I tried the above mentioned steps to reset it but the lock icon still appears aven when it is in the off position. Then it just turned on and seems to be working.01.07 at 8:21 pm Haha! Whoever posted that HITTING the right corner fixes your iPod is CORRECT! my ipod was making that weird clicking noises and i got so mad that i started hitting the right side like the person said.07 at 2:48 pm Thanks so much!! My video ipod was stuck on the 'do not disonnect' screen and resetting it fixed everything. I remembered later that my battery icon was on red when I started to use it.07.07 at 1:09 pm my battery died when I was listening to a song. I am not 100% sure on that one though. very very thanks.08.04. as i tried to skip a song. Sorry.07.html 9/24/2012 . 572ray 02. Someone.08. Please Help me 570katerbug 02.07 at 6:49 pm Very helpful indeed.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 53 of 104 561Natalie please help!!.07 at 11:16 pm Ummm…I think that I had pulled the iPod out of the computer while it was disconected and now it has the charging sign and is still frozen and is not respoonding to any of these teqniches.07 at 3:22 pm i just went to turn on the ipod to listen to music and that on my ipod i have 412 songs on it but now i dont think going to have nothing on it because it says ipod diagnostics SRV Feb 03 2005 and gives me of choices like memory IO and Power Status DIAG VER Reset and AutoTest and what happens if i hit the Reset does that delet all my songs ? 567Werty 02.05. Got "Do not Disconnect" problem and the instruction work as expected. 569Kaity 02. is this a reset problem????? 563Jonell 02.07 at 4:39 pm My Ipod NANO is stuck in the lock postion. 564Lauren 02.07 at 3:45 pm I think it would just restart your iPod the same way holding the center button and play would do. worked like a damn charm! 571srinivas 02. i still had an hour to go and no tunes (aside from a fuzzy radio).07.07 at 11:41 pm thanks!!!!!! this happened to me at work. mine ipod 30gb with video.werty.07. Thanks! 565Catherine 02. menu and center button reset worked for me.07 at 3:13 pm my menu button does noy work even if i reset it http://www.

i saw an apple icon.i mean everytime i open the ipod it shows an apple icon. 583Kim Williams 02.09. I press play it is just 0 sec. ect.12.html 9/24/2012 . i was life saver…… there something wrong with that or it's now ok?pls answer asap.i would just like to thank you for your assistance and help http://www.15.09.09. Im Not english so sorry for gramma PPS.but den you saved my life!!! i freakin luv u!!! 576Sammie 02.16.13. one day it just stopped playing song. I can select song and I can play in itune.16.14. I tried to go on Game. but in Ipod it dont play.07 at 1:50 pm my ipod will not play my songs and when i press next it goes threw all my songs what can i do 582jackie 02.07 at 3:52 pm Thank you! I put my "completely dead" 40gb iPod in the dock and pressed and held the Play and Menu buttons for about 10 seconds and the apple appeared. too… 575*E*u*N*1*C*3* 02. 574P 02.. When I press play button I have how drive start work and then just stopped and nothing hapening I restarted ipod and formatet and reset . Help please.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 54 of 104 573Rainey 02.15.07 at 9:26 pm omg…thank u soooo much…ur my hero!!! everytime my iPod freezes…i just wait for it 2 run out of battery….07 at 5:28 am woooww THANKS worked fine 4 me :):):):) 585Jack Ehlen 02. I can forward song but it dont play. nothing i have the ipod nano second generation and it froze while switching to a song. i triend to plug it in into i tunes and restart it that way but it didnt read it and it says its not there.07 at 11:27 am I have iPOD 30Gb.07 at 6:16 pm I NEED HELP i did what you said but it still is frozen.07 at 12:19 am thanks!!!!! it really worked! you're a lifesaver! mwah! 581samantha 02. just at this very moment.. Music Quiz.07 at 8:42 am Hi i have a ipod nano 8GB Gen 2. The sucker is 3 years old.this is not my ipod it's my nephews I thought I had torn it up. i followed the steps at the top of the page and they worked.13. plz plz plz plz plz plz …. any way i can recover the songs. so I was this close to dropping it in the trash. You thing my iPod is dead? Maybe hard drive dead? PS.Thank God for you.13.07 at 12:38 am good directions….07 at 8:18 am i deleted the music files from itunes accidentally and now i do not have the songs on Itunes.07 at 1:06 am my ipod 80gb video got stucked up last night and it is still open upto now. help me imk desperet!!!!! 577Miss Rica 02. and ther game is playeing And a have to celest song but I dont hear them.werty.worked great!!!! 578prasad 02.07 at 2:44 pm Thanks for the 580charlene 02. which froze this morning. 579Ged 02.07 at 5:44 pm I just wanted to say the info was right but when it went to the apple screen I could not go to my songs I am pist what do I have to do to get out of this situation 584yoyoyoyo 02. is shutted off. send your comment on Ged@k2team.

18..07 at 7:39 pm i have a old 20gb ipod its not working its just saying apple logo and a sad ipod thing 593Christina 02. i had my ipod hooked up to my xbox 360 and i disconnected it and it stayed at the do not disconnect was a pain in the neck!! well thanx alot. 597Mohamed Arthir 02. thx a lot for giving such a wonderful solution. This really sucks.. Is there anything I can do to reset it? 595shainil 02.any suggestions plz and thanx 588Tyler 02.07 at 4:17 pm thank u so much it's great. this happened to me all the time…and right after i charged it for forever…i had to wait to have the baterie died. When it turns on only the apple logo will come up.07 at 10:18 pm hey fer songs that dont play.27.07 at 8:45 pm hi. 591Melissa 02. The holding menu and center steps didnt work and neither did the holding menu and play.! 587Cody at 8:58 am I thank you. All it keeps doing is turning on and off making a clicking noise. i have a nano and i connected my ipod into the charger and about 5 minutes later i disconnected it and the green charging thing is still in the corner but the whole ipod is frozen and i dont want to restore it because i dont want to lose all of my songs. 596Colm 02. then hold down the center and menu buttons. i was so tensed cuz i had some imp stuff in it and was afraid i might lose it.07 at 6:19 am WOW – I didnt know how attached I was to my Ipod until it froze and was rendered useless.werty. I've tried to reset it with no luck.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 55 of 104 Jack 586natalia 02. what do i do?? helpp please 592corey 02.07 at 10:59 am thank you!!!! 594Chris 02. it worked & i reset mine. thanks kid 589Anna 02.html 9/24/2012 . Thank you so much.and then i had to re-charge it.07 at 11:18 am hey thx a lot for ur help. my children thank you (they were close to being beheaded…).07 at 11:38 pm I have a 30 gig Ipod i just bought today. turn hold to off.07 at 7:52 am Oh Hallellujah seriously my dad was this close to beheading me! Thnx so much luv ya babe! 590Lynn 02. thanx 598veena 02..07 at 7:02 pm hi.07 at 4:30 pm omg thanx.07 at 4:21 pm http://www.23. I only got to enjoy it for about 15 minutes before this and i tried the reset options like 5 times.

Thank you for your good work.07 at 2:05 am Thank you so much! My ipod wouldn't play any sound at all and I wasn't sure what was going on! Thanks again! = ) 600sandy ridges 02.07 at 5:29 pm my ipod been working this morning. Stephanie 604mark r 03.28.07 at 2:03 pm i'v had this i-pod for about 1 year and it doesn't turn on and wont charge or hold charge any advise other than throughing out the window 601john phinney 03.07 at 11:28 pm Thank you many times over – I managed to erupt two or three blood vessels in the process of shaking and shouting at my frozen Ipod. Fooled it. ha! Thank you again.07 at 6:56 pm Thanks dude my ipod nano is back on track and now i dont have 2 $ a new one DDDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wana say thanks agin wel c ya dude man thanks agin dude im just so exited dude wel c ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 609Balla 03.07 at 9:35 pm Thank you! I'm yet another person you helped out of this ridiculous situation with the i-pod mini freeze up. theres a black screen. I'm a damn fan! 608789dude 03.keep it up! xo 603Stephanie W 03.07 at 10:15 pm OH MY GAWD!!! I ALMOST CRIED AND ALMOST SMASHED MYIPOD TO THE FLOOR!!…but then i thought i'd search for it on google then this site came up and had the instructions and everything and i tired it and it worked and im like sooooo blesssed!! YOUR A LIFE SAVER!!!.08. then when i get on the bus.html 9/24/2012 .02. 607Ghosty I figured there was some sequence of buttons to press.07 at 2:44 pm how do i find out what generation my ipod is by model number.07 at 6:55 pm thanks! thought i broke my wife's new video ipod.werty.28.05. I was so afraid I had fried my iPod 20gb somehow. but wasn't patient enough.03. and i did everything but it still wont come on.05.which is A-1059 EMC#1995 20GB NO VIDEO? SO I CAN REPLACE BATTERY WHICH ONE DOES IT TAKE? 602iskuesss 03..01. 605keith 03.02.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 56 of 104 Thank you so much! 599Jacki 02. Best. Now my wife won't kill me. but all it needed was your suave little trick.07 at 9:47 pm THANK at 12:11 am Bull crap man my ipod still doesn't work man what is da problem and i m not buying another one dats 4 sure please find me another way i have a 15gb 3rd generation ipod thanx but no thanx but find another way 610Neens 03. what should i do? 606ken 03.07 at 6:25 am http://www.

Anyone know what to do 613love apple 03. If still nothing. And now every time i charge my ipod the folder and exclamation point stays there.07 at 1:11 pm hey. I couldent thank you enough:) 620Amy 03. Ipods generally can take some abuse (Have 4 of these now). my ipod froze when unpluging it from my comp .07 at 9:14 am If you try the reset and it doesn't work… plug it into power and try again. i switched off the hold. I have seen them at CompUSA in the past.werty.07 at 7:57 pm Thanks for the tips. it could be one of two things. Some models have little hard drives.07 at 7:10 am Just wanted to say thanks! 621Eli 03. I dropped my ipod like about 6 feet or so from the ground.11.html 9/24/2012 . and this really helped.15.10. the drive is bad.but when i got home. my iPod has frozen before. it came right on.07 at 11:44 pm THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU HELPED ME ALOT 612mick 03. i got it undone.16.07 at 6:07 am I have a video iPod and im trying to reset it to factory settings but it just wont work. just not teh rights ones!!! lol thanks for the help mate! 618Lisa 03.oD 611wahkeen 03. You just stopped me from smashing it into the wall… . it kept skipping tracks without stopping. It could also be the battery needs to be replaced.12. and I was unable to switch it off probably.11. the other night. There are batteries with the tool needed and instructions avaiable.07 at 2:40 pm Cheers. if you hear a clicking sound or have dropped it. but instead of freezing.12.07 at 2:45 pm Yo thanks alot your instructions are awesome. Will need service if under warranty. let it charge for a few hours and try reset again. the screen still showed the little lock.11. and i turned it off. and put it on hold.07 at 6:55 pm thank youuu i dropped my ipod and it froze. i had barely listened to my i-pod.17.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 57 of 104 Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also tried to skip a track. meaning it was still on hold. that way it wouldn't turn on and drain power.07 at 1:39 pm THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! this is only the second time my ipod has froze…and i never knew how to restart it until i read this thank you so much! 615mike 03. this worked first time thanks very much 617Troy 03. pressing buttons holding buttons. Good luck. i tried almost every thing. and i really hope you know how to Should I keep on trying to reset my ipod because I didn't get to the apple screen yet -_- 619Alan 03. or out in public by myself.13. and for hours did every thing i could. and it's really starting to affect me when i can't listen to it when i'm on a bus. 614Lauren 03. I tried your instructions and it unfroze after a few attempts thanks again http://www. mike 616ells 03. but this time i couldn't. If still nothing. music is my motivation. i pressed every button.i really love my music. and the weirdest thing happened. I let it dry for 5 days without trying to turn it on (that will fry it for sure) let a fan blow on it (no i didn't open it) When I was sure it was dry.07 at 10:00 pm I have a question.12. My daughter actually washed her shuffle afetr leaving it her pocket.

I haven't used my ipod for 6 months because I thought it was already broken. Was getting ready to return it to the store.07 at 11:34 pm you are amazing. about a month after the screen cracking. but tried to fix it instead.07 at 10:51 pm Heyyy!! I tried it on my iPod video and it worked!! Saved me heaps of time going to the apple store. I am now trying to restore using iTunes 7 but am getting the msg unable to restore because it contains files that are in use by another application.07 at 8:03 am Your resetting advice was a lifesaver (well.20. my ipod stopped working. i almost hit it with a crowbar.18.07 at 6:24 pm Help me my iPod nano is so messed up. I have no other apps opened.22. It reset but all her songs were erased.20. Try doing this it might help.22. you technique worked like magic. Try updating your itunes to the latest version then reformat your ipod again. 624chloe 03. Thanks 627B-Dubz 03.22.22. Thank you very much 632Brad 03. it takes me to this menu wif diskmode. Thing locked up and wouldn't shut off or connect to itunes. 03. and it had a pic of a sad iPod. But after I did this my ipod started working again. thanks alot 633Alex 03.07 at 7:49 pm Hi to those who still haven't made their ipod work after doing at 5:48 am i hav a ipod photo…wen i hold the left and centre button.18.23. Nothing. at least a headache saver).07 at 2:17 pm thank you so much! it helped alot.07 at 6:38 pm Thank you so so much.07 at 11:02 pm While my daughter was listening to her iPod. I thought that my iPod was broken from the windows vista problem.19. HEEEEELP! 623Ralph 03. etc…i tried resetting wif all these instructions but it still doesnt work! 626Jim H 03. reset. i pressed the center button.20.html 9/24/2012 . then i saw your site and saw the Toggle Hold Button tip and it worked! thank you!!! 631Ifran 03. the songs suddenly started changing on its own. Please help.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 58 of 104 622Collin B. but now it works fine. Tried reset and computer. I went to this place where they fix ipods and they told me that as long as you're using the old version of itunes it ruins your ipod. http://www. 629gygjk 03.07 at 6:13 pm yayy i really thought my ipod video was gone for good and i already tried holdin the select & menu buttons and nothing was working. I reset it for her using the Menu and middle button. my ipod got smashed and the screen can not be seen execpt for the battery icon. I saw one other comment on your site with this same problem but don't see a solution. i was listening to sweet home alabama and it cut off. Until it suddenly froze. i wanted to scream! haha (: 625kat 03.07 at 10:57 pm that was amazing. Your hold menu and select button worked in a zip.20.07 at 5:16 pm great it worked 630Ashley 03. thanks 628EE 03.

