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ENGLISH V Date: ____________________________________

I. Objectives: To answer the test with 75 % accuracy and with honesty.

VALUE FOCUS: Accuracy , Honesty


Subject Matter : A. Summative Test B. Questionnaire, Test Notebook


Activities: 1. Setting of Standards 2. Test Proper 3. Checking


Evaluation: A. Directions: Read the Statements. Write R if the statement has a Rising Intonation and F if it has falling intonation. 1. Have you seen Pacquiao’s rematch? 2. Did you see the film “Only you”? 3. My sister is a teacher. B. Write the syllable that has the loudest stress. 4. Tournament 5. Competition 6. Intonation C. Choose the appropriate word that would make the sentence correct. 7. Mary Ann is big and _ for her age. a. Underline b. overweight d. oversized 8. The laborer works hard but is _____ paid. a. Underpaid esteem b. overlook c. underpaid d. under c. underweight

9. Our family reunion will be _____complete without you. a. In b. un c. dis d. il

10.Some people think that life is hope_______ that’s why they commit suicide. a. In b. less c. ful d. able

D. Put the correct stress to show the correct meaning.

11.The increase will go to my savings. 12.The garden can be a nice birthday present for her. 13.Sheila will join in beauty contest. 14.People had to dessert it to save their lives. 15.He will contest the last will and testament of his father. ML ID


Assignment : Write the correct stress on the following words.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Conduct – noun Conduct – verb Conflict – noun Conflict – verb Govern – verb

Date: ____________ I. Objective:  Uses the correct intonation for statement and questions. PELC # 1.2 Values: Listening Attentively II. Subject Matter: Correct intonation for statements and questions References: Materials: Fun in English (R); Fun in English (L) pp. 15-17 chart, arrow cards, flash cards

III. Procedure A. Pre- activities: 1. Drill: Divide the following into syllables artificial. business eleventh signature injection envelope 2. Unlocking of difficulties Match the underlined words in column A with their meaning in Column B. A B 1. The farmer was bitten by a serpent in the farm a. To charm or to attract 2. He tied the bow with a cord. b. Snake 3. Her bewitching voice made me feed good. c. String 3. Motivation Have you celebrated your birthday already? Did you receive any gift that surprised you? What is it? B. Presentation: 1. Pupils read silently the story " Pandora's Box" on pp. 20-22 of Fun in English ( R ) 2. Comprehension Questions a. Why was Pandora sent to live with Epimetheus? b. What made her think that the box was for her? c. Why did Pandora become so curious to know what was in the box?

3. Skill Development a. Read the following questions and statements taken from the story you read: 1. Did he have a staff? 2. Will you stay with us forever? 3. Pandora was busy untying the knot. b. How will you read the first question? the second question? c. What kind of intonation did you use? d. How will you read statement 3? statement 4? statement 5? e. What intonation did you use? 4. Generalization What intonation do you use for statements and yes/no questions? 5. Practice Exercises a. Guide Practice 1. Identify the correct intonation for the following then read correctly. 1. Farming is our chief industry. 2. Is the report interesting? b. Independent Practice Put the arrow point at the end of the sentence to show the correct intonation to use. 1 Does your mother teach in this school? 2. No, she doesn't. She teaches in another school.

IV. Evaluation: Copy the sentences and put the arrow point to show the correct intonation to use. 1. Is that a movie? 2. This is a wholesome movie for the family. 3. What is it all about? 4. This is an interesting book. 5. The children aren’t in the playground now, are they? ML ID

V. Assignment: Write two statements and three yes/no questions. Put the arrow points to show the correct intonation to use.

Date: ____________ I. Objective:  Pronounce words putting stress on the correct syllable. PELC 1.1 Values: Wait for one’s turn in speaking II. Subject Matter: References: Materials : Pronunciation of Words Reference: English Expressways, Language 5, p.60 Flashcard , Chart

III. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities: 1. Listen as I say the words in each column. Tap the desk once for /a/ sound and twice for / / sound. /a/ // cop dock cup duck hot lock but luck 2. Listen carefully. Tell how many syllables there are in each word. library understood necessary automobile cemetery committee B. Presentation: 1. Motivation: What can you say about the weather today? How do we know the weather condition? 2. Learning Activities: a. Call on a pupil to read the paragraph. Weather satellites take pictures of the movement of clouds over the whole earth so that scientists monitor the weather in Y the different parts of the earth. Communication satellites relay or pass of the communication between distant areas from the land to a ship at sea. These satellites appear fixed in the sky maintaining position above the earth's surface. 3. Discussion Questions:

welfare 3. ̕eliminate C. Generalization: How do we pronounce words? 5. relation C.How do you know that the stress is on the first syllable? Second syllable? Third syllable? 4. ambition B. rel̕ation B. Then go to the blackboard and put the stress mark on the stressed syllable. A. arr̕ogance C. Practice Exercises: A.cotyl̕edon 2.Where is the stress in the words in set A? set B? set C? . civ̕ilization 5. cot̕yledon C. . interrogative 2. tomorrow IV. elimi̕nate ML ID V. civiliz̕ation D.    What satellites are mentioned in the paragraph? Which of these satellites take pictures of the movement of the clouds over the whole earth? Are weather satellites important? Why? Notice where the stress is placed. Assignment: Write five words and put the stress mark on the stressed syllable. intermission 3. arrogance 4. A. el̕iminate B. Independent practice Copy the word. A B C weather discover disinfect satellites position instrumental . Evaluation: Read the words correctly. interrupt 2. A. Pronounce it by yourself and put the stress on the stressed syllable: 1. A. relatio̕n 3. arrog̕ance D. cotyled̕on D. Pick out the word having the correct stress. protect 5. elimin̕a̕te D. interference 4. A. r̕elation D. a̕rrogance B. complete 5. Guide Practice: Read the words. 1. 1. civilizati̕on C. ci̕vilization B. possible 4. c̕otyledon B.

Objective:  Decodes words with /ph/ in the story using phonetic analysis Values: Accuracy II. Guided Practice Read the following words. (Fun in English 5) pp. 186-187 III. Discussion a. Evaluation: Copy the words with ph sounded as /f/ in the following sentences. Procedure A. The cellphone makes communication fast and easy. Photosynthesis is the formation of CHO from carbon dioxide and water through aid of sunlight acting upon chlorophyll. What makes it wonderful and exciting? 2. . Man has travel in space outside the earth's atmosphere. Pre-activities: 1. Why where there changes in color on the horizon? 4. Where was Yuri Gagarin sent? Why? b. Assignment: Write a short paragraph using word with ph sounded as /f/. b. Practice Exercises a. V. "First Man in the Moon. Sentences: 1. How did the earth look from' the spaceship? c. IV. She draws a sphere on the board 2. Motivation Have you traveled in space? Traveling in space makes a wonderful and exciting experience. Independent Practice Copy the words ph sounded as /f/ into the ff. Producing the sound of the ph correctly aphid phenomenon elephant physical telephone sphere cellphone phlegm phases b. 186-187 3. Learning Activities Have the pupils read the story. The picture was taken using the telephoto lens. Presentation: 1. 3.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Pronounce the following words and tell what is the a. Generalization How should we pronounce /ph/ in the word we read? 5. a. medial sound of the words in the second column c. The earth has a spherical shape. Subject Matter: Decoding Words Using Phonetic Analysis References: Fun in English Reading 5 pp. c. initial sound of the words in the first column b. final sound of the word in the third column flock wife leaf food suffer stiff 2. Unlocking Difficulties Through context clues circle the earth spherical shape gradual change B.

Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Generalization: How do we get the meaning of words with prefixes? 5. More people use the passageway over the street. P.8-9 Fun in English V. Pepito is too thin and because he's not eating the balance diet. under. incorrect C. Review: Write the following words correctly and encircle the root word of each word. Values: Proper Health Habits II. overripe 4. ex and super. unhealthy E. Poor parents can't give their children enough food so they are often 2. s uperman B. Procedure A. Discussion: What are the root words of the underlined words in the sentences? What syllables are added to the words?’ Do these syllables change the meaning of the words? 4. 20 & PELC 1 p. 3. Evaluation: Choose from the list of the correct wordy to fill in the blanks of the ff. Preparatory Activities: 1. Don't the vegetables to preserve the vitamin content. overheat 3. He can vote in the elections. p. b. Under. Assignment: Give the meaning of the following words.20 English for Living and Learning v.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Reading. It is safer to use the over pass than to cross a busy street. 3. She cannot vote. Ex and Super References: PELC 1. Objective:  Decodes meaning of words with prefixes over. His sister Donna is 17 years old. Motivation: How do you get the meaning of a word? How can you get the meaning of a word without using the dictionary? 2.139 Materials: Chart & Flashcards III. ex-general Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ . A. superhighway 5.1. Presentation: 1. 1. Archie is 18 years old. careful F. repaint B. p. Learning Activities: Read the following sentences: a. She is underage. Use them in sentences. development D. Subject Matter: Prefixes Over. Practice Exercises: Tell the meaning of the following words: undersized overheat ex-president underwater overweight ex-chairman undershirt overcool ex-governor superstar superman superimpose IV. sentences: 1.1. V. undershirt 2.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Is her name Angela Abueva? 2. Review: Read the following sentences. In the second sentence. Fun in English (L) pp. Does her father work as a postal employee? b. My friend gives me a souvenir. What did you learn from our speaker? b. a. Classmates. We learned about the wonderful places in the Philippines. Comprehension Questions a. Who is the new pupil? c. 2. V. Assignment: Change the following statements into yes/no questions and vice-versa. She's also eleven years old like us. Tell whether it has a rising or falling intonation. 3. Why did she transfer? 3. 1. what verb is used? How was it changed to a question? IV. 4. Is Linda right? 2. we have a new classmate. Her father works as a postal employee.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Evaluation: Change the following statements into yes/no question and vice-versa: 1. Her father was recently promoted and newly assigned to our postal station so she transferred here. Did the boys play basketball last Sunday? 5. what verb is used? How was it changed to a question? c. Values: Friendliness II. Skills Development a. pp. 127-129 Materials: charts. 14-17 Skillbook in English 5. c. Who is making the introduction? b. What is the verb in the first sentences. She is called Angelie by her former friends. Has she given her project already? Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ . Motivation: What do you do if a friend of yours will become your new classmate? How will you introduce him/her? B. Read the following sentences: 1. Objective:  Change statements to questions or vice-versa. Living things depend on one another. Pre-activities: 1. Marina went to market the other day. The girls were at the park yesterday. arrow cards III. Presentation: 1. 2. Do you want to know her? Her name is Angela Abueva. You read interesting books before going to bed. P. 2. Reading an Introduction Lawrence is introducing a new pupil to the class. Procedure A. 20. Subject Matter: Changing Statements to Questions or Vice-Versa References: PELC 1. Her name is Angela Abueva. They were at the beach last Sunday. Her father works as a postal employee while her mother is a teacher in a public elementary school. 3.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Generalization What happens to the meaning of the words if the stress is changed? 5. If the stress is wrong. 3. Learning Activities Dondon Lagrimas is a new pupil in Miss Santos’ class. library necessary principal impressive understood automobile B. he is telling abut himself: “Good Morning. I am eleven years old. Review Read the words. Before. then tell whether the stress is on the first.1 Values: Listen attentively II.Procedure A. write the correct word in the bank before the sentence. b. Preparatory Activities: 1. then read the words after me: Nouns Verbs conduct conflict conduct conflict progress object progress object Call on pupils by three’s to read the words. Flashcards III. Practice Exercises a. we lived outside Metro Manila. My father’s employer conducted a research her so we transferred. My name is Dondon Lagrimas.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Presentation: 1. 2. PELC # 1. Guided Exercises Listen as I read the words. Discussion/Questions Who is the one speaking? What are his parents’ works? What activities does he like? 4. _____ 1. Drill: Divide the following into syllables: artificial business eleventh envelope injection dedicate 2. Put a check before it if the meaning of the stressed words fits the sentence. We heard the news digest. _____ 3. Subject Matter: Changes in Meaning of Words caused by Stress Shift References: English Expressways Language pp 59 – 60 Materials : Chart. 2nd or third syllable. Camels live in the desert. _____ 2. My father I a family driver and my mother is a market vendor. It can’t digest its food. Independent Exercises Read the following sentences. Motivation It’s beginning of the school year/ you meet your old schoolmates. Let us listen to our new friends as they introduce themselves. Objective:  Distinguish changes in meaning of words in sentences caused by stress shift. . You also meet new friends.

