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FAT By Bill White http://www.) So quite honestly. well my marriage was pretty awful.! What follows is how I managed to lose 30 lbs in just under 2 months. And then. it became a nightmare.. the aftermath of divorce had certainly assaulted my finances.typically the precious 3-4 hours of sleep I’d get a night. I wasn’t happy with myself. And the temptation was definitely strong to just shrug my shoulders and eat more food to soothe away the disillusionment that my life hadn’t turned out the way I imagined. Add to that. (I bought a home 6 miles from my former place to be close to him. we get into a big rut of bad habits. You see. just so I could unwind and go to sleep. I started remember who I “really” was. but it was typically a pasta dish of some sort. And I got the determination to start making my body resemble the guy I knew before this unfortunate twists of fate. we deal with increasingly higher levels of stress. I managed to save up enough for a decent pair of walking shoes and a few pairs of sweat pants. Truly. you’d like to have the same body you did in high school. the fact that I had to pay not only the mortgage on a fully financed house. even 100 lbs. Before you know it. And a decade goes by. and on the verge of becoming obese.com BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B. I was considerably overweight. I didn’t have money for pills or exercise equipment. I started having a nightly drink before bed. my wife would leave me dinner in the microwave. despite seeing my son every other day. You see. It was like some switch in my mind got flipped on. I had a family. there’s an extra 20. I know how you feel. was a small miracle. http://www.S. I wanted to reclaim myself again. life gets busy. I wasn’t happy with my life. I’d given my house to my ex-wife. 50. but also a new child support payment. and I’m 5’8”. something happened. By the time I got divorced.com . where a typical week was between 60-100 hours. or maybe an even better body. and my wife wasn’t about to let me ignore them. I weighed over 220 lbs.heathsecretsdaily. Though I didn’t think so at the time. our metabolism slows down and the effect gets magnified further. But I was more determined than ever before to get my body back to where I wanted it. We eat on the go. and hungry. As I stressed over the arguments at home. We don’t sleep a normal schedule. But then. then hit the couch and stuff our faces with more junk.. perhaps the way things turned out. And I began my journey. The work day gets stressful so we go home exhausted. Am I right? The problem is. Often I’d come home very late at night. I was working in advertising. To her credit. And this cycle feeds on itself. I didn’t have money for the gym. and when we have so many things demanding out time and attention. but what was worse. I was pretty poor. so we drink soda and eat junk food for a little boost. tired.healthsecretsdaily. we feel our energy draining away. And. Trust me. So I was in a never ending cycle of stressful work and stressful home life. I had to start all over again.If you’re like me. I fought that cycle myself for a very long time.

(6. If you take pills or supplements.35 x kg body weight) + (4. Without a lifestyle change.heathsecretsdaily.light exercise between once and three times per week Your daily calorie requirements are BMR x 1. only this time.com BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B.healthsecretsdaily.S.if you do very little or no exercise at all Your daily calorie requirements are BMR x 1. you’ll risk your life to have a surgeon suck the fat cells out of you. but I’m going to tell you something you probably aren’t really going to want to hear. but your body will put that fat right back on. in other places of your body that may be even less appealing than where it is right now.com . but ultimately your lifestyle habits will put those pounds back on.9 http://www. If you get liposuction. Internally your body knows exactly how much it takes to maintain your weight.if you do very heavy/intensive exercise twice a day (extra heavy workouts) Your daily calorie requirements are BMR x 1.676 x age) = BMR 655 + (4.! Occasionally Active .7 x age) = BMR You can refine this further by factoring the levels of your physical activity into the equation: Seldomly Active. The whole equation of weight depends on 3 main factors.55 Frequently Active .( 6. you can use supplements.(4. All of these things are props.563 x kg body weight) + (1.if you do moderate exercise three to five days per week Your daily calorie requirements are BMR x 1.7 x height in inches ) . Those factors are amount of daily activity.if you do intensive/heavy exercise six to seven times per week Your daily calorie requirements are BMR x 1. gender.75 x kg body weight) + (5. pills and even cosmetic surgery to shed unwanted pounds. Your body is a self regulating machine.755 x age) = BMR 66 + ( 6. you may lose some weight.The Truth About Weight Loss Yes. How to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate For Male adults 66.7 x height in inches) .725 Exceptionally Active . and height/current weight.23 x pounds body weight) + ( 12. and by knowing it you will know the next steps you need to do if you want to lose (or gain for that matter) weight. nothing you do to cheat the weight off will be permanent. This equation is called Basal Metabolic Rate.76 x age) = BMR For Female adults 55.850 x height in cm) .2 FAT By Bill White http://www.(4.5 + (13.003 x height in cm) .375 Moderately Active . And this boils down to a simple equation.1 + (9.

