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Flkt Woods Ventilation Solutions, the European specialist for all your ventilation needs. As a European ventilation specialist, we serve our customers with an extensive range of ventilation products, focused on non residential buildings.
At Flkt Woods we design a broad range of ventilation products and solutions with unparalleled energy efficiency that fit the environment at optimal life cycle cost. As a group we produce over 150,000 fans per year for the building and fire safety environments and over 3 million air terminal devices are sold during a calendar year. Our renowned Veloduct range is situated in 63,000 km of ducts in over 30 countries. We aim to expand the customer benefits of the Flkt Woods Ventilation Solutions product range throughout Europe by maintaining a wide distribution network. Our extensive range of products and the new positioning of Ventilation Solutions is now available from Flkt Woods. Flkt Woods VS can help you better serve your customers in: Offices Commercial Buildings Industrial Buildings Hotels Airports Schools Hospitals Pharmaceutical Food Industries Car Parks

At your service

 Energy savings for Economic solutions E  xpertise on applications for Customized solutions  Environmentally friendly with Air solutions

Innovative Air Technology for high performance & energy savings  Integrated functions and controls for Intelligent Air management I ndustrialized quality products and systems optimized with proven selection tools

Flkt Woods star products providing you a competitive edge is just a click or a phone call away! With vast expertise and air technology know how within the Ventilation field, you can rely on Flkt Woods to deliver and provide the first class service you deserve.
We go the extra mile to ensure our products are available on time. Standard delivery is available and special distribution can be arranged for bespoke products. We take the time and effort to make sure you dont have to. With an extensive range of stock with many variants available on request, you can be reassured that delivery is an essential part of Flkt Woods services. Our after sales services is second to none, with customer service departments situated in all our Flkt Woods locations, you can be assured that any desired help can be easily obtained and fulfilled very quickly, continuously, efficiently and reliably. Training and education is also very important to Flkt Woods, to make sure that all current products and future developments are conveyed to our distribution network through our e-Learning set up. By educating our network, it allows our partners to better understand how Flkt Woods products can benefit your customers.

Market leading product portfolio

JM Aerofoil and High Temperature (HT) Fans

Flkt Woods Solutions for Air Extraction for Ventilation and Fire Safety
Flkt Woods offers a wide range of axial flow fans for general air movement and special applications such as emergency high temperature smoke extract and pressurisation. ATEX fans for explosive atmospheres and multistage options for increased pressure development. Flkt Woods units designed for emergency ventilation and smoke extraction at high temperatures include: JM Aerofoil JM High Temperature Aerofoil JM Truly Symmetrical Aerofoil JM Bifurcated Aerofoil JM Multi-stage Aerofoil All these fan types are suitable for both normal and emergency smoke ventilation conditions, and can all be inverter speed-controlled Emergency temperature capabilities While our units for emergency situations are suitable for normal ventilation operation, they are specifically designed for one-off operation at the following temperatures: 200C 250C 300C 300C 400C for for for for for 2 2 1 2 2 hours hours hour hours hours Flkt Woods fans for smoke control and fire safety are supplied with the following general specifications: Installation Suitable for internal and external mounting  Run and standby operation, in parallel or series Standards EN 12101-3 compliant Aerodynamic tested to BS ISO 5801:2007 Acoustic tested to BS 848-2.5:2003 CE-marked IE2 motor compliant 100% X-rayed impeller components By the nature of the process, die casting of metals can conceal hidden porosity. This can reduce structural core strength and increase the possibility of fatigue or failure, especially at elevated emergency temperatures. However, with Flkt Woods axial fans, you have the assurance that all cast impellers have been subjected to X-ray inspection to ensure test compliance and product integrity.

Energy optimization is an important aspect of ventilation, where Flkt 3 Woods have acclaimed exper tise. We use e to highlight products and solutions that are particularly effective. They serve a dual purpose of saving both your long-term economy and our environment.


Truly Symmetrical (TS) profile unique to Flkt Woods

e 3co Crown - Energy Recovery Unit (ERU)

Flkt Woods solutions for Energy Efficient Air Treatment
JM Aerofoil Standard and High Temperature 3 e co-Crown Unit (ERU)
High efficiency plate exchanger, with up to 90% and ErP Compliant making the Crown ERU a world leader

When the heat is on, Flkt Woods HT fans can operate in 400C for 2 hours making it a hot prospect for fire control

Compact & Self-regulated High efficiency energy saving >90% Plug & Play Indoor or outdoor installation EC motor technology
LS constant air flow

Vertical or horizontal mounting Up to 2.0 m3/sec (7000 m3/hr) Full BMS communication Counter flow high efficiency systems

