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Welcome to Finding Summer Work 2010/11. This handout is a treasure trove of tips, information and links to resources that will help you enjoy a productive summer. While supporting yourself over the summer and saving to cover next year’s study costs may be a priority, summer can also be a good time to increase workplace skills and networks to make getting that ‘graduate job’ at the end of your degree a little easier. At Vic Careers, we are already beginning to advertise summer positions on Victoria CareerHub so get registered! Register at: The summer can also be a good time to review where you are heading with your studies and your career. Vic Careers is open throughout the summer. See Page 12 for opening hours and contact details.

HOT tips

 1. BE PREPARED… Have your CV ready. Vic Careers staff can recommend resources, provide free CV checks, help you refine your job search plans and also provide interview preparation advice and mock interviews. Have 2-4 people ready to be your referees. Give each a copy of your CV. Keep them informed of your progress.

Understand the value of experience in food service, retail or childcare to prove your employability and build skills that are relevant to your longer-term career goals. Most employers reviewing your CV will expect to see evidence of transferable skills such as customer service, team work, leading and motivating others, analysis and problem solving, planning and organising. They will ask you to expand on this information at the interview.

Tell working friends, family members and other students that you are seeking work and ask them to use their networks to help you. They or a work colleague may be moving on, leaving their role vacant or they may be prepared to put in a good word for you at their workplace. Summer is peak-time for many organisations and they may take on temporary or seasonal staff. Search the Victoria CareerHub archives, Yellow Pages, NZ Who’s Who and other directories to source organisations relevant to your degree or interests.

 4. ALSO TRY…
In addition to Victoria CareerHub also try Student Job Search Seek and Trade Me

Your chances of finding summer work substantially increase if you are also available for on-going, P/T work. Offering a longer term commitment makes you more attractive to the employer if they plan to invest time and money training you.

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Stats and Economics FREE at: www.weltec. THINK SMART… If you expect to graduate in 2011 a priority may be to address any gaps in your skills and knowledge to increase your employability. THINK GLOBALLY.  Complete the Victoria Plus Award or Victoria International Leadership Programme by engaging in activities that demonstrate leadership. and Malta? Find out more on page 10. M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. Details at: Germany. communication. Prepare for this well in advance as you’ll need plenty of cash plus patience to negotiate the paperwork Learn to use MS Office or MYOB by attending a FREE government-funded course.mathcentre. 6.  free computing at: www. Taiwan. Most roles are for teaching English but there are others. or Italy.victoria. Japan. Chile. prioritise gaining work experience that relates specifically to your degree area and/or to your career goals. Experience the country and the culture while earning a good graduate salary. creative and critical thinking and global awareness. THERE’S A WHOLE WORLD TO EXPLORE… Overseas experience can be a major plus for your career. Details at: www. Singapore and China. Korea. Consider volunteering if this could help you gain paid work later. THINK STRATEGICALLY AND LONG-TERM… If you already have work experience. There are also government funded programmes for graduates of any discipline in countries like Japan. see a Careers Consultant (Details on Page 12). If you’re feeling clueless about career planning and goal Vacancies suitable for students and new graduates are often advertised on Victoria CareerHub. Learn another language or advance existing skills FREE at The Language Learning Centre here at VUW. Look under popular links. Did you know that New Zealanders can apply for 12-month working holiday visas for the USA. Hong Contents Work Opportunities at Victoria University Seasonal Work Opportunities Finding Work Experience Related to Your Degree Internships Retail Opportunities Service Opportunities Office Work Opportunities Hotel and Hospitality Opportunities Recreation and Summer/Christmas Events Do’s and Don’ts in a Tight Job Market Opportunities for Self Employment Your Employment Rights Unpaid Summer Work – Become a Volunteer Overseas Working Holidays Vic Careers Resources for Current Vic Students and Vic Graduates Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 Page 5 Page 5 Page 6 Page 6 Page 7 Page 7 Page 8 Page 8 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 12 Work Opportunities at Victoria University Most vacancies are advertised on the VUW website http://vacancies. Brush up on Maths. Ireland. France.doc -2- .

