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Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team




Group D, 22 June 2013, 17:00 CET Gaziantep (TUR) Match Officials Referee Assistant Referee 1 Assistant Referee 2 Fourth Official FIFA Referee Assessor Blog Referee Observer
1 2 3

Name Peter OLeary Jan Hendrik Hintz Ravinesh Kumar Benjamin Williams Ingrid Jonsson Niclas E.


Mark1 7.3 8.3 8.2 8.3

Mark2 8.2 -------

Difficulty3 Challenging Normal Normal Normal

Final mark according to evaluation scale. Expected level for AARs and fourth official is 8.0, crucial mistake 7.7! Mark if the final mark had not been influenced by a crucial mistake (only in case of a crucial mistake, to be held empty if no crucial mistake occurred). Difficulty has to be integrated into the final mark. Levels of difficulty are: normal, challenging and very challenging. 4 Blog-Referee Observer =Inofficial referee observer appointed by the blog administrator.

Evaluation scale
(for referee, ARs and fourth official)

Description of the Marks Excellent. Very good. Important decision(s) correctly taken. Good. Expected level. Satisfactory with small areas for improvement. Satisfactory with important areas for improvement. One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.3 or above. One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.0 8.2. Below expectation, poor control, significant point(s) for improvement. Disappointing. Below expectation with one and clear important mistake or a performance with two or more clear and important mistakes. Unacceptable.

9.0 10.0 8.5 8.9 8.3 8.4 8.2 8.0 8.1 7.9 7.8 7.5 7.7 7.0 7.4 6.0 6.9

Small description of the match (extra-ordinary incidents etc.): First match in Group B that was played in Gaziantep located in the Southern part of Turkey. Very good field and weather conditions supported an overall interesting match, even though the low amount of spectators was, like in all other matches thus far, disappointing. The match itself was ok, with a Greek side collecting three points in the end. The match revealed a few crucial moments for the referee. The rest of the match was quite easy-going so that the match difficulty he had to cope with was normal in the first and challenging in the second half. In a sum therefore challenging.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Crucial Decisions (refer to penalty kicks, sending-off situations etc.) Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the referees decision The referee missed a penalty in favour of Mexico: Greek #6 made a way too clumsy challenge against Mexican forward #10. The Mexican striker surely seeked the contact a bit, deliberate crossing the Greeks path of running. 68 However, it stays a foul that should have entailed a penalty kick. AR2 failed in assisting the referee here, even though he nearly could not detect it due to a bad viewing angle. So he cannot be blamed that much. Crucial mistake by the referee though. Greek #11 enters the penalty area from the left side and makes a middle-high pass into the dangerous area in front of the goal. The ball is however blocked by Mexican #4s upper arm. It enlarged the defenders body volume, prevented the 76 ball from reaching the box and his efforts to avoid the handball were quite lackadaisical. The referee immediately pointed to the corner flag and seemed to have missed this touch with the arm totally. Crucial mistake by the referee.

Basic Observations (refer to the general application of the LotG, highlight the referees tactical approach, personality, match control, management of the teams and players, teamwork etc.). Please deploy short but precise and detailed sentences! Positive Points Basically a good foul detection in midfield duels (also preceding Mexicos free 1. kick leading to the equalizer), his decisions were therefore mostly accepted and respected by the players. Good application of the advantage rule in most of the situations. He avoided 2. unnecessary stoppages, even though he should be aware that sometimes a whistle is more appropiate to condemn too hard tackles, such as in minute 10. Good proactive warnings in many instances, specially before corner kicks (e.g. in 3. minute 26). Good dealing with stoppage time (5 minutes were high, but adequate in the 4. second half) and very good dealing with time wasting (the only YC as issued for this reason against the Greek goalkeeper). Points for Improvement Missing alertness for infringements occurring in the penalty area. Potentially more 1. courage is needed to take crucial decisions with a big impact. The referee missed a few fouls in the midfield, such as an elbow conduct into the 2. opponents face (YC was mandatory) in the 45th minute or a clear foul close to the Greek penalty area in minute 82. Quicker dealing with players who are suffering from facial injuries. It took him way 3. too long to ask a Greek player who needed medical treatment after the elbow/blocking conduct (Greek #11). Despite his good awareness for possible advantages, he should be aware that 4. sometimes a whistle is more appropiate to condemn too hard tackles, such as in minute 10 (see above in +, 2.).

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

The referees character Physical Aspects Fitness / Stamina Always close to play without inferfering with it Flexible diagonal movement Positioning at set pieces Efficient positioning, having a good angle of vision to play Close to the penalty area, if needed Tactical Approach Description very lenient lenient medium X Yes Consistency in the tactical approach / style The tactical approach suited to the requirements of the match / the match benefitted from the tactical approach of the referee Ability to adapt the tactical approach if needed X X X So-so No + Expected X X X X X X strict very strict -

Further observations (peculiarities of the referee revealing his character) The referee clearly aims at not being in the centre of attention. He has a quite passive approach, combining good basic skills with an unobstrusive appearance on the pitch. Unfortunately he assessed two crucial situations in a wrong manner. He is using a quite unknown whistle with a very high-pitched and acute sound.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Assistant Referee 1
Please assess the first assistant referees performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the ARs behaviour The ball nearly crossed the line, but it was clear for the assistant referee that it did 13 not cross it in the end. No goal was also strengthened by Goalline Technology. No challenges for the assistant referee, no potential offsides, good job in a very full time easy match.

Assistant Referee 2
Please assess the second assistant referees performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the ARs behaviour He could have perhaps assisted in the penalty situation where OLeary waved play-on. The too clumsy challenge and clear contact at the lower part of the 68 players bodies was probably not that visible for him due to a weak viewing angle and unfortunate line of sight he cannot be blamed for too much.

Fourth Official
Please assess the fourth officials performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the fourth officials behaviour full time Nothing to report. Normal match, all procedures executed appropiately.