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Company Profile

DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited (DSCL) is a leading business conglomerate with a group turnover of Rs. 5000 crores (approximately USD 1 billion). The business portfolio of DSCL comprises primarily of two types of businesses a. Agri-Rural Business (Urea & SSP fertilizers, Sugar, Farm inputs marketing such as DAP, Crop care Chemicals, Hybrid Seeds, Rural Retail Chain) b. Chlor-Vinyl Business – Caustic Soda, Chlorine,Calcium Carbide, PVC resins, PVC Compounds, Power and Cement. Also it has a value added business Fenesta Building Systems.

DSCL, a spin-off from trifurcation of the reputed erstwhile DCM Group in 1990, is managed by Mr. Ajay S. Shriram, Chairman & Senior Managing Director and Mr. Vikram S. Shriram, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, along with a highly professional executive team. Manufacturing Facilities: DSCL has manufacturing facilities of Fertiliser, Chloro Vinyl & Cement in Kota (Rajasthan)). The company operates coal-based captive power, facilities - in Kota rated at 133 MW and 55 MW in Bharuch (Gujrat). The Urea plant in Kota has a Production capacity of 379,000 TPA & Chlor- Alkali capacity of 700 TPD in both Kota & Bharuch.

DSCL Sugar factories are located in Ajbapur, Rupapur, Hariawan and Loni in Uttar Pradesh, with a combined installed capacity of 33,000 TCD (tonnes crushed daily) and a powergenerating capacity of 94.5 MW. The Hybrid seed operations- „Bioseed‟ started in Hyderabad (India) and now have a global footprint with presence in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

Fenesta windows fabrication units are located in Bhiwadi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. All its main line locations/products have ISO 9001 & 14001(Quality & Environment Systems) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standards) in its facilities.

DSCL has well defined processes in all its manufacturing facilities. improvements are made through global benchmarking, TQM, TPM, etc.


There is a strong and proactive focus on safety, health and environment. Some of the facilities have received international recognition such as British Safety Sword of Honour etc. 1

Bharuch won AMAI's best managed plant award by Alkali Manufacturers' Association of India for 2010. Vietnam (Hybrid Seeds) was bestowed the Golden Cup in the field of Agriculture by the Ministry of Agriculture Vietnam in 2009-10.Business strategy DSCL. It also received the Golden Dragon Award from the Vietnam Foreign Investment department in 2009-10 and 2010-11. As a learning organization. It is also working on developing mobile based solutions to deliver information to farmers. 2009 and 2010 from the British Safety Council for Health & Safety Management System. In a major IT initiative the company has networked all its locations on a Wide Area Network (WAN) and implemented SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) across the Company in 1998 and has also recently taken a lead to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Information Warehouse (BIW). Bioseed. 2 . DSCL is amongst the most cost efficient producers of products and services in all its businesses and has been continuously striving to lower costs. Technology DSCL has a long history of accessing and employing the best technologies for its projects and has worked successfully with renowned international and domestic technology partners.Also received 5 Star Rating by British Safety Council for Health & Safety Management System for 2010-11. The Shriram Alkali & Chemicals. thereby lowering operation costs and making DSCL a highly competitive player. DSCL has worked regularly with the national and international consultants of repute. It also has the unique advantage of low-cost captive power for all the major operations. Organizational Development etc. across its various businesses is strategically diversified yet operationally integrated at a high level. 2008. in diverse areas of Business Strategy. DSCL Sugar won the Green Tech Environment Award Gold Category for the Loni factory and Silver Category for the Rupapur& Hariawan Factory in 2012. Awards DSCL manufacturing facilities at different locations have been recognized and have won various prestigious awards from time to time. Some of the businesses feed others. Some of them are listed below: DSCL manufacturing facility at Kota. Rajasthan has received the 5 Star Rating consecutively from 2006 to 2011 and Sword of Honour for 2006. Quality.

The company is in the process of scaling up these operations and believes that these businesses would be its growth drivers in future. DSCL‟s vision is to continue to strengthen and grow its commodity businesses as well as its “customer” & “knowledge based” products & services. trust and respect in all relationships Social Responsibility and Ethics Be a socially responsible corporate. DSCL has been working in the agriculture sector with a vision to increase productivity and profitability of the farmers through its various businesses: Farm Solutions. Our Core Values and Beliefs Customer Focus • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3 Be sensitive to customer needs. compassion. to ensure consistent quality. well knit team Inculcate a spirit of openness and collaboration Relationships and Human Dignity Value people and partnerships Nurture understanding. develop superior customer insight Commitment to surpass expectations and deliver superior value Innovation and Excellence Think differently and promote creativity Make continuous improvement a way of life. Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar. Fenesta UPVC windows is a customer focussed brand of DSCL. DSCL aims to achieve its vision by adding value to farmers through its large farm extension programmes and last mile delivery activities. DSCL Sugar.Outlook In an increasingly competitive global business environment. addressing the needs of the community and environment Conduct business ethically Maintain highest standards of personal integrity . where the customer is assured of design support. Bioseed (Hybrid Seeds). firm commitments on deliveries and a trained installation team. drive excellence People Development Continuously improve and upgrade the skills and competencies of our people Support people to realize their potential Team Work Work closely as a cohesive. offsite fabrication.

Name Nitika Goel __________________________________________________________________ 2. where I had to perform various calculations to provide the desired variables like YTD. Xth 87%________________________________________________________________________ b.BEST STUDENT AWARD APPLICATION FORM 1.5%______________________________________________________________________ d. Live/Academic Project a. I was responsible for developing quarterly. Age 25_________________________________________________________________________ 5. B-School International Management Institute. XIIth 92. Specialization PGDM____________________________________________________________ 4. assisted in developing dimensions for OLAP module. Project synopsis (Not more than 150 words) As lead of reporting module. Project Title Business Intelligence and reporting ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ c. annually sales report for the client’s insurance policies. CGPA (till date) Result Waited ____________________________________________________________________ 6. Also.DSCL . Grades a. Organization name (if applicable) Wipro Technologies ________________________________________________________________ b.4%______________________________________________________________________ c. Average sales area-wise to judge the company’s and its sales executives’ 4 . MTD. Graduation 79. Delhi________________________________________ 3. QTD.

My journey of achievements started at an early age. which DSCL core value do you relate with the most and why? I feel very much associated with DSCL’s core value of Innovation & Excellence. List down five most significant achievements and contributions. I had been an academic topper throughout my schooling days. The project was based on data warehouse prepared by me as per company’s standards 7. This can be achieved through innovation and excellence. What do you find unique about the organization? List down and briefly describe DSCL is one of India’s leading business house. it was a really proud moment for me when I received State-level mathematician wizard trophy from then State Education Minister. 8. 9. A. Reaching a premier institute like IMI. diversifying its operations across various sectors like Agri-Rural Business and Chlor-vinyl. Having gone through the company profile. best team player.performance. feather in the cap. The above mentioned modules served as inputs to prepare dynamic reports using Microsoft Business Intelligence. supplementing it with latest technology. Then. Delhi was the biggest achievement for me. I received a number of laurels like Best Performer. Bagging the job at Wipro Technologies was another achievement for me. 5 . adapt yourself with the excellent opportunities available to you. During my tenure at Wipro. etc. As I believe that in today’s dynamic world.K Walia. What fascinated me about the company its ability recognize huge potential in rural market. It is imperative to keep yourself updated with happening around. Then carrying forward the past trend of excellent academics. Mr. I also topped the XII board exams in my school.