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4} - (313)558-5517 A BBS for text file junkies RPGNet GM File Archive Site .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. By: Dave Marshall @ 914/701 ---------------------------------------------------------------------Class: Gallant (Bard) Specialty: Romantic Warrior (cavalier). Qualifications: Standard ability scores. Gallants cannot be neutral evil. Most Gallants are neutral good. Introduction: <omitted unless you request it, as it's a lot to type in from the book> Description: <ditto> Secondary Skills: <nobody uses these anymore, eh?> Weapon Proficiencies: Gallants must select the jousting lance for use in tournaments. Being the romantic fighters that they are, it is important that Gallants keep their weapons in perfect order and well polished. Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonuses: Dancing, Etiquette, Poetry, Languages (Ancient). Suggested: Animal Training, Armorer, Artistic Ability, Blacksmithing, Blind-Fighting, Bowyer/Fletcher, Languages (Modern), Leatherworking, Musical Instrument, Riding (Land-Based), Reading/Writing, Singing, Weaponsmithing. Armor/Equipment: Gallants are allowed to wear any form of armor, even those not normally allowed to the core bard. However, Gallants are more interested in quality and appearance than in the armor's actual protection. They will don a gleaming suit of chain mail instead of a dented suit of plate mail. A suit of studded leather +1 is more appealing to them than the gleaming chain, but padded leather +4 is even better (i.e., the bigger the magical bonus the better, regardless of the armor type). However, of all forms of armor, elven chain mail is most prized by the Gallant. The same logic holds true for all of their equipment. Special Benefits: Essence of Purity: Because Gallants are so infused with love, beauty, and the aspirations of a romantic, they seem to hang onto life when others would allow it to slip away. Thus, Gallants gain a bonus of 1 hit point each level (in addition to any Constitution' bonuses). Furthermore, if a Gallant fails a saving throw that will result in his death, the saving throw is rerolled for a second chance. Even when a Gallant is slain, he does not immediately drop over dead. Rather, he lingers on long enough to recite on final tragic poem for those who will listen. If the Gallant is slain in combat while defending love, innocence, or beauty (including members of the opposite sex), the Gallant hangs on and fights for another 1d4 rounds or until struck for additional damage equal to his level. Then he recites his poem and dies. Code of the Gallant: Gallants all live by a code of ethis that has slowly eveolved over the years. <condensing now> If true to this code, he gains an inner confidence and peace that results in a +2 bonus that can be applied to either his attack roll, damage roll, Armor Class, or saving throw each round (cannot be split up, and once used, it isn't available until the next round). If a Gallant breaks this code, the bonus is lost until Atoned. The Code of the Gallant: <tell me if you want it typed in> Romantic Appeal: Sort of an Influence Reactions. Could get members of the target group jealous, instead, though...

Non-magical. # Origin: Nwonknu Hq Gaming/Files HST RBBS (415)365-4194 (8:914/701) . and lasts until you screw up. however. At fifth level. a Gallant gains a squire.Poetic Charm: Sucker some fool into falling in love with you. (I stab him! Does he still love me?) Special Hindrances: A Gallant is a wanderer who never builds a stronghold.

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