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. is one of the most successful providers of custom scenic fabrication, automation and painted drops servicing the live entertainment industry. To learn more about the company, please visit our website Location: Yonkers, NY. The Engineering/Technical Design (E/TD) Manager directs and manages engineering design and technical drafting, including the effective distribution and efficient execution of work assignments. The position reports to the CEO and collaborates with Project Managers, Production Managers, the Art Department and other staff, to design quality solutions that meet required project timelines and can be built within the labor days assigned. The E/TD Manager leads a team of 10-15 theatrical engineers and establishes and enforces individual accountabilities for first-to-floor commitments, while frequently adjusting project assignments and resources to drive optimal work flow to the fabrication operation. Key Responsibilities: As new projects are awarded, broadly assess project requirements and assign appropriate resources based on availability and expertise required. Attend project kick-off meetings with clients to identify and clarify project scope and determine detailed work assignments and completion due dates. Schedule and chair internal engineering kick-off meetings to discuss design ideas, align schedules, set priorities and establish clear accountabilities. Monitor the ongoing status of all projects and adjust resources real-time, where necessary, to consistently meet first-to-floor commitments. Proactively identify and solve, or elevate for resolution, internal and externally driven drafting delays and bottlenecks. Provide regular engineering assignment status updates and completion dates to Production Managers. Anticipate and proactively communicate delays affecting fabrication scheduling. Consult, as needed, with individual engineers to ensure designs are innovative and meet clients expectations and Hudsons superior quality standards. Oversee Engineering department communications within the company, as well as with clients, to ensure responsive and effective dialogue. Recruit, mentor, motivate and retain a collaborative, talented and committed engineering team. Oversee the ordering and tracking of soft goods, including the selection of sub-contractors. Orchestrate the preparation of all required flame proofing certificates. Qualifications: Minimum of 10 years of technical design experience in professional theatre or a similar industry, including deep management experience and an MFA or Engineering Degree. Extensive knowledge of engineering principles, including structural design, construction techniques and mechanical design, used in the live entertainment industry. Ability to effectively collaborate, prioritize, execute, and problem solve in a high pressure environment with tight time constraints and high quality standards. Proven ability to recruit, mentor, motivate and retain a high performing team. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefit package. Hudson Scenic Studio, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Please apply by July 15, 2013 by sending resume to: