Gamemaster Reference

Gamemasters are volunteer helpers who play a vital role in Tibia's rule enforcement. To this end, their accounts are endowed with extensive special rights that allow them to effectively monitor and control the community. Due to its far-reaching power, the position of gamemaster is one of special trust, and only the most dedicated and reliable players are chosen to fill it. The gamemasters' work is highly appreciated by CipSoft, but of course, it also requires careful monitoring in order to guarantee a consistent and high standard of quality in Tibia's rule enforcement. The Tibia gamemaster team is taken care of by CipSoft's customer support department. One member of the customer support, who holds the title of "head gamemaster", is specifically assigned to the task of assisting gamemasters at day-to-day issues. He is also responsible for overall quality control of the gamemaster team, and all gamemasters report directly to him. Note that at least one member of customer support will also be active as a gamemaster at any point of time during CipSoft office hours. Below you will find important reference information for all gamemasters. Note that the information given here is not intended for the public and should never be forwarded to regular players.

1 Duties and Limitations 1.1 Duties 1.2 Code of Conduct for Gamemasters 1.3 Limitations Vacation, Retirement and Dismissal 2.1 Vacation 2.2 Retirement 2.3 Dismissal 2.4 Reinstatement as a Gamemaster Technical Details on Gamemaster Accounts and Characters 3.1 Gamemaster Accounts 3.2 Talking Options 3.3 Gamemaster Characters 3.4 Apprentices and Account Groups 3.5 Gamemaster List 3.6 The Gamemaster Board Punishment System 4.1 Processing Reports 4.2 Gathering Evidence 4.3 Performing Banishments 4.4 Banishment Resolution 4.5 Criminal Records 4.6 Banishment Information 4.7 Complaints Gamemaster Directive






5.1 Names 5.2 Statements 5.3 Cheating 5.4 Gamemasters 5.5 Player Killing 5.6 Destructive Behaviour Quick Reference 6.1 Gamemaster Account Spells 6.2 Gamemaster Character Spells 6.3 Teleportation Marks 6.4 Talking Options

1 Duties and Limitations 1.1 Duties
a) Enforce the Tibia Rules This is your main task as a gamemaster. Monitor the community and process rule violation reports. If you find players who violate the rules, punish them according to the regulations given in the gamemaster directive (see section 5). Gamemasters take a central position in Tibia's rule enforcement, and the community's eyes will consequently rest upon you whenever you are active in the game. Make sure to be consistent and just in your decisions at all times. Please keep in mind that the guidelines for name and board reports that are laid out in the tutor guide fully apply to gamemasters. b) Report Back Regularly Gamemasters must report all rule violations, bugs, general problems of the game etc. they find. Reports should be precise and, wherever possible, based on well-established proof. Moreover, gamemasters are required to keep in touch with their fellow team members and with the responsible head gamemaster in order to ensure that gamemasters always act as a team. Discuss any new questions or problems you have come across with your fellow team members on the private gamemaster board. Also, report back to the responsible head gamemaster on a regular basis, preferably no less than once per six weeks. Reports should be made via email or via direct contact in the game. A good report typically contains a brief summary of your recent gamemaster work as well as any problems or questions that have recently come up during your work. c) Take Care of Counsellors and Tutors Look after the counsellors and tutors and guide them if necessary. This includes answering their questions in the game or on the boards, clarifying or correcting wrong statements and also warning and reporting them in case of rule breaks or inappropriate behaviour. In urgent and severe cases you may dismiss the tutor yourself by inserting a notation or a banishment into his account before reporting the matter on the gamemaster board. If a counsellor is involved, get in contact with the gamemaster he reports to or with the head gamemaster to resolve the problem. d) Be Well-informed Gamemasters must often make difficult decisions or help tutors and counsellors to resolve tricky situations. Therefore, it is important that gamemasters are always up-to-date. Remember that, after CipSoft, gamemasters are the final authoritative source of information in Tibia, and often it will be