I did this a very quick and fast way. I started sleeping straight through the night. it gives you a great solid beginning to work with.. That may seem daunting at first.S. IMPORTANT: Do not go below 1. 1. For me. but it worked for me. I’d never go the route of eating boxed meals anymore. It can be dangerous.800 for men. When I woke up. but it’s best to try to do both and meet in the middle.heathsecretsdaily. this formula can be further refined by including things like bone density and body muscle/fat comparisons. in the packaged food section that ranged from 350 calories up to 1500 calories. we’ve put a calculator on our website at http://www. (3. All day I felt more vibrantly alive than I had in well over a decade. I bought $1 meals at the store. I had energy. But what was even more amazing was the way I felt. And all I did was walked my neighborhood in a complete circuit. the easiest way to do this is by reducing the portion sizes of your food at each meal. I added to this mix a 3 mile a day walk. I was pretty amazed that what seemed really difficult the first day or two got easier each time I did it. Now.Once you know what your daily calorie requirements are to maintain your weight. Now.com you can use to make this calculation even faster. you know also that by increasing the calories beyond that.500 calories is equal to about 1 pound of body fat) In all honesty. you will gain weight and by reducing them. FAT By Bill White http://www. it seemed normal. To do that you’ll need to reduce your calories by 500 per day. until after about 3 weeks. you should aim for taking off one pound per week. and I would eat 2 of the smaller meals and 1 bigger meal a day.com . For your convenience.healthsecretsdaily. and I lost 30 lbs in just under 2 months. I went from almost a 40 inch waist down to a 32 inch waist! The point I’m making here is that you can do this. quite simply. if you want to lose weight. and at the very least. or by doing enough exercise to burn all 500 calories.200 calories per day for women. I did this in about 30 minutes. http://www.healthsecretsdaily. you will lose weight. and to be able to fit into clothes I couldn’t wear since I was in high school. I would walk in step with the beat and basically daydream the entire time.! Now that my life is stabilized. will slow your metabolism down (because your body will think it is starving) making it harder to lose weight. not the best way by any means. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see my stomach getting thinner each week. however. and just a 1/2 hour of effort each day. with little to no money. because of the preservatives and high carb load of what I was eating. On the dietary end.and when I say that. and begin with less and then do a little more progressively each day until you can work up to that.. I mean I would no longer get winded from it and I would only get a mild sweat. but. it was simply a matter of putting my MP3 player on and getting lost in the music. you could do this by cutting out all 500 calories from what you eat. Within just a week or so of doing this. I would typically eat the larger meal for lunch and the other two for breakfast and dinner.com BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B.

you’re probably going to become a lot like me. it’s pure water. And I still drank 3 sodas every single day! I had no idea at the time I did this. Whether they actually contain a few calories or do actually burn more than they provide. I also learned what kinds of food you can eat that will keep your calorie count low while allowing you to eat more of it! So let’s turn out attention to that now. By the time I’d been doing this for 2 months. Every Friday we would go to the Chinese buffet and I would eat sometimes 2-3 plates loaded with food. In your first week of dieting. you’ll actually want to eat less because the water will contribute to that warm.healthsecretsdaily. What makes these foods “negative-calorie.” With these foods. For me this was Friday. they are lacking the fat-packing calories. my resting heart rate was about 100 beats per minute. but I’d stumbled onto a secret about losing weight in having my weekly “cheat. These are results you can clearly see. once I achieved that 30 lb loss.S.When I started out. There is some controversy about how negative they actually are. but the claim is that these foods actually take more energy to digest than they put back into your body.” is the fact that they have a lot of water locked up in a very fibrous matrix. typically your leptin levels decline by up to fifty percent because you are cutting back on your food intake and this signals starvation mode to your body. And while these foods contain phytonutrients your body needs to maintain good health. I actually kept my leptin levels higher and that is what made me able to lose as much as I did! The reason I’m telling you all of this is that weight loss doesn’t have to be this major sacrifice that makes you feel bad and deny you of all of life’s guilty pleasures. what it basically boils down to is that you can eat as much of these foods as you want without worrying about gaining weight. I’m full. While water has literally 0 calories.heathsecretsdaily. You see. my heart rate was down to about 65 beats per minute. Which makes it a lot easier for me to stay thin.! . fuzzy full feeling.com BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B. and they are what trigger your brain to say. But I’ll also say that as you see those pounds melting off of you.” You see there is a hormone called leptin that is largely responsible for weight loss. Your stomach has a significant amount of nerves in it. So I started learning more about food and what makes it good or bad. So if you drink water with your meals. you can go to that point of “fullness” and still not gain weight. it does fill your stomach. And the best thing of all was that I did this and still got to eat what I wanted one day each week.com FAT By Bill White http://www. the day I always picked up my son to stay over. “OK. http://www. Let’s start with something that isn’t a food at all. By having my weekly pig out fest. Foods You Can Eat Guilt FREE The terrific thing I found out is that there are food that are called “negative-calorie” foods. I wanted more than anything to see just how healthy I could become.

