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“A man wearing a blue mask appeared in front of me. He stared at me with those black eyes that mirrored darkness and mystery. He reached out eagerly his hand at me and….”Rihu Karuza said to her friend and neighbor, Mio Ryuuga. “Rihu, Rihu, and Rihu!” Mio said irritatingly and poked hard Rihu’s head. “That was the fifth time you told me about that dream of yours!” Mio shouted. “When are you going to stop telling me about that dream again and again?” Mio questioned while composing herself. “I don’t know, Mio…I wonder why I’m always dreaming about it every night…” Rihu answered as she moved her hands from under her chin to the table. “If I were you, I would try to think about something else before sleeping. The reason why you’re dreaming about it every night is because you’re always thinking about it before sleeping.” Mio snorted towards her bewildered friend. There was silence between the two girls until Rihu’s mother; Hanae Karuza called for her daughter’s assistance in the kitchen. It was mid morning and Rihu is busy cooking a Miso soup for lunch while her mother was busy doing the dishes. Mio stayed in the dining table, hoping if she could be of any assistance to anything. “Mom, could you get me the salt? I need it.” Rihu requested at her mother who just finished washing the dishes. Her mother hummed as she went to the drawer where all the spices are stored. Suddenly, a yell surrounded the house and surprised everyone inside. “We’re out of salt!!” Hanae yelled. Her daughter struck with surprise accidentally had her fingers touched the hot pot. ”Ouch!” Rihu reacted. Mio stood up and rushed over to her and quickly led her into the faucet. “You surprised me, Mom! Why did you yell? You could’ve said it calmly.” Rihu lividly said as Mio kept cooling her fingers with tap water. “We’re all out of salt, could you please buy more?” her mother said calmly and adding her “puppy eyes” veneer obviously turning a blind eye at her daughter’s accident. “You’re more concerned of the salt than me? What kind of mother are you!?” Rihu bawled out until she looked at her mother’s puppy eyes. No matter how she irked, she

“Should I come too?” asked Mio while looking at her friend with an anticipating expression.” She said to Rihu as she the mother and daughter kept bickering. “That’s my girl! You’re so very adorable!” replied her mother while pulling Rihu into a tight hug. “Money and clothes. “Alright. She saw a path in the east near her and pointed her finger to it. “No. “Your fingers are okay now. I’ll buy more salt so stop doing the puppy eyes!” said Rihu to her mother and sighing. After walking for almost 20 minutes. I can do it by myself. She goes toward it and sits in the grass under the shade. “I’m going now!” she said as she began walking towards the city. she saw a tree with a shade nearby and decided to rest there. You can help my mom do other chores around the house” Rihu answered sweetly. she went to her room to change her clothes into proper attire in going to the city. Check!” Rihu thought as she was brushing her long blue hair in front of the mirror. Mio finished wrapping the bandage around Rihu’s fingers and insisted that her friend sit down first. She stopped outside of the door and waved goodbye to her mom and Mio.can’t resist it her mother’s way of making her say yes. she’s already irritated and frustrated. “Maybe there’s a shortcut around this area…” She thought to herself and looked around for any paths she could take. Next. “Maybe that’s the shortcut! I should try it!” she said aloud to herself She stood up and stretched herself a little bit and hit the path that she thought of as a shortcut towards the City of Damel. Rihu went to her parents’ room and took the money she needed inside the purse. “The City of Damel has a huge number of population due to its good location and the city was famous for their natural resources which provide a good life for every person . Fortunately. “The city is so far!! I’m tired!” She said to herself with frustration.

she couldn’t find or see the city yet. Suddenly she heard a crack within the circle. “DI-MEN-SION” she read the word and then turned it to the paper’s opposite side where the same word was written too. “Maybe this paper has powers? Since what’s written on it was “DIMENSION” and the definition of “DIMENSION” is the powers to which the fundamental units of mass. She panicked and tried to run away but it was too late. “Not possible…maybe this just a trash” she said to herself. She read the letters written on white ink the paper. …” she thought to herself. When she turned to her back. “Maybe I’m lost. I should go back.who lives there. Before putting the paper into her purse.” “I was born in the village of Frau which is far from the city. she took a good glance at the paper and pointed it by her chest and read the word for the last time. she found a bit of light and ran towards and it caused the circle to break. they started to move away from the city. My mother and father migrated in the village when my mom was pregnant with me. She was a bit upset when she didn’t find any answers to her question and resumed to going to the city.” She ran towards the path she took but after running for a while. “A paper?” she said while picking the paper up. “Weird…how can a person leave a paper like this?” she thought to herself. it was hard to travel to buy the supplies we need for our daily lives. . Rihu searched for the sound and when she found where the sound was coming from. length and time are raised in a derived unit. However. because we’re far from the city. she screamed for help but she can’t see anything nor hear because of the darkness she’s in. Her curiosity has over powered her mind that she forgot about going to the city and instead sits unto the ground and tried to figure the answer on the question to herself. Inside the circle. so I would just have to find a trash bin for this ” she told herself. “She thought to herself. The reason is because they do not like the life in the city. suddenly a big black circle in the ground formed. As Rihu read the word. she saw a black paper lying in front of her. It was crammed with so many people living there and they’ve always wanted a simple life so when my mom became pregnant. “Well…it’s not in my nature to throw trash around. the black circle devoured her along with the paper.

maybe he or she can return me to my home. “I’m not dreaming! What happened?!” she shouted loudly and looked around again. waiting for her return. Rihu started walking to the path she decided while keeping the thoughts of her mother and Mio. She wanted to cry already but she hides it. Rihu cried for almost ten minutes. All the leaves of the trees are color orange. stood up and wiped the trace of tears in her face. thinking it was all a dream. She tried to rip it but it wouldn’t and she broke down crying. She looked at the paths around her.” She said. she found the paper. the clouds are color gray. She kept asking herself “Why does this have to happen to me!” while crying.” Rihu thought to herself. “Maybe this thing has magic and this is the one that did all of what happened to me. She chuckled to herself nervously. “If I can find the owner of this thing. “My mother will be worried and sad if I don’t buy salt and return home. “Wait for my return. and there are lots of path in front of her. She put the black paper in her purse and fastened her pace towards the path she took. She placed her arms in her hips and decides on which path she will take. When Rihu looked at what’s in her right hand. I will return home with that stupid salt!” she said out loud and pointed in the path in the west. sighed. . When she opened her eyes. She has no clue of where she was or what happened back then. there are a lot of mountains to be seen. mother…Mio…” she said softly as she ran. Rihu was still crying a bit and now she was sitting on the ground while humming a little tune to cheer her up. She closed her eyes. She stared at the black paper that she found while thinking. the same scenery was still in front of her.Rihu found herself standing in a different place. She looked around the surroundings and in an instant she knew that it is not place she should be. “This is just a dream right?” she asked herself and started slapping her right cheek with her left hand while she had her eyes closed.

She kept on walking the path she chose and finally arrived in an area full of structures which seemed like houses and quickly fasten her pace to ask for help. She groomed herself and glance at a man with the .Chapter 2: “Meeting the Dream” Time passed but Rihu actually has no idea of what time it is because everything are all different that she wondered if the time in her world would even apply to this place she stumbled upon. She walked straight to a nearby wall and listened to the chattering people nearby. The people were speaking the same language as hers so it is a relief. She was relieved on the other hand that at the least the sun is still present. Rihu entered the place and wondered if the language she is speaking is used on this place.