2 Code of Conduct for Gamemasters Gamemasters should observe the following guidelines at all times: a) Be Polite Maintain a polite and neutral level of conversation with players as well as with your fellow team members. but even while you are playing you should keep a wary eye on the community. the Tibia Rules and its comments. Answer only one question at a time and think carefully. Please see the following section for these guidelines. g) Answer Complaints Log into your account on the website and answer all messages (complaints) sent to you. be brief and matter-of-factly. do not lose your temper if players interfere with your work or harass you. respond to specific statements made by the player in his complaint so he will be able to understand your decision. you are expected be online for at least half an hour every day. gamemasters are even more required to maintain a reasonable level of activity than other helpers such as tutors or counsellors. c) Be Brief Some players may try to involve you in pointless discussions. Avoid pointless discussions in the game or the forum. you should not hesitate to punish them according to the rules. up-to-date information. There is a special code of conduct which gamemasters should follow at all times when communicating with other players. Remember that you are expected to act as a role model and deal with problems on a professional basis. preferably each day. If you know you will have to leave soon. It is usually better to simply ignore accusations. Take your time. In your first answer to a complaint you should briefly explain the reason for your banishment. Moreover. Try to identify his question and answer it in a brief. but if you do feel you must reply. but no less than a total of 3 hours per week. Of course. of course. gamemasters are also expected to know and to understand the website. Always make sure to keep up with current developments so you can provide regular players. As a rule. but at least once a week. Moreover. the various service functions. f) Observe the Code of Conduct Gamemasters should act in an appropriate. b) Be Calm Do not haste your answers. manual. Of course. Also. Remember you need not always be active as a gamemaster when being online. the game itself. A gamemaster whose online time in the game falls below the limit of 3 hours per week is considered to be inactive. Tibia needs active gamemasters. including the quickstart. tutors and counsellors with correct. if players start insulting you or committing other rule violations. tutor guide and. FAQ. it is better to leave that extra question to another team member rather than trying to answer in a rush. concise statement. the client and. dignified way befitting their position.up to you to decide what is right and wrong. Unless you have plenty of time and energy to waste we suggest you do not encourage such players. For this reason it is imperative that gamemasters know all relevant documentation beside this reference. security hints. you must correct your mistake if the complaint of the player is justified! 1. most importantly. e) Be Active Due to the important role of their position. . so make sure to be online regularly to help ensure a decent amount of game monitoring at all times.

counsellors or tutors both out of the boards and out of the channels in the game. If you violate the rules. refer the case to another gamemaster. Also. h) Be a Model Tibia Player Remember that even if you log into the game as a regular player. Instead. other gamemasters. Do not trust in screenshots. Try putting personal feelings aside while acting as a gamemaster. Try to set an example for your fellow Tibians.3 Limitations a) Do not misuse your rights and abilities! Only use your gamemaster characters and abilities in your role as gamemaster. This restriction also applies to the use of gamemaster characters to explore unknown areas and the use of specific gamemaster spells to teleport your own or your friends' game characters. •If there is a problem with a counsellor. you should not interfere in minor conflicts between players if no rule is violated. . If this does not help.g. Likewise. When talking to players express yourself in correct. c) Always follow the Tibia Rules and live their spirit! Above all. its customer support members. cheating e. you risk losing your gamemaster position. so gamemasters should make sure that players understand what they are saying. Gamemasters are supposed to act in an observing role rather than actively interfering to get someone to break a rule. tibiacam files. by trading or sharing your accounts is an unpardonable mistake. Moreover. tutors as well as counsellors are considered to be regular players. reports made by tutors and counsellors should be approached with the same kind of wary caution as reports made by any other regular player. note that except for their role as reporters of bugs. If you feel you might be biased. illegal names and posts. others will always pay attention to the way you behave in the game. focus on real trouble makers. b) Do not interfere if no rules are violated! Do not use banishments as a way to dispose of players who are not violating the rules. please contact his superior gamemaster. e) Be Objective People will listen carefully when you speak. do not make up your own rules or use any trifle for a banishment reason. Most importantly. 1. or similar kinds of evidence as they can be faked easily. and if they feel you are biased. •Keep private quarrels with CipSoft. Also. Play fair and make sure to follow the rules at any point of time. do not provoke or encourage rule breaks just to get a valid reason to banish a certain player. you should call in the head gamemaster to settle the dispute. g) Double-Check Reports Always verify reports personally and gather evidence. f) Be Discreet •Keep information of players confidential and do not forward information provided on the private boards to the public. wellchosen English sentences that are easy to grasp and leave no room for misinterpretation. chat logs. Also.d) Be Precise Always keep in mind that language poses a problem in Tibia. your reputation will suffer. if you have trouble with a fellow gamemaster. try to resolve it with him.

