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Authenticity Journeying together and working out faith together know what you believe and why

Young people are impressionable, if adults are living like the rest of the world → "Jesus really doesn't make a difference, so why should I follow Him?” The mission and message of some churches is vague: messages encouraging social justice, community involvement, & being good, but relationship between that message, Jesus Christ & the Bible is unclear.

There is openness to express doubt & question The spiritual encounter with God is "felt” not just head knowledge

Why do I get up in the morning Mans chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy him forever The Westminster Shorter Catechism was completed in 1647 by the Westminster Assembly and continues to serve as part of the doctrinal standards of many Presbyterian churches .

mercy. power. majesty. grace. and omniscience . the word translated “glory” means "dignity. praise and worship" Putting the two together glorifying God means to acknowledge His greatness and give Him honour by praising and worshiping Him To glorify God is to tell of his His attributes—positively His holiness. honour. love.What does it mean to Glorify God? The word glory as related to God in the Old Testament conveys the idea of greatness of splendor In the New Testament. sovereignty. faithfulness.

Blessed is the man who trusts in Him' . 'geuomai‘ = to 'have experience of' . taste and see that the LORD is good. Greek word.Psalm 34: 8 The word 'taste'.What does it mean to 'enjoy God? 'Oh.

petting. They demonstrate intense loyalty Most dogs yield readily to training and unquestioning obedience Dogs will. and is heartbroken when it knows that it has displeased its master .Dogs. and at times have. given their lives for their masters The high point of a dog’s life comes when its master gives it attention. whether it is by walking. unconditional love for their masters. seem to have a capacity for what appears to be a very powerful. by their nature. playing or anything else. as long as it is some form of one on one fellowship It lives to please.

seem somewhat difficult to train a cat and. then. there is no pressure for them to comply with or obey the will of others Cats like to rule their own lives It may. in fact. therefore. most cats will only respond to training if what you are trying to get them to do is appealing to them .Have you noticed how cats walk around with a regal air about them? They are more prone to be private and solitary Cats are somewhat selfish creatures They are not pack animals by nature and.



E. ME. Scripture is for My knowledge. We Obey Our Father! Worship. My wealth.W. MEOW! .F.O.O. ME.W. My health. ME Over Whatever My Effort Over Worship. and My salvation ME. and Obey Our Father! M.O.

Both Cats and Dogs have reflective times Dogs focus on God’s glory (How is God’s reputation being affected by my life?) Cats focus on themselves (how can they better their life?) Dogs hunger more for God’s glory whereas Cats hunger more for the blessings .

Meology to theology Even Wii is spelt with two iis !! Theology being study of God in Scripture that reveals God to be the main character and not humanity Problem of God being made in man’s image What does God feel about herding cats? Will a person serve God for nothing? Because of who he is – not what we can get? .

Christianity not just head knowledge Purpose – Why do I get up in the morning? What is God like.Takeaway Authenticity.God made in man’s image Tasting How much Cat & Dogs in us? .how do I get to know him? error.