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Read the following passage and choose the correct answer.


The Norwegian government is doing its best to keep the growth of the soil industry under control. A new law limits exploration to an area south of the southern end of the long coastline; production limits have been laid down (though these have already been raised); and oil companies have not been allowed to employ more than a limited number of foreign workers. But the oil industry has a way of getting over such problems, and few people believe that the Government will be able to hold things back for long. As one Norwegian politician said last week: “We will soon be a changed beyond all recognition.” Ever since the war, the Government has been carrying out a programme of development in the area north of the Artic Circle. During the past few years this programme has had a great deal of success: Tromso has been built up into a local capital with a university, a large hospital and a healthy industry. But the oil industry has already started to draw people south, and with a few years the whole northern policy could be in ruins. The effect of the development of the oil industry would not be limited to the north, however. With nearly 100-per-cent employment, everyone can see a situation developing in which the service industries and the tourist industry will lose most of their workers to the oil industry. Some smaller industries might even disappear altogether when it becomes cheaper to buy goods from abroad. The real argument over oil is its threat to the Norwegian way of life. Farmers and fishermen do not make up the majority of the population but they are an important part of it because Norwegians see in them many of the qualities that they regard with pride as essentially Norwegian. And it is the framers and the fishermen who are most critical of the oil industry because of the damage that it might cause to the countryside and to the sea. 1. The Norwegian Government would prefer the oil industry to … a. slow down its rate of development. b. provide more jobs for Norwegians

the number two country in the world list. to prevent a growth in population. 2. the amount far exceeds that of France. to the city of New York. this name was also given by jazzmen. c. d. Then there was the dance. What might be the effect of the oil industry on northern Norway ?. c. the economy depends on agriculture and fishing b. b. a reduction in the number of existing industries. a growth in population. the failure of the development program. to discourage industrial development 3. the development of industry b. What has the Norwegian Government‟s policy been for the area north of the Artic Circle since war?. to improve facilities in the area. d. In Norway. and this name has continued up to the present day. one effect of the development of the oil industry might be … a. they are thought of as the real Norwegians. a. which was a big hit in the 1930s. Read the passage (True or False) (426) More apples are harvested in the United States than any other country in the world. Apples are valued . to develop a large tourist industry. d. c. an increase in unemployment in the north. look for oil on the southern coast d. they form the majority of the population. a large reduction in unemployment.c. Why are Norwegian farmers and fishermen important ?.pie order‟ while a ridiculous assertion is apple sauce. the development of a number of service industries. the Big Apple. they are responsible for preventing pollution. 5. the development of new towns 4. a. develop more quickly than at present. c. A scheme or plan that can be overturned unexpectedly is an apple cart. b. d. a. It could be that this is why the word „apple‟ features in a whole range of America expression including the famous old saying „in apple.

Many different American expressions are about applepie… 4. While an apple is good for our health it does contain the large sum of 85 calories… 9. 3. the United States‟ harvest is much larger. To be in apple. 1. The United States is the world‟s leading country in the harvesting of apples…… 2.nowadays for an aid to digestion and their ordinary apple only contains 85 calories. Apple sauce can refer to an absurd statement … 10. An apple cart may be overturned unexpectedly… 6. The Big Apple was the name given to New York in the 1930s… 7.pie order means to be in fair condition… 5. Although France is prominent harvester of apples. There are many schemes and plans that can be overturned… . Apples are worth a lot of money nowadays… 8.