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iQ Star - Stella Energy efficient multi-service chilled beam

by Flkt Woods

Flexible, comfortable and energy efcient climate for the modern ofce
tella is our exposed multi-service Chilled Beam in the new iQ Star family. It is characterised by modularity, exibility, sustainability and energy efciency. Stella is developed specically for the high demands of the modern, dynamic ofce where an aesthetic design is equally important to cutting-edge energy saving features. Thanks to pioneering nozzle technology and smart controls, the air ow is always sufcient and adapted to suit requirements. The aluminium proled Stella incorporates an array of integrated features. Stellas modularity, Flow Pattern Control, Comfort Control and smart control functions allow greater exibility within the ofce layout without compromising indoor air quality. Boost, Normal or Energy Saving mode The notion of the traditional ofce being fully occupied from 9 to 5 is fast becoming a distant memory. With varying occupancy levels Stellas smart control panel with Energy Saving, Normal and Boost modes enables easy adjustment of the air ow. This means that whether an ofce or meeting room is empty or crowded, the Stella beam provides sufcient air ow. Not only does it save energy when the room is not in use, it also keeps the employees healthy and alert during high occupancy. Stella - An excellent means of delivering high indoor air quality.

Flow Pattern Control

The unique Flow Pattern Control (FPC) can direct the airow up to 45 degrees through integrated vanes. Different directions can be set in 300mm sections within discharge slot.

Energy Control Pioneering variable position nozzle technology guarantees both high indoor air quality and energy efciency.


The iQ stella incorporates an array of integrated features ranging from direct/indirect lighting with either satin louvred or the new prismatic diffuser options, PIRs, smoke detectors, speakers and sprinklers.

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6 3 4 5 6

Increased productivity and low energy costs

Today, most people spend over 90 percent of their time indoors e.g. at home, in schools, at hospitals or ofces. Breathing fresh indoor air is vital for our health, performance and well-being.

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Pioneering nozzles Stella always provides the correct air ow, whether the room is empty or crowded. With the option of Energy Saving, Normal or Boost mode. The new variable nozzle arrangement can respond to occupancy, providing high indoor air quality and energy efciency. A quiet solution even when high air ow is needed.

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Demand Controlled Ventilation

Demand controlled ventilation provides desired ventilation based on the actual occupancy of the room. It increases indoor air quality and saves energy normally wasted in ventilating unoccupied spaces. This can be applied to areas where there are frequent changes in occupancy, such as conference rooms, board rooms, cafeterias etc. Ofces are designed for 100% occupancy - eld experience indicates that actual occupancy levels in ofces are at least 25% lower and perhaps as much as 60% lower. This means that demand controlled ventilation can reduce volume ow rate as well as heating and cooling loads.

User-friendly controller for optimal performance

The STRA-14 room controller is specically developed for Stella. It is pre-programmed for chilled beam applications and contains a wide range of control functions including a unique three step air ow control for exibility, comfort and energy efciency. The user-friendly display enables fast and easy access for change of set-points and control parameters. For optional integration with building management systems, STRA-14 has Modbus communication as standard. For rooms with variations in occupancy, the following control strategy can be adopted using an occupancy sensor. Energy Saving Mode (reduced air ow and increased neutral zone for heating and cooling) when the room is unoccupied and thereby energy is saved. Normal Mode, when the occupancy sensor is activated by presence in the room airow, heating and cooling is adjusted for comfort levels. Experience has shown that the level of CO2 in a room is a reliable indicator of the indoor air quality, and is therefore used as the determining parameter in the integrated Energy Control in Stella. A high level of CO2 in a room indicates that the ventilation rate is insufcient to obtain an adequate indoor quality. This is a common situation in rooms with large variations or peaks in usage, therefore STRA-14 can be equipped with an optional CO2 sensor and thereby offer a control function where the controller shifts to Boost Mode if the level of CO2 exceeds the set point value. In this mode the integrated Energy Control opens and the air ow is increased until the level of CO2 has decreased to the lower set point value. The manual override switch on STRA-14 can also be used to activate the bypass mode, after 60 minutes the controller then changes back to its preset operating mode.




Flexible solutions for your changing needs

The modern ofce is dynamic. Fast decisions in organisational changes call for a modern ventilation system that is easy to adjust to the rearrangement of people, walls and furniture and to meet requirements. Flexibility is an important factor for optimised indoor air quality and indoor air control.
Open plan ofce 50%
Airow Cooling Heating Occupancy 1.24 l/s/m2 24C 1 21C MoFr 0816

IQ Star Chilled Beams with FPC function Highest possible efciency can be maintained by adjusting the air vanes for comfort. A combination of different angles on one side is possible.

Heat loads people 0.5 people/m2 lighting 12.5 W/m2 equipment 8.0 W/m2

When increased air ow is required, the ow pattern can be adapted to maintain optimal comfort in the room.

(old ofce conguration)


Ofce energy saving mode 0%

Airow Cooling Heating 0.6 l/s/m2 24C 1 20C
(new ofce conguration)


Flexibility in the ofce layout Good indoor air quality is possible despite organisational changes and renovations without the need to change the installation. with Energy Control and Flow Pattern Control, the air ow can be altered to t a new layout of a room.

Open plan ofce 100%

Airow Cooling Heating Occupancy 1.2 L l/s/m2 24C 1 21C MoFr 0816

Heat loads people 0 people/m2 lighting 0 W/m2 equipment 0 W/m2

Heat loads people 0.1 people/m2 lighting 12.5 W/m2 equipment 16.0 W/m2

Meeting Ofce boost mode 150%

Airow Cooling Heating Occupancy 1.8 l/s/m2 24C 1 21C MoFr 0816

Heat loads people 0.2 people/m2 lighting 12.5 W/m2 equipment 15.0 W/m2

Customise your own design

Aesthetic impact is important in Interior design Stella offers a default design with the opportunity of adapting proles to architectural themes. Aesthetic Flexibility achieves the impact you desire.

iQ Star Stella chilled beam cross-section

Sprinkler header and pipework (fitted by others) Primary air duct

iQ Star Stella chilled beam - Plug and Play Sections


M8 rod for fastening

Motorised Energy Control


Cooling/heating heder pipes


Heating Return
Beam supply air slot with FPC Removable sideplate for access during installation/maintenance


338 264

Cooling Return


Area free from obstructions for up lighting



Removable perforated face plate for access during maintenance

Face plate for sprinkler and other services

Size A 1798 2398 2998 B 1546 2138 2730 C 1069 1365 D 116 124 132

Lightin infill panel for services

Luminaires with direct/indirect lighting

~ 1m

180 240 300

Example Selection Table

Beam length: 3,0 m (Coil length: 2,7 m) Water ow, q w = 0,1 l/s Pressure drop water, p w = 7,4 kPa

Weight per meter of chilled beam Beam dry weight Beam water lled, cooling Beam water lled, cooling and heating kg/m 42.0 43.4 43.8

P Nozzle q l , l/s 6 1,esm 2 3 4 5 6, boost 20,5 31 37,5 50 59 103 635 1080 1305 1650 1835 2630

,W tot t, C 8 780 1340 1620 2040 2255 3175 10 925 1600 1935 2430 2680 3720 6 440 780 945 1170 1270 1640

W coil, t, C 8 585 1040 1260 1560 1690 2185 10 730 1300 1575 1950 2115 2730

A10, dB(A)

New product selection tool for chilled beams

ExSelAir is Flkt Woods new web based product selection tool for calculation and documentation. The tool shows all products, functions and features visually, which makes it very easy to use.

<20 <20 <20 22 27 40
ExSelAir contains:
3D presentation of all products 3D presentations of the ow patterns in selected rooms A calculation and dimensioning tool Installation and maintenance manuals

Optimised product selection - Let us deliver the total system solution with you, call 0121 717 4693 for further information

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