HS constant air flow

HS air flow

Constant pressure

LS air flow

Improving on perfection with our extensive range of IRIS dampers, continually improving and adapting for you

IRIS Damper

Redesigned new circular diffusers. You can chose from a complete range of diffusers that fit all spaces. More visually appealing for false ceiling and free hanging applications


Giving you unparalleled low operating costs and guaranteed benefits

Variable Air Flow Optivent

Air flow

High Efficiency counter flow plate heat exchanger

Air flow

Air flow

Variable Air Volume Trickle & Boost Strategy 2 Air flow rates Low Speed/High Speed

Constant Air Volume 2 Constant air flow Options

Constant Pressure Control All control options use EC motor technology
Integrated Exchanger

Optional remote control and CO2 sensor available

 High efficiency EUROVENT certified counter flow heat plate exchanger (aluminium) >90% Fan Pressure Switches F7 Filter on Supply and G4 on Exhaust Filter Pressure Switch (supply air) Complete Built-In EASY control Communication MODBUS - (LON TCP/IP on request)

Breaks the world record once again! with its IE4 motor option!

Centriflow Plus PM

Unique, magnetically fastened polyester air deflectors and assist stable air flow. The plenum box conforms to tightness class C for ducts

Plenum Box

World renowned ducting and tubes offered by Flkt Woods making sure your system is in your control!


 4 probes for a high efficiency recovery unit Supply air, Return Air, defrost probe (for bypass) and External temperature (when the CROWN is equipped with a pre-heating/ defrosting electrical coil an additional probe is fitted)  Air temperature correlation  Supply air temperature control with outdoor compensation Free-cooling Night-cooling: energy savings

Leading the way in Ventilation Development

IRIS Damper
Flkt Woods Solutions for Air Flow Management
Easy to design Several sizes: 80 800 mm Air tight, tightness class C Low noise level Easy to adjust Easily readable built-in-scale No need for locking  Installation and regulation instructions attached to each Iris damper  Small hysteresis => adjustment easy and accurate no matter if the initial position is opened or closed

Flkt Woods designed Plenum Box

Flkt Woods Solutions for Optimal Air Flow Connection
Tightness class C Quick attach mechanism in only seconds More compact than ever before! Use in extremely confined spaces Available with the diffuser connection on the inside Locking mechanism ensure set values remain Equipped with air deflectors - Assist stable air flow Polyester elements with magnetic fastening Easy to use slide adjustment mechanism

Easy to install I nstallation independent of the air flow Short safety distances Short and light weight construction  Can be opened 100 % => access door only on one side

Easy to maintain O  pens fully (100%) to enable easy and quick cleaning of the ducts  No parts or measuring instruments inside - Easy cleaning IRIS-H Stainless steel IRIS-H is specially developed to fulfil our clients most stringent demands. Constructed in acid-proof material IRIS-H is the answer when only perfection is good enough. Once installed IRIS-H ensures optimal air flow and freedom for longer and longer.
C-class tightness

1 2

Lift the box up to the required place and height Secure the box in the right position using swivel bracket

IRIS Original A composite damper for measuring and controlling air flow. A product where a great idea is realised into a damper, providing all benefits of efficient air flow in a wide range of general applications served by a wide range of sizes.

IRIS original gives you more!

Fast adjustment - no need for locking screws  Tighter construction means less leakage and thus energy saving and better indoor climate Lower noise levels Acid proof variant Lighter construction for easier installation

Polyester elements with magnetic fastening reduce sound and act as deflectors

The best and most practical adjustment system on the market 

and the Silent choice

Flkt Woods has the IRIS that suits your needs

1. Low values 01 can be accurately set with fine adjustment, by turning the ring on the adjustment lever.

2. Higher values 15 are quick to set using the slide adjustment mechanism.

3. The locking mechanism ensures the set values will not change.

Diffusers and Valves

Flkt Woods Solutions for Efficient Diffusers and Quiet Valves
State of the art technology Wide range of models Own character (perforated) Invisible (unperforated) Quality feel when handling Special colours available CleanVent available Best plenum box in the world - tightness class C Innovative and tailored made packaging Instructions for dust cover

Variable Air Flow Optivent

Flkt Woods Solutions for Optimal Air Flow


Low operating costs Real time air flow display l/s or m3/h Easy Vmin and Vmax setting with screwdriver Display for Vmin and Vmax Wide air flow range 0.5 - 8 m/s Sizes 100 630

Galvanised and acid proof Compact  one code for all (damper + controller + actuator ) Easy ordering Easy delivery  not room dependent (Vmin and Vmax setting on site)

50 years experience in valves at your disposal!