02.07 at 8:43 pm thanxs for ur help……the ipod.thank you.26.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 59 of 104 634Amber 03.31. i came across this site. 642Ted Yau at 7:38 pm OMG! Thank you so much.07 at 4:24 pm mine says Pleasa wait… run: bl on PASS: bl blink FAIL: bl off reset to continue but the thing i cant reset!!!!!! 640Jn 03.27.07 at 10:59 pm Thank you. I just got my 20gb 4th gen iPod from ebay and I somehow messed up.29.i couldnt sleep..30.03. 639matt 03.werty.07 at 1:03 am Very clear instructions. the first tip worked!!! (iPod 40Gb) 641Dave 03. 643anonymous 03.07 at 3:14 pm Thanks! worked like a charm! 644donna 03. Thank you so much! 646BROWNCAT 04.07 at 6:52 am Another thank you – your first reset tip worked perfectly (ipod photo). thank you…love u guys!!!!! MWAAAAAAH!!!! 645Joe 04. thank you.26.28.07 at 10:26 am http://www..html 9/24/2012 .07 at 11:02 am yeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!it worked! my ipod vid froze and i almost died. it works.07 at 6:35 pm Thank you so much…very helpful! 638Jonathan Williams 03. Now after finding your page my iPod is didn't no good…thanxs again 636Dan at 4:30 pm thankx mate worked a treat 637Shannon 03.07 at 5:07 am Thank You! Very helpful instructions! 635Marcy 03. Most importantly. It worked and I have my iPod up and about again.07 at 12:22 pm Thanks man.24.

Easy. 649Kris 04.html 9/24/2012 . 652mike 04.. I was about to commit murder on this thing 653Jessica 04. Just did mine.03. i tried every one of these steps.07 at 2:11 am THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU i CAN FINALLY LISTEN TO GLAMOROUS OH YEAH IF IT BREAKS AGAIN i AM COMING TO YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=) 655sir robo 04. 648Ben 04. also the back light is still on.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 60 of 104 WOLA IT'S MAGIC THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH NOW I DON. 650Hex 04.T HAVE TO LOOK AT THAT UGLY PIC OF THE BATTERY CHARGING YEA THANKS AGAIN TU AMIGA 647Scott 04. googled it.07 at 11:06 pm ok wow.07 at 2:08 am OH MY GOSH IT really worked all the steps worked thanks 654Jessica 04.07 at 8:19 pm thank you soooooooooo much.08.06.07 at 2:27 pm hey i went to play a song on my ipod and it has just froze and i have tried everything above but it is not working.09.07 at 12:06 pm cheers mate your a legend.werty. my ipod nano is like broken.03. found your post. and theres a weird noise coming out of my ipod. The reset procedure is the same.07.07.07 at 8:31 am cheers matey it worked a treat 656Bish 04.07 at 7:55 pm i spent over £300 on my 80gz ipod video and it stoped working i could not turn it of do any thing i only just got the thing i was piss off thanks to you i fixed it thank you xxxx at 5:23 am my I pod Nano has a problem of hang !! what can i do ? 658sophie 04.06.09. now my 30gb ipod works just fine.07 at 7:22 pm For those that have the newest generation ipod nano.03.03.07 at 8:25 pm thanks mine just resetted.07 at 11:52 pm HOLLY SMOKES! IT WORKED! THANKS! 651carly make sure the "Subject" is "fixing your ipod help" so i know what its about… THANKS! 657Ace 04. however you must press and hold Menu and the Center button in order to reset it. it wont reset!! and my screen stays black.HELPPPPPP!!!!! if ne1 knows what to do. Thanks for the info aswell. Boy. my misses loves me now lol. email me at ballabish03@yahoo. (and there not bad) but they didnt work for me..07.

unplugged it and tried again.16. I connected it to the computer. hahahahaha But Thanks!!!! 661Anonimous 04.07 at 11:42 am thank u heaps! u saved my at 10:28 pm Thnak you very much for awesome tips 660John Do 04.werty. i did this. but the unit reset and is working just fine. and my iPod is working fantastically =] =] =] THANK YOUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 667Liz 04.07 at 9:29 am my ipod shuffel gen2 is frozen.18.07 at 8:53 pm Wow. sci fi type noises tho.11. wasnt real impressed with the situation. worked without a hitch. and then i totally freaked out becasue it would not respond to ANYTHING!!! I finally found this.22. however. i was about to throw a big tantrum! xxx 663jack 04.16. and now it seems to be working normally.10.07 at 9:01 pm I was watching a slideshow and when I pushed the pause button my 30GB iPod just frozed I tried to reset it. worked. made some strange 'wouring' kinda star wars esc.13. my 20gb ipod was frozen when after I tried to switch songs so I took your advice and plugged it in and then held down menu and select for a while and it worked! THANK YOU!! 668Bianca 04. and all is well is the land of pod 666Amy =] 04. 664Emma 04. thanks Ed Williams 670tie 04.07 at 8:12 am Just like that.10.22. Great stuff! 665M1ch43l 04.07 at 10:42 am OMG!!!! THANKYOU!!! i accidentally disconnected my iPod when it was updating because my computer froze.09.html 9/24/2012 . same problems as everyone else. they stopped. Tried your tips.16.07 at 12:53 pm I done all that you told me to do and my ipod is still frozen Help!!! 669Ed Williams 04.07 at 12:49 am Your instructions worked!! The buttons were a bit tricky to hold.21.07 at 4:55 pm THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was just about to blame my friend.07 at 8:03 am Thanks so much! I was in a foul mood because I'd only had my ipod video for a few months when it jammed. thank god for the reset info.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 61 of 104 659gorgeous 04.I tried to reset it with the dock connector I tried everyting and nothing works PLEASE!!! help me!!! 662Davina 04. i tried resettin it but its still frozen what do i do???? http://www.07 at 5:58 am Thank U!!! my ipod nano froze and wouldn't turn on. the little ipod screen with the sad face i believe comes up if it is either connected to the computer or is connected to a charger. well i guess i can still blame her.

. then i left it unplugged for about 24hrs and now it is really dead.22.07 at 12:50 am I have a Nano and it got stuck for the first time when I was jogging. we went to your blog to find the solution!!! You are a GOD!!!!! 672Jacob 04. can you help me please. but it stays on the apple screen.04. 677jack vandenabeele 04. thank you so much.01.05. then yesturday i was listening to it.07 at 12:26 pm Hey George! Your sis is here in Geneva with me and my Ipod locked up so of course.07 at 4:42 pm i have a ipod mini about 2 yrs old. The few sentences had me listening to my tunes again in less than 30 seconds. went to shut it off and it froze up on me.07 at 2:34 pm My ipod is no longer frozen but. it was in a middle of a song.07 at 4:02 pm BUT THIS SITE DID THE TRICK AND IM SMILING AGIAN:-) 675angie 04. and if worked like a charm.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 62 of 104 671pugfreak 04. It was reset. nothing would work.05.07 at 1:26 pm i have a 30gb video ipod and it resets.22. I read the instructions for the mini and I HELD the MENU and TOGGLE button down for approximately 10 sec or until I saw the Apple logo. Thanks 676rob 04.07 at 4:01 pm THANK YOU SO MUCH. thank you mike 681Julie Newland 05.02.07 at 5:16 am my daughter put a movie on hold. it keeps changing songs when I click play like it will skip 4-5 songs before playing……Please help if u can http://www.07 at 6:56 am You saved my f'in life mate 683Sad Ipod user 05.html 9/24/2012 .03.07 at 8:50 am Your first paragraph described my situation exactly. THANKS! 679scott 05. What should I so? Please 673Keke 04. no response to anything.30.25. reset worked straight away.22. i plugged it in to my wall plug then the computer.and the entire 30G video ipod showing a full charge then turning off because not enough battery left. I held the menu and the center button down.28.22.07 at 7:35 am holy freakin crap i did wat u said about the ipod video and it worked thank thank you thank you ur a life saver and for the last time thank you lol 680mike 05. it starting acting up about 3 months ago. no music. 05. 682Nathan 05. and then i got a blue screen.07 at 10:40 am thank you so much i thought i was goin to have to pay someone to fix it ur the best 678John C.werty.07 at 3:17 am Thanks for your help. IM 15 AND I GOT IT FOR CHRISTMAS FROM MY MOTHERS FRIEND AND IM ALREADY CRYING )-`: 674Keke 04.

incidentally.07 at 9:14 am Thank you so much i was playing texas hold em at work and it froze right in the middle and could have ended in the boss seeing if i didnt get it off the screen!! Thanks your a legend! 691anonymous 05. Cheese.AND ITS ON THE PLAY BUTTON . 689MarkT 05. it reds that it has an error on my computer but when itunes tries to restore it.07 at 4:18 pm MY IPOD IS FROZEN AND WHEN I PLUG IT UP TO THE COMPUTER NOTHING HAPPENS. bottom line is. it also says that restoration could not be completed due to an error.06.BUT IT'S NOT PLAYING THE SONG."PLEASE HELP. help me pleaseeeeeeee.07 at 11:24 pm WOW!!!!. i have now restored and reset it and the pc is still showing that its corrupt…problem wid the pc? cuz the pod worked fine otherwise…. 686SpruceGuy 05.IT'S NOT ON HOLD AT ALL. Your instructions are amazing.werty. it blinks green then amber and so forth.07 at 10:22 am i have a brand new ipod nano it froze but holding the centre and menu button at the same time worked had to do it 4 or 5 times but it worked eventually 692Al and now works fine.07 at 5:10 pm i have a 20gb u2 edition ipod…when i connect it to the pc.07 at 6:52 am You are a which. It brought my music life back to swing . Followed the said instructions. i have an ipod shuffle.07 at 1:35 pm thank u SO MUCH!!!!!! My ipod 30 gig video would not sleep and was constantly wsting battery. http://www.07 at 10:31 am omg thank yu so much. I just want to say thanks.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 63 of 104 684Xx_eLLn_xX 05.09.07 at 12:58 pm hey.08.12.06.but after i connected it.07 at 8:40 am My brand new 4GB Nano was frozen.07 at 12:58 pm Thanks it worked very helpful information! 693inuyasha 05. i tried the 5 R's.THE BUTTONS DON'T WORK EITHER . 695Trina 05.ITS JUST STAYING THE SAME WAY . Reached office and did google to reach your page. After a reset. my ipod nano in the 2 years iv had it has never frozen until just now and thanx 2 u it only took 10 seconds 2 fix whey hey _xxX 685Tom 05.10. Yoursly. it's working fine.08.09. SpruceGuy (India) 687Tony (Huntingdon." 694noname 05. itunes says that its corrupt and needs to be restored…. Toggling hold and pressing menu + select for 6 seconds worked for me. Reset using the dock as per your instructions. Thanks! Tony 688mike 05. Thanks for the information. Dropped my Mini earlier and it refused to turn on even when charging.anyway. Thanks a lot buddy. it started skipping songs…. i got from the apple support thingy (it sucked real bad)…. whenever i turn it on.07 at 6:38 pm Thanks for this. I was traveling in the train to office and suddenly my 4GB iPOD hanged.html 9/24/2012 . and after a while it worked fine. ive tried everything.i dint restore it earlier.06. UK) 05. Menu button would not work on my i-pod mini. 690Nico Nigr 05.

I tried to push the button.07 at 4:23 pm I don't know who you are but I love you. HELP PLS.07 at 10:36 am Sorry. but nothing happened.07 at 6:57 pm I bought a 30GB ipod about 3 months ago. Yesterday was the worst day of my life and when i picked up my iPod for some musical self medication.29.13. my ipod hangs whenever is plugged on to the PC. this didn't work for me.07 at 7:30 am thnx a lot man ! read ur advice before i screwed up my ipod!!! its absolutely fine now! just one question….? recently.23.07 at 3:26 am my 30gb video i pod is formated and i can't restore it need help 706Bianca 05.werty. does it effect the sound quality of the iPod 698smila 05.says it has something to do with the internet connection being inactive? 703Wayne Parker 05.21. 701pink 05. then ran itunes and synced it. What's wrong with my ipod? Please help me…. http://www.29.07 at 6:43 am can u help me. I am still having trouble resetting the ipod….stays on till it dies and goes thru songs but cant change em or nothing.15. 705shafiek 05.07 at 10:01 pm Thanks ! your tips really did the trick for me… 704yen 05. held play and select to put it into disk mode.html 9/24/2012 . Everything worked perfectly until this afternoon when I was listening to the music and the song stopped playing. I tried to switch the hold the menu button on my 20GB 3rd Gen iPod wouldn't work.07 at 8:02 am got an ipod video 80gig .07 at 4:07 pm THANK YOU SO MUCH IDK WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITH OUT THIS SITE THANKS SO MUCH!!!REALLY!!!I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A WORKOUT AND YOU REALLY HELPED ME GET RIGHT ipod kept hanging.15.07 at 8:09 pm ipod stuck on and wont do nada. was fine till the battery ran low and it turned off .20.01.07 at 6:12 pm thanks sooo much my ipod wouldnt turn off but i reset it and now its good as new 697know thyself !!! 05.18. NO it's having this whirring sound inside my ipod 30GB video.22. 707Megan 06.07 at 7:05 pm sorted it – connected to pc .15. 702Rachel 05. but the screen did not even show the lock icon.. this sorted the problem 700ld 05. ive only had the thing 3 weeks to :S any ideas ? 699smila 05. You truely are a life saver. pleasehelp. i tried recharging it and now it just switches on/off every 10 seconds or so. i restored it and till now. D: i was asked to restore it as it was said to be corrupted.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 64 of 104 696dylan bell 05. So i cried some more and almost gave up. The screen's backlight has always been on since then.

i connect it to a ipod power it wnt work what can i do? 713music kitty 10 06.17. it froze up a long time ago when i left my mini in my little cousins room and i came back to see her pushing a lot of buttons at once.03. ONLY I HAD TO DO IT 7 times for it to work 709terry 06. i thought i had tried reseting it but.07 at 12:31 pm Thanks a lot! My ipod hung for the first time today and I was completely lost. it wouldnt do anything. Thanks again 717collette 06.07 at 8:45 pm HELLPP! nothing's working. I started off clicking between them.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 65 of 104 708Brandon G 06.07 at 11:41 pm thank you soooo much.07 at 9:10 pm ok.Bilabing ballabong it worked first time. man thank you a lot. what a waste of money! 718John 06.11. i was trying to fix my friend's iPod video's earphone jack. 719chelsea 06.10. help me 712Scott anderson 06. (ipod )4 my b-day and he just stoped working but now he is safe in me ears 1ce again 714Danni 06. I can't thank you enough. and it still doesnt work.07 at 2:59 pm oh. i plugged it into the computer a couple times.17.16. 710Mike Flores 06. then one time the computer stopped reading it and it froze.07 at 2:10 pm That was great! thankyou very much! Just thought id mention that with the ipod video u hold centre and menu down at the same time.01. I've tried everything! WHAT NOW??? ='[ i just bought my ipod.04.html 9/24/2012 .03.02. my Ipod mini would not switch on and was not even being recognised by my pc GRRR. I read you instructions and they worked like a charm. is the batter starting to go officially dead?? im scared 716Sandhya 06.04.07 at 5:26 pm OMFG thank you soooooooooooooo much i just gots my podro i did all the steps.07 at 7:37 pm THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My mini which ive had for a long time got frozen last week and wouldnt respond this did the trick. the other sites i went to were complettely wrong. thanks 711Jessica Anne 06. i basically started crying cause i thought my ipod was officially broken… my music is not backed up yet so i would of died. when i tried to click any other button. I had looked at the manual and nothing of any use.werty. im afraid its going to happen again because it has shown full battery and keeps charging for along time but then says that there is no battery and turns off….07 at 12:11 pm it all started when a didnt like a song on my ipod so a changed it n it completly froze on me!! i tried your technique and its not workin at all i cant even charge it because it still keeps freezing on the charge picture help me someone please!!(ipod mini) 715ally 06. back and forth.07 at 12:05 pm http://www.07 at 4:42 am Pls every one i really need a help here my ipod wont find a device it wont charge No battery power remains.07 at 4:51 am Thankyou.08. I searched Yahoo and yours was the first i tried……. but your instructions were perfect.

smacked it face down on my desk.07 at 3:27 am Thanx dude I thought ur reseting techniques wouldnt work bub i was wrong…. and i spent time on the computer trying to find whats wrong. I would contact apple to verify. I smacked my ipod on my desk (not terribly hard) and then I put it to my ear.26. zilch. 721Ry 06. the apple picture came on….18. i switched head phones. NOTHING. i dont know what too do to get it too work.26.07 at 5:18 pm i disconnect my ipod while it was charging and it like froze what do i do so it can work again? 729anonymous 06.26. NADA. i tried to reset it over and over again. THANXZZ A TON DUDE OR DUDETTE 723Gareth 06.07 at 12:16 pm I think BL stands for BACK LIGHT. the light came on.07 at 6:25 am Fantastic – my 2nd gen iPod froze for the first time ever today and I had no idea how to reset 728stacy 06.17. I tried what you said and it worked ^^ Thanks a bunch! 722dareevil 06.!? 720Ed 06.html 9/24/2012 . Play + Menu did the trick.werty. I am thinking you may need a real repair.07 at 10:27 pm I have a 60gb video ipod and it turns on but when i click on a song it doesn't play. It made a funny noise and then shut down.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 66 of 104 i have an ipod mini. 06. when i plug it in to charge nothing happens.07 at 1:18 am thank-you so much! my ipod froze for the first time and doing what you said fixed it straight away! thanks! xx http://www. 724jordan nothing else.. and it was ready to play… strange but true.U r a lifesaver 725I need help! Somebody tell me how fix ! 06.07 at 3:29 pm ahhh ok i sent u a comment b4 and my i pod got reset with all your help i just dont know what to do now !! ever time i plug it in it says itunes cannot reas the contents of the ipod " SPENCER'S I" use the ipod softwareupdater application to restore the i pod to factory settings ok that is what it says e-mail me back spencer x-spencer-x@hotmail.26.07 at 11:51 am mine says Pleasa wait… run: bl on PASS: bl blink FAIL: bl off reset to continue but the thing i cant reset!!!!!! 726Werty 06..21.07 at 5:37 am omg i was having problems with our Ipod hanging most of the time and we have no idea what to do about it.07 at 6:15 pm I tried everything on this site. VERY NICE I AM HIGLY IMPRESSED AND U KNOW WHAT I VISITED ALL MOST 50 WEBSITES ALL HAD SOME CRAP EXCEPT UR WEBSITE . I've tryed everything it's not on pause.07 at 10:58 am YOU ARE ROCKING .25.27.18. So I turned it over. Nothing works!!! please help!!!! 730Tttttttt 06. 727spencer G.

thanks 737irish man 07.05.werty. 736chelsea 07..04. as it's broken (the hold button doesn't work). it would just say it was charging.07 at 1:30 pm OMG THIS WORKED!. Thanks.:)) followed ur instructions and it worked. now i can turn off my ipod like before 739J 07.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 67 of 104 731chloe m 06.01.keep up the good work.07 at 7:04 am experienced my first ipod hanging. Then recharge and everything will be fine.html 9/24/2012 .07 at 2:00 pm hi. i COULD have gone to apple or found my little booklet thing.07 at 3:03 pm my ipod is still off!! i was listening to a song and i put it on pause and my ipod went to its dark screensaver and next thing i know it wouldnt come back on and the bAttery was charged so a low bAttery was not the problem HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!! 742Jennine 07. thanks a bunch.07 at 10:11 am If it freezes while it's still on.16.I can't remember what buttons to push to save my soul. Thanks u save people a http://www.09. Thanz for fixin mah problem. thanks alot 740pinball 07.01. Got it sorted. Thank U so so so so so much.Gud luck!! 741deedee 07.30.27. thanks thanks thanks..Appreciate it. cheers!! 738syahbana 07.07 at 9:42 pm yo. didnt no where to start. That's what I did BEFORE I found these at 3:44 am Thank you so muchhhh for the tips. It was a excellent idea of this.10. I will make sure I spread the word of this thanks.07 at 4:16 pm Few! thanks for this.07 at 6:12 pm Cheers for the advice my ipod has been out for ages. did this and its fine. was just wondering if you know the addres to send my ipod back too (apple).14. but this worked. But my stepdad toldme to look this website up and it worked I want to just say thank u I would've never thought of it.07 at 11:01 pm dude u saved me alot of money thanks 735iDude 07. U helped me a lot.:) 733Kelly 07.05. let the battery completely discharge. my ipod froze and i thought i'd broken it.16...07 at 9:08 am THANK YOU!! You've just saved me a trip to the Apple store. my ipod wouldn't connect to my computer. doesnt even wipe songs etc. it is so helpfull. thanks very much xxx 732Leanne 06. 734haussman56 07.07 at 8:53 pm Thank u I thought my ipod was broke. but this was much more convenient….

which like clockwork.23. it says it can't do it. When you enter the combination correctly. I had to repeat the above instructions about a dozen times. it will no longer be locked. broke after the warranty expired. 748stacy 07.20. if not than plz tell me how to restore an ipod with having to connect it to the computer since it wont work for me . And iv tried severaly USB cables but it does'nt seem to work.07 at 2:55 am By the way.07 at 10:31 am Thank you so much! I thought I would have to purchase a new one because it wasn't functioning properly…it wasn't functioning at all. 743Roland 07. The random ways in which the ipods break (especially after updates) make me fairly convinced that apple manipulates the software to ensure that everybody must renew their little digital necessity every model update or two. 745someone 07.i tried to reset it but it just returned to the screen…. Innovation isn't that sweet if its overpriced and totally unreliable. but they aren't. But it came back to life eventually.18. I took it to the I-store for some I-advice and the I-cunt told me i should just buy another new I-piece of junk. im having a really huge problem with my second generation ipod nano.the only thing i have not tryed is connecting it to the computer because i have lost the charger do you think that would work! 749samantha 07.07 at 8:07 pm I have all my songs in my iTunes. * Connect iPod to the primary computer you use it with (the first one iPod synced with). iPod will unlock and return you to the last viewed screen. When i connect the ipod to the computer through a brand new USB cable it does'nt do anything other than just take it out of sleep mode. My iPod settings say that I have as much memory as I had before all this.what should i do??? 750Mare 07. Thank you 752Werty 07.i have to ctrl+alt+delete for it to unfreeze……so i deleted itunes to redownload it and it wont let me on itunes at all now…. I'm getting anything not produced by apple next time around..and when i plug my ipod into the computer usb cord for ipod all it says is "do not disconnect"…. "F" Steve Jobs and his beautifully marketed monopoly. hang in there. i hve even tryed charging it on the wall charger and it still does not work. Thanks I can't say anything else but thanks.html 9/24/2012 .20. Lol.07 at 11:32 pm Hi. and will I lose all the songs off my iPod? 751SCOTT 07. the digits onscreen flash red.22. I'm on my third Ipod. 747kevin iunes has been acting up to…. because the files I have chosen to sync no longer exist. When I try to sync my iPod to my iTunes. I Would really appriciate it if some helps me with my issue. 744taha 07. like my songs are still there.17. and open iTunes.20. But thanks to your reset instructions it is now working . Look at how many posts there are on this page alone.i tried to rememeber the code to unlock it but i forgot it…. After failing to fix this bloody thing with every remedy previously described.07 at 7:30 pm i have an ipod 30 gb video and it is stuck on the lock screen…. I want to thank God also because he gave u a gift of helping others.07 at 4:47 am For anyone out there who are losing the will to live. and apple is a shoddy company. How do I fix this. Nearly everybody I know has an I-problem or another.werty.23.17. When you disconnect iPod from the computer.07 at 1:02 am what about ipod nanoooooooooooooo 746kevin 07.22.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 68 of 104 lot of money and time maybe even gas. If you do not enter the correct combination.07 at 2:47 am I just wish these damn toys would work in a consistent manner. but they aren't in my iPod. These things suck. http://www.07 at 4:25 pm my ipod is completely frosen i have tryed everythink it has said on the net and it is still not God bless u and have a nice day.07 at 12:45 pm Unlocking iPod You can unlock iPod in one of two ways: * Enter the combination on iPod using the same controls you used to set the combination.

Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

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If you can't unlock iPod using either of these methods, you can restore your iPod to factory settings. Please note that this will erase all data on your iPod. Afterwards, you can add your music and data back to iPod. If you want to change the primary computer that your iPod is associated with, do this: 1. Restore your iPod. Warning: The restore process cannot be undone. All of your songs and files will be deleted. Always make a backup of your important data. 2. Connect your iPod to the computer that you want to be the primary computer. 3. Open iTunes and synchronize.

753Vita 07.24.07 at 12:47 am Wow… is very very briliant…it is really worked it…thanks God….my ipod is still life…and i didnt loss myt data….huhhhhh

754Shantelle 07.24.07 at 2:14 pm Omg Thank U So Much Because My IPOD Nano (2GB) Wouldnt Come On And When I Connected It To The Computer It Still Wouldnt Come On. So I Had To Find A Way To Fix It Because I Didnt Want To Pay And When I Looked Up " How To Fix A Broken IPOD" It Brought Me To This Page So Thank U Guys So MUch For Helpin ME!!!!!

755d 07.24.07 at 11:26 pm thanks! you're my hero!

756Lauren 07.24.07 at 11:54 pm Thanks so much i was like 10 seconds away form throughing out my ipod when it wasn't ever turning on but now it is working fine:D

757MREZA 07.25.07 at 6:21 am TNX, It works, I had to do It 2 times , and 2nd time it worked.

758Melanie 07.25.07 at 10:21 am Thank You so much,I had givin up I typed in My Ipod is stuck and found you, You are my daughters lifesaver, Thanks!!

759Jamie 07.25.07 at 5:50 pm I was doing the freak out until I found your site. Thank you so much!!!

760BRAZILIAN GUY 07.25.07 at 6:58 pm My friend, I have a IPOD nano 4Gb After open to see inside he stay DEATH! I think… I KILL MY IPOD. But you save-me. Very very very thanks!!!

761Destiny 07.26.07 at 4:41 pm Thanks so much!!! My ipod finished charging and then i started hearing a song and then it totally froze! I was so mad. Then i read this and it really worked thanks!!!!

762Kimberly Love 07.26.07 at 4:49 pm You are my HERO!!

763mike 07.27.07 at 8:02 pm my ipod nano 2gig wont sync with itunes. it doesnt reset or turn on. my screen is blank and the usb charger and wall charger dont do anything for it. what is wrong. I tried to reset it by pressing menu + play/pause simultaneously but no apple logo appears? help?


Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

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764Sidney 07.28.07 at 3:06 pm Thank you thank you thank you… I was using my girlfriend ipod and locked it up….I have had 3 days of hell man off her… your site saved my life!

765Siddharth 07.29.07 at 11:19 am Hey..Thanks a ton buddy; ur instructions really helped me sort out my first 'ipod' hang! And simply googled and the first link was urs! Kudos!

766Mani 08.01.07 at 12:31 pm Wooo.. I really on the way to visit my vendor. Simply great..It worked nicely..

767Jeddy 08.03.07 at 12:29 pm You are a STAR – Thanks a bunch – you saved me a trip to the Apple store

768Anonymous 08.04.07 at 2:30 am My Ipod was working early today but when I got in my car to use it, it wouldn't turn on. I got home and tried to reset it, nothing happened. I even tried charging it even though I know its not dead but still nothing happened. What do I do to make it work?

769Dave 08.08.07 at 5:06 am Hey cheers for that didn't have the manual at work and the damn thing just died on me for the first time.

770mimi 08.09.07 at 2:22 pm cool. my buttons wouldn't work, so thanks.

771Shyam Shrestha 08.09.07 at 11:57 pm Thank you very much……My stupid shuffle was hanged when I tried to play my favourite song on it and you know I knocked this stupid so many times but did not work. As soon as I got this article and follow the instruction….my shuffle worked….thank you so much

772Amber 08.10.07 at 1:43 pm Hey! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I was getting ready to call my mom and tell her that i needed a new iPod even though this one is only about a week old. You fixed my iPod by giving me step by step instrutions. That is good because I am like electronic impaired. Lol. anyway, thank you soooo much!

773John 08.10.07 at 10:14 pm I at first had trouble resetting my iPod . It is very important that when you press the select button during the "press menu and select buttons" step you press on the select button so that no part of the click wheel is touched. once I did that it reset immediately. I got this tip at

774eash khatri 08.18.07 at 10:49 pm Thank you so much I am enjoying my Ipod again

775jmurray 08.19.07 at 2:28 am Thanks – these instructions worked on my Ipod Nano like a charm!