senators no longer hold any other active powers of gamemasters. and they have access to a special senator board on the forum. If the concerned gamemaster continues to behave in an unsuitable manner. he can be dismissed without further notice.2 Retirement Always keep in mind that Tibia needs active gamemasters. but are not limited to. or if the situation does not improve. However.2 Vacation. 2. the head gamemaster will discuss the problem with the respective gamemaster and give him advice on how to improve his performance. any absences that exceed two weeks in length must be announced in advance in the gamemaster forum. Please note that CipSoft may remove the title if a senator severely misbehaves. at the end of which they are expected to have improved the aspect criticised by the head gamemaster. gamemasters are free to take breaks without having to give reasons. As a rule. In severe .3 Dismissal CipSoft reserves the right to dismiss gamemasters at any point of time without prior notice. Also. unless a gamemaster has seriously betrayed CipSoft's trust he will be given the opportunity to make a statement to the head gamemaster. Retirement and Dismissal 2. Repeated incidents of inactivity will lead to a warning and possibly even to a dismissal from service (see section 2. gamemasters must not be inactive for more than a total of 12 weeks a year or more than eight weeks in a row per year. Note that gamemasters who have received official warnings may also be given a deadline. transgressions of the limitations etc. More specifically. Senators retain an advisory function. his account will be reduced to the status of a free player and all gamemaster characters will be deleted. If you find that your time in Tibia becomes too limited to fulfil your duties regularly. dismissals due to inactivity are considered to be honourable dismissals. Please note that the decision as to whether or not a retired gamemaster is invited to become a senator rests with CipSoft. he will be dismissed without further notice. Also. In such a case. In the following you will find some conceivable scenarios of gamemaster misdemeanours as well as short outlines of how CipSoft would react in these cases: •Inactivity A gamemaster will be given a warning by the head gamemaster if he noticeably falls below the required minimum amount of activity and has not announced to be on vacation. However. or if a gamemaster repeatedly leaves a bad impression in personal interviews. please understand that there must be certain vacation limits to ensure a reasonable amount of activity.1 Vacation Of course. Gamemaster warnings remain valid for a duration of one year after they have been given. the head gamemaster will try to help the gamemaster to improve his knowledge. If a gamemaster steps down from his position. and they are considered to be regular players in all other respects.3). Of course. you may be invited to become a senator. Reasons for dismissal from the gamemaster position include. you should consider resigning from your position. However. neglects of the gamemaster duties. violations of the gamemaster code of conduct. Also. in case of a minor misconduct a gamemaster may receive an official warning rather than being dismissed at once. •Bad Standard of Knowledge If the head gamemaster finds that a gamemaster is consistently unaware of important current developments. If other problems follow. 2. you are also free to resign at any time without the need to give reasons.

e. If other problems follow or if this problem cannot be removed. . i. The dismissal will be considered to be dishonourable. 3 Technical Details on Gamemaster Accounts and Characters As soon as an account is promoted to gamemaster status it receives additional special rights and abilities on top of the rights that are held by tutors. he will be dismissed without further notice. or if there are other problems. and further consequences for the account are sure to follow.e. In severe cases such as rude misbehaviour in the gamemaster team the dismissal can be dishonourable. and account punishments may be imposed. •Abuse of the Gamemaster Position If a gamemaster clearly transgressed the gamemaster limitations. Of course. however. Of course. •Bad Quality If a gamemaster's work consistently does not meet the required standards. deals with players in an unprofessional manner etc. he will be dismissed without further notice. you can inspect criminal records. senior tutors and counsellors. accounts and of complaint threads by regular gamemasters.. and further consequences for the account are sure to follow. The dismissal will be considered to be dishonourable. the head gamemaster will contact him and try to help him to improve his standard of work. his application will be considered by the head gamemaster.4 Reinstatement as a Gamemaster If a retired gamemaster wishes to return to active duty. in severe cases such as account sharing or trading the account will immediately be deleted. If no substantial improvement follows. by abusing his special rights in order to gain a personal advantage inside or outside the game. you will see more detailed information as well as various additional buttons on various pages of the website. •Favouritism If the head gamemaster finds that a gamemaster neglects his duties when dealing with personal friends in the game. he must take up the tutor career again. he has to contact the head gamemaster to become a regular player in order to be able to become tutor. If he has successfully served as an active tutor and senior tutor for some time. he will be dismissed without further notice. Note that the head gamemaster and other members of the customer support hold even more extensive rights which include the viewing of deleted banishments. If he is repeatedly caught extending favours to friends.cases or if the situation does not improve the concerned gamemaster will receive a warning. 2. If you log into your account on the website. although such players can be sure that their previous achievements will be taken into account. the gamemaster will receive a warning. If a senator wants to do so. a warning and eventually even a dismissal from service will follow. the gamemaster will be dismissed dishonourably. if he inadequately answers complaints. For instance. characters. •Violating the Tibia Rules If a gamemaster violates the Tibia Rules. view the private gamemaster board or perform actions such as deleting inappropriate character or guild information. i. Please note that CipSoft is under no obligation to reappoint a player as a gamemaster. or if there are further incidents of misconduct. only those former gamemasters who have been dismissed honourably are eligible for reappointment.

