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Scarpine Alessandra

Appropriate for a 3-6 month child.

Yarn ” unshrinkable “gaia, pure virgin wool, 50 grams (155 meters)

Stitch instructions:
K1, P1: *knit 1, purl 1*, repeat from * to *
Plain knit (british): 1 row knit, 1 row purl.
Cable: 1° row= *2 mesh cross on the right (1 stitch on cable (auxiliary)needle, put it
on the back, knit 1, knit on the stich on the cable(auxiliary) needle), purl 1*, repeat
from * to *. 2° row = knit on the stiches as they are. Repeating the 2 rows.

Cast on 45 stitches on double pointed needles n°4, and knit on cable and round
knitting for 22 rows. Continue the rows with loops: *knit 2 stitches together, 1 yarn
over*, repeat from * to *, there must remain 44 stitches (then knit the last 3 stitches
Continue with the 1 purl row and then turn the leg inward.
Continue with the neck of the
foot, knitting 16 central cable
stitches. Leave remaining
stitches on the needles..
Continue for 18 rows, as shown
in the photo.

Round knitting : 16 stitches

neck of the foot, pick 12
stitches from the left side of the
neck of the foot, knit the
pending 28 stitches, and pick 12
stitches from the right side of
the neck of the foot.
In total we have 68 stitches.
Next 10 rows: K1 P1.

At this point, begin with the

insole, split the stitches on 4
needles : 16 stitches neck of the
foot to the tip, 18 stitches
corresponding to the left side,
16 stitches the heel, 18 stitches
corresponding to the right side.
Round knitting plain knit
In each round knit on together
the first 2 stitches and the last 2
for the tip and the heel, until
only 1 remains on each needle.
Leave remaining 19 stitches on
each needle, cut the yarn about 30 cm and put the needles in parallel, join with
Hide the yarn on the back of work.

This is the result.

Make a cord of 50 cm in length
and insert into the holes
around, turn the leg.

And for the photos and texts

copyright silvana catallo design 2009
for the English translation has collaborated Silvina (on Ravelry: silvinasi)

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