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SAMSON AND DELILAH Narrator: Prepare to embark on a remarkable story!

Enter and ancient world where ordinary deed of extraordinary people would forever alter the course of history. *Sound of war, people shouting : The Israelites sinned against the Lord again, and he let the Philistines rule them for forty years. A man named Manoah from the town of Zorah and his wife had never been able to have children. Then one day, the Lord’s angel appeared to them.... Jerome : You have never been able to have children, but you will soon be pregnant and have a son. Be sure not to drink any wine or beer, or eat any forbidden food; and after your son is born, you must never cut his hair, because from the day of his birth he will be dedicated to God as a nazirite. He will begin the work of rescuing Israel from Philistines. Narrator: The woman gave birth to a son and named him Samson. The child grew and the Lord blessed him. And the Lord’s power began to strengthen him while he was between Zorah and Eshtaol in the Camp of Dan. : As Samson grow older, he became well known for his great strength. He was especially known to women. Jerome and Kyle : Come on men, help us carry this stuffs to the next room(trying to carry chairs) Kelvin: I cant do that, they’re heavy Jerome: everyone knows that you’re the strongest man. Come on, this girls are waiting to witness how your flex those muscles. Michelle and Zarah: Yessss!!! Kelvin : (Saw paula then tried to impress her by carrying two chairs) Paula: Woah. You are the strongest man ever Kelvin: And you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen Narrator: And Samson fought for his love for the Woman from timnah despite the fact that the woman is a Philistine. He climbed from mountains to mountains. Killed even the king of the jungle. Fought thirty to thousands of men. Talk about the power from Lord. However, their relationship had to end. Her father in law gave her wife to Samson’s best man. Angered, he burned out the wheat in the fields and also those that have already been harvested. The people of Timnah knowing the reason behind, burned Samson’s wife and her father’s house. And with the jawbone of a donkey, he killed thousands of men and then ruled the kingdom of Israel for twenty years while the Philistine ruled the land.

What’s your name? Zarah: Im Delilah. Scene: Adrian stealing purse then Zarah running after him Zarah: My purse!!!!! Scene: then Kelvin helped him Zarah : wow you are strong. Kelvin: Destiny huh. Michelle: do you know the current rumor? Zarah: Yah. We shall have a revenge Scene: Kelvin left Zarah and went home Harvin: if you love your country . Adrian: I think i have an idea. Kelvin: Oh come on! Scene: Delilah left Kelvin Jerome: Hey my friend why the sad face? Kelvin: Do you know that girl I was talking to a while ago? Jerome: my friend you are really outdated. What’s your name? Zarah: that’s for me to keep and for you to know... Is there anything I could do for you? Kelvin: How bout dinner to payback the help that I have given you the last day? Zarah: well. Kelvin: really strong if you are strong willed. im not really much of a cook Scene: Adrian and Harvin seeing the two. you’ll do what we say. What’s facebook for? Scene: Samson stalking Delilah’s profile Narrator: Then Samson found out the details about Delilah and the power of love brought them together. he’s killed more than a thousand of our Philistines .One day Samson went to the Philistine’s valley of Sorek where he met and fell in love with another woman. I have heard that she is now pregnant.

bakit? Zarah : Lahat kasi ng hinahanap ko sayo ko natagpuan Kelvin: ahhaaaa.. Think of the reward.. but Delilah has something more in her mind. the Philistines are coming! Fight scene Kelvin:. just for fun I guess. either magmurahan tayo o magmahalan tayo? So ano? Narrator: and their relationship prospered Zarah: Honey. Harvin: You are doing right Delilah. You’ll be a hero. eating that would make me weak Narrator: So Delilah went home and cooked hotdog Zarah: Samson. google ka ba? Kelvin: Hindi.. Adrian: All you have to do is find out what makes him weak. ( while Genji and HArvin is listening) Zarah: Samson. Narrator: Samson had fell in love quickly to Delilah. i do i do Kelvin: then why would you want me to be weaker than you? Zarah: I don’t know. Samson.Zarah: But he saved my life. Zarah: Alam mo dalawa lang pwede mangyari eh. But only if you promise to not hurt him if you found out that he has done nothing wrong. No sweat! Talking about Im Strong Zarah: You made me look like a fool. pinaglihi ka bas a keyboard? Zarah: Hindi bakit? Kelvin: type kasi kita. what if I like you weaker than me? Kelvin: I thought you like me strong? Zarah: Oh. Zarah: Alright I’ll help. Kelvin : im allergic to hotdog. .

I thought you could use your woman power to make him tell you his weakness. how may i help you? Zarah: I need fries Narrator: delilah went home with the fries and fed it Samson Zarah: Samson!!! The Philitines are after you!!! Kelvin :. you’ll be honest. Kelvin: I just to make fun out of you. Zarah: Samson the Philistines are coming!!! Kelvin: trying to snap the rope . cut Samson’s hair then the Philistines attacked him. try to be more serious. unwilling. Kelvin: Why do you want to know? Zarah: Everyone knows you are strong. Zarah: You never really loved me. No sweat! Talking about Im Strong HArvin: Delilah i am so disappointed of you. I have been dedicated to God as a nazarite from the time I was born. I drink milk before I sleep. With that I’ll be as weak as you could imagine Narrator: So Delilah ordered fries Michelle: Hi ma’am welcome to mcdonalds.Kelvin: How? Zarah: Those hotdogs never made you weak. Narrator: Delilah. What is the secret behind your strength? Kelvin: If that’s important to you. I want to know what would be your only weakness? Kelvin: Im allergic to French fries. If my hair were cut I would lose my strength and be as weak as anybody else. Zarah: I’ll get back to you! I’ll try again tonight Zarah: Samson do you love me more than anyone in the whole world Kelvin: Yes I do Zarah: Then promise. Zarah: come on Samson. Kelvin: Okay okay. My hair has never been cut.

Zarah: im sorry Samson. we offer Samson to you. Remember. Im so sorry Genji: Stop crying. GAME facilitated by Michelle!!!!!! . I had to tell them. temptations and hardships. Life is full of trials. Samson died in a heroic death that he had killed more people during his death than he killed during his life. Harvin: Dear god lord god. They’ll took his life as a revenge. Here’s your reward Zarah: I don’t want your money! Narrator: Samson was then caught and imprisoned by the Philistines. He has always been there. in this situation you are on the position where you utmost need god. but it is never right to say that He has left you hanging despite the sacrifices that you have done. You are now richer Kelvin: I know my Lord will help me Adrian: Stop thinking about that! Your Lord has abandoned you! Take him away! HArvin: Strop crying Delilah. He has recognized your effort of going to church. praying everyday and doing good deeds to His people. our greatest enemy! Take him back! Zarah:if i knew you would torture him i should have never helped you HArvin: Come on Delilah Kelvin: Is this the main temple Genji: Yes it is Kelvin: could you guide me to the ain pillars so that i could lean and make some rest? Jerome: look the mighty one if weak Zarah: you could at least untie him Kelvin: My God give me strength Harvin: what are you mumbling about? Kelvin: Lord let me die with the Philistines! (KYLE-father): Samson pushed with all his might and the building fell down on the five kings and everyone else. Never turn your back against him for he only wanted what is good for you.