2) •can process rule violation reports (see section 4. gamemasters and counsellors have access to individual channels on the client. select "Properties". For details on the banishment process please see section 4.3) •can kick characters from the game •can teleport players to their home temple •can place bug reports (see tutor guide section 5) For a list of the corresponding spells please check the quick reference (see section 6).3) view criminal records (see section 4. To do so. All gamemaster accounts automatically receive premium status. you can safely expect to be flooded with private messages for the following couple of minutes. However.1 Gamemaster Accounts Gamemasters have special rights that help them fulfil their duty when being logged into the game or their account page. then add the term "gamemaster" behind the target directory. 3. a) Broadcasts You can reach all players on a world at the same time by making broadcasts (syntax: #b [message]). while gamemasters can enter both the counsellor channel and the gamemaster channel. insert notations and report character names (see section 4. Broadcasts should be used sparely and only in urgent and important cases of public interest to make sure that players always realise the importance of the gamemaster's message. When they are logged into their respective account page on the website.3. i. keep in mind that you will only be able to log into these clients with your gamemaster account. all characters on a gamemaster account •have additional talking options (see section 3. banishing accounts is probably the single most important activity. Counsellors can join a specific counsellor channel. Moreover. The following options are available to counsellors and higher ranks.2 Talking Options Just like tutors and counsellors. If you do a broadcast. Right-click onto your Tibia desktop icon.e. you must prepare your client first. Note that it is considered to be acceptable for gamemasters to be online with a player character and with one or more gamemaster characters at the same time. Accounts of gamemasters cannot be banished and the names of their characters cannot be reported. Since the main task of a gamemaster is to enforce the Tibia Rules. all characters on gamemaster accounts also automatically use orange font in the help channel. . to have several active clients on the same computer at the same time. You will now be able to open several clients at a time by repeatedly clicking on this icon. It is also possible for gamemasters to multi-client.6) •can process complaints concerning punishments they have imposed(see section 4. gamemasters •can •can create gamemaster characters (see section 3.5) •can edit and delete punishments imposed by themselves(see section 4.1) •can impose banishments.7) •can delete character information •can delete guild descriptions •can report bad posts and threads on the forum (see tutor guide section 7) When they are logged into the game.

b) Red Warning in a Channel You have the option to send a red message into a channel to remind all players in this channel of the rules or to emphasise information (syntax: #c [message]). in cases of repeated spamming or offensive statements. Needless to say.g. To avoid confusion among the team members.g. all of those normal characters are able to perform special actions as described above. e.3 Gamemaster Characters If you create a new character in your gamemaster account. Gamemaster characters •are invulnerable •wear a special outfit •glow in the dark •are not deleted. 3.g. you will find a special option below the server choice to determine the position of the new character: •None(Normal character without any special gamemaster rights): This is the type of character which you are used to. If players get too used to being messaged in red. "GM John of Rubera"). they might not respect it as a sign of authority anymore. If you choose to create a gamemaster character. please create and use mainly characters which contain the name of the character you are listed with in the gamemaster list (e. the prefix "GM" will automatically be added to the name you enter. c) Red Warning in a Message to a Player You may warn players who do not obey the rules by messaging them in red (syntax: @name@ [message]). However. This special kind of private message will be displayed to a player even if he has put you on ignore. especially if your home world is on a PvP or a PvP-enforced server. the name should also comply with our Tibia Rules. Note that we recommend choosing a name that differs from that of your favourite game characters to make sure you can go on playing peacefully. even if they are not used for a long time •cannot attack players or creatures •are ignored by creatures •are unaffected by logout blocks •will not appear in any statistics on the website •are not considered for the limit of 20 characters per account •cannot carry items •can adjust their walking speed •can teleport to other characters •can teleport to special marks •can disintegrate movable objects •can use rope spots without a rope •can open loose stone piles without tools •can cut jungle grass and harvest ripe wheat without tools For a list of the corresponding spells please check the quick reference (see section 6). •Gamemaster(Character with special gamemaster rights): Gamemaster characters have a number of special attributes and abilities as listed below. Again. do not overuse it. . entering "John" and choosing the gamemaster option will create a gamemaster character called "GM John". This comes in handy e.

All gamemasters are expected to maintain the thread discipline. the punishing of accounts. senators or players. While some gamemasters still have counsellors as apprentices. deletions or additional investigations. so whenever you have problems or questions about your work this is the place to turn to. senior tutors and counsellors can do. Senators retain an advisory function. Gamemasters are appointed by the head gamemaster. 3. the requirements for becoming a tutor as well as a detailed description of their duties. Also.5 Gamemaster List On the website in the community section you can find up-to-date lists of gamemasters and counsellors. Similarly. gamemasters. every team member has to cooperate with superiors according to the hierarchy. rights and limitations please see the tutor guide. the private gamemaster board is the place to request final warnings. tutors and senators. Moreover. Note that it is not possible to be tutor and senator at the same time. Also. For in-depth information on the tutor system. this is the official place to contact the head gamemaster. 3.6 The Gamemaster Board As a gamemaster. 4 Punishment System The gamemasters' main duty is to enforce the Tibia Rules. if you are logged in with your gamemaster account. However. i. counsellors or long-term tutors may become senators. they may not appoint tutors. counsellors. Please note that only retired gamemasters. Note that confidential information given to gamemasters must not be forwarded to counsellors.e. The standard penalty handed out by gamemasters is the banishment. but they no longer hold any active powers of their former positions. Note that there are special threads reserved for these topics. Note that the gamemaster section divides into a list of all regular volunteer gamemasters such as yourself and a list of all members of the customer support. By clicking on the button "View" you can access the character information page of the corresponding person. they can report illegal names and board statements to the customer support. The decision as to whether or not a former helper is invited to become a senator rests with CipSoft.4 Apprentices and Account Groups There are currently five types of account groups: customer support. This board is the meeting place where gamemasters can resolve day-to-day issues or discuss specific issues with each other.3. gamemasters can also make any kind of report tutors. The honorary title of a senator is bestowed by CipSoft upon former volunteer helpers who served the Tibian community well. They play a vital role in the processing of rule violation reports. although they can cause any tutor's dismissal by giving him a notation or a banishment if the tutor does not attend his duties correctly. provided they meet certain requirements and pass the tutor exam. the gathering and evaluation of evidence. and the answering of player complaints. you have access to the private gamemaster board. they are no longer entitled to hire or dismiss counsellors. This customer support member is typically the current head gamemaster. They are considered to be regular players in all other respects. Also. a temporary exclusion of an account from the game and the forum. you will see the name of the customer support member the various gamemasters are assigned to. . Please keep in mind that the guidelines for name and board reports that are laid out in the tutor guide and the various references on the tutor board also fully apply to gamemasters. Players can advance to the rank of a tutor automatically. tutors.

