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of us You wa r love n t Is a tes in me what t y a o m u ent see You nev What y er know whe I’m Joaou’ll manife n you love Avenge n of Arc on ast I’m gon loves death mission I’ll ne na win ver giv e in . exal Kiss e em rise up See th Humanity is a deer in the headlights The road is covered in blood Free yourself with a dagger from above A crossbow of faith You sold your heart For the primal experience Gave up on love for a Medal malevolenCE You fil The fir l yourself wit A karm e of innocenc h gates aic stain will e bring b gain ack th rough t Oh how he I’m jus I wonder wha t a girl t will be out loo king fo come. ss Ba ongst hannes now. yed out am e r Guitar – Alain Jo e h a ons w. t to be pl nd the Drums – Jack Ir a Hey no e art gam It’s a s of the he o e g Thiev s of the e Whore ate e now s . ther’s ailment and illumin w o n y e t He veryon .LOVE O T T GHE lle s) (Dalle/Johannebackground vocals – Brody Da d an ad le .

but baby. i’ You were born onve never needed you so bad Baby baby baby a full moon. i will ne you r fo die d ul wo i oh babe. i would oh babe. e av le r ve oh babe.ALL BABES ARE WOLVES (Dalle/Johannes) rhythm guitars – Brody Dalle Lead and background vocals. i would die fo ave le r ve ne ll wi oh babe. bass – Alain Joh qua Rhythm guitar – Tony Bevilac Drums – Jack Irons Howlin – Wolves Come on babe. I’m th e only one howli Come on and give n I was born on a me the keys back. the wrong side of everything I was born on the wronsheets ON the bed at we have Knives in the kitchen. i never mea bad moon nt to deceive yo u oh babe. i never g side. tion from the love th ac tr dis r he ot an st It’s ju r you oh babe. i will nedie for you ver stray r you oh babe. i will ne deus/divus I’ve been born inside of . i me knew that you needed Come on babe.annes Lead guitar. i would die fo ray st r ve oh babe.

. that it’s over ard forw it ts shoo w.. w to please. .i want to leav Don’t s e here What’s ay that you a im done is done.. oh yes that...e CUPID – Brody Dall nes) (Dalle/Johan ound vocals.... cupid. t hat it’ ient s o ver I want to ...i want to leave here cupid’s cupid’s a heartless a cupid. don’t you know that. ar it gu Ja Lead Theodore & Drums – Jon ? cupid. guitar hannes gr e – Alain Jo Lead and back ss. do hen it c n omes to ’t say that y ou love me love . d fight with me ngel with cr Away on’t you know as battles auel composure nc . pulls the arro cupid’s armed for god a faithful soldier Away I want to. xylophon ck Irons ba ....

9 cats fa Lead and rhythm guitar. going down on each t n’sync. we’re no gether. rab Sanity’s edge up for me to play white room. n Here we are in the middle Going down to of it. i’m on my ow is. now is it etiquett I’m dr e? no-one give NOWHERE s a shit but m unk i don’t know what it e. e ine m a n r nd of m ie r f a Sign youotted line s d he’ On my d il ascends an orrowed v b e n d e be The at has Time th e claimed Can’t b . Said she was I met the devil in a dark ep“ the fool ke this pill and go to sle Then she gave me a gift. deliri NOWHERE ously GOING NOWHERE NOWHERE FAST GOING NOWHERE LIGHTNING FAST mental drip give . wasted time and a You and i got us nothing to id dogs get high on meat automatic sex machine. ba Bevilacqua Lead and lead guitar – Tony Slide and Jack Irons You and i got a reason Drums – to live. “ta i never woke up NOWHERE NOWHERE HERE GOING GOING NOWFAST NOWHERE FAST LIGHTNING r name sign you . piano. we’re a sinkin g ship other.geek ing hannes) es alle in Johann – Brody D lling – Ala (Dalle/Jo background vocalsss.

