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Company Brief

Tube limited is a insurance company that sells insurance policies to real estates. Today the company has 50 people. Today the company as 50 people. 5 people of the company examine titles at local government offices. You are a member of the management comittee and your have notices that as of late the work load of these 5 people has reduced considerably. The reason for this is that government offices are quickly become automated. At the same time the company is losing business to a new competitor who is moving up the market share. Reducing labor costs is a concern for the management of the company.

The 5 people today do a job that 3 people can handle. You have to decide which 2 people can be laid off.

People Profiles Nandu Karacuppa, 45 years of age, only Tamil employee of the company, 3 children, graduate with very upgraded skills ( he always joins courses to keep himself updated ); 23 years with the company. Nandu is loyal and liked by his co-workers. He is a moderate but a steady performer. Has occasionally been getting into trouble for drinking on-thejob. Sole bread earner of the family. Refuses to work overtime. Nimi Katra , 23 years of age ,married, no children, 1 year with the company, attending a part time ( night college ) to gain a degree. Most regular in her work, always willing to take on additional work. Performance curves is on the rise. Quite and reserved as a person . Pranav Mata, 25 bachelor, 3 years with the company, has old parents, mother is blind. Very active in community service activities and sometimes misses work in that account. Has potential to rise. Likes to learn. Does not interact with people across the organization. He has been in street fights often. Mittal Sahib, 55, married, 4 children ( 2 daughters yet to be married ), 20 years with the company, lacks formal education but has vast job experience and on the job learning. Loyal, can manage people very well. Slow worker, works well with others and delivers quality job. Pushpa Naga, 43, widow, 2 children ( in college ), lives alone, comes late to work almost every day because she travels from far, active in business development but difficult to get along with in a team. Excellent work, top performer, has risen in management ranks very quickly. Very high on initiative but low on leadership.


Instruction 1 for the group

you are the management committee of a company ( company brief is circulated to the group ) and you have the task to lay off 2 people (out of 5 ) from a team in your organization. The profiles of the people have been proved to you ( circulate sheets ). You may take 2 minutes to read the profiles. Please do not begin discussion till asked to do so ( ensure that the group does not share information but work silently for 2 minutes ). After 2 minutes ask the group to begin discussion. you may begin the discussion within the group. You have 10 minutes to decide which 2 employees you want to lay off