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Spring 2013
Czech Beer
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Spring 2013
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4th Century
The present day Czech Republic was populated by Celts
and it was the Celtic Boii tribe who gave the country its
Latin name, Boiohaemum (Bohemia).
6th Century
The first Slavs travel from the east to the Prague area.
7th Century
According to legend a princess named Libuše marries
a ploughman and founds the Premysl dynasty. She
prophesies that a great city will rise above the banks
of the Vltava.
10th Century
Václav I, misleadingly later to be called the Good King
Wenceslas in the Christmas carol, is murdered by his
brother Boleslav. He becomes the country’s patron saint
and his feast day is celebrated on 28 Sept.
14th Century
In 1346 Charles IV is crowned King of Bohemia, and in
1348 he founds Charles University in Prague, the first
university in the Holy Roman Empire. Prague becomes the
largest city in Europe, with 40,000-50,000 inhabitants.
15th Century
On 6 July, 1415 the protestant reformer Jan Hus is burnt
at the stake. He becomes a martyr for the nationalist and
Protestant movement that adopts his name.
16th Century
In 1526 the Hapsburg Duke Ferdinand I is elected as
King of Bohemia. The dynasty will rule the Czech lands
until 1918.
20th Century
28 Oct, 1918 Following the defeat of Germany and
Austria, the Empire dissolves into several national states
and, Czechoslovakia finally becomes an independent
republic. Tomáš Masaryk becomes its first president.
15 Mar, 1939 The Wehrmacht invades and turns the
Czech lands and Moravia into a protectorate, while Slo-
vakia becomes an independent fascist state.
5 May, 1945 The Prague Uprising. Five thousand die in
four days of fierce fighting as the Czechs fight the Nazis
for the city. Prague is finally liberated by the Soviets.
Feb 1948 Assisted by the Soviet Army, the Czech Com-
munist party takes power. The country will remain under
the Soviet sphere of influence until 1989.
Prague Spring 1968 Communist Party chai rman
Alexander Dubček makes efforts to establish “Social-
ism with a human face”. This includes releasing political
prisoners and relaxing press censorship. His liberal
ideals are brutally repressed by the invasion of Warsaw
pact troops on the night of 20 Aug, 1968. In protest at
the invasion 21 year old philosophy student Jan Palach
sets himself alight on the steps of the National Museum.
17 Nov, 1989 The Velvet Revolution 200,000 people
demand democracy in a demonstration in Wenceslas
Square. As crowds swell, the government gives in, and in
1990 former dissident Václav Havel is elected head of state.
31 Dec, 1992 Dubbed The Velvet Divorce, Czechoslo-
vakia divides into two independent states, Slovakia and
the Czech Republic.
21st Century
Aug 2002 Floods devastate the country and cause chaos
and millions of crowns of damage as the Vltava rises.
1 May, 2004 The Czech Republic joins the European Union.
January-June 2009 Czech Republi c hol ds the EU
November 2009 Country celebrates 20 years post-
CZ: A brief history
Mahlerovy sady 1
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+420 210 320 081
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Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
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a smile on our face and don’t even think about
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do all of that for you and more! To help get you in
the proper mood, we’ve put together some great
events and festivals happening over the next few
months. Of course, our favourite tip is to have a
wander. Getting away from the tourist route of
clock-bridge-castle will do a lot to enhance your
time in the city.
Have a wonderful stay!
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FYR Macedonia
Arriving by Plane
Praha Ruzyně Airport tel. (+420) 220 11 33 14, fax
(+420) 235 35 09 22, Prague’s airport is
20km from the city centre. A taxi to the town centre now costs
around 600Kčeven if you call a company to pick you up or talk
to one of the representatives from reputable AAA Radiotaxi
or 1.1.1. Radiocab taxi. Don’t pick one up from outside the
terminal (click here for taxi firms). Alternatively, use the ČEDAZ
minibus service (tel. 220 11 42 96, 05:30 - 21:30) that runs
every half hour between the airport and Náměstí Republiky (F-
2). Tickets cost 90Kč (including one piece of baggage, children
under 10 free) and can be bought from the driver or from the
booth in the arrival terminal. For an extra fee, ČEDAZ can also
pick you up or drop you off at your hotel.
The cheapest way to get into town is on by bus: N°119 (2-8
times per hour between 04:18 and 00:10 with at least one
wheelchair-friendly bus per hour) runs between the airport
and the Dejvická metro station (Line A, green) in about 20
minutes. From Dejvická it is just five stops to Muzeum in the
centre of town. Bus N°100 whisks you to Zličín (metro Line B,
yellow) from the airport in 13 minutes. There is a new Airport
Express (AE) bus from Holešovice which runs every half an
hour, whizzing you across the city in half an hour, whether you
are arriving or departing. Special fares apply to this bus,
tickets can only be bought from the driver and do not allow any
transfers or other forms of transport. Tickets are 45/25Kč,
dogs 25Kč and luggage is free. First & last buses from
Holešovice 05:15 & 21:45, from the airport 04:40 & 21:10.
A 26Kč transport ticket (plus a 18Kč one for big bags) will get
you all the way into town or to the airport on all public transport
except the Airport Express. Tickets can be bought at the friendly
transport information desk in both arrival halls (open 07:00 -
22:00) or from the coin-operated machine at the airport bus
stop, but not from the driver. You need to validate the ticket
(once for the whole trip) in the machines on board the bus.
Prague's new Terminal North 2 will allow for at least 4 million
more passengers a year to travel into Prague with the ability to
continue expansion. New bars, restaurants, shops and services
ply their trade in this terminal which accommodates flights to
and from Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark,
Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg,
Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Spain & Sweden).
There is a left luggage facility at the airport which doesn't
close and costs 60Kč per item per day.
Arriving by Train
Prague has two main railway stations. Praha Hlavní nádraží
(‘main station’, tel. 224 61 52 49) is architecturally fabulous (in
the Jugendstil tradition) although you won’t know it until you exit
its underground nightmare. However a massive reconstruction
is now complete, and if you’ve been here before you’ll see the
obvious improvements. There is a tourist office (open 09:00 -
19:00. Sat, Sun 09:00 - 16:00) in the centre of the lower hall of
the two levels. For your best money exchange deal, use the ATM
on the far left of the lower hall. Train information can currently
be found in the lower left of the hall as well as to the left of the
middle passageway to the platforms. Left luggage (úschova)
lockers are available. Getting to town involves one stop on the
metro to Muzeum or a dangerous walk up busy Wilsonova.
The second station, Praha Holešovice (tel. 224 61 58 65), is
used by trains on the main Berlin - Prague - Vienna/Bratislava
route. The small hall holds the ticket office (open 09:00 - 17:00,
closed Sat, Sun), left luggage lockers, an internet café and
several exchange and accommodation offices (open 06:00 -
23:00). It is three stops on the metro to Muzeum.
There are two classes on international trains, and prices
vary according to length of journey and class; expect to pay
one third more for first class tickets.
Prague’s public transport system (Dopravní podnik) is
efficient, fast and reasonably clean. With three metro
lines, 26 tram routes and 9 night trams you won’t need
the bus routes that avoid the centre. Keep in mind that
the centre of Prague is easily accessible on foot.
Tickets, valid for all means of transport, can be pur-
chased from the numerous vending machines at all
metro stations, major tram stops and news stands.
You always need to validate your ticket yourself by
stamping it in the machines at metro entrances and on
trams. The most common ticket is the 26Kč transfer
ticket, which is valid for 75 minutes after validating (90
minutes between 22:00 and 05:00, on weekends and
public holidays). The 18Kč non-transfer ticket is meant
for tram rides under 20 minutes with no changes, or in
the metro for up to 5 stations (changes allowed) from
the departure station within 30 minutes. We suggest
you save yourself time by buying a handful of these on
arrival. If you’re planning to stay a bit and explore, get the
one-day pass (100Kč), a three-day pass (330Kč) or a
five-day pass (500Kč). Children under 6 travel free; and
tickets are half price up to 15 years old. Large pieces of
luggage (including rucksacks) cost an extra 13Kč while
dogs ride the rails for 26Kč. Fines for no validated tickets
are 500Kč if paid on the spot or pay 1,000Kč later.
The funicular railway and night tram tickets are 26Kč.
Trams trundle around town
every few mi nutes; useful
l i nes are N°22 whi ch runs
from the centre up to the rear
entrance of the castle, saving
you the uphill walk and N°17
which runs along the river. The
metro connects the two main
train stations and Florenc bus
station to the centre and runs
up to just after midnight, after
which the night trams (the warm mobile home to many a
smelly tramp) take over, zipping in all directions from the
Lazarská stop (H-5) every half hour. Tram information
is on the red signs at each stop and is generally correct
assuming of course that some worn out Škoda hasn’t
died on the tram lines.
Beware of Prague’s ultra-professional pickpockets,
especially on tram N°22 and in busy metro cars; consider
waiting for the next train if it looks squeezed.
For more information visit Dopravní podnik’s excellent
website with English and German information on routes
and schedules, at, or call tel. 222 62 37 77.
Travel Information Centre I-5,, MMuzeum, tel.
(+420) 296 19 18 17 (07:00 - 21:00), www.dpp.
cz. All you ever wanted to know about routes, tariffs,
tickets, timetables, re-routings and service disruptions,
maps and general information about Prague’s bus, tram
and metro system from friendly, multi-lingual folk. Apart
from the airport offices, these are found at the metro
stations. QOpen 07:00 - 21:00. Also at E-4, Můstek,
Jungmannovo nám., open 07:00 - 18:00, closed Sat &
Sun; Andĕl, open 07:00 - 18:00, closed Sat & Sun; Prague
Airport terminals 1 & 2, open 07:00 - 22:00.
Public Transport
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Arriving by Bus
Florenc Bus Station J-3, Praha 8, Křižíkova 4, tel.
(+420) 900 14 44 44, Most international
buses arrive at Prague's central Florenc bus station (Au-
tobusové nádraží Praha Florenc, open 05:00 - 23:00). For
information on bus times inquire at window N°8 (open
06:00 - 21:00). Alternatively, use the handy computer in
front of window N°8 to search for your specific bus from
the timetables online at the excellent, which
searches all forms of land transport. Window N°6 (open
05:30 - 20:00, Sat 07:00 - 19:00, Sun 09:00 - 19:30) sells
tickets for the ever popular Czech National Express (Český
Národní Expres) buses to Brno. The kiosk between window
N°4 and 5 (open 07:00 - 18:00, Sat 07:00 - 15:00, Sun
08:30 - 15:30) is an exchange office and also sells public
transport tickets, maps and guides.
Car rental
Avis I-3, Praha 1, Klimentská 46, tel. (+420) 221 85
12 25, fax (+420) 221 85 12 29, QOpen
08:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Budget E-1, Praha 1, nám. Curierových 5 (InterConti-
nental Hotel), tel. (+420) 296 63 09 95, fax (+420) 222
31 95 95, QOpen 08:00 - 20:00. Airport
office, tel. 220 11 32 53, open 08:00 - 22:00. Reservation
centre tel. 235 32 57 13. A
Europcar E-2, Praha 1, Elišky Krásnohorské 134/9,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 224 81 05 15, reserva-, QOpen 08:00
- 20:00. Airport office at Aviantická 1039/6 tel. 235 36 45
31, open 08:00 - 22:00. A
City Taxi Zelený Pruh 52, Praha 4, tel. (+420) 257 25
72 57, Another of the most reputable
firms. Ordering by SMS is possible at tel. 777 25 72 57 but
without a Czech mobile number, they usually don’t send a
cab. Now with a van for cargo transport.
YourTransf er s.r.o. tel . +420 776 779 775, Settle into Prague nicely by arranging
for YourTransfer to pick you up from the airport and deliver
you quickly and easily to your hotel. English speaking driv-
ers and air-conditioned cars ensure a smooth ride for you,
your family, or even larger groups. They also arrange travel
throughout the Czech Republic and Europe if you need some
personal assistance getting around.
Palace Cinemas Slovanský Dům F-3, Praha 1, Na
Příkopě 22, tel. (+420) 257 18 12 12, www.palaceci- Popular city-centre multiplex, which is often the
only cinema with English language versions of films other
cinemas show dubbed. Q Tickets 159Kč, Wed 109Kč. Also
at Letňany, Veselská 663; Nový Smíchov, Plzeňská 8; Park
Hostivař, Švehlova 32.
Concerts & Opera
Karlín Music Theatre Praha 8, Křižíkova 10, tel.
(+420) 221 86 87 77,, www. The theatre has a long history in the city; its first
performance was the circus back in 1881. Fast forward to
the floods of 2002 which saw the historic building practically
destroyed. The theatre reopened in 2006 and has been host-
ing a string of popular musicals ever since. Q 230-700 Kč.
Folklore Garden Na Zlíchově 18, tel. (+420) 724 33
43 40,, www.folkloregarden.
cz. Staying just a short time, but would like to experience
something more Czech than Prague? Head over to Folklore
Garden to meet traditional dancers and musicians. This piece
of tranquility quite close to the center has an actual garden
and an inside wooden house for dinner and performances.
You’ll enjoy a typical Czech meal with unlimited drinks while
being entertained in a rustic environment. QOpen 20:00 -
22:30. (630 - 1180Kč). PAEB
Laterna Magika C-4, Praha 1, Národní 4, tel. (+420)
222 22 20 41, Laterna Magika devel-
oped a new way of combining theatre, dance, music and
film for the 1958 Brussels Expo, and was doing multi-media
performances before the word even existed. All productions
are visually orientated with no spoken Czech - ideal for
foreigners. Q Performances start at 20:00. Tickets 735Kč.
inspired by a short story of Isaac Asimov from 1941. Its
foundation is the question of what happens to the planet
and civilization when there is a solar eclipse and nightfall
comes. The main topics that exhibiting artists are preparing
include social crisis and uncertainty, loneliness, confusion
and isolation of a human being, growing tension between
nature and civilization, and the internal and external struggle
with onesel f and with society. The apocalypse theme is
currently very topical; we can perceive the intuitive leanings
to such thinking as a symptom of changes to the world and
the setting of collective thought. This concept of the exhibi-
tion interprets contemporary figurative painting based on
a socio-political context.
From April 2
The Chefparade Foodtruck
tel. +420 733 575 711,, Do not miss another in-
novation from cooking school Chefparade - foodtruck! They
start on 2nd of April and heading to Business Centre Anděl
Park (Radlická Street, opposite the Angelo Hotel). You will find
them here from 11am to 2pm preparing delicious, healthy,
fresh and tasty food for you!
And what menu you can expect?
The best chefs from the Cooking School Chefparade, led
by Radek Jakubec, have prepared menu that can beat any
other menu around your Business centre. Excellent Brazilian
rib-eye steak or Tuna steak with grilled vegetables, Salmon
nuggets in panko bread crumbs marinated in basil pesto,
Tempura prawns, Japanese Sushi or favorite Thai soup Tom
Yum with shrimps and fresh coriander.
May 16 - June 1
Czech Beer Festival Prague 2013
The 6th Czech Beer Fest starts from May 16th to June
1nd 2013. You’l l have the chance to taste more than
70 brands of Czech beer, al ways i n top qual i ty i n gl ass
pi tchers. 200 girls and boys in Czech nati onal costumes
wi l l be your servers. You’l l l i ve through an unrepeatabl e
atmosphere in the largest beer tent in the Czech Repub-
l i c wi th a total seati ng capaci ty of 10,000. Speci al ti es
of top chefs of famous Czech restaurants and cateri ng
compani es Vyšehrad 2000 Cateri ng and Fastgood. Li ve
musi c ever y day and weekend afterpar ti es unti l the
morni ng. The festi val has i ts own speci al currency, the
so cal l ed beer Tol ar. I t hel ps to speed up the payment
process and, thus, the servi ce provi ded to you. Come
to have a beer!
29. 3. 2013 – 24. 5. 2013
New tendencies in figurative painting
Rudolfinum - large gallery
Curator: Jane Neal (UK)
The exhibi tion presents representati ve survey of con-
temporary figurative painting in the works of over twenty
artists from nine countries. The theme of the exhibition is
Segway Experience
Mostecká 4, Praha 1 - Malá Strana, tel. +420 731 238 264
Would you like to see the most
beautiful places in Prague from the
comfort of the Segway transporter?
Than we would like to invite you, your
family, friends and co-workers out
to enjoy a fun filled Prague Segway
Segway Tours provides you with the
most unique and fun way imaginable
to see the sights and hear the sounds
of our great historic city. If you've ever
wondered what it's like to ride the new
Segway Personal Transporter, here's your
chance. As your Segway silently glides
down the sidewalks and streets of Pra-
gue, your Segway tour guide will be poin-
ting out some of the cities
most famous landmarks,
historical sites, best lo-
cal entertainment han-
gouts, and some of the
most beautiful scenery
Prague has to offer.
with this ad
Bohemia Ticket International F-3, Praha 1, Na
Příkopě 16, tel. (+420) 224 21 50 31, www.tick- QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00,
Sun 10:00 - 15:00. Also at (E-3) Praha 1, Malé nám. A
Ticket Art I-4, Praha 1, Politických vězňů 9, tel.
(+420) 222 89 75 52, QOpen
09:00 - 17:00, Sat 10:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun.
Ticketpro E-3, Praha 1, Rytířská 12, tel. (+420)
296 32 99 99, QOpen 09:00 -
20:00. A
Ticketstream I- 6, Praha 2, Koubkova 8, tel.
(+420) 224 26 30 49,
QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. A
Prague In Your Pocket
For more events go to
Thursday 9
May 2013, at 19:30
St. Antonín Paduánský Church, Strossmayer Square
Soloists: Svatopluk Zaal (trumpet), Libor Mašek (organ)
Programme: Eugéne Gi gout - Grand Choeur Dial ogué,
Marcel Dupré - Vêpres du commun des fêtes de la Sainte
Vierge (selection), Pavel Josef Vej vanovský - Sonate in
G Minor, Maurice Duruflé - Prélude et Fugue sur le nom
d’Al ai n, Ji ří Ropek - I ntroducti on and Fugue, Gi ovanni
Gabrieli - Sonate in C Major, Jehan Alain – Litanies, Petr
Eben - Gol d Wi ndow (from cycl e Wi ndows after Marc
Tuesday 21
May 2013, at 19:30
Contemporary music series: The Beauty of Today
Teatro NoD, Roxy, Dlouhá 33, Prague 1
Prague Philharmonia
Dramaturgy: Petr Kofroň, guest: Milan Knižák.
Programme: Lamonte Young - Variati on for Al to Fl ute,
Bassoon, Harp and String trio, Lamonte Young - String Trio
(Version for String Quartet), Lamonte Young - For Brass,
Lamonte Young - Pre-Tortoise Dream Music, Lamonte Young
- Poem on Dennis’ Birthday, Steve Reich - Different Trains for
String quartet and acoustic tape.
Monday 27
May 2013, at 19:30
Chamber music series
Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 2/4, Prague 1
Performing: Jakub Fišer (violin), Lukáš Pospíšil (violoncello)
Programme: Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Trio in B flat Major,
op. 11, Josef Suk - Piano Trio in C Minor, op. 2, Johannes
Brahms - Piano Trio in B Major, op. 8.
Wednesday 29
May, at 19:30
Concert for Prague 5
National House in Smíchov, 14th October Square 16, Praha 5
Prague Philharmonia
Conductor: Leoš Svárovský, soloist: Jitka Hosprová (viol) ,
host: Alfréd Strejček
Programme: Josef Mysliveček - L’Olimpiade, overture for the
opera, Jan Václav Stamitz - Concert for Viola and orchestra G
major, Franz Schubert - Symphony No. 6 C major.
Prague Philharmonia Concerts, www.praguephil- The Prague Philharmonia is based on a
Viennese Classicism orchestra and music from that period
forms the base of what they play. The Romantic era and the
20th century also make appearances in their repertoire,
and the orchestra puts on a series of special modern and
contemporary concerts every year as well. With an average
of 34 years, the musicians bring a youthful and inspiring take
on the pieces conductor Jakub Hrůša has chosen to perform.
More information:; Tel: +420 224 267
644, E-mail for
Tickets available in PKF office, Husova 7, tel. 224 267
644, e-mail: or purchase on-line:

Sunday 7th April 2013, at 17.00
Special concert for children
Dvořákova síň Rudolfina, Nám. Jana Palacha 79/1, Praha 1
Around the world in 80 days - Travel the length and breadth
of the World with music
Prague Philharmonia
Conductor: Jakub Hrůša, guest: Martina Kociánová
Program: Antonín Dvořák - Slavonic Dance No. 1; Johann Strauss
- The Blue Danube; Johannes Brahms - Ungarischer Tanz No. 5;
Gioacchino Rossini - La Danza Tarantella Napolitana; Giuseppe
Verdi - Aida; Nikolaj Andrejevič Rimskij-Korsakov - Scheherazade -
II. The Kalendar Prince; George Gershwin - Summer time; Georges
Bizet - Carmen, overture; Georges Bizet - Sequidilla;
Jacques Offenbach - Orpheus in the Underworld - prelude;
Edvard Hagerup Grieg - Peer Gynt, Suite;
Stanislaw Monuiszko - Mazurka from opera Halka; Bedřich
Smetana - the Bartered Bride - skocna; Tamás Deák - The
Mezga Family on holiday, Theme; Petr Skoumal - „If a pig had
wings“, suit; Guido a Mauricio de Angelis: Around the World
in 80 Days, Theme

Sunday 14th April 2013, at 19.30
Dvořákova síň Rudolfina, Nám. Jana Palacha 79/1, Praha 1
Prague Philharmonia
Conductor: Jakub Hrůša, soloist: Lise de la Salle
Program: Marek Kopelent - Late harvest (World premiere);
Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op.
58; Jean Sibelius - Symphony No. 3 in C Major

Monday 29th April 2013, at 19.30
Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 2/4, 118 00 Praha 1
Performing: Duo Spinea: Jaroslava Tajanovská - oboe, Ivana
Dohnalová - harpGuest: Markéta Klimánková - fluteProgram:
František Xaver Thuri - Intermezzo lyrico; Zdeněk Folprecht
- Suite in the old style; Alexandre Eisenberg - Arquichorinho
for Flute solo; Petr Eben - Ordo modalis; Petr Eben - Chamber
suite for Oboe and Harp; Štěpán Rak - Dance around a Linden
tree (world premiere of the Harp version); Heinz Holliger -
Oboe Sonata; Jan Novák - Choreae Vernales; Vladimír Werner
- Sonate for Oboe and Harp; Gabriela Vermelho - Royal Court
for Flute, English horn and Harp (world premiere)
Sunday 5
May 2013, at 19:30
Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum, Jan Palach Square 79/1, Prague 1.
Prague Philharmonia
Conductor: Tatsuya Shi mono, sol oi st: Matthi as Höfs
Programme: Bohuslav Martinů - Toccata e due canzoni, H.
311, Arthur Honegger - Symphony No. 2 for Strings and
Trumpet, Antonio Vivaldi / Johann Sebastian Bach - Trumpet
Concerto in D Major, BWV 972, Franz Schubert - Symphony
No. 4 C Minor, D. 471. ENGLISH SUBTITLES
Libretto Rupert Holmes
Original Libretto
and Concept Peter Stone
Music John Kander
© Disney
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Thanks to its favourable location, Plzeň has flourished since
the Middle Ages. The town, founded in 1295 at a crossroads
of major trade routes from Bohemia to Western Europe,
was blessed with several advantages – for that time a
huge central square with the monumental St. Bartholomew
Cathedral and the right to brew beer. Therefore, it is almost
a must for every tourist to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery,
the tour of which takes about 1.5 hour.
The brewery tour includes unpasteurized beer tasting right
in the cellars. The Pilsner Urquell pale lager gave its name to
all bottom-fermented beers in the world (pils).
Visiting Plzeň, you will be surprised and enchanted by the
historic town core, Renaissance town hall, sumptuous burgher
houses or the third largest synagogue in the world. You can
even enjoy a walk in beautiful nature right in the city centre.
This is because the historic town is surrounded by a ring of
parks and gardens. You will be enticed to take a rest on a bench
under an arcade of roses or have a cup of coffee in one of the
many cosy cafés and pubs. And if it rains, you can visit Plzeň’s
historical underground, a system of medieval underground
passageways. Plzeň also of fers an i nfi ni te number of
attractions for children, such as the Dinopark with seventy
life-size dinosaur models, the ZOO or Techmania Science
Centre, a unique interactive science museum. The West
Bohemian metropolis is not just about beer. On the contrary,
Plzeň boasts rich and high-quality cultural life, guaranteeing
that you won’t be bored for a second. This is why Plzeň was
designated European Capital of Culture for 2015.
Pilsen now offers almost 3,000 beds in hotels of different
kind of quality for very good prices.
Pilsen City Information Centre
nám. Republiky 41, tel. +420 378 035 330,
fax. +420 378 035 332,,,
Tourist information
By bus
From Prague – Zličín (terminal station of underground B
line) every hour with bus company Student Agency. Tickets
on the spot. The transport takes 60 minutes. Direct trains
from Prague centre (Praha hlavní nádraží) to Pilsen main
train station (every hour). Transport takes 1 hour and 40
min. Timetable (buses or trains)
By car
Freeway D5 di recti on Pl zeň (85 km). Easy cheap
parking in the city centre (parking house Rychtářka;
49°44'59.32"N, 13°22'51.10"E)
How to get there
Many people say Prague is nothing but a big village. It‘s a city
that draws people from all over the world - and many find it
hard to leave. If you are looking to spend a little bit longer
here in town, we‘ve brought together some experts and sug-
gestions for making your stay here a bit more comfortable.
Allied Pickfords Praha 5, Na Radosti 413, tel.
(+420) 233 09 05 01, fax (+420) 233 09 05 02, www. A twenty employee company doing
everything from household to international company moves.
QOpen 08:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
At Home Network Prague 2, Vinohradská 25,
MMuzeum, tel. +420 222 23 32 33/+420 773 55 23
36,, www.athome-net- Looking to settle down in Prague? Luxury
home sale and rental assistance can be found through At
Home Network. Property consultations and accompanied
home searches are just two of the services offered. QOpen
08:30 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Hunger Wall Residence B-4, Praha 5, Plaská 615/8,
MAnděl, tel. 257 40 40 40, fax 257 40 40 60, info@, I f your journey to
Prague is going to last a bit longer than just a weekend,
consider checking in to the Hunger Wall Residence. Located
in Malá Strana, you’ll be treated to a city centre location that’s
surrounded by parks. Eighteen apartments comprise the fully
renovated building, offering such amenities as a separate
working corner and kitchenette. An LCD TV, washer and
dryer plus a personal security and fire alarm guarantees your
comfort and safety. Q18 rooms (8 Junior Suite €86 - 104,
8 Superior Suite €92 - 112, 2 Executive Suite €102 - 127).
Health & Beauty
American Dental I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 4, MNáměstí
Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 18 11 21, fax (+420) 221 18
11 20,, www.americandental.
cz. Whether you have a pain in the mouth or looking to up-
grade your smile, the professionals at American Dental can
help. They have a full range of modern dentistry technology,
plus offer a variety of teeth whitening systems. QOpen
08:00 - 20:00. Closed Sat, Sun. A
Cybex Praha 8, Pobřežní 1 (Hotel Hilton), tel. (+420)
224 84 27 13, fax (+420) 224 84 23 72, info@cybex-, Delightful, top-quality
surroundings and equipment for you to exert yourself in/on/
with. We suppose if you‘re going to suffer, you may as well
do it in style. QOpen 06:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 07:00 - 22:00.