‘Student Assistants’ work a few hours a week whilst studying. in NZ.NSF/wpg_url/community-directory-Index?opendocument&cat=A A Wellington specific directory is: www. Faculties and Schools… Check notice-boards. home-stays. Check out these websites for work in orchards. Knowing staff well will help if you later need referees for work or study applications. Take any opportunity to get to know staff in your school and faculty. plus good administration skills. There are many different groups to choose from whether your interest is in health.workandincome. Seasonal Work Opportunities Great if you’re from a rural area and intend going home for the holidays or simply want to travel over the summer. customer focus. good communication and data entry skills are essential.Student Enrolments Office… Recruits temporary summer staff with excellent presentation. You may need to begin as a volunteer but the prospects of this leading to paid roles are sport. Postgraduate students are preferred. the environment.php Registered with WINZ? Use their Job Bank at: Finding Work Experience Related to Your Degree Degree-related work experience gives you an edge in the graduate job market. Approach academic and administrative staff directly. plus you’ll have a better understanding of your chosen field and accumulate some industry contacts. Postgraduate students are needed as Reader/Writers and Research Assistants. Rankine Brown Library… Keeps a list of students interested in working F/T or P/T. wineries.wellington.dia. they may need a research or office assistant. Call into Robert Stout 103 for details. Get your name down early in the Also search the Victoria CareerHub archives to identify and research employers who have previously offered positions relevant to your degree discipline. Call in at the Enrolment Office from late August onwards to ask about their recruitment schedule. consumer affairs or new migrant services. employment and training. hotels and more. all year round.php Social justice organisations like Amnesty International often have formal and informal internships. education. knowledge of university systems and the university campus.govt. comprehensive. Check Victoria CareerHub and the Vic Careers Jobs Notice-board regularly for current jobs. disability. Australia and elsewhere: www. There are volunteer and paid M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. ‘Library Assistants’ work more substantial hours. Disability Support Services… Recruits Student Note-takers to take lecture notes for students with disabilities or impairments.govt. Community advocacy and support organisations provide a wealth of practical or VOLUNTEER WELLINGTON administrative opportunities.govt. Details at: www. on-line directories are: http://webdirectory.doc STUDYING SOCIAL SCIENCES OR LANGUAGES? -3- . youth at risk. Two www. No previous library experience is needed but customer service experience.

pl Study language courses online at: draft or proofread documents.html or www. Do your research before you approach Also try any large organisation with an in-house legal team like IRD. consumer-protection agencies. Contact translation and interpreting services or freelancers in this field to see if they need extra help. They may provide summer work or internship programmes. cover reception and answer the telephone. Try offering to deliver plans. Fonterra and many other major employers advertise summer internships and LexisNexis www. Ministry of Justice.goethe.which lists NZ events and ‘cultural’ also recruit P/T legal editors.lexisnexis.piperpat. plus telecommunications and power companies. advertising and communications agencies and other media-related organisations. Legal publishers like Thomson Reuters www. Free tickets and ‘celebrity close-encounters’ are perks for volunteers.html Wellington comes to life over the summer. only do this if you have the relevant skills and are prepared to be this flexible.dinz.thomsonreuters.the jobs and events site for New Zealand’s creative community and www. preparing simple legal STUDYING ARCHITECTURE OR DESIGN? Join the Designers Institute of NZ (student membership $54) at: .co. with cultural events and festivals. At Also try: www.britishcouncil. Summer clerkships with the major law firms are advertised in March during the annual Legal Recruitment Programme. HortResearch.aspx STUDYING PERFORMING ARTS OR MEDIA? Visit the Wellington District Law Society’s website at www. regional hospitals and tertiary institutions. Check Victoria CareerHub regularly as employers like the Malaghan Institute.thegrad. following up unpaid client accounts and making the coffee.govt. .nz/ under resources/cultural contacts database you’ll find contact details for NZ arts organisations. Useful websites are: www. Identify their likely needs and what you can M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. First impressions count and people in this industry are notoriously unforgiving if you are ill-prepared. Contact the Alliance Francaise if you’d like to practice your French perhaps by volunteering for a few hours a week to assist in their library. the Commerce Commission. For paid positions approach talent agencies. government research institutes and or the Institute of Architects www. Smaller firms or sole practitioners may welcome help with legal research. Be prepared to sell yourself. filing.doc -4- .de/cgi-bin/einstufungstest/einstufungstest. Approach them direct. STUDYING LAW? STUDYING SCIENCE? Consider private analytical and research which lists law firms by location and Bear in mind that some employers are reluctant to hire new graduates when they have major projects on as they don’t have time to supervise them. local and regional The Goethe Institute runs German Language classes in Wellington – if you speak a little German test out your skill level at: Go to these sites for inspiration from some of the best designers of our time: University Language Learning Centre can help you learn a language or maintain language skills and the service is free to enrolled students.

The Warehouse .nz/ Farmers stores always need casual staff able to work Fri. Consider sending a ‘speculative’ CV along with a cover letter explaining that you are seeking a summer or P/T Most are paid. early planning is Kirkcaldie and Stains Ltd . Check Victoria CareerHub regularly. Internship and summer opportunities are not necessarily widely advertised so check the websites of your preferred employers regularly from the beginning of semester one.doc -5- . public holidays and be on-call to cover busy periods and staff leave or sickness. organise and file paperwork and cover for staff taking annual First impressions count . Also take on staff for Christmas Wrapping and Christmas Basket services.Internships Internships are advertised throughout the year with some employers advertising their internships as early as March. It may get you a foot in the door of an employer who can help your career and also provide you with useful contacts in your They seek a long-term commitment on a casual basis with F/T hours over the summer. mainly for night-fill and shop floor roles. Sat. advantage if you’re applying to work there.kirkcaldies. professionalism. collect a Farmers Application Form and return the completed form with your CV to the Store Manager at your preferred branch.www. To apply at the Lambton Quay. Some employers only offer ‘summer work’ when approached by a candidate who is genuinely interested in their organisation and has the initiative to contact them. you will need to show that there is a direct benefit for the organisation in taking you F/T work is often available over the summer to cover staff annual leave and the extended Christmas shopping hours.thewarehousecareers. weigh up the career value and kudos of the experience carefully before making a decision. Retail Opportunities Retail work may seem like just a way to earn money while you study but have you considered a ‘career’ in retailing? Some of the top graduate training programmes in the Europe and the US are with food and clothing retailers. Contacting organisations direct may also be an option. Cuba Mall. dress. Remember. For career opportunities visit the Sun.html All stores are keen to employ additional staff over the summer and Christmas period. To apply send a brief CV and Cover Letter to the attention of the HR Manager – details on the website. Most expect you to complete an application form and may even refer you directly to the manager if they are impressed and have a position vacant. Be positive about this sort of opportunity. for example you could create or update their customer database. Must be based in Wellington all year round. M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. excellent grooming. Mon. Spend a morning visiting stores that you personally shop at…you’ll already have a good idea of their products and their customers . Porirua. See page 10 for more information. A service orientation with retail and team experience is an advantage as is a conservative appearance. Most formal internships in NZ are for the summer but they can be longer. To apply. Queensgate or Upper Hutt stores. Your casual retail experience could take you a long way. whether at a Canadian ski field or on a conservation project on the other side of the planet. Include finishing dates for exams as the induction/training takes a week. Keenness to do the job.www.www. confidence in approaching customers and reliability are also valued. For an unpaid internship. visit the website. customer service ethic. The ‘advanced search’ feature on Victoria CareerHub will help you find names of employers who have advertised internships or summer work before. good communication skills and a friendly personality go a long way. If you want to work overseas. Here are some ideas to help you begin your retail job search… Farmers Department Store . flexibility and reliability.

