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Interested Parties Bob Wickers June 24, 2013 Sen. Patrick Leads Dewhurst in the Houston Media Market

TWG fielded a statewide survey May 13-16, 2013 among 400 likely voters in Texas. Respondents were selected using random digit dialing from sample and were qualified by being registered and considered likely to vote in the 2014 Republican primary election for Lieutenant Governor. Live telephone interviews were conducted and both landline and mobile telephones were included in the study’s sample. Margin of error: +/- 4.5%. What follows is one of the study’s key findings. SENATOR DAN PATRICK LEADS LT. GOVERNOR DEWHURST BY 8 POINTS IN THE HOUSTON MEDIA MARKET Sen. Patrick leads Dewhurst in the Houston media market 42%-34%, with Todd Staples and Jerry Patterson not even in the game. The Houston media market represents 23% of the GOP primary electorate – and is the most expensive market in Texas. From the May 13-16 Study: In next year’s Republican Primary election for Lieutenant Governor the candidates may be: READ LIST ROTATE NAMES: Dan Patrick, David Dewhurst, Jerry Patterson, Todd Staples If the election were held today for whom would you vote? Houston Media Market
(23% of Statewide GOP Primary Vote)

Dan Patrick David Dewhurst Jerry Patterson Todd Staples Not sure/Refused

42% 34 0 1 23

Conclusion: Should Dan Patrick run for Lt. Governor he is well-positioned to win. Given Senator Patrick’s strong base of support in the Houston media market (nearly a quarter of the GOP primary vote, and a set of issues and attributes that line-up perfectly with Texas’s conservative Republican primary electorate, Sen. Patrick is very well-positioned to become Texas’s next Lieutenant Governor.

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