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INT. ROB’S LIVING ROOM – DAY A sparsely furnished, dirty room.

An unkempt girl – NICOLA sits on an old sofa. She frowns and waits, tensely.

INT. KATE AND JESS’ LIVING ROOM - EVENING Four people seated round a dinner table in a tastefully decorated, spacious flat. The meal is finished but yet to be cleared away. Light background music can be heard above the conversation, which is unintelligible, though clearly punctuated by laughter.

INT. OFF LICENCE – DAY A terrified shop assistant threatened by an aggressive young man wearing a balaclava – ROB - leaning across the counter and brandishing a bottle. ROB GIVE ME THE FUCKING MONEY! SHOP ASSISTANT Don’t hurt me! ROB DO IT! GIVE ME THE MONEY! SHOP ASSISTANT Please don’t hurt me! The shop assistant cowers behind the counter, but doesn’t open the till; Rob hesitates, unable to go any further. He loses his nerve and runs.

INT. ROB’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Nicola still sits on the sofa, shabbily dressed, agitated, smoking. After a moment, her features relax despairingly; she looks on the brink of tears. Her desolation is suddenly shattered by the sound of banging from the front door. She is visibly startled but immediately freezes, terrified and alert. Five seconds of breathless silence follow before the banging is repeated, LOUDER. The tension is momentarily unbearable before: ROB (off) Nic! It’s me! Open up. She nearly expires with relief. Stubbing the cigarette out, she hurries off to the front door. We hear the door open and the following exchange in the hallway. ROB (off)

NICOLA ROB NICOLA (cautiously) What happened? Rob gets up abruptly and walks to the kitchen. I know. worried. Nicola stares after him. Nicola hangs back. ROB NICOLA He’s gonna be here tomorrow! ROB . Looking down at his hands. After a pause: Rob? No. Nic – I couldn’t… I couldn’t go through with it. INT. I… NICOLA What are we going to do? Rob? ROB I don’t know. Silence. His face is a controlled mask – something awful is running through his mind. ROB’S LIVING ROOM . NICOLA Did you get it? Rob says nothing. Eventually. Violence. scared to approach him. NICOLA We’ve got to give it back tomorrow or we’re fucked. Rob enters the room and flops on the sofa. he notices they are trembling. ROB’S KITCHEN Rob stands at the counter and runs a glass of water.DAY Nicola is crying. when Rob re-enters.What’s the matter with you? NICOLA (off) Nothing. INT. quietly. she speaks. ROB I’m sorry.

Just like that? LEON KATE We used to be best friends when we were little. Pause. My flatmate was moving out. Jess has a slightly glassy look about her after too many drinks. 8INT. Kate and Leon are in conversation. It’s dangerous though. so I offered her the other room.I know. Angela . To make matters worse. We lost contact when Jess changed schools. LEON (calling after her) If it’s Angela – I’m not here! Still laughing. Kate leaves the table and heads for the door. INT. the doorbell rings. LEON Another amazing Facebook reunion. Kate conducts the following exchange in low tones that the others will not hear. But when she said she needed somewhere to live it just seemed perfect. stolidly. I stupidly had my address on my profile at first. but it’s like nothing’s changed. Michael looks on. Within 24 hours of first registering.who I’ve been avoiding for the last 5 years – was back in touch.but I’m just dreading the knock at the door – Mid-sentence. LEON (grinning) Ten years? KATE About that. ROB . That came down pretty quick. KATE AND JESS’ LIVING ROOM – EVENING KATE. I can tell you . LEON and MICHAEL sit at the table. amidst the remnants of the meal. There is a momentary silence everyone looks at each other – then laughs. Kate reaches the door. The smile drops from her face immediately and is replaced by a look of stony hostility. KATE AND JESS' FRONT DOOR Kate opens the door to reveal Rob. JESS.

