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Read the passage and write True or False.

(403) The plan to join the British Isles to the European continent by boring a tunnel under the sea between Dover, England, and Calais, France, was originally proposed in the second half of the nineteenth century. The bill authorizing the work was rejected in 1883. The plan was again proposed in 1930 by many enthusiastic supporters. However, the estimated cost, the military risks, and the doubts to the feasibility of construction led to the rejection of the proposal in June 1930. Finally, in the 1980s, the proposal was accepted and tunneling began. 1. ________ The plan to unite the British Isles with the European continent has been proposed three times. 2. ________ The plan to unite the British Isles with the European continent has been rejected three times. 3. ________ It was believed by some that the tunnel posed a threat to national security. 4. ________ Some people did not believe that the tunnel was viable idea in the 1930s. 5. ________ Tunneling originally began in Calais, France. 6. ________ The plan was rejected in 1883 because the people were bored. 7. ________ The construction of the tunnel led to the rejection of proposal in 1930. 8. ________ The tunnel made in 1930 was the longest ever made. 9. ________ The supporters of the tunnel wanted to hire a wonderful engineer. 10. ________The estimated cost of the tunnel was prohibitive in 1930. Complete the passage. We moved into our new house (1)………a warm September day. It was not only really a new house. (2)………was a hundred and four years old, (3)……… it was new to us. The house had running (4)……… gas and (5)………, but for some (6)……… there was no (7)……… light in the kitchen. We had not noticed this shortage (8)………we had first

effect C.looked (9)……… the house. electrician B. carpenter A. sold A. at this but water room C. technician B. for B. C. It was something quite unexpected a house with electricity but (10)……… a kitchen light. paid A. of A. so A. C. A. I telephoned for a skilled (12)………. C. inherited B. B. D. 6. 10. C. room D. electric C. 14. balcony A. C. C. D. kitchen B. as for D. electronic A. 4. He came and (13)………it for us. connected D. 3. doing B. 9. applying . charged C. 11. B. fixed B. there A. difficulty A. D. C. electrician D. on it although air sound D. B. in A. working C. 7. reason D. oil A. into A. without A. 12. over D. B. solution B. lent D. to that because wind traffic B. when D. 5. 15. And he (14)………$85 for (15)………the job. welded C. D. 8. 1. electricity A. 13. until after into roof mechanic D. making C. up B. electrical D. perhaps the largest in the house. 2. at B. It was especially puzzling because our (11)……… was a large room. C.