_____ 1. . One of the contestant objects to the proceedings. 1. Have you ever been to a desert? Let’s present to mother our plan to prepare a flower garden. _____4. Assignment: Put the stress mark () on the correct syllable to fit the meaning of the sentences. 3. The losing person can contest the decision. 4.IV. Evaluation: Copy each word and put a stress mark on the syllable that is stressed. 2. _____ 3. There is a record of the proceedings of the contest. _____ 2. 5. umpire delicious sandstorm unavailable loftily ML ID V. _____ 5.

Fill each blank with the appropriate word selected from the list above.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. layers of the Atmosphere. Preparatory Activities: 1. How do we pronounce these words? 3. The picture is taken using a telephoto lens. Lucy Traph. Guided Exercises Ask the pupils to write words with ph sounded as /f/ and to group the words according to their position. What topic is given to Group I? To Group II? To Group III? 3. On the second week of classes. Listening Comprehension Questions 1. 218 . the leader of the group assigns his co-members to make a reading and to submit a written report. Joseph. Presentation: 1. b. a. 2? Paragraph no. What is the selection about? 2. Who is the teacher? 2. Procedure A. Comprehension Check-up 1. Generalization How should we pronounce ph in the words we read? D. Independent Exercises Pick out the words with ph sounded /f/ and identify their position. 1? Paragraph No. Listen to this selection and be able to answer the questions that follow: Grade V-A Science Class The Grade V-A starts the Science Class at 8:00 a. ______ is common to emphysema. Initial Medial Final Philosophy cellphone autograph b. Skill Development 1. Listening a. Drill Read the following words: Pharynx phases Esophagus emphysema Diaphragm 2. Children love doing physical activities. Telegraph uses dots and lines to send messages. Objective:  Decode words with ph in a series of paragraph. The moon has many ______ c. Group I is asked to research on the topic.m. Teacher asks pupils to go to the board and group the words according to their position as. Practice Exercises a. the teacher. (Refer to the text in the listening activity) b. The muscles of the _____ move the food to the b. Initial medial final Photo telephone paragraph C. regularly. 1. What time does the class start? 3. Pick out the words with ph in paragraph No. When did Mrs. Reading a. What values does the teacher want to develop to her pupils in the group activity? c. Let a pupil read the selection on the board. assigns topics to her pupils for research work. . 2.219 Materials: Copy of the selection/ paragraphs III.6. B. Mrs. 3. Subject Matter: Words with ph References: Fun in English p. Values: Attentiveness and Patience II. 3? 2. Traph assign the topic to her class? 2. Science and Health Learning Experiences pp.

2 The diaphragm is a curved muscle that can move up and down. Pupils write the output in activity on the board. Evaluation: Read the following paragraphs carefully and then pick out the words with ph sounded as/f/. Above the photosphere is the chromosphere. Identify their positions.E. medial and final position. IV. It separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. Assignment: List down words with ph sounded as /f/ in the initial. Paragraph No. V. and then ask them to read and pronounce the ph/f/ sound correctly. 1 The surface of the sun that we see is called the photosphere. which is a zone of nearly an invisible layer of gas about 10. (5 words per position) Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . Paragraph No. This is found under the lungs. 000 kilometers thick. The photosphere is not solid for the sun is gaseous from its outer atmosphere right from its center.

not a cloud in sight. Review Give the meaning of the following words. But it was hot! With standing room only. The Tennis Tournament There was an overflow crowd at SBMA Tennis Tournament this past week. everyone was sticky close. Read the underlined words in the paragraph.  What is the first underlined word?  Which is the root word? What is added to it?  What new word was formed when in is added to the word complete? C. Write the correct spelling on the board. continue national logical conformist dependent sure . Unlocking of difficulties Have the pupils give the meaning of the following words. (This time the teacher shows the chart of the paragraph and let the pupils read first. the crowd was impolite and inattentive.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Subject Matter: Negative Prefixes References: PELC 1.56 Materials: Flashcards and chart III. Values: Attentiveness and Patience II. pp. than finding the meaning in the dictionary. Let us go back to the paragraph. Presentation: 1. 55 . then answer the questions. p. Guzman. Learning Activities Listen: I will read a paragraph about a the tournament. The weather was clear. bright.1. Objective:  Decode the meaning of words with negative prefixes. Practice Exercises a. Guess-What Chart Vocabulary Guesses Actual Meaning tournament sparkling restless 3. 2.1. 20 Developing Reading and Language Motivation: What is your favorite game? Do you know how to play it? How? B. Generalization What are the negative prefixes? What is the meaning of the negative prefixes? D. Structural Analysis a. ex-chairman underwater supernatural overflow 2. Comprehension Check-up  What tournament was held in SBMA?  How do you describe the weather on that day?  How about the venue of the tournament? The viewers of the tournament? 3. Guided Exercises Form new words by adding the correct negative prefix. Procedure A. sunny and sparkling. restless and uncomfortable. Preparatory Activities: 1. Maybelle et. Because of this condition. The shelter of the room was incomplete.

_____ happy 6. Give the meaning of the new formed words then use them in your own sentence. They should be respected. Sunga is impolite. The boy behind Mrs. 2. _____ relevance 3. Evaluation: Give the meaning of the underlined words. The presentation of Grade V Jasmin class was unusual. _____ literate 2.b. un regular 4. 1. dis dependent 3. _____ calculable Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . _____ practical 5. Then write the complete word. 1. Assignment: Fill in the blanks with the correct prefix. V. im fortunate IV. 3. Don't disobey your elders. in violent 2. Independent Exercises Combine the prefixes on the left with the words on the right to form new words. 1. _____ honest 4.

She's cooking today. What will Rico and Dondon do there? d. Dondon : Have you been to Pangasinan? Rico: No. And in questions is answerable by yes or no. Listen carefully as I read it. Procedure A. Listening I have here a dialog. Tell whether it is a plain statement or asking confirmation. Subject Matter: Changes in Meaning in Sentences Caused by Shift in Intonation References: English Expressways 5. Practice Exercises a. That’s good! Dondon : Right! Pangasinan is known for its clean and beautiful beaches. You're coming today? 2. Falling intonation is used in asking for confirmation or is only making sure of the answer. 2. I do. falling) 1. 4. Dondon : My family will visit our relatives this weekend. Then what are we going to do there? Dondon : We’ll go swimming. I can. She's our new teacher. Preparatory Activities: 1. III. He's going home. He's sweeping the floor. Generalization: What happens to the meaning of the sentences when there is an intonation shift? Rising intonation is used in asking for information. Who are the two friends? b. She's a new teacher. Objective: Distinguish changes in meaning in sentences caused by shift in intonation. Independent Practice Listen carefully as I read each sentence. . Presentation: 1. I haven’t. What intonation is used in these questions? C. Who is from Pangasinan? c. 3. PELC 1 Values: listening attentively II. Language pp 3 – 4 Materials: Chart containing the dialog. b. Take note of where I will lover or raise my voice. Tell what intonation is used in each sentence (rising. Comprehension Questions a. D. She's cooking today? 3. 2. Read all the answers to the questions. 1. And in questions not answerable by yes or no. What is Pangasinan noted for? Read all the questions in the dialogue. Can you swim? Rico : Yes . Do you want to go with us? Rico : Yes . He's sweeping the floor? 4.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Guided Practice Listen carefully. Motivation: Did you enjoy your vacation? Have you been to some places? B. arrow cards for the rising and falling intonation.

We're coming tomorrow? 2. Be sure to put the arrow at the end of each sentence that corresponds to the correct intonation. Assignment: Write three sentences in plain statement and three sentences in confirmation question.IV. Rita is sick. Evaluation: Write whether it is a plain statement or asking confirmation. . You're going-to school. isn’t she? 5. isn’t she? ML ID V. 1. The teacher is here. You're going to school? 4. 3.

