PPSC,CSS General Knowledge MCQs Section -1

1. The speed of rotation of the earth is the highest___? (a) Along the equator (b)along the topic of cancer(c)along the arctic circle(d)at the north pole. Answer is = D 2. Flash Point term is related with the (a) study of water(b) Study of Rocks (c) Study of Climate (d) study of Dew drops Answer is = C 3. About 50%of the world population is concentrated between the latitudes of____? (a)5 N and 20 N (b)20 N and 40 N (c)40 N and 60 N (d)20 S and 40 S. Answer is = D 4. The time at any point on the earth’s surface calculated when the sun reaches its highest position in the Sky is known as___? (a)local time (b)sidereal time (c)solar time (d)standard time. Answer is = A 5. what will be the time at a place situated at 70 W when it is 4 p.m. at a place situated at 35 E__? (a)5 p. m (b)8 p.m. (c)11 a.m.(d)9 a.m. Answer is = D 6. When the local time is 12.00 noon and the time at Greenland Meridian is 8.00 a.m. The local longitude is _____? (a)60 east (b)60 west (c)45 west (d)45 east. Answer is = A 7. How many countries are land locked countries in the world ____? (a) 34 (b) 36 (c) 40 (d) 44. Answer is = D 8. In the troposphere the normal lapse rate i.e., the decrease in temperature with height is of the order of ______? (a)1 C for 155 meters (b)1 C for 160 meters (c)1 C for 165 meters (d)1 C for 170 meters. Answer is = C 9. A land locked country in Africa is___________? (a)Zambia (b)Tanzania (c)Nigeria (d)Somalia. Answer is = A

Answer is = C 15. Answer is =B 18. The atmosphere pressure at any place is measured by___? (a) Altimeter (b) pressure meter (C) Pyrenees (D) thermometer. If a magnetic needle is freely suspended at the geographic north pole_________________? (A)the needle will remain vertical with its N-pole downward(B)the needle will remain almost vertical with its N-pole downward(C)the needle will remain vertical with its S-pole downward(d)the needle will remain almost vertical with its S –pole downward. Answer is = D 11. Answer is = B 19.South pole is located in the continent of ____? (a)Africa (b)Australia (c)Asia (d)Antarctica Answer is = D 13. Answer is = C . Answer is = B 14. Answer is = B 16. Which country was earlier known as siam______? (A) Indonesia (B) Somalia (C)Thailand (D)Myanmar Answer is = C 20. Answer is = D 12. Which peninsula lies between the black sea and sea of Azov ____? (A)Crimean (B) Iberian (C) Kamchatka (D) Yucatan Answer is = A 17. which is the largest country in the Arabian peninsula ____? (A)Oman (B)Yemen (c) Saudi Arabia (D) Kuwait. In which one of the following positions does the earth revolve at a faster rate around the sun_________? (a) Summer solstice (b) winter solicits (c) autumnal equinox (d) vernal equinox.Which of these cities once served as the capital of Japan____? (A) Kobe (B) Kyoto (C) Okinawa (D) sendia. Which mountain system lies between the black sea and Caspian sea____? (A)Appalachians (B) Caucasus (C) Pyrenees (d) atlas. Which among the following trees is considered the tallest in the word? (A) Cedar (B) redwood (C) eucalyptus (D)date palm. On the bank of which river is the city of London located_____? (a)Seven (B) Thames (c) Avon (D) number.10.

Answer is = D 29. Which next layer is above the troposphere ___? (A) Mesosphere (B) stratosphere (C) thermosphere (D) space Answer is = B 28. Thickness of atmosphere around the earth is _____? (A) 100 km (B) 130 km (C) 145 km (D) 195 km. The mesosphere extended above the earth’s surface is up to ____? (A) 60 km (B) 65 km (C) 80 km (D) 85 km . Lines joining places of the same earthquake intensity are known as __? (A) Isohyets (B) isohels (C) Isoseismal lines (D) isohalines Answer is = C . Above the earth’s surface troposphere extends to a height of_____? (A) 08 km (B) 12 km (C) 15 km (D) 20 km . Answer is = 22. Canola refers to special type of oil seed mustard bred for human consumption. which of these cloud forms in found at the highest altitudes____? (A)Billow (B) Nacreous (C) Noctilucent (D) Pile us. The layers of atmosphere are divided in to____? (A) Two parts (B) 3 parts (C) 4 parts (D) 5 parts. Which one of the following phenomena occurs when water vapor condenses around a particle of smoke____? (A) Fog (B) hail (C) mist (D) smog Answer is = D 30. Answer is = C 24.21. The main characteristic of these varieties is that the ____? (A) Seeds have very high oil content (B) oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (C) Oil has long shelf-life (D) oil has very low Erucic acid content. Answer is =C 27. which river forms the grand canyon in the united states____? (A)Mississippi (B)Hudson (C)Colorado Columbia . Answer is = C 26. Answer is = B 31. Atmosphere around the earth maintains its _____? (A) Temperature (B) pressure (C) density (D) shape Answer is =A 25. Answer is = C 23.

