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Combi Cooler Integrated System Energy efcient cooling

The unique, straightforward and energy efcient method of generating cooling capacity for a chilled beam system
An integrated system comprising of an ultra-compact AHU installation precisely matched to the requirements of roommounted Chilled Beams, selected from a comprehensive range of styles and sizes. Combi-Cooler technology removes the need for expensive and spaceconsuming external condenser units, whilst integrated Room Controllers monitor temperature and provide an adjustable set point and seamless connection to the BMS.

The Combi Cooler saves up to 39% energy

Flkt Woods Combi Cooler provides completely new opportunities when planning and specifying cooling systems. The Combi Cooler module can be integrated and mounted directly into the air handling unit. It is particularly suitable for use together with chilled beam systems. Cooling can be provided using chilled beams, fancoils or ceiling-mounted cassette chilled beams. Because the Combi Cooler replaces other components, such as liquid coolers and external condensers, the unit takes up little space. The Combi Cooler is integrated into the air handling unit so all components are located in the plant room, avoiding outdoor or roof installation. Because the appearance of a building is not changed, renovation work is easier, and noisy condenser fans are not necessary. Climate change and energy consumption are our shared responsibility. For many years, product development at Flkt Woods has aimed at constantly improving energy efciency and indoor air quality. This i integrated system represents a good example of our success. In business and ofce spaces, lighting, apparatus and people all represent a heat load. So for an even and comfortable room temperature of 2124C, the need for energy for cooling is greater than that for energy for heating. Supplementary cooling is necessary; and this can be achieved very economically using the Combi Cooler.

Guaranteed performance* Cooling Capacity matched to room requirements Zero condensation with individual room monitoring Controlled velocity within the occupied space Guaranteed noise generation Temperature gradient in the occupied zone System components: Combi Cooler Chilled Beams Room Controllers
*Subject to compliance with Flkt Woods system design guidelines.

When the pieces t, you get the big picture

With our broad range of products and century-old experience, one thing is obvious to us; You have to products into o look at the big picture. It is by carefully combining produc systems, utilizing smart controls, one can achieve the best energy solution solutions.
Saving energy, money and the environment with Flkt Woods

Air handling units

Our comprehensive Air Handling Unit offering allows us to deliver optimised solutions for any customer. Our R&D work focuses on reducing energy consumption and creating factory complete air handling system solutions with controls. Our experience in the marine, off-shore, pharmaceutical and hospital markets makes us the perfect partner for such applications.

Chilled beams eams

In systems with Chilled Beams, the indoor air is cooled by means of cold water. Chilled beams create a onment by stable and comfortable environment ed supplying draught free cooling. By using Chilled Beams up to 75% of the total cooling capacity will be handled by the water. Apart from the energy saving it also means less ductwork for air, smaller air handling units and lower noise.

Combi Cooler system benets

Fan coils
Fan coils are most commonly used in areas where individual room control is essential, such as hotels, private and public ofce buildings, hospitals and schools. Flkt Woods can offer classic, cassette and satellite fan-coils.

Guaranteed system performance Combi Coolers

The Combi Cooler, when integrated in the air handling unit, avoids separate air coolers and condensing units. It therefore offers a small footprint and is particularly suitable for use together with chilled beams.

Fitted liquid cooler Heating and cooling coil integrated into the supply air One module, integrated into the air handling unit Optimised for use with chilled beam systems Less installation work indoors and no installation work outdoors Greater operating reliability because all components are designed and sized to work together Easy commissioning as the unit is factory tested Reduces the need for space in the plant room because the combi cooler only has one cooling coil

Flkt Woods offers a wide range of integrated control solutions for air handling and indoor climate systems. Factory mounted an pre-wired controls will reduce installation time and simplify on-site logistics. Preprogrammed and factory tested control applications based on Flkt Woods extensive experience also means a fast commissioning process and will secure a reliable and energy efcient operation of the system. Based on support for open standard communication protocols, integration to a building management system can easily be carried out by an independent system integrator.

No liquid cooler to install in the plant room The air conditioning unit is only marginally longer despite all the cooling equipment being built-in to it No condensers on the roof to detract from the appearance of the building The perfect solution when refurbishing old buildings Energy efcient solution

If you have a small or medium cooling requirement, choose a Combi Cooler


Small industrial units

Shopping centres

What makes the Combi Cooler so energy efcient?

