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Main submitter: Germany Co-Sponsors: Afghanistan, Spain, Hungary Signatories: Lebanon Yemen, Paraguay, us, Transparency international

Requests a specialized team of scientists to overview Isotope Hydrology Programs; i. Trained staff would facilitate local crew in certain regions of a country, which are rich in water sources, to carry out water researches; ii. Further requests the availability of training sessions so as to ensure the correct use of the technology; iii. Calls upon the Agency to provide the required sponsorship and the license for the use of Soil Moisture Neutron Probes; 2. Further recommends the provision of technology that allows radiation induced mutation in crops like barley and wheat, which makes them more resistant in drought; i. The agricultural industry will lower effectively their production costs as less water will be required; ii. Crops enduring in drought conditions will provide a more stable sector of agriculture in which lasting employment can occur; iii. Less water will be used on these crops so if a country like Afghanistan which faces such problems will be able to use water on other also crucial sectors like medical care; 3. Expresses its hope that more developing countries will have a more efficient water distribution system; i. This will allow more people to have access to potable water; ii. Will require the assistance of the Agency’s experts; iii. The plan will be initially implemented in areas that have sufficient water sources;

as the fear for theft or attacks from insurgencies will not be probable. Extract water ii.4. Using isotopic techniques such as a. SPECIFY WHERE THE WATER IS FOUD b. This will give freedom for a more varied use of technology. i. MANAGE WATER RESOURCES iii. Encourages the availability of military forces near facilities of Nuclear Technology. Provide IAEA a license to use SMNP (soil moistening neutron probes) 7. Isotopic techniques to measure the tolerance of plants to different types of soil and saline water c. Sing small scale irrigation in order to help farmers to ensure that every drop of water reaches the agricultur crops . 5. isotope hydrology to i. 6.