Dental Office H33 Hvězdova 44, Praha 4 Pankrác, tel.
733737337,241410001,, www. Dental Office H33 is the centre for excellence
in dental care, implantology and cosmetic dentistry. They provide
premium dental care to international standards. The team of den-
tists, dental hygienists and assistents is prepared to provide the
level and range of treatment desired by their demanding patients.
Erpet Medical Centre H-5, Praha 1, Pštrossova
10, MKarlovo náměstí, tel. (+420) 221 595 000,,
Emergency toothache or a new bright smile - the experts at
Erpet can make it happen. Not only do they offer weekend
emergency service (phone: +420 724 511 547) but also
an array of reconstruction work like porcelain veneers and
crowns and bridges. Their tagline is “We are here to make
you smile” so get them to give your pearly whites a brush-up.
QOpen 7:30 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. JA
Holmes Place Prague 5, Plzeňská 8, MAnděl, tel.
(+420) 257 313 830,, www. Del uxe heal th cl ub i nsi de the Nový
Smíchov mall. QOpen 07:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 22:00.
Polyclinic at Narodni D- 4, Praha 1, Národní 9,
MNárodní třída, tel. (+420) 222 075 120, poliklinika@, 25 physicians,
all fluent in English (also some German, Russian and French
spoken). Preventative care and travel vaccinations, US visa
medical, dental, physio, home visits and 24hr emergency
coverage. QOpen 08:30 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun. 24hr
emergency, tel. 777 94 22 70. Lab opens at 08:00. A
Sportcentrum YMCA I-3, Praha 1, Na Poříčí 12,
MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 87 58 11, fax (+420)
224 87 58 18,, Sweat
away the kilos in the fitness centre or sauna then cool down
by taking a dip in the swimming pool or by getting a massage.
QOpen 06:30 - 22:00, Sat 08:00 - 20:00, Sun 09:00 - 21:00.
Arkády Pankrác Praha 4, Na Pankráci 86, MPankrác,
tel. (+420) 225 11 11 00,, www. Arkády Pankrác is the newest of Prague‘s
bazillion malls. With a direct entrance from the Pankrác metro
station and a lot of really good shops; this should be a popular
hang out. Blažek for men, Pierre Cardin and Pietro Filipi are just
a few of the good ones, along with consistent favs Next, Gant,
H&M and Mango. And, they have nine separate shoe shops!
Unfortunately, the food court (everyone‘s real reason for going
to the mall) is a bit disappointing; however they do have a branch
of the fab Lebanese restaurant, Safir. QOpen 9:00 - 21:00.
Černá růže F-3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 12, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 221 01 41 11, All the right
shops and some fine extras in this larger-than-it-appears centre.
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 19:00, Sun 11:00 - 19:00.
Palladium nám. Republiky 1, Mnám. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 225 770 250, Prague‘s
newest and brightest mall. What used to be an army bar-
racks is now home to a huge variety of shops. A gourmet
floor and lots of restaurants means you could easily lose a
day amidst the 5 floors of climate-controlled amusement.
QOpen 7:00 - 22:00.
12 13
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Southern Bohemia
The region south of Prague is an outdoor lover’s paradise.
Bi kers and wal kers fl ock to the area every weekend
to experi ence the fresh air and beauti ful countrysi de.
Picturesque towns and historical castles are available to
discover, whether you choose to explore the region by your
own power or not. We introduce you to four towns well-worth
your time.
Český Krumlov
This jewel of Southern Bohemia is almost too picture perfect.
A grandiose castle on a hill; a winding river twisting and
turning its way through the town; narrow streets huddled
together – the adjectives could go on and on. Unfortunately,
all this cuteness brings a lot of tourists. One of the most
visited cities in the Czech Republic after Prague; you’ll be
sharing the tiny streets with many a camera-touting traveller.
That’s not to say you should give it a pass however. Spend
a couple days there; you’ll discover early mornings and late
afternoons and evenings are a bit more peaceful and allow
you to truly absorb the splendor.
Hotel: Bellevue, Latrán 77
Telephone: (+420) 380 720 177
Tourist Information: Náměstí Svornosti 2
Telephone: (+420) 380 704 622
Peat moss and fish. Sounds like a smell y combination
but throw in some bikes and you’ve got a per fect Třeboň
trip. This spa ci ty li es in the heart of the Třeboň Basin,
a UNESCO bi osphere reser vati on. The area i s l aced
wi th fish ponds, full of the country’s favori te fish – carp.
Whil e visi ting, be sure to try i t. I f you’ve eaten i t before
you’l l be surpri sed by i ts cl ean, fresh taste. These
ponds are full of peat moss, and what better to do wi th
the pl ethora than spread i t on your body? The stuf f is
supposedl y full of iron, so good for your j oints. A relaxing
way to spend an evening after biking through the area
on well -marked trails.
Hotel: Zlatá Hvězda, Masarykovo náměstí 107
Telephone: (+420) 384 757 111
Tourist Information: Masarykovo náměstí 103
Telephone: (+420) 384 721 169
Jindřichův Hradec
Boasti ng the thi rd l argest castl e i n the Czech Republ i c,
J i ndř i chův Hr adec i s a l ai dback, qui et pl ace t o
experi ence. The mai n square of Náměstí Míru i s a
treasure trove of archi tectural styl es whi l e the nearby
Vaj gar Lake of fers a cooli ng landscape. Cli mb the tower
of the Church of the Assumpti on of the Vi rgi n Mary for
a bi rd’s eye vi ew of the surroundi ng countr ysi de or
stay l ow and experi ence the Gothi c and Renai ssance
wonders of the castl e.
Hotel: Bílá Paní, Dobrovského 5
Telephone: (+420) 384 363 329
Tourist Information: Panská 136
Telephone: (+420) 384 363 546
Rel i gi ous wars and the Hussi tes pl ayed a bi g par t i n
the countr y’s hi stor y back i n the 1400s. No where
i s thi s more apparent or preser ved than the town
of Tábor. The second l argest ci ty i n the regi on, i ts
hi stori cal center i s a beauti ful maze. The streets were
ori gi nal l y desi gned to thwar t i nvadi ng armi es; but now
they are an enj oyabl e way to fi nd yoursel f getti ng l ost.
Vi si t the Hussi te Museum and Underground Tunnel s
for a gl i mpse back; or wander around Lake Jordan
for a breath of fresh ai r. Tábor’s easy styl e and cl ose
proxi mi ty to Prague make i t a great pl ace to spend
the day.
Hotel: Nautilus, Žižkovo náměstí 20
Telephone: (+420) 380 900 900
Tourist Information: Žižkovo náměstí 2
Telephone: (+420) 381 486 230
Far to the north, along the Polish border, lays the intriguing
region of Liberec. Here you’ll find mountains and cities; a
curious mix of nature and culture. Discover the area via a
canoe on the Smědá River; visit the wonderful Liberec Zoo
or spend an afternoon at the Babylon water park. Liberec
offers a wealth of fun for the entire family.
A mountainous area; the region is defined by the Lužické
and Jizerské mountains to the north and the Krkonoše to
the northeast. In the midst, right outside the city of Liberec
is the towering and rugged Ještěd Mountain. This symbol of
the region offers magnificent views of the surrounding valley;
and on a clear day you can see straight to Poland. The unique
tower perched on top was designed in 1973 by architect
Karel Hubáček. Besides containing a communications tower;
there’s also a restaurant and hotel there. The city of Liberec
is a distinctive and modern one. Architectural styles range
from 18th century classic style brick in the centre to well-
preserved 19th century industrial. The neoclassical town
hall is quite interesting, as is the “villa quarter” with stately
homes from the turn of the 20th century. One of the most
interesting can be found on Jablonecká street; the Lieberg
Manor-House. For a true flashback to the past stroll down
Větrná street and admire the Waldstein houses. The oldest
buildings in town, they are the only remaining examples of
the classical merchant houses that used to make up the
downtown area.
The dominant tower of the Church of St. Antonin the Great
on Sokolovské náměstí is another defining landmark of the
city; its altar pictures the patron saints of the Czech lands.
The original Liberec synagogue was a monumental homage
to Neo-Renaissance architecture. It was burned down by the
Nazis in 1938 and has since been built. This new incarnation
is in the shape of half of the Star of David, and its façade is
symbolically representative of the Wailing Wall. You can find
this fascinating structure on Rumjancevova Street.
Now that you’ve explored the city; it’s time to visit some of
its sites. The Liberec Zoo is one of the best in the country,
containing wooded areas and a stream running through.
Here you can see eagles, rhinoceros, penguins, giraffes and
many more. The Liberec Zoo is also the only zoo in central
Europe that breeds white tigers. They are also known for
their breeding of rare and endangered species like Somali
donkeys and the macaque ibex.
In the style of an ancient spa, Babylon entertains modern
famili es of all ages. This aqua park not onl y of fers water
sli des, swimming pools, steam baths and a wil d ri ver
but al so some dri er acti vi ti es such as bowl i ng, l aser
shooting and a casino. There’s a hotel and restaurant
onsi te as well.
For more cultural pursuits, check out the Museum of Northern
Bohemia (its building is worth the entrance fee alone) or the
Regional Gallery, filled with European and Czech art. But now
let’s get out of the city and explore what other attractions
the region has to offer.
There are three protected landscape areas in the region;
which means hikers and bikers will find plenty of nature
to explore. The area is crisscrossed by well-marked trails,
enabling you to plan and carry out an athletic excursion
all on your own. Water lovers should head towards Mácha
Lake or the region of Holanské for their network of artificial
lakes. Hikers must visit Český raj or Bohemian Paradise.
This geopark is home to a variety of interesting sites like the
Bozkov Caves and their underwater lake; giant “potholes;” a
petrified forest and lava streams. Towns in the area include
Železný Brod, Jilemnice and Turnov.
From ruined castles to elegant homes; from rock towns to
world class zoos – everyone will find something to discover
in and around Liberec.
Tip na rodinný
nebo školní výlet
14 15
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
For those looking to escape the crowds of Prague, Olomouc,
a roughly 3 hour train ride from the capital, should capture
your heart. The pretty university town is small enough to be
charming, yet interesting enough for at least a weekend.
Located in Moravia, there’s a plethora of architecture and
Olomouc is the fi fth largest city in the Czech Republic with
a population of about 100,000. It is home to the country’s
second ol dest uni versi ty (after Charl es Uni versi ty i n
Prague) which means its culture scene is alive and there’s
a variety of dining and entertainment options available. To
get a feel for the city, start you day on the main square,
Horní náměstí. There you will find the UNESCO listed Holy
Tri ni ty Col umn. I t is the largest coll ecti on of Baroque
statues within the framework of one sculpture group in
Central Europe. The lower part contains a chapel, which
can be visited by appointment only. The column is made
up of 18 statues, 12 torchbearers, 6 reliefs, a sculptural
group of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and finally
at the top, the Holy Trinity. Also on Horní náměstí is an
Astronomical Clock – we told you a visi t would be like
Prague! This clock is qui te di fferent from the one that
draws massive crowds to Old Town Square. The clock
dates back to the end of the 15th century, however the
form it takes here is much di fferent than what the original
planners had designed. During World War II, the clock
was so damaged in the fighting that City Hall decided not
to reconstruct it, but instead design something modern.
What you’ll see now is a 1950s work depicting Communist
era prol etariat, like buil ders, agri cul tural workers and
other laborers. The clock performs once a day, at noon,
for about five minutes.
There are a number of interesting museums in Olomouc –
something for nearly everyone. The beautiful Archdiocesan
Museum, located on Václavské náměstí, is home to a
permanent exhibition of the Olomouc Archdiocese, a picture
gallery featuring paintings dating back to the 16th century,
and the Mozarteum, a great hall commemorating the famous
composer’s stay in Olomouc. The inside of the Museum of
Modern Art belies its Classist style exterior. The permanent
exhibition is one on arts and crafts form the turn of the
19th and 20th centuries and temporary displays cover a
range of mediums. The Natural Science Museum is housed
in a former convent. The permanent exhibition is one on
endangered plant species while two exhibition halls host
about 20 temporary displays each year. The Olomouc zoo
is located about 10 kilometres outside the city, in a lovely
forested and hilly area. Giraffes, gibbons, ibex, white storks
and a Sumatran tiger are only a few of the more than 300
species you can find there. The aquarium, wolf pavilion and
birds of prey aviary are especially recommended.
The city is rich in religious history. Besides the Archdiocesan
Museum and the Holy Trinity Column, visitors can also marvel
at St. Maurice’s Church, the biggest Gothic church in the
region, dating from the 15-16th centuries and the oldest
Moravian monastery, the Archbishop’s Palace located in
the Olomouc suburb of Hradisko. The most signi ficant
sacred building in Olomouc is the Bishop’s Cathedral of St.
Wenceslas, built in 1109.
If you have a couple extra days, explore the lovely Moravian
countryside outside of Olomouc. The city is a great place to
base yourself while discovering the beautiful towns and tasty
Moravian wine in the eastern part of the county. Litomyšl
and Kroměříž are two charming towns that will keep you
busy for an entire day.
Have you ever been to a place where the spirit of industrial
past creates an unforgettable atmosphere? Meet Ostrava,
an exciting city full of unique and still living industrial heritage.
The historic industrial complexes were or are being revitalized
and transformed into a new leisure, entertainment and
educational zone.
The Vitkovice Lower Area, ori gi nall y founded by the
Rotschilds, is today a compound offering guided tours of
the historic works and blast furnaces. Enjoy unique views
of Ostrava and its surroundings from the almost 70m high
top of the blast furnace! A former gas holder has turned
into a multi-purpose hall named GONG. What used to be an
energy distribution station, or “U6”, has now turned into the
Small World of Technology – an interactive Jules Verne
science fiction-style museum for children and adults alike.
The museum where children as well as adults are not just
allowed but obliged to touch and try everything.
I f you prefer going down the pit, you can do this feeling
yourself as a real miner in the Landek Park! Or why not try
something of the rich culture of the proud miner’s profession
as drinking the Miners’ Flag symbolising their typical colours
or eating the miner’s snack? Don’t forget to take a ride on
the mining train.
The most authentic former mine, where you can follow
exactly the same path as the miners did every day at work,
is the Michal Mine.
No surprise if you meet a shooting film crew when rambling
around the industrial parts of the city as the city is becoming
increasingly popular destination for making films, music
videos or trailers.
There is no other place where you can visit a castle, whose whole
structure sank 16 m into the ground because of coal mining. This
is the case of The Silesian Ostrava Castle, today reconstructed
and opened to public. Have a look at the green city from the
highest City Hall Viewing Tower in the Czech Republic.
I f you want to feel cosmopoli tan and be a part of an
international environment, visit Ostrava during some of the
big events like the music festival Colours of Ostrava or the
Golden Spike, Usain Bolt’s favourite athletic event. You
can also participate in some of the international meetings.
Do not miss out on Ostrava’s culture represented by first-class
performances in theatres, concert halls, music clubs or
museums and galleries. Have a coffee in the café dating back
to the happy times of the First Republic and get inspired by the
famous actors or writers who used to sit in the same place you
are now. Stodolní Street with over sixty bars, restaurants, pubs
and clubs is the perfect place to finish your day.
Speciální nabídka májových pobytů
v Olomouci od 30. 4. do 31. 5. 2013.
Třídenní pobyt pro dva již od 2 800 Kč!
Special offer of May stays
in Olomouc from 30. 4. to 31. 5. 2013.
Three-day stay for two from €110!
Rezervace a více informací na:
Booking and more information at:
Připravilo: statutární město Olomouc ve spolupráci
s hotelovými zařízeními krajské sekce AHR ČR.
Prepared by: Statutory City of Olomouc,
in cooperation with regional section
of hotel facilities AHR CR.
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Cream of the crop
Ambassador Zlatá husa F- 4, Praha 1, Václavské
nám. 5-7, MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 19 31 11, fax
(+420) 224 22 61 67,, www. At the bottom of Václavské nám. you can
find this glitzy Art Nouveau tower with extensive conference
facilities, a casino and Baroque-style rooms. Q162 rooms
(4 singles €145 - 203, 115 doubles €155 - 217, 32 suites
€180 - 252). PHARLGBK hhhhh
Aria A-2, Praha 1, Tržiště 9, MMalostranská, tel.
(+420) 225 33 41 11, fax (+420) 225 33 41 31, stay@, A music-dominated hotel, that offers
wonderful service, luxurious rooms (all modelled to honour a
particular artist, be it John Coltrane, ABBA or Mozart), and the
opportunity to enjoy relaxing music in the privacy of a secluded
listening room. The hotel even has a musical director who will
recommend music to suit your mood, while also advising on
concerts. Q52 rooms (27 doubles €235 - 360, 5 suites €595 -
650, 2 apartments €625 - 1200, 18 junior suites €295 - 450).
Boscolo Prague Hotel I-4, Praha 1, Senovážné nám.
13, MHlavní nádraží, tel. (+420) 224 59 31 11, fax
(+420) 224 22 39 60,, The Boscolo Prague Hotel is pure,
unadulterated luxury, with rooms of impeccable taste and
every imaginable convenience designed by Maurizio Papiri. You
can enjoy fine cuisine on offer at the hotel’s excellent Box Block
restaurant, and drinks at the Inn Ox lounge bar. Q152 rooms
(14 singles €150 - 180, 123 doubles €200 - 230, 3 suites
€340 - 380, 2 apartments €1250 - 3000, 10 junior suites
€340 - 380). PTHARUFLGKDC hhhhh
Buddha Bar Hotel F- 3, Praha 1, Jakubská 8,
MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 77 63 00/(+420)
724 17 01 97, fax (+420) 221 77 63 10, buddha@cpi-, You may be familiar
with the Buddha Bar Restaurants in Paris, London, and the
like. Now for the first time ever the brand has opened its own
hotel. Expect over the top everything: Design, service, prices.
Billed as a “unique urban resort,” the hotel offers 36 rooms
and three suites. Amenities include good-night chocolates;
HD interactive TV; Buddha-Bar music library; Wi-Fi and wired
internet access; refrigerated private bar. And a bed. Q
(suites €1188, Superior rooms €288, Premier rooms €388).
Includes breakfast and all taxes. PJAFKDW
Corinthia Towers Praha 4, Kongresová 1, MVyšehrad,
tel. (+420) 261 19 11 11, fax (+420) 261 21 16 73, tow-, All the convenience you
would demand from a 24-floor hotel in a capital city. In addition
to a top-class oriental and Italian restaurant, facilities include a
casino, fitness centre and ten-pin bowling. Q544 rooms (120
singles €260 - 300, 388 doubles €260 - 300, triples €350 -
390, 20 suites €410 - 1570, 1 presidential suite €1570, 16 junior
suites €410). PTHARUFLGKDC hhhhh
Four Seasons D-2, Praha 1, Veleslavínova 2a,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 221 42 70 00, fax
(+420) 221 42 60 00, reservations.prg@fourseasons.
com, Just a step from
Charles Bridge, the Four Seasons affords its guests with as
much class and comfort as is humanly possible. Over a year
was spent renovating the four buildings that provide a roof
over your head, which range from 500-year-old elegance to
contemporary design. Q161 rooms (singles €275 - 550,
141 doubles €295 - 570, 20 apartments €695 - 3900).
Hoffmeister C-1, Praha 1, Pod Bruskou 7, MMalos-
transká, tel. (+420) 251 01 71 11, fax (+420) 251 01
71 20,, Just
below the castle is the Hoffmeister, a modern, elegant and
reasonably-priced hotel. Rooms have satellite TV, phone,
minibar, writing desk and bathrooms with both showers
and bathtubs. Skylights and the lowest-hanging crystal
chandeliers you’ve ever seen illuminate the attic apartment.
An upmarket restaurant specialising in Czech and European
cuisine is on site. Q47 rooms (3 singles €160 - 260, 21
doubles €200 - 300, triples €51, 3 suites €400 - 440, 3
apartments €550 - 595, 11 junior suites €290 - 340, 6
patio rooms €120 - 170). PHARULGBKD
InterContinental Praha E-1, Praha 1, Nám. Cu-
rieových 43/5, MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 296 63
11 11, fax (+420) 224 81 12 16,, The fri endli est
front desk and most helpful conci erge in all of Prague
mi ght be your first contact wi th this bi g, international
hotel that has been l ooking after hi gh fl yers since be-
fore the fall of communism. All the facili ti es you woul d
expect, including a superb fi tness centre. Q372 rooms
(155 singl es €149 - 270, 128 doubl es €149 - 290, 24
suites €349 - 490, 2 apartments €1830 - 4200, 63 junior
sui tes €199 - 340). PHARUFLGBKDC
Iron Gate E-3, Praha 1, Michalská 19, MNárodní třída,
tel. (+420) 225 77 77 77, fax (+420) 225 77 77 78,, A gorgeous hotel
bang in the middle of Staré Město, with an idyllic courtyard
to distract from the the maddening crowd outside. Rooms
are uniquely sumptuous apartments or studios, traditionally
furnished, and with antique beams and frescoes in situ. Q43
rooms (43 suites €243 - 1033). PHARLGBK
Kempinski Hybernská Prague J-3, Praha 1, Hyber-
nská 12, MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 226 22 61
11, fax (+420) 226 22 61 23, reservations.prague@, Luxury
squared at the new Kempinski hotel. The property dates
back to the 15th century and has been carefully recon-
structed to offer 75 rooms and suites. Expect the usual: air
conditioning, telephone, TV, radio, minibar, hairdryer, bath
robe, safe, and high-speed internet wi fi connection, non-
smoking rooms. Suites feature separate bedroom and living
areas, fitted kitchenette, guest WC and walk-in closets. Big
bonus: the hotel has its own private garden and atrium. Q75
rooms (suites €375, Superior €249, Grand Deluxe €295).
Mandarin Oriental B- 3, Praha 1, Nebovi dská
459/1, MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 233 08 88
88, fax (+420) 233 08 86 68, moprg-reservations@, www.mandari nori Rooms
have at l east two LCD TVs, bath and shower, robes
and slippers and DVD player in addi tion to regular room
ameni ti es. Desi gn, di ni ng (a l a car te Asi an, I ndi an,
Medi terranean) and servi ce are immaculate, whil e re-
constructi on of the church and monaster y have l eft
enough to retain character. And the spa is superb. Q99
rooms (2 singl es €269 - 669, 75 doubl es €269 - 669,
18 sui tes €879 - 4000, 4 j uni or sui tes €769 - 850).
Palace Praha F- 4, Praha 1, Panská 12, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 224 09 31 11, fax (+420) 224 22 12
40,, A
beauti ful Vi ennese Art Nouveau bui l di ng houses thi s
hotel , whi ch has been provi di ng superi or ser vi ce to
weal thi er visi tors to Prague si nce 1906. I ts el egance
may be a draw, but i ts real selling point shoul d be the
fri endl y staf f. Q124 rooms (114 doubl es €160 - 336,
3 apar tments €770 - 1140, 7 j uni or sui tes €430).
Paris I - 3, Praha 1, U Obecního domu 1, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 19 51 95, f ax (+420)
224 22 54 75, booki ng@hotel - pari, www.
hotel - pari Ever ythi ng i s Ar t Nouveau i n thi s
bui l di ng, from i ts i ntri cate façade to the l amps and
other furni shi ngs i n i ts café and restaurant. Even the
brass door handl es on the anti que l i f ts are decorated
i n thi s beauti ful styl e. Take the stai rs and be rewarded
wi th stai ned gl ass wi ndows and red carpets rol l ed
out for each guest i n the hal l ways. Don’ t forget to
check out thi s hotel restaurant. A bi t more i spi red
than most, there i s al so l i ve musi c Thursdays & Fri -
days. Q86 rooms (70 doubl es €160 - 360, 3 apar t-
ments €500 - 3700, 13 j uni or sui tes €280 - 520).
Prague Marriott I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 8, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 88 88 88, fax (+420) 222
88 88 89,, Bigger really is better; plus
you’ve got an excellent location to boot. Every amenity
imaginable and size, lots of it. Higher priced suites have
two levels. The rooms have recently been renovated for an
extra pop of luxury and comfort. I f you are shelling out for
a suite or better, then breakfast in the Executive Lounge
is included. Q293 rooms (258 doubles €149 - 315, 33
suites €359 - 495). PTHARUFLGKDC
Rezidence Lundborg C-1, Praha 1, U Lužického
semináře 3, MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 257 01
19 11, fax (+420) 257 01 19 66, rezidence@lund-, A gorgeous hi dden gem in
Mal ostranská; the Rezi dence Lundborg will tuck you in
wi th beauty and servi ce. The all sui tes and apartments
hotel is practi call y ri ght next door to Charl es Bri dge. In-
ternet and PC connections are in every room, al ong wi th
a ki tchen, li ving room and jacuzzi in all the bathrooms.
There’s even a wine cellar and massage studio that in-
cludes a pi ece of the histori c 12th century Judi t Bri dge.
Q13 rooms (4 sui tes €130 - 350, 6 apartments €190
- 650, 3 j unior sui tes €120 - 330). PHARGBK
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
O Casino H Conference facilities
T Child friendl y U Facilities for the disabled
R Internet L Guarded parking
F Fitness centre G Non-smoking rooms
K Restaurant M Nearest metro station
D Sauna C Swimming pool
6 Animal friendl y W Wi-Fi
Symbol key
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Absolutum Boutique Hotel Praha 7, Jablonského
4, MHolešovice, tel. (+420) 222 54 14 06, booking@, The absolute
best place to stay in Praha 7. Design hotel Absolutum is an
upscale, clean and shiny place with all the conveniences
of home; including internet connection and parking. The
restaurant is also getting rave reviews so if you are looking
for chic accommodations in a cool ‘hood, absolutely check
in. Q34 rooms (singles €69, doubles €79, 16 Standard, 16
Superior, 2 Junior Suites). PAUFK hhhh
Apostolic Residence E-3, Praha 1, Staroměstské
nám. 22, MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 221 63 25 56,
fax (+420) 221 63 25 58, apostolic@prague-residence.
cz, You can’t get any closer
to the Old Town with these rooms and apartments, right
opposite the astronomical clock. Fabulous views beckon
i f you tire of your gorgeous, anti que-fill ed room. Q14
rooms (13 doubles €153 - 320, 1 apartment €213 - 428).
