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The role of Media in spreading westernization.

Westernization has been spread through out our country because of the media. The TV channels shows various newscasters and different characters in the dramas wearing westernized clothes. In addition to this, intimate scenes are becoming more common in TV programs. Even our Lux Style Awards depict the western style of dressing and decor. The catalougs, magazines, billboards etc clearly show the impact of westernization all over Pakistan. You can see the catalougs of StoneAge for example. Magazines and certain tv shows discuss extremely open issues that are out of the scene if people take into account our culture, tradition and religious values. This is what, following, western liberal concepts has done to us. We don't even remember our own values and beliefs and therefore we are getting entrapped deeper into the web of westernization (so called advancement that is considered essential for development!!!)

Govt fails to stop spread of western culture: Qazi

Islamabad—Former Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed has appealed media to avoid on air such entertainment programs that harm theideology of Pakistan, adding that the advertisements can make according to our own culture despite enhancing immoral advertisements. Talking to media in Supreme Court premises Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that constitution of Pakistan assures the provision of fresh environment to the masses of state. He said that legal and illegal channels are paying programs against the ideology of the Pakistan and objective resolution and Western culture is being promoted by the programs. Qazi said that government is not playing its due role to stop the Hindu and western culture, so I (Qazi), Justice retired Wajihuddin and Muhammad Hussain Mehnati have written separate letters to Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for taking suo moto notice on the situation. Qazi said that Chief Justice taking notice of letters had directed to PEMRA to take action against such programs but PEMRA failed to take actionagainst channels and CJ has converted the letters into the petition. The hearing of the petition was fixed today (Friday) but due to hearing of petitions against contempt law court could not took up the hearing and adjourned the hearing till August 02, Qazi said. I have appeared today and would also come to the court on next date of hearing, Qazi said. Responding to a question Qazi said that we have no care of any person who favours such immoral programs and judiciary also should also do so, because constitution assures the provision of fresh environment. It is worth mentioning here that apex court could not hear the Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s petition file against obscene and other objectionable material being carried in media due to hearing of constitutional petitions against new contempt law act..—SANA

due to media influence. Now our channels start producing and arranging such musical and dance shows by following their footsteps in which boys and girls dance together and wearing nude dresses. promoting more liberalism and modernism in Pakistani society and youth. Impact of foreign traditions that are being introduced through media has great influence on our religious traditions. Fashion and style introduced through celebrities is considered as latest and advanced in our society. People like hostelling at expensive food points instead of eating at home. Moreover these are changing eating habits and dinning culture. start celebrating Valentine’s Day. . are getting popularity due tocable television transmission which promote the modern way of life. now people started liking the western food due to the advertisements and demonstrations on channels. share their feelings. Families in Pakistan welcomed people at their homes. Social interaction is a part of Pakistan’s culture. Traditionally. festivals & shows. increase in the number of channels. where as Islam teaches simplicity. Traditions play an important part in every culture as well as formation of cultural identification. arrange gatherings. family. It is our common observation that. The results of surveys prove that due to increase and explosive growth of cable & satellite transmissions. many of marriages cant successful.Thursday.Indian culture. has taken over the practice of reading. more boldness. cultural values and daily life style. Today. Hence affect the reading culture. Cable channels are affecting the language of Pakistani people. Halloween and Bonfire aligned with Pakistani norms and traditions. meet frequently with their friends. jewellery. Holly. It is general observation that people follow the celebrities shown in media. They are influence by Indian culture by showing attractive marriage traditions. So it is a time to think that where we stand? Our media is exhibiting foreign and Indian films without any substantial censorship policy. Pakistan has a culture for arrange marriages. We observe unlimited glamour in dramas which playing an important role in putting the people in psychological conflicts. neighbors and relatives to interact. plying Indian songs and dances during the marriage ceremony. Viewers felt a change in their outlook towards life and became more broad-minded. Majority of the people admitted that they follow Hindu traditions in marriages. Our youth become weight conscious as well as having perfect body shape due to media influence. Our media try erosion of Pakistani culture and introducing Indian and western culture in the country. Marriage ceremonies which showing on today’s media especially in dramas are not in accordance with our Islamic traditions. It gains popularity as time passed. now children select their life partners by their own choice. April 26. They start idealizing and seem them as role models. which passively stunts the human capabilities. Many Pakistani private channels are telecasting foreign and Indian films. blunt attitude has been prevailing in society. 2012 . affects the youth of Pakistan especially by changing their thoughts. Our social values are changing slowly and steadily. As a result. With emergence of these channels. the whole media industry has been commercialized. Proud nations take pride in promoting and expanding their language. minds. spend leisure time. emotions and family matters with each other.Pakistan is one of those developing countries which are suffering from western culture due to foreign and private channels on satellite or cable network. beliefs. culture of love marriages get popular. These channels are extinction the shyness among viewers. Mostly parents or relatives select life partner for their children. We all agreed that marriage functions in high class are following the same patterns shown in dramas. now people feel proud when they speak English and those who cannot speak English frequently try to incorporate English words in their regional and Urdu language to leave good impression on others. stage decoration. expensive dresses.

