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Corporate Social Responsibility Labor conditions Without prejudice to the Warranties, Representations and Covenants on the part of Supplier

in this Agreement. Supplier represents and warrants to Buyer that Supplier complies with the Standard of Social Accountability SA8000 i.e. 1) No child labour. 2) No forced labor. 3) Respect local occupational health and safety regulations. 4) Freedom of Association and collective bargaining. 5) No discrimination. 6) No corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse. 7) Respect legally mandated work hours. 8) Guarantee of a fair compensation to its employees. (This standard is available at: Buyer makes the same representations and warranties to supplier under these clauses. Occupational Health & Safety Supplier represents warrants and agrees with the Buyer that: 1. It s the policy of the Buyer to secure the health and safety of all personnel (own and Suppliers) as well as the integrity and reliability of all property and equipment. Hence, the Supplier also recognizes its responsibility and accountability for the protection of all employees and preservation of the Buyers property and equipment. To comply with this policy, the Supplier will use properly qualified personnel and incorporate safeguards, rules and procedures which will minimize the risk of any personal injury to Buyers people and loss or damage to Buyers property and equipment during the performance of the service provided. Suppliers personnel must comply with Buyers established OH&S rules, practices and procedures, use OH&S equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and any devices that are required / provided and conduct themselves in a way which assures the health and safety of themselves, their fellow employees and/or any other persons. Suppliers personnel are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and health workplace where all hazards, unsafe acts and/or conditions are identified and analyzed before being controlled or eliminated. Supplier must document this in a (mandatory) health and safety programme. When working, all Suppliers personnel will conduct themselves in accordance with Buyers OH&S standards, including having a proper





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OH&S plan for the work, work instructions, training and testing as needed, inspection and audit programmes as well as recording and reporting of all accidents, unsafe actions and/or conditions. 6. Supplier represents and warrants to Buyer that Supplier accident/workers compensation insurance as well as liability cover. has


Buyer is entitled to inspect and audit the compliance of Supplier with Clauses 1 to 6.

8. Non compliance with Clauses 1 6 is a serious offence and may result in immediate termination of the contract with ACL. Any direct of consequential damage resulting out of non-compliances is the full liability of the supplier.

I Accept

Signed & Stamped

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