PA6GBK hhhh
Belvedere I-1, Praha 7, Milady Horákové 19, MVl-
tavská, tel. (+420) 220 10 61 11, fax (+420) 233 37
44 71,, www.hotelbelvedere- Four-star hotel located in Letna area Prague 7
nearby Gallery of Modern Art, National Technical Museum
or Fair Ground Incheba Expo Prague. The hotel features 151
hotel rooms with Wi-Fi Internet connection, cosy lobby bar
& Internet Café, restaurant, several conference rooms and
underground parking. Distance to the city centre: 15 minutes
by public transport - tram stop in the vicinity of the hotel.
Q151 rooms (109 doubles €49 - 108, 26 triples €68 - 135,
16 Double Executives €59 - 118). HAULGK hhhh
Clarion Prague City I-6, Praha 2, Tylovo náměstí 3,
MIP Pavlova, tel. 296 74 42 49, fax 296 74 42 33,, Opened in
2010, the Clarion Prague City offers modern comfort close to
Wenceslas Square. More than 60 rooms, a restaurant and
bar, in the hip Vinohrady neighborhood will make for a great
stay. Q (Superior rooms €180). PLKW
Duo Praha 9, Teplická 492, MStřížkov, tel. (+420) 266
13 11 11, fax (+420) 283 88 01 42,, Hotel DUO Prague, offers exceptional
comfort, convenience and a wide range of amenities and
services. The hotel is located north east of the city centre
- just 10 minutes by metro from the very centre of Prague.
Indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, catering services, confer-
ence facilities, parking area and far more is provided. Q647
rooms (62 singles €40 - 125, 556 doubles €41 - 134, 29
suites €59 - 199). HAUFLGBKDC hhhh
Hotel & Apartments Elysee F-4, Praha 1, Václavské
nám. 43, MMuzeum , Můstek, tel. 221 45 51 11, fax
224 22 57 73,, www.hotelelysee- Located in the city centre of Prague, directly on
famous Wenceslas Square, the best shopping area in Prague.
All the City’s major attractions such as National Museum
or Old Town Square are within a short walk of the hotel. 63
elegantly and stylishly furnished rooms and 15 luxurious
apartments with parquet flooring. Regarding its convenient
position (in the renowned archway Jalta) the hotel provides
its guests with a range of supplementary services - fitness,
hairdresser’s, restaurants, cafés, theatre etc. Q78 rooms
(51 doubles €62 - 142, 10 triples €86 - 178, 15 Luxury
Apartments €130 - 288, 2 Double Rooms Deluxe €72 - 152).
PAULG hhhh
Hotel Ariston & Ariston Patio K- 4, Praha 3, Seif-
ertova 65, MHlavní nádraží, tel. (+420) 222 78 25
17/(+420) 222 78 11 87, fax (+420) 222 78 03 47,, www.hotelaristonpatioprague.
cz. Located in the district called Zizkov, only 1 km from
the city centre, the Main Railway Station just 5 minutes
away from the hotel. WIDE RANGE OF SPECIAL OFFERS.
116 rooms equipped with king size bed or two separated
beds, satellite LCD flat screen TV, direct dial phone, Wi-
Fi Internet connection, safety deposit box, minibar, tea
and coffee making facili ties, bathroom wi th shower or
bathtub and toilet, heated towel rail and hairdryer. Q116
rooms (101 doubles €47 - 102, 15 triples €65 - 128).
HAUGK hhhh
NH Prague Praha 5, Mozartova 261/1, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 257 15 11 11, f ax (+420) 257 15 31
31, nhprague@nh- hotel, www.nh- hotel s.
com. The NH Prague hotel of fers you modern and
tasteful l y-desi gned accommodati ons i n the hear t of
Prague, wi th 439 comfortabl e and spaci ous Standard,
Superi or and Executi ve rooms, i ncl udi ng 28 Sui tes.
The NH Prague’ s 136 newl y decorated Execut i ve
Rooms and Sui tes are l ocated i n the hotel ’s Execu-
ti ve Bui l di ng at the top of Smi chov Hi l l , connected to
the hotel at the foot of the hi l l by cabl e car. Executi ve
room and Sui te rates i ncl ude many extra benefi ts
such as compl i mentar y sel ected dri nks dai l y i n the
Tower Lounge Bar, a Nespresso cof feemaker ri ght i n
your room, compl i mentar y I nternet access and use
of the hotel ’s Busi ness Center and fi tness/wel l ness
faci l i ti es. Q442 rooms (si ngl es €125, doubl es €125,
sui tes €185, Executi ve room €140). PTHARU
Adalbert Praha 6, Markétská 1, tel. (+420) 220 40
61 80, fax (+420) 220 40 61 90, office@hoteladal-, Serenely nestled in the
calm buildings and gardens of the Břevnov monastery is a
delightful hotel of understated elegance in the furnishings,
chocolate coins on pillows and polite staff. Hear chanting in
the church and sleep where under Communism the Secret
Police lived to keep an eye on these ‘subversive’ monks. Q23
rooms (7 singles €75 - 105, 12 doubles €97 - 132, 2 triples
€134 - 167, 1 suite €140 - 170, 1 apartment €169 - 202).
Anna J-5, Praha 2, Budečská 17, MNám. Míru, tel.
(+420) 222 51 31 11, fax (+420) 222 51 51 58,, Part of
the Small Charming group, and the Anna is just that. A real
gem, with first class services and a homely atmosphere
that caters to a thoughtful clientele looking for something
a little special. Q24 rooms (8 singles €63 - 77, 10 doubles
€83 - 103, 4 triples €110 - 130, 2 suites €120 - 140).
TARG hhh
Atlantic I-3, Praha 1, Na Poříčí 9, MNám. Repub-
liky, tel. (+420) 224 81 10 84, fax (+420) 224 81
23 78,, www.hotel-atlantic.
cz. This hotel is on the site of a roadside inn in the 17th
century. The Atlantic remains on a busy road today but
with renovated interiors which are now sleek, chic and
classy, conference facilities and Fiesta, their sel f service
restaurant, this is excellent value for being so close to the
Old Town. Q88 rooms (9 singles €73 - 110, 52 doubles
€97 - 129, 25 triples €112 - 158, 2 quads €141 - 187).
Best Western Hotel Páv H-5, Praha 1, Křemencova
13, MKarlovo náměstí, tel. (+420) 221 50 21 11, fax
(+420) 221 50 22 23,, www. Prague is blessed with another Small Charm-
ing Hotel, this time in the New Town, where three buildings
have been merged and beautifully reconstructed to incor-
porate classical elements with modern lines. And it is very
minimalist: no prints on the walls and muted wood and beige
interior. All rooms have twin beds, a safe, minibar, desk, TV
and free Wi-Fi. Pets are welcome and the lower double price
is for single occupancy. Q81 rooms (66 doubles €79 - 129,
15 triples €118 - 158). PARUKW
Clarion F-2, Praha 1, Hradební 9, MNám. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 296 39 81 00, fax (+420) 296 39 81 50, clarion., Well
refurbished interior, although with some garish colours, and
building facing the Vltava. This Choice Hotels International
hotel offers guests well appointed rooms with all the ameni-
ties you’d expect from a four star hotel. It is central, pets are
welcome, there are good services for business clients and the
price is excellent - check out the website for last minute offers.
Q93 rooms (18 singles €104 - 166, 72 doubles €115 - 185, 3
suites €127 - 203, apartments €138 - 222). HAK hhhh
Evropa F-4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 25, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 224 22 81 17, fax (+420) 224 22 45 44,, Amazing...
from the outside. The 1905 Art Nouveau façade is the
most beautiful on Václavské náměstí, and the café is lovely.
However, the rooms (including the faux Louis 16th suites) are
distinctively scruffy-looking, some downright shabby furniture
and creaky floors. The cheaper rooms share facilities in the
corridor. Q85 rooms (13 singles €38, 41 doubles €58, 26
triples €78, 5 quads €123). ALK hh
Santini Residence A-2, Praha 1, Nerudova 211/14,
MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 257 19 51 13, fax (+420)
257 19 51 10,, www.santini- A small residence beautifully situated around
the covered courtyard of the Valkounsky house, which boasts
restored frescoes and painted wooden ceilings. Appropriately
the house became the home of a Baroque architect, Jan Blažej
Santini-Aichel, whose children the suites are named after. Suites
are designed uniquely, come with classically modern furniture,
the usual mod cons plus the choice of having your breakfast in
bed; a lovely café is the alternative. Personal service abounds.
Q9 rooms (1 double €200 - 410, 6 suites €240 - 450, 2 junior
suites €220 - 430). PHARUGK hhhhh
Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel H-5, Prague
2, Žitná 8, MKarlovo náměstí, tel. (+420) 225 99 99
99, fax (+420) 225 99 99 09, www.sheratonprague.
com. The Sheraton near Karlovo náměstí offers comfy
beds, a good in between Old and New Town location plus in
room high speed internet connection and a variety of dining
options. Modern and sleek, the first Sheraton in Prague has
160 rooms consisting of 122 deluxe rooms plus 38 suites. It’s
a well-located smart choice. Q (Deluxe rooms €160, Premium
rooms €225). PJHA6UFKW hhhhh
Ventana E-3, Praha 1, Celetná 7, MStaroměstská, tel.
(+420) 221 77 66 00, fax (+420) 221 77 66 03, info@, From the dark
wooden, marble and quartz lobby to the understated sleek lines of
the rooms, the Ventana Hotel breathes elegance. Rooms are non-
uniform in layout, many have fabulous views over Old Town Square,
while all fourth floor superior rooms have a mezzanine level. Q29
rooms (3 singles €150 - 290, 21 doubles €150 - 310, 2 suites €390
- 450, 3 junior suites €270 - 350). PHAUGK hhhhh
NH Prague
Mozartova 261/1, Prague 5, 15000
Tel.: +420 257 153 111,
The Best value for your Money
Teplická 492, Praha 9
Tel.: +420 266 131 111
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Ibis Praha City I-6, Praha 2, Kateřinská 36, MI. P.
Pavlova, tel. (+420) 222 86 57 77/(+420) 222 86
58 41, fax (+420) 222 86 56 66, Resa-praha-re04@, The Ibis provides a
mid-range hotel experience, too clinical to be upmarket and
too well serviced for the lower end of the spectrum as well.
Functional rooms in a somewhat modern style provide the
necessities of life. Q181 rooms (181 doubles €79 - 107).
Ibi s Praha Karl í n K- 2, Praha 8, Šal dova 54,
MKřižíkova, tel. (+420) 222 33 28 00, fax (+420) 224
81 26 81,,
The second Ibis hotel in Prague is situated in the northern
suburb of the same name but just a short metro ride from
all the action. All the facilities you would expect from an
Ibis, plus a little charm. Q226 rooms (singles €57 - 79, 147
doubles €69 - 91, 69 triples €81 - 103, 10 quads €93 - 115).
Ibis Praha Smíchov Praha 5, Plzeňská 14, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 221 70 17 00, fax (+420) 221 70 18 00,
resa- praha-,
The third Ibis for Prague gives their usual room rates and
facilities in the ever-growing and trendier by the day area
around Anděl. Hard working staff keep smiling and converse
freely in a number of languages. The lobby bar is busy,
which is very uncommon in hotels. An excellent choice for
a comfortable stay across the river. Oh, and your pets are
welcome too. Q228 rooms (singles €64 - 84, 214 doubles
€76 - 96, 12 triples €88 - 108, 2 suites €154). PTHA
Olšanka Praha 3, Táboritská 23, MJiří ho z Poděbrad,
tel. (+420) 267 09 22 02, fax (+420) 222 71 33 15,,
This large hotel is not a beauty from the outside and inside,
the rooms could do with a bit of renovation, but you can usu-
ally get space here even when other places are full. Just a
15 minute ride from the city centre. Q207 rooms (2 singles
€43 - 70, 115 doubles €63 - 90, 43 triples €86 - 116, 26
quads €100 - 133, 6 suites €83 - 113). HAUFLG
BKDC hhh
Park Inn H-7, Praha 2, Svobodova 1, MVyšehrad,
tel. (+420) 225 99 52 25, fax (+420) 261 00 96
86,, www.prague. A large modern hotel in an Art Deco-ish
building; Park Inn is part of the Radisson SAS group. Good
choi ce for biz peopl e; they have conference facili ti es;
meeting rooms and 210 guest rooms. A fitness centre,
large restaurant and indoor parking amp up the interest.
Leisure travellers and outdoor lovers will appreciate the
proximity to Vyšehrad castle and gardens. Q (Standart
quest room €102). Standard quest room from 102EUR.
Accome Juliš Prague I-4, Praha 1, Václavské nám.
22, MMůstek, tel. (+420) 234 69 96 99, fax (+420)
234 69 99 99,,
High above the bustle of Václavské náměstí, these apart-
ments are compact but beautifully appointed with elegant
and modern style. All have a kitchenette, dishwasher and
microwave, although breakfast in the café is included in
the price. Ask for one of the apartments with a view of the
delightful rose garden. Q71 rooms (11 singles €55 - 105, 44
doubles €85 - 175, 8 triples €105 - 205, 8 quads €125 - 235).
Apartments OASIS City I-4, Wenceslas Square 36,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 210 146, fax (+420) 224
247 198,, The top
floors of the Marks & Spencer building house spanking new
basically furnished apartments, several with balconies facing
the sunset, and all equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and
washing machine. Facilities: gym, spinning, yoga, solarium,
internet, SPA, children’s corner and more. Q (1-8 person
apartments €50 - 220). THAUFLVKDS
Appia Hotel Residences A-2, Praha 1, Šporkova 3,
MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 257 21 58 19, fax (+420)
257 21 53 29,, www.appiaresidenc- The residence offers 21 stylish furnished and
above-standard equipped rooms Deluxe and apartments.
FREE Wi-Fi Internet connection. The residence features 24
hrs reception, lobby, sauna, underground parking, breakfast
restaurant in the historical hall and romantic garden. Located
in Lesser Town, in the historical part of Prague, facing Prague
Castle. Q21 rooms (10 doubles €79 - 172, 9 suites €140 -
280, 2 apartments €162 - 306). PHARLGBDW
Hunger Wall Residence B-4, Praha 5, Plaská 615/8,
MAnděl, tel. 257 40 40 40, fax 257 40 40 60, info@, I f your journey to
Prague is going to last a bit longer than just a weekend,
consider checking in to the Hunger Wall Residence. Located
in Malá Strana, you’ll be treated to a city centre location that’s
surrounded by parks. Eighteen apartments comprise the fully
renovated building, offering such amenities as a separate
working corner and kitchenette. An LCD TV, washer and
dryer plus a personal security and fire alarm guarantees your
comfort and safety. Q18 rooms (8 Junior Suite €86 - 104,
8 Superior Suite €92 - 112, 2 Executive Suite €102 - 127).
Marriott Executive Apartments I-5, Praha 2, V
Tůních 9, MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 221 02 21 02, fax
(+420) 221 022 103, www.praguemarriottexecu- An excellent choice for the corporate
or business traveller; the fully furnished studio or one-
bedroom apartments provide a «home office» area with two
lines, high speed (wired) internet access and fully equipped
kitchen. Housekeeping is available, as is dinner delivery from
a number of nearby restaurants. A fitness area, plunge pool,
plus business and conceirge services round out the ameni-
ties. Q53 rooms (53 apartments €80 - 250). JAFC
Residence Suite Home H-5, Praha 1, Příčná 2, MKar-
lovo nám., tel. (+420) 222 23 08 33, fax (+420) 222 23
08 34,,
A cool building holds well-appointed and comfortable apart-
ments of various sizes. Although it’s central and good value,
the lack of English at the front desk could prove a problem.
Q28 rooms (28 apartments €89 - 249). ARGK hhhh
Extol Inn Praha 7, Přístavní 2, MNádraží Holešovice,
tel. (+420) 220 87 65 41, fax (+420) 220 80 67 52,, A little way from Prague
Old Town, but in an up and coming business area slowly being
populated by cafés and restaurants. Extol’s main clientele is
businessmen, but the large hot tub, gym and sauna make it
a good spot to bring the wife too. Rooms are more like small
suites, 3 star versions have satellite TV, a minibar, telephone
and hairdryer. (There are two dedicated handicapped rooms.) 2
star rooms have none of above but are the same clean, bright
quality.Q82 rooms (16 singles €25 - 31, 50 doubles €42 - 53,
23 triples €62 - 76). PHAUFLBK hh
Hostel Prague Tyn Týnská 19 - 21, tel. +420 224
829 058,, www.hostel- The Hostel Prague Tyn is a backpacker’s
accomodation in the historical centre of Prague . They
provide you a complete backpacker’s experience when
staying in our hostel. Hostel Prague Tyn is suitable for
couples or families since they offer private rooms too.
Hostel Santini Prague Nerudova 14, Prague 1,
tel. +420 224 829 058, info@hostelsantiniprague.
com, Hostel Santini
Prague is located by the Charles Bridge, just under the
Prague Castle. The building of our hostel dates back to
the 17th century and it is former residence of baroque
architect Jan Blazej Santini - Aichel. In 1705, he bought
Valkounský house (no. 211) in Nerudova street for 3000
gold coins in cash and rebuilt it. 300 years later you have
the opportunity to stay in the same palace...Entire palace
was expertly renovated so you can still admire painted
ceilings or original arches. The hostel offers cheap youth
accommodation in double up to fourteen bedded rooms,
mostly ensuites. Q iJGW
Little Town Hotel A-2, Praha 1, Malostranské
náměstí 11, MMalostranska, tel. 242 40 69 64, info@, Opened in
2009, Little Town Hotel’s best feature is its location. Right
out your front door is St. Nicholas Cathedral on Malostranské
náměstí. There are a variety of rooms for every budget - from
dorm style to private, en suite. The décor is pretty bare
bones, but when you’ve got the magic of Prague to explore,
who needs art? Staff is friendly and helpful. Q (singles €49,
doubles €33). JAGW
Old Prague Hostel F-2, Praha 1, Benediktská 2,
MNám. Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 82 90 58, nfo@,
Award-winning hostel slap bang in the thick of Prague’s
nightli fe. All entrances are key-coded for security, dorms
(max. 8 beds) have lockers and are fairly cramped, but hey,
all you’re going to do is sleep in there. Plus free internet, TV/
DVD lounge, kitchen, breakfast and linen, a 24 hour reception
and very friendly staff - the owner’s grandmother did all the
artwork. Q 20 rooms (prices from €21.30). G
Prague Square Hostel E-3, Praha 1, Melantrichova
10, MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 24 08 59, info@, www.praguesquarehostel.
com. Full service - friendly atmosphere is their slogan; and
boy do they live up to it. Included in the price is breakfast,
free linens & towels, internet &Wi-Fi, lockers and a luggage
room. Checking out? They’ll keep your bags for free. Newly
reconstructed and in a great part of town; definitely check it
out. Q Prices from 13.90 €. JGW
Accord F-2, Praha 1, Rybná 9, MNám. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 222 32 86 16, fax (+420) 222 32 44 06,,
Small pension on one floor of a central apartment build-
ing with large triples facing the street, and sunny doubles
over a bare courtyard. Simple but satisfying - satellite
TV, small bathrooms and comfortable beds. The lower
double price is for single occupancy. Breakfast is from the
nearby Red Hot & Blues restaurant. Q11 rooms (singles
€53 - 92, 5 doubles €69 - 120, 6 triples €89 - 141, extra
bed €17 - 24). AG
MeIounovu ¸, Prugue z
LeI. (+qzo) zq6 ¸o ¸¸ ¸o
Francouzská 76, Prague 10
tel. (+420) 267 26 76 00
Odborů 4, Prague 2
tel. (+420 )246 00 83 24
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Brewery restaurants
Novoměstský pivovar I-5, Praha 1, Vodičkova 20,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 222 23 24 48/(+420) 602 45
92 16,, A 340-seat
restaurant, the New Town Brewery, not surprisingly, serves
its own brews. This could easily have become a theme
restaurant, because it can and does cater to large parties,
so come early or book ahead. Lots of smoked meat and
traditional dishes. Try the pork knuckle. QOpen 10:00 -
23:30, Sat 11:30 - 23:30, Sun 12:00 - 22:00. (160 - 500Kč).
Pot r ef ená husa E- 2, Pr aha 1, Bí l kova 5,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 222 32 66 26, rezer-
vace@potref, www.potref enahusa.
com. It’s a hospoda, Jim, but not as we know it. The new
generation has landed, complete with Brazil-the-movie-type
TV screens, a bar rail at the long bar for comfort, and very
good, very large, and very popular food (from fallow deer to
jambalaya), although the onus remains on ‘the culture of
drinking’. The Belgian shareholders help by importing their
brews. Reservations recommended. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
(50 - 350Kč). Also at Nádražní 84, Praha 5; Nádražní 23,
Praha 5; Resslova 1, Praha 2; Vinohradská 104, Praha 3;
Verdunská / Terronská 11, Praha 6;Platnéřská 88/9, Praha
1; Dlážděná 1003, Praha 1. PA
U Fleků H-5, Praha 1, Křemencova 11, MNárodní
třída, tel. (+420) 224 93 40 19,, A tourist trap since they started brewing
their dark, rich aromatic beer on this spot in 1499. The brew is
worth the trip in itself, and should be accompanied by hearty
pub food. The loud and boisterous crowds of tourists and
locals are a show worth watching as everyone and his tour
guide treks through. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. (85 - 320Kč). A
U Kalicha I-6, Praha 2, Na Bojišti 12, MI.P. Pavlova,
tel. (+420) 296 18 96 00/(+420) 224 91 25 57,, The pub that
features at the beginning of the Czech literary classic ‘The
Good Soldier Švejk’ as the planned location of the never-to-be
meeting « six in the evening after the war.» An oompah
band keeps the atmosphere rolling. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
(150 - 300Kč). PAEG
U Pinkasů E- 4, Praha 1, Jungmannovo nám. 16,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 221 11 11 50/(+420) 602 66
71 70,, The
presence of locals is encouraging in this beer hall whose
not unimpressive claim to fame is that of being the first
pivnice in Prague to have Pilsner Urquell on draught. A
commemorative plaque and a tap mark the spot where
one of Prague’s most popular expat destinations. Bi g,
j ui cy burgers, BLTs and Tex-Mex, as well as cheap l ocal
specials, lunch deals and beer. Their Sunday breakfast/
brunch deal s are l arge, tasty and have free refi l l s of
cof fee. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Sun 11:00 - 00:00. (100
- 250Kč). TAGBW
T.G.I. Friday’s F-3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 27, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 96 72 28, www.tgifridays.
cz. The TGI brand offers the same huge-portioned menu
to homesick travellers in Prague as they do around the
world. For a slice of Americana with your apple pie, free
refills and crazy outfits, this is the place to be. QOpen
11:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 24:00. (250 - 350Kč).
TGI Fridays Praha 5, Nádražní 110, MAnděl, tel.
(+420) 257 28 62 61, Another loca-
tion for the same as it ever was slice of Americana although
this one has cheaper prices than its Old Town sibling and
shares its bathrooms with Planet Sushi next door. The
rejuvenation of this area is underlined by the location here
of Prague’s second TGIF . QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat
11:00 - 01:00. (120 - 400Kč). PTAGW
U Malého Glena B- 3, Praha 1, Karmelitská 23,
MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 257 53 17 17, malyglen@, Renowned for the tiny
though classy jazz joint downstairs, the street level bar
has entertaining barmen, free-flowing beer and cocktails,
and good food. Czech-Mex standards jostle for space with
salads, sandwiches and hot pitas, although the menu has no
breakfast dishes, except (Bohemia) bagels. Kitchen closes
at 24:00. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 02:30.
(50 - 300Kc). PE
Gitanes A-2, Praha 1, Tržiště 7, MMalostranská,
tel. (+420) 257 53 01 63,, www. A vast and fairly expensive selection of local
and international wines precede a vastly unusual menu for
a Prague restaurant. Octopus and mussels vie for space with
veal and lamb, served in a marked Balkan slant, see sač,
kajmak and sarma sauerkraut. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
(185 - 435Kč). AG
Luka Lu G- 4, Praha 1, Újezd 33, MMalostranská,
tel. (+420) 257 21 23 88,, www. Balkan and I talian inspired meals; coupl ed
wi th warm, l ai d-back servi ce makes Luka Lu a great
choi ce for a ni ce, relaxed evening. Their fun interior and
excel l ent back terrace add to the ambi ence. Choose
octopus, seafood, lamb or pasta. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
115-380kč. JB
Aloha Wave Lounge E- 1, Praha 1, Dušní 11,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 602 25 13 92, www. Aloha Praha, aloha Honolulu. Plants, fran-
gipani shirts and photos of tanned 1950s Hawaiians with
longboards form the décor to this club and restaurant. Sit
in the small upstairs area or descend to the large cellar to
sample from the menu. The food, with Pacific overtones is
quite unlike anything else in Prague. DJs keep the place buzz-
ing long after the kitchen closes. QOpen 09:30 - 04:00, Mon,
Tue, Sun 09:30 - 02:00. (115 - 270Kč). PAE
Ambiente Living K-5, Praha 2, Mánesova 59, MNám.
Míru, tel. (+420) 222 72 78 51, One of
the Ambiente chain, and as eternally popular as the others,
this place serves up fresh salad, great stuffed peppers, ribs
and of course chicken wings. This is billed as a ‘lifestyle’
restaurant and serves delicious dishes with their distinctive
brand of style. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 24:00.
(150 - 300Kč). A
Angus Restaurant I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 10, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 602 68 75 12, millennium@, With a name like
that; you can bet on steak, burgers and other menu items that
formally moo’ed. Choose from a New York strip or rumpsteak;
an Angus burger or an American classic. Good beef in a city
where it’s hard to find. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00. Closed Sat,
Sun. 125kč-646kč.
Belushi’s Bar & Restaurant Praha 2, Odborů 4,
MKarlovo náměstí, tel. +420 221 59 53 51, www. Tasty burgers and other
good eats, cocktails and entertainment all at Belushi’s.
The restaurant has a big stage and hosts regular concerts,
comedy shows and more, plus big TVs for the sports, but
there’s also a more mellow dining area. Breakfast, plus
non-smoking make this an ideal, central spot for travellers
looking for fun. Located in the Mosaic House hotel. QOpen
7:00 - 23:00. 160-285 CZK. JGBW
Cowboys Steaks & Cocktails A-1, Praha 1, Neru-
dova 40, MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 296 82 61 07, Bazaar has morphed into the
Kampa Group’s sublime version of an American steakhouse.
Premium-tequila-laden cowgirls on the bar, quality and af-
fordable cuts of steak, seafood and even lobster (1,250Kč),
complementary wine list, myriad salad and side offerings,
cool bar, tunes and atmosphere. A fabulous cellar space,
classy design, exellent cuisine and staff round out another
Kampa success. The primo cafe serves Illy coffee, Cream &
Dream gelato and more. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00. (250 - 750Kč)
Hooters H-5, Praha 2, Vodičkova 12, MMůstek, tel.