I request media representatives to take appropriate measures to handle this worst situation and make media policy followed by all channels. In a free country people have the opportunity to speak. He admires and follows the customs. romance etc. Our channels should produce and broadcast quality programs that could help in the promotion of Pakistani values and traditions and improve the image of Pakistan at international level. values and principles of the life designated by the social set-up of the country. secure and a better place to live for himself and the generations to come. It states that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations by every definition. religious beliefs and values of Pakistani youth. They are losing its cultural identity by show off. it is suggested that our channels should be strengthened and telecast programs with better content. therefore Muslims should have a separate homeland. He strives to make his homeland a free. To minimize and resist the effects of foreign channels. ARY digital. Hum TV and Geo entertainment etc. coke and hostelling. increased productivity. act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions. The effects are clearly visible on lifestyles. are highly influenced by Indian and western channels and trying to compete with these channels to serve as the trendsetter for our society. Our Pakistani drama channels such as Indus Vision. When we look around us. fully makeup. we can say that media is mow introducing new trends. It is important because it leads to enhanced independence. grows up and lives.In Pakistan. stylish hair cuts etc. expressions of creativity and original thought. Two-Nation Theory is the basis of creation of Pakistan. language. Teenagers fond of burgers. our drama industry made sudden impact on minds of peoples. and an overall high quality of life. We all are accepting it. attitudes and standards for a modern life which greatly affected the society. Most of us having opinion that ostentation & lavish life style presented in soaps & dramas are dragging them away from austerity & contented life style and invoking with in them status consciousness by engraving the race of materialism in their minds. cultural. Our youth is an asset and future of ours so we pay special attention on youth. dressing. The Indian dramas & films have frequent and intensive negative impact on our social. girls or boys wearing fashionable clothes. It is human nature to show affection to the land where he is born. traditional celebrations and religion. language or other cultural values such as male actors hugging and handshaking with female actresses then the viewers are easily persuaded to adopt these changes or at least they become mentally liberal which is an initial step towards change. Thus. When the viewers observe that our media is absorbing the change whether it is in the form of dresses. food. Pakistan came into being with the same thought in the mind of our great leaders who were not agreed to see Muslims living in oppressive conditions . glamour. sitting together. find fashion every where. behaviors.

Pakistan appeared on the world map in August 1947. Our nation renews commitments to make Pakistan prosperous and strong. Regrettably this enthusiasm remains just for few days. social values and literary thoughts. Similarly. Two-Nation Theory is the basis of creation of Pakistan. nor dine together. with excitement. with our own laws. goals set for the future and pay tribute to the Father of the Nation. etc. Every year we celebrate Independence Day on August 14. The role of media is enormous here whereby the extensive promotion of western product brands are forcing consumers in our society to simply reject the local brands and consider them inferior comparing with the foreign brands in the market. “The Hindus and Muslims belong to two different religious philosophies. features and highlight the importance of the day and sacrifices rendered by heroes and nation's forefathers for it. Today the world community comprises more than 180 countries. the nation shows love and enthusiasm for their country but. Pakistan is losing its identity. with every passing year. on the whole situation is different. dramas. the electronic media plans wide-ranging programmes. They neither intermarry. parades and vibrant functions in all small and major cities of the country. It states that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations by every definition.without any identity or individuality. but due to the changing life patterns and . and they belong to two different civilisations which are based mainly on conflicting ideas and conceptions. to mark the occasion. These programmes highlight the significance of the day. Quaid-e-Azam. But in fact since its creation. It's not because of economic and political background. importance of identity. Political and civil society organisations arrange rallies. therefore Muslims should have a separate homeland where they can spend their lives according to the glorious teachings of Islam. great zeal and passion. we are living in a free state. Mohammed Ali Jinnah's speech at All India Muslim League Conference in 1940 gives a crystal clear concept of Muslims' of that time.” Today. The print media carries special supplements. articles. Buildings are illuminated and decorated with national flags. talk shows. is it the same Pakistan which our ancestors dreamt of? As far as the celebrations on the Independence Day are concerned. including national songs. ideology of Pakistan. quiz. rules and freedom but a question arises here.