Procedure A. Guided Practice Identify the information given to the following words which were taken from a dictionary.a. etc… the ends of which are then knotted. Subject Matter: Information Given to a Word in a Dictionary References: Dictionary. research . English Expressways ( Reading ) pp 20 . Cut four pieces of thread. Read the direction again If you look at the meaning of tie in the dictionary. Which of the following definitions or meaning above fit the first underlined word tie? How about the second underlined word tie? Which of the definitions fit the word? Why? C. Then tie the four loose ends together. Generalization: What information about a word do we get from a dictionary? D. Preparatory Activities: 1. rope. To fasten with cord. d. here is what the dictionary says about the word. psychology 5. Reading A. To draw the parts together by a cord fastened with a knot. Listening Listen to the following directions and do what are being asked/ instructed. (kis) 3. nok. c. Tie (ti) v.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. tied. B. thread. Cut a 6-inch length of thread and tie to the other threads at the point where they meet. 2. A B C D comparison plants animals cell experimentation poisonous ants cytoplasm interpolation pull aphids concept E mammals birds amphibians B. tie a small light object. PELC # 1. each 12 inches long. Independent Practice Identify the information 1. 1. 6. 4. Tie one end of each thread to a corner of a paper napkin. Objective:  Identify the different information about a word in a dictionary. Discussion Questions 1. Presentation: 1. Practice Exercises a. paper napkin.2 ( Reading ) Values: Accuracy II. 2. b.chute given tothe following words which were taken from a dictionary.22 Materials: dictionary. Review Arrange the following sets of words in alphabetical order. 2. 1. To the end of the 6-inch thread. pieces (ti) (loos) par. ty-ing vt. summer 2. grin-a mile b. small and light objects III. a.

decide 4. 2. syllable and meaning of the following words. Ob – ser – va – tion ML ID V. . 1. language. stress. research.e. 5. Evaluation: Identify the information given to the following words which were taken from the dictionary. chalet. study. Sow – to plant seeds 3. n. ‘eldə ( r ) 6. Assignment: Look for the correct pronunciation.IV. (be.


I forget nay permit at home.once again sets a remarkable new world. PELC # 1. English Expressways ( Reading ) pp. Embryo h. 3. Did you bring your dictionary? 2. refuse-to decline to do 3. Motivation You already know the information taken from a dictionary. a. Compound g. 22 -25 III. Procedure A. and stress of words? D. you are going to use the dictionary. 1. a. nok 2.the company that gave you the best in quarts technology. Pronounce the underlined words putting stress on the correct. Temperature f. psuchology B. Instead there's a tiny generator that makes its own electrical power. spelling. Weather g. Generalization: What should you do to find out the correct syllabication. pressure b. there's no battery. let us read the following advertisement first. Guided Practice Syllabicate the word correctly and put the stress mark on the correct syllable. Subject Matter: Using the Dictionary to Get the Correct Syllabication. Drill Read the sentences. 20. Now. KESIO. 2. (kis) 7. Objective:  Use the dictionary to get the correct syllabication. telescope b. I object to his plan of having an outing. and Spelling of Words References: PELC 1. sum-mer 6. progress 8. Practice Exercises a. Inside the Kesio Kinetic.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I.2 ( Reading ) Values: Work quietly and independently II. Preparatory Activities: 1. Then say the word correctly. Independent Practice Look for the correct syllabication and stress of each word in your dictionary. The records were kept inside the cabinet. Standard. 2. depression c. Stress. reproduction b. Presentation: 1. Review Identify the information given to the following words taken from a dictionary.r technological inspiration. igneous . (Call on a pupil to read the advertisement). Learning Activities Before we go to the dictionary. 1. Circuit f. stress and spelling of words. species c. We took the battery out and replace it with a . Discussion Questions What is being advertised? How does a Kesio Kinetic work? What company invented it? Where is this company found? Read the following words: Technology electrical Inspiration virtually Remarkableingenious  Who would like to go to the blackboard to syllabicate the first word?  Where should you put the stress mark?  Who will syllabicate and put the stress mark for the second word C.2 p. Evaporation h. 3.

enzyme 5. omnivores . High human population growth means that more people will use the available limited resources. ecology 3. Changes in air temperature affect the distribution of heat in the world. This will affect the weather world wide. Evaluation: Read the paragraph. Certain changes occur in our environment. syllabication and stress of each word using your dictionary. Select 5 words arm write the correct spelling. in the size of land or topography. and diseases will follow. Problems on availability of food. V. They maybe changes in the human population. Assignment: Use your dictionary and locate the information for each word listed below. quality of water and air. Syllabication Spelling 1. variable 4. exterminate 2.IV. Example occurrences are the El Nino and La Nina phenomena. temperature/weather. houses.

a small grayish fly flew out. "I didn't bother killing it.1. p. When she began to arrange the flowers in a bowl. . -ish. bringing with her some flowers from a garden." 3. Generalization: What do you mean by the following suffixes when added to a word? -ward -ment -ish -let -ic D. The Lady and the Housefly A woman named Luba Harrington returned to her New York apartment from her summer home last fall.”It was such a small fly. underprivileged underline overdose superstar ex-president overconfident 2. Comprehension Check-up Answering the motive question. 1. Procedure A. a.20. If the prescription calls for a teaspoon of medicine. Harrington says.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Motivation What insects are the carriers of germs to our food? What do you usually do once you see a fly on your food? 2. Small children performed in the1p aylet. -ment and -ic References: PELC 1. Learning Activities Read the story silently. Study and Skill book. Pupils who don't study for examination are being _____ of their ability. Drill Write the following words correctly and underline the root word of each of the words. north out enjoy manage nationalist commit b. B. Subject Matter: Suffixes: -ward. What words can you get from the selection read which are stressed on the first syllable? Example: housefly deepening garden downward Giving more examples. Pronounce the words given correctly by the teacher then the pupils. -ic and –ment. Preparatory Activities: 1. 17. Guided Practice Form new words by adding the suffixes -ward. Practice Exercises a. -let. c. p. C. -let. Presentation: 1. "Mrs. a tablespoonful is an _____ of it. The woman in green-silky dress is popular and now a _____.18 Materials: Flashcards and charts III. Discussion a. b. Review Fill each blank with the appropriate word from the list. Independent Practice Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word in each sentence from the words or phrases that follow.  Who returned to New York apartment from her summer home?  What did she bring with her?  What insect flew when she began to arrange the flowers in a bowl? 4. -ish.1. Objective:  Decode the meaning of words with suffixes Values: Attentiveness and loving God’s creation II.

short play 2. The soldiers move northward on orders of the general. The hair of the old man is grayish. Assignment: Fill in the blank with the correct suffix. 1. toward the general IV.a. The wife runs away from home because of the sadistic husband. down 2. They moved forward to give space for the players. a. a small toy b. Evaluation: Give the meaning of the underlined words with suffixes. empower 3. 2. 3. V. toward the camp b. funny game c. Give the meaning of the new words formed and use them in sentences. toward the north c. 1. pink Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Practice Exercises _____ easy _____ grate _____ ________ age help _____ _____ resist _____ _______ weight ____ direct _____ polite _____ ______ mayor b. able to wash b.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Write your answer on the board then read orally. Is the material washable. dis. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities: 1. Our new kitten seems to take an impish pleasure in teasing the dog. un. or must it be dry-cleaned? a.under.1. Motivation Have you experienced dreaming of something that is impossible? Tell it to the days.ex . Subject Matter: Affixes ( Prefixes and Suffixes ) References: English Expressways Reading pp 78 – 79 Materials: Flashcards. ble non . overestimate improve unhealthy yellowish ex-chairman backward What do you call the syllables added in the first column? Second column? 2. Review Underline the root words of the following words. ful super D. somewhat washed c.less . a.over. Listen to the song “Impossible Dream" 1. Comprehension check-up Why is the song entitled “Impossible Dream” What are the dreams mentioned in the song? What kind of man is the composer of the song? 3. Discussion Read the words with affixes in the song “Impossible Dream”  What is the first word and affix? Second? Third?  Which is the root word?  What new word was formed?  What do we call the syllables added before the root word to form a new word? C.1 Values: struggle to succeed II. il. Learning Activities Song: “Impossible Dream” 2. ir . Generalization: What are affixes? What do you mean by the following prefixes? Suffixes? Prefixes Suffixes in. PELC # 1.ness. Presentation: A. made of an imp . ible. Objective:  Decode the meaning of words with affixes. Laptop III. Independent Practice Choose the meaning of the underlined words. having to be washed 2. Chart. 1. im. having an imp b. Guided Practice Form new words by adding affixes. B.

Evaluation: A. Drug pushing is punish ____ by law. Assignment: Form a new word by adding affixes in each blank. 3. 1. Give the meaning of the underlined words. _____ faith _____ 5. hero _____ 4. Give the meaning and use in sentences. account _____ 3. 2. Complete each sentence by writing the correct suffix or prefix in the blank. ML ID V. 5. Mary Ann is big and _____ weight for her age. 6. _____ aware _____ . The music played was nonstop. Girls have unchangeable minds. We must remember to disconnect the TV set before leaving. B. 4. _____ believe _____ 2. 1.c like an imp IV. Ben is a truth ______ boy.

The boy's crossing suddenly. She takes a bath. Subject Matter: Changes in Meaning in Sentences Cause by Shift in Juncture References: PELC. Generalization: What do we use to change the meaning of a sentence? D. 2. Her singing sweetly/ made me feel good. She takes a bath everyday? c. (the manner of crossing) 2. Her singing/sweetly made me feel good. Her singing/softly irritated me. Practice Exercises a. 1. Evaluation: Copy and put the proper juncture of the following sentences using the given meaning as a due. When we pause after sweetly. 1. Her writing clearly/ impressed the teacher. ( the action alarmed the mother) 3. (the action made the mother angry) 2. Listener 1: Ellen's voice was sweet. Her humming / slowly annoyed the man. The boy's crossing suddenly alarmed the mother . Motivation Have you watched a singing contest? Did you enjoy watching it? B. Comprehension Questions a. a. 3. The child's eating slowly made the mother angry. Procedure A. Her singing softly irritated me. Preparatory Activities: 1. what is the meaning of the sentence? d. References: Fun in English 5 (LO pp. p. 3.6 C. When we pause after singing. Have pupils read the dialog A surging contest was held in a school. Skill Development a. b. Do the same for sentences 3 . 1. How will you read the following sentences? 1. Guided Practice Give the meaning of the following sentences based on the juncture used. 2. The teacher asked some of her pupils to report how the contest performed. 2.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Her writing / clearly impressed the teacher. Identify which is a plain statement and which is asking confirmation. 17-19) Materials: Charts of exercises III.alarmed the mother. The child's eating slowly made the mother angry. Review Read the following sentences with the correct -intonation. His singing loud caused me headache. Independent Practice Put the proper juncture using the given meaning as a clue. Her dancing gracefully fascinated the audience. Listener 2 : Myla's voice was so soft. what does the sentence mean? e. Where did we pause in the first sentence? The second sentence? c. b. b. 20. Who reported that Ellen's voice was sweet? 3. Values: Listen attentively II. Listener 3 : Noel sang very loud. Her singing sweetly made me feel good. (the manner of eating made the mother angry) . What can you say about Myla's voice? d. Presentation: 1. ( the manner of dancing) IV. Whose voice was sweet? b. Objective:  Use juncture to change meaning. Sleeping is the best kind of rest? 2.