(+420) 602 79 92 22,, www. The ambiguous America restaurant known for
its chicken wings (and perhaps its waitresses) has landed
in Prague. Unfortunately, while the waitresses seem to be
the same; the food has been lacing in a quality. Hopefully
it’s growing pains and they’ll break out of their shell soon.
Hooters wings, burgers, onion wings and other hard to finds in
Prague are here. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 11:00 - 23:00,
Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 01:00. 139-299 Kč.
Jáma D- 4, Praha 1, V Jámě 7, MMůstek, tel. (+420)
224 22 23 83,, www.jamapub.
cz. Musi c and booze memorabilia from the Ramones
to Jack Dani el s adorn the wal l s and cei l i ngs of thi s,
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
E Live music S Take away
T Child friendl y U Facilities for the disabled
G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking
O Casino M Nearest metro station
B Outside seating I Fireplace
R Internet W Wi-Fi 6 Animal friendl y
Symbol key
Re Re Rest st taau au ura r nt nt BBíl ílýý ko k níček
St St Star ar ar a om mm om měs ěs ěsts tt ké ké nnám á . 20 20, , Pr Pr r Pr rah ah h ah aha aa a 1111
Op Op Op Op Op pen en en en ee ddddddai ai ai ai aily ly ly ly lyy 111111: 1: 1: 1: 1:00 00 000 00 000 00 --- 222224: 4: 4: 4:00 00 00 00 00 00, , ,
tte te t leefo fo fo fo fo oon: n: n: n: (((((+4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +420 20 20 20 20 2 )))) 22 22 22 222 221111 42 42 42 4211 16 16 16 16 16 166000
ww ww ww ww wwww. w. wwbi bi bi bily ly ly lyko ko ko ko koni ni ni ni ni nice ce ccc kk. kkk co co oo commmmm
Live music every day from 8pm.
12thcenturycellars withambient atmosphere.
Great food great music great atmosphere .
Wide selection on food and drinks.
Aviatická 1092/8, Prague 6 - Ruzyně | | Open daily 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
this country’s most renowned beer began to flow in 1843.
In today’s establishment you’ll find a courtyard terrace and
two floors of beer swilling and sausage eating. More elegant
no-smoking rooms are availabl e for dining; the menu,
although traditional, is uninspired. QOpen 10:00 - 03:00.
(150 - 200Kč). AB
Bílý Koníček Praha 1, Staroměstské náměstí 20,
MStaroměstské, tel. +420 221 42 11 60, reservace@, Fine Czech
cuisine with an international touch is what you’ll discover in
the hallowed halls of Bílý Koníček. Sirloin in cream sauce
and Prague beef goulash are both enriching choices, while
on the lighter side choose from one of their seafood or salad
dishes. The upscale furnishings nestled in the underground
cellars will charm you. QOpen 11:00 - 04:00. 245-495 CZK.
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Bredovský dvůr F- 4, Praha 1, Politických vězňů 13,
MHlavní nádraží, tel. (+420) 224 21 54 28, www. Another modern version
of the Czech hospoda tradition, Bredovský dvůr delivers
cellar ambience dimly lit by funky lights, a long iron bar,
cool furniture and excellent kitchen. An extremely popular
lunchtime attracts the crowds with the 75kč menu until
2pm. The menu mimics the funky and old world fusion of
the décor, wi th Czech dishes tweaked by international
additions, pasta dishes providing a tasty and cheap al-
ternative, and big screen enticing the sports fans. Try
buck steak, venison goulash, or stick to old favourites.
Additional seating around the open kitchen is available
at the rear. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sun 11:00 - 23:00.
(150 - 300Kč). PA
Fama Praha 1, Vladislavova 18, MNárodní třída,
tel. (+420) 224 94 93 05, vladislavova@famares-, An ambi ti ous
menu, fresh Pilsner Urquell and warm interiors makes
Fama a great stop when you are about town. The lunch
specials are a good deal and dishes range from venison
to pasta to Czech specials. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
10:30 - 24:00, Fri 10:30 - 02:00, Sat 11:30 - 02:00, Sun
12:00 - 22:00. 135-299 Kč.
Lví dvůr A- 1, Praha 1, U Prašného mostu 6,
MHradčanská, tel. (+420) 224 37 23 61/(+420)
257 53 02 26,,
Loitering in a small house at the northern entrance to
the castle, the Lion’s Court offers Czech cooking fit for
royalty at princely prices. The European wine selection is
excellent and their kitchen does amazing things to pork
that we hadn’t dreamed possible. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
(150 - 400Kč). PAB
Olympia B-4, Praha 1, Vítězná 7, MNárodní třída, tel.
(+420) 251 51 10 80,, www. This retro-furnished Pilsner Urquell-owned
restaurant provides a more modern and international slant
to Czech staples - including the prices. It’s firmly on the
tourist trail, but authentic, well-presented and excellent
for a beer, snack or full-on meal. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
(100 - 300Kč). TA
Plzeňská Praha 1, Náměstí republiky 5, MNáměstí
Republiky, tel. +420 222 00 27 70, info@plzensk-, A cavern-
ous room i n the basement of the Muni ci pal House i s
home to a great bi g Czech food experi ence. Huge plates
of al l the good stuf f come streami ng from the ki tchen.
Go for some roasted duck, pork tenderl oin, beef goulash
or chi cken or pork schni tzel. Washed down wi th l ots
of col d Pi l sner beer, you’l l be feel i ng ful l and fi ne i n no
ti me. Gorgeous Art Nouveau i nteri ors and a ni ce staf f,
reservati ons are recommended. QOpen 11:30 - 23:00.
210-425 CZK.
Aviatická 1092/8, tel. (+420) 224 24 25 77, info@
Czech cui si ne i n the mi dst of i nternati onal travel. Step
out of the ai rport for what may be your l ast chance for
Czech food and beer. Located i n the shoppi ng centre
next to the Marri ott, they of fer tradi ti onal Czech cui -
si ne and ori gi nal speci al regi onal di shes. Thei r l unch
speci al s are a good deal , and they of fer free Wi -Fi .
Restaurant i s al so a ‘Czech Special s’ certi fi cate hol der.
No smoking area. QOpen 10:30 - 22:00. (120 - 440Kč).
U Sedlerů Karlovo náměstí 17, MKarlovo náměstí,
tel. +420 221 986 345,, www. Plzeň’s restaurant U Sedl erů is si tuated
on the Charl es Square (Karl ovo náměstí ) i n a Neo-
Renaissance buil ding of the same name, whi ch has a
l ong hospi tali ty tradi tion. I n the 19th century i t used to
be a brewery, and after the buil ding was reconstructed,
a renowned restaurant was operated here until the World
War II. Today, the building hosts a cosy PILSNER URQUELL
restaurant, offering superb draft beer “Plzeňský Prazdroj”
from a TANK and the dark beer “Velkopopovi cký kozel”.
The dri nk menu i ncl udes a wi de choi ce of l ocal frui t
brandi es Žufánek, Czech and Moravi an wi nes. Czech
cuisine wi th seasonal specials is served. Speciali ty of
this restaurant is the tradi tional Czech dishes like beef
goulash, braised beef wi th creamy sauce, roast duck
wi th dumplings and pork knuckl e. QOpen , Mon, Tue,
Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 23:00, Sat 11:30 - 23:00, Sun
11:00 - 22:00.
Francouzská restaurace Art Nouveau F- 3,
Praha 1, Náměstí Republiky 5, MNám. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 222 00 27 70, restaurant@obecnidum.
cz, Superb French
(and some Czech) gourmet dishes from this restaurant’s
award winning chefs. Mussels, rabbit, foie gras and duck
all make deli ghtful appearances in one of the worl d’s
masterpieces of art nouveau archi tecture (the Municipal
House buil ding i tsel f) and interior. Lunch specials and
a concert package l ower pri ces somewhat, and try the
Jazz Brunch on the first Sunday of each month. QOpen
12:00 - 23:00. Open 12:00 - 23:00. (600 - 2,000Kč).
Sarah Bernhardt I-3, Praha 1, U Obecního domu
1, MNám. Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 19 59 00,
fbof, Hotel
dining is reaching dizzy hei ghts in Prague and the art
nouveau design of this restaurant is divinely matched by
Chef Karel Hynek’s inspired menues. Offering set meals
for the undecided or choose from poached trout or slow
roated lamb. Live music every Thursday & Friday evening.
QOpen 6:30 - 23:00. Open 06:30 - 10:00 (10:30 Sat &
Sun), 12:00 - 16:00 & 18:00 - 23:00. (500 - 900Kč) (550
- 1,200Kč). PAEG
Kri-Kri J-5, Praha 2, Korunní 48, MNáměstí Míru, tel.
(+420) 222 540 400,, www.kri-kri.
cz. It’s all Greek to them. From the food to the service,
Kri-Kri is about as authentic as you can get off the island.
Be prepared for a long evening and don’t go in starving as
the service isn’t the best. However, once your food arrives
you’ll be wallowing in happiness over their sti fado, shrimp
saganaki and tzatziki. Their Greek house wines are sur-
prisingly cheap and good. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. Closed
Sun. 145-210 Kč.
Olympos K- 4, Praha 3, Kubelíkova 9, MJiřího z
Poděbrad, tel. (+420) 222 72 22 39, rezervace@
taverna- ol, www.tavernaol
Rightfully the most famous Greek restaurant in Prague.
Excellent Grecian starters, a haul of fresh seafood, and
friendly, hard working staff. Superb. And the garden here
is one of the best kept secrets in Prague and has a great
playground to keep the kids happy. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00.
(200 - 500Kč). TAB
H O T E L P A R I S * * * * *
U Obecního domu 1, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 222 195 195, fax: +420 224 225 475,
Lunch or Dinner
in Art Nouveau Style?
Café de Paris is famous meeting point in town
whenever it’s business breakfast of friendly
chat over coffee & delicious.
Sarah Bernhardt restaurant gently and with
attentive effortlessness ties French gourmet
cuisine and advanced Czech gastronomy
in one outstanding experience.
Please let us invite you to a table and show
how enjoyable dining with us might be!
Te most beautiful Art Nouveau
restaurant in the world * French
and International cuisine prepared
by French Chef Jacques Aufrays *
Daily live piano music * Premium
caterer of the President of the Czech
T. 222 002 770  F. 222 002 778
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Irish breakfast), first rate Guinness (65 Kč), Magners Irish
cider (85 Kč), Walker’s crisps and more to make you feel
right at home. A good venue to watch all the major (GAA
too) sporting events. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Sat 09:00 -
02:00. PABK
Chagall’s Club Restaurant Praha, 1,Kozí 5,
MStaroměstská, tel. +420 739 002 347, info@, A casual relaxed charm
coupled with sophisticated food is what awaits you in the
heart of Old Town at Chagall’s Club. The green pea soup with
mint and slices of Jamon Iberico Bellota and the lamb chops
with artichokes Poivrade, spring peas and jus with bear garlic
are just a few of the charms that await you. Service can be
a bit flat, but no matter, your taste buds will be enlivened.
QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. 220-410 CZK. JAGX
Chefparade Cooking School, tel. 734 814 743,,
ists. Chefparade Cooking School in Prague is a place,
where cooking and fun meet. Discover local culture and
Czech cuisine through special Cooking Courses for tour-
ists. Hands-on class in English gives you the opportunity
to cook side-by-side with the Chef and take home the feel-
ing of local gastronomy. All adjusted to your preferences.
QOpen 08:30 - 17:30.
Dinitz E-2, Praha 1, Bílkova 12, MStaroměstská, tel.
(+420) 222 31 33 08,,
Dinitz has become Bissli and not too much has changed. The
previous menu continues to be prepared well, and Lebanese
specials are the only change. The mezze meal is a great addi-
tion to the homemade bread, salads, pasta and meat dishes
plus the excellent burger on their delicious menu and do come
for their well priced lunch specials. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
Closed Sun. (150 - 450Kč). PTASW
Dubliner Irish Pub F-2, Praha 1, Tyn 1, MStaroměstská,
tel. (+420) 224 89 54 04,, www. If you find yourself hankering for a bit o’ Irish
cooking; head over to The Dubliner for a mighty fine meal.
Indulge in their Irish specialties like cottage pie, Guinness Irish
stew or fish and chips. Feeling exotic in an Irish sort of way? Try
their chicken curry or chilli con carne. Of course they’ve got the
big Irish breakfast plus snacks and sandwiches. Live sports
are played on their many TV’s and the atmosphere is usually
rollicking. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 10:00 - 01:00, Thu,
Fri, Sat 10:00 - 03:00. 135-395 Kc. ABK
Hergetova Cihelna C- 2, Praha 1, Cihelná 2b,
MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 296 82 61 03, kontakt@, Part of the Kampa
Group of restaurants, this is a winner in every respect. A
huge menu of Czech and international favourites tantalises,
with great Neapolitan pizza’s thrown in for good measure.
Sunday brunch with professionals on hand to look after your
kids while you relax. We love it and you will too. Check out
the upstairs lounge complete with pool table and big screen.
QOpen 11:30 - 01:00. (70 - 400Kč). PTAEGB
La Degustation F-2, Praha 1, Haštalská 18, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 31 12 34,, This self-styled Bohemian Bour-
geoisie restaurant from the Ambiente Group is a luxurious
corner restaurant with an open kitchen and a private dining
room feel to it. Set menus intrigue the senses with a heady
list of amuse-bouche, there is a pre- and post-theatre menu,
and the sommelier has created a superb wine list. QOpen
18:00 - 24:00, Tue, Wed, Thu 12:00 - 14:30. Closed Sun.
(945 - 2,450Kč). A
Le Caf é Col oni al D- 2, Pr aha 1, Ši r oká 6,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 224 81 83 22, colonial@, A range of gastronomy
from which empire, we’re not sure, but there are some treats
to be had. An innovative twist on pasta and some pretty tasty
morsels of seafood. A favourite among diners in Prague, Le
Café Colonial can provide a less pricey meal from their menu,
and service is usually up to standard. QOpen 09:30 - 24:00.
(300 - 550Kč). TA
Nostress E-1, Praha 1, Dušní 10, MStaroměstská, tel.
(+420) 222 31 70 07,, www.nostress.
cz. They’re not kidding. With comfortable designer furniture
and steady ambient music, stress is the last thing on your
mind. Fusion and Asian cuisine dominate the menu, but you
shouldn’t pass up a chance to try one of the delicious Belgian
desserts - the owner is Belgian. Highlights include dim sum
and wontons as well as celebrity sightings (Joseph Fiennes,
Maggie Smith and, er, Begbie). Loud live music on Saturday
evenings. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (250 - 600Kč). PAIE
Oasis CITY Restaurant I-4, Praha 1, Václavské nám.
36, MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 21 01 46, www.oasisc- On the fourth floor of the Oasis CITY empire inside the
Marks & Spencer building, the spacious lounge-like interior
of this restaurant offers diners dishes prepared by a Russian
cook. There’s a variety of authentic Russian and Ukrainian
dishes including solyanka and pelmeni; order the more
complicated ones a day in advance. QOpen 07:00 - 21:00,
Sat 08:00 - 20:00, Sun 08:00 - 18:00. PT6ULGB
Pravda E-2, Praha 1, Pařížská 17, MStaroměstská,
tel. (+420) 222 32 62 03,, Not just the name of the old
communist party mouthpiece (and a terri fic Tom Stoppard
play), but also a successful dining room, with huge windows
for maximum pose street visibility, great high white walls
and a very enviable mezzanine floor shaped like a box at
the opera. The vichysoisse 165Kč and a delicious tagliatelle
with parma ham 245Kč, are very good. Another Tommy
Sjöö restaurant. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00. (250 - 600Kč).
Rocky O’Reilly’s Praha 1, Štěpánská 32, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 222 23 10 60,, www. Nothing rescues an all-nighter like a mas-
sive Irish breakfast and Rocky O’Reilly’s is the place to get
it. You can get stuffed other times of the day as well with
their massive platters of food including ribs and chicken
wings. In true international style, you can get a curry, fajitas
or cottage pie. Friendly staff, plus lots of TV’s showing live
sports and you may be here for a couple of meals. QOpen
10:00 - 02:00. 165-395 Kc. JAK
Svatá Klára Praha 7, U Trojského zámku 35, tel.
(+420) 233 54 01 73,, www. For something completely different, descend
16m underground in this natural cave made into a wine cellar
and restaurant. The rough stone is cheered up with classical
furniture and artworks, and the classy menu features Czech
game dishes such as pheasant breast with forest herbs and
sage. Join the likes of Brangelina and find Svatá Klára near
Trojska castle, a short taxi ride from town. QOpen 18:00 -
01:00. (300 - 1,440Kč). PAI
Barock E-2, Praha 1, Pařížská 24, MStaroměstská,
tel. (+420) 222 32 92 21, info@barockrestaurant.
cz, Not a rock bar at al l
but fabul ous decor, succul ent sushi, a vari ed European
menu from chef Jana Janatová and beauti ful peopl e
on Prague’s swi shest street. Swi ng wi th the smart set
i n thi s fl ash and pol i shed bar/restaurant wi th huge
wi ndows and chandel i ers. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00. (250
- 850Kč). PAU
Bellevue C- 3, Praha 1, Smetanovo nábřeží 18,
MNárodní třída, tel. (+420) 222 22 04 53, bellevue@, A fantastic set-
ting, looking out to Charles Bridge, the castle and the
Vltava, and a classic atmosphere sets the scene for you
to feel dead posh i f you want and i f you can afford it. Chef
Petr Bures prepares dishes like fillet of fallow deer with
rose hip sauce, caramelised pears, homemade spätzle
and wild mushrooms. Try their jazz brunch on Sundays.
QOpen 12:00 - 15:00 & 17:30 - 23:00. (1,000 - 2,000Kč).
Caf frey’s E- 3, Praha 1, Staroměstské nám. 10,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 224 82 80 31, info@
caf, www.caf Good servi ce and a
great location on Staromětské nám. make this a popular
Irish pub for many, including large parties of stag nighters.
Prices are more favourable here than other Old Town spots;
plus they offer an excellent food menu (try the authentic
These restaurants are the ones to head for i f you’re
yearning for spectacular views over the city while you
hold the hand of your lover. Or if you need something to
look at if the conversation wanes...
Il Giardino Praha 5, Mozartova 1 (Mövenpick
Hotel), MAnděl, tel. (+420) 257 15 42 62, hotel.
prague@moevenpi, www.movenpi ck- Il Giardino is a hotel restaurant with a little
flair, created mostly by the rooftop view over Prague, but
also by their varied Mediterranean menu. Q Open 05:30
- 10:30, 12:00 - 23:00. (400 - 1,000Kč). PTAUG
Petřínské Terasy A-4, Praha 1, Seminářská zah-
rada 13, tel. (+420) 257 32 06 88, restaurant@, The
restaurant with one of the best views of Prague sits
halfway up Petřín Hill and is furnished in a Slovak country
cottage kind of way. Cuisine is the somewhat traditional
international and Czech variety, and live dulcimer music
accompanies dinner. Take the funicular to the Nebozizek
stop to get here. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 11:00
- 23:00. (160 - 280Kč). AIEB
Tower Park Prague K-4, Praha 3, Mahlerovy sady,
MJiřího z Poděbrad, tel. (+420) 210 320 081, info@, Dominant and
the highest building metropolis offers a unique 360°
prospect with thematically capsules, restaurant, bistro,
bar and six-suite. Neighbourhood Tower Park Prague
surrounds a garden restaurant and a summer terrace.
In the next year will find there a mini golf course, picnic
lawn and playground. In the outdoor courtyard will be
located mobile stage and the auditorium. QOpen 08:00
- 24:00. PTAL
Food with a view
Le Grill
and Garden
Enjoy an exquisite selection
of international and Czech specialties.
Kempinski´s unique private garden offers
central Prague´s best possible setting
for you to relax and relish great food.
Business Lunch Menu
incl. wine and coffee - from CZK 520
Hybernská 12, 110 00 Praha 1
Reservations: tel. +420 226 226 126
Prague In Your Pocket
Tbilisi Praha 1, Tomášská 21, MMalostranská,
tel. +420 257 31 31 30, restauracetbilisi@seznam.
cz, Gorgeous newly opened
Georgian restaurant. Discover fresh new tastes, like the
typical lobio, a dish made from beans or hinkali - big, juicy
dumplings. In addition to their dining room, they also have
space for parties and weddings. Georgian wines are also
highly underrated, so be sure to explore Tbilisi’s wine list.
Q 240-770 CZK.
Villa Richter Restaurants C1, Praha 1, Staré zá-
mecké schody 6, MMalostranská, tel. (+420) 257
21 90 79,,
This newl y opened trio of restaurants si ts right below
Prague Castl e in the recentl y restored St. Wenceslas’
Vineyards. The amazing view is the main reason to go; the
food is way overpriced for the quality. Panorama Pergola
is a good stopping spot for a glass of wine or quick bite;
small snacks like soups and sausage make up the menu.
Mid-range, price wise is Piano Terra. A huge terrace and
Baroque inside dining room support a menu of mainl y
Czech game special ti es. The cushi est venue is Piano
Nobile whose menu includes a variety of seafood and
whose seats are made up of large couches outside and
a glass-covered interior. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. Piano
Nobile: 590-710Kč, Piano Terra: 140-280Kč, Panorama
Pergola: 80-160Kč. JAB
Aromi K-5, Praha 2, Mánesova 78, MJiřího z Poděbrad,
tel. (+420) 222 71 32 22,, www.aromi.
cz. ‘Simplicity, tradition, passion’ is the Anatevka-like motto
of this upmarket Vinohrady’s Italian, but there’s no fiddling on
the roof here. At Aromi there’s a compact choice of excellent
pasta, meat and fish dishes, complemented by an equally
good wine list. As a result, the spacious L-shaped space holds
happy locals and expats enjoying the moment. Reservations
recommended. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:00.
(95 - 395Kč). PAG
Bi l kov a 1 3 E - 2 , Pr a h a 1 , Bí l kov a 1 3,
MStaroměstská, tel. +420 224 82 92 54, reser-, A beauti ful
space wi th a gorgeous menu, Bilkova 13 is a relaxed,
upscale dining experience. Chef Krejci worked many years
in Italy and has brought the simple, homemade flavours
to Prague. Classic pastas and creative beef dishes are
great choices, and be sure to savour the wine list. QOpen
11:00 - 23:00. 140-440 Kč.
Da Nico E-2, Praha 1, Dlouhá 21, MNám. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 222 31 18 07,, www.danico.
cz. The sleeper hit of Prague, dANico presents a warm at-
mosphere, great service and delicious Italian cuisine. With
lamb and swordfish carpaccio, vegetarian lasagne, home
made tiramisu and some 300 Italian wines to complement
your meal, this is becoming the talk about town. Wines from
400Kč to four figures. QOpen 11:00 - 00:00. (160 - 470Kč).
Osteria De Clara Praha 10, Mexická 7, tel. (+420)
271 72 65 48,,
A not-so-good location on the Vinohrady/Vršovice border is
an unfortunate fact of this nice Italian eatery. Small menu of
basic hearty meals; stuffed zucchini, rigatoni ragu, pork fillet.
All are well-prepared and a relaxed atmosphere makes this
an excellent quiet spot. Let’s hope it doesn’t stay too quiet.
QOpen 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00, Sat 12:00 - 15:30,
18:00-23:00. Closed Sun. 130-250Kč.
Japanese & Korean
Aureole Hvězdova 1716/2b, Praha 4, MPankrac, tel.
+ 420 222 755 380, High style in more
ways than one in this designer fusion restaurant located on
the 27th floor of the city’s tallest building. Besides the main
dining area, there’s a bar, two lounges and a fabulous ter-
race. Asian influences are scattered throughout the menu;
enjoy duck breast, roasted chicken or sushi. QOpen 11:00
- 02:00, Sun 11:00 - 24:00. 350-450 CZK or degustation
menu from 1250 CZK.
Planet Sushi Praha 5, Nádražní 110, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 257 28 62 65,, www. An oasi s of Japanese cal m among
the urban bustl e of Anděl/Smíchov’s busy thorough-
fare, al though the ambi ence i s marred sl i ghtl y by the
proxi mi ty and shared bathrooms of the adj acent TGI
Fri day. Attenti ve staf f and compl ete menu i ncl udi ng
yami rol l s and desserts provi de an al ternati ve to the
Japanese restaurants al ready i n the area. Eat al l you
can on Sundays for 600Kč. QOpen 11: 00 - 23: 00.
(200 - 750Kč). PAG
The Sushi Bar G-5, Praha 5, Zborovská 49, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 603 24 48 82,, www. The freshest fish for the best sushi, this place
does it - but for a price. Try the sushi menu for a selection
sampler - the three piece Temaki Sushi set and nine piece
Sashimi set was handsomely presented and deliciously
refreshing. Superb servi ce and intimate setting make
this a continual favourite. QOpen 12:00 - 22:00. (250 -
500Kč). PA
The Občanská Plovárna Thai Restaurant U
Plovárny 8, Praha 1 - Malá Strana, MMalostranská,
tel. +420 257 531 451, fax +420 257 535 760, info@,
en. The Občanská Plovárna Thai Restaurant can boast
a fabled Thai chef, Paramese „Mesy“ Wongwan, who is
regularly with imagination diversi fying the complex menu,
so it gives a true picture of the traditional orient recipes
based on freshness and strength of the original foodstuffs.
To one of indisputabl e benefi ts of Občanská plovárna
belong large terraces located right on the river bank. Each
terrace has got capacity of 50 seats; both terraces are
roofed and as such protected from direct sun shine and
rain. This Thai restaurant its an ideal place for your relax.
For that matter, come and see. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
Yam Yam Thai Food & Cafe Praha 4, Metro station
Vyšehrad 1670, MVyšehrad, tel. +420 774 84 44 43,, Never thought we’d
recommend this place; but Thai lovers and others looking
for a good inexpensive bit should pop off the metro at
Vyšehrad for a tasty Thai meal. Both the menu and the
eatery is small, but both offer a big bang. Good choices
are their Nu Rad Prig, Kaeng Pet Kai and the spring rolls.
Yam Yam = Yum Yum. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun
12:00 - 22:00. 50-145 CZK.
Good memories from jour-
neys are mostly connected
to unforgettable gourmand
experiences to which Beche-
rovka Original, the herbal
liqueur with more than
200-years long tradition,
undoubtedly belongs. Now
this 100% natural herbal
liqueur is one of the icons of
the Czech Republic and
brings people together all
around the world.
A pharmacist Josef Vitus
Becher gave a  birth to
„the thirteenth spring“ of
Karlovy Vary, world-known
spa town in western Bohe-
mia, in 1807. Josef V. Becher
based the famous secret
recipe of Becherovka on
experiments carried out
together with an English
physician Dr. Frobrig. This
recipe that contains a  spe-
cific and harmonic mix of
herbs and spices had been
inherited through gene-
rations in Becher’s family.
Nowadays the secret for-
mula is known only by two
people in the company.
