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Beyond the Flesh


The Father


Jesus Christ


The Holy Spirit


John N. Crappell


All who are born of the Living God through Christ Jesus in His most Holy Spirit,

The All-Inspiring Voice

Write what you know; write what you see. Write what has been given you. Let
all that would, look beyond what is common. May they see the hidden truth of all
time; may they step into timelessness. May they be led into all truth; may they be
lead into timelessness through the one true Christ.

Let it be known to all that would serve the Highest Good, all mysteries and
wonders. Expose all things that have been hidden and forgotten. Let them know from
where they have fallen. Let them come full circle as a sphere; as a sphere has no
sides, no form; and yet its formlessness is �being� without form and this is its
shape, (stepping beyond the physical.)

Letter One

Entry One:

God is one and cannot be uttered, because to pronounce him would be to

confine Him to form; Yet, God can assume any form He chooses; and that form is not
the totality of God. He exceeds all expression, but was fully expressed through
the man he became; He exceeds all formula, but is fully formulated through the
acts He both preforms and performs.

God is endlessness to endlessness, and still this is not God, because this
is something, and He is beyond all things that were, that are, that will be (and
this is �time.�)
God can represent Himself in infinite dimensions, and all things that represent
God are infinitely dimensional. This can only be understood if our minds have been
opened; and even still, only in part, because our minds are finite for the time
being; but if led by the Highest Authority, are continually approaching the
apprehension of this� from glory to glory.

Entry Two:
Infinitely Dimensional

From the Earth did God form man, and from the womb of woman did we take on
form; but the soul and spirit are formless. This is our highest nature, if indeed
we have been redeemed from the corruption of our God nature: by the one true
Christ. These things were once known plainly; but after the fall of man we were
dealt to learn the law of death, which over the course of time, extinguished the
truth from our minds. As we became carnally minded, or mindful of the form and
elements of creation, (above the Highest God,) we became elementary in our
thinking. We were darkened in mind and in need of being reunited with the mind and
nature of the one true Christ, whom God became.

Form and shape are subject to our will, but all is subject to be aloud or
forbidden by God. All shapes, thoughts, words, matter, and the like are forms of
dimension; as well as dimensional form. These are not my thoughts, these are not
my words; but they are the thoughts and words of God taking dimensional form in my
mind, (my soul), if indeed I am lead by the Supreme Spirit, and conscience assures
me that I am. There are steps to knowing and understanding these things: It is
first the one and only Christ, second it is the Supreme Spirit who leads you into
all truth, and third it is the Father of all that is good. These three are Gods
representation of Him as One, Who is beyond representation, who is beyond thought
and formula.

We must first learn form and creature in order to be freed from the rule of
creation and the death of creation. The same principles that govern form are the
same principles that discipline soul and spirit; but form shall be done away with
as soul and spirit takes on the mind of Christ, and eternal life through the work
He brought to completion by way of His �Great Execution.� Know this: all success
and freedom from creation and the creature, depends on one factor� (Christ and Him
Crucified.) It isn�t until this is embraced that our souls and spirits are freed
from formula and form. It isn�t until we except this all supreme act that we begin
to realize we are no longer subject to creation, creature, matter, and the such;
but rather the like are subject to us as we are subject to God, (and all are
subject to God.) It is here we step into infinite dimension and begin to
understand how all things are dimensionally applicable to each other in all
representation of their kind; whether thought, word, deed, animation, physical,
spiritual, past, present, future, or beyond, (as well as all the like.) Therefore
we can see without sight, hear without sound, taste without flavor, know without
knowledge, but can do nothing without God. For he is the fulfillment of all
things, as the such and the like; as well as seeing with sight, hearing with
sound, tasting with flavor, knowing with knowledge; and we can do all things in
Christ in God. Here we arrive at a deeper knowledge and understanding of all
things, and their relationship to each other.

