Name: Athraa Tawfiq Course: CRT205 Lynell Powell 06/09/2013

SmartphonesWill Benefit ClassroomLearning

Smart phones make possible everywhere learning, all-the-time learning Smartphone’s are integral to the future of education, learning. He describes the d evices as a "game changer" because they are the technology of choices for students, they are unrivaled in portability and affordable, as we as capable of performing most tasks and assignment as demonstrated by the success of pilot programs,

Soloway concludes, schools and educators must not resist but adopt Smart phone’s in the classroom within five years, every k-12 student in America will be using a mobile handheld device as part learning, according to Elliot soloway , professor at the University of Michigan

The small devices fit into your hand, your pocket, and your purse. Portability trumps everything—bigger screen, more power, and bigger keyboard. Being able to take it out and turn it [on] instantly is totally important to the mobile, instant gratification generation. The students play all sort s of games on small screen, they are comfortable with small screen. Kids are comfortable with the small keyboard they have learned to thumb type. Give a kid a full sized keyboard, and you will reduce the kid to hunt and peck.

We need to accept the fact that mobile technologies are an integral part of the kids' lives and an integral part of 21st century knowledge workers’ lives. We need to stop looking at the past and look to the future we need to step forward and say we need to do 21st century education in same ways we are doing 21st century commerce, 21st century health, etc. there are risks, aboultely . but staying where we are ins schools—using 19th century technology and fooling ourselves that we are teaching 21st-century skills and content is trying doing our students a huge disservice. You can't teach 21s century skills and content with 18th century paper and pencil tools. Within five years, every child in every grade, in every school in. America will be using a mobile learning device, 24/7. While today, 99 percent of schools ban cell phones. Because mobile technology is as necessary apart of living in the modern world as are air, water, and food. Communications is the hallmark of what means to be human; mobile devices support communication in new and exciting ways ; mobile devices help make us human, help define us different than animals. Mobile technologies are essential to our lives out side of school. Looking and prevent our children, the children entrusted to the school’s care, to be allowed to benefit from a technology that clearly is highly beneficial? School need to take their hand out of the sand be brave and step forward, and truly help the children entrusted to them. Mobile technologies can make a huge difference in teaching and learning the pilot projects are demonstrating that fact over and over and over again. Schools need to be on the right side of the 21stcentury: 1:1, 24/7 mobile device.

Soloway, E. (2013). Smartphone Will Benefit Classroom Learning. In R. Espejo (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints. Smartphone. Detroit: Green haven Press. (Reprinted from THE Journal, 2011, February