The lady's walking gracefully attracted the man. Her shouting suddenly disturbed the visitors. (the manner of drinking) 3. (the manner of shouting disturbed the visitors) V.3. Assignment: Put the proper juncture of the following sentences using the given meaning as a clue. Mario's drinking of softdrinks frequently caused stomachache. 1. (the manner of walking) Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . Mario's drinking of softdrinks frequently caused stomachache. (the action caused stomachache) 2.

Reading 5. Discussion Questions What steps did Danny follow to learn how to swim? How did his brother help Danny win the competition? How did Danny take his brother's prodding? Why? Did Danny win? 3. Procedure A. 1. Generalization: How is the /j/ sound spelled? D. 20. forced to join c. p. announcement 7. I learned how to swim but this got me trapped into a swimming competition.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Unlocking Difficulties Choose the correct meaning of the underlined words. ( Writing ) Values: Self-confidence II. Objective: Write the correct spelling of words learned in listening. dedicate 3. Then pronounce each word with the correct stress. Listen as I read them. preference 8. made an application to join 4. speaking and reading . -ge -dge cage hedge . 2. Then read after me. Motivation  What do you do during vacation?  Do you try to learn something new?  Here is a story of a boy who learned something new during his vacation. References: PELC 1. B. Guided Practice Pronounce the words with /j/ sounds after me. PELC # 1. 1. 39 -42. A B Challenge edge Encouragement ledge  What is the sound of –ge and –edge?  How is it spelled in letter A? in letter B? C. pp.59 Materials: flashcards. English for Living and Learning. Preparatory Activities: 1. English for Living and Learning. fascinated 2. Find out how he learned it. a. received an invitation b. 58 .dge. beautiful 6. Reading 5. wonderful 3. Drill Read the following words producing the sound of /ph/ correctly. Subject Matter: Writing words having the /j/ sound written as . Presentation: 1. Skill Development These words are taken from the selection. Reading Activity Read the selection "Taking It Easy" on or . charts III. Review Syllabicate the following words. aphid phonics elephant phobia telephone photograph 2. Practice Exercises a.

Luckily father caught the bird at the ejge of the neighbor's fence. Evaluation: Rewrite all the words with the /j/ sound. Garage _____3. Discourage IV. Cartilage _____4. b. _____ 1. The bird jumped to the hege.rage edge courage ledge Call individual pupils to pronounce and spell each word. . Write the words with their correct spelling. Assignment: From your reading textbook and from the stories read. list down 5 words with -ge and -edge sounded as /j/. The girl opened the cege. College _____2. she was full of raje. When big sister found out that her bird had flown out. Independent Practice Which of the following words does not have the /j/ sound? Put an x on the blank before the number. The girl had the courage to tell the truth. ML ID V. She made a plejd not to open the cege again.

view  Look for the meaning of the word combat in the dictionary  How many meanings does the word have? List all the meanings on the board. 11. b. Procedure A. Who came to visit Mt. Third Reading of the Poem ( by the pupils) Skills Development Read the underlined word in the 11th line? 14th line? Last line? combat.117. 2. 3.2 ( Reading ) Values: Preparedness in times of Calamity II. Subject Matter: Use of the Dictionary References: Materials: Fun in English pp. What words come into your mind? B. 2. Recite lines from the poem that you enjoy reading. Preparatory Activities: 1. lost. Practice Exercises a. 3. What is the poem about? b. Evaluation: Use the dictionary to look for the appropriate meaning of the underlined word in the sentences below. PELC # 1. First Reading of the Poem Teacher reads the poem “Mt. The little birds continuously flap their wings. Presentation: 1. Second Reading of the Poem (by the teacher (for aesthetic appreciation) a. The flag flapped in the wind. Maria Elementary School won first place in the Declamation Contest. Her delicate condition forbids participation in so many activities. needing careful handling 1. Mayon famous for? 3. The flap the envelope was pasted. 1. Guided Practice Which meaning fits the underlined word? Write the letter that carries your answer on the blank before each number. 2. easily damaged. The Philippine swimming team is set for the competition. Sta.182 Dictionary. Did you like the poem? What made you like it? b. Mayon” Then answer the questions that follow. Objective:  Use the dictionary to get the multiple meanings of words. 181 . Independent Practice Use the dictionary in looking for the appropriate meaning of the underlined word in each sentence. Glass is delicate and should therefore be handled with care. 1. Motivation What are the beautiful spots in oar country? Their location? If you hear the word/ place Mt Mayon. Most hospitals have a place for worship. Comprehension Questions a.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Delicate a. Mayon? c.  What do you call this word? C. ML ID . 4. IV. copy of the poem III. Generalization: Where do you get the multiple meanings of a word? D. finely sensitive b. disordered c. Review What information’s are given to a word in a dictionary? 2. What is Mt. 2.

The people stream out of the church quietly. The water in the stream was very cold. The trunk of the lawaan tree is made into a boat. Choose the meaning which makes the most sense. . 2. 3.V. 1. Assignment: Give the appropriate meaning of the underlined word by referring to the dictionary.

Put away the ropes and robes. Comprehension Check. 2. How do you describe Danny? Kuya Randy? 2. How did Danny take his brother's prodding? Why? C. Motivation: What do you do during vacation? Do you try to learn something new? 3. b. Procedure A.Up 1. PELC # 2 ( LISTENING ) Values: carefulness II. Presentation: 1. a. A person who gets hurt riding on a bicycle. He stands on a diving board ready to dive. Subject Matter: Following Directions References: English for Living and Learning (Reading) pp. first aid manuals III. 3. Motivation What do you do during vacation? Do you try to learn something new? B. Reading the selection: Taking It Easy a. The man looked at me with fiery eyes and got scared. Demonstrate the steps in the class. She picked up the tacks and tags. Preparatory Activities: 1. A person who gets something in his eyes. . pocket chart. Pronunciation Drill: /t/ /th/ tin thin team theme tank thank 3. Unlocking of Difficulties: Give the meaning of the words as used in the sentence. (ropes — robes)3. Their bags hang on their backs. Paying the Echo Game Sometimes when you shout you hear an echo. 39 .ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Discussion What steps did Danny follow to learn how to swim? What do you think helped Danny win the competition? C. How did his brother help Danny win the competition? 3. What words rhyme? (back — bags) 1. 2. Objective:  Follow a series of directions. Generalization: What things do you remember in following directions? D. A person who slips in a cemented path. 2. Listen carefully. 1.44 Materials: chart. (tacks — tags) 2. Practice Exercises Group Activity Get directions for giving first-aid in the following situations. Answering the motive: Why is the story entitled "Taking It Easy b.

Drawing Game 1. Draw a rectangle under the square. Draw a big circle between two small circles. Write your name . Draw your father and mother’s face on the two small circles. 5. Draw a square around the three circles. 2.IV. Do what it says. 3. 4. ML ID V. Evaluation: Follow the directions correctly. A person who drinks clorox. Draw your face on the big circle. 1. 2. . A person bitten by a dog. Select one only. grade and section inside the rectangle. Assignment: Give directions on how to apply first aid in the following situations.

/b/ /v/ bow vow bat vat boat vote b. Discussion: What did the child make? What ingredients are needed to make chocolate fudge? Give the steps to be followed in making chocolate fudge. B.1. Motivation Do you have hobbies? Do you like your friends to be interested with your hobbies? Why? Who among you have special ability in cooking native cakes or making ice candy? Listen to these directions written by a child whose hobby is making candy. Continue playing the game with your classmates. Procedure A. MAKING A BED . Write the directions in paragraph form. pairs of words after the teacher. Presentation: Let the pupils read the paragraph written in a chart silently Chocolate Fudge Mix two cups of white sugar and one square grated chocolate. Stir in one cup of milk slowly. Practice Exercises Rearrange the ff. English for Filipino Children 5 pp. 311-318 Building English Skills V Reading pp. Subject Matter: Following Directions References: PELC 1. Give the number of the word that begins with a different sound. Preparatory Activities: 1. D. C. 2-7 Materials: chart. B. Objective:  Follow a series of directions  Arrange details according to order of importance Values: Developing One’s Talent and Skills Neatness II. Cook until the syrup forms a hard ball when it is allowed to drop in cold water. Pronunciation Drill a. Stir in one tablespoon butter a buttered dish and out into squares. 2. Generalization: What should you do when making or doing something? E. sentences to have order of ideas.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Say the ff. pocket chart III.

that is. my great grandparents. IV. b. What fun it is to make a bed. Then the stamp is rubbed under water. b. People used stones and clay tablets the way you use books. d. To make a bed right you must air it well c. the dried stamps are transferred to an album. e. the envelope with the stamp is soaked underwater. The stamps are taken off from an envelope. First. Assignment: Arrange the directions in the proper order. c. But they were too heavy to carry around easily.a. Characters were scratched into the stone or clay. A BOOK TELLS ITS STORY Thousands of years ago. e. Evaluation: Listen carefully and follow the directions that will be posted on the board. STAMP COLLECTING a. After the sheets are on. d. put the pillows in place. books didn't look like anything you're reading right now. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . First put on the sheet. The stamps are dried on newspaper. Then put on the top covers. Lastly. Imagine having several stone tablets to carry to school. V.

tape III. shapes to form human figures. Objective:  Follow a series of directions. 2. 3.  Make simple and accurate directions and descriptions. Procedure A. 3. C. Draw your face on the big circle. Presentation: Listen to the following directions and draw what is told. B. nose and mouth.1 Materials: cut-outs of different shapes/ figures ruler. Inside it. Draw a square in the middle of a sheet-of paper. Subject Matter: Following Directions References: PELC 1. Practice Exercises Do as I dictate. draw the eyes. Draw a circle above the triangle. Draw your father and mother's faces on the two small circles. Generalization: What should one do when asked to do a series of directions? E. 2. Draw a triangle on top of the square. its side touching the uppermost tip of the triangle. Analysis/Discussion How many steps does the given direction consist of? What exactly are you told to do in direction 1?2?3? etc. Identify and describe it  Do you know how to draw human figures through shapes?  What shapes do you think should you use to draw a little girl? B. coupon bond. Draw two small ovals as shoes. . Draw a big circle between two small circles. pair of scissors. Values: Alertness II.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. 1. Motivation  Pick out one shape/figure. 4. 1. Pronunciation Drill Read the words carefully /e/ /ea/ attend teacher festival clearly gentle healthy 2. Preparatory Activities: 1. D.