Entry Three:

Matter is subject to both matter and spirit, but spirit is subject to God
alone. Without the spirit matter is useless, as the body is dead. God is the
father of spirits and here, matter now finds its uses. For where there are no
spirits there is still God. The power of the spirit is faith and where there is no
faith there is no power and work; for unbelief defiles, incapacitates, and
destroys everything that would be undone. Therefore if we have faith in God we can
now move matter. This is how we see without sight, here without sound, taste
without flavor, and know without knowledge; for where we have God we have faith,
and all are subject to them both. It is here we see all things as one body, as
well as without body; and it is by spirit and soul with faith in God that we move
body. Know this, no body moves without consent from God; although the young child
would, through body, burn the forest, the righteous parent will incarcerate and
discipline the unruly offspring: (and God is always present.)

Entry Four:

Every �body� of work that is perfect and pure needs no defender, for it
defends itself. Show me a critic and I will show you a faithless body that has no
work to show. God gives conscience to mankind, and every work that does not offend
that conscience is a perfect and pure work, brought forth with faith from God. All
things are pure to those who possess a pure conscience but to those whose
conscience is defiled by way of ungodly motive, all things are become defiling to
both themselves and their conscience. If any say they don�t know right from wrong
they have made themselves a liar, for to know right from wrong has been placed
within their conscience by God. No perfect and pure work can be claimed by anyone
who has put it into motion, for every perfect and pure work is from God and He has
given it to mankind to put into motion through faith and obedience toward the one
and only Christ.

Entry Five:

In the highest heaven, competition is forbidden; because the nature of the

highest God, (the only God,) as well as the highest heaven, is love. For example:
In the highest heaven, the game of tennis would not be played in that one would
strike the ball with such skill, as to prevent the receiving end from intercepting
it with a deflecting strike of one�s own. Rather, the nature of the game would be
to keep the �ball of love� in motion. Here are all things found equal, one
exalting the other rather than the other exalting self. Because in heaven, there
is no self, only selflessness; for in selflessness there is found giving, and in
giving the hands are found empty to receive, and the sum of life is the
distribution of all that is good from God to one another. This is the mind and
heart of Christ, yet the Unspeakable One is superior. All that comes from Him
returns to him through Christ to us to Christ to Him. This is that perfect sphere
which is eternally inward, outward and forever center of our being; having no
sides of it�s own, no form of its own, (this is it�s shape; looking past the
creature, the creation, and self.) To Him be glory, praise, honor and worship in
the Highest, to the Highest, through the Highest. So be it!

Where then does competition find its say? At the beginning man walked in unbroken
fellowship with God. This walk was perpetuated by the �Breath of Life� and was
perfect, being subject to the free will of man alone. After the fall of man by way
of freewill and the impure application of it by Adam, our walk and fellowship were
broken, in that we were in the loins of Adam when he committed the first act of
disobedience. As a result, God�s covering and glory were withdrawn from mankind
and we were left to cover ourselves, provide for ourselves, guard and protect
ourselves, and so on and so forth. This forced mankind to learn the law of death;
for he then found his-self subject to death and the grave. Likewise, mankind found
that it was mandatory to learn and endure the wilds of nature. He was left to fend
for himself; (survival of the fittest was the law of the wilderness.) Here is
where competition was first born. Here is where war, greed, envy, jealousy,
hatred, murder and every other ungodly work found place, to undo all that would be
undone; both in the world and the flesh that roams.

When the All Mighty entered the world as the Christ Man, He began to restore
the law of life through the law of grace. He began to teach us those things long
forgotten. Now� through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our minds,
(which are our souls,) have access to all the wonders of creation, through the
Spirit of Truth. This All-supreme Spirit is the One who leads and guides us into
all Truth. We as a result, can now see the whole creation as one body, (only to
look past the creature into the very face of God, (through Christ,) and yet still
we can never come to the end of His identity.) Glory! Glory! Glory! Holy, holy,
holy art though� O� Most High! How inspiring art though within the heart of man!

Behold! The mountains and the valleys, they must now find common ground.
This common ground is found to be flat. Here are all found to be equal in Christ.
Let there be found no more competition.