Rob. KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM JESS (calling) Kate? Jess gets to her feet and wanders toward the hallway. INT. What do you want? Can I come in? What do you want? KATE ROB KATE ROB I need… some money. Rob puts his foot in it. Come back in another 3 years and maybe we can talk. KATE What are you doing here? ROB I need your help. KATE (hard) Piss off. Kate? KATE Just go. JESS Rob! . Jess spies Rob through the doorway. KATE AND JESS' FRONT DOOR Kate begins to close the door. Kate. It’ll be a loan. She recognises him. ROB KATE Like fuck it will. You are the last person on earth I would loan money to. ROB Kate – JESS (off) Who is it. I’d rather burn it than lend it to you. INT.Hello Kate. Rob. Piss off right now.

JESS We went to primary school together! ROB Right… JESS I didn’t come to St. Jess. KATE I don’t think they should come in. (to Rob) Kate was always going on about you. Kate – he’s spoken for.ROB Hello? JESS Rob Hook! Where the hell did you turn up from? Jess! Spencer! Rob looks blank. Come in. though. Jess – KATE JESS What are you doing with yourself these days? (to Kate) I didn’t know you were still friends with Rob bloody Hook. She looks extremely nervous. we were just about to open another bottle of wine. I’ve got someone with me actually. I went to Holy Cross instead. leaning against the exterior hallway wall. Kate! You never told me that. He steps aside to reveal Nicola. . and possibly on something. She used to fancy you. Matthews with you lot. actually! She bursts into giggles. JESS Do you want to come in? KATE Rob was just – ROB Thanks. dear. KATE Oh Jesus… JESS Bad luck.

KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM Jess parades grandly into the room with Rob and Nicola. this is Rob. She squeals in terror and hurries on before Michael can introduce himself. Leon has moved to a sofa. JESS Down the corridor. so I’m inviting Rob – (she links arms with him) and his lovely girlfriend– (she links arms with Nicola) to come in for a drink. and approaches the door to the adjacent room. don’t be such a bore. I’m paying half the rent on this flat now. Nicola looks awkwardly at Kate. In any case. and Michael has left the room. Michael. an old amigo of Jess and Kate’s. second on the right. 11INT. and then slips inside. Michael’s Kate’s better half.I was just saying to the girls how easy it is these days for one’s past to catch up with one. INT. He would appear to be enjoying her discomfort and the turn of affairs. She is confused and a little terrified at the proceedings. an old schoolfriend of mine. JESS (after a pause) His girlfriend. Rob turns to Kate. It is emblazoned with a letter “K”. NICOLA Can I use your bathroom? Kate is lost for words.JESS Why ever not? Good God. . She glowers at him. Rob sits heavily on the sofa. almost colliding with Michael as he re-enters. and this is – She looks expectantly at Nicola. KATE AND JESS' CORRIDOR Nicola quietly exits the bathroom door. Throwing a significant look at Kate. She has another giggling fit. Katherine. JESS Leon. LEON Come on in Michael and say hello to our unexpected guest. this is Rob. who stares blankly back at her. Rob. She peers in cautiously. How funny . Nicola scurries off in the direction indicated.

I can’t stand dealing with the GP. Shops. INT. Pause. For money. and Michael. The room is simply . Hated it. LEON Temp. The crazies on the street. She begins to sob quietly. she looks around the room. KATE'S BEDROOM Nicola quietly closes the door behind her and looks around. Still – it must be ten times worse for you though. Her gaze passes longingly from one pleasant furnishing to another before finally returning to the dressing table. really. ROB Whatever I can get my hands on. who vacillates between studiedly avoiding it and meeting it fiercely. Upset. KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM Jess leans heavily. ROB The what? LEON The General Public. Michael? ROB . mostly.but smartly – furnished. All the flotsam and jetsam of London town. taking in the tasteful. she slumps into the chair. What sort of work? Pause. You just never know what’s around the corner. Michael clearly wonders why.INT. all the while keeping a close eye on the door. but thorough rummage. ROB LEON I don’t envy you. moneyed atmosphere. Rob’s gaze repeatedly returns to Kate. Kate sits at the furthest point possible from both Rob. She is a mess. eh. drunkenly. she appears to abandon her search. As if for the first time. onto Leon. Rob? ROB Sorry? LEON To feed the machine. Nicola immediately heads for the dressing table and sifts through its contents. After a rapid. She looks at herself sadly in the mirror. LEON What do you do. eh? Been there.