1. Draw four horizontal lines inside each square. What have you drawn? Label the pictures.IV. 5. Draw a triangle over the big triangle. At the middle of the rectangle. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . 3. 4. Evaluation: Do as I dictate. Draw a square on each of the vertical lines. V. Assignment: Write a series of directions 5-6 steps similar to the given test. At the middle of the two vertical lines. draw a small circle inside a bigger circle. 2. Draw a big rectangle. draw the two vertical lines.

Pre-activities: 1. She wore an attractive and sparkling necklace at the party. Bag d. 5. Procedure A. Flashcard. Reading Proper 3. 3. b. The laborers quickly unloaded the cargo. Objective:  Give synonyms of common words. What challenges and difficulties did he face? 2. she was able to save enough money to send her children to school.3 ( READING ) Values: Perseverance II. 4. Laptop III. 3. A large number of ships arrived in the shipyard. 2. 75 – 76. Subject Matter: Synonyms Facing Challenge ( Story Board ) References: English Expressways (Reading) pp. Because of her thrifty ways. umbrella b. Comprehension Check-up 1. Encourage them to give as many descriptive words as they can. Judy Ann Santos lost a trunk full of her personal belongings. The boy’s worn – out clothes could hardly keep out the cold. 66 – 67. Motivation: Let the pupils describe the objects. PELC # 1. What kind of man was Luis Yangco? Describe him as a child and as an adult. The trunk of the Lawaan Tree is made into boat. How did he use his wealth? 2. Why did the Holy water become plain water? . Would you want to be like Don Luis one day? 3. Post Reading a. a. Unlocking of Difficulties: Use the sentences below to find the meaning of the following words: Glittering merchandise shabby frugal fleet 1. picture of mayon Volcano B.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Motive Question: 1. Reading Activities: 1.103 Materials: Chart. 2. Answering motive question: Why is it entitled" Facing the Challenge"? b. Pre-reading a. Review: Which meaning fits the italicized words? a. Let them give other words for the words they used. Flower c. b. Why is it entitled “Facing a Challenge" 2.

Struck heavily b. Keep c. Discussion: 1. Bay 4. rough 3. Fell slightly d. Punctured b. 1. Sisa knew if Basilio was coming because of his steps that thudded on the stairs. Distribute to each group envelope containing synonyms. abundant 4. huge . Trees c. a. pretty 5. Ruptured 3. wealthy . Forest d. A stray bullet grazed the arm of an innocent bystander. Pierced d. Tiptoed 2.c. Stuck lightly c. Bushes b. Evaluation: Give the synonym of the italized words. a. Which of the following words in the list could you use for the italicized words? Frugal . 1. What do you call these words which mean the same or almost the same meaning? C.ferry 3. Use them in a sentence. Wasted b. Practice Exercises Group the pupils into five. Frugal b. Don Luis never squandered his money. shabby 2. Deposit ML ID V. Generalization: What are synonyms? D. huge . What are the italicized words in the story? 2. Stolen d. Frugal 5. Scraped c. a. Misery d. IV. Wealth c. a. a. Let the pupils give 10 pairs of synonyms. Assignment: Give the synonym of each word. He shared his fortune with the poor. The campers reached the thick woods by the lake.

Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Procedure A. Reading Proper Assign one pupil to read the story by paragraph and let them answer the questions after each paragraph.3 ( READING ) Values: Love for Neighbors II. 3. Post Reading a. 302-303 English for Living and Learning (Reading) V. Answering the motive question What are our natural resources? b. 31-32 Materials: picture of a tall and small girl (or real persons). Chart of the story. Motive question: What are our natural resources? 2. Unlock vocabulary:  A tree that has no fruit is worthless. Comprehension check-up What are the uses of water? Why is land that has no topsoil worthless? How can we conserve our natural resources? 4.  Carabao manure should be put on the topsoil. Reading Activities: 1.  What does soil give us?  Why are forests important?  What do plants and animals give us? 3. English in Grade V. Objective:  Give antonyms of common words. pp. PELC # 1. Copies of the selection III. or real persons  What do you see in the picture?  How will you compare the height of the two girls? B. Pre-activities: 1. pp.3.reading a. See attached story Guided questions for paragraphs 2. and so on. Discussion  What are the underlined words in the selection?  Give the opposite meaning of these words: Many worthless possible .3.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Pre. b. Motivation Show pictures of a tall and small girl. Subject Matter: Antonyms Story: "Our Natural Resources" References: PELC 1.

dry . 1. Use them in sentences. The farmer thought that somebody played a joke on him. friend a. The white monkey stayed outside the cave. 3. Mother bought her baby an expensive necklace and also bought some cheap jewelry. What do you call these words that are opposite in meaning? C. What did he do with the goose? ML ID V. 2. Practice Exercises Read the sentences. slowly _____5. He never dared to go inside it. remember e. Assignment: Select the antonym of each word from the list below. What was the color of the egg? 3. enemy _____3. narrow _____2. but on the second thought. What did the farmer see one day? 2. Evaluation: Read the selection and answer the questions that follow. It was heavy. He soon found out to his great delight that it was of pure gold/ Answer the questions 1. forget _____4. Pinatubo but Letty and Lilia made it possible. Generalization: What are antonyms? D. He almost threw the egg away. The Goose that Lay the Golden Eggs One day. wet b. big and yellow and it glittered when the rays of the sun struck it. _____ 1. he took it home. quickly c. It was different from all the eggs that the goose had laid before. Pick out the words that are opposite in meaning in each sentence. wide d. a farmer found a strange looking egg in his goose's nest. IV. Many natives believed that it was impossible for the visitors to reach him peak of Mt.

Generalization: How should we make descriptions? D. (See page 134 of Fun in English) C. Presentation Present the paragraph on "How Animals Get and Eat Food" (See pages 64-65 of Science and Health 5) 2. Read the underlined words. Tell why.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Discussion: A. Phonics Words with th sounded as /dh/ and /th/ /dh/ /th/ that teeth these mouth 2. Pre-activities: 1. Chart. 20. 1. Procedure A. PELC 9. Evaluation: . Practice Exercises 1 Divide the class into three groups.1. Group I . What do we call these underlined words? Why do we use descriptive words? What should we bear in mind when making descriptions? C.Mini Zoo Group III. What teeth do plant-eating animals have? What teeth do meat-eating animals have? What teeth do plant-meat eating animals have? B. P. 134 Science and Health 5. Visit the Science garden and write simple descriptions on the things found in the garden. Read the two descriptions. Real objects III. Subject Matter: Making Descriptions References: PELC 2. 64-65 Materials: Pictures of animals.pp.Butterfly Garden Group II . Motivation Do you have pets at home? What is your favorite pet? How do you take good care of your pet? What do your pets eat? B. 21 Fun in English 5/LTX.Fish Pond IV. Objective:  Make simple and accurate description. p. Values: Appreciation of God's Creation II. Choose the best one. p.

Assignment: Write a paragraph of 4-5 sentences describing your community.Write a paragraph of 4-5 sentences describing the picture. green long crowded fresh high flying birds beautiful tall different V. Choose the appropriate descriptive words to describe the picture listed below. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Procedure A. It was a nice brook. Comparison: Read the two paragraphs. Paragraph 2 I saw many trees. Some were fan-shaped. 1. Learning Activities: 1. What do we call these words? Why do we use descriptive words? C. Presentation Let the pupils read the selection "Notes from a Garden Show" on page 61 of the English for living and Learning?. arrogant child. How many things did Laura tell about the scrapbook the first time she described it? 2. Why was Laura's second description more helpful than her first? B. tree. Each pupil gives an adjective beginning with a to describe the word as. p. 2. As soon as each child has given an adjective beginning with a-. 2. Pre-activities. such as child. Select a noun that can be described easily. PELC # 2 ( SPEAKING ) Values: Sense of Responsibility II. Read the words written on the board. A mango tree grew along a rippling brook. anxious child. dog. It was shaped like a huge egg. Discussion A. There were other beautiful trees. Motivation What projects do you make in school? Have you tried making a scrapbook as a project? What is a scrapbook? B. Review Divide the class into two groups. Objective:  Make a simple and accurate description. 61 Materials: chart. Paragraph 1 I saw a tree. man. Which is a better paragraph? Why? What words tell more about what one saw? Do they help you see the scene more clearly? Do they make the paragraph more interesting and alive? . different pictures III. Choose a pupil to act as a scorer.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Subject Matter: Making Descriptions References: English for Living and Learning/LTX. How many things did she tell about it after Ben asked him to tell all that she could? 3. 1. amusing child. It grew along a brook. change the letter to b and so on through the alphabet.

The pupils will fish one of the pictures and use as many descriptive words to describe it. The windows of houses have _____ orchids and _____roses. IV. The streets of Pasonanca are lined with _____ bougainvillas and gumamelas. (old. _____ clothes and his _____ and his _____ hat. Tony went fishing. Generalization: How do we make descriptions? D. He put his line with a worm at the end into the water. nice. It is a very _____ place for picnic. My Town I live in Pasonanca. Practice Exercises Let's go fishing. My town has a _____ park.C. Assignment: Complete the paragraph by using descriptive words. fish. . _____ other boys joind him. It is a _____town in Zamboanga. fat. The park has a _____ swimming pool and _____ gardens. Evaluation: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate descriptive words to complete the paragraph. fishing. round) ML ID V. _____. near. _____. After an hour. ten. Tony sat under the tree _____ the riverbank. hot. he caught _____. One _____ _____ Saturday. He put on his _____. three.