Becherovka is the most
frequently enjoyed as an
aperitif or digestive and it
should be served cold within
the range of -4°C (25F) to
-6°C (21F). This temperature
best brings out its subtle
balance of herbs and spices
and the taste be-
comes superbly
consistent, smo-
oth, sparkling and
refreshing. You can
too enjoy Beche-
rovka in various
combinations of cocktails as
well. The most famous one is
Beton, a  classic cocktail of
Becherovka, tonic, ice and
lemon, originally from 1967
when it scored a big success
at EXPO in Montreal and still
impresses with its refresh-
ing taste until nowadays. |
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Прага - историческая жемчужина Европы – одно
из самых красивых городов в мире. Она является
одновременно историческим, экономическим и
культурным центром Чешской Республики. Это
учебник архитектуры с неисчерпаемым множеством
памятников, город полный музыки, романтики или
ностальгии, но прежде всего – современный город,
полный жизни! С 1992 года исторический центр Праги
площадью 866 гектаров записан в Список мирового
культурного и природного наследия ЮНЕСКО.
Национальный памятник культуры, символ более
чем тысячелетнего развития чешского государства. С
момента своего возникновения в последней четверти
9 века он постоянно достраивался в течение тысячи
ста лет. Это монументальный комплекс дворцовых,
административных, церковных, фортификационных и
жилыхстроенийвсехстилевыхэпох. Онраскинулсятремя
территориями на площади 45 гектаров. Первоначально
это была резиденция чешских князей и королей, с 1918
года здесь резиденция президента.
Кафедральный собор Св. Вита, Вацлава и Войтеха –
готическое строение, духовный символ чешского
государства. Он был заложен в 1344 году на
месте первоначальной романской ротонды Яном
Люксембургским и его сыновьями Карлом и Яном
Индржихом и строился по плану Матиаша (Матье)
из Арраса (до 1352 г.), позднее Петром Парлержем
(1356–1399). Строительство велось почти 600 лет и
окончательно было завершено лишь в 1929 году.
Помимо прочего, здесь есть Святовацлавская часовня с
захоронением Св. Вацлава, в подземелье – захоронения
чешских королей и Коронная палата, где хранятся
коронационные регалии.
Это самый древний пражский мост, возникший на месте
Юдифина моста, снесенного наводнением 1342 года.
Каменный или Пражский мост, с 1870 года называемый
Карловым, был заложен в 1357 году Карлом IV. По данным
последних исследований строительство было начато
мастеромОтто, азавершеноПетромПарлержемв1402году.
С обеих сторон мост укреплен сторожевыми башнями. С
1683до1928года на мосту былиустановлены30скульптур
искульптурныхгруппсвятых, изкоторыхнаиболееизвестна
скульптураСв. ЯнаНепомуцкого(М. Браун,Ф.М.Брокофидр.).
Малостранские мостовые башни – меньшая была
построена в 12 веке, сегодняшний внешний вид в стиле
Ренессанса возник в 1591 году. Более высокая башня
была построена в 1464 году и своей архитектурой в
стиле поздней готики подобна Старогородской мостовой
башне Парлержа.
Старогородская мостовая башня – входные ворота на
Карлов мост из Старого Города, одна из красивейших
готическихарокЕвропы. Еестроительствобылозавершено
перед1380годом. Она богатоукрашена скульптурами.
совета городского самоуправления Старого Города.
часовней и богатым украшением гербами происходит
со второй половины 14 века. На курантах (начало 15
века) в начале каждого часа от 9 до 21 часов появляются
12 апостолов, в нижней части размещен календарный
циферблат со знаками Зодиака работы Йозефа Манеса
(1865). Восточноекрылоратушивстиленовойготикибыло
В 1889 году члены Клуба чешских туристов посетили
мировую выставку в Париже, где вид Эйфелевой башни
поразил их настолько, что они решили построить
похожую башню над городом Прага. Они создали
кооператив для строительства вышки, вложили в него
первые деньги, а муниципалитет им выделил участок. Для
подобия Эйфелевой башни, хотя и в пять раз меньшего,
был избран холм Петржин (Petřín), расположенный на
высоте 318 м над уровнем моря.Строительство вышки
было ускорено тем, что в 1891 году в Праге должна была
проходить Земская юбилейная выставка. В 1890 году
была готова проектная документация и обеспечены
необходимые финансовые ресурсы для строительства.
Возведение началось в марте 1891 года по проекту
архитектора Вратислава Пасовского (Vratislav Pasovský),
авторами конструкции были инженер Франтишек
Прашил (František Prášil) и инженер Юлий Соучек (Julius
Souček) с Чешско-Моравского машиностроительного
завода. В невероятно короткое время была построена
целая конструкция, 28 июля 1891 года смотровая вышка
получилаодобрениедляиспользования, а20августа1891
года вышка была официально открыта для посещений.
Она представляет собой легкую восьмиугольную
решётчатую стальную конструкцию, для строительства
которой потребовалось 175 тонн железа. Восемь ног
конструкции было закреплено на огромных каменных
блоках в вершинах восьмиугольника, диагональ
которого составляет 20 м. На верх вышки к специальной
смотровой площадке, расположенной на высоте 51 метр,
ведут 299 ступеней, оттуда открывается прекрасный
вид на город. Общая высота башни указывается 63,5
м. На первом этаже на высоте 20 м была построена
крытая смотровая площадка с галереей. На крыше на
высоте 60 м над землей первоначально была размещена
стилизованная корона с флагштоком. В то время
посетителей возил лифт, рассчитанный на шесть человек,
сначала с газовым, а затем с электрическим приводом.
На первом этаже был расположен ресторан. 05.07.1938 г.
во время съезда соколов в Праге, вероятно от короткого
замыкания, начала гореть кабина лифта. Посетители
тогда вовремя покинули кабину и спустились на первый
этаж, однако верхняя часть вышки была был повреждена
и должна была быть частично восстановлена.
1 мая 1953 г. на вышке начала работать телетрансля-
ционная станция. Тогда были вынуждены устранить
лифт для того, чтобы использовать тубус для запол-
нения кабелем и блоками питания. Кабина на первом
этаже также была использована под соединения,
которые вели к целой башне. Вместо королевской
короны в верхней части была помещена телевизи-
онная антенна, а позднее – антенная насадка тубуса.
Гости могли использовать только две лестницы и
верхнюю смотровую кабину. Над первым этажом
была построена платформа для параболических ан-
тенн. В 1980 году башня из-за аварийного состояния
тубуса и лестницы была закрыта для посещений. В
1991 году по случаю 100-летия Земской юбилейной
выставки состоялась Всеобщая чехословацкая вы-
ставка. По этому случаю, башня после проведения
самого необходимого ремонта, была открыта для
посещений до 1999 года. С 1998 года она находится в
ведении информационной службы г. Прага. Начиная
с 1999 года в течение двух лет проходила генераль-
ная реконструкция башни, в основном, в ходе ее
работы. Реконструкция башни проводилась фирмой
«Spoj proj ekt Praha a. s. », были демонтированы и
вновь построены из качественной древесины без
сучков обе деревянные лестницы. На поверхности
лестниц было сделано нескользящее покрытие. Был
установлен новый тубус и в нем лифт для инвалидов
и престарелых, который ездит к верхней смотровой
площадке. Вместо бывшего обшитого балкона на
высоте 20 м была сделана галерея, где находится
бинокль. Галерея также доступна для туристов на
инвалидной коляске. На вновь построенном первом
этаже находится вестибюль, буфет и проходят вы-
ставки Клуба чешских туристов. Пространство, где
можно прибрести сувениры, остается открытым, в
нем можно увидеть столбы, на которых стоит смо-
тровая вышка. После проведения обширной рекон-
струкции смотровая вышка была вновь открыта для
посещений 24 марта 2002 г.
Source: Czechtourism
32 33
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Лучшее пиво в городе
Большинство блюд невозможно себе представить без
кружки замечательного пива или бокала вина из Южной
Моравии. На пиво зайдите в один из пивоваренных
домов, где этот «жидкий хлеб» варят в медных танках.
Самые известные места – знаменитая таверна «У Флеку»
(U Fleků), «Пивоваренный дом» (Pivovarský dům) или
пивовар «Старопрамен» (Staropramen) в районе Смихов.
Этот гастрономический оазис - место встреч множества
гурманов со всего мира, он не всегда выглядел так
изящно, как сегодня. Он скрывает в себе не только
легенды, но и исторические моменты. Во времена
„Швейка”, то есть до начало первой мировой войны
– „U Kalicha” не достигал такого гастрономического
и общественного уровня, к которому мы привыкли
I-6, Praha 2, Na Bojišti 12, MI.P. Pavlova,
tel. (+420) 296 18 96 00/(+420) 224 91 25 57,,
Приветствуем Вас в пивовар-
не и ресторане «У Флеку»,
которые, наверно, не нуж-
но особенно представлять.
Пивоварня и ресторан «У
Флеку» относятся к самым
известным и самым посеща-
емым чешским националь-
ным культурным памятникам
вместе с Пражским Кремлем,
Старомнестской площадью,
Вышеградом, Еврейским го-
родом, Национальным музе-
ем и другими достопримеча-
тельностями, находящимися в сердце старой Праги.
H-5, Praha 1, Křemencova 11,
MNárodní třída, tel. (+420) 224 93 40 19,,
Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa
В нескольких шагах от Пражского Града и Карлова
моста, между живописными улочками Малой Страны,
находится комфортабельный отель «Alchymist Grand
Hotel & Spa». 5-звездочный «boutique»-отель обладает
сказочным обаянием с изысканно оснащенными
номерами, которые отражают исторический характер
A-2, Praha 1, Tržiště19, M Staromětská,
tel. (+420) 257 28 60 11, fax (+420) 257 28 60 17, reservations@,
Four Seasons
Добро пожаловать в отель Four Seasons в Праге.
В самом сказочном городе мира, на берегу реки
Влтава и в нескольких шагах от Карлова моста, Вы
обнаружите необыкновенно тихое место в самом
центре энергичного Старого города. Совместив
столетия архитектурной истории и технологии
завтрашнего дня, отель Four Seasons приглашает Вас в
истинную Прагу с доступом в самые интересные места
и возможностью необычайных культурных открытий.
D-2, Praha 1, Veleslavínova 2a,
M Staroměstská, tel. (+420) 221 42 70 00, fax (+420)
221 42 60 00,,
За пределами Праги
Для многих людей Прага является одним из самых
красивых городов в мире. Ее готические башни,
барокные дворцы или залы в модернистском стиле -
это не единственное, почему стоит посетить Чехию. По
всей стране можно любоваться двумя сотнями замков
и крепостей, открытых для публики, великолепными
историческими центрами городов, живописными
садами или таинственными средневековыми руинами
времен давно минувших. Откройте для себя некоторые
из самых красивых мест, которые находятся в
нескольких часах езды от столицы, вы не пожалеете об
этом. Итак, вы готовы к путешествию?
Первой целью может стать один из красивейших
чешских замков Карлштейн. Дорога к замку на поезде
длится около часа, и взгляд на его величественный
силуэт посреди лесистых холмов будет стоить
каждой минуты, потраченной на дорогу. Во время
однодневной поездки вы можете отправиться и
в элегантный замок Конопиште, который вошел в
мировую историю, как летняя резиденция Франца
Фердинанда д’ Эсте, наследника австрийского
престола, убитого в Сараево. Добраться сюда можно
комфортно на поезде в течение часа с четвертью.
Вас привлекают таинственные средневековые
резиденции, овеянные легендами? Садитесь на поезд
и через полтора часа можете пройтись по двору
романтического замкаКршивоклат, одного из самых
красивых во всей Чешской Республике.
Откройте для себя
национальные достояния
Вы предпочитаете исторические города, в которых
жизнь бьет ключом, и которые предлагают все условия
для приятного дня? Отправляйтесь в Чески Крумлов,
который находится в трех часах езды автобусом от
Праги. Когда увидите его прекрасный исторический
центр с силуэтом местного замка, внесенного в список
ЮНЕСКО, вам захочется здесь остаться. То же чувство
вы испытаете и в городе Кутна гора, также внесенном
в список ЮНЕСКО, который принадлежал к самым
богатым в королевстве, и до сих пор гордится двумя
готическими соборами. Путь сюда занимает всего
полтора часа на поезде.
Побалуйте себя ...
Почему бы не уйти от суеты города и не отдохнуть
на всемирно известном курорте? Карловы Вары,
расположенные примерно в двух часах езды от Праги на
автобусе, примут вас в свои мягкие объятья, в которых
приятно себя побаловать. Вы привлекают места,
связанные с историей? Посетите Терезин, который по
время Второй мировой войны стал печально известным
концлагерем. На автобусе сюда можно добраться всего
за один час.
Побалуйте и ваши вкусовые
Чешская республика, конечно, предлагает богатый
гастрономический опыт для гурманов. Попробуйте
изумительные вина из виноградников в Мнелнике и
некоторые типичные блюда чешской кухни, вы также
не сможете обойтись и без всемирно известного пива
из Плзни. Счастливого пути!
Прага имеет проработанную и хорошо работающую
систему городского общественного транспорта,
который состоит из трамвайного парка, автобусного
парка и прежде всего – современное метро. Сеть
городского транспорта принадлежит к самой густой в
Европе. Кроме информации о городском общественном
транспорте в данной секции найдете также информацию
для водителей, велосипедистов, судоходный транспорт
и службу такси в Праге.
Прага, без сомнения, является городом космополитным.
Это проявляется не только в разнородности его
населения и общем колорите столицы, но и в широком
выборе ресторанов, предлагающих лакомства чешской
и международной кухни. Отправьтесь на знакомство с
городом на Влтаве посредством ароматов и вкусовых
ощущений, проведя незабываемые моменты в лучших
ресторанах Праги.
Итальянская, французская, арабская, индийская,
испанская, мексиканская, армянская, но и кошерная,
вегетарианская и, разумеется, чешская кухни.
Предложения пражских ресторанов практически
неисчерпаемы. Последолгогодня, проведённоговцентре
города, Вы можете расположиться в одном из элегантных
видом или, наоборот, забрести в традиционный чешский
кабачок с приветливым обслуживанием и отличным
пивом. Итак, приятного аппетита!
Чешская классика,
которую вы полюбите
Вы хотели бы попробовать типичную чешскую кухню? В
таком случае своё предпочтение отдайте ресторанам,
обозначенным этикеткой Czech Specials. Так Вы получите
уверенность в отличном качестве блюд и приятном
окружении. А какое чешское блюдо рекомендуется в
Праге попробовать? Для местной кухни характерны
различные варианты соусов с мясом и кнедликами,
печёная птица, пресноводная рыба и сладкие булочки. У
Вас уже разыгрался аппетит? За чешскими лакомствами
отправляйтесь, например, в рестораны Ml ýnec
(«Млинец»), Malostranská beseda («Малостранская
беседа»), Potrefená husa («Пострелянный гусь»), V Zátiší
(«В Затиши») или Hergetova Cihelna («Кирпичный завод
Гергета»), откуда открывается великолепный вид на
Карлов мост и Старый Город.
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
starting at 7:30
Our second PASSION after COFFEE?
and Czech microroasteries
Café of the Year / 2nd place Café of the Year / 2nd place Café of the Year / 1st place
Café Lounge
Plaská 615/8, P5 - Lesser Quarter
For reservation dial: 257 404 020
www. cafe-l ounge. cz
Mo – Fr: 7:30 am - 10 pm
Sa: 9 am – 10 pm / Su: 9 am – 5 pm
Bresto Prague 1, Štěpánská 31, MMůstek, tel.
(+420) 222 21 28 10,, www.bresto.
cz. New teeny tiny cafe and wine bar. Early hours make it
nice for a pastry and coffee, stop by at lunch for one of their
freshly made sandwiches and in the evening choose from
their extensive wine selection. And what welcoming staff
we have! QOpen 9:30 - 23:30, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 23:00.
(50-200kč). J
Café Amandine H-6, Praha 2, Na Moráni 17, MKar-
lovo Náměstí, tel. (+420) 222 52 43 05, info@cafea-, 1920s glam
and a sweet menu make Café Amandine a go-to spot for
a rejuvenating coffee and French specialties, like genuine
French crepes and homemade cakes. Breakfast served
everyday, plus a daily lunch special and a weekend brunch.
In the summer, you can enjoy all their treats in their nice
garden . QOpen 08:30 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00.
Café Café E-4, Praha 1, Rytířská 10, MMůstek, tel.
(+420) 224 21 05 97,,
cz. Slap bang in the middle of tourist central, but far cooler
than many cafés in the area. Café Café is a well-known gay
hangout, but it also attracts hetero hipsters who look the
look, talk the talk and wear the ware. Coffee, cocktails, large
salads and the Mediterranean menu provide lubrication and
sustenance. Breakfast served everyday until 12:30. QOpen
10:00 - 23:00. (150 - 350Kč). AB
Café Ebel Praha 1, Kaprová 11, MStaroměstská,
tel. (+420) 604 26 51 25,, www. The roasted scents that linger in this café
can send you dizzy with their depth. Choose from a vast and
constantly changing range of coffee beans from around the
globe. Plus, they’ll grind them up for you or pack them up
whole. This is one of the great Ebel Coffee places. QOpen ,
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 8:30 - 19:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 19:00.
(35 - 115Kč). AG
Café Imperial I-3, Praha 1, Na Poříčí 15, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 246 01 14 40, cafe.imperial@, After a long faceli ft,
the landmark Imperial has reopened with the Art Nouveau
tiles and wood carvings still in situ within the high ceiling-ed
rooms. The stale donuts have sadly not reappeared but the
beautiful and historic space is well worth visiting for break-
fast, a sandwich or meal (chef Zdeněk Pohlreich hails from
the Radisson SAS Alcron and Marriott), although reviews have
been hit and miss. A decent cocktail list will keep you here
late. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00. (130 - 400Kč). PA
Café Kafíčko I-3, Praha 1, Truhlářská 4, MNáměstí
Republiky, tel. (+420) 776 73 67 74,
For good 100% Arabic coffee with friendly service, in the
centre of town no less, pop into Café Kafíčko. Here you’ll find
coffee from around the world, plus a nice retro atmosphere
to enjoy a drink or two in the evenings. Live music on Friday
nights. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00, Fri 10:00 - 01:00. W
Café Lounge B-4, Praha 5, Plaská 615/8, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 257 40 40 20,, www. Voted best cafe in the 2010 Czech Bar
Awards, Cafe Lounge kept the love with a 2nd best cafe finish
in 2011. This Malá Strana spot is the height of sophistication.
They offer breakfast, a wide range of coffees, a delicious
lunch menu, a wine of the week and on Friday nights, live
music. With an emphasis on fresh seasonal cuisine, they are
highly recommended. QOpen 7:30 - 22:00, Sat 9:00 - 22:00,
Sun 9:00 - 17:00. TAEGSW
Café Louvre D- 4, Praha 1, Národní 22, MNárodní
třída, tel. (+420) 224 93 09 49, cafelouvre@cafelou-, In true French style, this
historic café is for anything but bourgeois tastes. Café
Louvre is a true slice of Czech li fe where a great breakfast is
served that one can enjoy with an international newspaper.
Whether you want to play a game of pool in the swank billiard
hall or indulge in some fresh pastries over coffee, this is
the perfect place to have a great café experience. QOpen
08:00 - 23:30, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 23:30. (100 - 500Kč).
Café Pavlač K- 4, Praha 3, Víta Nejedlého 23, tel.
(+420) 222 72 17 31, Heal thy
eati ng comes to Ži žkov? Café Pavl ač, named for the
courtyard gall ery out the back, whi ch staf f and artist
are happy for you to expl ore, serves up good breakfast,
snacks and meals, including pasta and salmon steak.
Tasty eats, Czech and Engl i sh readi ng matter, tunes
and fri endl y staf f ensure i t remains qui etl y busy all day.
Ni ghts can happen too, wi th a full bar and Gambrinus at
22Kč. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 24:00.
(55 - 180Kč). B
Cafe Rozmar H- 6, Praha 2, Trojická 1, MKar-
l ovo náměstí , tel . +420 222 54 08 73, i nf o@
cafe-, A café wi th a
consci ence; enj oy a l ovel y cof fee, l unch or eveni ng dri nk
at Café Rozmar. The café works as a trai ni ng ground
and fundrai si ng tool to hel p young adul ts who have
grown up i n chi l dren’s homes. The dai l y l unch menu i s
i nexpensi ve; the i nteri ors l ovel y and you can enj oy both
a fresh cof fee or a cocktai l. Food i s served throughout
the day; cl osed on weekends. QOpen 11:30 - 22:00.
Cl osed Sat, Sun. 120-240 CZK.
Café Savoy G-5, Praha 5, Vítězná 5, MAnděl, tel.
(+420) 257 31 15 62,,
A fabulously restored grand café dating back to 1893 with a
particularly stunning neo-Renaissance ceiling. Sit under the
chandeliers to order food from the café menu with traditional
Czech dishes or from the more elaborate French gourmet
menu. Don’t skip the pastries and cakes that are made on
the premises though. Great for a lazy breakfast with a news-
paper too. QOpen 08:00 - 22:30, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 22:30.
(140 - 300Kč). PA
Cafeterapie H-7, Praha 2, Na Hrobci 3, tel. (+420)
224 91 60 98, I f you are in
need of some healthy, tasty vegetarian offerings after a
heavy night or just for sustenance during a walk along the
river, Cafeterapie is therapy enough to oust the winter dump-
lings. Friendly staff serves up delicious offerings of salads,
sandwiches, Mediterranean platters, tofu and tempeh, with
some good seasonal specials always on offer. Take tram
3, 7, 16, 17 & 21 to Výtoň. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun
12:00 - 22:00. GB
Café Therapy I-5, Praha 1, Školská 30, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 284 82 55 15/(+420) 608 86 57 12,, Tasty
food, cheap pri ces, ki d fri endl y and wi th al l profi ts go-
i ng to the care, preventi on and treatment of addi cts,
you do good for others and not j ust your appeti te. Top
poi nts: breakfast ti l l 11:00, an excel l ent dai l y menu,
Gambri nus 20Kč, . 4 Murphy’s 40Kč, wi th the onl y
downer for forei gners bei ng the l ack of Engl i sh menu.
Great value (and values) cl ose to Wenceslas Sq. QOpen
10:30 - 23:30, Sat 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:00.
(50 - 270Kč). TXW
Cof fee and Cigars I- 4, Praha 1, Vodičkova 39,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 94 91 33, info@coffeeand-, Orange theme, white
leather, Očko on TVs, cinematic images of the eponymous
objects (and others beginning with a C) line this ubercool café
near Cinema Světozor. The expanse of glass leads to perfect
people watching, but the media types inside don’t want to
do the watching. Breakfast, cakes, baguettes, salads, pasta
and even steaks are small and tasty but slightly overpriced
(100 - 240Kč). But if you want cool, you’ve got to be wiling
to pay for it. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00, Sun 10:00 - 24:00. W
Emporio Café F-4, Praha 1, Jindřišská 3, MMůstek, tel.
(+420) 234 65 60 99,, www.emporio- Befitting the newly renovated city palace on the corner of
Václavské náměstí and Jindrišská, the latest outlet of this chain
café inside it is the most grand; two floors of sleek designer chairs,
slowly revolving metal strip lamps and a whole wall imaginatively
decorated with, yes, broken egg shells. The menu sports everything
from salads to full meals. Service is still somewhat lacking so make
sure you sit well within view of the waiter. DJs spin at weekends.
QOpen 08:00 - 23:00. Also at I-3, Praha 1, Králodvorská 11, tel.
222 31 02 48. (50 - 200Kč). PAS
Espressamente Illy I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 8 (Prague
Marriott Hotel), MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 222
881 258, Open for breakfast
or lunch; the new Espressamente Illy promises authentic
Italian Espresso and cappuccino. Located in the Prague Mar-
riott Hotel, it has a street entrance on V Celnici. Offering 20
kinds of Illy coffee for your morning meetings, plus pastries
and light snacks; it’s a quiet place in a busy neighbourhood.
Friends Coffee House H-4, Praha 1, Palackého 7,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 272 04 96 65, info@friendscoffee.
cz, Their website says it all: www. A real city centre treat; Friends Coffee House is
so nice and welcoming, you may find yourself stopping by for a
cappuccino, staying on a bit for a BLT baguette, and then look
at the time; ordering a glass of wine. They have their own coffee
roaster (named Matylda) so you know your cup of joe will be
as fresh as can be; plus a calendar of cultural events. QOpen
8:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00. 49-125 Kč.
Globe H-5, Praha 1, Pštrossova 6, MNárodní třída,
tel. (+420) 224 93 42 03,, The Globe provides a sophisti-
cated atmosphere to meet other enlightened souls. Darker
walls indicate an edgier characterisation to this bastion of
expat life which had become a tad stuffy in its middle age.
The good food, books (new and second-hand) and internet
café remain but now we also have Gambrinus on tap as well
as live music and events spicing things up. QOpen 09.30 -
00.00, Thu, Fri, Sat 09.30 - 01.00. (40 - 120Kč). AUE
Grand Café Orient F-3, Praha 1, Ovocný trh 19,
MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 22 42 40, cafeori-, The first floor of
the Cubist House of the Black Madonna is home to a truly
unique Cubist-style café that was reconstructed from photo-
graphs to match the one that was here from 1911 until the
1920s. Even café-capital Vienna doesn’t have one of these.
The simple menu lists pancakes, sandwiches and some good
coffee. Try to get a seat on the balcony overlooking Celetná
street. QOpen 09:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00. PA
Kaaba J-5, Praha 2, Mánesova 20, MMuzeum, tel. (+420)
222 25 40 21,, This über-
funky café and attached tabak on eclectic Mánesova is the
perfect spot for their sinfully thick hot chocolate, varied selection
of premium teas and coffees, plus breakfast, cakes and alcohol,
of course. An assortment of design furniture, light fixtures and
ashtrays allow the varied clientele to feel as cool as this place looks.
Enjoy. QOpen 08:00 - 22:00, Sat 09:00 - 22:00, Sun 10:00 - 22:00.
Kavárna Obecní Dům Náměstí Republiky 5, MNáměstí
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 00 27 63, kavarna.od@, Come for the
atmosphere as well as the treats. This Art Nouveau café on the
ground floor of Obecní Dům is one of the most elegant in town.
You’ll be treated to nice service amidst beautiful surroundings,
and we dare you to turn your head when they start wheeling
the cake cart around. A breakfast menu, plus sandwiches and
salads make this a good break point no matter what time of
day. QOpen 7:30 - 23:00. 90-470Kč. JAEB
Starbucks B-2, Praha 1, Malostranské nám. 28,
MMalostranské, tel. (+420) 257 21 47 25, sbmalostran-, Perhaps the
last place on the planet without one, Prague is now the happy
home to a Starbucks. Wipe the tear from your eye and order
your grande skinny latte, no whip. Smack dab in the middle of
Malostranské náměstí; impossible for the masses to miss. The
ground floor is spacious, but there’s more comfy seating down-
stairs. QOpen 7:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun 8:00 - 21:00. 75-195kč.