Good training for those interested in a career in retailing and merchandising with opportunities to progress in this Australian-owned.html Employ P/T staff who are offered F/T hours over the summer.trademe. interested and utterly reliable students. pharmacies and health food stores. Freedom Furniture. Telecom NZ – www. All applications should be made online. franchised. articulate and present yourself well. All days worked except Christmas day. on-call postie. including P/T (except where department managers decide to use a recruitment agency). Summer hours include midnights and 24-hour Lyall Bay. Service Opportunities NZ Post – http://jobs. Oct – Nov mainly weekend and Friday night Need keen. See information and current vacancies worldwide on the It’s worth registering with a recruitment agency as many large organisations use them to recruit and screen candidates. part-time So ask family members or friends working in these fields to enquire at their workplaces on your behalf. Check classifieds in the press for accounts departments of small firms advertising for P/T admin staff. The proliferation of Call Centres has made this an easy area to get into for those with excellent communication and telephone skills and who can commit to long-term. book and stationery stores. Print and Broadcast or www. They often recruit based on the personal recommendation of existing M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010.www. Airports and Service Stations.Briscoes . delivery/sorting office assistant. Approach organisations direct or through a recruitment agency or visit Employ P/T staff throughout the year and over the summer.nzpost. Spotless Services (NZ) Ltd. Test your keyboard proficiency with a free typing test at http://www. To apply call in to complete an application form or email your CV. Westpac Stadium . supermarkets. Check the website for DIY and garden centres.freedomfurniture. Thorndon Quay .nz/careers/ try banks and insurance companies.http://www. Real Estate. department stores.8748.html All positions are advertised on the website. clothing and wedding apparel stores. electrical and whiteware retailers. See the website for jobs in NZ and Australia or apply direct to the store – address the CV and cover letter for the attention of the Store Manager. retail chain. For operational roles you can go direct to mail and courier centres. Transport including Bus and Ferry Service operators. shoe and sports shops. Office Work Opportunities A great option if you have administrative skills. furniture All jobs are advertised on the website and you can register your interest online for jobs such as Christmas postie.asp If you also have a knack for figures.Wellington CBD (Taranaki Street).co. are confident. Also try service sector organisations in Telecommunications. Also try retail chains and stores that are particularly busy over the Christmas/summer break – gift -6- . Lower Hutt www. food retailers and fast-food outlets.

Inland Revenue Department . The James Cook. typically working 24 hours a week. in reception. but be aware that they may be unwilling to train someone just for the summer. school holiday programme assistants. Apply via the website. you can learn about the different roles and pick up some industry jargon at: http://www.govt. housekeeping.www. Try Fairfax Media. 6 weeks paid training is provided. Roles are P/T with longer hours available for those already employed. fast food outlets. If you are interested in working in the tourism industry. Jobs are often advertised on their websites or at www. They seek people with customer service skills.doc -7- . plus catering and event management companies.accor. clinics. Parliamentary Services and Immigration NZ (part of the Ministry of Labour). and search4jobs. ring up and ask to speak to the person responsible for • Embassies and High Commissions particularly if you are studying languages or are a citizen of the country they The Inland Revenue advertises all positions on NZ Government Jobs online at sports coaches etc.http://careers. Recreation and Summer/Christmas Events Wellington and other City Councils run summer activities and events for children and holiday-makers and may have opportunities for pool attendants. See Council websites. Just Hotel and The Holiday Inn have part Unsolicited CVs are circulated to individual managers who make their own hiring M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. Paid training takes 3 – 5 weeks. Clemenger or go to their website. Hotels such as The Duxton. posted or delivered in person to the company’s offices. Visit the Axa website and complete an online application form which can be The Wellington Service Centre frequently advertises call centre opportunities. Also check are advertised in the Wednesday and Saturday newspapers and occasionally in local newspapers. IAG NZ (own the State Insurance and NZI brands) .html You’ll also find links to job vacancies – whether you are seeking summer work or a hotel management traineeship. Also try restaurants. To apply either call in for an application form.ird. contact details for a wide range of operators in the industry are available at www. They can be particularly busy over the summer. • Government departments like Land Transport. Axa New Zealand . training and registration boards. NZI and IAG Also try… • Advertising companies – it’s highly competitive so plan your approach. food and beverage services and The Wellington Call Centre services the State Insurance.iag. Hotel and Hospitality Opportunities If you are interested in the hotel sector but know little about Haines and Saatchi and Saatchi. Be organised and be persistent. mostly evenings and weekends. visit Council Offices and Libraries for more information. shift positions. City Councils including Wellington City Council and Wellington Regional Council have clerical and other positions . • Hospitals. good presentation and who are during term time and F/T during holidays.

