Faculty of Medicine, University of Udayana (FK unud) precisely established in 1962 and is one part of the existing 12 faculties under the University of Udayana. FK unud located in Denpasar (Bali Province Town Center). Unud School of Medicine is one of the institutions of medical education which have high quality and can be aligned with the institution of medical education at the national and ASEAN. In line with the development of physical infrastructure and the development of educational facilities in the FK unud, also followed by an increase in qualified teaching staff and curriculum changes to meet global challenges and improve the quality of graduates. Since the year 2003, FK unud have implemented competency based curriculum for Graduate Medical Education Program. Curriculum implementation is characterized by the integration of basic medical science materials science, clinical medicine, and some of the social and behavioral sciences in the medical field into an integrated learning system. Teaching strategies are implemented is through a system of independent learning and active learning process either through the lectures, small group discussions, individual assignments (learning task), and assessment. Faculty of Medicine unud strongly believe that with the implementation of this system will be able to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to establish the ability to solve medical problems to ensure the careers of students in the future. In 2007, FK unud also has established one of the undergraduate program and the new Nursing Science Program by the number of students at the beginning of opening is 200. Currently, FK unud is conducting two programs of undergraduate and graduate programs (both education specialist, master's or doctoral programs in bio-medical sciences). Besides stints as an educator element, FK unud also play an active role in the process of research and public service. These three things are the core elements of the principles of higher education in Indonesia. It is known as the Tri Dharma University. FK unud is committed to improving the academic atmosphere on campus and the involvement of medical staff in providing the best service. To achieve these objectives, FK unud have managed to get support from other donors, either from the government or from the private sector.
VISION: Making Medical Education Studies Program Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University as medical education institution which produce graduates who are capable of winning, independent, and cultured and have a competitive edge in national and international level.


General mission Empower Medical Education Faculty of Medicine Program. both within and outside the country to improve the quality of implementation Tridarma. Special mission a. . productivity and efficiency of Tridarma Higher Education. Achieve Total Quality Management culture in order to improve accountability. Establishing an environment conducive to the achievement of the mission of the institution. The purpose of the Faculty of Medicine. Improving the quality and quantity of research and community f. Realize the independent program of study in management and professional and institutional development as well as having good governance (Corporate Governance).1. moral. c. regionally and internationally. b. self. and high interitas accordance with the demands of society. Achieve cooperation in various fields. based on cultural. Produce graduates who are qualified and have high competence in the mastery of science and technology. and culture. research. Create and develop professional functional institutions of competitive and sustainable for the existence of a superior organization. d. Udayana University a. e.Udayana University as colleges that carry Tri Dharma College based on development of science and technology and cultural values. 2. b. and community service national and international levels. and professional in their work as well as ethical and empathetic in carrying out their profession so that they can compete in the job market nationally. Improve education.

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