-V  alves for every purpose: many materials (steel, acid proof and plastic), motorized version for boost and economy air flow and fire rated valves - CleanVent option - Brilliant fastening mechanism for front panel - Good documentation

Why use Optivent?

Optivent Integrated Room System

Ventilation and climate control, on demand The Optivent integrated system minimises energy consumption whilst providing a controlled supply of conditioned air to maintain pre-set CO2 levels and a user-defined temperature, delivered quietly, without draughts. Optivent Basic and Plus will give you low operating costs over time Guaranteed benefits: Level of CO2  Velocity within the occupied space Noise generation Temperature gradient System components: O  ptivent VAV (Variable Air Volume)  Active and/or Passive Diffuser  Room Controller and Sensors

Fixed Flow -

This provides a system with a constant flow without the possibility of adaptation according to the prevailing load inside the premises. Optivent Basic - Better Here the flow inside the premises is adapted according to the loading to give the right flow at all times. Regulation is via a temperature sensor, occupancy or CO2. Optivent Plus - Best Here you have a first-class indoor climate. The active air terminal device ensures good remixing and reduces the risk of draughts, including at low flows. This is achieved by the active air terminal device maintaining a constant outlet velocity despite variations in the flow rate.


Flkt Woods valve proven best in Class!




Flkt Woods Optivent proven best in Class!

Unique Options from Flkt Woods U  nique Nanotechnology keeps the Flkt Woods valves and diffusers clean  New dirt-repellent coating for HVAC products has been developed in co-operation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Millidyne Oy CleanVent Nanocoating Benefits  Prevents soiling  Reduces need for cleaning  Easier to clean if needed  Environmentally friendly, reduces use of water and detergents  Saves money in cleaning costs  Dirty valves decreases the air flow  Saves energy
FW EMSS and EMSD Sizes: Adjusting Vmin and Vmax: Accuracy for setting: Accuracy from set point: Protection level: Duct connection: Tightness of casing: Material altern. Control signal: Safety distance: 100 630 - Display for air flow Competitor 1 100 400 - No display for air flow Competitor 2 100 500 - No display for air flow

- Settings and display for - Settings percentage of - Settings percentage of l/s and m^3/h nominal air flow nominal air flow Scale of potentiometer = 1 l/s +/- 5 % IP 42 Sealing as standard B Galvanized, acid proof 0 10 V / 2 10 v After T-piece 2 x D After 90 bend 1 x D Scale of potentiometer = 5 % of nominal +/- 15 5 % IP 20 Sealing as option A Galvanized 0 10 V After T-piece 2 x D After 90 bend 2 x D Galvanized Scale of potentiometer = 1 % of nominal

Centriflow EC and PM Plug Fan

Flkt Woods Solutions for Maximum Fan Performance
New World record! +6% versus previous record Efficient air flow through epitomized impeller Permanent magnet motor technology Highest efficiency in a small and compact design Improved aerodynamics Lower power consumption Offering air flows up to 10 m3/s Pressure up to 1500 Pa Overall reduced footprint of Centriflow PM fan

Additional Fan Products

JM Cased Fans
Size 315-2800 mm Volume up to 210 m3/s Static pressure up to 3400 Pa Energy saving IE2 motors  Compatible with FWX range of  inverter drives The adjustable pitch Aerofoil impeller gives the exact performance required, with a non overloading fan characteristic. JM options available in standard, Bifurcated, Multi-Stage, High Temperature and New Twist Wing.


SuperLite Cased Fans

 izes 315-630 mm S Volume flow up to 5 m3/s  Static pressures up to 625 Pa Unique Integrated mounting feet Integrated flexible connections  Integrated spiral duct fitted  Flange to flange fitting capability 

Centriflow Plus PM provides highest total efficiency including fan, motor and drive. Centriflow Plus PM: highest efficiency through a wide range of power and air flow.

Utilising external rotor motors, all speed controllable, that offer a compact solution ideal for retrofit applications regardless of where fan is to be replaced! The optimum fans solution for a wide range of HEVAC applications.

Centrimaster GT
200-1400 mm Volume flow up to 50 m3/s Static pressure up to 3300 Pa Two types of fan impeller offer  forward curved or backward curved

World record fan, Centriflow Plus PM maximizes the advantages of permanent magnet motor technology

EC Box Fans Centrimaster is the fan series characterized by high efficiency and low sound level especially at low frequencies  izes 250-450 mm S Volume flow up to 1.7m3/s Static pressures up to 870 Pa Energy efficient EC motors Integrated controller Optional plug and play sensors

With higher fan efficiencies and lower energy costs. Flkt Woods has developed a new product range to deliver performance in line with current building regulations and conform to ever changing circumstances, by providing ventilation on demand.