When will it happen? 3. a. clear and accurate? C. 2. 3. 1. Pre-activities: 1. B. The Grace v class is having a Pet Show on Friday. 126-127 Materials: tape recorder. Where will it happen? c. Presentation: 1. . 2002. 2002 c. Procedure A. Generalization: What does an announcement tell about? How do we write an announcement? D. Mabini Street for a special meeting. chart III. on June 17. Practice Exercises Divide the pupils into four groups. PELC # 2 ( SPEAKING ) Values: Truthfulness and Awareness II. Objective:  Make simple and accurate announcement.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. classes suspended 2. Star Scouts are invited to come to the Girl Sc cuts Headquarters. pp. Review Tell what WH-question will be used in the following phrases. How is the announcement written? c. Are the details complete. Presentation Listening to an announcement ( see page 126 of Fun in English/LTX) 2. Subject Matter: Making Announcements References: Fun in English. What WH-questions were asked in the announcement? b. Motivation Have you heard Corina Sanchez make announcement over the radio? Who among you wants to be like Corina Sanchez? Talk about different announcements you have heard/read. What is the announcement all about? b. LTX. Comprehension Check-up a. July 25. because of the strong typhoon b. Discussion: ( Present the announcement again) a. Let the group identify what WH-question has been omitted and let them report their findings to the class. a Seminar Workshop on "How to Make Paper Dolls" sponsored by the EPP Club Officers will be held on Saturday. Each group will be assigned a topic to work on from the given topics.

Assignment: Make an announcement about the election of Pupil Government on July 29. Write an announcement to inform interested participants. 2002 at 6 o'clock in the evening. of J.4.P. The Young Writers' Club sponsored a seminar on news writing in Room 6 of English Dept. Evaluation: Read the situation below and do what is asked for. Let them read their work to the class. Your barangay officials are holding an Amateur Contest on the forthcoming barangay fiesta to be held at the barangay plaza on August 15. IV. . V. Rizal Building  Let each group rewrite the announcement assigned to them by supplying the missing WHquestions. 2002.

Date: ____________ I. Objective:  Make a simple and accurate announcement. Values: Truthfulness and Awareness

II. Subject Matter: Making Announcement References: PELC 2.1, p.20 English for Filipino children 5, pp. 123,279 Materials: chart of announcement, paper strips written on it III. Procedure A. Pre-activities: 1. Review Paste the following phrases under the wh- questions posted on the board. What Where When Who Why  At 3:00 in the afternoon  Science Club officers and members  Before the cocks begin to crow  Because of the coming typhoon 2. Motivation Whenever there is a forthcoming activity in town, do you see something posted in the plaza, in the walls of the church, market, school or other conspicuous places? What do you call it? B. Learning Activities: Present five announcements. Divide the class into two groups. Each group will make the announcements by answering the wh- questions. Group 1 will work on announcement no. 1 and so with the other groups respectively. 1. Attention All Pet Owners! Mrs. Custodio's class will hold a pet parade at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon in the gymnasium on Friday, October 4 to celebrate World Animal Day. All pet owners are invited to see the show. 2. On Thursday, August 15, at 11:00 o 'clock, there will be a musical program in the school library. It will be sponsored by the Music Club. Everybody is invited to come. C. Discussion: 1. Which announcement has complete information? 2. What information is needed? 3. What wh- questions are contained in the announcement? D. Generalization: What does an announcement tell? What questions do it answer? E. Practice Exercises Write an announcement on the situation below.

You are going to have reunion of your family. Write an announcement so that all members of your family will be informed. IV. Evaluation: Read the situation below and do what is asked for. Supply the WH-questions. Write an announcement for Mrs. Lagrama's class. They will sponsor a concert on the school playground of Baliuag North Central School next Friday at 4:00 o'clock. V. Assignment: Make an announcement informing everyone that the Grade V pupils will present a radio program at 12:00 o’clock next Saturday. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Date: ____________ I. Objective:  Follow printed directions in filling up forms. Values: Carefulness

II. Subject Matter: Following Printed Directions Story: “Father Going to Saudi Arabia" References: PELC V .2; PELC IV .2.1.7; English in a Dynamic World pp. 26-28 Materials: Materials: chart, blank information sheet; sample III. Procedure A. Pre-activities: 1. Playing the game “Simon Says"(stand, go to the board, write your name etc.) Ask pupils to give similar directions for other to follow. 2. Motivation Present an ID Are the information asked for correctly answered? B. Reading Activities: 1. Unlocking of Difficulties Match column A to column B. Write the of the correct answer on the space provided before each number. A B _____ 1. Information a. giving directions _____ 2. Profusely b. a message or communication to be known _____ 3. Passport c. talent or skill learned _____ 4. Experience d. official document certifying citizenship _____ 5. Instruction e. plentifully 2. Motive Question Did Father and Ninong Benjie go to Saudi Arabia? 3. Post-Reading a. Answering motive question b. Comprehension Discussion  Who planned to go abroad?  In applying, where did they go first?  What was given to them by the agency? c. Discussion  How did they fill up the form?  What signal words Father used to make orders clear for Ninong Benjie?  What are the directions they followed in the form? C. Generalization: What are the things to be remembered in filling-up printed materials?

D. Practice Exercises The following steps for eating spaghetti are mixed up. Number these steps so that they are in the proper order. Then, on the lines provided, write signal words such as first, then, next, now and finally to make the order clear. _____ Stuff in spaghetti. _____ Open your mouth wide. _____ Spear a few strands of spaghetti on fork. IV. Evaluation: Read the situation and do what is asked of you. You want to be a member of the Pinoy Earth Savers Club. To be a member, you have to fill up this form. PINOY EARTH-SAVERS MEMBERSHIP Please use black pen to fill up the form. All information needed must be printed in the space provided for. ______________________ _____________________ ________________________ First Name Given Name Middle Name ______________________ _____________________ ________________________ Age Nationality Religion _______________________________________________________________________________ No. Street Barangay Town Province

V. Assignment: Get a sample bio-data. Fill-up by supplying needed information. Leave other items unanswered like course, college graduated etc. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Pre-activities: 1. She announced that each of them must have a school identification card……. To whom are those information refer to? B. Practice Exercises Fill out the sample Science Club Membership form below. Mrs. 4 San Lorenzo Elementary School Ask: What information is contained in card number 1? Card number 2? And so on.TM.Diamond Card No. PELC # 2 ( WRITING ) Values: Accuracy and Cleanliness II. 1 Maria Lopez Card No. Review 2. the principal of Sto Cristo Elementary School together with the teachers welcomed the pupils warmly after the flag ceremony. Presentation: 1. Fun in English TM. It's the first day of classes.38 2. 2 Grade V Card No. Grade and Section: ________________________ Birthday: ________________________________ Month/Date/Year Sex: __________ Age: ________________ Height: __________ Weight: ______________ Address: _________________________________ No. Let a pupil read the selection from the chart while the others listen. Reyes. Generalization: How should you fill up school forms? D. pp 6-7 III. p. Street Barangay Town Province .ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. NAME: _________________________________ Last First M. Discussion What information was asked for in the form? Were all parts filled out by Rosa correctly? C. Objective:  Fill out school forms correctly .I. Motivation Maria has a basket filled with numbered flashcards with information about herself. Subject Matter: Filling Out School Forms References: . 3 Section . Card No. Procedure A.

Name: ___________________________________ Last First Middle Name Grade this school year: _______________________ Final Rating in Grade V: _____________________ Date of Birth: ________________ Age: ________ Month/Day/Year Place of birth: ______________________________ Barangay/Town/Province/City. Fill out the enrollment form below. As a Grade V pupil. Assignment: Next year. you are then instructed to fill out the survey form below. ____________________ School __________________________ Address of School Name: ____________________________________ Grade and Section: __________________________ Age: ____________ Sex: ___________________ Address: __________________________________ ML ID V. Evaluation: The Pupil Government wanted all Grade Five pupils to be included on the list of those who will receive a book from the UNICEF. you will be in Grade VI and you are old enough to enroll all by yourself.IV. Sex:______ Nationality:______ Religion: _________ Name of Father: _________ Occupation: _________ Name of Mother: _________ Occupation: _________ .

Who celebrated her birthday? 2. value of money 2. Hardwork II. Comprehension Check-up 1. withdraw c. Presentation: 1.91 2. Look at the graph posted on the board showing the various amount of cash gift she received from each wellwishers. References: PELC 2. A B 1. Writing Materials: Samples of Deposit and Withdrawal Slips Chart of a graph. She received cash gifts from her well wishers. Let the pupils read the following: Cash Gift Its Ana's birthday. Motivation How many of you have money in the bank? Why do you keep it there and not at home? What do you do when you want to get money from it? B. figures e. Objective:  Fill out deposit and withdrawal slips correctly.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. a person who deposit money 3. Review Fill out the form below correctly. Name ________________________________ Last First Middle Name Address: _____________________________ Barangay Town/City Province Date of Birth: _________________________ Month/Day/Year Nameof Father:_________________________ Name of Mother: _______________________ 2. What did she receive from her well-wishers? Thrift and . to get money from the bank 3. Procedure A. to put money in the bank for safekeeping 5. Note: See chart on p . Pre-activities: 1. depositor a. Write the letter to indicate your answer. PELC # 2 ( WRITING ) Values: Accuracy. deposit b. amount d. paper money III. Subject Matter: Filling Out Deposit and Withdrawal Slips. numbers 4. Unlocking of Difficulties Match the words with its meaning.

Amor Perez went to PCI Bank last April 16. Evaluation: Listen to the story. 2002? How much did she deposit? ML ID V. deposit figures depositor validation withdraw account IV. and three fingers if it is on the third syllable. . 2002. 2002 and deposited one thousand fifty pesos ( P 1. Practice Exercises Pronounce the following correctly.3. Where did she go on April 16. she withdrew seven hundred pesos ( P 700. Write your answer in a one half sheet of paper. Tell the pupils to raise their one finger if the stress is on the first syllable.00 ) to buy her school supplies.050. Assignment: Get a copy of a deposit slip and withdrawal sip from the bank near your place and fill it up correctly. then answer the questions written on the board.00) in her account number 0914-0723-26. two fingers if it is on the second syllable. Who is the depositor in the story? 2. How much cash gift did she receive from father? From mother? From Ate Annnie? From Kuya Tony? From Lola Tes? Uncle Ed? Auntie Elsa? C. On May 27. Questions to answer: 1. Generalization: How do you fill up a deposit slip? D.