Vesmírna I-5, Praha 1, Ve Smečkách 5, MMuzeum,
tel. (+420) 222 21 23 63, Not the
fastest food in the city as it’s all fresh made, but you are doing
a good deed as this café is part of a training programme for
the mentally disabled. With internet, art shows, a kid’s area
and no smoking zones, this place caters for all although the
menu steers towards salads and veggie options. QOpen
10:30 - 21:00. Closed Sat, Sun. (60 - 200Kč).
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Ambassador Casino E- 4, Václavské nám. 5,
MMůstek, tel. +420 724 747 401, ambassador., Texas
Hold´em Poker, roulette, blackjack, pontoon and slots
attract a sophisticated crowd with the casino’s excellent,
knowledgeable staff, and appropriate atmosphere. Q
Open 24hrs. AK
Banco Casino F- 3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 27,
MNám. Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 96 73 80,, www.bancotexas- One of Prague’s favourite casinos, set in a
central location difficult to beat. All your favourite games
are available, there are state of the art slot machines,
a private salon and a general atmosphere of unadulter-
ated luxury that entices even James Bond: it was used
in Casino Royale... Q Open 24 hours. A
Bohemia Praha 4, 5. května 65 (Congress
Centre), MVyšehrad, tel. (+420) 241 40 65 57,, www.casinobohemia.
cz. Prague’s first casino. With slot machines, poker,
Blackjack and the usual suspects both on and off the
tables, Bohemia is as good a place as ever to gamble
your crowns away. Smart dress and ID required. QOpen
17:00 - 05:00. ALK
Casino de Prague Le Hilton J-2, Praha 8,
Pobřežní 1 (Hotel Hilton), MFlorenc, tel. (+420)
224 81 09 88. One of the favoured casinos for Prague
expats, the Hilton provides roulette, poker, blackjack,
pontoon, Punto Banco, and slots with the worldwide
standards of the Hilton chain. QOpen 14:00 - 06:00.
Casi no Panor ama Pr aha 4, Mi l evská 7,
MPankrác, tel. +420 724 747 403, panorama., The Corin-
thia Panorama Hotel hosts another winning casino
from the VIP group. The usual games (American Rou-
lette, Black Jack, Poker) and slot machines are on
offer, with drinks and refreshments. QOpen 20:00
- 04:00. AL
Century Casino Millennium I-3, Praha 1, V Cel-
nici 10, MNám. Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 03 34
01, Catering to the likes of the Mar-
riott Hotel, the Century Casino in the Millennium Plaza
boasts excellent croupiers who will help out beginners
and take anyone’s money. The usual roulette, poker and
blackjack are available. QOpen 15:00 - 04:00, Fri, Sat
15:00 - 05:00. AL
Hotel Ambassador
Václavské nám. 5, Praha 1
Hotel Corinthia Panorama
Milevská 7, Praha 4
OPEN 20.00 - 04.00
Aloha Wave Lounge E- 1, Praha 1, Dušní 11,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 602 25 13 92, info@, Wear a flower in your
hair and head downstairs to Aloha’s cocktail lounge, featuring
a long bar, Pacific cocktails at nice prices (try the Chi-Chi,
with vodka, pineapple and coconut), and a dance floor to
hula to nightly R&B and rock music. QOpen 09:30 - 04:00,
Mon, Tue, Sun 09:30 - 02:00. PAE
Dog’s Bollocks G-7, Praha 5, Nádražní 42/82,
MAnděl, tel. (+420) 775 73 60 30, nadrazni@dogs-, If ever there was a
misnomer. This pub would get high marks for its casual inte-
rior, drinks selection and impressive bar food were it not for
the ‘service’ that amounts to a euphemism for detachment
from its thirsty customers, with draught beer running out at
23:00 on the Friday night we visited. QOpen 17:00 - 3:00,
Mon 17:00 - 0:00, Fri, Sat 17:00 - 5:00. Closed Sun. PA
James Dean E- 2, Pr aha 1, V Kol kovně 1,
MStaroměstská, tel. +420 606 97 97 97, info@, Whether you have
a cause or not, you can hit James Dean for an evening of
drinks and a dose of American. A big cocktail and spirits
list, the kitchen is also open till 23:00 serving up burgers,
sandwiches, chicken wings and other bar food. Q Restaurant
open 08:30 - 06:00 (food till 23:00), Bar open 21:00 - 06:00.
Karlovy Lázně C-3, Praha 1, Smetanovo nábreží 198,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 222 22 05 02, info@, Set up as Prague’s
superclub, this place has been rebuilt with panache, e.g. the
transparent floor thus enabling you to comfortably look up girls’
skirts. Live bands, chillout rooms and free internet access in the
basement, standard tunes one floor up, eclectica up one again,
and more hard core dance tracks in the loft.QOpen 21:00 - 6:00.
Admission 21:00-22:00 50Kč, after 22:00 120Kč.
Klub Phenomen Praha 5, Nádražní 84, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 774 36 66 36,, www. DJs spin nightly at the new Klub Phenomen,
winner of the Best Nightclub in the 2010 Czech Bar Awards.
A sprawling basement space, there’s a mix of high and low
tables and a big dance floor. The bar is brightly lit and you get
an overall clean feel.QOpen Tue, Wed, Thu 19:00 - 03:00,
Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00.
Lucerna Music Bar I- 4, Praha 1, Vodičkova 36,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 21 71 08,, The more popular local bands
and the smaller international groups ply their trade here fairly
regularly. Every Saturday you can find an un-hip, unpretentious
crowd cavorting at their disarmingly popular 1980s night,
which has led to the doors being closed because of sheer num-
bers. QOpen 20:00 - 03:00. Admission 50 - 150Kč. PE
Nebe (The Heaven) H- 5, Praha 1, V celnici 4,
MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 777 80 04 11, info@, This slice of heaven
produces what its punters want every night and hence con-
jures up a good vibe, happy drinkers and DJs who do have a
clue about creating and keeping the atmosphere. Bar keeps
add to the atmosphere which goes on late. There are 2 more
Heavens in Prague, at Václavské náměstí and Křemencova
street. QOpen Mon 14:00 - 02:30, Tue, Wed, Thu 14:00 -
04:30, Fri 14:00 - 05:00, Sat 18:00 - 05:00, Sun 18:00 - 02:00.
SaSaZu K-1, Praha 7, Bubenské nábřeží 306, MVltavská,
tel. (+420) 284 09 74 55,, www.sasazu.
com. Pretty cool spot, and definitely the best thing to open here
in recent memory. SaSaZu sports a split-level dance floor with
enough space for up to 2,000 of your nearest and dearest.
Styling décor; flashing lights and lots of events make this a good
spot to know and go. Mix of DJs and live acts. Other part of this
former warehouse is a Thai restaurant. QOpen 11:00 - 03:00.
Bílý koníček Praha 1, Staroměstské náměstí 20,
MStaroměstské, tel. +420 221 42 11 60, reservace@, Billing itsel f as
the oldest jazz and blues club in the world, Bílý koníček is
definitely one of the hottest lounges in the city. The cellar
atmosphere located on Old Town Square and superb music
on stage make it an ever popular joint.QOpen 20:00 - 02:00.
Reduta D-4, Praha 1, Národní 20, MNárodní třída, tel.
(+420) 224 93 34 87,, www.reduta- Founded in 1958, Reduta was the first real venue
for Czech rock and roll, playing smuggled Elvis records. Reduta
has not changed much since then; don’t come for the brown
1980s interior or the uncomfortable bench seating; Reduta still
brings in quality performers and even attracts a president or
two. Václav Havel has brought Bill Clinton here twice now, and
yes, he did play his sax. QOpen 21:00 - 24:00. PE
Dubliner Irish Bar F-2, Praha 1, Týn 1, MStaroměstská,
tel. (+420) 224 89 54 04,, www. Formerly Legends sports bar, the Dubliner
bills itself as an Irish sports pub. Whatever, you’ve still got
12 TV’s + 2 large screens now nestled in a homely Irish pub
atmosphere. If there’s an international sport match you gotta
watch it’s highly likely you’ll see it here. Weekends visiting DJ’s
rule the roost. QOpen Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 11:00 - 01:00,
Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 03:00. (100 - 400Kč). PJAEK
Merlin J-6, Praha 2, Bělehradská 68a, MI.P. Pavlova,
tel. (+420) 222 52 20 54,, Merlin the magician shares brick wall
space with Guinness posters and other emblems of Irish-
ness, intermingled with antique agricultural contraptions.
The long bar resembles that of an authentic pub and the
sofas add to the laid-back feel. The lower level houses the
restaurant, which serves the usual options with more than a
dash of a varied Mexican menu. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00. K
Rocky O’Reilly’s I - 5, Praha 1, Štěpánská 32,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 222 23 10 60, info@rockyoreil-, Photos of prestigious poets
and pubs, Guinness on draught and an ‘O’ in its name all
meet the criteria for a classic Irish watering hole. Other perks
include hearty portions of international food including a huge
Irish breakfast served anytime, Sky Sports broadcast on
several TVs and wait staff that can easily draw your attention
away from the football. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00. PAK
U Zl atého tygra D- 3, Pr aha 1, Husova 17,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 222 22 11 11, www. Havel took Bill Clinton here to demon-
strate Czech drinking culture (and let’s face it, if there’s one
thing Havel knows, it’s his booze). Get there by opening time
to have any chance of getting in. The Pilsner brewery makes
special deliveries here - the beer is pumped directly into the
large tanks below the bar. A national institution. QOpen
15:00 - 23:00. K
38 39
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
The largest collection of wonders in the city, Prague castle
is an amalgamation of architecture from different periods.
From the almost pastoral serenity of St. George’s Basilica,
to the awe-inspiring Gothic power of St. Vitus Cathedral, the
castle has attractions for all - history and architecture plus
marching soldiers and entertainment.
Approach & Entry A-1, Praha 1, Hradčany, tel. (+420)
224 37 24 23, There are two information
centres, one in the second courtyard and one in the third.
Here you can find out what time the changing of the guard
takes place, buy tickets and get audio guides.
There are four ways to approach the castle. By far the
best way is to take tram N°22 to the Pohořelec stop, where
you start with breathtaking views of Prague from Strahov
Monastery; then walk down through beautiful Hradčanská
district along Loretánská towards the main castle entrance
on Hradčanské náměstí. You can skip the Hradčanská walk
by getting off the tram earlier, at the Pražský hrad stop, from
where you enter the second courtyard. Alternatively, walk
up Nerudova and the steep hill from Malostranské náměstí.
The worst approach is up the Staré zámecké schody steps
near Malostranská metro station; these are best kept for the
way down. Q Buildings & Info: From 1 November - 31 March:
open 09:00 - 16:00. Courtyards (admission free) open 06:00
- 23:00. Castle gardens and Jelení příkop are closed. From 1
April - 31 October: open 09:00 - 18:00. Courtyards (admission
free) open 05:00 - 24:00. Castles gardens and Jeleni prikop
10:00 - 18:00. Note: Golden Lane will be closed for renova-
tions beginning May 1, 2010. Repairs are expected to take one
year. Admission to the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica,
Powder Tower, Picture Gallery and Golden Lane: 350Kč (long
tour.) Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica and
Golden Lane: 250Kč (short tour.) Reductions for families.
Sternberg Palace (Šternberský palác) Hradčanské
nám. 15. Sharing an entrance with the Archbishop’s Palace is
the Šternberský palác from 1698. It’s part of the National Gal-
lery and home to a collection of European art, including Rubens
and Rembrandt. In 1991 thieves stole US$2.6 million worth of
Picassos. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
First courtyard Pause at the castle gates to admire the
soldiers’ uniforms (designed by the wardrobe designer of
the film Amadeus), and hopefully see the changing of the
guard. Then move into the courtyard flanking the presidential
rooms, which are not open to the public. These are numerous
and include the Spanish Hall, once the venue for meetings
of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. As you walk through
the archway, the steps on your right are where many of the
official greetings are made to visiting heads of state.
Second courtyard Reconstructed by Empress Maria
Theresa, this courtyard acts as an intersection point for
two of the entrances into the castle. You can exit under the
archway to reach the Stag Moat, Royal Gardens and trams
N°22 and 23.
St. Vitus Cathedral (Kat-
edrála svatého Víta)
Moving into the third court-
yard of the castle you’ll face
one of Europe’s great Gothic
cathedral s. St. Vi tus i s the
spiritual heart of the nation as
the mausoleum of Bohemian
kings and the city’s greatest
landmark. Work on the present
cathedral was started in 1344
but i t wasn’ t consecrated
until 1929. Check out Mucha’s
stained glass window and the
door with seven locks leading to the crown jewels. Don’t miss
the beautiful mosaic depicting the Last Judgment of Christ
on the exterior of the cathedral. The mosaic is 84 square
metres and was created in 1371. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Old Royal Palace (Starý královský palác) One of
the oldest and most impressive parts of the castle, the Old
Royal Palace dates from 1135 and was the seat of Bohemian
princes. From the 13th to the 16th century it was the king’s
palace. The magnificent Vladislav Hall was used for ban-
quets, councils, coronations and even jousting. All presidents
have been sworn in here, and this building was where the
1618 defenestration took place. The palace contains The
Story of Prague Castle exhibition. Don’t forget to have a
look at the Rampart Gardens below. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Admission 120/60Kč.
Gol den Lane (Zl atá
ulička) The phrase ‘pictur-
esque street’ might have been
invented to describe this tiny
cobbled lane with its miniature
workers’ cottages. After a
l engthy reconstruction, the
Lane has reopened and now
features displays on how past
residents of the street used to live. A few of the souvenir
shops do remain. It was on this street, or so legend has it,
that 16th-century alchemists laboured to discover the Phi-
losopher’s Stone to make gold from lead. Franz Kafka spent
evenings at his sister’s house, N°22. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Daliborka Tower Built in 1496 and used as a prison till the
end of 18th century, the tower stands on your left as you exit the
Golden Lane. It is so named for its first prisoner, Dalibor of Kozo-
jedy, whose story was told by Smetana in his 1868 opera Dalibor.
The underground cell is truly terrifying. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Palace Gardens B-1, Valdštejnská 12. A large set of
steeply terraced gardens leading up to the castle. The steep
climb up to the castle is rewarded by fitness, some beautiful
landscaping and stunning views of the city. QOpen 10:00 -
18:00. Admission 80/40Kč, families 180Kč.
St. George’s Basilica (Bazilika svatého Jiří) The
basilica is the Romanesque church lurking behind a Baroque
facade in the courtyard behind St. Vitus. Now deconsecrated,
it serves as a concert hall. In the chapel on the right of the
presbytery is the tomb of St. Ludmila, the first Czech saint.
QOpen 09:00 - 16:00
The essentials of Prague - i f you see nothing else, do not
miss these sights. Obviously in this city that has been a
destination for hundreds of years, there is much to see and
do, and one of the most enjoyable aspects is just wander-
ing around. Don’t forget to look up as the gilded spires are
rightfully what Prague is renowned for. But keep an eye of
the ground too - dog owners are not renowned for their
cleaning-up ability.
Charles Bridge (Karlův
most) C- 3, Pr aha 1,
MStaroměstská. Karl ův
most joins Staré Město (Old
Town) and the Malá Strana
(Little Quarter) and is one of
the worl d’s most beauti ful
bridges. The bridge was built
in 1357, but the figures of saints were added during the
17th century. They symbolise the confidence of the Catholic
Austrian’s triumph over the Protestant Hussites. The bridge is
thronged all day with tourists, while at night it offers wonder-
ful views of the illuminated castle and Old Town. Go at dawn
to be alone and witness the saints emerging from the mist.
Municipal House (Obec-
ní Dům) F-3, Praha 1, nám.
Republiky 5, MNám. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 222 00
21 01, www.obecnidum.
cz. The magni ficent Obecní
Dům building holds two res-
taurants, a super café, an
American bar, a gallery, shop
and classical music venue. Built between 1905 and 1910 in
the architecturally stunning Art Nouveau style, the Municipal
House has been painstakingly restored to its former glory.
It was here that the Czechoslovakian state was signed into
being on October 28, 1918. It was also here in 1989 that
communist bureaucrats and revolution leaders of the Civic
Forum discussed the velvet transfer of power and the state’s
transformation to democracy.
Na t i o n a l Th e a t r e
(Národní divadlo) C- 4,
Národní 2, MNárodní třída,
tel. (+420) 224 90 14 48.
This lavish neo-Renaissance
building on the bank of the
Vltava, with its golden crown
of chariot-driving women, is
Prague’s National Theatre. The building was completed
in 1881 and was almost immediately destroyed by fire. It
reopened in 1883. See Events for the current programme.
Ol d To wn S q u a r e
( S t a r o m ě s t s k é
náměstí) E- 3, Praha 1,
MStaroměstská. The indis-
putable heart of Prague. This
vast open space is flanked by
a pleasing blend of carefully
restored architectural styles:
Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque
and neo-styles. The square
i s notabl e for i ts constant
hum of activity, day and night,
and a long history as centre
stage for so many of the
city’s defining moments, from
the execution of preacher J.
Želivský in 1422, to the attacks on Soviet tanks with Molotov
cocktails in 1968. Towering above the square, half-hidden
behind a row of houses, is the fairy-turreted Týn Church. The
centrepiece of the square is a memorial to Jan Hus. It was
draped in swastikas by the Nazis and in black cloth to mourn
the passing of the Prague Spring.
Town Hall & Astronomi-
cal clock (Staromest-
ská radnice) E-3, Praha
1, Staroměstské nám.,
MStaroměstská. The 14th
century Town Hall compl ex
features a tower with an as-
tronomi cal cl ock, added i n
the 15th century. Every hour
on the hour Jesus and hi s
disciples lead a pageant that
includes the allegorical figures
of Death, the Turk, the Miser,
the Fool and the Rooster. It
sounds more impressive than
it actually is, but it’s still worth
a look. The climb or lift up the
tower is rewarded by the stunning views. QOpen 09:00 -
18:00, Mon 11:00 - 18:00. Admission 60/40Kč.
Vyšehr ad H- 7, Pr aha
2 , S o b ě s l a v o v a 1 ,
MVyšehrad. The rocky cliff-
top boasts Prague’s second
castle. In the hearts and minds
of many Czechs, Vyšehrad
symbolises the birth of the
Czech nation and is shrouded
in legend and myth. This is
apparentl y the spot where
Pri ncess Li buše stood and
predicted the rise of a great
ci ty. Li terall y translated as
‘high castle’, it was probably founded in the middle of the
10th century. In 972 Prince Boleslav II built the royal mint here,
and in 1085 Vratislav II selected it as his residence. Over the
following centuries successive kings remodelled the palace
and fortress, but moved their permanent home across the
river. Within the fortress confines is the national cemetery
(Vyšehradský hřbitov), which from the 1870s became the
final resting place of many of the most famous Czech writers
and composers, including Jan Neruda, Bedřich Smetana and
Antonín Dvořák. QOpen 09:30 - 17:30.
Wenceslas Square (Vá-
clavské náměstí ) F- 4,
Praha 1, Václavské nám.,
MMůst ek. Václ avské
náměstí is actually a bou-
l evard runni ng down from
the National Museum and
the equestri an statue of
Saint Wenceslas to Můstek,
formerly the site of of a city gate and drawbridge. This is
where crowds traditionally come to demonstrate against their
incompetent rulers, and this was where, in 1989, thousands
gathered to shake their keys in celebration of the death of
the Communist Party. Rows of shops, hotels (note the Art
Nouveau glory of Hotel Europa) and nightclubs flank the
pavements, and by night it can get a bit sleasy. Thankfully,
there are plans to rid the square of cars, bury the highway in
front of the museum in a tunnel and have tram N°11 make
a come-back.
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
Bet hl ehem Chapel
(Bet l émská Kapl e)
D- 3, Praha 1, Betlémské
náměstí, MStaroměstská.
From 1402 to 1412, Jan Hus
preached at the Bethlehem
Chapel , hence i t’s si gni fi -
cance for non-Catholics, but
in 1622, the Jesuits took con-
trol of the chapel and Catholic
mass became the ser vi ce
of the day. Then i n 1786
i t was l evel l ed, onl y to be
rebuilt (somewhat strangely)
by the communists, who had
preserved its architectural plans in 1950. Apparently, they
were keen to exploit the chapel’s symbolism as an historic
emblem of Czech national pride. QOpen 10:00 - 17:30.
Closed Mon.
Bř evnov Monaster y
(Benedictine Archab-
bey) Praha 6, Markétská
1. Established i n 992-993
by the Bi shop of Prague,
Voj těch, and the Bohemian
Prince, Bol eslav II, Brevnov
Monastery is the oldest Bene-
dictine monastery in the Czech Republic. The former wooden
monastery underwent Roman then Gothic renovation and
became an important religious, cul tural and economic
institution for the Czech kingdom. During the Hussite wars
it was burned down, but 200 years later, it was crafted into
its present Baroque form. The large monastery complex
contains the Basilica of St. Markety, the terrace garden,
the Vojtěška spring and St. Joseph’s Chapel. Tram N°8,
22 to Břevnovský klášter.
Chur ch of Our Lady
Victorious B- 3, Praha 1,
Karmelitská 9, MMalos-
transká, tel. (+420) 257
53 36 46, www.pragjesu.
info. This house of worship
was buil t by German Luther-
ans between 1611-1615. To
the ri ght of the entrance is
a commemorati ve si te to
the 16th centur y Spani sh
nun, St. Therese of Avi l a,
who al ong wi th fri ar John
of the Cross, reformed the Carmeli te order i nto what
is known as the Discal ced Carmeli tes. Further insi de is
the church’s claim to fame, a 45cm hi gh wax statuette
of Jesus known as the Infant Jesus of Prague, whi ch is
a pil grimage si te of sorts - for i ts histori cal and reli gious
i mportance, and a coupl e of unnamed mi racl es that
have been attached to i t. QOpen 08:30 - 19:00, Sun
08:30 - 20:00.
Loreta A-1, Praha 1, Lo-
rentánské nám. 7. One of
the country’s most famous
pl aces of pi l gri mage, thi s
chapel is j ust a qui ck walk
from the mai n entrance to
the castl e. Bui l t bet ween
1626-1720, thi s Baroque
bui l di ng contai ns, among
other i cons and obj ects, a
painting of a bearded lady,
ornate fri ezes, bej ewel l ed
icons and a high quota of chubby-cheeked cherubs. The
small museum also houses a collection of diamond os-
tensories. Within the main chapel there is the brickwork
supposedly from the original Loreto in Italy which was flown
over from Italy by some well-meaning angels. Blasphemers
take note - the split in the wall was supposedly caused by
a thunderbolt fired off at one of your kind. Q Open 09:00
- 12:15, 13:00 - 16:30. Admission 110/90Kč.
Our Lady of Snow (U
Panny Marie Sněžné)
E- 4, Praha 1, Jungman-
novo nám, MMůstek. The
towering Gothic torso hidden
near Václavské náměstí was
started off in 1347 by Charles
IV as a Carmelite order monastery. Construction was stopped
by the Hussites in 1419, and only the 34m-high choir of the
planned 110m-long church was finished. The Franciscans
renovated the ruins of the church in 1604, adding the mag-
nificent Renaissance altar. The peaceful adjacent monastery
gardens (Františkánská zahrada) are an excellent place to
soak up the sun.
St. Ignatius Church (Kostel Sv. Ignáce) H-5,
Praha 2, Ječná 2, MKarlovo náměstí, tel. (+420) 224
92 12 54. The construction of what was intended to be a
basilica began in 1665 on these very grounds. In 1671 the
church alongside Karlovo Square was finally completed and
the large statue of Saint Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit
order, was placed on top. The church is still active and run
by Jesuit monks.
St. Ni chol as Church
B-2, Praha1, Malostranské
nám. 38, MMalostranská,
tel. (+420) 224 19 09 91.
Construction of this Baroque
pile began in 1673, but it would
be nearly another 80 years
until the Jesui ts compl eted
it. Peer closely at the copper
statue of St. Nicholas above
the gold coated altar; the two
statues below him are of St.
Ignatius Loyola and St. Fran-
cis Xavier. The ceiling fresco
depicts the apotheosis of St. Nicholas. Also of interest is the
organ, which has 2500 pipes and 44 registers, and it was
these very ivories that Mozart tinkled on his visit to Prague.
QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Admission 70/50Kč.
Prague Info E-3, Praha 1, Staroměstské nám. 1,
(Old Town Hall), MStaroměstské, tourinfo@pis.
cz, This excellent official tourist
information centre provides vocal and written information
in various languages from helpful and knowledgeable
staff, plus tickets, excursions, and accommodation.
For general information in English, Czech or German call
tel. 124 44. QOpen 09:00 - 19:30. Also at I-3, Praha
hlavní nádraží & B-2, Praha 1, Malá Strana Tower, open
10:00 - 18:00.
Tourist Information
Strahov Monastery Pra-
ha 1, Strahovské nádvoří 1,
tel. (+420) 233 10 77 18,
cz. The Strahov Monastery
has stood on the approach to
the castle since 1140. Today,
this Romanesque monastery
houses various museums for
religious arts and is home to
the quite stunning central cha-
pel. The Museum of Czech
Literature (open 09:00 - 12:00; 13:00 - 17:00, admission
50Kč), is housed in the monastic libraries. The Theological
and Philosophical Halls are superb but can only be viewed
from the doorways. Items available for closer inspection are
manuscripts from the 14th century, a stuffed dodo, and a
large collection of crabs, fish, shells and insects. The Strahov
Gallery in the central courtyard (open 09:00 - 17:00, admis-
sion 35Kč) has one of the finest collections of monastic art
in Central Europe. Trams N°22,23 to Pohořelec. QOpen
09:00 - 17:00. Admission 60/40Kč.
Sts. Cyril and Metho-
dius Church H-5, Praha
1, Resslova 9, MKarlo-
vo náměstí, tel. (+420)
224 92 06 86, www.pra-
vosl avnaci Thi s
Orthodox church was bui l t
i n honour of Sts. Cyril and
Methodius, the men responsible for the Slavonic alphabet.
However, most people know about this church because of
what happened here at 04:10 on the morning of June 18,
1942 when the Nazis had discovered that the seven Czech
parachutists involved in the assassination of Reichspro-
tektor Heydrich were hiding in the crypt. The west side of
Karlovo náměstí was cordoned off by 800 troops from the
SS and the Gestapo. Three of the soldiers died as the SS
stormed the church. The remaining four fought on. After
hours of shooting and a long stand-off which led to the
Germans deciding to literally flush them out, they used their
last bullets on each other. The bullet-scarred exterior wall
holds a plaque in honour of their bravery.
