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01. Name 02. Date & Place of birth 03. Permanent address & Address for correspondence

: SANYAL Amiyakumar Jyotishchandra : 9th May 1945, Khamgaon, Maharashtra. : “ Sneha-Jyoti” Building, Chinch Toly,
Katangi Rd,GONDIA-441614, M A H A R A S H T R A. Tel:07182-250241, 09764915621(M) : a) Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture From Nagpur University in 1968 with Distinction in Adv. Structural Design. : b) Master’s Degree in Town & Country Planning,Madras University, 1971 : a) Registered as an Architect with COA, (Reg. No: CA/76/3233) b) Associate member of Indian Institute of Architects. (Mem. No: A-6107) c) Associate member of Institute of Town Planners (Mem. No: A-76-21) d) Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education. (LM:4023) : a) Joined as Prof & Head of Course, Hitakarini College of Architecture & planning from 27th Aug. 2013. : b) Principal, Dignity College of Architecture, Durg, Chhatisgarh. From: Sept. 2008 to April 2010 : c) H.O.D.(Arch.), Dept. of Arch; K.I.T.S; Ramtek,Dist:Nagpur, Maharashtra. From: May 2005 till date.(Joined after My retirement from M.I.E.T; Gondia. : d) In-Charge principal, Aug. 2000-2005 : e) Prof. & Head Dept. of Arch; M.I.E.T; Gondia from July 1989 till Aug. 2000 : f) Asstt. Prof. & Head Dept. of Arch; M.I.E.T; Gondia from Nov. 1988-89 : g) Visiting faculty, Dept. of Architecture, GEC, Raipur from Jan. 1988 - Oct. 88

04. Educational Qualifications

05. Membership of Professional Institute

06. Academic Experience

Cont. P-2

O8.). Calcutta. Bauchi. Pondicherry. surveys for the MasterPlan preparation of Pondicherry. Short term course like-School bldgs. : e) Delivered expert lecture on 20/03/03 At PCEA. from Jan. 3rd to 8th 2003.03. Other information : a) Chairman Board of Studies in Arch. : d) Asstt. Nagpur. Hospital Bldgs & Primary Health Centres etc. from Nov. Architects & City Planners. Univ. : b) Senior Architect. : c) Free lance architect at Nagpur. Nigeria. Secretariat Complex etc.P. : b) Member Faculty of Engg. During 2000-05. U. : d) Blind School. P. : e) Housing Scheme. Cont. Asstt. Nag. : g) Arch. : d) Conducted Two day workshop in 2002 at MIT Aurangabad on “Simplified Structural Design for Architects”. During 2000-05. Commercial complex. 1968 to 1969. : f) Senior Architectural Assistant with M. from June 1971 to Oct. Traditional Architecture. P-3 . M/S Bose Brothers. Bauchi State. Projects Handled : a) School Blds. Bauchi. Bank buildings. Uni. Office Complex. Nagpur on 20/03. : c) Interstate bus terminus.07. : e) Asstt Architect.W. 1978-1981. Fire office at Barauni Town-Ship . conferences. 09. And Khamgaon. of Nag. Residential Layout-outs. Ministry of Works And Transport. Univ. Ministry of Works And Transport. 1972. : g) Attended worksops.D. 1981-1987. T & C Planning Department. at Lucknow. from July 1974 to Oct. : f) Resource person for short term course “Architecture Pedagogy” held in LAD. Lucknow from Nov. Bauchi State. Nigeria. : b) Residential. 1978. 1972 to Feb.1974. Curriculum Developments etc. Professional Experience : -2a) Principal Architect. & Tech. Of Nag. at Nigeria. : c) Member of Academic council of Nag. February 1974 to June 1974. From Dec. Nagpur on “Structural Design consideration for Architects in PCEA. during 2000-05. Planner (Arch.Shirkhedkar and Associates of Nagpur.V.

Languages known : a) Can read.) (A. Marathi & Bengali (Mother tongue) : b) Can understand Tamil. write & speak fluently English.SANYAL.) Gondia. Hindi.-310. Hausa (one of Major languages of Nigeria.J. Dated: 26 April 2013 .