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Where did you see the spaceship? What shape was it? What did it look like?

How big was it? How high was it? What was it made of? How fast did it move? What colour was it? What did it sound like? What sort of energy did it use? What was it like inside? What was the temperature like inside? How did you feel when you first saw the aliens? What did they look like? How tall were they? How heavy do you think they were? How did they move? How did you communicate with them? How many of them were there? Where did they come from? How far away is that? How long did it take them to get to Earth? Why had they come to Earth? How long were you on the ship?

A huge room full of flashing lights and instruments. Seven altogether. One second it was there, the next it was gone. A bit like a microwave. About 12 hours I think, but it seemed much less. A lot cooler than I expected. They said 500 years 'in earth time'. A planet near the centre of the Milky Way. About the size of a house. A sort of silvery grey. Like a Mexican hat with windows. By computer. Electro-magnetic power, I think. Some sort of shiny metal I think. About 25 light years. Because their planet was dying. They had very long arms and small heads without hair. Almost circular, with a dome on top. Not more than 10 kilos, I'd say. They seemed to slide along the floor. Much shorter than us. I'd say about 6 metres. Very afraid, but curious. In a field near the lighthouse.

Students tell class if so.kentschoolofenglish. speech.O. weight.TEACHERS NOTES AIM LEVEL TIME PROCEDURE • • • • Draw a picture on the board. appearance. Ask students if anybody has seen one or knows anybody who has. origin • • • Ask students to work in pairs to produce a question for each category. • • Groups cross check versions. Pairs report back for round-up and correction. eyes. Ship: size. height. or show a picture. Students work in small groups to (a) match the questions and answers and (b) put the report into a logical order. Brainstorm the categories the questions might fall into and put them up on the board. appearance. Tell students that you have had an experience and will answer the questions they are going to prepare. inside. hair. of a U. Explain that for security reasons you have had to cut up the report that you gave to the government after the sighting. shape. speed. Set a time limit of five minutes. To practise the language of describing people and objects Pre-intermediate / Intermediate 50 minutes www. Elicit what the letters stand for – unidentified flying object. temperature.F. special features Aliens: number. . colour. (optional) For homework students write a paragraph describing a similar experience.

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