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Chas Griffin

a reconciliation
a reconciliation
Compelling stuff and a compelling read. Nevil, UK Amazing!! D+ is an excellent read. And, of course, its attention grabbing. What stands out about D+ is this; it does not force the reader to adopt what it says but it engages the reader into thinking. Too bad Materialists would say youre against Science, but any rational thinker can see that you are against Bad Science. The humour in it made it an enjoyable read. Not only enjoyable, it engaged me to think, analyse, and re-think. I now see Materialism for what it is non-logical. You opened a whole new world for me with D+. Some of the questions I couldnt get answers to, you answered them with D+. Libertas, Namibia. Im finding it entertaining as well as informative, and appreciating the thorough analysis and research thats gone into it. Long live free thought! Lynda, UK Just finished Darwin plus and must say that my only regret is that I dont have a hard copy to pass on to my daughter when shes old enough to understand the wisdom within. Also Id like to say thank you for taking the time to write this book and especially for making me feel like a kid again when you described the mind boggling complexity of the human cellWOW! Russ, UK Am only five chapters in and Im ******* loving your book! Laughing my head off, posting bits on my wall and thanking Jesus h Christ Almighty that someone with a clear mind, good heart and a sense of humour can see through the Emperors New Clothes that is Materialism, Science (with a capital S), and Dawkins. Its the personal story that humanises it and allows you to be so funny (you remind me of Terry Pratchett) and makes it very readable. I love the way you use logic to get there.. Rodney, UK I cant believe how much information youve managed to gather together. The result is excellent. I liked being able to click on the hyperlinks and look at further information on the internet.The whole idea of D+ seems entirely logical to me. The whole concept of D+ simplifies many things and provides a lot more answers than materialism. I see the book as a resource that has started me on my own personal journey of discovery. The next thing Im going to do is read it again, before branching off into some of the books in the bibliography. The overwhelming feeling I had throughout reading the book was that it just felt right. The historical aspects were very insightful and gave me a better understanding of how/why science and religion are where they are. Many thanks for writing the book. Im going to start reading it again tonight. Kevin,UK.
Chas Griffin

It reads very well and is quite gripping EV O of the U I read 8L early chapters straight off. TI ON ,S It needs thinking about and re and re C IENCE R EL thinking about. Tricia, UK IG , I O N AND T H all, congratulations! First of E I think you PAR N have written an importantA book. Totally ORMA L fascinating! Im hooked. I cant wait to ar

Chas Griffin

ec find out where you are with all this. ogoing ncil iation Chapter on religion a real page turner. Please may I have some more? Em, Australia

Brilliant! I think this is an important work that could potentially help a lot of people You can certainly write! I find the book of intelligent curiosity find explanations attention-grabbing, lively and interesting. that make sense. It is not only brilliant Cha You make complex ideas easy to understand sG riffin from a technical scientific perspective, it and are a powerful communicator. The is wonderfully written. Witty & a very personal journey style is definitely more good (not to mention easy) read. It is an gripping than abstract argument for a important book that uncovers some very general reader and non-philosopher. The hidden things & should be read (& book is stimulating and brimful of mental promoted) by as many people as possible. energy. I think it could be inspirational It really is a wonderful book. Mark, USA for many people at several levels. You achieve the feat of making serious thought I found DarwinPlus a most enjoyable and entertaining. Its chatty, lively, persuasive, thought-provoking read. A formidable well-informed, extremely well-read, strong amount of research into science, religion, and combines thought and feeling in a philosophy and parapsychology has been heady mix. I think you may be pioneering a made easily accessible even to one like new style in writing about thinking. I me who is fairly ignorant of at least three can imagine that undergraduates would of those subjects. The book is a real certainly find this approach a lot easier page-turner. Guy Lyon Playfair, UK to cope with than A.J. Ayer, and more enjoyable. The book is full of information So far, excellent thought-provoking history of science, philosophy, belief, and very interesting. Its obvious its been the church. Its an exploration into the thoroughly researched. Its quite difficult unknown and belief that would appeal to to put down very tempting to read on, any serious-minded or thinking person so Im rationing myself to a chapter at a who has asked him/herself why were time! Its a very enjoyable read what with it here, whats the meaning of life. A voyage being punctuated by your witty comments. of discovery, taking the reader along as a Jane, France welcome passenger. John Bunyan but not a pilgrims progress. A man in search of truth. Im about 1/3 of the way through, Using his mind to challenge bigotry and and its fascinating! Its a massive firmly held establishment beliefs. undertaking, underpinned by much reading and thought. Nick, UK Ruth, (editor) UK

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Materialism is easily shown to be riddled with paradox. It is thus untenable as a philosophy, especially for science. But what might replace it? Not theological fog or medieval superstition, but a genuine third way, based upon impartial reasoning, which easily integrates the essential philosophy of real religion with the empirical methodology of real science. Too good to be true? Read D+ for yourself and see what you think. Logic.. just logic, and an open mind