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Prof. Madya Dr. MohdHanafiahAbidin Dean of Faculty of Sport Science and Recreation

ADVISER Mr. Mohamad Ali Kimik

PROJECT MANAGER Muhammad Hilmi Bin Haris


Mohamad Azwad Abdul Halim Abdullah Muhammad Azri Ahmad Talmizi Ngah Muhammad Shukri Muhamad Muhafiz

1.0 Before the event Bureau of Security are consist of 6 peoples which lead by Abdul Halim. Our job is to make sure the safety of the event, by inspecting any hazard that might be dangerous to participants, event crew and the crowd. Not only that we also responsible for the traffic control towards the event place and to make sure that the traffic is clear and not congested. We have divided into three separate group before the event to survey the surrounding area, first group task is to survey the Futsal court for any debris or any hazardous thing that might be present at the court. Second group task is to survey the Takraw court for any debris or any hazardous thing that might be present. Last group task is to survey the surrounding area for any hazardous things that might jeopardize the safety of participants, event crew and people coming in for the event. During our evaluation of the specific places, we find nothing that will bring the harm, but again we take a precautions step by asking other event crew of things that might be harmful and advice them if something happen, do not hesitate to ask for our service. 2.0 During the Event Securities crew arrived at event site at approximately 7 in the morning for the last minute evaluation of the surrounding site. We also prepared for the incoming traffic that headed towards Pusat Sukan UiTM Shah Alam. We have to make sure there is no congested traffic inside the area. During the event, we also act as the extra hand for any injured player, and there is one player of Sepak Takraw injured his knee and have to be taken out by stretcher to incoming ambulans, one of the Securities crew help during the process of evacuation. We also look out for any unwanted things such as fight between player, the safety of organizer tent, the safety of parked car at the event site. 3.0 After the event After the event finished at 6 PM, we held our small bureau discussion among our own crew to report to head of securities, Abdul Halim. He held the small group meeting to make sure that everything is go as planned. Overall, the event is going smooth as planned from the Bureau of Securities perspective, we have done a good job of maintaining peace and balance

of this event. There is no mishaps of any whatsoever, and this is all because of the great teamwork the crew have shown toward the successful of this event.