. i’m I’m gone iling on sun.. backing vocals – Alain Johannes Kick & Snare – Tony Bevilacqua Sailing into the sun I’ll be baptized there lone ? ver been a Have you eour own war ? you fighting y tole the life fromore s m e Someon hey’re back for and now tt is on the floor Your hearut of control e Beating o want this anymor Oh i don’t sailing on So i’ll be ermuda blue Out into b eedle breaks Compass n eart i gave to you devils lair Like the hlaying down in the I’ve been In matters of the heart One must try to fill it up With love and grace You’ll start a fire Immerse old wounds and douse them out Pick your heart up off the floor Hold it gently now and go To the place you were meant to know So i’ll be sailing on Out into bermuda blue breaks you needle air to Compass heart i gave in the devils l e n h t w o e d Lik n laying I’ve bee into the sun Sailing baptized there I’ll be g on e sailin ne o So i’ll b g .. a s e b he I’ll g into t I’m goin .BAPTIZED BY FIRE (Dalle/Johannes) Bass..... vocals & background vocals – Brody Dalle Guitars.

i’m t really care Take a joyride with devil again game Gotta a man. Bass – Alain Johannes Drums – Jack Irons L SUSP ENSIO N ain e up agdawn k a w t ? ng the d don’ eep an ie swallowin their arms l s o t d e Go .. Don’t have to this place? lie in it .A SPEC TRA (Dalle/Johannes) Vocals. Backing Vocals. Wurlitzer – Brody Dalle Guitars..don’ I’ve m So desperate.. p o k r y da he e Out of y sing? do t e come hom v e ’ h u t o o y d you? Cradle t last a Home ane lace? ed insave this p it s s i k lie in ou le .. pulls the slack Kills me the guilt I’ve gone mad.Say what?. Don’ wher ade my b How do you?. i’ve kissed insane where do you go when you leave I’ve made my bed..... i’ve e mad go when y t have to n o g I’ve e do you ed. feel anything.

o. Ke r. wh en i got no pla ce to go ope nary h io is v e m and so riddle a is d ? ee k home All i n ay bac w y m i find y? et go How do i find my wa e and l now iv l o t o k How d e . pretty dancer Bass. slacov – Brody Datron – Alain Johannes lit lo el ur m w .ODE C A TING R O T DIS Bevilacqua) lle (Dalle/Johannes/ zer. it’severything i messag o t a in d s e gle ceiv I’ve re e past entan e? h t But ck hom a b y a yw ? i find m y How do i find my wa o d How . vocals. Guitars ons Drums – Jack Ir I don’t ne ed the ans wers . rd an oa pi yb s. lead guitag – Tony Bevilacqua iu at sr .

sleeping in my room at night Don’t want his dirty fingers. Pl ’ n o h d Oh wve you o be my l lo on’t you please! Oh w y daddy Be m adly ou m y e v I lo BOMB dly SEX e you ma v I lo BOMB dly SEX e you ma I lov BOMB SEX do . Thinking of your love Oh won’t you.SEX BOMB (Dalle/Johanne Lead and backgrs/Bevilacqua) Cig fiddle.. bass ound vocals – Brody Dalle Rhythm guitar.. lead guitar... be my daddy . i cry myself to sl I don’t want another in me. up inside my tights to what e m tell dy. dadd addy cane me dad y m eas . no other daddy can tell me what to do Oh won’t you be my daddy.. oh baby please come back and bomb I don’t want another man. Be my daddy please! I love you madly... .. please me daddy. no oth addy. Love you oh. y. be er d t you . percussion – Al Drums – Jack Irpercussion – Tony Bevilacq ain Johannes ua Sexbombs – Alai ons n Johannes & To ny Bevilacqua eep at night man..

would chaen you obsess e n So long you’re a nge the wa y lready We’ll n. so long my fr in debt i felt e ie v n e d r m I tried s e o hard tet again It’s too late fo o stay r me isn’t enough in this world trust? ve lo e th l al u If ptiness go? who do yo Where do you wrapped in the arms of em place to a f I find mysel nning away.ON S ING V I R D G Brody Dalle nes) cals. so lo eet again We’ll never m to stay I tried so hardfor me It’s too late . can’t find I can’t stop ru exist ng my friend So long. bass – (Dalle/Johan vo d n ou gr nes Lead and back – Alain Johan Lead guitar ar – Tony Bevilacqua Rhythm guitck Irons Drums – Ja Caught It’s the lust tie a noo I believ unexplained se around my Lying toed saying the that gets you neck tru wh god aint easy whth .

le (Dalle/Johannes) ound vocals – Brody Dal Lead and a lot of backgr es ann Joh in Ala – s boy ek Bass. gre Guitar – Tony Bevilacqua Drums – Jack Irons rebellious palpitations k White lines on the table loo Like a road Like a road Like a road t we’re hooked Then there’s the message tha Dominos Dominos Dominos I think you’ ll notice wh oever you are Cheap sex in a pick-up tru Is a mess ck Is a mess Is a mess Then there’ Fall in love s the message that we’ re fucked Fall in love Fall in love Hey what’s I’ll give youyour name? Hey what’s anything you want I’ll take ev your name? erything you’ ve got All aboard t h Bottles of w e drunk express lines of gold ine in excess Holes so dee to fill your holes Well no one p knows . guitar.