776Akanksha Wasan 08.21.07 at 9:33 am Thank a ton!


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It was awful having my ipod hang.Just one step and my ipod responded!thank you!!thank you!!thank you!!

777Prtygyal 08.22.07 at 12:44 am You are a God send. I have been looking at that "do not disconnect" message that has been frozen onto the screen of my ipod for the last 3 days (while I continuously connected, disconnected and re-connected my ipod to my computer) I finally got it to work again. Thank you sooooooooo much.

778madison 08.23.07 at 7:13 pm THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my little sister had thrown my ipod into the wall and wouldn't respond but when i followed the directions correctly the logo appered and then i knew my ipod was fixed!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

779jane 08.24.07 at 11:09 am MY IPOD NANO 4gb got dunked in lemon juice by my 4 year old. The problem is that the clicker wheel thing is not working at all, it will not let me scroll through the menu and the centre button will not work either what do i do?

780cambrie 08.25.07 at 6:36 pm can u fix ipodvideo

781alden 08.27.07 at 4:20 am whoa thanks to the enth power man!!!

782scott 08.29.07 at 2:13 pm it is clear you have saved many windows from being broken by flying ipods… thank you from new jersey

783dahri 08.30.07 at 3:29 pm I bought a 30GB ipod about 3 months ago. Everything worked perfectly until this afternoon when I was listening to the music and the song stopped playing. The screen’s backlight has always been on since then. I tried to push the button, but nothing happened. I tried to switch the hold button, but the screen did not even show the lock icon. What’s wrong with my ipod? Please help me….

784svebor 09.01.07 at 7:56 pm how do u fix an ipod mini that has the sign on it saying to plug in to wall charger and tried all the resets i put in a wall charger, i dont know what to do plz tell me

785Dustin 09.03.07 at 2:49 pm Thanks so much! My ipod froze up today at the gym and I came home, googled it, and found this site. It immediately fixed my problem! Thanks again!

786Anikrichard 09.05.07 at 8:28 am hello , my name is Richard and I know you get a lot of spammy comments , I can help you with this problem . I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site. It will reduce the volume of spam by 30-50% .In return Id like to ask you to put a link to my site on the index page of your site. The link will be small and your visitors will hardly notice it , its just done for higher rankings in search engines. Contact me icq 454528835 or write me tedirectory(at) , i will give you my site url and you will give me yours if you are interested. thank you

787Mat 09.07.07 at 4:25 am OMG thats alot of comments….. Thanks For The Help Mate!


07 at 2:01 pm well my ipod is a nano.09. too. It worked perfectly to reset the ipod (20GB).werty.25. I haven't listened to music in a week and i am going to pull my hair out. and click down for the next song.11. its not working. I have tried the reset trick and it's work many times. Sometimes the bad smiley man stares at me. Still at 8:16 pm Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I've had my ipod for 6 months or so.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 72 of 104 788Sarah 09.07 at 10:38 pm thanks!!!!!! worked like a charm…. i opened it up. it worked! ~LT 796P 09.and this was the 2nd time it froze…I wanted to throw the damn thing till I came across this site! Why do ipods freeze in the first place???????? Once again thanks it worked the first try!! 792Sandra 09. It's stuck on a black screen with apple sign. Recently though.07 at 11:55 pm Thanx mate. it will skip songs on the list :/ help? 798Aaron 09. but newest edition doesn't recognize it so i can't restore it.20. Is there some way i can wipe it/restore it through the device manager.18.17.html 9/24/2012 . 60 GB. help!!?!?!?! 791Mel 09.07 at 7:09 am Thanks it really works 799keegan patrao 09.07 at 5:46 pm I have a 5th generation iPod photo. I want to restore it.15. i put a business card in there.07 at 1:49 pm Thank you so much.10.07 at 11:14 am http://www. this site helped me fix my iPod in seconds!!! 789ipod newbie 09. cheers 797sara 09. i have done all the tricks.07 at 7:36 pm Thanks for the advice! Worked like a charm…better advice than the true site.07 at 1:26 am Well well… Thanks dude. 790Brian 09.07 at 2:02 am MINE STILL DOESN'T WORK B****!!!! 793soran 09.was on the verge of throwing it away! 795Linux Techie 09. black.07 at 10:45 am man my ipod has been froze for weeks till i found ur wonderful website it fuckwn helped me alot and i fixed it it was greart== thanks alott for the tremandoss web u hav made 794Kelvin 09. and when i listen to a song.

Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

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Thanks a million, this was really helpful and saved me a lot of money.

800Nazzul 09.25.07 at 3:41 pm I guess youve gotten plenty of thanks but I gotta say THANK YOU YOU SAVED MY DAY!!

801refreshinglytoal 10.04.07 at 4:39 pm heres a pickle, my ipod frose so i reset it, it came back on but all the music had been wiped. Now whenever I try to plug it in it says that its corrupted. Ive restored it to the factory settings but it still doesnt recognise it. Any ideas?


803Melody 10.08.07 at 4:36 am Thanks so much! I have an ihome and the ipod froze while I was moving it to a new location. I googled the problem and your site came up. I had to show some music to a client tomorrow (which was of course docked on the ipod) and you just saved me. I adore you. electronically-platonically of course.

804Georgia 10.09.07 at 10:51 am heya i have an ipod nano. I dont know whats going on with it!! everytime i try to turn it on (without the power connected) it doesnt work, but when connected to the computer, its ALIVE but only to th "do not disconnect" and when restarted on the computer goes straight back to that, otherwise without power its as dead as the last dodo on Earth!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!! cheers Goat |\\\\\\\\\\\|

805Kelsey 10.11.07 at 4:26 pm Thankyou SO much! Today after school I took out my ipod, and it had some strange black bar at the top! I searched FOREVER, and found this guide. THANKYOU!!!! You are my savior!!!

806G 10.12.07 at 6:59 am Thanks I thought my ipod was dead but your reset trick worked. Much appreciated.

807Luke 10.13.07 at 3:39 am After so many thank you's im sure you're sick of hearing this but here you go… THANK YOU! this post was a great help. The gym will be a lot more fun today!

808Natalie 10.14.07 at 12:04 am I just got a new ipod nano video 3rd generation 4 mi 18th birthday just the other day and it was workin perfectly until last night i tried 2 recharge it but mi computer wouldnt recognise that mi ipod was connected i tried pluggin it in and pulling it out and pluggin it in again but nothing! my Itunes wont even recognise that mi ipods connected and im realli worried coz its nealry dead!! i thought it was mi computer but mi camera/mp3/psp all work fine. can anybody help me is mi ipod broken? is the usb cable broken?? do i need to resest or restart me ipod???? HELP ME!!!! PLEASE!!!

809elise 10.15.07 at 12:17 pm My iPod Nano was stuck on now playing. Thanks to you I was able to figure out that my settings had changed and fix it.

810johnk348 10.19.07 at 12:11 am


Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

Page 74 of 104

thank you for this.

811jonathan 10.19.07 at 7:25 am i did that everything but its still didn't work on my ipod photo. when i hod menu and select apple logo appears but still get back to the icon of a charger with an arrow to be put in electrical power supply. can anyone help me please? my ipod is 30gb Apple iPod Photo. another thing my ipod cannot be detected on my computer and even to the other computers. please email for any help you can do at thank you….

812hira 10.19.07 at 4:05 pm okay ive bin trying all those steps for about a month noww!! wat do i do?? ive had this ipod for a lil more thn a year!! i cant buy a new one! thas so unfair!

813Yelena 10.23.07 at 6:09 pm This is the 3rd time my ipod 30GB (5th generation) has frozen up on me. When I try to change the song that is playing to the next one, the ipod freezes, not all of the time but still. The other 2 times I had to wait for the battery to die and then re-charge it, but that takes too long. This time I went to this site and your instructions helped a lot. I did the hold menu and select buttons about 7 to 10 times and eventually it worked. THANKS A LOT!!!!!

814Jeremy 10.28.07 at 7:58 pm Wow all i can say is WOW! TUVM !!!!!!!!

815kyle 10.30.07 at 7:38 am Many Thanks. Worked Fine

816Lekhs 11.01.07 at 3:06 am Woooooooow!!! Its wonderful! Thanks a ton for bringing back my iPod Nano to life. I treasure it a lot!

817James 11.05.07 at 4:00 pm was about to through the ipod out when i found the comment about holding down the menu button and the centre button. worked a treat. thanks heaps.

818Emo_Sk8er 11.08.07 at 9:01 am i recently had my ipod photo for a year and last nite it stoped working rite after i unlpugged it from itunes and now its dead wont turn on help me sum one i i have 2000 songs on. im starting to hate ipods now they really a rip off

819Ed 11.09.07 at 7:10 pm Dude, thanks. I don't care if Apple have put it on their site, it evidently isn't obvious enough. I know that I'm not alone when I say that this is a great help.

820Joanna 11.10.07 at 3:52 am Thanks so much, worked perfectly..felt silly for freaking out so much… God bless

821dutch 11.12.07 at 9:55 pm THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH>> THIS REALLY WORKED for the PODZILLA FREEZE. I was just about to give up when i saw the message below. I kept reading the same suggestion over and over again until I saw this one that really made the difference….THANKYOU!!!


Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty

Page 75 of 104

I installed Ipodlinux onto my 30GB Ipod Nano. I was unable to boot to disc and the system kept going back to Podzilla. PC at that time did not recognize my ipod on USB. This took me awhile to figure out how to restore my ipod but I finally did. Here is what I used if anyone else ever has this problem. Hold top of center button while holding menu at the same time. Wait 5 seconds Ipod will start to reboot. Immediately place the finger that was on the menu button on the play/pause button but do not remove other finger that was holding top of center button. This will automatically default your ipod to disc mode and will be recognized by your PC immediately if it is connected. By Punchkins on 11.18.06 5:14 pm

822Jacob 11.14.07 at 1:29 am Thanks Alot Mate….really Realllyy saved me lots of hassile

823sateesh 11.17.07 at 6:18 am Thank you.. pressing menu and center button at the same time worked for me…

824jason 11.17.07 at 10:42 pm I finally threw my 5 year old 40 gig click wheel as hard as i could on the tile floor and it felt sooooooo good. piece of crap had trouble from the start. can't believe it lasted this ling. well i will never buy another expensive piece of crap like that again. next time it will be a $50 disposeable piese of crap.

825hello 11.18.07 at 3:04 pm the reset worked but the ipod didn't = [ gonna miss the ipod had it for 5 years =[ o well smashed up a phone this week too =] fun and if i want to repair my ipod it costs more than a new one like wtf >=[

826Naga Popuri 11.18.07 at 10:42 pm Hi, Thanks a TON for the tip on resetting IPOD. It helped me in solving my issue with IPOD 80GB.

827Jason W 11.19.07 at 5:40 pm Right on! My daughter was about to have a heart attack! Works perfectly.

828Ember 11.24.07 at 1:11 am thanks i was so worried about my iPod it cost so much and i didnt want all that money to go down the drain thank god for internet.

829TIM 11.25.07 at 6:12 pm At first I thought it was a serious virus or something and throw it away for the week-end. Then Sun night came back home and start 'googeling' .. I new they must be a helpful people like yourself, you are brilliant star .. you made my day.. Many thanks..and of course thanks to google!! Tim

830james 11.27.07 at 7:18 pm my ipod was working fine but suddenly it froze so i let the battery run down but when i try to tunr it on a smiley face comes on and can anyone help me please??/

831LC 11.28.07 at 4:21 pm


but it all worked out! Many thanks and merry christmas =] 840Gina at 8:26 pm THANNNKS. please!!! 837Ana 12.07 at 11:06 am Hmmm nice place.07 at 12:14 pm Just want to say thanks for this great tip – worked perfectly! 836Jordy or just repost on here. 839iPod Gilry 12.07 at 8:08 pm OH MY GOD THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I WAS ALMOST IN A FIT OF RAGE> YOU SAVED MY SANITY AND MY WALLET. 842Jimmy Ventura 12. until i put it on a table.And if I try resetting it all the songs disappear. does anybody know what to do? If you know please email me at JordyyLovesYou@aol. The apple icon appeared to turn on when I released the menu and center buttons after holding for about 8 seconds.07 at 6:03 pm You are the bomb man. this worked like a charm! =] My dad got kinda worried at first.07 at 10:12 am THANK YOU!! 833anon 12.17.07 at 7:38 pm thanks for this! the advice about flat surface turned out to be extremely useful.21.09. normally it doesnt need that! [and i dont think you lose your stuff .Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 76 of 104 dont you lose ALL OF YOUR MUSIC when you reset?because I have 300 songs on my nano and only about 6 of them are on my new laptop so I would lose everything but those 6 songs I could transfew back right? 832Sophia 11.29. GOD BLESS!!!!!!! 841John 12.07 at 10:07 am I tried the reset method numerous times without any luck.07. and it turns on but then it just freezes and shuts off.01.well i didnt] 834Kaity. Thanks a heap! PS. I freaked out when it hung on me http://www.html 9/24/2012 . Finally it turned on and is working again. It Worked Straight Awayy ♥Kaity 835Christian Watson 12. i was trying to reset but nothing doing.07 at 6:04 pm I have already tried resetting my ipod.x simple sweet and efective thanks a bunch 843Bryan 12.07 at 11:21 pm THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! My commute is bearable again! 838psifreak 12. wierd.07 at 1:07 am Hi just another guy who appreciated the help.02.werty. I tried for two days. It worked.01.My I-pod shuffle will play nicely but I turn it off then 5 minutes later when I turn it on only like three songs are on it.Very useful. But I kept trying after reading some of the posts.07 at 5:34 pm Haha.