Entry Six:

God is the author of life. He produced the first life and the life He
produces, in consequence of his sovereign design, produces life of its kind. This
is because He puts the power to produce in each life he gives, even as a stone
cast into a pond. It produces a series of ripples that eventually reach the
borders of that body. It is God who casts His living stones into the sea of
creation; life begets life and so on and so forth, until the ends of the universe
are populated with obedient works, through obedient lives.

It is the nature of God to multiply. All being produced by His all-

compassing hand, is ever growing, ever expanding, and ever filling the void of
darkness. O� man, take note how that we have fallen so horribly short of so great
a glory as His and His kind. For it is through us that death entered into the seed
of life of the seed of creation. Never the less we are redeemed from the failure
and shame through Jesus Christ our most sovereign Lord. Glory! He has reversed the
effects of our disobedience by being obedient even unto death; and yet Death could
not hold him prisoner.

Let us now begin to produce living works through a life of obedience. May we be
cast into the pond of creation by the hand of the �Great Author of Life;� to
produce ripples of light in a dark and cold universe. Let us being many, become
one, producing one body of many works in Christ, through Christ, by Christ; until
all become one in God, with God, by God, unto the ends of creation and beyond.

Glory be to the �Living God Most High!�

Entry Seven:
His Marvelous Light

Light and darkness can not both dwell in a room at the same time, if indeed
that room is empty and void of all objects; for where there are objects such as
self-will, self-ambition, self-want, the such and the like, then there is found
opportunity for shadow. Thus, if we empty our entire being of self, the like, and
such, we will then be void of darkness, being filled with Christ and His most
marvelous light.

How easy the heart lusts after the creation and self. This is our bondage,
in that we were filled with shadow in respect to the creation and the clutter of
self. We have cast sand into our eyes, each grain being a nonessential part or
object in our life and being. This is why so many cannot see the kingdom of God
and the God of that kingdom. We must remove the man made furniture from our hearts
and minds and rest in the arms of the Living God. Let us lounge in His words of
peace so gently spoken to us. Creation is not our comfort or completion, nor is
acquiring it in abundance.

We are to occupy creation and creature selflessly rather than creation and
creature occupying us through selfishness. Children of the Living One� (Let not
creation, creature and self cast shadow in you.)

Letter Two

Entry One:

Motive is everything, for by motive are all things made either defiling or
clean one to another. It is written: �nothing of itself is evil,� and this is a
true statement. It is out of the motive of a being's innermost self that all acts
become either obedient to God or disobedient. There are no other factors or states
of being. There is only obedience or disobedience, faith or unbelief, good or bad,
truth or the lack there of, God or the absence of God; (and God is always
present.) Thus, evil has no place of authority. Gory! So be it! Amen!

Entry Two:

All structure is made according to design. The structure of creation is

created according to the design of God. Yet God has not designed every structure
that has been made with creation. Here there is found a foreign body which does
not belong. This is every structure that has been made by the hand of man with the
creation, contrary to the design of God. Here is found every adverse effect in the
nature of all existence, which was intended for good. Where there is unredeemed
man, there is the way of man, and the nature of man is corruption.

All that exists according to the design of God is complimentary, one to the
other. They orbit in unbroken revolutions of obedience. This is that perfect
sphere, (a wheel within a wheel if you will.) There is much to be said about this;
but it has not yet been fully revealed to me at this time. These principles are
the very laws that govern the universe, and the universe is nothing more than a
time mechanism fitted around the wrist of God. When the time strikes high noon,
the universe will fold up and be found glorified in his marvelous light. All that
are found in Christ Jesus will share in the same glorification. Glory to the Most
High! Amen!