According to Simon Winchester’s book..Which of the following countries has highest percentage of land under cultivation__? (A) U.The production of rubber tree is better adopted to areas where the climate is ? (A)Warm and humid (B)warm and dry (C)cool and moist (D)cool and dry Answer is = A 42. What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping ___? (A)Alkaline(B)acidic(C)waterlogged(D)soil with excessive clay content Answer is = A 37. (B) India (C) China (D) Canada Answer is = B 34.S.All the following are planetary winds except ______? Trade winds(B)the westerly’s(C) polar winds (d) the monsoon winds Answer is = D 40.32. Australia Answer is = B 41.. Which form of iron has got the highest carbon content ___? (A) Mild steel (B) stainless steel (C) wrought iron (D) cast iron Answer is = 35. Rows of trees grown along the coastal areas to reduce the impact of cyclones are known as_____? (A) Wind breaks (B) protection (C) mangroves (D) shelter belts Answer is = C 36.A. Which one of the following lakes forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Uganda _____? (A) Chad (B) Malawi (C) Victoria (D) Zambezi Answer is = C 33. tectonic are there in the earth _____? (A) 15 (B) 29 (C) 36 (D) 32 Answer is = C 39.Which one of the following is a metamorphic rock ______? (A) Granite (B) basalt (C) marble (C) sandstone Answer is = C 38.Gulf streams are caused by _______? (A)Cyclone(B)temperature(C)ocean pressure(D)difference in water level Answer is = C .South America (B)Gobi……Asia (C)Kalahari…. Africa (D)great sandy …. Which one of the following parts of clod deserts and continents is correctly matched ___? (A) Atacama ….

before independence it was part of _? (A) Taiwan (B) Malaysia (C) Thailand (D) Indonesia Answer is = D 51. The theory that refers to an explosion about 10 to 15 billion years ago which most astronomers believe to be the origin of the universe is called ______? (A)The red shift theory (B)Relativity theory (C)Big bang theory (D)Titanic theory Answer is = C 47. before its independence it was part of ______? (A) Yugoslavia (B) Albania (C) Romania (D) Bulgaria Answer is = A 52. Which one of the following scholars suggested the earth’s origin from gases and just particles __________? (A) James jeans (B) H. Select the stranger in the group_______________? (A) Cartograms (B) multiple bars (C) weather maps (D) pie diagrams Answer is = C 49.Alfven (C) f.43.Schmidt. The soil which cracks and shrinks most as it dries is____________________? (A) Clayey soil (B) porous soil (C) sandy soil (C) loamy soil Answer is = A 50. Black holes are stellar object which___________? (A) Emit black body radiation (B) have weak gravitational field (C) have intense gravitational field (D) have intense magnetic field Answer is = C 48. On the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere the length of day time on the Antarctic Circle is ________? (A) 12 hours (B) 24 hours (C) Zero hours (D) 6 hours Answer is = C . The minimum land area recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance is ______? (A) 25% (B) 33% (C) 43 % (D) 53% Answer is = A 45. All vital atmospheric process leading to various climatic and weather conditions take place in the ___? (A) troposphere (B) ionosphere (C) exosphere (D) stratosphere Answer is = A 44. East Timor is now independent country. Kosovo is now independent country. Hoyle (D) O. Answer is = D 46.