Your name will be displayed to him as "Counsellor". A word on private messages: Players are not supposed to message gamemasters directly. Of course. Gamemasters are expected to keep an eye on this board while they are online and to process the reports that are posted there.1 Processing Reports Rule violations are typically reported to gamemasters or counsellors via the rule violation channel in the client. or until the reporting player closes them or logs out. Keep in mind that players who repeatedly abuse the rule violation report function despite having been given a clear warning can be banished. however. in this case it is a good idea to tell the player to make a regular rule violation report first. However. 4. press the key combination Ctrl+O or select it from the channel list. The concerned player will receive the message that his request has been finished. Explain to the player what you will do concerning the request or why you cannot help him. or similar kinds of evidence as they can be faked easily. It is only acceptable in cases of senseless spam or insults. Any other topics should be referred to the help channel or the documentation on the website. the best kind of evidence you can get is when you catch a player red-handed. that gamemasters have to answer to the head gamemaster. Verify reports personally and gather evidence. They will be displayed until they are removed by a gamemaster or counsellor. Remember to post a brief reply on the respective thread whenever you have dealt with the reported rule violation. Consequently. You may remove senseless rule violation reports without talking to the player by right-clicking them and choosing "Remove [player]". there is no need to gather additional proof or to start investigations if you have credible evidence. chat logs. However. you should only process requests about rule violations or questions concerning the rules. If a player starts switching to a topic that does not concern a rule violation. keep in mind that you are under no obligation to keep this anonymity. Do not trust in screenshots. so you are under no obligation to answer. right-click onto it and choose "Process [player]". this should not become a habit since it is quite impolite. A new private message channel opens in which you can talk to the player who made the request and help him with his problem. To attend a request. gamemasters are required to gather solid evidence before banishing. refer him to the help channel. as players should not be encouraged to send private messages to gamemasters. Answer the request briefly and politely.2 Gathering Evidence As has been stated in the gamemaster code of conduct. However. Only the testimony of customer support members or of gamemasters such as yourself is accepted as solid evidence. Needless to say.4. To open the channel. tibiacam files. players can also make rule violation reports by posting on the public gamemaster board. Apart from using the rule violation channel. The rule violation channel in the game shows all rule violation reports that have recently been submitted by players on the current game world. For this reason reports made by tutors and counsellors should be approached with the same kind of wary caution as reports made by any other regular player. Do not let yourself be caught in an extensive discussion and lead the request to a quick and precise result. tutors as well as counsellors are considered to be regular players. and complaints will be checked carefully. Keep in mind that despite their role as reporters of bad names and bugs. This is a protective measure because it is often better for gamemasters to remain anonymous. Keep in mind. . As a rule. you are free to reply if a message seems promising or credible. so the player and other gamemasters will be able to tell unattended reports from attended ones.

Needless to say.However. All punishments and name reports are made in the game using a special client dialog. any evidence provided by the player himself is also considered to be fully credible. as this helps a lot to avoid questions and complaints. including the individual numbers of each rule: •1a) Offensive name Name containing part of sentence •1b) Name with nonsensical letter combination •1b) Invalid name format •1c) Name not describing person •1c) Name of celebrity •1c) Name referring to country •1c) Name to fake player identity •1c) Name to fake official position •2a) Offensive statement •2b) Spamming •2c) Advertisement not related to game •2c) Real money advertisement •2d) Non-English public statement •2d) Off-topic public statement •2e) Inciting rule violation •3a) Bug abuse •3b) Game weakness abuse •3c) Macro use •3d) Using unofficial software to play •1b) . Note that you cannot leave this field empty. The dialog consists of the following parts: a) Name Enter the name of the player that should be reported for a namelock. This is especially important for notations. and bad reports will be taken into account by the head gamemaster. Note that subsequent claims by players to have lied. This includes confessions to the gamemaster and statements or links on the player's account page. Open the dialog "Banishments & Namelocks" either by hitting the key combination Ctrl+Y or by right-clicking on a player you wish to report or punish and choose "Rule Violation" from the context menu. contact him and inform him about his rule break before actually banishing. as players do not get a message when receiving them. Remember that you risk getting a bad report if you repeatedly report names which are definitely not against the Tibia Rules. When you open the dialog by right-clicking on a player. are not accepted. Once you have come to the conclusion that a player deserves a punishment. to have been sarcastic etc. Finally. 4.3 Performing Punishments Once you have gathered solid evidence and informed the player. reports of borderline names will not lead to a bad entry in your record. a word on names: Before reporting a name make sure that it actually violates the Tibia Rules. the name of this character will already be inserted in this field. you can proceed to the actual step of punishing the player. b) Reason This menu lists up to 29 potential punishment reasons that are based on the Tibia Rules. banished or get a notation.