1) The supply air to the air handling unit is only cooled to 18C instead of the 15C in traditional systems. This avoids energy-intensive condensation. Because the supply air temperature is slightly higher, areas such as empty meeting rooms with no heat load, maintain a comfortable temperature, and unnecessary cooling is avoided. Electricity consumption is reduced by 14% (including the supplementary power used by the circuit for the chilled beams). 2) Vigorous subcooling of the refrigerant and a higher evaporation temperature reduce the energy required by 29%. The total energy saving is: 0 = 39% 100 - (0,71 x 0,86) x 100

Smart selection tools for system calculation

In Flkt Woods selection tools you will nd product dimensions, technical data, LCC-calculations, technical catalogues, directions for installation, adjustment and maintenance. ACON, our computer-aided selection program for air handling units, offers rapid selection to specic project requirements and provides you with all the information you will need. The program is web based and always up-to date without the need to download patches or program updates. Product dimensions Technical data as noise level ,efciency etc LCC (Life Cycle cost) Always updated documentation linked to the product selection Current lead times with accurate delivery time projections e-CAD to incorporate the air handling unit into most CAD programs Safe and condential storage of project data Easy to use

Refurbishment projects

Business premises

Combi Cooler is suitable for buildings where the cooling need is max. 50 W/m2. This is often enough for ofces and business premises.

ExSelAir is Flkt Woods unique web selection tool for air terminal devices, chilled beams, convectors, fan coils and silencers. 3D-models of all products Product performance calculations Technical catalogues/product information Product dimensioning in a room 3D-presentations of ow patterns Directions for installation, adjustment and maintenance

Cooling for supply air and chilled beams

In Normal Running mode, SV2 will adjust the water supplied to the Chilled Beams to 15C.

Cooling and heating at the same time

Combi Cooler can deliver cold water to the chilled beam and heating to the supply air coil at the same time. The supply air coil gets the heat from an inbuilt plate heat exchanger in the main water circuit.

Mode: Normal running

+ Buffer tank 12C + Buffer tank


SV3 Chilled beam circuit 15C


Chilled beam circuit

Supply air cooling

Supply air heating

Combi Cooler delivery border


Combi Cooler delivery border


In Condense Risk mode, the water temperature is increased to 17C, eliminating the risk of condensation. More cooling power can therefore be used in the supply air coil where it can be used without limitation.

The total available cooling power will be distributed in the most appropriate way to avoid condensation whilst maintaining best possible comfort conditions.

Mode: Condense risk

+ Buffer tank 6C

No risk of condensation Mode: Normal running

Risk of condensation Mode: Condensation risk

Chilled beam circuit 17C Supply air cooling

Coil Power
Combi Cooler delivery border SV2

Increasing Temperature and Humidity

Total cooling power


Beam Power

Project references

Ramirent Ramirent is a leading company in the Nordic countries and in Central and Eastern Europe for machinery and equipment rentals used in construction and industry. Flkt Woods has delivered a system with EU-21 AHU and Combi Cooler to Ramirents new ofce building in Pirkkala. The Air Flow is 1.2 m3/s and the cooling effect is 23 kW.

Raision Villiviini Flkt Woods has delivered a ventilation system with EU-22 AHU and Combi Cooler for the refurbishment of Raision Villiviini residential houses and ofces in Helsinki. The Air Flow is 2.3 m3/s and the cooling effect is 46 kW.

Isoroobertinkatu The Isoroobertinkatu ofce building in Helsinki was built 1960. In 2009 it was refurbished with state-of-the-art technology. A Flkt Woods system with EU-31 AHU and Combi Cooler was installed. The Air Flow is 2.5 m3/s and the cooling effect is 59 kW.

Linnan kasarmit The Linnan Kasarmit ofce building in Kouvola was refurbished in 2009 and Flkt Woods delivered a ventilation system with EU-22 AHU and Combi Cooler. The Air Flow is 1.9 m3/s and the cooling effect is 46 kW.

We Bring Air to Life

Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs
Flkt Woods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure. Air Handling Units (AHUs) Modular, compact and small AHU units. Designed to ensure optimisation of indoor air quality, operational performance and service life. Air Terminal Devices and Ducts Supply and exhaust diffusers and valves for installation on walls, ceiling or oor are all included in our large range and t all types of applications. Chilled Beams Active induction beams for ventilation, cooling and heating, and passive convection beams for cooling. For suspended or ush-mounted ceiling installation and multi-service conguration. With unique Comfort Control and Flow Pattern Control features. Residential ventilation A complete range of products for residential ventilation. Consists of ventilation units, exhaust air fans and cooker hoods designed to optimise indoor comfort and save energy. Energy recovery Dessicant-based product and systems that recover energy, increase ventilation and control humidity. Fans Advanced axial, centrifugal and boxed fans for general and specialist applications. Comprehensive range including high temperature and ATEX compliant options. Engineered for energy efciency and minimised life cycle cost. Chillers Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with cooling capacity up to 1800kW. Designed to minimise annual energy consumption in all types of buildings. Controls and drives Variable speed drives and control systems, all tested to ensure total compatibility with our products. Specialist team can advise on energy saving and overall system integration. Acoustical Products A complete line of sound attenuating products, including rectangular and round silencers, Media Free silencers, custom silencers and acoustic enclosure panels.

Flkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. And our collective experience is unrivalled. Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance, as well as maximise energy efciency.

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