The leading producer of silver is _____________? (A) U. Answer is = C .A (B) Russia (C) Mexico (D) South Africa. ionosphere. which of the following sequence represents correctly the different atmospheric layers from the earth’s surface __________? (A) Stratosphere ‘troposphere. Weathering is ________? (A) Breakdown or disintegration of rocks (B) Formation of soil by fine sand particles (C) breaking of the surface of land by flowing water (D) wearing down of rock surface.53. Days and nights are of equal duration on March 21 at ________? (A) The tropic of cancer alone (B) the tropic of equator alone (C) the tropic of Capricorn alone (D) All parallel of latitude Answer is =D 55. Which of the following is the oldest rock __________? (A) Quartzite (B) Ordovician (C) Carbonatities (D) Cambrian.S.Danube (C) Rome ——– Seine (D) Paris ——– Tiber Answer is = A 60. tropopause (B) Ionosphere tropopause Troposphere stratosphere (C) Troposphere tropopause stratosphere ionosphere (D) Stratosphere Troposphere ionosphere tropopause. Answer is = C 54. Answer is = B 59. Which of the following pairs is correct _________? (A) Baghdad ——– Tigris (B) Bonn ———. Answer is = A 57. Which of the following in the most porous rock ________? (A) Basalt (B) granite (C) sandstone (D) slate Answer is = C 56. Which type of plants are adapted to grow under drought conditions _____________? (A) Pteridophytes (B) xerophytes (C) tropophytes (D) hygrophytes Answer is = B 58.

Answer is = A 70. The highest glade of coal whose surface is shining and has the highest calorific value is____? (A) lignite (B) peat (C) bituminous (D) anthracite. Answer is =D 62. Change in season is caused due to ____________? (A) Revolution of earth (B) rotation of earth (C) inclination of earth (D) none of these Answer is = A 71. Winds generally blow from areas of ___________? (A) Low pressure to that of high pressure (B) high pressure to that of low pressure (C) high . High tides at antipodes are caused due to _________? (A) Gravitational pull of the moon and the sun (B) Gravitational pull of the sun (C) Centrifugal. Which of the following is a great circle_________? (A) The arctic circle (B) the tropic of cancer (C) the equator (D) the tropic of Capricorn Answer is = C 65. If a place is located at 20 N . 80 E in which of the following continents does it lie _____? (A) Africa (B) Asia (C) Europe (D) North America Answer is = B 63. Availability of ample water is one of the important considerations in the location of ____? (A) Cotton textile industry (B) paper industry (C) electronic industry (D) automobile industry Answer is = B 66. Answer is = A 69. Which of the following statements about ozone layer is correct __________? (A) it converts UV radiations in to electrical energy (B) it protects the earth’s life forms by preventing the damaging UV (C) it is of uniform thickness (D) none of the above Answer is = B 68. Soil formed by deposition of silt brought by rivers is ______________? (A) Alluvial soil (B) red soil (C) black soil (D) pod sols Answer is = A 67.61. centripetal and gravitational pull of the sun (D) Centrifugal. Which of the following is the region of winter rainfall _____________? (A) Mediterranean (B) Tropical (C) Arctic (D) Monsoon Answer is = A 64. Which of the following types of rainfall is typical of equatorial regions _____________? (A) Convectional (B) Orographic (C) Cyclonic (D) None of these. centripetal and gravitational pull of the sun and the moon.

Which of the following countries has largest area in the world ___________? (A) Canada (B) China (C) U.000 ft. Roaring forties are ___________? (A) cyclonic westerly winds is northern hemisphere (B) spring tides(C) ocean current in northern . elevation (C) where the rainfall is between 30 and 40 (D) where the rain fall is between 80 and 120 Answer is =D 78. Which of the following climate types is said to be characterized by three Eighties: 80 F of temperature.00 a. (C) 12. Which of the following is a kharif crop ______________? (A) Wheat (B) Rice (C) Gram (D) mustard Answer is = B 79.S.00 noon Answer is = B 77.00 p. Evergreen forests are found ______________? (A) In the estuaries of great rivers (B) in the Himalayas above 3. 80 per cent of humidity and 80 inches of rainfall____________? (A) Monsoon climate (B) Equatorial climate (C) Mediterranean climate (D) temperate climate Answer is = B 76 .A (D) Russia Answer is = D 75.The imaginary line on the earth’s surface which closely follow the 180 meridian is called_________? (A) International date line (B) tropic of cancer (C) equator (D) prime meridian Answer is = A 74. (D) 12. The seasonal reversal of winds is a phenomenon noticed in ______________? (A) Monsoon climate (B) equatorial climate (C) Mediterranean climate (D) high lands Answer is = A 81.pressure to that of moderate pressure (D) low pressure to that of moderate pressure . in Tokyo what is the time at Panama canal which is located at 180 W of it _________? (A) 4.00 a. Answer is = B 72. Hail storm occurs in summer season due to the formation of clouds called ________? (A) Cirrus (B) cumulus (C) cumulonimbus (D) cirrocumulus Answer is = C 80. Which of the following soils is best suited for deep rooted crops___________? (A) Red soil (B) Black soil (C) Laterite soil (D) alluvial soil Answer is = B 73 .When it is 8 p. m.m.m. (B) 8.m.