Entry Three:
The All-Mighty

Behold the vision which comes to my soul from the Lord: I see a figure in
the form of a mighty man. He is rippled with strength and great in mass. He stands
and is not moved. Pure light proceeds from His eyes. All that is unclean is
consumed by bursts of fervent fire in His sight, (as he turns His noble head.)
Every pure and undefiled creature runs to be found in His great radiant gaze,
calling out to Him, �Father,� and �Friend.�

Take note how that ungodliness can no longer be found present. He stands empty
handed for battle, because his power is not in his weapons of war; but His might
and terrible authority is found in his Word. With one utterance the creation
trembles, convulses and shakes. With one utterance the creation blooms, blossoms
and comes forth teaming with life in abundance. He is one and the same of old. He
is unchanging from everlasting to everlasting exceeding every form. He is the All-
Mighty One. Amen!

Entry Four:
Travailing Spirits Travel

We are living in a world, within a world. The world beyond this present physical
dimension is found to be spirit, and every thing we see, taste, touch, hear, smell
and the like are nothing more than types and shadows of the spirit presenting
itself as matter. In short, the physical is nothing more than a gross
manifestation of the materialized spirit.

There are many events which go unseen beyond the curtain of our flesh. As we live
this materialized life, we interact with unseen spiritual forces. Thus,
interacting with each other we find our selves stumbling over, and being
complicated by invisible influences. So you see, we encounter more than what is
seen at face value.

There are many unclean spirits who attach themselves to unbelieving persons, (in
respect to Christ,) as well as the tormented and victimized animals they may
inhabit from time to time. Many, who are not under the covering of Christ,
encourage the activity of these unclean spirits by the disobedient lifestyles they
lead. They become a vehicle for the Fallen Ones to work their most ungodly deeds
us-ward; both by and through every faithless being, whether flesh or spirit.

All of us who walk the earth in this physical body, who are under the covering of
Christ and filled with the Spirit of Truth, have a distinct aura of pure light
from the Living God which illuminates and permeates outward from our innermost
being. This can be seen only by the spirit in the spirit world. This holy light is
plainly seen by the Kingdom of Darkness, and thus we become targets for their
hatred of every thing which resembles or exemplifies the identity of the Highest

Children of obedience� do not think it strange when people lash out at you for no
apparent reason. It is only the fallen ones agitate others in their flesh, to
exhibit animosity toward you. We are to recognize these phenomena by the
discerning of spirits through the Most Holy Spirit. Do not despise such people,
for often times they themselves are found to be victimized by these hideous
creatures of unclean lips themselves. When we begin to recognize and discern such
events in the true light of God, it only serves as evidence that we are beginning
to operate according to our callings and are one step further to the apprehension
of our God given destinies. There fore rejoice when you are despised without
cause. Take no offence to any act of man, only rebuke that which lurks beyond him
by uttering those words given you in that moment: for they are from the mouth of
the Living God in your defense. Victory is ours in Christ Jesus. Amen and so be
it! Hallelujah!

Entry Five:

There is one place I seek more than all. It cannot be uttered. How then can it be
expressed? It cannot. It can only be experienced. It is the most supreme
experience. It is all in all and beyond. It cannot be held. It cannot be heard. It
cannot be seen. It cannot be felt. It cannot, all these things and the like, be
done in full. It is the grave and the womb and the birth and the life of all who
are found in eternal desire, within and without their inner most parts, of the One
who cannot be uttered. It is present, it is past, it is present, it is future, and
it is present ever more. It is Christ, it is Father, it is Christ, it is Spirit,
and it is Christ ever more. It is with me, it is without me, it is with me, it is
within me, it is with me ever more. I see it and yet cannot see it. I hear it and
yet cannot hear it; I experience it and yet experience it only in part. I know it
and yet still only in part. This is the One, the Two, the Three, and the Three are
the One. The One is unbroken, The Two are broken, the Three are unbroken, and the
One is whole. I know Him in Whom I have believed! He in Whom I have believed knows
me. I am redeemed!
Entry Six:
His Divine Book