A new permanent exhibition to the memory of those who
participated in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in
1942 has here. The small, but very in depth display maps the
Czechoslovak resistance movement against the Nazis and
includes photographs and memorabilia from the time. There
are also films showing on TV screens and backgrounds into
the seven paratroopers who participated in the mission. Q
Open daily: 09:00-17:00. Closed Mon. (From Nov.-Feb. closed
Sundays & Mondays) 75 Kč
Museums & Galleries
City Museum (Muzeum
hlavního města Prahy)
B- 3, Praha 1, Na Poříčí
52, tel. (+420) 224 81 67
72, www.muzeumprahy.
cz. This homage to the city
of a hundred spires includes
a paper model of the city that
took 11 years to create and a gigantic model of the entire city
at the beginning of the 19th century. This wood and paper
model was made from 1829-1837 by Antonin Langweil and
is a highlight to the museum. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed
Mon. Admission 110/40Kč.
Czech Museum of Fine Arts (České muzeum
výtvarných umění v Praze) D-3, Praha 1, Husova
19 - 21, tel. (+420) 222 22 02 18, Large
collection of fine arts including classics and more modern
works. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission 50Kč.
Decorative Arts Museum (UpM) D-2, Praha 1, 17.
listopadu 2, tel. (+420) 251 093 111,
Basically, this is a museum of stuff. Its permanent exhibit
showcases what normal articles (clocks, ceramics, glass,
clothing, photographs, furniture) from the 19th-20th century.
You won’t bump into philosopher Emmanuel Kant here; he
believed that an esthetic object is only art if it has no use (he’s
also long dead). Built in 1899 in commemoration of Franz
Josef becoming emperor, the building itself is impressive, too.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission 80/40Kč. A
DOX Centre f or Con-
temporary Art Praha 7,
Poupětova 1, tel. (+420)
774 145 434, info@dox-
pr ague. or g, www. dox- Opened in Oc-
tober 2008; DOX is sure to
make a splash on Prague’s still burgeoning contemporary art
scene. The building itself is amazing - a mix of old metal fac-
tory and new build right in the heart of industrial Holešovice.
Organizers plan to showcase present contemporary art
from around the world; as well as offer exposure to Czech
contemporary artists. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Tue.
Adults: 120kč, Children: 80kč.
Dvořák Museum I-6, Pra-
ha 2, Ke Karlovu 20, tel.
(+420) 224 92 33 63, www. The Dvořák Museum
is housed in the so-called Villa
America, a Baroque summer
pal ace desi gned by Ki l i an
Ignaz Dientzenhofer, who was
also responsible for the beau-
tiful St. Nicholas Church in Malá Strana. This museum houses
a good collection of memorobilia from the life and work of
Dvořák, the Czech composer famous for the New World
Symphony, among others. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed
Mon. Admission 40Kč.
Dvorak Sec Contemporary E-2, Praha 1, Dlouhá
5, MStaroměstská, tel. (+420) 604 20 46 53, info@, In addition to
displaying their own collections, the new gallery space in
Old Town offers young and emerging artists as well as more
established international artists. Their newly reconstructed
building is an amazing space in itself. QOpen 9:00 - 18:00.
Closed Sat, Sun.
Futura Praha 5, Holečkova 49, MAnděl, tel. (+420)
251 51 18 04, This non-profit
gallery was opened in June 2003 to provide an accessible
space for contemporary art. Three floors of a renovated
factory. Tram 4, 7, 9, 10 to Bertramka. Q Open Wed - Sun
11:00 - 18:00.
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Ga l e r i e L a F e mme
E- 2, Praha 1, Bí l kova 2,
MStaroměstská, tel. (+420)
224 81 26 56,
Galerie La Femme was founded
in the centre of the Prague Old
Town opposite to the hotel Inter-
continental in 2000. Its primary
interest is the theme of woman in her countless forms as the
eternal source of inspiration for many artists. The exhibited
works will show you a woman beautiful and perfect but also
flawed and vain. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Galerie MIRO Praha 1, Strahovské nádvoří 1, tel.
(+420) 233 35 40 66, In St. Rocha
Church and host to contemporary and classical artists in-
cluding Goya, Dalí, Chagnall, Warhol and Picasso. A privately
owned gallery and on the tourist trail between the castle and
Strahov monastery. Tram N°22 or 23 to Pohořelec. QOpen
10:00 - 17:00.
Gal eri e Václava Špály Praha 1, Národní 30,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 602 675 362, www.spalovka.
cz. The Galerie Václava Špály is once again open to the
public and promising the same prestigious exhibitions it was
once renowned for. Špála was a Czech avant-garde painter
from the early 20th century. The museum’s heyday was in
the late 60’s-early 70’s, and again after 1989. The gallery
is now focusing on mid-generation Czech artists. QOpen
10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission 20/10Kč.
Kafka Museum C-2, Praha 1, Hergetova Cihelna,
Cihelná 2b, tel. (+420) 257 53 55 07, www.kafka- This new collection entitled The City of K.
Franz Kafka and Prague opened in Barcelona in 1999,
transferred to the Jewi sh
Museum in New York in 2002
and opened in Prague in the
summer of 2005. This mu-
seum illuminates the crucial
relationship between the man
and the city. It is divided into
Existential Space where
we see what Prague did with and to Kafka, and Imaginary
Topography which looks at how Kafka creates enigmatic
layers of his city through first editions and letters, diaries
and manuscripts, and audiovisual pieces. QOpen 10:00 -
18:00. Admission 120/60Kč.
Kampa Museum B- 3, Praha 1, U Sovových mlýnů
2, tel. (+420) 257 28 61 47, www.museumkampa.
cz. Museum Kampa i s l ocated on the west bank of the
Vl tava i n the shadow of Prague Castl e. The museum
has on di spl ay three maj or permanent exhi bi ti ons,
featuri ng works by t he pi oneeri ng abst ract ar ti st
Franti šek Kupka, Cubi st scul ptor Otto Gut freund and
a l arge col l ecti on of modern works dati ng from the
1950’s to present day by Central European ar ti sts.
They al so have temporary exhi bi ts. The museum has a
beauti ful restaurant wi th an outsi de terrace overl ook-
i ng the ri ver. A vi si t to Museum Kampa i s defi ni tel y
wor thwhi l e. QOpen 07: 00 - 18: 00. Admi ssi on vari es
accordi ng to exhi bi ti on.
Leica Gallery Praha 1,
Škol ská 28, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 777 918 866, Excellent photo
gall ery wi th stunning rotat-
ing exhibits from Czech and
international photographers.
Check out their cafe and bookshop, too. QOpen 11:00 -
21:00. Closed Sun.
Miniatures Museum Pra-
ha 1, Strahovské nádvoří
11, tel. (+420) 233 35 23
71, www.muzeumminiatur.
com. This museum contains
odd scribblings on grains of
rice, the Lord’s Prayer written
on one human hair, the world’s smallest book, and miniatures
of masterpieces. They have magni fying glasses. QOpen
09:00 - 17:00. Admission 50Kč.
Mucha Museum F- 4,
Pr a h a 1 , Pa n s k á 7,
MMůstek, tel . (+420)
224 216 415, Mucha shaped the
Art Nouveau movement with
hi s gr oundbr eaki ng (and
of t en st ol en f r om Par i s’
streets) posters for actress
Sarah Bernhardt and the
Theatre de la Renaissance, and has some renown as
a photographer with the studies for his various master-
pieces. He also has an excellent shot of a trouserless Paul
Gauguin at a harmonium. A fitting tribute to artistic genius,
whether you prefer his pastel seasons, the accusing des-
peration of the Slav Epic (his incomplete and huge magnum
opus of which there are strangely no photos), or modern
prints on everything from coasters to mousepads. Don’t
miss the short biographical film. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Admission 120Kč.
Muzeum Karlova Mos-
t u (Char l es Br i dge
Museum) D- 3, Pr aha
1, Kří žovni cké nám. 3,
MSt ar oměst ská, t el .
(+420) 776 776 779, www.
This new museum, opened to
coincide with the 650th anniversary of the building of Charles
Bridge in 1357 (the clever number logo is no coincidence,
135797531. The first stone was laid at 05:31 on 9 July). English
texts are available to explain the unique Knights of the Red
Cross hospital location, their church and crypt, various bridges;
an arch and pillar of the even older (1158 - 1172) Judit Bridge,
and others in the region, construction techniques, etc. Charles
Bridge, with its statues and history, is the focus but there is so
much more. Fascinating. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. 150/70Kč.
Robert Guttmann Gal-
lery (Jewish Museum)
E-2, Praha 1, U Staré školy
3, MStaroměstská, tel.
(+420) 221 71 15 11, www. As syna-
gogues and prayer rooms
began to be demolished by
Prague’s municipal offices at the end of the 19th century,
the Czech-Jewish community applied their vigour to creating
a Jewish Museum wherein ritual objects could be saved from
destruction and kept for future generations. Thus, in 1906
Prague’s Jewish Museum began with a modest collection.
Today, it is celebrating its centenary with an exhibit here
entitled Defying the Beast (until 1 Oct). The museum is closed
on Jewish holidays too. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat.
Admission 40/20Kč.
Rudol f i num D- 2, Pra-
ha 1, Al šovo nábř. 12,
MStaromětská, tel. (+420)
227 05 92 05, www.galerier- Commissioned
as concert halls and exhibition
space and named after the Aus-
trian Prince Royal who attended
the opening in 1885, this is now home to the Czech Philharmonic
and an exhibition space. With no permanent collection, the gallery
is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. QOpen 10:00 - 17:30, Thu
10:00 - 19:30. Closed Mon. Admission 120/60Kč. U
Veletržní Palace (National Gallery) I-1, Praha 7,
Dukelských hrdinů 47, MVltavská, tel. (+420) 224
30 11 11, The stunning modernist
Veletržní Palace houses the National Gallery’s collection of
modern and contemporary art, including works by Klimt and
Frank Gehry. The building is so big that they split entrance
fees by how many of its three floors you wish to visit. Tram
N°5,12,17 to Veletržní. The space also hosts concerts now.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission 160/80.
Da n c i n g F o u n t a i n s
(Kř i ž í kova Font ána)
Praha 7, Průmyslový palác
(Výstaviště), tel. (+420) 220
10 32 80, www.krizikova- Water and lights
accompanied by music (from
Carmina Burana to Queen) and
on occasion, people. This is actually far more enthralling
than it sounds - really.
l S
, L
, o
j n
Galerie La Femme, Bílkova 2, Prague 1
tel.: +420 224 812 656, +420 775 726 067,
As of June 7 to September 8, 2013
Museum Kampa – The Jan and Meda Mladek
Foundation U Sovovych mlynu 2, 118 00 Prague 1,
tel. +420 257 286 147,,
www.museumkampa.czQOpen dail y from 7 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
The museum is equipped with an elevator for the disabled
and every floor is wheel chair accessible.
Unique location on the west bank of the Vltava River
displays three major permanent exhibitions.
Modern Central European Art
The permanent exhibition presents Czech, Slovak, Polish,
Hungarian and Yugoslavian art works from the second
half of the 20th century.
The majority of these works were created during the
Communist era, they reflect this social experience and
the emotions of the artists, who often lived and worked
in difficult conditions.
František Kupka
The exhibition of Frantisek Kupka represents one of the
largest and most significant collections of this Czech
artist of abstract art.
Otto Gutfreund
The collection of works by Otto Gutfreund, the significant
Czech sculptor of the first half of the 20th focuses on
his Cubist works.
Museum Kampa
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Address: Na Slupi 16, Prague 2
Phone: +420 221 951 879
Come to see the oldest and
biggest Czech palmtree...
Open daily 10:00-17:00
Villa Müller Praha 6, Nad
Hradním vodojemem 14,
tel. (+420) 224 31 20 12, This
icon of modern architecture
was designed by Moravian-
born Adolf Loos for construc-
tion magnate František Müller
in 1930. The building looks like a solid white block from the
outside, though the interior is constructed with marble, ma-
hogany and walnut, highly polished and cleanly designed. The
rooms all sit at various levels around an ascending sweeping
spiral. Tram N°1,18 to Ořechovka. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00.
Closed Mon, Wed, Fri. Admission 300/200Kč, 100Kč extra
for an English guide. Tours by appointment only.
Funi cul ar Rai l way A- 4,
Újezd tram stop. The funicular
runs up Petři n Hi l l provi di ng
beauti ful views of Prague and
the castle. There are two res-
taurants sitting at the hal f-way
point - there is a station there.
Use regular 20Kč tickets. Trams
run at 15 min intervals. QOpen
09:00 - 11:20.
Náměstí Míru J- 5/6, MNám. Míru. I n Czech this
means Peace Square and i t i s domi nated by a soar-
i ng two-tower basi l i ca, the neo-gothi c Sai nt Ludmi l a
Church (Kostel sv. Ludmil y). This beauti ful church was
constructed from 1888 to 1893 and bears the creati ve
power of many renowned ar ti sts, i ncl udi ng scul ptor
Josef Václav Mysl bek, who also fashioned the statue of
St. Wenceslas. Ludmila (860 - 921) was born in Mělník
and baptised, probabl y by St. Methodius, in 871. After
her husband di ed thei r son assumed the throne and
had two sons wi th his pagan wi fe Drahomíra; Bol eslav
and Wenceslas, the latter later
to become the patron saint of
the Czech Republ i c. Ludmi l a
was strangl ed at the hand or
the behest of Drahomíra who
resented her meddling wi th the
budding Christian, Wenceslas.
She is cel ebrated on 16 Sep-
tember and is patron to, among
others, converts, wi dows and
t hose wi t h pr obl emat i c i n-
laws… Náměstí Míru (green line
A) is the deepest of Prague’s metro stations and as such
has one of the l ongest escalators in Europe - 87m l ong
wi th a verti cal span of 43m - wi thout walking, i t takes
over 2 minutes to ascend/descend. The park hosts many
festi vals including the late September burčák festi val
and the Christmas market. The square has an almost
starring rol e in the 2006 remake of cul t horror classi c,
The Omen.
Petřín Tower (Petřínská ro-
zhledna) A-4, MPetřin funicu-
lar, tel. (+420) 724 911 497.
At the top of Petřin Hill stands a
60m-hi gh bad copy of the Ei f fel
Tower, affording great views of the
city. The building was completed in
May 20, 1891. An alternative route
to the castle is to ride the funky
funi cular up Petřín Hill and walk
pass the tower across to the castle
area. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00. Open Sat & Sun 10:00 - 17:00.
Admission 50/40/10Kč.
Th e Da n c i n g Ho u s e
(Tančící dům) G- 5, Praha
2, Rašínovo nábř. 80. Frank
Gehry’s design for this building
was inspired by the dancing team
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.
Built in 1996, this structure more
than cuts a swathe among the Austrian-Hungarian terrace
blocks that make up most of Prague.
Parks & Gardens
Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science Na
Slupi 16, MKarlovo náměstí, tel. +420 221 951 879,, Botanical
Garden of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
is situated in the city center and is almost 240 years old. An
area of 3.5 hectares including greenhouses grown 9 and a
half thousand plant species. The most interesting exhibition
gardens are collections of Central European flora and succu-
lent plants. Garden boasts the largest plants Cycas circinalis
on the continent, 200 years old. To the botanical gardens to
get to the metro station Karlovo namesti tram 6,18,24 to
Botanical Garden Station QOpen 10 - 17:00. JB
Botanical Gardens (Botanická zahrada) Praha 7,
Nádvorní 134, MNádraží Holešovice, tel. (+420) 234
14 81 11, An outdoor section with
vineyard, chapel, bonsai, a Japanese Zen garden, green-
houses and wonderful views of the city. A little further up
the hill is the Fata Morgana greenhouse exhibiting desert,
high sierra and tropical plants in a realistic setting. Residents
include butterflies, moths, frogs and greenery galore. Bus
N°112 from the metro station. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Fata
Morgana closed Mon. Admission 120/60Kč.
Kampa Park G- 4, Kampa Island. Featuring a well -
equipped children’s playground, Kampa Park is caressed
by water on all sides thanks to the millstream known as the
Devil’s Stream. The park is notable for its serenity in the
midst of the centre, and is popular with couples, the local
and expat hippy population, as well as families enjoying the
playground. You can also feed the ducks or visit one of the
cafés. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00.
Stromovka, MHolešovice. The huge park where Rudolph
II once enjoyed a spot of hunting is now full of in-line skaters
(find rentals along the path to the Planetarium), bicycles,
frisbees and footballs. At the end near Výstaviště are several
pubs and restaurants. Check out the art installation section
that features a larger-than-life lady lying half in the water and
a floating deck with perfectly sculpted duck heads. Take the
tram to Výstaviště.
Zoo Praha Praha 7, U
Tr o j s ké h o z á mk u 3,
MNádr aží Hol ešovi ce,
tel . (+420) 296 11 21
11, www. zoopr aha. cz.
Zoo Praha i s a real l y cool
zoo. Following the floods of
2002 (in which there was an
unfortunate loss of animal li fe that was broadcast round
the world) many improvements to infrastructure and the
animal’s homes have been made. Big ones, like elephants,
lions and tigers can be spotted, but don’t miss the goril-
las, penguins, kangaroos, giraffes, parrots, wolves and
hyenas. Recent additions have included an Indonesian
Jungle and the just opened (04/2008) pavilion for a group
of rare Indian crocodiles. Seven young Gavil crocs are now
at home here - the only European zoo to house this criti-
Segway Prague Tours Malé náměstí 13, Praha
1- Old Town, tel. 420 602 277 060, booking@, Rent Segway and
absorb magical mystery of Prague on one to three hours
individual guided Prague segway tour. All a round the
Prague on the Segway.
Enjoy Prague Segway tours with everything you need to
make your visit to Prague an unforgettable experience:
fun, culture, adventure and the glamour of a super star
when everyone turns round to look at and smile to you!
Gliding a Segway is as easy as walking and more fun
as i f you were sitting on the magic carpet. QOpen
10.00 - 20.00.
Zoom around Prague
cally endangered specie. Zoo officials hope they’ll settle
in nicely and reproduce. That’s another special aspect of
the Zoo Praha - their conservation efforts. The facility was
instrumental in preventing the extinction of Przewalski
horses in the ‘60’s and hopes to have similar success with
the Gavils. Additional highlights include the Gorilla Pavilion
and African Jungle. Definitely the place to come to i f you
have little ones in tow - there’s an excellent petting zoo
and kids play area. A train ride through the zoo, a chair
li ft ride above the zoo or wagon-like vehicles for the kids
are available for tired tootsies. Shaded, well-laid out paths
make this a good visit, even on warm days.
The zoo opened i n 1931 and today spreads over 60
hectares and i s home to nearl y 5,000 ani mal s. Con-
cessi on stands shocki ngl y don’ t j ack up the pri ces,
so an enti re day can easi l y be spent here. Take bus
N°112 from metro stati on Nádraží Hol ešovi ce or even
stretch your l egs fur ther and wal k across the Vl tava
Ri ver vi a the footbri dge from Stromovka park. QOpen
09: 00 - 18: 00. March 09: 00-17: 00, Apr, May, Sep,
Oct - 09: 00-18: 00, Jun, Jul , Aug- 09: 00-19: 00, Nov,
Dec, Jan, Feb - 09: 00-16: 00 Admi ssi on 150/100Kč.
Walking & Bike Tours
Segway Experience Praha 1, Mostecká 4, MMalos-
transká, tel. +420 731 23 82 64,, Prague’s cobblestone streets and
steep hills can get to even the most hardy of travelers. Take
it easy and cruise the city in style on a Segway. Segway
Experience offers a variety of themed tours in addition to
their city tour, like a movie tour, romantic trip or the Prague
Zoo. Q City tour starts daily at 11:00 & 15:00 1500 CZK
for their city tour.
Prague In Your Pocket
Department stores
Kotva F-2, Praha 1, nám. Republiky 8, MNáměstí
Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 80 11 11, info@markland.
cz, The building is an architectural land-
mark, believe it or not and inside you’ll find a good selection
of shops and services, plus a food court and kid’s area on
the third floor. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 19:00,
Sun 10:00 - 18:00. AL
Slovanský dům Na Příkopě 1, MNám. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 234 603 360,, Shopping, food and a great
cinema all under one roof. Good mix of shops from fashion
to housewares. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00.
Tesco D- 4, Praha 1, Národní 26, MNárodní třída,
tel. (+420) 272 087 111,, Britain’s best store with a supermarket in
the basement. Delivery service is also available, check the
website for details. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 20:00,
Sun 10:00 - 20:00. Supermarket open 07:00 - 22:00, Sat
08:00 - 20:00, Sun 09:00 - 20:00. A
C&A F- 4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 33, tel. (+420)
222 81 13 11, QOpen 09:30 - 20:00,
Sun 10:00 - 18:00. A
H & M I-4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 19, tel. (+420)
234 65 60 51, QOpen 9:30 - 20:00, Sun
10:00 - 18:00. Also at Praha 5, Plzeňská 8 (Nový Smíchov
Shopping centre). A
Jackpot & Cottonfield F-3, Praha 1, Na příkopě
13, tel. (+420) 224 21 37 44,
Cool purveyors of smooth if slightly chilly Scandinavian chic.
QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Also at E-3, Praha 1, Železná 6, tel.
224 22 23 80. Open 10:00 - 19:00. A
Mango F-3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 8, tel. (+420) 224 21 88
84. Cut-price Spanish stuff for girls. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00. A
Marks & Spencer I-4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 36,
tel. (+420) 224 24 74 26,, One of
the outposts of the British Empire, with a small but refined
food department. QOpen 9:30 - 20:30, Sat 9:30 - 20:00,
Sun 10:00 - 20:00. A
NevO Dead Sea SPA Pražská 55, Jílové u Prahy, tel.
+420 283 883 043,, www.nevo- NevO Dead Sea SPA produces skin care and
body care products and cosmetics, which enhance health
and beauty using Dead Sea water, Dead Sea mud and Dead
Sea essential minerals. Dead Sea products are internation-
ally recognized for advancing body detox, skin rejuvenation,
and skin radiance and for intensifying the treatment of anti-
ageing and skin problems. Miracle Mud Mask uniquely
combines natural shea butter and detoxi fying effects of
minerals from the Dead Sea. To remove the mask there is
a special magnet that attracts all the dirt and mud, but will
leave hydrating film on the skin. And specially for men there is
a novelty Christmas this year - After Shave Balm containing
minerals from the Dead Sea with cucumber extract, honey
and chamomile. Delicate, youthful and regenerated skin
thanks to minerals from Dead Sea.
Pilsner Urquell original store U Lužického semináře
11, Prague 1-Lesser Town, tel. +420 739 620 799,,
cz. The only brand shop of the Pilsner Urquell brewery with
an extensive range of clothing and gifts associated with this
world-renowned lager beer. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Shopping centres
Arkády Pankrác Praha 4, Na Pankráci 86, MPankrác,
tel. (+420) 225 11 11 00,, www. Arkády Pankrác is the newest of Prague’s
bazillion malls. With a direct entrance from the Pankrác metro
station and a lot of really good shops; this should be a popular
hang out. Blažek for men, Pierre Cardin and Pietro Filipi are just
a few of the good ones, along with consistent favs Next, Gant,
H&M and Mango. And, they have nine separate shoe shops!
Unfortunately, the food court (everyone’s real reason for going
to the mall) is a bit disappointing; however they do have a branch
of the fab Lebanese restaurant, Safir. QOpen 9:00 - 21:00.
Černá růže F-3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 12, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 221 01 41 11, All the right
shops and some fine extras in this larger-than-it-appears centre.
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 19:00, Sun 11:00 - 19:00.
Metropole Zličín Praha 5, Řevnická 1, MZličín, tel.
(+420) 257 11 15 11,, www. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00.
Myslbek F-3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 21, MNám. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 224 23 95 50,
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00.
Nový Smíchov Praha 5, Plzeňská 8, MAnděl, tel.
(+420) 251 511 151, Home to
Tesco and more. The games arcade is fabulous and Palace
Cinemas are on the top floor. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00.
Palác Flóra Praha 3, Vinohradská 151, MFlóra, tel.
(+420) 255 74 17 12, New and
very chic shopping centre, with over 120 shops, as well as
restaurants, cafés, a cinema multiplex and an IMAX theatre.
All in the centre of Prague. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00.
Palladium nám. Republiky 1, Mnám. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 225 770 250, Prague’s
newest and brightest mall. What used to be an army bar-
racks is now home to a huge variety of shops. A gourmet
floor and lots of restaurants means you could easily lose a
day amidst the 5 floors of climate-controlled amusement.
QOpen 7:00 - 22:00.
Park Hostivař Praha 10, Švehlova 1391/32, MS-
kalka, tel. (+420) 267 18 41 11, info@parkhostivar.
Shopping Park Praha Praha 5, Skandinávská 1 - 27,
MZličín, tel. (+420) 296 77 79 99, avion.praha@ikea.
com, IKEA, Tesco,
GigaSport, DatArt megastore, La Halle, Kenvelo, Computer
City, Bata, Grand Optical, McDonald’s, Segafredo Espresso.
Pick up the shoppping centre’s bus from outside Zličin metro
station. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00.
Slovanský Dům F-3, Praha 1, Na Příkopě 22, MNám.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 45 14 00, www.slovansky- High end retail shops, a multiplex cinema and Kogo
restaurant attract the right people at this central shopping
centre. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00.
Meet the Czech
beer legend
in the centre
of Prague
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Vojanovy sady

most. věž
Open daily:
January–March from 10am to 6pm
April–December from 10am to 8pm
Only 20 m from the Charles Bridge.
U Lužického semináře 11
Prague 1-Lesser Town
Tel.: +420 739 620 799
DISCOVER the story of Pilsner Urquell lager
Learn about the history and success of the original
lager Pilsner Urquell through an interactive
multimedia exhibition.
TASTE the famous Czech beer for FREE
Enjoy a perfect pour of Pilsner Urquell on the tour of
the gallery.
BUY branded beer gifts
Select from a wide range of Pilsner Urquell gift items:
tgift-wrapped beer and glassware,
tthe Pilsner Urquell apparel set,
tgolden and silver anniversary medals,
tgolfing equipment and clothing etc.
Spring 2013
Prague In Your Pocket
nuances of touch. Business people will especially appreci-
ate their massage targeted to office workers and everyone
who has spent a day wandering Prague’s cobblestoned
streets will rejoice in a foot massage. Also located in Hotel
Globus, Gregorova 10, Praha 4, Tel.: 732 52 68 77 QOpen
10:00 - 22:00.
Tantra Salon Praha 6, Šlikova 27, tel. +420 734
71 91 65,, www.tantrasalon.
cz. At Tantra Sal on, magi c hands provi de tradi ti onal
and non-tradi tional tantra massage that increases and
spreads li fe-gi ving sexual energy. The massage can be
tender, relaxing or dynami c, based on the needs of your
body and mi nd. Certi fi ed and experi enced masseurs,
and their websi te occasionall y of fers discounts. QOpen
09:00 - 24:00.