Veloduct and Activent

Flkt Woods Solutions for Air Transportation and Air Displacement
Complete system of round ducts Tightness class D Reduces operating cost Simplified adjustment Rapid easy and clean installation Active displacement ventilation from ceiling Combined benefit of mixing and displacement  Small air jets from the ducts mixed with room air through induction Large air flow range without draught

Plate Fans
 izes 315-630 mm S Volume flow up to 4.08 m3/s  Static pressures up to 175 Pa  Motor protection IP55  Speed controllable  O   verheat protection fitted as standard on single phase motors

Our plate fans are supplied fully assembled with a full range of accessory equipment. All fans are Inverter speed controllable. Overheat protection fitted as standard on single phase motors

Wide Range of diffusion angles available

Roof Units
 izes 200-760 mm S Volume flow up to 9.2 m3/s  Static pressures up to 1000 Pa  R   ugged fibre glass construction casings  Available in Axial, Mixed Flow and Centrifugal Impellers

The Colchester Roof Unit range has been used in many different applications and still today maintains a market presence that is recognised around the world. With the varied impeller and motor options, it allows versatile fitting and placement.

A complete system of round ducting for which type approval for tightness class D has been granted. Veloduct reduces operating costs, simplifies adjustments, permits rapid, easy and clean installation and can be installed in any climate. All duct fittings are equipped with a sealing ring made of EPDM rubber. Veloduct reduces operating costs, simplifies adjustments, permits rapid, easy and clean installation and can be installed in any climate. All duct fittings are equipped with a sealing ring made of EPDM rubber.




ILC - Tube Fans

1  00mm - 315mm diameter inlet/outlet  Volume flow up to 0.46 m3/s  Total pressure up to 700 Pa  Durable light weight construction  Low SFP values  Easy to install All the advantages of axial flow fans combined with the benefits of radial fan pressure characteristics. Built in guide vanes are moulded into plastic casings.




Complete system of Duct fittings and Activent nozzle ducts

8 9

Additional Fire Safety Solutions

Fire dampers - Motorized
T  he fire damper is closed during normal ventilation  When the smoke detector detects smoke, the power supply to the actuator is interrupted and the damper opens automatically  he air flow direction has no T effect on the functioning of the fire damper. A self-closing fire damper is a well known way of preventing the fire and toxic gases from spreading via ventilation ducts from one fire area to another.

Many more Energy Efficient Products available

Guide Vanes

Twist Wing

Fire damper valve

K  SOP is developed for use as a fire damper in exhaust ventilation systems  KSOP has a low sound level and good natural sound attenuation Vertical and horizontal ducting

A spring loaded fuse will close the valve when temperature in the immediate vicinity reaches the fusible link rating 70 C. The valve meets the requirements of fire class E 60. KSOP is always delivered with mounting ring.

Optivent VAV


Energy Recovery Units

e3-EC Box Fans

Fire dampers
T  he fire resistance period of the fire damper meets the requirement of class E90 (test method EN 1366-2) and it can be used as a fire restricting device in fire insulated ducts of EI90 at most

The air flow direction has no effect on the functioning of the fire damper. A self-closing fire damper is a well known way of preventing the fire and toxic gases from spreading via ventilation ducts from one fire area to another.

Energy Expertise
Car Park Fans


Car Park Fans

Control system FICO-2  The FICO-2 is designed to perform monitoring and testing operations of motorized fire dampers  The system is fitted to control one or two fire dampers and one or two smoke detectors The system can also send an external fire alarm and an interlocking signal to ventilation. The control unit incorporates fire and service alarms as well as inputs for external fire alarm and external interlocking.

CleanVent - Valves

CleanVent - Diffusers

JM Aerofoil

A New chapter in Car Park ventilation

 Widest range of fans ever available Increased performance Low profile option Cost effective solution  Professional system design  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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The Flkt Woods Group is divided into three businesses: Global Infrastructure and Industry (GII) A leader for Air Movement using fans to improve performance of equipment and industrial processes Air Climate Solutions (ACS) A worldwide HVAC leader recognized by our customers as a provider of superior Air Climate Solutions combining Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency applied to specified buildings Ventilation Solutions (VS) A European Ventilation Specialist Servicing our customers with a Complete range of ventilation products focused on Non residential buildings. For more specific product information for Ventilation Solutions, please visit:
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Flkt Woods operates a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to supply products that may differ from those illustrated and described in this publication. Certified dimensions can be supplied on request on receipt of order.