07 at 3:36 pm Wow thanks. My connector has come loose twice.icio.07 at 12:24 pm i need help with my ipod nano-video. and was actually considering buying a new ipod… Yeah. the newer ipods are fancy and can do alot more things. just froze wouldn't move but the resetting instructions worked.29.08 at 1:19 am Thanks so much!! my ipod nano the long skinny one.08 at 2:06 pm If you're ipod is booting straight to the dead ipod logo.28. but now it's not! I'm very thankful! 853Naima 01. you can fix you're ipod by opening the 849brittany 01.werty. but I really love my mini and really just need my ipod for music… I mean. It's completely dead but the battery is almost fully charged. i put it in an iHome and took it out and now it won't turn on or do anything when it's plugged in the computer. WHICH I LOVE! I thought it was a at 1:14 am Thank so much man if actually worked i thought it would be some bougs website anyways thx alot 845Christina 12.01.05. so why spend money on the upgade? You saved my mini.08 at 1:40 am THANK YOU SOOOO SOOO MUCH! I was just about to throw my Ipod mini against the wall but decided to look for a cure to my broken menu button online! and I read a few posts here and found it! my ipod mini was stuck on shuffle.27. http://www. so I have an ipod Mini.07 at 8:00 pm Thank you for your help.08 at 5:14 pm My ipod is just displaying the apple symbol and will not shut down.05. please help! 848Derek 12.13. When I do the rboot it does shut down momentarily and then get stuck trying to come back on.05. THANKS 850Jillissa 01. and reconnecting the ide connector on the hard drive.html 9/24/2012 .08 at 1:52 am Ok.08 at 11:16 pm Thank you !!! Sooooo Much it Work i got a Ipod Nano and it froze i followed the first instructions and it work Thank you Soo much! 852Naima 01.27. Any advice? 855hello world 01. and it worked like new. and you saved me money!! Thanks! 854KCB 01.08 at 1:45 am thanks so much! my brothers showed me how to do it but i forgot and was holding down the wrong buttons to unfreeze it! thanks so much it was froze for like 4 hours~! 851Justin 01.01.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 77 of 104 844tai dinh 12.28. this is the BEST site ever that can help with my Ipod Nano ever! I started to Flip out when it froze i was like oh crap! and so i went on the internet! and i saw this place and bam it workes! God Bless You and your site! Thanks sooooooooooo Much! 846James 12. and both times I just had to reconnect the cable.01.07 at 11:09 am Thanks!! i got my ipod a few days ago and thought that it was broke already… The best feeling ever is seeing the apple logo pop up 847Ainsley and Emma 12. the mini does all I need it to do. bookmarked with del.

08 at 7:31 pm Thanks soooo much for the advice! My 8GB Ipod froze and thanks to you I fixed it! Holding the center button and menu button worked for me….26.08 at 9:29 am Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it! 861Krazy K 01.19. :] thanks a bunch! http://www. I think it's because it was left in my car in the cold. 866MikeBoyd 01. it worked on my new ipod just now. Then i thought it had finshed chaeging so i took it out but now it keeps turning itself on and off and making a clicking noise and overheating …so if anyones read this and knows how to fix it . 860Jenny 01. I charged it all day with my usb cable and it gave me a weird error message about contacting ipod support. you guys are so smart 865BeeWee at 6:52 am Hey my iv had my ipod since 2005 and its a 30G one.werty. didn't lose any tracks/info etc. many thanks.19.please help =] …x 858Lucy 01.08 at 4:00 pm Thank u I had this trouble and didn't know what to do I try search google for answer and i found Thanks man keep it real.08 at 7:25 pm It seems I have lost half my songs from my nano.17.08 at 3:27 pm Thanks for this. I found the reset instructions on ipod's support site (that guy was right. What the heck happened? Any help is appreciated.. 864mcb 01.19. I didnt use it that often so it had been just sitting there for a few months but when i tried to turn it on it wouldnt so i tried to charge it on my computer…but the computer didnt register it but the ipod was still being charged. I did not delete any. I pressed (Menu) button for 6s and it works. 857Lucy 01. F(*&^ APPLE DIRECTIONS.31. 863Vic 01. I tried to do the apple way and it did not work. people just don't look hard enough)and it did nothing but give me the error message again and now it's completely shut down.16.08 at 10:54 am I have an older generation ipod nano which I hadn't used in a while.08 at 5:07 pm it worked.html 9/24/2012 .08 at 6:53 am oh and also theres a weird charging sign on it it looks the like charging sign except its shiffed over abit thanks x 859Rach 01. thank you! Not even my iPod!! 867nell 01.23.08 at 7:35 am LEGEND! Worked first time.08 at 1:26 am Apple does not give the right direction. I did however delete some from my pc.30.30.08 at 2:13 pm thankyou so much for the reset mode! i got really scared i'd have to buy a new one if it didn't start working.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 78 of 104 856nicole 01. 862Aboooood 01. It's warranty is over so I guess I'm just SOL. when I went to download again I noticed they are now missing from my ipod.

btw). *tear* someone please help me!!!!! 874Rasmus 02.werty. i'll recommend this.08. It helped me also.12.08 at 7:13 pm http://www. it wont even I HAVE BEEN TRYING THIS FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS NOW AND IT IS DRIVING ME MAD!!!! PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP!? 876Span 02.x 869Oliver 02.14. itunes freezes up.08 at 7:06 pm I AM TRYING TO RESTORE MY IPOD AS IT WAS PLAYING UP.08 at 5:25 pm Thank you wery much I had no idea that reseting your ipod would be so easy I cant thank you enough for bringing me theese sipmple facts. THE THING IS I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.11. Its nice some people take time out to do POSITIVE things like set up a page like this to help people.04.06. 875BOBBY 02. HOWEVER WHEN I CLICK RESTORE IT COMES UP WITH THE MESSAGE 'IPOD COULD NOT CONTACT THE IPOD SOFTWARE UPDATE SERVER BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. after doing the dumb thing of holding down the play button insted of the menu button.08 at 7:52 pm yeahh my ipod is broken…… it just wont turn on this is the second time. 873Jessica 02.14. 871potter 02.08 at 12:30 am i have an ipod nano video 4g and i tried what you said.08 at 4:23 pm Ignore all the negative comments on here.05.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 79 of 104 868Yvonne 01. thanks a lot 878stephanie 02. worked like a charm. i've cleared out everything in the calendar.08 at 1:10 pm Thanks dear my ipod also working.08 at 11:44 pm yeah my 2G ipod nano is messed up! whenever i connect it to itunes (which is the latest version. but its just frozen!!! it started earlier today when it wouldnt play some songs so i ignored it and listened to other songs… but now its frozen on one song! help! 877shasikumar 02.on different ipods how is this fixed?? 872syurithe queen 02.html 9/24/2012 .08 at 9:54 am thank you alot. then restore says something about my files being on "another application".31. i have to click restore really fast b/c if not.08 at 10:31 pm help!!! my i pod was on charge i let it charge for 10 mins and then it said disconnect now i did then i turned it on it said something and shut off i tryed to turn it back on and ressed the menue button and the play button but the apple just kept fadeing !!!!!!!!!!!! please help can you tell me whats happening whith my ipod its a ipod classic.. Thank you.08 at 5:51 pm Thank you sooooo much! Worked perfectly.08.09. and all that. 870Thomas 02.

08 at 11:20 am I have the very first video Ipod 30 Gg and no particular set of headphones seem to work anymore..19.20. Should i try the reset or dose it sound like its broken? 884Sarah 02. but when I went to use it again.08 at 11:16 am Help please! My ipod stopped playing music. though. I plugged it into the wall to charge. it got stuck AGAIN! I reset it again.html 9/24/2012 .. Now im sorted!! 886Bill 02.08 at 3:39 pm My ipod locked up tonight (4gb Nano) and the tip worked a treat for the reset. again.19.08 at 3:33 pm You just saved my bacon mate.08 at 5:04 pm just an update: http://www. he can kill me.. If anyone knows what to do other than try reseting it again and again (already done). it's suddenly got a problem that when i connect to computer it's not recharged and showing very low battery please wait I waited one day. THANK YOU! i would recomend this page to anyone who has ipod troubles…. 882louel 02.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 80 of 104 THANK YOU!!!!! i never knew how to reet my frozen ipod untill i came accrost this page. Worked like a charm! 887S 02. hehe… thnx god for people like u.. Thanks so much for sharing it as i was well hacked off with it as it wouldt do a thing.. please respond. i did not what happened…would you please help me what must i do this? 881Rosanna 02. I'm going to the apple store tonight to see what they can do.08 at 3:40 pm Thanks a million — your reset instructions were concise and easy to find. I have an ipod it's 80GB . im really scared of my father knowing that my ipod is useless already. now i reset the frozen ipod and THANK YOU i thought i was gonna have to get a diffrent one.still the same and also showing another like http://www.08 at 8:07 am thanks for the info… i almost die thinking what to do on my ipod. The next day it came back on when the battery was about to die. I hit reset…and then it went off and never came back on. btw this is going into my favorite folder! 879janet at 12:05 am Hi...brand new headphones cause the same problem— what should I do? Can apple fix this ? 885Mick My ipod is now stuck!!! AGAIN!!! I've had it since it basically came out.I can only hear from the left earphone unless i push the headphone cord in manually and hold it there… this is quite frustrating because it's obviously my Ipod that has something wrong with it. video ipod to listen to music when it got stuck on a song. 888S at 1:01 pm BEWARE OF THE RESET! I was using my 5th gen. All the buttons work but when the song comes on it doesn't play but after a few seconds keeps switching to the next one and so on? And after I played around with it for a while it started shuffling music like crazy and it happend a few time over and 883Veronica 02.17.08 at 7:43 pm OMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 880Abdul 02.

08 at 10:14 pm Thank you sooo much!! This really helped.08 at 4:18 pm Thanks man! i was ripping songs onto my buddys' and it froze on the do not disconnect screen. I will continue buying apple iPods. 9/24/2012 . The $ seems to be well worth it so far. it got dragged through water and sand on the beach.08 at 9:47 pm We tried to reset but it didn't work. but isn't someone always fed up with something? I bought a touch this last October. There should be an alternative way to do this.22.I've tried the reset instructions over and over again. and let me tell you. I have the same problem as someone previously posted.08 at 5:29 pm thanks a lot!!! it really helped! 896Chris 03.13.08 at 3:33 pm omg i was getting so worried tht my ipod was gone for good!i only got it two days ago!!thanks so much for the info! 892jeff 03.23. but the hold button has been damaged so it still does not seem to respond. Please help if possible. " Any ideas? 893adam 03.08 at 11:54 pm YES. got dropped on tile floors.still the same and also showing another like http://www. Took it to the apple store. I enjoyed it. thanks again bro i was so frustrated… 897Dennis And yes. they said it was officialy dead. it flashes and blinks all weird. i reset it by holding the menu and select middle button and boom! problem solved. worked a treat have a good one adam 894Liah 03. much love from Singapore! I almost threw my iPod out of the window. It was a great help! BUT THIS FEATURE ON IPOD SUCKED. i thought that was it for the the ipod…. my iPod.08 at 10:29 pm I have an Ipod 2 GB and the screen froze with it saying to plug in to power.03.04. i read your site. Anyway you rock.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 81 of 104 my ipod is officially dead. there's something wrong witht the screen.14. I've had this ipod about 3 years. When I turn it on the Apple logo appears for about 5 seconds….07. Now when I try to reset. 895Trina 03. I have an ipod it’s 80GB . It lasted quite a long time. 899steve 03. thrown around the car.08 at 10:50 am thanks so much….com.05.08 at 10:06 am I have a 80 GB ipod and it will not charge up.then I get an error message that shows the Ipod w/ a small triangle and an exclamation point inside the triangle…. I know some people are fed up with iPod and the apple website.and it says http://www. I am trying to reset it. 891Danielle 02.13... We'll see how long this one lasts… 889Yulia… i did not what happened…would you please help me what must i do this?" Please help 898Norman 03. etc.08 at 2:43 pm that really helped me thank you =] 890V 02.02. jumbled with my camera in my purse.08 at 8:35 pm I have a GEN1 Ipod that I cant seek to get going…. it’s suddenly got a problem that when i connect to computer it’s not recharged and showing very low battery please wait I waited one day.

any ways on how to fix this? 904Ben 03.08 at 2:50 pm Oh thanks so much. thank you thank you thank you!!! 900jennifer 03. i have tried the reset methods with menu button and center button returning me with a apple sign but after it resets it goes back to the power supply icon.08 at 6:09 am Thankyou so much for these tips. 907Jenna 03. If you're still having problems check out: helium. Can someone please tell me whats going on and help me fix this? 908dave 04. 906Jeevan 03.08 at 7:16 am My 3G ipod stopped working all of a sudden. it forces a connection. i have misplaced my adapter power supply.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 82 of 104 i tried just about everything to unstuck my 80gb and nada worked until i found your instructions here.08 at 7:40 pm thnks so much ma ipod froze and i didnt know what to do then i just held on teh menu and select button and it worked ur life savers 901holly 03. and had to resotre factory settings when i connected it to my computer for some Just try as directed and never touch the Ipod if it is someone else.19. my dearest gratitude is owed to you and may the angels part the heavens on your behalf and sing their beautiful songs of praise. It simply will not turn on even i plug it in the main socket.15. Now everytime I plug it into the computer it wont allow me to sync music and whenever I unplug it from the computer it will reset on its on.17.02. my u2 ipod was thought to have been shortcircuited but then with your instructions it functioned once more. So i did.. I tried to delete songs but it would not sync onto my I-pod. I changed a new battery and still nothing showing on screen and no hand disk noise..08 at 5:39 am thankyou thankyou thankyou i love you yay http://www. You just saved it. I tried plugging it up to my sisters computer and I dont what happened but it completely erased everything from my Ipod. you've made my day!:) 902Julie 03.08 at 12:42 pm Hi. I've been having several problems with my Ipod nano It started when I was trying to upload new music onto. When I plugged it back into my computer all the contents were restored onto my Ipod. 910zoe 04. 903Marvin 03.I've only just got mine so I was gutted when I thought it was broken. try resetting it while it's actually connected to the 905Vishal 03.08 at 11:23 am ooooo thanks a lot bro… U r g8. but when I unplugged it.08 at 6:00 pm Marvin. Can anyone help? 909Apple stroodle 04. laying the thing down as you recommended and putting weight on the very outer edge of the wheel got it done.28. thought i was going to have to dump my IPod.20.03.08 at 7:47 am Thankyooo very much Other wise my brother would have driven me mad As I had toched his Ipod when he was away.27.17.werty..html 9/24/2012 . my Ipod reset on it's on and all my music had been erased.19.08 at 10:16 am I say thank you sir for your help.04. My I-tunes continued to say that I had no more available space but I had about 670mb left. and now im stuck with an icon showing a power supply and adapter and i cannot get passed this. The bloddy thing just froze.08 at 1:13 am I have a ipod U2 edition.

worked first try on my Ipod 30 GB…wonderful… 915Stephen 04. wow it helped a lot i have an ipod classic ..05.08 at 2:11 am thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much..08 at 12:15 am Hey.08.and den when i disconnect da iPod from my computer. it works!!!!! THANKS A LOT! 916Louise 04..worked like a charm on my 30Gg video at 9:52 am hey. i looooooooooove this site 922ryan 05.08 at 10:21 pm This helped me sooooo very much. thanks for the advise. it really helped a lot.05. 917joseph 04.and den when i disconnect da iPod from my computer.08 at 1:20 am i have ipod mini special edition u2 but its not wrking its appear in the screen contact support! what im going to do pls help!!! http://www.Theres nth in my iPod…Whys dat? 912Mike 04.09. So i need help to get it off the screen thanks if you could help.18..08 at 6:51 am How come dat i keep puttin songs in to my iPod..28. i just was shocked to see ma new i pod not responding and now.08 at 6:50 am How come dat i keep puttin soings in my iPod..Theres nth in my iPod…Whys dat? 913Lucian 04.08 at 11:36 am Your a champion if not a scholar 918Charlene Jacka 04.08 at 8:00 pm I found my ipod outside and it rained.08 at 5:48 am hello i have a ipod classic and i was at a friends house and when i pulled the ipod out of there cord it suffed up an the reset screen wont stop comeing up how do i fix that because none of the stuff up the top works 923bryan tomas 05. i'm relieved.. 914Sixfish 04.10.08 at 9:33 am Much appreciated.07. I let it dry out then i plugged it up to my computer to charge and when it finished it cut it on but then this lock thing came on the screen and it won't let me listen to music.html 9/24/2012 . it works! 921Ashwin 05.08 at 9:32 pm Thank you thank you thankyou….08 at 12:45 am thax a lot . 920bina 05. i dk how but my ipod went into like a system check mode and thankfully this website helped me oooo so very much!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS! 919rajkumar 05.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 83 of 104 911Mike 04.werty. and in india its darn expensive and my warranty is out as well.

got it in bangkok…. but i have no idea what it means and it is making me angry. and now it works.08 at 1:06 am ommgggg thanx sooo much ur a lifesaver i nearly had a heartattack cuz it wasnt working – living in aus. didn't help.08 at 7:45 pm my ipod nano 3rd gen is been a total tosser it no longer will sync its a ryt arse i foxed it b4 but i cnt remember wt i did help meeeee plzzzzzzz 934janet 06.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 84 of 104 924marcey 05.05. it freezes! 933rob 06. 927Pat 05. 930Joan Victoria 06. but i cant plug it into the pc or the charger anymore.18.08 at 1:21 am you are a genius! thanks! 931pumpernickel 06. thanks . Any ideas anyone? 926Charlie 05.08 at 10:33 am HELP ME! i had my ipod nano 3rd gen and it froze.08 at 7:02 pm Hi! I hope someone can help…my ipod nano displays a notebook and exclamation point.18.08 at 9:09 pm My ipod is frozen on a picture that looks like a chord going into a plug-in onthe wall.I had given up on my ipod for a whole year but now it works! yay! many thanks 929Nin 05. and everytime i do.html 9/24/2012 .werty.08 at 2:35 am Thank you so much. I turned it off one day and it didnt turn back on! I just bought it in like september tho! Its the newer model the 3rd generation! I paid for it myself so now im pretty pissed! 932aNonimous They were telling me to hold the wrong buttons!! Thanks for being here! Pat 928BOB 05.08 at 12:53 pm Thank you!! The first site I went to for help.12.08 at 4:56 am i have ipod photo 30gb and it hanged with "do not disconnect" sign. I can't pull up my summary page.10. Any ideas? Thx 935Katie 06.08 at 1:43 pm Perhaps the most useful web page I have ever visited.15. I can't get to any page to restore or do anything. But this works!!! YAAY! 925Ihatemylife 05.04. i reset it. When I go in to itunes to restore it. best site in the worldddd!!!! 936Brianna 06. I have tried everything. I'm not gay. anyway i didnt know what to do with it thought i had to send it over to apple.23. these instructions are great.19. Because now my ipod does not work. ive tried all this stuff but it didnt work! I think my ipods dead.08 at 5:29 am Worked for me.08 at 2:52 pm http://www.31.08 at 7:54 pm umm yeah.19.24. When I click on Janet's ipod nothing happens except to show my music library. but I love you.

I would have searched website for such help and found this one with a perfect and to the point solution…Thanks a ton…god bless 938Daniel 06.08 at 7:55 am Thanks a lot ! Worked out simple & perfect.24. it worked the first time Im glad on that i spend tons of money on i tunes and i wasant gonna go buy another ipod mini.08 at 12:47 am It was first time.23. 942Mitch 06.08 at 3:00 pm Thanks very much.. and I cannot reset.but the ipod had lost all its song s cause it is was not detected by itunes. I came across this issue with my IPOD and perhaps first time. and there is plenty room on it for more musci !!! 943Hannah 06.08 at 9:28 am http://support.(i mean all the songs in my ipod before it hanged)an option of restore to factory settings prompt.11.00 in the garabage till i read this thx a BUNCH!!! u r such a life saver… can i get your #?? i think u would b a TOTAL Hottie!!thx ill pay u back xoxo 937zuben your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 85 of 104 thx a BUNCH i thought that my iPod was $200.08 at 7:59 am Thanks so much!! You made my day! 944Sarah 06.24. 940Paige 06.19.08 at 10:22 pm Thanks alot .02.08 at 1:23 pm Thanks for the help my ipod mini froze up last night and I couldn't figure out what the problem was till I found this site it really helped m with my situation i'm doom.08 at 3:25 am http://www.then i have no choice but to i. 947D James 07.html 9/24/2012 .22.08 at 8:42 am my ipod just hanged and i tried the resetting and it worked.m back to zero.08 at 5:55 am THANKYOU SO MUCH! i freaked out when my ipod froze as its very new but your instructions worked straight away! Thanks for helping all the above people it seems ~ your a bit of a lifesaver! 941Reggie files are in my ipod. cheers matey 945jhewhome 06. apple website was absolutely no help but i reset my ipod and it worked straight away..why? 946JoJo $$ 06. or add music to it.08 at 1:49 pm i cant thank you enough!! id had my ipod for like 25 days now and i thort i already busted it 948dy 07.i thought when you restore my song swill still the ipod control can't this will help! cheers 939s_migs 06.werty.22.08 at 11:18 pm I have the nano 8g video.i should not have tried the restoring.25.

but eventually drained battery and I wasn.08 at 3:01 pm *** Please read…. i left it just like that until the battery runs down.16.24. but it's still on the HOLD button which won't let me do anything! Please can help me??? Any advice??? 953Ham 07. Make sure the finger pressing the Select button (center button) is not touching any part of the click wheel.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 86 of 104 thank you sooooo much!!! the last time my ipod "hanged". and not near the center.10.14.werty.08 at 12:39 pm http://www. my IPOD stopped being recognized by Itunes. thank you. It kept on playing music.26. (And no. I've tried this resolution many times but my iPod still does not function. It wouldn't do anything. I think I have a 4th generation(i have the generation before whatever the latest one is) 30GB IPOD.08 at 10:11 pm Thank you. i was about to leave the house with NO iPod and then found this! helped so much 950marteen still turns on when hooked to power.13.) Help anyone? My email is Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.08 at 3:00 pm I NEED HELP BADLY IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME. I connected other IPods to my computer and they showed up.08 at 11:33 am thank you SOSOSOSO 949GEORGIA 07. This made all the difference!!–Tip: If you are having difficulty resetting your iPod. so I can still add things to the HARDDRIVE portion of the IPOD.26. so it's my IPOD. Also make sure that you are pressing the Menu button toward the outside of the click wheel.17. My cable works and my computer apparently isn't the problem. Thanks so much!!!! 956Em 07. Now a yr later i'm tryin to fix it…. it's not on hold when I tried turning it on. THANK YOU THANK YOU 957Sarah S 08.08 at 8:51 pm Thank you so much! This worked a treat! I thought I was going to have to go throught the whole warranty business but then I found this.08 at 1:40 pm Hey thanks for the help!!! It works!! Thanks again!!! 952Sandra 07. and it will not charge.08 at 3:08 am my 2 gb ipod nano is not turning on & rather all the steps of resetting failed 955pdiz 07..08 at 11:42 am I cant get my ipod classic to work help 951Mari 07. but since it isn't recognized by Itunes. The screen is still black. Does anyone know how to fix this problem where it can be recognized by Itunes again? Or does anyone know how I can restore my Itunes. Well about 1 yr ago I dropped it while it was on the "HOLD" switch.08 at 7:59 am THANK YOU!!! You just saved me a trip to the apple store! I got my 80gb iPod Classic out of the car this morning and it was totally frozen. 959Martin Paull 08. thank you.01. It still plays 95% of the songs on the IPOD too. A couple of months ago. I googled "my ipod froze" and this came up! Worked the first time I tried it! YAY!! ~Sarah 958helen 08.html 9/24/2012 .I have an ipod mini for 3ys now.08 at 7:52 pm Hi.04. I cannot add or delete any additional songs. I tried it on other comnputers and that yielded the SAME results.t able to maually switch to next song. My IPOD is recognized by my computer as a removable storage drive. 954jatin 07. set it on a flat surface.17.

net/2004/06/reset-ipod.thnk you very much…im so happy ^^ 965jayreus 08..05.30.08 at 11:33 pm Hey Umm my lil brother broke my charger and my aunty got me a new charger but my computer said that it does not reconize it so i need help because i….08 at 2:41 am it worked….08 at 1:03 am omfg you saved my life 969Stephen 09.15. thank you again.30. 961Rich 08..16.) 968tyler 08.08 at 7:06 am Awesome! However my ipot locks up all the time but at least I now know a quick fix for the problem… 962ipod 08.08 at 12:06 am thank you so much for posting an information reagard reseting ipod it was a great help.08 at 5:04 am THANKS !!!! waah. You're a dream. c(".18. My 20GB 4th Gen A1059 iPod is now working again.. thank you. Works like a charm.11. 960Cryss 08.werty.html 9/24/2012 . great help! 966michael 08. at least i can finally hear my ipod again 964micah 08.08 at 10:12 pm After I did the reset trick my ipod freezes up again and I dont know what to do help me plz.08 at 4:50 pm i was playing a game on my ipod while listening to music and all of a sudden my ipod froze. u fixed my ipod. 970eb 09. *cant put music on it *cant charge it and werse http://www. none of these tips worked unfourtunatley.12.07.08 at 4:35 am WOW! i never believed it wen you said Ipod mini coz i have a Ipod classic and then a miracle just happen…thank you and Thankyou GOD! wheeww! that was a relief! ^_^ 967r-cie 23 08.22. there is no sound and the screen is stuck on the game i played.08 at 3:33 am pleas help my 8 gig i pod just stop't working and when i put into charge nuffing happens it doesent even come up on the screen help help pleassss 971Destiny 09. =[ 963RuL3z 08.08 at 10:16 pm thanks bro.12.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 87 of 104 Thank you.08 at 6:30 pm Thank you so much!!!! your amazing.08.

19. muack 979nicole 10.08 at 1:38 am thnks a lot ……………… 975Grumpy no mo 09.09. I have left it into an apple service centre. im just awaiting on their assessment if its repairable or not.08 at 10:50 am That kid that shows how to reset/unfreeze an ipod rocks I know what's a 54 yo dude doin playin with an ipod – freakin rockin out on the golf course – of course!!! 976pnutz 09.08 at 2:47 pm I think I love you.html 9/24/2012 . but of course i didnt know so i decided to open it up and next thing i snapped the cable to hard drive also i think i tried to hard reset the ipod by removing the battery but couldnt do it.29. 974j_D_L 09.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 88 of 104 *cant listen to it!! *cant 972chris 09.19.08 at 9:59 am wow.08 at 6:56 am i have a ipod nano the previous generation and its 4 gb and its blue the rectangular like 1 but anyway i tried to reset it a dozen times but it still comes up with the apple sign and a picture of the ipod with a warning sign and just really pissis me off can u please help me 973name 09. 977saz 09.10.08 at 3:56 am Hi my ipod 30 gig done the freezing thing.15.werty.06.08 at 9:11 am nothing works i listen to my ipod all day everyday and it helps me go by each day and i love it its my boifriend but only one side of headphones work inless i pull down the cord and now it takes like 5 minutes to just go on one song i need help o and the screen is realy scratched 980TeefaT at 4:09 am U r the Kinggg thnx man u saved my day 981chunkybeats 10.03. well i have no clue how to fix it cuz i cant reset cu btton r frozen. Do you think they will be able to recover my music? I dont care about the ipod (would be a great bonus if it works again) but its the recovering of the music i want as its music i built up over the years and half of the music i will never get again!! Please help me!! 982Sebastian 10.09. It doesnt turn on at all.08 at 5:10 am thank you so much ^^. 978Kiki 10.08 at 4:31 am http://www.08 at 12:55 am THANK YOU SOOOO!!!! MUCHH!!!! It worked perfectly!!! 983bagga 10.18.31. ok so my ipod classic's like clicker menu and back and forward buttons are frozen i cant do anything its stuck on th very main menu that asks for what language you want? but when i clik hold on and off it lights up? lol.08 at 3:38 pm ty ty ty.17.

