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IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www.ibpsexam.

INDIAN BANK IT Officers EXAM Professional Knowledge QUESTIONS 1. Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called— (1) Metasearch engines (2) Webcrawlers (3) Spiders (4) Hits (5) None of these

2. Graphical diagrams used to represent different multiple perspectives of a system include— (1) use-case, class, and state diagrams (2) state, interaction, derivative diagrams (3) interaction, relationship, and class diagrams (4) deployment, relationship, and use-case diagrams (5) None of these 3. Database redesign is not terribly difficult if the— (1) database is structured (2) database is well-designed (3) database has no data (4) database is relatively small (5) database is relatively large

4. Which of the following are normally used to initialize a computer system's hardware?


means— (1) Non-sequential writing (2) Hypermedia (3) Blinking text IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. The term. If you wanted to locate the hardware address of a local device. "hypertext" (1) Bootstrap memory (2) Volatile memory (3) Exteranl mass memory (4) Static memory (5) Random access memory . What is Internet 2? (1) A new type of cabling system for Wide Area Networks (2) A second local area network that can connect with another online LAN to share access (3) A new standard for Internet browsers (4) An association to develop advanced Internet technology (5) None of these 7. which protocol would you use? (1) ARP (2) RARP (3) ICMP (4) PING (5) PONG 6.ibpsexam.IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www.

you have been unable to find information that was on the site several months ago.sometimes called a boot sector (4) Text with heavy formatting (5) None of these . as there is no way to find this information. Which kind of lock includes a keypad that can be used to control access into areas? (1) Cipher (2) Warded (3) Device (4) Tumbler (5) Typelock 10. (3) Visit a partner site of the organization to see if it is there. What might you do to attempt to locate that information? (1) Visit Google's cached page to view the older copy. A…………….. (5) None of these 9. (2) Forget about it. (1) system virus (2) trojan horse virus (3) file virus (4) macro virus IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www.ibpsexam.ibpsexam. While searching a website.IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. executes when a computer boots up because it resides in the boot sector of a floppy disk or the master boot record of a hard disk. (4) Use the wayback machine.

(4) 10. 5.Write short notes on each of the following: (a) Trojan Horse (b) Smart Cards 3. (1) 2. (1) 3. Using NAND gate generate the AND and NOR functions IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. (1) 1. (5) 5. Explain the DMA controller with block diagram. (1) 6.ibpsexam. Write short notes on each of the following: (a) Trojan Horse (b) Smart Cards (c) Physical threats and security (d) PGP 4. (4) 7.ibpsexam. What do you understand by 'Authentication' and 'Encryption' in the context of system security? In this context explain (i) Kerberos (ii) IP Security (iii) RSA Encryption 2. What is meant by a block transfer? What are the various phases of an instruction cycle ? Give the micro operation of fetch and decode phases Compare Static RAM with Dynamic RAM.IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. (1) (5) None of these Answers 1. (2) 8. (3) .

telnet. 8. syslog. ftp. 10 What is VPN ? How is it useful for an organization ? 11. time. sendmail. SSH. 1b (i) what is View? (ii) How it is related to data independence? 2a (i) what are distributed system? IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. 7. Also explain its layered architecture? 1a (i) what is Database trigger? (ii)Explain the concept of Stored Procedure and briefly describe the advantages of using Triggers. nfs.ibpsexam. (Assume the LAN is connected to the Internet but is not connected via Firewall nor is Kerberos used). What are the standard port numbers for (i) Web Server (ii) Mail Server (iii) FTP Server (iv) Telnet ? 9 What is Network Address Translation (NAT) ? Give any two advantages and two disadvantages of NAT. What is a Socket ? Write two differences between a TCP Socket and a UDP 6. SNMP.IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. 12 What is WAP ? Give any two advantages and two limitations of WAP. What is a Search Engine ? How is it useful for Internet/Intranet ? Give the names of any four Search engines. . Which of the following services should be enabled in a secure workstation connected in an Ethernet LAN ? Give reasons for your answer. netfs. IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. (ii)When are the advantage of using session over cookie and URL writing? 4a (i) what is different between an applet and servlet? (ii) What is life cycle of a servlet? 4b (i) Why is XML important to database application? 5a (i) discuss in detail the use of a computer network? 5b what is APR & RARP? 6a what security technique are used to protect computer system? 6b how is data protected during transmission over the network? 7a How is E-business changed the definition of enterprise system. 7b Distinguish between the various normal forms in database.ibpsexam. 8a what are the different type of backup possible for the database? 8b (i) what is data Warehousing? (ii) How it is different form Database? VISIT IBPS EXAM FORUM FOR MORE http://www.How are they (ii)What is the advantage of distributed system? 2b (i) explain the need of concurrency control.IBPS EXAM FORUM  http://www. (ii)What is its significance in banking transaction? 3a (i) what is remote query? (ii) How it is processed? 3b (i) Explain what you understand by cookie .