dol. Many employers are popular enough not to have to advertise their entry level positions and expect you to take the initiative and make the first approach.html The adult minimum wage is $12.doc -8- . Again there is likely to be more competition for these than for more ‘routine’ roles. Prepare a brief CV and give a few copies to everyone and get them to pass them on to anyone they know who may be interested. List the kinds of things you are available to do (ensure they’re legal!).html The basics of employment relations and health and safety requirements for running a business: www. an extra hand accompanying a family on holiday – the possibilities are endless. job applications and interview preparation. By law. but they can also choose to provide their employees with better ones.govt. Let family members and friends know that you’re available over the summer.govt.even if an employee is paid by commission or by piece rate. leave.” More information at: www. and $510 for a 40 hour week. spring cleaning. Don’t just rely on advertised Do make use of Vic Careers as we can help you with ideas. experience and interests. think about the sorts of tasks that someone may be prepared to pay you to do – painting and decorating. unless they agree to the changes. including home workers. Don't just apply for ’exciting’ jobs such as media. garden clearing.govt. This means well presented and tailored to the requirements of that specific job or employer. manage and grow their business: www. babysitting. If self-employment is a long-term option or goal for you. The most critical is the Employment Relations Act. employers must pay at least the minimum wage . tools and information to help people start. advertising and Employment Rights and WINZ Financial Support There are three key pieces of legislation that describe employee (and employer) rights and obligations. pay. “All employees in New Zealand have certain legal minimum entitlements to do with this payment must be a separate and identifiable part of their pay. M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. windowcleaning. wordprocessing. Next.75 an hour. Do make sure that your applications are of the highest possible quality. Be specific about dates and times you can work. casuals.Do’s and Don’ts in a Tight Job Market Don't just apply to big household name organisations as they tend to receive more applicants per job than smaller. although the Health and Safety in Employment Act and the Human Rights Act also provide additional protection. then there are some excellent on-line resources: On-line training modules. That’s $102 for an eight hour day.ers. The only exception is when an employee holds an exemption permit. research. temporary and part-time workers.workandincome. house-sitting. pet-sitting. Employers must meet these minimum conditions. on-call clerical work. An increase in the minimum wage will not affect an employee’s other conditions of employment.govt. Opportunities for Self-employment Think about your skills. answering the An A-Z List of WINZ services for employers: www. Holiday pay must be paid in addition to the minimum wage. The minimum wage applies to all workers aged 16 years or older. human rights and union membership. less well known ones.dol. If an employee receives “pay-as-you-go” holiday pay. letter writing or web research for elderly relatives. walking the

nz Event management organisations Unpaid Summer Work .have You can also select ‘region’.nz/ and the performers’ alliance at: www.wellingtonzoo.Become a Volunteer Work experience need not be “paid work” in order to be valued by Wellington Zoo takes volunteers for Find out more at: www. Enquire early. then there are lots of events and programmes to volunteer for. who may investigate and act to recover any money owed.govt. Other useful sites to check are the NZ Actors’ Equity at: www. Approach independent radio or www.wellington. Ask around in your department and in other departments that interest you. learn about a range of career options and .html The Department of Conservation also offer volunteer and paid Volunteering is a great way to gain new meet likeminded people. Be creative. writers and performers.most importantly .html You may be entitled to study break payments.workandincome. Check with city and regional councils for cultural and summer events. parties etc – look under Event Management in the Yellow Pages.html The Transition to Work Grant for help in moving into work: Volunteer for an existing project or propose your own project and take your skill set to a whole new level.An employee being paid less than the minimum wage can complain to a Labour Inspector.govt. You may be able to assist someone in their Under ‘key word’ input ‘talent agency’ and under ‘category’ select ‘broadcasting and entertainment’. In the community. Gain valuable work experience. Try contacting talent agencies for work and get your name down for current projects or ones in the pipeline. on a project or with their Offer to help them improve their English and increase their understanding of New Zealand culture. make some great contacts all whilst contributing to a good cause.aspx. as these opportunities are setting up a database and general administration. More information at: http://www. openings.doc -9- .ers. Go to: www. a great way to meet interesting and talented people. In exchange you can develop or improve your foreign language skills and make new friends! Vic Careers runs a Volunteer Careers Assistant (VCA) programme and this is advertised each semester on Victoria CareerHub. create networking opportunities. make new friends and feel good about yourself! Around campus.wellington.actorsequity. A postgraduate student or lecturer may be grateful for help with There are also several arts and cultural festivals and for more information go to http://www.govt. Visit http://www. many NGO’s (non-government organisations) have activities and projects over summer/Christmas and welcome volunteers. To work in the Botanic Garden.alliance. Many international students remain in Wellington over the summer.finda. manage or cater for Christmas and other events.www. Check out these online community services directories . product promotions. Employees can also get help from our mediators. These are often advertised at: www.php M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. Otari-Wilton’s Bush or join Urban Search and Rescue or the Rural Fire Service visit If you are interested in social issues. If you enjoy the outdoors and working with people.