991Yvonne 11.. It worked! Thank you soooooo much! 987reg 11.html 9/24/2012 . 993domo 11. but then I read this.08 at 2:49 pm thanks so much for sharing this. problem was that it didnt have sound when i pressed play nor would the songs length time move (so stuck on 0:00) and skip tracks.24. Did all the resets. When i plug the ipod to the desktop i hear this buzzing noise on going with nothing on the screen.26. and then i thought i'd just try this video and my ipod works again.27.werty.perfect.08 at 8:25 pm Ok. i was worried i would have to get a new 1. Have a nice day.30.08 at 10:40 pm thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. All my best wishes to you.04. Thanks a million!! 984Heather Brown 10.08 at 7:16 pm Hi I am able to reset. and it froze up this morning when I tried to use it. Is there some reason this happens? I wouldn't have thought that I would have to reset every time I turn it off. especially wen i need my ipod the most now lol thank u. I panicked big time. 2GB It is locked up with nothing on the scree. how in da hell do i get this piece of shyt to work.follow ur simply advise to holding dow both keys…. so my ipod hadn't froze. I have ipod Nano. but each time I turn my iPod off.08 at 12:53 pm http://www. It has been charged. I have to then reset. Can anyone help. etc.16. a message telling me not to disconnect (even when it hasn't been connected to my computer) appears and I can't do anything with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.08 at 9:44 am Omg.26. Nothing. i tried thison my ipod 60gb video and it worked like a charm (i was so scared it was broken!) well thanks again!!! losta love ~*~von~*~ 992Katie 11.. 985min 11.08 at 4:59 am THANKS A LOT BUDDY Your instructions won me an IPod.08.31. I just got my ipod from my boyfriend yesterday.08 at 6:54 pm i have an video ipod n the apple logo is like frozen on the sceen. Love the technology.23. my ipod froze today after i used a car fm transmitter…very helpful.08 at 5:44 pm awww thank you so much ily <3 990Cherrypie 11. 994Brandon 12. Thanks 986Emily 11. 988Abhishek 11. Regards. Abhi 989(: at 8:59 pm thank you so much!this site is such a big help for us ipod users!again thank you and advance happy christmas to us all.15.08 at 3:06 pm Help.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 89 of 104 RESPECT!! IT WORKED PERFECTLY…ipod froze.

08 at 5:52 pm Please Help ! when i tr to charge my iPod 30GB. YAY u just saved my life! 999norma 12.17. and now im jammin out again.08 at 8:50 pm OMG! OMG! thank you! i waz about to go buy a new one! my mom was already lookin for the reciet.08 at 9:48 am This worked like a charm on my daughter's ipod! Thanks so much.07.08 at 4:23 pm got ipod 4 gig got pic of ipod on screen with trangle wont do anything any help please 1002Chris 12. Any advice on what to do now? 1003TimmC 12.08 at 4:11 pm i need help i brought my ipod 2 day when i put it into the computer i couldnot go on the file without formatting so i did and everytime i plug the usb in anything it reboots it self any one know y and i cant see any of the music i put on it help plzzzzz zz 997amit 12.08 at 6:15 am i am so very thankful to you….08 at 8:52 pm YES! thank u =) i luv this site THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! =) =} =] =p XP 1000PP 1001mattmiddleton 12. i was so scared a few minutes before…. My iPod nano froze and this white screen was all i could see on the iPod 995Rhonda 12.html 9/24/2012 . Now the apple logo just flashes on and off.25.27.08 at 11:51 pm Thanks… the tips worked perfectly on my 80gb ipod.17.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 90 of 104 thanks so much for posting this just says: Please Wait Battery very low although i've been charging for many hours ! AND my computer dont recongnise my iPod…HELP ME PLEASE ! My email is pepe_prutt@hotmail.15.21.22. 996tan 12.13. 1004GARET 12. u rock my f@%kin socks http://www.08 at 4:46 am thanks alot!! i thought my ipod was finished.25.08 at 9:54 pm I tried the instructions to reset my ipod classic. thnx a lot pal!!!! god bless you always… u saved around 50 gbs of my songs!!!!…:) 998jessica

I plugged it into the dock and turned it back on – no problems since! 1013tamala 01.09 at 3:03 pm Thanks a lot. but now my ipod won't turn on at all. man! It worked perfectly! 1012Averil White 01.. 02.07. Flipping the hold switch back and forth nor holding the menu and center button down fails to reset the thing.your advice has saved me a long and weary trip to PC World 1015B.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 91 of 104 1005flavio 12.08 at 2:16 pm thank you 1006Amber 12. so much! I thought it was broken! D= 1014tony 02. It had frozen with the backlight on.09 at 5:06 am Thank-you!! Exactly what I needed. All I did then.27.html 9/24/2012 . please help! 1008Nanoguy at 12:47 pm Thank you….09 at 5:29 am thank you.01. so it didn't take too long. http://www.09. Once the battery had worn down. it worked before.08 at 12:56 am hi. All that shows on the screen is the battery charging symbol. i've tried that a few different times.08 at 4:57 pm omg thx i was so scared! ! ! ! and im so happy now! ! ! thx 1009Ninja 01. it won't turn on.29. was just let the battery run down so it turned itself off.09 at 9:37 pm Hi: Do you know how to fix a 4th gen ipod with click wheel? It froze the other day and the screen went blank. Then I had the battery replaced and connected it to charge. even when it's plugged in to an outlet.05.werty.04. I wish I'd seen these instructions when my ipod froze on me a few weeks ago. though.14.09 at 5:49 pm Aww.08 at 4:13 pm thnx it rly worked my ipod was shit then i watched your video u helped me out a lot thnx again:) 1007bakerfel 12. Please help?? Ninja 1010Jessica at 11:13 am i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you!! i was totally like ARRRRRGH! then i found you thanks (: 1011Igor 01.

09 at 12:12 am Thank you so much…worked like a charm..09 at 9:14 pm Thanks!! this helped at 4:34 pm WOOOWWW! THANK YUU SO MUCH! my phone broke yesterday so when my ipod just stopped working 2day i could of cried! then i came on the internet and found this and it worked straight away!!! THHAANNKK YOUUU!!! 1020Jess 02. II REALLY DONT WNANA RESET MY WHOLE IPOD AND RISK EVERITHING BEING LOST FROM IT.08. I dont want to lose my 4gb ipod. 1018Jassie 02.. thanks so much for that little piece of advice! My ipod nano is working again YAY 1024WARREN 02. It turns on but displays. >_< Cheers. "www.werty. eMAIL ME ::: itswarrenyo@gmail. I can now breathe a sigh of ipod wus frozzed n nw its working……………thnx http://www. My Mum and Dad are out and I didn't know I-pods could freeze like that… You've saved my i-pod! 1022Jeff First time I let the battery drain and this time. please assist me.09 at 6:04 am THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!!!! My ipod froze + my warranty has just run out so thx soooo much!!! 1021Em 02.09 at 12:57 pm this website iz one ov the best site whch can help u…….03. Jeff 1023Ana 02. I have the 30gig Ipod and it's only frozen up twice on me. 1017Gibson at 9:17 pm SOMEONE PUT A DANME PASSCODE ON MY IPOD MINI AS A JOKE AND DOESENT EVEN REMEMBER THE COMBINATION.13.09 at 10:04 am THANK YOU! As a teen girl. Jassie 1019laura 02.09 at 12:56 pm Hey there. My ipod still doesnt open.html 9/24/2012 .23. I totally bookmarked this so I never have the problem I has going nuts.09 at 9:00 am Thankyou!!!!! I thought my ipod was pretty much going to have to wait to be dead to get it to do anything.09 at 3:34 am I set my Ipod mini to disk mode following the reset procedure but still nothing happens. II AM IN A SAD MOOD NOW CAN SOMEONE HELP ME.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 92 of 104 1016Shari-Lynn 02. I followed your simple instructions and it worked perfectly! All the Best.20.COM 1025mohib 03.

1033Matt 03.12.09 at 4:08 pm YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE DEVICE.werty.09 at 8:10 am THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This worked a treat!! 1036marieke 03.26. my ipod is an 80 g ipod video. got home and nothing happened when I put it on charge. I just can't get it to work in 9/24/2012 . Thought the battery had run out.09 at 12:58 pm thanks!!!! 1028AmandaJ 03. I-POD HAS BEEN STUCK FOR 2 MONTHS AND MANAGED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM WITH YOUR INSTRUCTIONS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:)) 1038alex 04.31.09 at 3:19 pm please please please help me.17. It just shows up as a hard drive on my desktop and opens itunes…but doesn't show as a device.09 at 7:57 am My ipod nano won't show up in itunes (on my mac).09 at 7:48 am Thanks for the help.16. Worked great! 1027dee anna 03. WOrked first time – I am VERY happy – Thanks.09 at 5:43 am thanx dude that really worked 1030jules 03.16. http://www.04.09 at 4:48 pm Mine just stopped. Thought I had broken it some how as it was bought as a gift for me in the USA less than a year ago I was stealing myslef to contact the person who bought it to see if it was covered some how.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 93 of 104 1026James 03.04. Any thoughts? 1034kate 03.09 at 7:07 am u are a genius!!!!! thank u! 1035Brian 03.09 at 3:03 am I just wanted to say thank you! I wanted to cry bc I had no idea what to do… and suddenly life is wonderful again!! 1029Amanda 03.09 at 12:27 pm thanks soooo much!! 1037Andrea 03.01. 5th generation.31. Thought I would just try the internet to see what the deal was with Apple ( before contacting my friend and being embarrased) and came accross this.11. I NEED MY MUSIC.09 at 3:35 am when i turn on my ipod the apple logo turns on and stays there for a few seconds and turn off and repeats the same thing how can that be fixed?? 1032ricca 03. It plays music fine and works totally normal otherwise. I tried the reset thing with the clickwheel but it didn't work.09 at 9:02 am thanks a lot! that was really helpful! 1031greg 03.

!!awsum.09.or two!!! Just had my first "freeze" where my ipod wouldn't turn on or do anything and your instructions got it working again. Corrosion develops on the silver part of the hard drive cable and must be cleaned periodically to keep the iPod functioning correctly. This isn't always the case.09 at 12:02 pm I owe you one…….10.09 at 7:39 am exellent.14. easy and fast.09 at 10:13 pm YESYEYESYETYSE IT WORKED I LOVE YOU 1044sharon 04.html 9/24/2012 . Thanks! 1041Carrie 04. the problem is not actually with the hard drive. and i fiddled around in the diagnostics menu but nothing worked.01. it did not work 1040troy 04.26. best instructions! 1048ipod repair 05.05.13. The snow just melted here so I figure it was sitting under the snow all winter. and I know it's charged because it actually says 'CHARGED' .09 at 3:20 pm p.!! 1046Satisfied Customer 04. reset.15. it immediately shuts off. and i can't afford to have it broken. Just trying to get some advice on if there's anything else I can do before I bring it into the geek squad. Everything works like normal but when I try and play a song it just stays on 00:00.09 at 5:44 pm http://www. restore. but with the hard drive cable. I took it apart and let it dry out over a couple days and turned it on.s i did try resetting it. but in many instances. but many times it is. and sometimes even an icon show up telling me that the battery is low.09 at 6:07 pm omg i was fully sure my ipod was broke it would not switch on thanks to you guys its fixed yeahhhhhh….net/2004/06/reset-ipod. I found my answer on the first lot of info 1050Su 05.09 at 12:16 am The ipod sad face indicates hard drive problems.09 at 3:01 pm So last week while walking I found a 5th gen video ipod laying in the grass. but when I disconnect it from my ipod charger. 1049Alex 05. and still..09 at 3:52 pm You're a saint! Thank you! 1047Abee 04.05. I tried everything.02.11. Thank you very much!!!! 1043colton 04. My ipod is very important to me. It says it's playing but does nothing.09 at 10:11 pm Thank you!! 1045Ruth 04.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 94 of 104 it keeps stating that my battery is low even if I fully just charged it.werty. It has over 5000 songs on it please e-mail me back or something 1039alex 04.09 at 8:16 pm you da bomb.28.09 at 11:11 pm THANK YOU 1042Jeff Henkels 04. BUT I JUST CHARGED IT??? please please help.

Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 95 of 104 Perfect. 1055dd at 4:01 am thanks> your advice worked! 1058cliton30 06.19..09 at 6:24 am have you got anything for 15gb ipod's i have put mines on charge for about 3 days and itunes didnt show up when i put it in… is my ipod broken .09 at 11:43 am Genius! Thanks for the clear instructions.22. hey presto again. I just hope it wont happen again. and i tried to turn it back on and it didnt go. 1054Bakfire 06.09 at 1:02 pm i recently bought an ipod 4th gen click wheel of me mate . i almost had a heart attack. it really work. so i looked this up and tried that and it worked :D:D <3333 1062anon 08.04. Happy music listener once 1061mariah ranum 07.18.09 at 11:43 pm thanks a million lol. so i was like wtf.09 at 8:34 pm This is awesome. I was very sad when it got crazy.09 at 12:28 pm Thanks for the help. This is just perfect 1051Jordan 05..21. afterall it was dead. 1063Bill 08. with the 4 buttons at the top.03. Thank you.09 at 4:59 am Thank man.werty. I was at the point of hitting the thing then I thought I'd search and your site was top of the list.13. 1057japie swanepoel 06.02.09 at 6:16 pm http://www. i turned it off and it was stil playing the song. Worked like a charm. I thought the viruses from my computer effected it but i reset it.12.html 9/24/2012 . it worked.09 at 4:38 am thank you for the instructions! good entry! 1056AmandabB 06.16. I just fixed my classic 1052lindsey 05. I was ready to trash the dam thing. installed itunes software ok and then it asked me to reboot my ipod so i did then it asked me to plug it into the mains which i did but nothing happen and all i getting now is a charger and socket on my screen and it no loger reconises it when connected to usb either … at 9:03 pm thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you a bunch my brother said that he froze it then we couldn't get it back so checked and it worked 1059joe 06. after that i plugged it into the usb cable.? ive got the really old 15gb ipod. but that didnt seem to make it light up either.09 at 12:47 am Thanks bud. is this a software problem like i think ? 1060Pete D 07.24.09 at 7:55 pm thanks so much!! this was the first time my ipod had ever done thas and your directions had it up and running again in around 20 seconds! thanks! 1053Wendell M 06..

THANK YOU.09 at 4:25 am http://www. sanitize fingers. I forgot.11. Oh.08.09 at 7:49 pm helllo friends…first i woud like to thank you. 1071George 12. I had my boyfriend's ipod and was so afraid it was broken!!! So I googled ipod 4GB and I got this it only took me about 20 seconds to get it to work I was SOOO relieved!!!! 1066Sophie 08.werty. press outside edge of Menu. Unless I can get used to listening to everything in alphabetical order this toy will not see very much use.30.09. THANK YOU. I put the iPod flat on a table and used a pecil to push the center button.09 at 4:39 pm THANK YOU!! I was sure this wouldnt work on mipod as my play and centre buttons werent working u just saved me having ot get a new ipod ! 1073Po 12.08. THANK I fixed my Ipod in seconds! Barb in Cincy 1069Cori 09.09 at 4:40 pm This is really great and it worked….thanks …… 1068Barb in Cincy 09. hold breath.30. how about a physical reset switch.09 at 11:21 am Can anyone help?Some water got into my ipod few months ago and has sat dead ever since as those at Apple said it was broken forever…is there anything I can do or shall I bury it?! Thank you 1067vips 08.15. you are the Mighty Apple.10.30. I don't like the way they tried to protect music because it doesn't allow me the freedom to listen to my music collection the way I want to.09 at 1:50 pm Thanks very much for the video. Lord of Design and doers of no wrong. I had my ipod frozeen yesterday.09 at 7:25 pm cant get my ipod touch to reset i have connected it the the computer and its been recognised then i click the restore tab on itunes but then have way through it just says there is an error !!!!! Someone help i'm completely lost without it ! Laua 1065Tracy 08. thank you very much for that video.09 at 10:00 am DIdn't think this would work since the center button didn't seem to work…but it did. repeat until one hour has passed. becoz i folllowed ur instuctions and i resolved my problem. Toggle hold button (wow a physical switch. It works fine now… 1075Lanie 12. press Select without touching anything else.27. That helps. trim nails.09 at 10:12 pm Thanks for the tip.09 at 1:07 am Apple really screwed up with reset on iPod Video. 1072deirdre 12. i fixed my ipod in seconds.html 9/24/2012 . It just sucks that you buy something this expensive and you can't use it any way you want to.actually my i pod was hang up and i couldnt listen song but now i can…. GENIUS).09 at 6:46 pm LOVE you!!! Thanks!!! 1070victoria 10. Hey Apple.09 at 11:13 am oh my god. ( 1064Laura 08. I've just unfrezeen it after watching the video 1074Scot 12.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 96 of 104 These little music players aren't cheap either.11.

1084Kristian 02. Great to come across people happy to share info! Good on 'ya! 1076tosh 12.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 97 of 104 Thanks very much! I just had the same problem and your steps worked for me. With this knowledge I can now use the Ipod normally again.20.28.17. thank you!! *does the happy dance* http://www.werty. I have an ipod touch right. although the new area of the menu button still doesn't allow me to reset it.html 9/24/2012 .28. I won't take responsibility for any damage you might cause the Ipod. The two hard whacks on my desk worked…my track wheel was stuck…80 GB classic. I hate going anywhere without my music and i thought I was going to have to borrow money to buy a brand new ipod thank u so much You have saved me many boring musicless journeys.09 at 11:17 am thank you 1077Carlo Mendez 12. But as you're told on several pages opening your Ipod also means that you lose the And I don't know if it can cause the Ipod trouble to place a visit card or anything like that in it so if you do as I did it is on your own risk.18.09 at 11:42 pm thank god for having youre instructions…. 2) Make sure the harddisk is placed correctly – you can see and feel when it slots together with the other parts.05.10 at 2:54 pm Thank you.15.06. 1) Make sure that the harddisk is connected to the microchip board in all possible ways. and it wont turn on. When I turned the Ipod on again it just switched between showing a symbol consisting of a folder with a caution sign and an apple logo. 1080Izzy 01. but occasionally I recognized the functionality seems to have "moved" a bit to the lower left on the click-wheel. I was sure that I somehow had destroyed the harddisk of the Ipod but then I read an article from a website explaining that the Ipod sometimes shows this sign because the harddisk have removed slightly from the connectors in the Ipod (sometimes due to the heat within the Ipod) I decided to follow a few easy steps explained on the site.09 at 5:27 pm I'm just going to say thank you.27. I have just changed the battery in my 3rd gen ipod.10 at 11:55 am I don't know if anyone already have written this but there is simply just too many comments to read through by now.10 at 6:37 pm hank you my fifth generation 1086Barbara 03.09 at 12:16 am I have a particular problem my ipod scrambles my movies. Awesome. And bingo! Now the Ipod works fine once again and right now I am charging it up with the new battery.07.10 at 5:23 am Thank you so much! Your instructions were spot on! 1082fran 01. any thoughts? the movie plays fine in itunes. Meaning that a movie will play fine and then something happens and the movies freezes or the order of the movie jumps around. To make sure that the harddisk won't disconnect in the future this website suggest one to put a visit card or something like that between the harddisk and the back cover. So I opened up my Ipod once again and followed the instructions. 1083max 01.10 at 7:49 pm i want to kiss u right on the lips.. 1085Anyoimus 02.10 at 3:16 pm Looks like I also have a broken menu button. i put it on the charger and it only comes up as the red bar and the little lightnig bolt! it stays like that for a while and then just turns off!! what do i do?! 1081retarded me 94 01.10 at 8:30 pm Ok um. So i did as explained and then reassembled the front and back covers making sure that the harddisk didn't move from the position I had placed it in. 1078Marco Galaz 12. I have 80g ipod classic 1079Dawn 12. I failed fixing it using the proposed techniques.

You are cool dude thanks it worked Allan 1091tishs 05. 1099saymzowie 06.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 98 of 104 1087nn 03.html 9/24/2012 .(: it really works. thank you! I thought my ipod was a gonner… Wheww.10 at 1:00 pm Great website dude!!! 1088Adalia 04.10 at 9:55 pm thanks soooo much my ipod nano 5th gen froze and i thought i had to have it fixed. black with speakers and video camera and its stuck on hold.15. I just followed the video:) All the best.10 at 11:00 am Wow I nearly went out and bought a new one.10 at 11:03 am thank you.14.10 at 8:05 pm thanks sweeeetie this helped alottttt 1094jacob 05.10 at 12:07 pm I followed your instructions to the T – even the part where you recommend keeping the IPod on a flat surface..25.! 1097prem its snot coming off of hold how do i fix this 1096kw 05.10 at 3:31 am thankx a lot dear! 1098Alex 06. J 1095justin 05.13.werty.10 at 6:36 am Thanks!!!.10 at 1:33 pm Hey it works thank you so much. nothing i do will work .18.10 at 12:15 am i have a newer ipod..21.27. It worked like a charm! Thank you very much for posting this! 1093Amanda Miller 05.06.06. thanks for the help!!! 1089venz 04.10 at 7:25 am http://www.10 at 12:23 pm OMG I LOVE YOU! thank you sooooooo much. you're a lifesaver just like my ipod! 1090Allan 05.20.10 at 1:37 pm my ipod says its full but its not its 4 generation and 4gb…pls help me…:( 1092Rashmi Raman 05. You have no idea how happy i am right now.28.18. thaks.31.

v/r Jerry 1102keilea 003 songs that wernt saved to my computer.but thats also not possible....20. thanks for making my day. I bought mine on eBay and it didn't come with instructions.10 at 10:34 pm Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I won my IPod 30 GB three years ago.01.10 at 5:10 pm Sincere thanks.. verry good suresh 1101Jerry 07.but its ok without connecting to the laptop. You are the best! 1109jemmi3 08... I would never of purchased myself one… too expensive.since it keeps on reseting when i connect it to the laptop..10 at 12:00 pm Thank you so much for taking time to post this! 1108Spring 08..09....10 at 11:39 am I thought I was going to have to buy a new ipod and then I followed your instructions and it came back on. u say that reseting ur ipod can fix it but by reseting it it has gone worse.12.. can any help me plzzz? i got this ipod 5 days ago. 1106Lindsay 08. some how it says its fulll.09..10 at 12:23 pm thank you – just did that and it worked! not sure why it froze in the first place! thanks again! 1111LillyMaggieJ 10..Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 99 of 104 my ipod nano 5th generation suddenly keeps on reseting by it self as i connect it to the laptop. my ipod froze today after i used a car fm transmitter…very helpful.10 at 3:59 am thanks so much for sharing this.html 9/24/2012 .please help me :'( 1100SURESH YADAV 07.10 at 8:53 am Thank you very much your instructions were right on and my IPOD is working properly again.10 at 1:58 am omg i have tried every thing nothing works 1110kathyq 10.10 at 4:46 pm hi.. it wont restore on itunes because it says it isnt illegible for it.10 at 12:49 pm Thanks so much! 1107MarkW 08. I was heartbroken when I thought it broke.11...14.10 at 5:48 am Thankyou so much! <3 1105help 08. Thanks! http://www.werty. 1103Steve Malcolm 07.07...i wanted to syn some new songs.18.01.10 at 9:55 pm WOW…who is the creator of this site!!! thank you thank you!!!!! music is my everything and without this i would have lost 5.15.11.i wanted to format it. 1104laura norris 08.

11 at 12:02 am This website saved my life I was using a ipod of a friend and it just stop working so use the info on here and there it was working!!!!!!! 1118BigBuzz 01.08. Thank you so much! 1120tom 03. 1117AKM 01. I decided I was going to have to break down and finally buy a new one.11 at 12:16 pm Just sorted a hung. I thought I had really broken my Ipod Mini. and it used to get 'frozen' kind of often.29.22.11 at 8:05 am Nice work. but your easy instructions completely fixed the issue.17. It completely froze today and I couldn't get it to work at all.10 at 4:02 pm Have a first generation ipod that has never had any problems. Worked great and on the first try. somebody can help with this trouble please 1113BHJ 10.11 at 10:59 pm My friends ipod is lock for 41 years because someone tried her password and didn't get it. Now its payback time…:) 1122Sandra 03..10 at 10:53 am I am trouble with my ipod video. Worked first time too!Ta 1119wren 02.16.23. it doesn't turn on. 1121HARI 03. holding the center and menu button worked a treat.01.10 at 7:55 am I have a 3rd gen. THIS WORKED. 2004 right before the classic! and this worked!!! THIS IS GENIUS. Thanks alot. 1115Anonymous 1 11.11 at 6:39 pm OMFG. 1123Shawun McKinney 03.17. but it still no working.Thanks for saving me the hassle of going to Apple.html 9/24/2012 . My collage mate used to help me but he used to charge for it.11 at 2:36 am Hey thank you so much. when I found the reset instructions. ipod nano (4G) and I followed all of the instructions but it still doesnt work 1116Suki-Kaur 01. Tried to plug it in to the computer and to the charger. i try to reset with the schedules said up.02.11 at 8:00 pm Thank you so much. These advice sites are awesome.10 at 3:45 pm MY IPOD BROKE AND THIS DIDNT HELP AT ALL 1114Susan C 11.11 at 4:15 am thank you! you are a GODSEND!! my ipod mini might be 6 years old but i am in no position to replace it at the moment (and there is more than a little sentimental attachment) so THANK YOU for bringing it back from the dead! happy new year 2011. tatty iPod 30G – fantastic. Nothing worked.16. 1124Erica 04.11 at 6:07 pm I have an iPod classic 8gb I been trying to turn it on for the past few days and charging it up and it still won't come on I don't know what to do can anybody help me please.werty. WHAT DO http://www.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 100 of 104 1112Anonymus 10. I have the second ipod Mine is an iPod 30GB.

05.11 at 12:15 am omg thanks you so much i thougt it was broken i was going to start crying …so thanks you. THERE IS A GOD.26.11 at 12:30 pm can anyone tell me why my ipods sound is failing see the thing is i can hear the music with out earphones in but there seems to be a sound failure this is version 4.11 at 3:22 pm So Happy! Thought it was a lost cause and found this fix immediately when I searched! THANK YOU!!!! 1136jodielynnmcgraw@yahoo.html 9/24/2012 .werty.11.07.31. and my "iPod's life".11 at 1:05 pm my ipod 80gb is stuck on the apple sign i have reset it few times still the apple sign what can i do next ? 1137eliza 10.11 at 6:10 pm hey! Thanks a lot!! It really worked!!! 1138Laurence 10. man.21.11 at 7:34 pm This method worked for my Ipod 60gb! Thank you guys so much! 1130jazzy 09.1 by the way any help would be most appriciated 1135TSP at 3:06 pm thanks alot still works on the first gen… 1127lauren 05. 1133Rebecca 08. 06.24. but when i left my ipod pluged in it stared working again 1131Louise 06.11. you guys rock!!! 1128pughaz at 6:17 pm that actually helped 1126jackie 04.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 101 of 104 1125Daniel 04.11 at 7:24 am thanks very much my i pod works know thanks………………………………………………………………………………………….11 at 2:36 pm Thank u so much. Was trying (stupidly) to connect my big sister's ipod to my itunes and (even more stupidly) disconnected when it said "Do not disconnect" so of course the screen froze.11 at 2:44 am OMG i tried all of that with my ipod 4gb and i didnt work.26.2. Worked for the first time and i felt relieved. money.. Thank you! 1132Emmanuel S.thanks 1129Marco V.11 at 10:04 am You literally just saved my life. This just saved time. Imagine buying another iPod when your old one still works or going to the Apple store requesting to check up on it.11 at 7:43 pm THANKS MATE!!!!!!! 1134kieran stubbings 08.11.11 at 7:05 pm http://www. After doing a few of the things suggested the ipod is as good as new.05.

17. I tried draining the battery .12 at 9:22 pm ipod was frozen.11 at 8:14 am First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU.12 at 6:04 pm It worked thank you so much.11 at 11:22 pm It wont work! 1142Alison 12.12. hold center Been pricing up a new one but you have just saved me a lot of cash. thank you! 1143hermanN.D thanks a mil~ 1149mo 02. Thanks! 1139Chelsea Woodworth 11.26. Tried your setting .11 at 1:46 pm this was a life saver. 11.11 at 7:13 pm Nur ein weiteres Dankeschön! 1144Christine 01.12 at 9:44 pm like a charm.03.30. like a charm~~ . annything I could think of.06.werty. this fix worked to clear it on the first try – thank you! 1145Jeanne 01. Thanks again !!!!!!! 1141Andrew 12. and menu. and BAM. THANK YOU!!! Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * http://www.02.06.12 at 7:31 am my itouch's sleep button is not working so how do i reset the itouch?? 1148Starr 02.Is your iPod Broken? iPod Reset Instructions — Werty Page 102 of 104 Brilliant! Thanks! Like so many here. 1146Beni 01. Now thanks to your site (and video) I can cross it off.12 at 8:55 am Thanks a bunch…much appreciated!!! 1150david 06. it works.12 at 5:13 am THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! It works on my Ipod.12 at 10:06 am thank you!!! i thought i was completely dead.html 9/24/2012 .06.19.19. my geek buddies . Maybe these 2nd gen 60g ipods are indestructible after all. I thought my Ipod was f**ked and I had added this problem to my ever longer list of "Irritating and stressful things that just always seem to happen to me". the german 12.19.11 at 5:35 pm Help! My IPod keeps on going back to the main menu when I am trying to get on to my game that I want to play! What should I do? Can you help me with this situation here please? 1140Rick B. I have a 2 gig i pod nano. It alos runs the songs fast like a freight train. and it freezes alot. 1147Ravi 01.

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