Al. o h c y s e till Oh hello p ’ll be her again? cape the feeling you I can’t es the end ue girl? ur tong o y t o g t Who ight ou Cut it rg a match Strikin them out Calling h you’re mine Hey yea thy womb Fruit off a man now Blood o nnot save me a c That e can Only tim live ying to d d in e v belie t nee I won’tpay for I do no t ’ Won to release I want to be free I want ut. guitar – Brody Lead guitar. and Justin Smith to my chin ing e rifle up iv Oh hold thrings out. Tony..DEAD THE WALKING (Dalle/Johannes) Dalle Lead and background vocals.. organ grinder – Alain Johannes Annoying – Tony Bevilacqua Drums – Jack Irons Hee hoo’s – Brody. o way o n is e r The . bass.. it’s dece i’ve ever been e l c l a e l b p r st You is the safe e back in The womb e home baby.. let m So carry m I’ve be The ghoen kissing the Hey yea st has an ar grave of a gh my of t h hieves ost that bre and the a I won’t y’re co thes b ming fo e l ie v I Won’t e in dy r me I want pay for WHATing to live t I do not I want o release need to be f ree Bird in Eyes to a cage Here co the sky Singing me the angel s Crush c deaf lullabIES r y s t a l wings Breath Found me in and chok up e y misfo rtune inback the mo uth of a cat No way the mirror hat you in t is ..

just lle fiddler itar – To right w – Josh ny Bevil ine bott ua Hom a le – Al ain Joh me cqua an nes tonight r head off tonight u o y e k a t off I’ll your head I’ll take ler style Vlad impa yes. lead gu ussion. ll in the e Cos it’s a ll all in the eyes it”s all a .. night vocal nes/Dalle) Cig fiddpiano. perc s – Brody Da Lead cig le...impaler (Bevil Up all acqua/Johan Moog..

... rhythm guitar – Brody Dalle bass. who ch me he d t s Wh na tea beg al Gon ould i steal if it se er ay? ? i h d ovver r r n p I s ould ie fo a e and ivid do ver I sh ould d er o ver an own s the d v d h o s l o r I kis nee rde ver or uld i k n and er o rder o v o w o Sh el do and er o in ver and ov he cha s one o Kne r rde ver re t ed a er o er o u a ect Ord er ord all yo e conn Ord the b we ar i da I am ether ve la d Tog belie earth .. Hel belie earth I do l is on Hel .. lead guitar – Alain Johannes Rhythm guitar. ow il t mankin d ! v e he d for h Go se t iption ce wit o r Up rescr s dan A P Devil ife? The of l ? u s o ’ ey son o arre you?he les h w t . I do l is on ve . obnoxious – Tony Bevilacqua Drums. a eal Whoo.. k l a d?. marching dead – Jack Irons N FOR MA NKIND ? life? re you n’s of o s s e Who a re you? the l Who a teach me ? a e deal Gonn d i beg? al th e l s ? u l t o i a Sh ay? . will d i ste Shoul to die for own and privide? s If it’ d i kneel d kiss the d Shoul down and Kneel r in fea I live ill will I have What do you prescr Is it an ocean awayibe for a lack of faith? in a fortress high in the sky? The heavens gave way to a molten bl Down came an ange l such cantankerooody clot us rot ll a s u hin wit .....A PRESCR IPTIO (Dalle/Johannes) Lead and background vocals.

rhythm guitar – Brody Dalle bass. man has cocked his rooster on load parole Fall into a Won’t you n abyss give me ju Valium knig st one las t kiss Only now hts. I wil knights d Valiumow my hea Only n vagrant inlding on efore He’s an love is ho t we had b one ent wrong golde g on to wha w ht’s g Holdininess twilig d where we n l a e t n Lo unders I don’t ay yes n my w I am o . lead guitar – Alain Johannes Rhythm guitar. e more She is give m your whore . marching dead – Jack Irons Harvey Osw He took th ald’s dead and gon One minute e “last train out o e f town” Yes baby. l l a ke it o and I’ll tabe your hern my bed i l . in my bed He’s a vag Golden lov rant in my head Holding on e is holding on to what w e had befo re own down a fallen crow t n e w l al s of sun JFK’s t the thorn cum I’ll sw rrow o S f s ’ e .V ALIUM KNIGHTS (Dalle/Johannes) Lead and background vocals. obnoxious – Tony Bevilacqua Drums. e l He onro the glory M n y l Mari the guts.

