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650:2 010 Fire D am pe r ETPR -EI-1 EI 60 (ve-h o) S C 10000 E 120 (ve-h o) S C 1000

EN 15

12 PD-S C150


Introducing Flkt Woods extensive range of CE marked Fire Dampers & Smoke Control Dampers
A self-closing fire damper is a well known way of preventing the fire and toxic gases from spreading via ventilation ducts from one fire area to another through separating elements. Flkt Woods fire and smoke control dampers as shown below are reliable and are tested according to EN 1751, EN 1366-2 & EN 13501-3, and each are tested according the EN standards for a specific use. CE markings of fire dampers are in compliance with product standard EN 15650:2010 and Construction Product Directive 89/106/EC. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us where our experts will answer any questions.

Providing solutions to save lives for a safer future

Our product range includes: Available with built-in technologies Motorised version allows integration with smoke detection via control system allowing quicker response times Thermal fuse can be equipped with microswitch and pneumatic release




Motorised, Insulated & Fusible


Motorised Smoke Control Damper


(Intelligent Damper System)


Motorised & Insulated

Fire Dampers

ETPR-E Fusible

Fire Dampers


Smoke Control Dampers

Fire Casing CE Damper Tightness Tightness Certified Class Class


Networked control and monitoring of dampers Automatic fire operation and override control Scheduled automatic testing and reporting for ease of service and maintenance Easy to install, configure and user friendly Can be integrated in to BMS systems

Fire Class Flexible walls & concrete walls E 60 S/E 90 Concrete floors E 60 S/ E 120


Fire Casing CE Damper Tightness Certified Tightness Class Class Yes C 3

Fire Class


Fire Casing CE Damper Tightness Certififed Tightness Class Class

Pressure drop across a closed damper



9 Sizes :100 to 500 mm 9 Sizes :100 to 630 mm

Flexible walls, concrete walls 1 & floors EI 60, EI 60 S, E 120, E 120 S ETPR-EI 2 Flexible walls, concrete walls & floors EI 120, EI 120 S

Yes 9 Sizes :100 to 630 mm

Flexible walls & concrete walls (max size 800 x 800) E 120, E 120 S ETPS-E 1 Concrete floors (max size 1200 x 1200) E 120, E 120 S

196 configurations Width : 200 to 1200 mm Height : 200 to 1200 mm 325 configurations Width : 200 to 1500 mm Height : 200 to 800 mm Yes B 2 Yes B 2

196 configurations Width : 200 to 1200 mm Height : 200 to 1200 mm Pending early 2013



2500 Pa

Flexible walls EI 90, EI 90 S ETPS-EI 1 Concrete walls & floors EI 90, EI 90 S, EI 120, EI 120 S

Installation hot galvanised steel damper Designed for installation in a wall or an intermediate floor and for circular duct connection Possibility to install circular damper vertically & horizontally Low-weight construction enables quick and easy installation Equipped with a Veloduct joint, which ensures tight duct installation Enables simple and cost-effective installation
EI 60 E 120 040212 CPDSC15 6 5 0 :2 -EI-1 S C1

The continuous research and development at Flkt Woods guarantees optimised product and system solutions to our customers.

0 5 -1 1

To ensure successful development work we test all our products in our own Flkt Woods fire test laboratory. Our long experience in product development enables us to continuously introduce technical innovations into our product range. All Flkt Woods fire and smoke dampers are tested during the product development phase. Using our own fire test laboratory we are able to develop products which are optimised to meet the specific needs of each customer.

EN 15

Fire D ETPR (ve-h

am pe

010 r




S C1


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Flkt Woods operates a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to supply products that may differ from those illustrated and described in this publication. Certified dimensions can be supplied on request on receipt of order.