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Data Center Infrastructure Size and Costing Tool

Specify Requirements
Cabinet Number of cabinets required Cabinet width (2 ft or 2.6 feet) Power Enter power voltage (120V or 208V) Enter amperage required (20A for 120, 15,20, or 30 for 208V) Anticipated amp draw per cabinet Number of circuits per cabinet 208 30 24.0 2 volts amps amps circuits 270 2.0 each feet

draft 1.0

Basic Calculations
Cabinet SF 16.0 SF SF for DC cabinet footprint 4320 SF SF for entire DC area 5184 SF to 6480 Total SF depends on infrastructure placement, columns, access routes, and bldg footprint Power draw per cabinet 4992 Watts also cooling load Max Power draw per cabinet 4992 Watts also cooling load Power draw all cabinets 1348 KW also cooling load Max power draw all cabinets 1 ckt 1348 KW also cooling load Maximum power draw all cabinets 2696 KW also cooling load Nominal Cooling demand per cabinet 17023 BTU or 1.4 Total nominal cooling demand 4.60 MBTU or 383.0 Max Cabinet Cooling demand 17023 BTU or 1.4 Max total cooling demand, 1 ckt 4.60 MBTU or 383.0 Max total cooling demand all ckts 9.19 MBTU or 766 Watts/SF (for cabinet) 312 W/SF Watts/SF for total DC area 260 W/SF to 260

Infrastructure Requirements Based Upon Input Requirements
UPS requirement for anticipated cabinet power demand: UPS total KVA rqmnt based upon 1 ckt maximum power demand: UPS total KVA rqmnt based upon all ckts maximum power demand: 2995 2995 5990 Expected Number of 20 Ton CRAC units (15Tons sens) Minimum (no redundancy) 26 Number of 20 Ton CRACs (15T sens)(for N+1) if using 3K SF zones 29 Chiller plant size if central cooling required (30% excess capacity) 498 Chiller plant size if based on Watts/SF 622 2396 2396 4792 1 Ckt Max For 1 ckt 26 29 Tons for 1 ckt max Tons KVA or KVA or KVA or KW KW KW For Max For Max 996 Max all Ckts 52 units 54 units Tons for all ckts max

Existing Conditions Compared to Requirements
Power Service to Building 4000 Amps at 480 Volts is 3.16 MW Required service to meet 24.0 Amps per cabinet power demand is: 1.348 MW Required service for maximum amp draw 2 ckts per cabinet is anticipated to be: 2.696 MW Required service for maximum amp draw 1 ckt per cabinet is anticipated to be: 1.348 MW Power required for cooling (Watts/sf basis) is anticipated to be 2.399 MW, including CAC unit motors & water pumps Total power required is approximately 3.75 MW and the site surplus or deficit is about (0.59) MW (red is deficit) Number of emergency generator sets: 2 sets sized at 1.5 MW each, total EGen capacity is 2.4 MW (80% of rating for sustained run) Number & Size of UPS: Number & Size of CAC : Chiller plant 2 22 1 units 500.0 units 20.0 compressors KVA each Tons each 440 , total UPS capacity is 1000 , total capacity is 440 Tons Each , total capacity is : MW Tons 440


Needed Additions
Utility Service Currently Provided at Site: UPS Overall requirement is approx. Additional UPS Unit(s) Required Additional Utility Service is Required 2995 MW, on-site available capacity is 1000 MW UPS units may be redundant, but check capacity requirements

7 MW.000 ATS 600A $10.4 Cost Information for Additional Infrastructure Item Estimated TTL 1 MW Genset $250.000 CW Piping $100/LF UPS. on-site available capacity is 22 Need additional units for N+1 redundancy Overall requirement is approximately: 4.000 Chiller. 600 KVA $150.600 ATS 1200A $22.000 Pumps 40 HP $8. 420T $230. on-site available capacity is 2. but check capacity requirements 622. 360T $210.100 Load Center $20. 29 units.000 120V/20A ckt $250-400 .Chillers ATS CAC/CRAC Generators: Overall requirement is approx.4 MW (2.000 Chiller. Tons.600 ATS 800A $12.000 Pumps 15 HP $5.3) MW is surplus/deficit Additional emergency Gen Set capacity required Number of Gen Sets appear ok for redundancy.000 UPS Batteries $85. on-site available capacity is 440 Tons Additional chiller capacity/redundancy required Additional ATS most likely required dued to increased utility service Additional ATS required for additional UPS Redundant requirement is approx.000 750KW Gen $200. 750 KVA $190.000 ATS 1600A $25.000 RPP $15.000 Switchgear $25-$50.000 UPS.

and bldg footprint cooling load cooling load cooling load cooling load cooling load Tons Tons Tons Tons Tons Watts/SF for sustained run) .POC: 2/2/2004 Jay Miller SF ess routes.