and assist with mental clarity. In just that 100 grams of fresh lettuce you’ll get 247% of your daily vitamin A as well as 4443 µg of beta-carotene. They also reduce stress hormones which cause your blood vessels to constrict. 100 grams of fresh lettuce is only 15 calories.! Lettuce can also help to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers. You will find most other greens carry the same benefits. which cause the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure.com BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B. you should avoid burying your salads in dressings. http://www. One important note to keep in mind. which helps promote good DNA synthesis resulting in prevention of neural tube defects in-utero.com . FAT By Bill White http://www.a boon for pregnant women.. You can enjoy the additional benefits of healthy mucus membranes and skin as well as benefits for your vision.heathsecretsdaily. both of which have potential ill effects.healthsecretsdaily. Lettuce and greens Lettuce is essentially a vegetable matrix locking in water. natural antioxidant and helps your body build resistance to infections and reduce inflammation.So here is a list of some terrific “negative-calorie” foods: Celery Celery is very high in water content and there are only 19 calories in a 120 gram cup of celery.S. it can potentially help with bone metabolism and limiting neuronal damage in the brain. and an active compound in celery. so you’d get tired of eating it long before you’d have to worry about it causing weight gain. Celery has properties for reducing blood pressure because it contains active phthalides. boost energy. This means it can aid with digestion.. Celery is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. apigenin can reduce risks of ovarian cancer as well. Both of these have antioxidant properties. as the dressings are high in calories and most have MSG and soybeans in them. Vitamin C is also a powerful. Vitamin C and folates are also in good supply with lettuce. These are just a few of the many benefits of lettuce. Because lettuce is a rich source of vitamin K. What’s even better about celery is it’s an alkaline ph vegetable.

You’ll get this benefit from grapefruit if you eat the white inner skin. which would ideally be avoided.Pickles and cucumbers Pickles. Try to buy natural pickles whenever possible. While it isn’t technically a negative-calorie food. It reduces the levels of cholesterol by decreasing reabsorption of cholesterol binding bile acids in the colon. One cup of cucumbers has just 16 calories in it. Pickles will have a bit more. Note that you will NOT get this benefit from drinking grapefruit juice. as they contain probiotics. Even with the addition of sugar.com . The pectin present in grapefruit has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol.S. and the cucumbers they are made from are also very sparing in calories. and it contains naringenin. Grapefruit Even though Grapefruit actually has 74 calories per cup.com http://www. most pickles run about 17 calories per cup. I’ll mention it as well. the spices. These probiotics are basically beneficial bacteria that help establish a healthy colon and promote better digestion. Pickles as well as other fermented foods have the additional benefit of being good for your colon. and some brands also put sugar in them.heathsecretsdaily. it’s still fairly low in calories.! Other negative-calorie foods: By Bill White Oranges Tangerines Apricots Cauliflower Apples Zucchini http://www. Another thing to strive to avoid with pickles is any brands that have FD&C Yellow #5 artificial coloring in them. along with the pulp.healthsecretsdaily. The powerful aspect of naringenin is that it triggers the liver to break down fat. vinegar and water they are made with contain no calories. However. FAT Strawberries Carrots Tomatoes Watermelon Hot Chili Peppers BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B. which is an antioxidant which produces the bitter flavor of grapefruits.

and applying the information in this ebook. money. FAT By Bill White http://www.com . or sacrifice. You deserve to the body you want. don’t underestimate its power.heathsecretsdaily. With those goals in mind. and the effort it requires will be well worth it when you can look in your mirror and smile. I invite you to explore further with me. I thank you for your vote of confidence in me and this ebook. You can do so by reading the emails I send.com. and rapidly. You’ve been given enough information to seriously reduce your weight without a lot of struggle. regaining that confidence and self-love you know you’ll have once you’ve realized your goals. fitness and a more holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle.healthsecretsdaily.S. I hope that you will seek to further learn more about health.! http://www. And in turn.Conclusion While this book has not been exhaustive in every detail of weight loss. safely. It is my sincerest hope that in reading.com BURN THE “REAL” WAY No Gym No Pills No B. as well as visiting healthsecretsdaily. That makes this a powerful tool if you will use it. you will achieve your weight loss goals.

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