Pharm 2009 Draw a wash in curve for isoflurane.

What are the factors affecting wash in curve for inhalational agents? Let’s say I have a new inhalational agent , what are the properties that I would be looking for? If I told you that this new agent has a blood gas partition coefficient of 0.5, can you superimpose the wash in curve on the one you have drawn. What are the other agent properties that influence the wash in curve? How does saturated vapour pressure and boiling temperature influence wash in curve? Given a chart Age female Patient’s with DVT mortality Lancet 1977 Let’s look at only the age. How do we compare the mean between the two groups? – I said student T test Why? – I said it’s a parametric data What do we assume when we use student t test? Let’s look at mortality. Can we use the student t test? If not, then what statistical test can we use? Draw a table. What are the limitations of this study by looking at this chart? How does small sample size affect the power of the study? What can we use to treat post op pain? Tell me about morphine.what are the side effects? Which group of patients are we most worried of and why? What about oral opioids? What are the types of oral opioids we can use? Let’s say you have a pre eclamptic patient in the ward. What type of drugs do you use in her treatment? Tell me more about magnesium sulphate. Is it an antihypertensive agent? What is the dose? Can I give it as a bolus? Why not? What are the side effects? What is the therapeutic level and toxic level? Chong’s questions Classify neuromuscular blockers. What are the cardiac effects of neuromuscular blockers? What is your choice of NMB? Give reasons. LMWH (n=16) 78 (+/- ?) ? ? 3 No treatment (n=16) 77 (+/- ?) ? ? 5

Tell me about parecoxib. Advantage of using parecoxib in daycare setting. What are the side effects of COX II inhibitors? Why is there a cardiac risk? What are the benefits over opioids? What are the contraindications to COX II? Draw a wash in curve for desflurane. How long does it take for the inhalational agent to equilibrate between lung and brain? Explain what is the blood gas partition coefficient. From the wash in curve, if Fa/Fi is 0.8 what is the arterial concentration at this point? What is the importance of knowing this equilibrium? Given a chart; Desflurane b:g partition coefficient 0.42 , alveolar concentration is 6%, what is the alveolar concentration in ng/ml? calculate the arterial concentration and percentage? What are the factors that affect solubility of an inhalational agent? Classify drug interactions ? pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics What are the pharmacodynamic interactions? Tell me about methadone Given a chart with pH and pKa of methadone and gastric pH How does gastric acid affect interaction with methadone?

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