ROB What? LEON Go on. he restrains himself from rising to Rob’s bait. you’d be duty-bound to intervene. Rob blanches. Rob.Why’s that? LEON Michael here protects the likes of you and I. Jess. from the likes of them. Leon does not. though not a large man. he’s off-duty. looks like he can handle himself. the cops. but can’t work out why. I bet you’re always looking to make the next collar. MICHAEL I need all the time off I can get. LEON (gleefully) He’s Old Bill! The pigs. wouldn’t you? Michael surveys the pair of them. Michael – show him your warrant card. the fuzz. MICHAEL . are you? MICHAEL How do you mean? LEON Well. He can sense that he is being played with. the heat! JESS Leon! LEON It’s only a joke. ROB Don’t count on it. Michael looks at Rob. if you tell me your looking to buy a house. LEON But you’re never really off-duty. He’s not going to arrest me for it! In any case. Right? MICHAEL Yes. Rob. But if I leapt on Rob here and started smacking him about. believe me. Shooting a glance at Kate. quizzically. I’m not obliged to offer you my services as an estate agent.

Leon looks after him. CORRIDOR Nicola moves along the corridor and. MICHAEL (inscrutably) I’d arrest you. MICHAEL Sorry. LEON (reaching into his pocket) So what would you do. Right? MICHAEL Yes. and then beat the living shit out of you. Sorry. He turns back to the’d have to do something. if I were to. ROB LEON But if it did . KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM JESS I think you asked for that. read you your rights. rounding the corner. NICOLA. right? INT. He gets up and walks out of the room. nearly walks into Michael. Michael. INT.Is that likely to happen? I doubt it. say. leaving him watching her retreating figure. roll a joint now? JESS Leon! LEON Or rack up a line. Michael leans toward Leon. LEON He was joking. . She continues to the living room. here on the coffee table? Pause. take you to the police station. stunned.

Jess absent-mindedly begins to drink from it. Look again. He leaves. We haven’t met properly. KATE AND JESS' KITCHEN Jess slops some wine into a glass for Nicola. KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM LEON I hope your girlfriend doesn’t bore easily. Jess passes the bottle to Nicola. JESS What are you two lovebirds up to? Are we boring you? Haven’t you got a drink. but before Nicola can take it. INT.Nicola enters and immediately looks to Rob. Rob and pass me that bottle. After a botched attempt. but is too drunk to manage it. dear? Be a darling. She tries to open it. ROB Jess staggers into the kitchen. JESS He was always a good-looker. He motions to the kitchen with his eyes. Kate in there used to have the most terrible crush on him. and as she leaves the room. Rob – Jess can be a bit much after a few drinks. JESS Thanks. Rob Hook. realising he has gone. Rob leans in close to Nicola. ROB It’s got a drawer at the back. INT. Nicola opens it easily and hands it back to her. She looks about. INT. Said she was going to marry him when they grew up! I used to hear no bloody end of him when we were little. KATE AND JESS' KITCHEN NICOLA It’s not there. I used to know your boyfriend when he was just a nipper. As she struggles. have we? I’m Jess. always banging on about . he gets up and follows her. Rob’s features harden. would you? Rob hands her a fresh bottle.

she was. Rob and Nicola exchange glances.Handsome Rob. LEON Typical. Kate? KATE (off) Under the sink. JESS Bollocks. shattering it. He wasn’t kidding earlier on. Leon and Kate head to the kitchen. KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM All eyes turn to the kitchen. LEON (off) Well done. INT. she accidentally knocks a glass over. . she quickly approaches him. Seeing that Rob is now alone in the living room. realising she is alone. So soon? ROB KATE Just go before I get Michael to throw you out. As she does so. But she never did… As this reminiscence is coming to an end. You’re probably carrying right now. Does he have any idea what we used to get up to? KATE Don’t push it. Jessica… Have you got a dustpan and brush. “Why don’t you do something about it instead of droning on about it?” I told her. Nicola takes the opportunity to slip out of the kitchen. Nicola swiftly heads in the direction of the bedroom. now fuck off. How much does Plod know? Didn’t think so. Rob. KATE Right. you’ve had your fun. Jess looks about. aren’t you? You could be in deep shit if I say the word. ROB I wouldn’t if I were you. Bored me silly eventually. Kate reenters. He’s a real Neanderthal when it comes to arrests.

