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SESSION DESIGN TOPIC: Range of Motion (Lower Extremities) THEME: Pag-eehersisyo ay palagiin, upang ang katawa’y maliksi

at ‘di sakitin OVERALL GOAL: At the end of the Health Education, the participants will be able to know the importance of exercise in the lower extremities. VENUE: Bagay Elementary School PARTICIPANTS: Grade IV- B Pupils LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of the health education session, the participants will be able to: a. Know the objectives of exercise in the lower extremities CONTENT METHODOLOGY TIME FRAME RESOURCES PERSONS RESPONSIBLE EVALUATION

Objectives: 1. to know the benefits of range of motion in lower extremities 2. to learn the kinds of exercise in the lower extremities 3. to have an idea on the purpose of exercise 4. to understand the proper way of exercising 5. to be aware of the risk too much exercise Getting to know the health education establish

Discussion  the health educator discuss, the importance of conducting Health education session regarding the exercise on lower extremities

4 minutes


Group 6, AHSE 2J

Participants became aware of the importance of conducting health education session regarding the exercise on lower extremities

b. Familiarize themselves

Distribution of name tags  the health educators

4 minutes

Name tags

Group 6, AHSE 2J

The participants were able to familiarize the

Understand the  Boosts the immune purpose of 3 minutes Diorama Charles Patrick Y.with the health educator friendly relationship with their participants distribute name tags to the pupils Introduction  introducing of the health educators through jingle Discussion  the health educator discuss the meaning of exercise 2 minutes Diorama Dorina Lorraine B. Define the meaning of exercise Exercise strengthens the body by improving its structure and function. Pobre Participants were able to understand the purpose . Recognize the parts of lower extremities Discussion  the health educator presents the parts of the lower extremities to give the participants on idea about the entire discussion Game Puzzle  the health educator conduct a puzzle game for the participant to know the parts of the lower extremities Discussion 3 minutes Diorama Illustrations Dorina Lorraine B. Bodily activity that develops or maintains physical fitness and overall health. e. Binarao names of the health educators as well as the health educators familiarize the names of the participants The participants were able to define exercise. c. Binarao Participants were able to recognize the parts of the lower extremities.     thigh leg ankle foot hip or pelvic girdle d.

type II diabetes and obesity.exercise     f. . muscle strength and joint mobility  the health educator discuss the purposes of exercise of exercise. listen to the body’s Mira Anne Reboldela Participants were able to remember the guidelines before.  Proper rest and recovery of health.  Minimum daily activity/ exercise of a school age us 1 hour or more. Improve mental health Maintains physical fitness/ healthy weight Maintaining healthy bone density. Remember the guidelines of exercising Do’s  Proper nutrition is important to health when exercising. Consider the new words system Prevent diseases of affluence such as heart disease. during and after exercising. during and after exercising Diorama g.  When exercising. cardiovascular disease.  You must be careful when stretching during your warm-up to avoid injuring cold muscles. 10 minutes Discussion  the health educator inform the do’s and don’ts before.

nausea.  Stop exercising if you feel very out of breath. during and after the intense exercise. undue fatigue.  Warm-up of 5-10 minutes. faint.  Avoid strain and over exertion. .  Everyone should drink lots of fluid before. participants the  Never get into a hot different kinds of shower until you have exercise in lower 5 minutes Diorama Maria Annunciata B. Demonstration dizzy. The body part exercised needs at least a day of rest or should exercise 3x a week.warning symptoms and consult a doctor if exercise causes chest pain. or light headedness. irregular heartbeat. unexpected healthlessness. Masirag Participants were able to distinguish the different kinds of exercise in lower extremities. nauseous  the health educator shows to the or have pain. Don’ts  Too much exercise can be harmful.

cooled down completely. Achanzar Participants were able to appreciate the benefits of exercise to them. i. Identify the benefits of exercise Benefits  Increasing growth factors that help create new cells  Reduces risk of heart disease. Distinguish the different kinds of exercise.          knee rotation hip rotation walking running jogging stretching half knee bend full knee bend marching extremities 5 minutes Discussion  the health educator confer the benefits of exercise to the participants Diorama Rachel Ann A. osteoporosis. h. diabetes and obesity  Contributes to your mental well-being and helps depression  Helps relieves stress and anxiety  Increases your energy and endurance  Helps you sleep better  Have a stronger .

. AHSE 2J Participants were able to follow the proper way of exercising.       j. Patromo The participants were able to realize the risk of strenuous exercise. Realize the risk of strenuous exercise muscles and bones Have a better outlook in life Help improve a person’s sports performance Improve range of motion Improving cholesterol and fat levels. Risk  Too much to lose weight isn’t healthy. assisting weight loss program Helps kids lower their risk of chronic pain Long term exercise may help control asthma and reduce hospitalization Exercise improves psychological wellbeing and replaces sedentary habits that usually lead to smacking. The body needs enough calories to 10 minutes Demonstration  the health educator exhibits to the participants the proper Radio Group 6. 4 minutes Discussion  the health educator discuss the risk of strenuous exercise Diorama Lerflex C.

l. or loss of high-frequency hearing. AHSE 2J Participants were able to feel full and charge Group 6.  High-impact exercise can also cause dizziness. way of exercising Distribution of snacks  the health educator distributes the snacks of the pupils Observation  the health educators observe the expressions of the participants Snacks Group 6. ringing in the ear. AHSE 2J Participants were able to react on any questions the health educators ask.  Incorrect movements can literally cause mechanical problems in the muscles.  Competitive running or high impact aerobics pose high-risk of a number of injuries to the bones and muscles. Follow the proper way of exercising function properly. Enjoy the food given to them m. Respond after the health education .k. motion sickness.