Pakistanis tend to be more appreciative of the foreign cultures being promoted than their local values and trends. Fascination of English language is so much that many Pakistanis. The promotion of American. skits etc. speaking English language is a status symbol and the people speaking Urdu are considered backward or illiterate.thoughts of every Pakistani. It's the individuality or national identity that makes a nation different from rest of the world. For instance. movies. The role of media is enormous here whereby the extensive promotion of western product brands are forcing consumers in our society to simply reject the local brands and consider them inferior comparing with the foreign brands in the market. The undue westernisation is dominating the typical Pakistani culture. They are creating . culture and traditions. Pakistani society is undergoing a massive cultural change rapidly resulting in an identity crisis for Pakistanis. Therefore. Our new generation is so much involved with foreign culture that it's getting away from the local dresses.. They hardly know its actual and indigenous values. And those few who are followers of their own culture are thought to be out-dated or backward. The European and American culture is slowly engulfing our society. The younger generation seldom cares for their parents and elders. music programmes. The deep-rooted embedded cultural values in our society are becoming hollow and gradually fading away. the extended and joint family system. they prefer adopting these foreign culture hence leading towards a change in our society. The programmes telecast through satellite TV channels and on cable TV networks in Pakistan are predominantly western and Indian. is slowly deteriorating. They cannot differentiate between the two and ready to adopt whatever is shown to them by the media. European and Indian culture via dramas. Therefore. who are fluent in English. Various catalysts for change are responsible for this scenario including media as the key player. telecast on various satellite TV channels escalate change in local culture and values. a hallmark of Pakistani culture. are unable to understand Urdu.

Muslims being in majority in Pakistan are losing their Islamic/indigenous values and ultra-modern educational institutions as well as media are gradually inculcating western and Indian values in the younger generation. control our minds and probably control the world. Today. Further Urdu language is getting unwanted additions due to invasion of foreign words (Hindi and English). the meal preferences have changed from chapatti and rice to Subway.inferiority complex among those who do not have good command on English but speak excellent Urdu. religion. English and Hindi words is emerging. culture and sociology. priorities and even enemies. Similarly. former prime minister of Malaysia is of the view that we live in the age of information technology. hear and witness is decided by media. But what we see. KFC and McDonalds. Pepsi and Coke have found its way into our homes. tomorrow they will broadcast raw pornography to corrupt our children and destroy our culture. a nation of 170 million. They have an effective weapon in the form of a worldwide television network. As the people who control the media. are confused about their ideology. A new language which is a mix of Urdu. And who control the powerful world media are not the national governments of developing or developed nations but a very few people. we can sit in our homes and watch and hear whatever happens in the world. He further says that Malaysia believes in press freedom but with responsibility. they broadcast slanted news. control our minds and probably control the world. who decide what we should see and hear. And who control the powerful world media are not the national governments of developing or developed nations but a very few people. As the people who control the media. Instead of traditional drinks. Mahathir bin Mohammad. Today. The situation is indeed alarming for the national identity in Pakistan. values. They are already doing that in Europe. hold mammoth power. . We can control the reception today but not in future. Clearly the people.” Unfortunately our own media is playing a significant role in this regard. It seems that Pakistanis. There has been and there will continue to be an unending explosion in the field of information technology.

If we want our upcoming generation should breathe freely as an independent nation in the world. dignity and secure our identity. abide by the rules and regulations of the federation. To minimize and resist the effects of western and Indian channels. prosperity in our society and secure our homeland. It is through repeated exposure that the citizens will start to identify themselves with democratic and liberal values. we have to proudly own and love our country.Therefore firm steps are needed to be taken on regular basis to preserve Pakistan's cultural values and identity. We have to rebuild our characters and minds to take the track which leads Pakistan to the destination our ancestors had dreamt of. Pakistanis and Pakistani media are required to respect the native traditions and individuality. Apart from government to take measures to control the cultural invasion. . it is suggested that local channels should be strengthened and programmes should have better content. respect and love this country. If we want to live with honour. today we have to work in the best interest of Pakistan. Being Pakistani. we can bring the change. We have to believe in our own native values in order to save and secure our identity. the responsibility lies on every Pakistani to own. These channels should produce and broadcast quality programmes that could help in the promotion of Pakistani values and traditions and improve the image of Pakistan at international level. The intellectuals in media and the political circles have the responsibility to start the debate. we should not forget that our homeland made us stand out in the map of the world as an independent nation and provide us the freedom. which many Muslim countries are still striving for today. then. support the minors/minorities and provide education for all irrespective of their financial and social background.