Camille this would have been possible). Kristen Welsh. the Banuelos family. Sheila Posner. and Zildjian cymbals. the Homme family. Nick Petropou SPINNERETTEMUSIC. and badassery). Promark drumsticks. Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes. Cecconi. Hobby/Hassle Records. Alan McGee. Eagles of Death Kevin Azar. Chapman Baehler. Paco de Lucia. Nigel Adams and everyone at Full Time Boucher. Jeremy Summers. Tim Presley. Frank McDonough. do-gooder. Mr. JP Stephen Freeman. and Tony used their own instruments thank you very much. Wendy Rae Booger /Yamaha guitars. the Bevilacqua family. Adam Freeland. Jenni Jenn Jenn Jennifer Carter. Klein. Ryan Shepard and everyone at Universal Music Canada. Hanna Hanra. Anthony Knowles/Maton guitars. J. Porto’s. Eddles McGintoch. Ian Rogers. Brian Chick. Dave “Davey Jo” Catching. Newman. Chris Baker. and Ashley Bronwyn Leslie. Matt Winkler. Nicole Fiorentino. Mikey “Shoes” Shuman. Kii Arens. Ray Danniels. Grey Charles. Edie Lundeen. and everyone at Red. FREESPAN. Andy Curran. Justin Lee. Ed Monsef. Bryan Tulao. Danny Buch. Ana Banuelos. Darren Weiss. and Mixed by Alain Johannes for Eleven Productions Recorded and Mixed at PINK DUCK STUDIOS Mastered by BRIAN “BIG BASS” GARDNER AT BERNIE GRUNDMAN MASTERING Assistant Engineer.without you none of Natasha Shneider (for your love. Jack Irons. Brendan Bourke. Colin Diola. Joshua Homme. Aaron North. Brody. Engineered. Ally Christie. Wez. Cynthia Barry. Andy “Ozzy” Lister. support. Jeffrey Light. Alain Johannes (for yourHomme. patience. LIGHT UP. LLP Business Management SCOTT PADELL FOR PADELL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT INC. Metal. Pearl drums. Management MEGHAN SYMSYK & RAY DANNIELS AT SRO MANAGEMENT INC. and everyone at Shock Records. FINEMAN. Zach Dawes. bartender. Jon Theodore. Robert Anton Wilson RIP. Evelyn Jones. Sarah Barber. Matt Field. Justin Smith. Fender guitars. Erin Lee Smith. Dave Hidalgo Jr. Lisa Markowitz. Stuart Harvey los. ABELL. Bob Morelli. go-getter. Ivar Hamilton. Madeline Leslie-Pucilowski. Legal JEFFREY LIGHT FOR MYMAN. Dan Hadley. Megs Symsyk. Ungari. Brandy Blake. Mike Tempesta McGrath. Scott Padell. Troy Van Leeuwen. support. Alexandra Moss. Emma Banks. Queens of the Stone Age. Pegi Liam Lynch. Eden Blackman. Robby Fraser. Amanda Shannon Kimball. Courtney Riot. David Laurie. INTERNATIONAL Booking EMMA BANKS FOR CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY North America Booking ROBBY FRASER FOR WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY Merchandise PATRICK MCLOUGHLIN FOR SHOWTECH BRODY DALLE ALAIN JOHANNES SPINNERETTE TONY BEVILACQUA JACK IRONS THIS RECORD IS DEDICATED TO PETER PUCILOWSKI THANK YOU AND NATASHA SHNEIDER RIP guidance. Traci Lords. Hutch. nurse.  And mostly Al’s. TopSpin. Alan Becker. Andrew Garver. Carla Wallace.Produced. and belief in us and the music . big road driver JUSTIN “MANCUB” sMITH Drum Tech MAURO RUBBI One String Guitar Tech ALAIN JOHANNES Documentarian EDDIE “VEGAS” MCGINTY Artwork Concept BRODY DALLE Artwork Design COURTNEY RIOT Photography CHAPMAN BAEHLER Alain.D. Brian “BOC” O’Connor.COM . Marcus Tamm. Steve Satterwaithe. Anna LeCoche. Joey Castillo. Mauro Rubbi. patience. Jay Brooke-Rol at SRO/Anthem. Chris Wardman.