Try the YMCA . There is usually a substantial up-front cost with such programmes to cover visas. Be clear about what you want from an overseas experience to maximise the benefits you gain from it. paid employment to be undertaken for no more than 3 months at a time with a single or Passport and Visas. work with an international organisation or agency can be useful if you intend to travel overseas or www. you can take advantage of their international networks. Organise resources and contacts in case things go wrong. or work in the centre’s office or library. your EFTPOS card is refused. Visit their offices on Level or Project K at www.projectk. Consult the ‘CIA world factbook’ for country profiles and insight into the present political and economic situation: www. Organisations that run working holiday programmes are supplied with a fixed M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010.www.htm Volunteer Wellington matches volunteers to NPOs (non-profit organisations). or access to these – usually around NZ$4. Visa applicants are usually required to provide evidence of adequate funds. the following sites will provide ideas and inspiration. Typically these include an interest in studying the language. Instead begin planning now for next year. Working holiday programmes allow you to work for several weeks or months in a particular country and then follow this with a few weeks as a tourist. gain or improve foreign language proficiency. political and social stability information as well as inoculation requirements at: www. It can seem more cost effective to do it yourself. 84 Willis Street.html Investigate any health (e.ymca.govt. employer doesn’t pay your salary on time. Overseas experience allows you to experience another Overseas Working Holidays Ideally begin planning up to a year in advance as the process can be a long one. Visit: www. Make sure that your passport is valid for the duration of the time you intend to be out of the country plus a reasonable The latter website has some great personal stories if you need convincing that volunteering is worthwhile. a holiday rather than a work At Barnardos you can volunteer to assist with small children in a family If you are considering voluntary work overseas for the first time at this moment then it is probably too late to organise for this year.eldis.barnardos. Wellington for an application form and a chat: www.safetravel. A working holiday visa is sufficient for fairly long overseas visits but they will have very specific conditions but bear in mind that most countries provide an annual quota of visas to be Visit or the YWCA at www. See more information at: www.10 - . malaria) or personal safety risks (terrorism) Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for up to date advice on If you are interested in the aid and development sector. Contact NZ embassies in the country you intend visiting in advance. Research the organisation you plan to deal with thoroughly and also seek recent references from others who have dealt with the organisation – ideally a NZ student who has completed a programme with them. Check and double check before handing over any money.volunteerwellington.doc . a valid passport and return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one and a comprehensive insurance policy covering all risks related to sickness for the duration of the visa.ywca.g.If you like working with teens or children. It can also be a prerequisite for an international career. to see if they can advise you of local or embassy events that you could get involved insurance and programme administration. and have a well-earned break from study. never pay in cash and investigate any free insurance cover that may be available if you use a credit Think about and plan for various potential disaster scenarios eg lost passport or tickets. air travel.000.