•3e) Hacking •3f) Multi-clienting •3g) Account trading •3g) Account sharing •4a) Threatening gamemaster •4b) Pretending to have official position •4b) Pretending to have influence on gamemaster •4c) False report to gamemaster •Destructive behaviour Tutors and counsellors can use a limited version of this dialog which only allows them to report names (1a to 1c). Of course. the character will not be kicked from the game. They should therefore be given to players as a warning to follow the rules in future. However. Upon reporting the name. It is required to add a detailed comment to the banishment to explain the nature of the destructive behaviour. you will receive a message. In such cases it is a good idea to add an explanatory comment which mentions potential other rule breaks committed at the same time as explained further below. c) Action This menu is used to select the action that needs to be taken. Please select the applicable punishment reason from the menu. as they are considered to be official punishments you should take them into account when forming your opinion on a player. This should only be used as a last resort since most possible offences are covered by the other reasons. once the name report has been approved by the customer support. you may select the reason "Destructive behaviour". he may be banished even if his most recent offence was comparatively minor.g. If a player commits several rule breaks at once (e. However. •Namelock: Use this option to report a character name to the customer support. including gamemasters. they are not allowed to hand out notations or banishments. If a player has one or more previous notations. choose the rule violation you consider to be the most serious in the case at hand. This option is available to tutors. Unlike banishments. they usually do not result in a player's exclusion from the game or the forum. the character cannot log into the game or be used to post at the forum until it has been successfully renamed. Depending on your position and the punishment reason chosen you will see the following options: •Notation: Notations are entries in criminal records that can be handed out for any offence. gamemasters and the customer support for all punishment reasons concerning violations of the name rules. spamming insults). Make sure to select the correct reason for your punishment to avoid confusion and discussions due to such mistakes. as players do not receive automatic messages upon receiving a notation you should make sure to tell players when giving them a notation. Note that notations that are being given by the system for spoiling house auctions are actually taken into account for the banishment progression. If none of these reasons adequately describes the offence. Always make sure to check an account's criminal record before deciding on what punishment to give. A notation for spoiling auctions will automatically result in a regular banishment if there already are two previous notations for spoiling auctions on the account's criminal record. . Please keep in mind that the guidelines on reporting names that are detailed in the tutor guide and the name report reference apply for all name reporters. counsellors. If the name has already been reported or confirmed as valid. Also.

a final warning is also added to the successfully executed banishment. you will receive a corresponding message. If an account has already been banished. gamemasters and the customer support for all punishment reasons.•Namelock/AccountBan: Use this option to report a name to the customer support and to apply an account banishment according to the banishment progression. Everything concerning AccountBans also applies here. This option is available to gamemasters and to the customer support for all punishment reasons. The banishment is automatically set to a duration of 30 days.g. It has a standard duration of 24 hours and cannot be adjusted or changed anymore unless the whole banishment is deleted. Also. All that has been said concerning Namelock/AccountBans also applies here. Players should be punished like this if they have intentionally created a character with an offensive name. part of offensive statement). This field is available to tutors. The concerned player is forced to leave the game immediately and remains excluded from the game as well as from the boards. •AccountBan + FinalWarning: This is an additional option that is only available to the customer support. however. Explanatory comments are especially important if a player committed several rule breaks at once. The duration is determined according to the banishment progression by default. The concerned player is forced to leave the game immediately and is excluded from the game as well as from the boards. It is recommended to hand out IP address banishments only if a player keeps on violating the rules using different accounts despite having been banished already. After checking the entries you made click the button "Ok" to submit the punishment or to report the name. If the name has already been reported. if the rule violation was connected to an illegal name. a reason. Note that you have to provide at least a name. or if they have tried to fake the name of another player or an official title in order to fool others. you can apply an IP address banishment in addition to an account banishment. the banishment will automatically be lifted. The banishment is automatically set to a duration of 30 days. please keep in mind that this kind of banishment should be used with caution. or if you have selected the reason "destructive behaviour". d) Comment In this field you can enter a comment concerning the punishment to provide further details for purposes of reference (e. This option is available to gamemasters and the customer support for all punishment reasons except for violations concerning the name rules. Note that this kind of banishment can only be used if the character is online. counsellors. but the banishment will be carried out unless the player is also banished already. an action and. Note that you must not leave the comment field empty when reporting names. you will receive an according message and no additional banishment will be carried out. however. but you may adjust it in important cases on the website as explained below. •AccountBan: This is the standard banishment type used for most rule violations. else the banishment cannot be . e) IP Address Banishment By checking this box. as it is possible that more players are affected than the one who committed the rule violation. If the namelock is not approved by the customer support. a comment before you submit. a final warning is also added to the successfully executed banishment. During this period of time no account playing from this IP address can log into the game. The duration is set according to the banishment progression by default. This option is available to gamemasters and the customer support for all punishment reasons concerning violations of the name rules. •Namelock/AccountBan + FinalWarning: This is an additional option only available to the head gamemaster and to other customer support members.

