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Read the following passage, then choose the best answer Paul Watson is an environmental activist.

He is a man who believes that he must do something, not just talk about doing something. Paul believes in protecting endangered animals, and he protects them in controversial ways. Some people think that Watson is a hero and admire him very much. Other people think that he is a criminal. On July 16, 1979, Paul Watson and his crew were on his ship, which is called the Sea Shepherd. Watson and the people who work on the Sea Shepherd were hunting on the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal. However, they had a strange prey; instead of hunting for animals, their prey was a ship, the Sierra. The Sea Shepherd found the Sierra, ran into it, and sank it. As a result, the Sierra never returned to the sea. The Sea Shepherd, on the other hand, returned to its home in Canada. Paul Watson and his workers thought that they had been successful. The Sierra had been a whaling ship which had operated illegally. The captain and crew of the Sierra did not obey any of the international laws that restrict whaling. Instead, they killed as many whales as they could, quickly cut out off the meat, and froze it. Later, they sold the whale meat in countries where it is eaten. Paul Watson tried to persuade the international whaling commission to stop the Sierra. However, the commission did very little, and Paul became impatient. He decided to stop the Sierra and other whaling ships in any way that he could. He offered to pay $ 25,000 to anyone who sank any illegal whaling ships, and he sank the Sierra. He acted because he believes that the whales must be protected. Still, he acted without the approval of his government; therefore, his actions were controversial. Paul Watson is not the only environmental activist. Other men and women are also fighting to protect the

4. runs into whaling ships B. the Sea Shepherd sank it. The author implies that Paul Watson lives in…. The Sierra did not return to the sea because … A. the Sierra. and have became impatient. B. The Sea Shepherd was hunting … A. including the passengers. a ship on the Atlantic. None of the above is correct. An environmental activist is someone who…… A. the Atlantic Ocean B. talks about protecting endangered species D. whales. Canada. 3. D. C. Like Watson. people have different ideas about it. all of the people on a ship. When something is controversial. C. D. A. 5. the men and women who work on the ship B. people protect it. it was sold in Portugal C. the people who work on airplanes. everyone disagrees with it. does something to protect the Earth. they do not approval of their governments. C. everyone agrees with it. The main idea of paragraph one is that… A. they of their concern protect it. D. is a hero. C. The members of a ship’s crew are… A. 6. 1. 7. the people who own the ship. B. A. the whales ate it. D. Yet. Paul Watson is a hero to some people B. Portugal. because for the environment. Paul Watson does not believe in talking.Earth. they will act to always have the like Watson. Activists are people who do something. Portugal B. the Sierra. 2. . like Paul Watson. C. D. Paul Watson is controversial environmental activist. C. D.

men wouldn’t use them.the eleventh century………. Watson ran into the Sierra because … A. It was a sign of royalty or importance. the people on the Sierra killed as many whales as they could D. the people on the Sierra did not obey international laws C.(1)people. All of the above are correct. The captain and the crew of the Sierra were acting illegally because … A. they were not obeying international laws B. . English explorers saw native American princes…………umbrellas on the east coast…………. In Greece and Rome. Fill in each blank with one word (47) The umbrella is a very ordinary object. the umbrella did not begin life as an ordinary………. C. they were whaling. whaling is illegal according to international law 10. Persia. The Chinese had them …………. It seems that people in different parts of the world …… umbrellas at different times . the Sierra sold whale meat in some countries B. umbrellas traveled to India. However. they were killing and selling whales D.(2). Most umbrellas fold up. and Egypt. He wanted to protect the whales from the whalers. He wanted to stop the ship’s crew from whaling.. Someone carries an umbrella and walks behind the king or …………person. B. When the Spanish explorers went to Mexico. The main idea of paragraph three is that… A. All of the above are correct 9. Some African tribes still use umbrellas in this way today. D. they saw the Aztec kings using umbrellas.North America. Umbrellas are very old. He was impatient with the government’s actions C. so it is easy to carry them. It keeps the rain and the sun ………. They believed umbrellas were only for……….8. From there.

Everyone ………….or prince. Perhaps you are really a king or queen.umbrellas today..the rain. a …………. remember that for centuries only great men and women used them... The next time you carry one. England has a rainy climate and umbrellas are very …………there. .where ordinary people used umbrellas ……….England was probably the first country in ……….