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1. what is the difference between re-do and mirror log? How it is related with database backup?

2.what is role of sap administrator in pi & ep? 3. What is Extended memory & what is PXA/Program buffer? 4. how to repair the sap* default password,r3 sys log file accur error.. 5. what is a sap server or instance? 6. why do we use cleanipc command before starting the SAP System ? 7. What is JSMON ? difference between jcmon and JSMON ? 8. What is the T code to start the livecache ? how to start the live cache if you could not able to login to the SAP System ? 9. How to resolve lock overflow issue . with out restarting the production system ? 10. what is sap hostagent ? difference between sap host agent and saposcol ? 11. Two background jobs triggered while transporting? 12. How to identify a particular T_Code has been modified or not? If yes, how to identify who modified particular T_Code in current system? 13. how can a User be able to access only for Customized roles when given pfcg, su53, su56 access? 14. How can a user be able to access only for Customizing requests even if assigned se01 and se10?. 15. What is VMC and what is the use of it ? 16. What is JVM switch. Why JVM switch is required ? 17. if there are 3 clients in quality(100,200,300) and only two clients in production(100,200) , how many clients will be there after system Refresh ? 18. What is procedure involved in doing system copy? 19. can u explain step by step procedure of DB REFRESH.?

What is check point?? chkpt?? 30. How to import mass transport request ? Expalin me the procedure and draw backs:? 25. how can i change access to a user who is having access for SPRO display only to change access in sPro? 21. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEW GL AND CLASSIC GL? 36. what is the function of garbage collector.20.. what are the prerequisites to install ecc?what is saps?what is quick sizer? 38. What is the difference between transactional rfc and regular rfc? 27. can any one explain? 31. hi can u tell me the actually where r3 security use? 22. how java instance processes starts?or how java startup and control frame work starts the java instance? 41.exe? 35. what is the difference between system copy and system refresh? can u trouble shoot this? .. how to connect external mail server to sap? 40. What is Listner?? How to get the status of the Listner? 28. When will the table get automatically updated in the database IN ABAP? a) activating the table b) saving the table? 34. What is Tranport Group & Transport directory in STMS? Briefiely expalin the functionalities? 26. how can u change the location of control files of oracle in sap? 32. what are the versions are used in sap? and what is the current using version? in upcoming version is sap? 29. What is the purpose of webdisptcher and Installing and configuring Web Dispatcher what are the prerequisites? 24. what is System tuning ? what are the activities involved in system tining? 23. the end user was facing performance problems. what is the size of ur oraarchieve directory? how can u prevent archiver stuck situation? 39. what type of files are created during the export? 33.where i can find the file sapinfo.

which WP comes into the picture?? 47.some have windows admin make the system up. where can u check the sap errors in windows as the windows system was down.where u check the error logs ?how to find the problem is with the os or sap? 55. how sap synchronizes the buffers between the instances of a logon group? 46. Apart from Update WP.42.could java engine can able to start when this error occurs. If you are DEPLOY and UNDEPLOY java patch through SDM so why you need JSPM? how you can do CCMS monitoring through Solution Manager? .can we able to open the config tool when it occurs? 44.which WP can also perform update in Database?? When we give print request. what is the difference between sap lock and data base lock? 51. what is the use of psapundo tablespace? what is the error ora -01555 represents. tell me the situation where u involved in memory management?How can u troubleshoot the situation? 45. how can u connect sap and non sap systems? 50. how to find out server get down? 49. why sap implemented lock concept seperatly as db locks(Oracle) are already there? 54. where can u see the dead locks in sap? 53. how can u do kernal upgrade in dual stack? can u prevent this error? 43. what is ora-28000 error represents. What is the deference between JSPM and SDM?? 48.