Tantra Spa Praha 3, Velehradská 10, tel. (+420) 777
85 88 64,, A
unique experience for those looking to relax and perhaps
expand their sexual energy. A tantra massage is one that
combines a classic massage with elements of the tantra.
The masseur’s attentive and respectful touch invites you to
relax, helps to increase the body’s sensitivity and enhances
life energy and joy. Bookings are by appointment only. QOpen
9:00 - 22:00.
Medical centres
American Medical Center Praha 6, Evropská
175/115, tel. (+420) 235 36 20 25, amcmedical@amc.
cz, Q Open 24hrs. A
Asklepion J-6, Praha 2, Londýnská 39, MNáměstí
Míru, tel. (+420) 234 71 65 07/(+420) 234 71 60 00,, Super trendy
clinic offering plastic surgery, laser treatments, dentistry
and even eye lash perms. Labs and operating theatres on
site. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
GynCentrum Praha 9, Hloubětínská 13, MHloubětín,
tel. (+420) 225 00 08 88, fax (+420) 281 86 05 76,, A
quiet and welcoming clinic for a variety of cosmetic surgery
procedures, GynCentrum offers breast enhancements,
facelifts and liposuction along with treating gynecological
ailments. Their personal and professional approach will be
welcome, no matter your reason for a visit. QOpen 07:00 -
20:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Fitness centres
Cybex Praha 8, Pobřežní 1 (Hotel Hilton), tel. (+420)
224 84 27 13, fax (+420) 224 84 23 72, info@cybex-, Delightful, top-quality
surroundings and equipment for you to exert yourself in/on/
with. We suppose if you’re going to suffer, you may as well
do it in style. QOpen 06:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 07:00 - 22:00.
Delroy’s Gym G-5, Praha 5, Zborovská 4, MAnděl,
tel. (+420) 257 32 70 42/(+420) 776 37 33 22, info@, Karate, tae kwan
do, kickboxing and all sorts of other ways to exercise your
aggression. QOpen 07:00 - 22:00, Sat 10:00 - 16:00, Sun
16:00 - 20:00.
Holmes Place Prague 5, Plzeňská 8, MAnděl, tel.
(+420) 257 313 830,, www. Del uxe heal th cl ub i nsi de the Nový
Smíchov mall. QOpen 07:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 22:00.
Oasis CITY relaxation centre I - 4, Prague 1,
Wenceslas Square 36, MARKS & SPENCER Building,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 224 210 146, fax (+420) 224
247 198,, While
you pamper yoursel f using the imaginative and superbly
appointed facilities, your child can enjoy the excitement and
adventure of Robinson Crusoe’s Island. Oasis CITY is a secret
paradise in the centre of Wenceslas Square where you can
indulge yourself, revitalize your energy and enthusiasm for
life. Restaurant & cafe, Children’s corner, conference centre &
VIP club, accommodation, parking, fitness centre, aqua spa,
manicure, pedicure, solarium, sauna, massage, hairdressing,
cosmetic. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00. THARULKD
Sky Club Brumlovka Praha 4, Vyskočilova 2, tel.
(+420)224 23 89 20,, www.brum- QOpen 07:00 - 22:00, Sat 09:00 - 22:00, Sun
09:00 - 21:00.
World Class Fitness Center Praha 1, Václavské
nám. 22, MMůstek, tel. (+420) 234 69 91 00, wcfc@, Defini tel y worl d
24-hour pharmacies
Lékárna Letná Praha 7, Františka Křížka 22, MVl-
tavská, tel. (+420) 233 37 55 73.
Lékárna U Svaté Ludmily J-6, Praha 2, Belgická 37,
tel. (+420) 222 51 33 96.
Dental Office H33 Hvězdova 44, Praha 4 Pankrác,
tel. 733 737 337/241 410 001, info@dental-office.
cz, Dental Office H33 is the centre
for excellence in dental care, implantology and cosmetic
dentistry. They provide premium dental care to international
standards. The team of dentists, dental hygienists and assis-
tents is prepared to provide the level and range of treatment
desired by their demanding patients.
European Dental Center Praha 8, Peckova 9, tel.
(+420) 224 22 89 84,, www.edcdental.
cz. A high-quality, modern dental centre providing both
general and cosmetic dentistry, with a friendly atmosphere
and relatively painless treatment. Implants, prosthetic work,
crowns, bridges, inlays, orthodontics, periodontics and
mouth surgery, and root canal treatment are all available,
with support from digital x-ray. Plus the smile you want with
the Brite-Smile system. QOpen 08:30 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 -
18:00. Closed Sun. A
Ayurmedic Ceylon Praha 10, Na Šafránce 17,
MNáměstí Míru, tel. +420 271 74 21 86, ayurmedic@, Ayurveda aims to
merge harmony and health, viewing the body as a whole.
Ayurvedic massage is a comprehensive technique designed
to relax the body while relieving mental stress and tension.
The Ayurmedic Centrum has highly trained masseuses who
can perform a number of treatments to refresh and renew.
QOpen 9:00 - 20:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Golden Kinnaree - thajské masáže I-3, Praha 1,
Revoluční 4, MNáměstí Republiky, tel. (+420) 734 47
72 11,, www.goldenkinnaree.
cz. Get pulled into a more relaxed body and mind at Golden
Kinnaree. All massages are performed by native Thai mas-
seuses, ensuring accredited practitioners well-versed in the
class. Superb. QOpen 06:00 - 22:30, Sat 07:00 - 22:00,
Sun 09:00 - 22:00.
Swimming pools
Hotel Axa J-3, Praha 1, Na poříčí 40, tel. (+420) 224
81 25 80. Scull yourself silly for 1Kč/min.
Olšanka Praha 3, Táboritská 23 (Hotel Olšanka), tel.
(+420) 267 09 22 02, Pool,
sauna, massages. An hour of aquatic delight costs 60Kč.
Take trams N°5, 9 or 26. QOpen 06:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun
08:00 - 20:00.
Sportcentrum YMCA I-3, Praha 1, Na poříčí 12, tel.
(+420) 224 87 58 12, Do the dance
in the water (or on the water if you really believe). QOpen
06:30 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00.
Cosmetics using ancient ingredients proved over the centuries together with
modern cosmetic technologies and knowledge.
A fusion of ayurvedic herbs, seaweed and trace components of goat’s milk.
For the modern emancipated woman who desires consistently healthy and
youthful-looking skin.
Bobsleigh Praha 9, Prosecká 906/34b, MPal-
movka, tel. (+420) 284 84 05 20, fax (+420) 284
84 05 21, Not too extreme
but thrilling nonetheless. Reach speeds of up to 50km/
hr on a large tea tray on wheels with a brake, which you
might want to use. A fantastic view of Prague, restaurant,
lift back to the top and adrenaline boosting 800m runs
make a fantastic day out.QOpen 12:00 - 20:00. Sat &
Sun 10:00 - 22:00. K
K. I. Bungee Jump, tel. (+420) 608 768 168/
(+420) 777 250 126, For 700 -
800Kč these nice folks will march you to a bridge and
let you jump off.
Sky Service Praha 1, Dlouhá 6, MStaroměstská,
tel. +420 724 00 20 02,, www. Looking for something to make your
Prague visit truly memorable? Jump out of a plane! The
folks at Sky Service will help you live to tell the tale.
They offer tandem jumps, sightseeing flights as well
as sky diving opportunities for both the beginner and
experienced. Jumps take place at the Příbram airport;
transport is from their office on Dlouhá. Q Jumps take
place on Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends. Phone
ahead to book yours.
Extreme Sports
Are you a daily consumer
of a coffee, tea, coke or red
wine? Did you know that all
those products can discolor
your teeth? Are your gums red or bleed
when you are brushing your teeth? Do you
sometimes feel that your breath is not as
fresh as it should be? If any answer of all
those question is „YES“ then we can change
all this!! Visit a dental hygienist and she will
help you to have a great and magic smile!
Hvězdova 33, Praha 4 - Pankrác
Tel.: 241 410 001, 733 737 337
Spring 2013
AAA Exclusive Club Praha 10, Šrobárova 6, MFlora,
tel. (+420) 777 57 77 76,, www. Strip clubs are a dime a dozen in Prague,
but Exclusive Club has raised the bar. Newly open; they
take reservations, have a VIP room, free entry and every-
one gets a welcome drink. Lovely ladies and an events
calendar; Exclusive Club is worth the slightly out of centre
trip. QOpen 19:00 - 04:00, Wed, Thu 19:00 - 05:00, Fri,
Sat 20:00 - 06:00.
Carioca E-4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 1, MMůstek,
tel. (+420) 296 32 53 14. A large open room with a central
stage hosts girls galore doing the can-can and go-go, plus
strip and lesbian shows. The place resembles a wedding
reception complete with faux Louis XIV furniture, but you
lads aren’t here for the décor, now are you? QOpen 21:00
- 04:00. PA
Club 161 K-2, Praha 8, Sokolovská 161, MKřižíkova,
tel. (+420) 284 81 02 62,, www. A small residential house hosts from two (in the
day) to 12 lovely girls for your pleasure. Downstairs is a bar
and pole for strip and lesbian shows, while upstairs you can
take your pick of four rooms and/or a Jacuzzi. An S&M room
has toys, PVC everything and whips if that’s your bag, baby.
Free entrance and decent bar prices. QOpen 12:00 - 06:00,
Sat, Sun 18:00 - 06:00. AL
Club 600 Praha 3, Koněvova 66, tel. (+420) 222 58
61 28,, Cosy club offering
all the fun of the fair from three in the afternoon to the very
early hours of the morning. Always a good number of Czech
girls on hand to provide you with whatever assistance and
relaxation you may need. QOpen 19:00 - 05:00.
8ŝŐŐĞƌ ʹ 8ĞƩĞƌ ʹ kŶŽǁŶ ĨŽƌ ÇƵĂůŝƚLJ
ǁŽƌƚŚǁŚŝůĞ ƚŽ ƌĞůĂdž Ăƚ ŽƵƌ ƉůĂĐĞ͕ Žƌ ǁŚĞƚŚĞƌ ŝƚ͛Ɛ ĂďŽƵƚ Ă ƉĞƌƐŽŶĂů ĂĚǀŝĐĞ
kϱ͕ũƵƐƚ Ă ƵŶŝƋƵĞ ŬŝŶĚ ƚŽ ƌĞůĂdž
Korunní 5, 120 00 Praha 2, nám. Míru Tel.: +420-224 250 505,
+420-224 250 606 email:
Prague is as famous for its sex clubs as it is for its beer. Stag
nights take advantage of the price and availability of both,
and on the whole these clubs are well organised and clean.
Safe sex is practiced, and bouncers and/or managers will
explain the rules and methods of each place on arrival. It is
cheaper to partake over here, but that does not mean you
won’t pay for the privilege of watching a live sex or lesbian
show. Generally, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee (around
500Kč) to sit at the bar; this fee is waived if you are there to
pay for other services immediately. Many of the central clubs
pay men and women to entice you off the street and into their
nearby establishments, but if you’re heading somewhere by
taxi, make sure you’re taken to the one you want to go to
rather than the one the taxi driver gets commission from.
Check prices of services and drinks, and enjoy…
Prague In Your Pocket Spring 2013
Club K5 Relax J-5, Praha 2, Korunní 5, MNám. Míru,
tel. (+420) 224 25 05 05, The best
club in Prague, and considered by experts as one of the top
sex clubs anywhere in Central Europe. From friendly doormen
to the hands-on management who will answer all of your
questions in as many languages as you can imagine, to the
lovely girls who will look after your every wish, this place has
it all. A computerised payment system ensures that you will
not be ripped off. We cannot recommend K5 more. QOpen
16:00 - 04:00. A
Darling Cabaret Ve Smečkách 32, Praha 1, tel. +420
732 248 082,, www.kabaret.
cz. One of the biggest and most popular of the adult clubs in
town but it’s not cheap as it caters for the comparatively rich
tourists. Head over to Václavské nám. and just try to miss
it... you’ve probably seen and been photographed next to
their limo too. Watch cabaret, lesbian shows, Thai Fire shows
and table dancing courtesy of 150-200 girls a night. QOpen
Mon, Tue 20:00 - 05:00, Wed, Thu, Sun 12:00 - 05:00, Fri,
Sat 12:00 - 06:00.
Escade I-7, Praha 4, Křesomyslova 5, MVyšehrad,
tel. (+420) 241 40 98 88, escadeclub@seznam.
cz, Tucked down in Nusle is Escade,
home to thirty girls every night for your viewing (and more)
pleasure. Get comfortable in the sofa-laden bar before
taking your pick of one of their spacious rooms, sauna
or whirlpool. The usual strip and erotic shows are crowd
pl easers, and Escade also of fers soft S&M, servi ces
for couple, special private arrangements and an escort
service. Just in case you go overboard, there’s an ATM.
Q Open 24 hrs. PA
Extasy Cabaret Praha 3, Chl umova 13, tel .
(+420) 222 78 00 48/(+420) 777 206 006, info@, Extasy of fers a courtesy
car from anywhere in Prague and a free wel come drink
for punters. This is a well -known place for quali ty girls
and imaginati ve shows, for exampl e, Cheryl and her drill
- use that imagination… yup, that’s ri ght. Anyway, i t’s all
air condi tioned, they have a bar wi th dance, eroti c and
l esbian shows, massage, plus various rooms and even
a waterbed. Extasy also hosts film and photo shoots.
QOpen 20:00 - 06:00. A
Goldf inger’s E- 4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 5,
MMůstek, tel. (+420) 608 663 066, info@goldfingers.
cz, No sex please, we’re British. This
is not the call of either James Bond or the stag-partier, but
that is the ethic at Goldfinger’s, the classiest strip joint in
town. It’s not cheap but then again, the girls aren’t either.
QOpen 21:00 - 04:00. PJAEX
Hot Pepper’s F- 4, Praha 1, Václavské nám. 21,
MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 724 13 40 11, hotpeppers@, Hot Pepper’s - Gate to
Hell is an original, exclusive club. Next door to the disco
Duplex, it’s the ideal combination of cabaret dancers and
champagne consumption; all with a professional presen-
tation. The V.I.P. Champagne Lounge, with its choice of
many exquisite brands of bubbly, can’t be found anywhere
else. The all-night programme includes exotic and cancan
dancers; a l esbian show, stag show and even pri vate
rooms. Benefi ts include free entry, every second beer
free, discount vouchers for 5 and 10 beers, and many
more attractive offers. Plus, the party can go on as long
as you wish - there’s no closing time at Hot Pepper’s.
Excepts all credi t cards, i ncl udi ng Ameri can Express.
QOpen 20:00 - 6:00. PJA
Sexy Sauna Club Praha 1, Ve Smečkách 19,
MMuzeum, tel. +420 775 37 76 16, info@sauna-, The Sexy Sauna Club will
heat up you ni ght wi th a vari ety of massages and l ots
of girls. An all -inclusi ve unlimi ted stay fee of fers food,
soft dri nks, Fi nni sh sauna, XXXL whi rl pool and more.
QOpen 12:00 - 05:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 06:00. 2000
CZK, plus extras.
Sugar’s Cabaret I - 5, Praha 1, Krakovská 25,
MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 222 21 07 96. Get a free beer
while you watch one of their strip, lesbian or auto-erotic
shows. If you so desire, have extra sugar in your bowl with a
choice of seven rooms - one has a whirlpool. Various theme
nights spice things up too. QOpen 19:00 - 07:00. PA
Tantra Club Dejvická 1, Hradčanská metro station,
MHradčanská, tel. +420 777 58 74 88, tantraclub@, Swinger club with unique
Tantric concepts is inviting couples and singles (single men
and women accepted) to learn, experience and enjoy special
Tantric Massages, Therapy of Touch, exclusive Erotic perfor-
mances. Each program is at least 4 hours long and includes
various tantric techniques, learning Dao and ancient Egyptian
massage, introductions and switching partners, as well as
erotic competitions and prizes. Sauna, Whirlpool, Bar, Show-
ers, Karaoke, Private Rooms available. The club is located
only a few minutes walk from the Hradčanská metro station.
Velvet Praha 4, Ve Svahu 13, MVyšehrad, tel. (+420)
241 43 26 74,, The self-
proclaimed ‘ flagship of erotic’ calls for all hands on deck a
short taxi ride south of the centre. Amenities include bubble
baths, video, free minibar and escort services. Call ahead
and a taxi will pick you up free of charge. Q Open 24hrs. A
Lotos Club Praha 4, Kupeckého 832, MHáje, tel.
(+420) 272 91 68 25,,
Newly renovated and still specialising in the discreet luxury
niche. Lotos is modelled on a gentleman’s club although with
the added bonus of young girls, pool and S&M room for start-
ers. Choose from over 20 quality girls a night. Free entrance
voucher on the website. Q Open 24hrs. A
Magic Club Prague Havelská 8, Praha 1, tel. +420
224 247 557,, www.magic- Magic Cabaret Prague offers a very friendly
and intimate atmosphere with upto 10 girls girls every night.
Although not ideal for larger Stag Parties this club has some-
thing special .... something magical. QOpen 20:00 - 05:00.
Neon Club Balbinová 21, MMuzeum, tel. (+420)
222 25 01 05/(+420) 733 12 10 22, info@neonclub.
cz, The Neon Club offers three exotic
floors of strippers, lap dancers and escort services. The
first floor will amuse with its selection of sex toys; while the
second has a reasonably priced cocktail bar and dancing
girls. Ascend to the third and you can catch a game in their
sports bar. QOpen 12:00 - 5:00.
Night Gym Anenská 203/1, Praha 1, tel. +420 608
663 066,, A brand
new club - NIGHTGYM has all you need, beautifull ladies, great
cocktails, superb shows, special showlounges for exercising
and training, champagne rooms - all that for great prices .
QOpen from 20:00.
Prague In Your Pocket
17. listopadu D-2
28. října E-4
Alšovo nábřeží D-2
Anenská D-3
Anenské Nám. D-3
Anežská F-1
Bartolomějská D-4
Benediktská F-2
Besední B-4
Betlémská D-4
Betlémské Nám. D-4
Bílkova E-2
Boršov D-4
Břehová D-1
Břetislavova A-2
Celetná F-3
Cihelná C-2
Čechův most D-1
Červená E-2
Divadelní C-4
Dlouhá E-2
Dražického B-2
Dražického Nám. B-2
Dušní E-1
Dvořákovo nábř. D-1
E. Krásnohorské E-2
Harantova B-3
Haštalská F-2
Haštalské Nám. F-2
Havelská E-3
Havelská ulička E-3
Havířská E-3
Hellichova A-3
Hlavsova E-3
Hradčanské nám A-1
Hradební F-2
Hroznová B-3
Husova D-3
Charvátova E-4
Chotkova B-1
Jáchymova E-2
Jakubská F-3
Jalovcová D-3
Jánský vršek A-2
Jilská D-3
Jindřišská F-4
Jiřská B-1
Josefská B-2
K Haštalu F-1
Kamzíková E-3
Kaprova D-2
Karlova D-3
Karlův most C-3
Karmelitská B-3
Karolíny Světlé C-4
Klárov C-1
Klášterská F-1
Konviktská D-4
Kosárkovo náb. D-1
Kostečná E-2
Kozí E-1
Kožná E-3
Králodvorská F-3
Krocínova C-4
Křižovnická D-3
Křižovnické Nám. D-3
Lázeňská B-2
Letenská B-2
Liliová D-3
Linhartská D-3
Maiselova D-2
Malá Klášterní F-1
Malé Nám. E-3
Malostranské náb. B-4
Malostranské Nám. B-2
Maltézské Nám. B-3
Mánesův most C-2
Mariánské Nám. D-3
Martinská D-4
Masná E-2
Melantrichova E-3
Michalská E-3
Mikovcova I-5
Mikulandská D-4
Mikulášská E-3
Míšeňská B-2
Most Legií C-4
Mostecká B-2
Na Františku E-1
Na Kampě B-3
Na Můstku E-4
Na Opyši C-1
Na Perštýně D-4
Na Příkopě F-3
Na Rejdišti D-2
Na Zábradlí C-3
Náb. Ed. Beneše C-1
Nám. Curieových E-1
Nám. Franze Kafky E-3
Nám. J. Palacha D-2
Nám. U sv. Jiří A-1
Náměstí Republiky F-2
Náprstkova D-3
Národní D-4
Nebovidská B-3
Nekázanka F-3
Nerudova A-2
Nosticova B-3
Novotného lávka C-3
Olivová F-4
Ovocný trh F-3
Panská F-4
Pařížská E-1
Pelclova B-3
Perlová E-4
Plaská B-4
Platnéřská D-2
Pod Bruskou C-1
Politických vězňů F-4
Prašný most A-1
Prokopská B-2
Provaznická E-3
Průchodní D-4
Rámová F-2
Revoluční F-2
Růžová F-4
Rybná F-2
Rytířská E-4
Řásnovka F-1
Řetězová D-3
Říční B-4
Salvátorská E-2
Saská B-2
Seminářská D-3
Senovážná F-3
Skořepka D-4
Smetanovo náb. C-4
Sněmovní B-2
Spálená D-4
Staré zámecké schody B-1
Staroměstské Nám. E-3
Stříbrná D-3
Šeříková B-4
Široká D-2
Štefánikův most F-1
Štupartská F-2
Templová F-3
Thunovská A-2
Tomášská B-2
Tržiště A-2
Týnská F-2
Týnská ulička E-2
U Bruských kasáren C-1
U Dobřenských D-4
U Lanové dráhy A-4
U Lužického sem. C-2
U Milosrdných E-1
U Obecního domu F-3
U Obecního dvora E-2
U Plovárny D-1
U Prašné brány F-3
U Radnice E-3
U Sovových mlýnů B-3
U Staré školy E-2
U Starého hřbitova D-2
U Sv. Ducha E-2
U Zlaté studně B-1
U Železné lávky C-1
Uhelný trh E-4
Újezd A-4
V Cípu F-4
V Kolkovně E-2
V Kotcích E-4
Václavské Nám. F-4
Valdštejnská C-1
Valdštejnské Nám. B-1
Valentinská D-2
Vejvodova D-3
Veleslavínova D-2
Velkopřevorské Nám. B-3
Vězeňská E-2
Vikářská A-1
Vítězná B-4
Vlašská A-2
Voršilská D-4
Všehrdova B-4
Za Haštalem F-2
Zámecká A-2
Zámecké schody A-1
Zlatá D-3
Zlatá ulička B-1
Žatecká D-2
Železná E-3
Prague In Your Pocket
Absolutum Boutique Hotel 18
Accome Juliš Prague 20
Accord 21
Adalbert 19
Ambassador Zlatá husa 16
Anna 19
Apartments OASIS City 20
Apostolic Residence 18
Appia Hotel Residences 20
Aria 16
Atlantic 19
Belvedere 18
Best Western Hotel Páv 19
Boscolo Prague Hotel 16
Buddha Bar Hotel 16
Clarion 19
Clarion Prague City 18
Corinthia Towers 16
Duo 18
Evropa 19
Extol Inn 20
Four Seasons 16
Hoffmeister 16
Hostel Prague Tyn 21
Hostel Santini Prague 21
Hotel & Apartments Elysee
Hotel Ariston & Ariston Patio
Hunger Wall Residence 20
Ibis Praha City 20
Ibis Praha Karlín 20
Ibis Praha Smíchov 20
InterContinental Praha 16
Iron Gate 16
Kempinski Hybernská
Prague 16
Little Town Hotel 21
Mandarin Oriental 17
Marriott Executive
Apartments 20
NH Prague 19
Old Prague Hostel 21
Olšanka 20
Palace Praha 17
Paris 17
Park Inn 20
Prague Marriott 17
Prague Square Hostel 21
Residence Suite Home 20
Rezidence Lundborg 17
Santini Residence 18
Sheraton Prague Charles
Square Hotel 18
Ventana 18
Aloha Wave Lounge 22
Ambiente Living 22
Angus Restaurant 22
Aromi 28
Aureole 28
Barock 26
Bellevue 26
Belushi's Bar & Restaurant
Bilkova 13 28
Bílý Koníček 23
Bredovský dvůr 24
Caffrey's 26
Cowboys Steaks & Cocktails
Da Nico 28
Dinitz 26
Dubliner Irish Pub 26
Fama 24
Francouzská restaurace Art
Nouveau 25
Gitanes 22
Hergetova Cihelna 26
Hooters 22
Chagall's Club Restaurant 26
Chefparade Cooking School
Il Giardino 26
Jáma 22
Kri-Kri 25
La Degustation 26
Le Café Colonial 26
Luka Lu 22
Lví dvůr 24
Nostress 27
Novoměstský pivovar 23
Oasis CITY Restaurant 27
Olympia 24
Olympos 25
Osteria De Clara 28
Petřínské Terasy 26
Planet Sushi 28
Plzeňská 24
Potrefená husa 23
Pravda 27
Rocky O'Reilly's 27
Sarah Bernhardt 25
Svatá Klára 27
T.G.I. Friday's 22
Tbilisi 28
TGI Fridays 22
The Občanská Plovárna Thai
Restaurant 28
The Sushi Bar 28
Tower Park Prague 26
U Fleků 23
U Kalicha 23
U Malého Glena 22
U Pinkasů 23
U Sedlerů 25
Villa Richter Restaurants 28
Yam Yam Thai Food & Cafe
Bresto 34
Café Amandine 34
Café Café 34
Café Ebel 34
Café Imperial 34
Café Kafíčko 34
Café Lounge 34
Café Louvre 34
Café Pavlač 34
Cafe Rozmar 34
Café Savoy 34
Cafeterapie 34
Café Therapy 34
Coffee and Cigars 35
Emporio Café 35
Espressamente Illy 35
Friends Coffee House 35
Globe 35
Grand Café Orient 35
Kaaba 35
Kavárna Obecní Dům 35
Starbucks 35
Vesmírna 35
AAA Exclusive Club 51
Aloha Wave Lounge 36
Ambassador Casino 36
Banco Casino 36
Bílý koníček 37
Bohemia 36
Carioca 51
Casino de Prague Le Hilton
Casino Panorama 36
Century Casino Millennium
Club 161 51
Club 600 51
Club K5 Relax 52
Darling Cabaret 52
Dog's Bollocks 36
Dubliner Irish Bar 37
Escade 52
Extasy Cabaret 52
Goldfinger's 52
Hot Pepper's 52
James Dean 36
Karlovy Lázně 36
Klub Phenomen 36
Lotos Club 53
Lucerna Music Bar 36
Magic Club Prague 53
Merlin 37
Nebe (The Heaven) 36
Neon Club 53
Night Gym 53
Reduta 37
Rocky O'Reilly's 37
SaSaZu 37
Sexy Sauna Club 53
Sugar's Cabaret 53
Tantra Club 53
U Zlatého tygra 37
Velvet 53
Charles Bridge 38
Municipal House 38
National Theatre 38
Old Town Square 38
Town Hall & Astronomical
clock 38
Vyšehrad 38
Wenceslas Square 38
St. George's Basilica 39