NICOLA (off) ROB! Rob and Kate turn toward the bedroom. INT. She turns and runs to the door. darling. did you… All you cared about was yourself. That’s why I got clean. For you. But you just didn’t give a shit. Michael stares at her for a second.ROB “Michael. when she catches sight of the lipstick she used earlier. Michael is there at the same time. and leers mockingly up at Kate. She glances at the door. . INT. She gazes at it triumphantly and then pockets it. I wanted you to get clean. Nicola immediately thrusts her hand into her pocket. and is about to stuff it in her pocket. I wanted to marry you. We went off the rails together. but then I cleaned my act up and dropped him like a hot brick. hurriedly grabs it. didn’t I mention? I was engaged to a junkie. MICHAEL What are you doing in here? I… NICOLA MICHAEL Did you just take something? No.” KATE You ARSEHOLE. when – to her horror – the en suite door opens and Michael enters the bedroom. I – NICOLA MICHAEL Do you want to turn your pockets out for me? Nicola is terrified. could you arrest my ex-fiancé for me? Oh. She is just about to leave. KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM Rob has settled back into his seat. I begged you to sort yourself out. KATE’S BEDROOM Nicola finds the drawer in the jewellery box and takes out a diamond engagement ring. I couldn’t believe my luck. When you gave me that ring. I hated what happened to us.

ROB Kate turns to Rob to gauge his meaning. I gave it to her. (to Nicola) Where did you get this from? Silence. MICHAEL What else have you got in there? Empty your pockets. MICHAEL . Is this yours? MICHAEL KATE (confused) I don’t know. KATE’S BEDROOM MICHAEL What have you got there? Nicola hesitantly takes the lipstick out of her pocket as the door opens and Rob and Kate enter. Nicola is paralysed with fear. Kate? Kate has an intense look about her. Michael takes the ring from Nicola. KATE AND JESS' KITCHEN Leon looks in the direction of the cry. MICHAEL Is this yours. Michael immediately directs Kate’s attention to the lipstick in Nicola’s hand. but she makes no other sign of recognition. INT. Leave her alone. She takes the ring from him and examines it in silence. harder) Empty your pockets. Michael turns to Kate. She is on the horns of a dilemma. who is powerless to help.INT. but cannot let Michael see. but has his hands – and arms – full with a barely conscious Jess. ROB MICHAEL Keep out of this. Kate’s eyes widen. Almost hyperventilating. Nicola withdraws the ring. ROB What do you think you’re doing? MICHAEL Shut up. (to Nicola. It might be. She looks at Rob.

Michael turns to Kate. The tension begins to fade from the room. I had to guess her ring size. We’re getting it resized tomorrow. and leads her from the room. MICHAEL (quietly) Is it yours? KATE (after a pause) No.Why isn’t she wearing it then? ROB (thinking fast) It doesn’t fit. I told her not to carry it around with her. Rob? (calling after him) Kate wants to marry you! The front door slams. He examines her seriously. mate? Michael returns the ring suspiciously to Nicola. Rob and Nicola pass through the room and head straight for the front door. He is staring hard at her. Kate and Michael enter the room. LEON Leaving so soon? Rob does not bother to answer. ROB Can you give it back to my fiancé then. ROB (as he exits) Always looking for a collar. INT. INT. I’ve never seen it before. KATE AND JESS' LIVING ROOM Leon is struggling to walk Jess to the sofa. KATE AND JESS' FRONT DOOR Rob and Nicola hurrying down the corridor. I guessed wrong. Don’t you. Rob seizes the momentum. JESS (suddenly coming to) What’s going on? You’re not leaving are you. . Kate turns to face Michael. Nic? Nic? Nicola nods dumbly. but she likes to show it to people. who accepts it without a word. Rob goes to her.

.ROB A copper! What’s she playing at? Fucking yuppies. She stares wordlessly at the retreating door. I can’t believe I used to be like that… He pulls Nicola along with him.