The lunar eclipse occurs when ___________? (A) Moon is between the earth and sun (B) Earth is between the sun and moon (C) Sun is between the earth and the moon (D) Earth is at right angles to the direction of the sun and the moon Answer is = B 85. Ability to use less water (A) 1. Latitude is a measure of _____________? (A) 0 (B) 30 (C) 60 (D) 90 Answer is = D 88.2 and 4 (B) 2 and 3 (C) 1. Humidity in the air is maximum in ____________? (A) winter (B) summer (C) monsoon (D) autumn Answer is = C 83. Ability to trap more solar energy 2.2 and 3 (D) 1 and 3 Answer is = C 86. Contour is a measure of ___________? (A) Topography (B) rainfall (C) temperature (D) pressure Answer is = A 87.hemisphere (D) steady north westerly anti-trade winds in southern hemisphere Answer is = D 82. The area associated with the greatest frequency of earthquakes is ____________? (A) eastern coastal areas of Asia (B) northern coastal areas of Eurasia (C) west coast of north and south America (D) western coastal areas of Africa. High harvest index 4. Answer is = C 90. Sandstones belong to ______________? (A) Argillaceous rocks (B) calcareous rocks (C) carbonaceous rocks (D) Arenaceous rocks Answer is = D 84. Cloud burst means ______________? (A) Formation of artificial rain (B) Presence of scattered flakes of cloud in the sky (C) Showing . Ability to utilize more nutrients 3. Why_________? (A) due to rotation of earth around its axis (B) Due to revolution of earth around the sun on its orbit (C) both of the above (D) none of the above Answer is = B 89. The high yielding varieties of crops possess which of the following characters____? 1. There is a seven difference in the climates of northern and southern hemispheres.

of seeds of a crop in a cloudy weather (D) Abnormally heavy downpour of rain associated with a thunderstorm. Which of the following countries has longest land frontiers ____________? (A) Burma (B) Russia (C) China (D) Laos.The earth revolves round the sun in its orbit by approx _________? (A) 5 per day (B) 2 per day (C) 1 per day (D) 3 per day Answer is = C 97. one degree of longitude on the equator is equal to a distance of __________? (A) 96 km (B) 80 km (C) 55 km (D) 112 km Answer is = D 99. Which one of the following is correct _____________? (A) all longitudes are not great circles (B) all longitudes and equator are great circles (C) all latitudes and Greenwich meridian are great circles (D) all latitudes and longitudes are great circles Answer is = B 93. Answer is = C 95. Which one of the following is an ore of iron ______________? (A) Bauxite (B) hematite (C) limonite (D) gypsum Answer is = B 92.The shortest day in northern hemisphere is _________? (A) 25 December (B) 22 December (C) 15 June (D) 22 June Answer is = B 96. Answer is = C . The rocks which are formed by direct cooling and solidification of magma are called______? (A) Sedimentary rocks (B) Derivative rocks (C) Igneous rocks (D) Metamorphic rocks Answer is = C 94. Answer is = D 91. Which one of the following is correct in respect of the Mediterranean type of climate ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬____? (A) warm winters (B) cold and dry summers (C) warm and dry summers and cold and wind winters (D) warm and wet summers and cold and dry winters. Vasco day game discovered the sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope in _______________? (A) 1494 (B) 1498 (C) 1502 (D) 1506 Answer is = B 98.

Which of the following is not a Scandinavian country___________? (A) Denmark (B) Belgium (C) Norway (D) none of these Answer is = B .100.

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