html You must be aged between 18 and 26 and will provide childcare for an American Host Family. Transitions Abroad . Ask Vic Careers staff for details. Au pairs receive room.United Kingdom .www. you can experience the American tradition of summer camp.php The Cruise Industry… hires year-round and seasonal staff.cruiseserver.doc . More information at: www. programme support and an optional month travel time.www.Malaysia .Czech Republic .Uruguay More information at: http://www.mfat.Italy .Chile .govt.Peru .Hong Kong Special Administrative Region .www.Thailand . Camp USA www. Alternatively.globalchoices.Japan .Belgium .aiesec.Taiwan . go to: www.transitionsabroad.shtml This site includes an excellent blog Contact Victoria AIESEC on campus or visit the website at www.Finland . maintenance person.php Work for up to 4 months as a housekeeper.Malta . plus feature articles written by student interns who have worked in a wide range of paid and volunteer roles.interexchange. airfare.Brazil .html If you have a genuine interest in children. they can then be formally registered with the Great information plus a local agent based close to the Kelburn campus. International Exchange Programmes www. New Zealand has working holiday schemes with the following countries: Argentina . If necessary the exchange organisation can vet the internship provider/employer for you and if the organisation and the internship meet their criteria.Singapore .org/ Other well-known exchange organisations are: Council on International Educational Exchange www.Denmark .Korea . It offers professional development experiences to all university students.mfat.Mexico .Ireland . Also great if you would like to learn a new language or be immersed in a language you are already learning at university. up to $500 toward educational courses and an optional month travel period to explore the United States at the end of their States (scheme only applies to US citizens wanting to visit New Zealand) .ciee. Victoria AIESEC is one such - . dishwasher. wait staff or sales clerk. Work & Travel USA .nz/ Most organisations offering internships have an internships database that applicants have access to.Poland .iep. You’ll receive a wage.Germany .asp M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. There are several international exchange organisations that facilitate international exchange experiences for outgoing and incoming ‘exchangees’.org/content/3/en/International%20Summer%20Camp%20Staff%20Solutions. assistance with housing.php#holidays For a directory of foreign embassies based in NZ. You then have both legal protection and ongoing support. pocket money. health insurance.Sweden . Au Pair USA .nz/Countries/index.Norway . Work is available from the beginning of June through to the end of August.Netherlands . Highly motivated students can apply to intern with an overseas organisation in a sector related to their degree and experience.number of visas for the country concerned and they issue these on a first-come first-served basis to those accepted onto their programme. you can search for an overseas internship yourself.France .Canada .

There is also free Internet access for job seeking if you are a current Vic student or a Vic graduate and are registered on Victoria CareerHub.victoria. Victoria CareerHub: http://careerhub. Korea and Japan. There is more information in the Careers Resources Library about potential destinations and organisations to contact. Careers Office and Resource Library at 14 Kelburn Parade Experienced Careers Consultants available during daily drop-in and by appointment Monday. careers-service@vuw.vuw. Most opportunities are in Asia – China.30 – 5 Check the Vic Careers website. Vic Careers website: http://www. employer information and useful links to major job bulletin boards.Archaeological digs… are a great way to spend a Job vacancies are accessible online 24/ Vic Careers Resources for Current Vic Students and Vic Graduates Vic Careers Jobs Notice-board at 14 KP Current job vacancies are displayed on our job notice-boards. and Sample CVs and Cover Letters. Online careers resources.12 - .ac. Friday 9 – 5 Wednesday A great website for kiwi travellers abroad is www. using your MyVictoria account name and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)… The minimum requirement is a university degree in any discipline although to teach English in Europe or South America a TEFL or TESOL qualification is also expected.eslcafe. Not sure what you want to do? Book an appointment with a Careers Consultant.tntmagazine.doc . There are links from the Vic Careers For comprehensive information on teaching English in a wide range of countries. 463 5393 – Vic Careers Reception at 14 KP **A web based version of this handout is available on CareerHub** M:\SSG-Career\Shared\Summer Work & Internships\Summmer Work Handout_WORD\Summer Work handout 2010. Career Advice from Professionals…Vic Careers always here to help! Decide what your priorities are – earning money or developing skills that may support your future job aspirations. plus teaching resources and blogs visit www.archaeological. On CareerHub you will also find a Resume Builder to help you with your CV. Victoria CareerHub or call into or phone the office for details and changes to opening hours. More information at: http://www. graduate employment destinations. Blackboard and myVictoria.