. p. Pre-activities: 1. 3. Too long for those who grieve. . Answering the motive question.. Too slow for those who wait. Stating the motive question: Why is Tagaytay a lovely place to visit? 2. 179. p. Reading of the poem by the teacher while the pupils listen "Tagaytay" Growing in English 5. Unlocking of Difficulties lovely bloom sight lonely gloom light B.... die dye shy fly buy by care base 2. Objective:  Note details in a poem listened Values: Appreciation II.33 Skill Builders for Efficient Reading. Learning Activities a. 4. Recalling the standards in listening. Pronounce the following words correctly. Comprehension Check-up 1. 44.181 III.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Too short for those who rejoice But for those who love. 2.. Developing Skills: Pupils are asked to read the poem and answer the ff. Reading and discussion 1. Presentation: 1. 44 Science and Health 5. b. questions: Time is. Too swift for those who fear. Discussion about the poem. Motivation How did you spend your summer vacation? What places did you visit? Did you enjoy visiting them? 2.  What can you say about Tagaytay?  Why was it stated that no one will ever get lonely?  What drives away one's gloom? C. PELC ( Writing ) Growing in English 5 (Reading) pp. Recalling the motive question. Procedure A. pp. Subject Matter: Noting Details References: PELC (Reading ).

friendship) 2. a.Time is not. What happened to the arrow when it was flying in the air? 2. Assignment: Write a one-stanza poem with rhyming words. rhyming words correctly. hearing c. enough . disgust b. V.stone b. What does the poem feel about time? ( a. awe c. Independent Exercises Read each group of words and identify the words which does not rhyme and encircle them. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . Infusion of Values Children.cough 2. Generalization: How do we note details in a poem listened to? E. 1. Evaluation: Read the poem “The Arrow and the Song" and underline the rhyming words. drove remove prove above F. a. love c. time b. phone . What does the poem talk about? ( a. Guided Exercises Read the ff. do you read poems? Why? Do you enjoy reading poems? IV. touch b. The Arrow and the Song I shot an arrow into the air It fell to earth and knew not where For so swiftly it flew out of sight Could not follow it in its flight. stone cone none bone b. 1. List the rhyming words in the poem read. joy ) D. sight ) 3. To what sense does the line “Too swift for those who fear" appeal? (a. Practice Exercises 1.


The mouse begged to be freed. _____ After some days. The lion falls in the tray set by the hunters. Preparatory Activities: 1. _____ After 2-3 days. The Life Cycle of a Mosquito _____ After a few weeks. Read and arrange the sentences in sequence. Listening . a lion lay fast asleep. We heard the Ions roar so we ran as fast as we could. One quiet afternoon. 2. forest free freedom fall fast few friends from 2. the eggs hatch and the larvae or wrigglers appear. manila paper III. cut outs. words. each of the wriggler becomes a strange. PBC 1. Have the pupils read the following: The Lion and the Mouse A. Values: Cooperation II. 4. Unlocking of Difficulties Read the ff. /f/ sound References: PELC 3. Procedure A. Repeat after me. sentences and give the meaning of the underlined words. Subject Matter: Story Grammar. in the forest. Reading p. Presentation: 1. b. comma-shaped pupa.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. A mouse ran up and down the lion and woke him up. promising to help the lion someday. 3. Motivation Situational analysis/Sharing Experiences  What will happen if the breeding places of mosquito will not be cleaned? Have you experienced mosquito bites? B. C. the case splits open and the adult mosquito lays eggs in water in batches of about 200. Objective:  Use a story grammar to remember details. Science and Health Today IV p. Comprehension Check-up Who are the characters in the story? Initiating ________________________________________________________________ Attempt ________________________________________________________________ Consequence _____________________________________________________________ Reaction ________________________________________________________________ . these stages below will form the life cycle of a mosquito.Speaking say: Let us read the ff. 141 English for Living and Learning V. 124125 Materials: picture. B. a. The lion was very angry and wanted to kill the mouse. Review When arranged correctly. string.

" V. He put it on and frightened all the animals. The Donkey and the Lion's Skin A donkey found the skin of a dead lion. One dog was suspicious.C. Assign one story for each group. he laughed and said. but he brayed instead. The representative from each group will report their work. Evaluation: Read the following selection and write a story grammar to remember details in the story. IV. Practice Exercises Group Activity: Divide your class into three groups. When the dog heard the donkey braying. to. Tell them to read the story and follow the instruction given. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . but did not make a sound. Generalization: What could be used to remember the details in a story? D. The donkey tried to roar to frighten the dog. "I might have been scared. if you had kept your mouth shut. Assignment: Write a short paragraph of your own experience using story grammar.

ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Energy is used by the cells of the body to do their work. Values: People's Health Habit II. Unfavorable weather condition helps lower one's resistance against communicable diseases that attack the respiratory system. 1. a. What important element in air do we need to take in order to live? What do we give off in return? b. a. information leading to the theme. What do you think will happen to our respiratory system if it is not healthy? C. How can we get enough supply of oxygen and regularly release carbon dioxide? c. Carbon dioxide is a waste product released by the body when cells use energy. Give some ideas that come into your mind as you read them. There may be other. The energy is released when food is burned. Subject Matter: Noting Details The Respiratory System References: BEC. Science V p. 20) a. 17 III. Evaluation: Write at least 2 ideas for each: 1. What is meant by involuntary?  We breathe even without thinking. Procedure A. Why are the tiny hairs inside the nostrils important? 2. The membrane surrounding the passageway is moist. D. Into the Future/ Science and Health V p. IV. Generalization: Lead the pupils to generalize that ideas in a paragraph may not be exactly stated in the text. Oxygen is needed to burn the food taken in. There are tiny hairs inside your nostrils. Reading: The Respiratory System Human needs the oxygen in the air they breathe. Here are some sentences. What possible communicable ailments may attack the respiratory system? . Comprehension check-up a. Objective:  Give implied ideas or information in a selection read. The hairs and the moist membrane serve as air filters to block off dirt and other foreign (substances. Speaking: 1. Pre-activities: What comes into your mind when you hear the\ verb breathe? exhale inhale lungs breathe nose B. Breathing is one of the involuntary actions every human being does.  we breathe even while sleeping.

Lack of oxygen supply can endanger the e of the cells in the body. Assignment: Write your answer in your notebook. Unhealthy conditions and practices may harts your respiratory system. People with healthy lungs can fill it wit.a-d cleanse it so that all parts of the body get a:=. 1.e oxygen. (Science V p. (Science V p.V.28) 2.29) Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Who is talking in the story? 3. Growing in English 5. Subject Matter: Retelling A Story References: Growing in English V( Reading ) pp. 142-144 Science and Health 5. Pre-activities: 1. Infusion of Values What must one do in order to ' retell a story/read/listened to? F. 142-144 b. “An Old Newspaper Talks".scatter trash Recycling -------. What happened to the old newspaper? 2. Why do we have to recycle things? 3. What interesting incidents happened to it? D. Stating the motive question What happened to the old newspaper? c. What objects can still be reused? Things like paper.changing something for reuse Y Junk -------------waste like old iron or paper Use these words in simple sentences. Values: Listening Attentively II. bottles and boxes are reusable materials. Practice Exercises a. scrap papers III. Objective:  Retell a story using story grammar. p. Motivation Look around you. let's cl ar up some words by giving their meanings. Today. 96 Materials: newspapers. Unlocking of Difficulties Before you read the story silently. Reading. Review What are recycled materials? Can we still use these materials? 2. Guided exercises 1st group . pp.Where did the story happen? . Comprehension Discussion: 1. Generalization How can you retell a story through a story grammar? E. Procedure A. Presentation: a. Silent Reading The pupils read the story silently to find out the interesting incident that happened to the old newspaper and what made him happy towards the end of the story_ C. we are going to read about what happened to an old newspaper.Who are the characters in the story? 2nd group . B.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Littering ------.

3rd group . 34-37.How can you make your community a nicer place to live in? 5th group . Coral reefs are limestone skeleton of coral-farming animals. Coral reefs are formed mostly in warm and tropical sea. Evaluation: Answer the following questions based on the story. Independent Exercises Direction: Look at the chart below. "Making Plans" IV. English for Living and Learning 5 (Reading) pp. They form the foundations of barriers and ridges in the sea.What does the story teach us? b. What did the fishing boat do to the big crab? V. How did the small crab help the big crab? 2. 2.What major events happened in the story? 4th group . 3. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . 1. Assignment: Write a short story using the following story grammar and give your own title. Where did the story happen? 3. Fill in the boxes by answering the questions after the selection read. 1.

a. 2. Subject Matter: News Broadcast References: Growing in English Language V. Comprehension questions  What is the news about?  Where did it happen?  When did it happen? D. Have the pupils retell the news heard. IV. pp. Ask the pupils to news heard. Objective:  Retell news broadcast listened to. During Listening Activity Have the pupils listen to the recorded news by the teacher. C. 1998. Who will present it? c. on Tuesday. Assignment: Write listened news and be able to retell it in the class tomorrow. II. Evaluation: Have the pupils listen to a taped news broadcast and have them retell it. Have a pupil play the role of a while other pupils listen. Pre-Listening: 1. Review Have the pupils listen to the following announcement and answer the questions that follow: The Busy Bus will present a puppet play " The Princess and the Frog". V. Who will be presented? b. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ . 193-194 Fun in English Language V. 81 Materials: Taped news broadcast BEC PELC 3 III. The main roles will be played with their puppets by Lita Gorospe. Generalization: What should be remembered in retelling a news broadcast? E. It will be held in the school auditorium at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ben Sales and Tony Na bong. p. August 20. Where will it be presented? 2. Motivation What news have you heard over the radio this morning? What is the news about? B. Procedure A. Application 1.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .

Listening Comprehension 1. most of which we take for granted today. An idea that is not proven yet is called _______. When. Galileo. C. what did Galileo invent? Why was he dissatisfied? E. Values: Courage and Perseverance II. Answering of comprehension questions. Presentation: 1. Motivation Show pictures of scientists. How F. 2. Generalization What are the answers to the following questions. Objective:  Answer WH-questions to understand details in a story listened to. Why. the Great Scientist using the details in the table above. Instruct them to write a paragraph from the picture drawn. Find out why Galileo is called the great scientist. telescope experiment century philosopher theory 1. B. . Motive Question The greatest scientist. His discoveries opened doors for new knowledge and new inventions.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I.204-208 III. Listening Activity Reading of the story by the teacher D. Procedure A. In what way was Galileo different from the other boys of his time? b. Subject Matter: Noting Details References: Fun in English 5 (Reading). Listen carefully as I read the story to you entitled “Galileo. 3. As a boy. Write your answer in the blank. Unlocking of Difficulty he pupils learn the meaning of information word in the story by using the dictionary. Ask the pupils to identify them. 2. a. explored space although he never left the earth. Direction: Select the appropriate words in the box below to complete the sentence. pp. Who. Answering the motive questions. the Great Scientist". What. Writing Ask the pupils to draw a picture of incident in the story. Galileo named the spyglass a _____ which means “to sea for” in Greek. Pre-activities: 1. Words for study are in the pendulum-shaped box. Galileo. 2. Pupils give information about them. Where.

Assignment: Listen to your favorite a drama on the radio. Some of the phrases answer questions why. Practice Exercises a. Where was Yuri Gagarin sent? Why? 2. when. what or how. pp. who. What unusual experience did he has as his spaceship went in orbit? 3. Write the appropriate question answered by each phrase. Try to note the important details which could be answered by WH-questions and be able to report these in class tomorrow Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . During the flowering month of May IV. Example: By the Side of the Rippling Brook 1. Guided Practice Play the selection “The Pearl" in the cassette recorder. How did the earth look from the spaceship? V.G. Ask the pupils to note important details and have them answer the following questions. where. Independent Practice Listen carefully as I read the following phrases. Have the pupils note important details and have them answer the following questions: b. Evaluation: The teacher reads the story “First Man in Space” Fun in English 5 Reading. 186-187. Away in a distant land beyond the ocean 2. 1.

2. Where are the kidneys located? Describe how they look physically. Instruct the pupils to write a paragraph from the pictures drawn. Subject Matter: Drawing Pictures of Incidents/Characters in A Story References: Fun in English 5. pp. (who). Preparatory Activities: 1. Unlocking of Difficulty kidney potassium bladder  Pupils learn the meaning of the words by using the dictionary. Procedure A. How are kidneys structured? Describe the filters of the kidneys. Listening to the story The Amazing Cleaning Machine C. While eating. to give shape to the body. went to the (where). We sat down (where) and ate our (what). The Picnic I enjoyed the day when my friends and I had a picnic. 3. Comprehension Check-up: 1. Motive Question Our body parts have their own functions. G. 218-221 III. the bones. Objective:  Draw pictures of incidents/ characters in a story Values: Care for the Kidneys II. (who) and (who). Have the pupils listen to the following stories. E. . Ask the pupils to draw pictures of incidents/characters of the story. It was (when). What organs of the body are linked to the kidneys? In what way do the kidneys affect those parts of the body? D. Show a picture ( kidney) and ask the pupils to identify it. Keep their arms as straight as possible. Ask several pupils to say something about their work. 2. Motivation a. 3.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Directions: Answer the WH – questions in the parenthesis to complete the story. My friends. b. we talked about things that happened in (where) (when). Presentation: 1. Ask them to draw from their imagination incidents or characters found in the stories. Tell them to clasp their hands together behind their back. B. We brought some (what). Inform them that the places closest to their elbows mark the spot where their kidneys are. The heart is to pump blood to all parts of the body. They can tell what they know about the kidney. What about the kidney? Find out what function does the kidney perform? 2. (what) and (what).

Have them draw incidents or characters from that episode. A rat had killed it. pp. Ramon had promised his science teacher that he'd bring his pet to class on Monday to show to the class. (Conquering Space -. Here it was Saturday and his pet was dead.e shell remained.234-235. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .) V. and now. Assignment: Tell the pupils to listen to a drama series on the radio using their imagination.Ramon was shocked! He had brought his pet turtle out to the rain after lunch this noon and now. at five o'clock his pet was dead.Fun in English V Language. Evaluation: Listen to the story and draw incidents or characters from the story which / whom you like best. only tl. IV.

2. Generalization What do you call the part of the story that tell when and where the story takes place? C. B. Ask them to give their reasons why they associate that particular word to the sea.  Look at the story teller. Preparatory Activities: 1. when. Presentation: 1. Unlocking of Difficulty dynamite kerosene explosion  Let the class look at the meaning of the words using the dictionary.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. . Subject Matter: Identifying Settings. and endings of stories Values: Conservation of water resources II. words of feeling. Review Tell whether the phrases below answer what. ending. Procedure A. date. 450-452 III. at the foot of the mountain 2. direct statements. sea. where. Second Reading of the Story The story will be read again. 450-452. 3. Listening Comprehension Check-up Discussion  What is the most important source of livelihood in Banquerohan?  How did the people there catch fish?  Why is it dangerous to catch fish dynamite?  What will happen if you use dynamite in fishing? 3. sequence of events. Objective:  Identify the setting. Story: Nature's Revenge Reading Manuals pp. actions. setting. who. Listening a. Ask the pupils what words come into their minds when they hear the word. Characters and Endings of Stories References: Reading Marvels pp. characters. 1. at early dawn 3. The class gives listening tips to help recall important facts about the story. why or how questions.  Take down notes especially the names words. Tell the pupils to listen to the story carefully and look for the important things which will identify the following parts of the story --------characters. because of her sickness 2. 442-444. unfamiliar words. Instruct them to listen very well because they will tell the story they have listened to in their own words. Motivation Show a picture of the sea.

Speaking Ask the pupils to look for their partners. then. answer the questions that follow: Write only the correct answer. Have the pupils answer the questions about the selection. Flip-flaps are versatile. 27 IV. scissors. 442-444. Assignment: Instruct the pupils to make literature flip-flaps. "The Man and the Tree" Reading Marvels pp.  How did the story end? V. Have them retell the story they have listened to. easy-to-make projects that offer the fun of manipulation and a mint of secrecy and surprise. E. pencils Directions: Fold paper into six equal parts. markers. Consider carefully the parts of the story emphasized by the story teller. (Refer to lesson plan in English p. D. Practice Listen to the story. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . Materials: paper. to their partners.  Who are the characters in the story?  Describe the setting. Evaluation: Play the selection in the cassette recorder. crayons. Open and cut to center fold as shown.

All I need are several clothes. I’ll also bring some underwear. Maria. Was Eric able to prove that he could take care of himself? Why do you say so? B. Listening: 1. my towel. Oh yes! I should bring bring my rubber shoes and a pair of slippers. 119.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Where does Eric wish to spend his weekend? b. Will his parents go with him there? c. Generalization Lead the pupils to identify that the setting is the place where the dialog happened. 3. The characters are the people. and Ending References: English for Living and Learning 5.. 4. 348 III. . too…. Answer the questions that follow. Mommy would you please permit me to spend a weekend at Aunt Liza’s place? Daddy: I think I can. my toothbrush and a cake of soap. p. He asks his parents’ permission. Subject Matter: Identifying the Setting. Reading Comprehension Questions a. Motivation How would you like to live in a clean and orderly house? In a house which is messy? 2. 53) 1. (The Invitation p. Unlocking Difficulties Group work – fill in the boxes with the words being described by the phrases on the right. Practice: Read the ff. And what happened are the events. Bulacan. Reading Marvels V. Have three pupils read the dialog aloud while others listen. Eric wishes to spend a weekend at his Aunt Liza’s house at Sta. p. Where were Eric and his parents? b. This time divide the class into three groups. a. What events happened in the dialog? d. conversation. Comprehension Questions Did Noemi use to go to White Beach? Who used to give Noemi permission to play with her friends? Do you think Mother was right in not allowing Noemi to go to the clinic? D. Procedure A. 2. Objective:  Identify the setting. Reading: 1. What is the ending? C. Group I will read Eric’s part. Who were the characters? c. Characters. Group II will read Daddy’s part and Group III will read Mommy’s part. Eric: Daddy. characters and ending of dialog read Values: Cleanliness and Orderliness II.

119 Story: The Lovely Flower Garden)  Who are the characters in the dialog?  Where did the dialog take place?  How did the dialog end?  Why is Mrs.IV. English for Living and Learning. Read it and write the answers to the following Setting: Characters: Events: Ending: Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . Assignment: On page 18 of English for Living and Learning 5 is a dialog. Clara’s garden beautiful? V. p. Evaluation: LTX V.

Pre-activities: Words for study. characters. p. Second Reading of the poem by the teacher while the pupils listen E. As he looked at the others high over his head "I know I should fall if I try to fly" "Try. A B 1. Subject Matter: Identifying the Setting. Listening: 1. . Get a partner and rearrange the scrambled letters to form the correct words. and events after listening as the teacher reads the poem. Listening Comprehension questions  Who is afraid to fly?  What made the kite fly after all?  How did the little kite feel when it sailed with the big kite? D. characters and main events in a poem listened to. Why can they fly? B. Get clues from column B. Procedure A.ENGLISH V Date: ____________ I. Speaking 1. quilnrat -------it means quiet. Who are talking in the poem? 3. beydoog ------you say it when you leave for school 3. p. Practice The pupils are asked to identify the setting. Why can they fly? Name some non-living things that can fly. dendod ------. Characters and Main Event References: English for Living and Learning V. Reading Marvels V. calm C. Where did the poem take place? 2. Objective:  Identify the setting. Teacher reads the poem while pupils listen HOW THE LITTLE KITE LEARN TO FLY "I never can do it" the little kite said. Generalization How could you identify the setting in a poem? The character? The events? The main events? G." said the big kite" Only try" Or I fear you never will learn at all" 2. 113. 304 III.69. Values: Cooperation and Courtesy II. Motivation: Name some living things that fly. What events or happenings can be drawn from the poem? did it with your head to sayyes 2.

Who are the characters? 3. What did he do when a lamb get lost? Was he telling the truth? 3. 2. What events/main events could you picture in the poem? Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . 1. Where is the setting of the poem? 2. Assignment: Copy a poem you love to read from any book and answer the ff. in your notebook. Describe the boy who worked as the guardian of the sheep. How did the neighbors react when a wolf really feels upon the boy's flock? V. Evaluation: Identify the setting. characters and events after listening to this poem. “The Boy and the Wolf” 1.IV.