The Unspeakable One is complete, and this is a vain effort to describe Him,
as well as is the word, �Him.� Yet, this being understood in part, we shall
continue onward toward the whole of many parts fitted as one body, Christ being
the head. God is all knowing and all that ever was, is, and all that ever will be,
has been recorded and written in His divine book. He beyond the past of the very
first beginning knew every life as well as every death, as well as every
glorification, even to the conclusion of every eternally dammed spirit. He knew
beforehand what each life would do with the God given �Freedom of Will� He freely
gives to all. God knew whether each life would serve the gift of living to the
good and to the root of life eternal, or whether each life would cast itself away
to eternal death and damnation. Thus, there can be no charge against God
concerning every life that turns to shadow, into the darkness of the forever
burning �Nothing,� where conscience never dies. Never the less, how then should we
who have been turned to light by the �God Man�, (Whom is our most adored Christ,
Whom the Unspeakable God became,) now live out our destinies? The answer is
simple. �Faith�! We need only believe on the one true Christ, who is Jesus, who is
God. Here we find no place for work, yet, where there is true faith there is found
work. This is because faith is the fuel and inspiration of every good work; but
work still finds no place to glory, for without faith in Christ there would be no
good works.
Do not be careful, timid, cautious, or dreadful concerning any given circumstance;
for all in Christ serves only to work forward to our good to the will of the
�Great Father of Good.� All who are found in Christ in the �Final Day� are secured
forever, even �now;� because we are sealed in, by, and with the Holiest Spirit of
the Unspeakable God Eternal. Amen!

Entry Seven:
Hope of the Broken and Contrite Heart

O� Holy One, here the cry of a hideous life, swelling in heart and longing in
spirit to be turned to glory. Lift this lost soul to faith in your �Beloved Son.�
You are the life-spring of all that is found to be good, for all time and beyond.
You have drawn out before my eyes, the darkest ungodliness from within my heart;
to the right that I might know how horrid I am and how great are your mercies�
your eternal grace and loving kindness. I am now found to be blameless in your
sight. No more charge can be brought to my name. You have washed them all to
vanishing with the blood of your �Eternal Lamb�, Your �Mighty Judaic Lion�, (your
�Immortal Son�� the Christ, �Jesus.�) Even unto eternal life in your forever-
radiant light. Amen!
Letter Three

Entry One:

Every art through which Christ is glorified is justified and pure. Every art
through which self is glorified is anti-Christ, nothing more than Godless
entertainment. It is void of life and counterfeited against all truth. This is the
error of the world, yet the world continues to love and glorify its own. The world
sets up its manmade gods for worship, which are nothing more than men and women,
or objects made of created matter. The world performs with their God-given
abilities toward their own exaltation. Is this not the same error of Lucifer? Is
this now not found to be the inspired work of Satan, (through mankind,) to insult
the Eternal Father of Glory� yet further? All that has been liberally given to
every life has been given only for the glorification of the Unutterable God. When
one ascribes any existing thing to ones self, (except for Christ, for He is truly
ours,) then that one is found in contempt of God and has no future other than to
be eternally downcast.

Behold all men and women whom we exalt as �Stars.� Are we not condemned in
our vain worship? For we have bowed down to that one or many which bears no
greater glory than our own. Behold all objects of creation and man-made bodies,
constructed from the creation, which we have exalted above the Highest God. Are we
not condemned for so great a transgression as this? For we have paid homage to the
works of Christ�s hands rather than the Christ of those works. (This Christ is the
one and only Jesus.) The only way into the heart of the Unspeakable God is through
Christ, but if we insult and reject Christ by paying and ascribing to ourselves
what rightfully belongs to Him alone, then we are found self-condemned and with
out further remedy toward redemption.

Art is our vehicle to liberally express love and adornment toward our loving
Creator, as well as to manifest the glory of God in the earth, for as long as it
shall stand.
Therefore, let us skillfully exercise the production of glory through every form
of art, toward our �Eternal Redeemer.� So be it! Amen!

Entry Two

All that comes forth from God must likewise return to Him, in order to
maintain harmony of being. For if that which comes from God continues in one
direction, (never making a revolution, or circle, or sphere, back unto God,) then
it is found only to continuously fall. It is found to perpetually depart toward
and into the shadow and darkness of a cold emptiness, fueled by the hell fire of
depravity of God and consumed by self-destruction.
To Be Continued

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