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APL Cricket Format

• Total Teams Entering Tournament: 24 (24 teams of two people each =48
• Since we want people to stick around for as long as possible we will also have
a side tournament of the losers of the first round.
• Play will start at 9am
• Games will be held at 2 grounds. Ground 1 and Ground 2
• Sumesh and Ramu will be in charge of organizing the tournament.
Additionally two other people will be required per Ground to manage scoring,
umpiring etc. (4 volunteers required +Sumesh and Ramu)
• All the equipment required for the tournament is already acquired. The only
thing we might have to buy are small cones to mark the boundary for the
grounds (we have enough for one ground)

First Round: 9am

• Each team will have a team number T1-T24

• Chits will be drawn to determine which team plays whom.
• 12 games will be played:- One game /team on knockout basis.
• Each Game will have eight overs (four overs in each inning – two overs per
player in the team)
• Play of the first round will be played on both grounds. Each game will take 40
minutes. 12 games will take 480 minutes. Ie 240 minutes of play on each
ground. This way we will finish the first round at 1pm.
• The 12 winners will move onto the second round.
• The 12 losing teams from the first round will move into another setup.

Second Round: 1pm

• This round will involve the 12 winning teams from round 1. They will compete
for the APL trophy. The 12 losing teams will also play a game so that we keep
these guys there and have more time to sell stuff to them.
• 6 games (12 winning teams from round 1) will be played on knock out basis
and opponents will be decided on chit basis.
• Each Game will have eight overs (four overs in each inning – two overs per
player in the team)
• All games will be on Ground 1 till 3:30pm and then Ground 2 will also hold
games for this round (read next bullet to see why). Each game will take 40
minutes. 6 games will take 240 mins. Games will end at 5pm (will be earlier
than 5 since we can use Ground 2 after 3:30pm and have two games at a
• On Ground 2 the 12 losing teams will form two teams of 12 players each.
These two teams will have a 15 overs/innings (flexible based on how many
people are left from the losing teams) regular game and will make use of
Ground 2 for 30*5= 150 mins (2.5 hours). This game will start at 1pm and
end at 3:30pm. All players from this game will take no further part in APL.
• The 6 winning teams will move onto round 3
• The 6 losing teams from this round will not play further.

Third Round: 5pm

• 3 games (6 winning teams from round 2) will be played on knock out basis
and opponents will be decided on chit basis.
• Each Game will have eight overs (four overs in each inning – two overs per
player in the team)
• This round will be played on both grounds and will take 80 mins (40 mins for
the first two games held simultaneously on both grounds. And then the third
game on Ground 1). Games will end at 6:30pm.
• The 3 winning teams move to the finals.
• The 3 losing teams will not play further.

Finals: 6 30pm

• The 3 winning teams from round two will play a 3 team final.
• Each team will play four overs bowled by the four people from the other two
• The team with the maximum runs will be declared the winners.
• 4 overs/team *3 teams=12 overs= 60 mins. Game will be over by 7:30pm.

General Rules:

• Each team has two players. Each team gets to bat for 4 overs. The challenge
is to score as many runs as possible in those 4 overs.


• Players can continue with their innings (4 overs per team) even if they get
out, however they will be given negative score (-5 runs) every time they get
out. So the aim is to score runs without getting out.

Example: if an over in the innings reads 2,1,0,4,OUT,6. Then the net score for that
over is 2+1+4-5+6=8.


• OUT: A batsmen can be out by getting caught, bowled, run out, stumped and
hit wicket (no Leg Before Wickets). The batsman has the benefit of doubt in
case of a close call on a run out. The bowler can run out the batsmen at the
non-striking end when the ball is alive (the moment the bowler starts run-up
and until the keeper catches the ball) and the non-striker is out of the bowling
crease. Please be advised that usually the bowler warns the non-striking
batsman of this the first time and also these decisions are usually left to the
discretion of the umpire.

• LENGTH NO-BALL: Any ball that is or would have been above the shoulders
of the batsman will be called a no-ball. Any full-toss delivery above the waist
of the batsman will be called a no-ball. One bouncer per over is allowed.

• LINE NO-BALL: Bowler over stepping the bowling crease, with no part of the
front foot behind the line. And also when bowler has no part of his either feet
inside the side bowling line (side line marker).

• WIDE: Any delivery that goes out of the marker on the off-side of the stumps
will be called a wide. Any delivery that misses the leg stump is a wide. Any
delivery that’s above the head of the batsman will be called a wide. The
bowler has the benefit of doubt in case of a close call on a wide delivery.

• EXTRAS: Over throws ( No Leg-Byes).

• TIE: In case of a tie, that is two teams with same score, the team with less
number of OUTs will be declared the winner. In case a tie with same score and
same number of OUTs then we will have a Bowl-Out (each teams getting to
bowl at the wickets three times, the team with most strikes being the
winner)to decide the winner.

• DEAD BALL: Any delivery pitching twice before reaching the batsman (note:
not the stumps) or any delivery pitching outside the pitch (3m wide) or any
delivery that rolls (no bounce)will be called dead. Any score or out during this
delivery will be called off.

All decisions will be up to the discretion of the umpire and his/her decision
will be final and abiding.

• Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or advise on the
rules. (Sumesh @ or Ramu @

The shelter will be booked. Food and board games will be located here. Since we are
starting at 9am we can serve some breakfast stuff as well in the morning and then
move to regular snacks as the day proceeds. I am also looking into the possibility to
grill some stuff but it is not confirmed yet. We will need 2-3 people to be in charge
of this and recruit necessary help.

We can also have a box where we can dump equipment for games (badminton
racquets, soccer ball, board games, carrom etc). People can just pick what they
want and play among themselves.

Play area (swings, slides, sew-saw etc) is also available at this shelter area. Kids can
be kept busy there. Additionally, if we like we can have a 1 hour game session
where we can have games that the kids can be involved with (lemon and spoon
race, sack race etc). We will need a couple of volunteers to do this.

This means we will need 11 main volunteers. Each of them will be responsible to
recruit more volunteers where required (Eg Sumesh and Ramu will need 20 fielders

• Ramu, Sumesh and 4 others for cricket.

• Three people for food (maybe four is the grill thing is done)
• Two people for the games.