This is the so-called "banishment progression". Also. although namelocks or notations may still be given. If you find a player has already been banished for a different rule violation. he will manually add the final warning and extend the banishment duration to 30 days. Note.6. however. For instructions on how to modify banishments please see below. The head gamemaster and other members of .g. simply extend his banishment. This final warning will be displayed in red letters in the criminal record to make the player understand that further rule violations will result in permanent exclusion of the account from the game.performed. view the banishment in the criminal record of the player as explained further below in section 4. 4. if you change your mind. However. Note that no difference is made between free and premium accounts. The standard banishment durations are automatically set in the following way: •First offence: 7 days offence (different rule violation): 15 days •Second offence (same rule violation as with first offence): 30 days and final warning •Third offence (no previous final warning): 30 days and final warning •Fourth offence or previous final warning: Infinite banishment duration. Note that if a rule violation is especially serious (e. they can adjust banishment durations if they feel the seriousness of a rule violation justifies such a step. or if an account is banished for the third time. The account is reported to the customer support for revision. a gamemaster can also request a final warning for the account. Unless the punishment is unjustified. account trading or the use of macros). banish. depending on the type of rule violation as explained above. Keep in mind.4 Banishment Resolution Whenever a player is banished. the next rule break done by the player will be punished normally with either 15 days or with 30 days and a final warning. and only within the time frame of a certain objection period as explained below. Although gamemasters cannot add final warnings themselves. The duration increases with each banishment. These warnings are added if a player receives a second banishment for the same rule violation. To do so. or give notations to gamemaster accounts. Account deletions are usually preceded by so-called "final warnings". that this has no effect on the banishment progression. Unless the punishment was a namelock. •Second The idea behind the banishment progression is to make sure players who violate the rules repeatedly or in a systematic manner are dealt with effectively. note that it is not possible to namelock. remove or edit the comment of the criminal record entry. namelocks or IP banishments do not count towards the banishment progression. however. For example. Finally. Requests for final warnings must be made on the corresponding thread on the gamemaster board. Keep in mind that it is not possible to banish an account while a previous banishment is still active. or add. even though this is the first banishment for the account. A tutor. the system automatically reviews the account's criminal record and determines the banishment duration accordingly. You will receive a message informing you about the success or failure of the action. If you think that a player's banishment should be reduced or extended. that notations. click button "Cancel" to discard all entries and to close the dialog. you can subsequently change the default duration. you can also delete entries in the criminal record if it should prove to be unjustified. if you change the banishment duration of the first offence from 7 to 20 days. counsellor or gamemaster who attempts to do so will receive a corresponding error message. until the account is eventually deleted. however. the account will be scheduled for deletion. If the head gamemaster agrees that a rule violation justifies a final warning. regular gamemasters can only adjust their own punishments.

or if the last rule violation is older than 6 months. If an account has not received a single punishment yet. Also. the final say on when an account is deleted always rests with the customer support. the character is blocked from the game until it . •Namelock: Change of character name due to a violation of a name rule. b) Character The name of the character which received the punishment. a deletion information will be added. who are dismissed automatically upon receiving a notation.5 Criminal Records Every account has a criminal record which lists all punishments applied due to rule violations of the player. go to community/characters and enter the name of a character the player uses. Once the objection period has passed the account will be automatically reported to the customer support. From this point on. However.the customer support are allowed to edit all punishments (except for namelocks). first log into your account. or if they believe that the respective account is a worthless account that has been created for the sole purpose of creating trouble ("trash account"). no criminal record for this account will be shown. •Locked: The namelock is approved by the customer support. Note that gamemasters also can request immediate account deletions on the gamemaster board if they feel the seriousness of a rule violation justifies such a step. If an account with a final warning in its criminal record is banished again. but the namelock has not yet been approved by the customer support. •Notation: A comment or warning in the criminal record without any immediate consequence except for tutors. Once the deletion is confirmed by the customer support the account can no longer be used by the player. 4. •IP: Banishment of the IP address for 24 hours. e) Duration The length in days or the status of the punishment (if applicable). For the duration of the banishment no character of the account may log into the game or post on the forum. During this time no player using this IP address is allowed to log into the game. The character information page will show the criminal record of the account containing this character. and it will not be displayed to other players anymore. but the player has not yet suggested a new name. d) Reason for the Banishment One of 29 predefined reasons as explained further above as well as possibly an additional comment shown in brackets and/or a final warning displayed in red. The character can still log into the game. Namelocks can have four different status types: •Reported: The corresponding name has already been reported. c) Type One of the following types of entries: •AccBan: Banishment of the complete account. To inspect the criminal record of a player. the banishment duration will be automatically set to infinite. Criminal records consist of the following parts: a) Date The time and date when the punishment was performed. even if the objection period has passed.

