W/C  24th  June  2013  

Role:  Smile  Leader/Smile  Ambassador  -­  Operation  Smile  Ireland   What's  Involved?  Operation  Smile  Ireland  is  looking  to  develop  regional  teams  of  volunteers  who  will  help  raise   awareness  and  funds  and  made  Operation  Smile  Ireland  a  household  name.  Volunteers  will  be  fully  trained  to  give   community  presentations,  engage  in  outreach  work  at  local  events  and  support  local  fundraising  in  the  form  of  bag   packs,  church    gate  collections  etc.   Where:  Nationwide   When:  2  presentations  a  year  for  two  years       Role:  Team  Member  -­  City  of  Dublin  YMCA   What's  Involved?  Dublin  YMCA  is  signing  up  for  the  Colour  Dash  5K  on  Sat  27th  July  in  Phoenix  Park  -­‐  will  you  join   our  team?  By  registering  you  are  supporting  the  Irish  Cancer  Society  and  by  collecting  sponsorship  for  Dublin  YMCA   you  are  supporting  vulnerable  young  people  in  Dublin.  Register  for  the  event  at  https://www.cancer.ie/get-­‐ involved/fundraise/challenge-­‐yourself/colour-­‐dash/register.     Where:  Phoenix  Park,  Dublin  8  When:  4  hours     Role:  ISPCC  Advocacy  Volunteers  -­  Irish  Society  for  the  Prevention  of  Cruelty  to  Children  (ISPCC)   What's  Involved?  As  an  ISPCC  Advocacy  volunteer  you  will  be  trained  and  supported  to  campaign  at  a  local  and   community  level.  Some  of  the  duties  of  a  volunteer  include:  •  Consulting  with  local  children  and  community  groups   to  assess  what  are  the  needs  of  young  people  in  the  area  •  Advocating  and  lobbying  for  change  at  a  local  level  where   needed  •  Networking  and  building  relationships  with  local  counsellors,  TDs,  and  other  agencies  working  with   children  and  families  •  Keeping  track  of  issues  affecting  children  and  young  people  in  the  local  media  •  Working   with  local  media  including  talking  on  local  radio  about  the  work  of  the  ISPCC  and  writing  articles  and  letters  to  the   editor  •  Arranging  presentations/outreaches  to  community  groups  &  schools   Where:  all  over  Dublin  When:  4  hours  a  week  for  two  years     Role:  Event  Volunteers  July  12th-­14th  -­  Laya  Healthcare  Street  Performance  World  Championships   What's  Involved?  Artist  liaisons,  supervising  fun  areas,  providing  information  to  the  public  about  the  event,   assisting  stage  managers  with  stage  production,  assisting  in  general  event  production.   Where:  Merrion  Square,  Dublin  2  When:  July  12th-­‐14th     Role:  Communications  and  Media  Intern  -­  Christian  Aid   What's  Involved: The  communications  and  media  intern  will:  •  work  with  the  media  and  communications  team  to   identify  and  maximise  media  opportunities  in  national,  local  and  faith  media.  •  contribute  to  writing  and  pitching   stories  and  content  for  media  releases,  website  and  magazine  articles,  feature  stories  and  social  media.  •  assist  with   media  campaigns  and  activity  including  media  stunts,  feature  articles,  photos,  advertising  and  other  media  events,   particularly  for  local  and  regional  media.  •  help  develop  Christian  Aid  Ireland’s  online  presence  through  social   media  networks.  Where:  17  Clanwilliam  Terrace  When:  30  hours  a  week  for  3  months     Role:  Event  Volunteers  -­  Ireland  v  England  Cricket  (Malahide)  -­  Fingal  Volunteer  Centre   What's  Involved: It will be Fortress Malahide for the RSA Challenge Ireland v. England Cricket,

Tuesday 3 September 2013. Volunteers will be involved in welcoming spectators and providing support to the Events Team.
Where:  Malahide  Cricket  Club,  Malahide  Road,  Fingal  When:  Tuesday  3  September  2013                   For  further  information:         Dublin   City  South  Volunteer  Centre     T:   + 353   1  473  7482     E:     info@volunteerdublin.ie  

W:  www.volunteerdublincitysouth.ie    

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