f) Reason One of 29 predefined punishment reasons as explained further above in section 4. f) Gamemaster The name of the gamemaster who performed the banishment or the name of the tutor or counsellor who reported a name. During the objection period. depending on the type of punishment and on your position. d) Modification date (red text) The date when the punishment was last modified. b) Warning or Note (red text) If a final warning was added to the account banishment. the player is either banished for invalid payment or the account is investigated for a probable deletion due to too many rule breaks. •Renamed: The player has suggested a new name which has been approved by the customer support. the account deletion is announced in this line ("Account scheduled for deletion!"). 4. In case of namelocks you will find . g) Comment This field displays additional explanations or details concerning the punishment which the gamemaster specified when performing the banishment as explained in section 4. If the banishment duration is shown as infinite. h) Gamemaster The name of the gamemaster who performed the punishment.3. remove or edit the comment. c) Modified by (red text) The name of the last gamemaster who modified the punishment. e) Character Name of the character who received the punishment.6 Banishment Information By clicking on the button "View" in the line of an entry in a criminal record you can display further details of the punishment and adjust them. a) Type A short description about the type of the punishment and its effect. the text of the final warning will be displayed here ("Account will be deleted in case of further rule violations!").has been successfully renamed. Please take note that this information is confidential and not to be given out to the banished player. •Pending: The player has suggested a new name which has not yet been accepted by the customer support. The character is renamed and can log into the game again. remove or edit all comments to a banishment for an unlimited period of time unless the banishment is deleted. gamemasters can add. Please note that not all of the details mentioned below are viewable for you or displayed at all. If the banishment is infinite due to a rule break committed after a final warning. Customer support members can add.3. A banishment due to invalid payment does not count to the banishment progression and will lead to a deletion in repeated cases.

the customer support can still modify all banishments for an unlimited period of time unless the banishment is deleted. By unchecking. the changes you made become active and the banishment is adjusted. However.the name of the reporting tutor. the punishment will be finalised and it can neither be adjusted. 4. the entry in the criminal record will be removed. you can also remove final warnings. the check box is not available anymore. a final warning will be added to the corresponding banishment. Only the customer support can still view deleted banishments. counsellor or gamemaster here. you return to the overview of the criminal record and possible changes are discarded. Note that a deleted entry cannot be restored anymore. which will be displayed in grey. After the objection period has passed. j) Until The time and date when the banishment will be lifted. l) Warning This check box can only be seen by the customer support. . This means that a player can continue the discussion until he does not take any further action for at least seven days. the banishment is finalised and cannot be changed anymore by a regular gamemaster. If a banishment was deleted. k) Duration This pull-down menu is used to modify the length of the banishment by either the gamemaster who performed the corresponding banishment or any customer support member to anything between 1 and 30 days. Once the player has complained the objection period is paused until he receives a reply from the corresponding gamemaster. By checking and submitting. deleted nor complained about anymore. they cannot be edited anymore. If no objections are being raised during this period of time. or until the complaint has been closed by the head gamemaster or by some other customer support member. auto-banishments or about punishments performed by the customer support. Only the responsible head gamemaster or another customer support member will be able to modify the punishment. However. i) Date The time and date when the punishment was performed. but not vice versa. m) Deletion This check box is displayed for the gamemaster who performed the banishment as well as for all customer support members.7 Complaints Starting from the day the punishment was performed a player has seven days to complain if he considers a punishment to be unjustified. When the answer of the gamemaster arrives in his account the objection period is reset to seven days. the customer support and the gamemaster who performed the punishment can read the complete complaint thread in this view. Additionally. By clicking on the button "Submit" which only appears if you have the right to modify the banishment. If you click on the button "Back". When checked and submitted. Note that players are not allowed to file complaints about namelocks. It is possible to set a banishment with an infinite duration to a certain amount of days.

For a full description of the process as well as for useful hints on when to report names please see the tutor guide as well as the name reference on the tutor board.g. Please note that all reports of approved names must be made on the thread on the tutor board that is reserved for this task. For this reason. 5 Gamemaster Directive The aim of this section is to give practical hints and advice concerning individual rule violations. the character cannot log into the game anymore or be used to post at the forum until he has been successfully renamed. please use the comment field to explain the violation. claims that somebody else actually committed the rule violation. Once a name has been approved by the customer support. As soon as the name report is approved by the customer support (usually within the next 24 hours). you should clearly warn him and in severe cases also add a banishment or extend the existing banishment's duration. double-check reports of such bad names made by players to make sure the reports are correct. If a player should commit further rule violations in his complaint.When answering complaints. For this reason obscure statements such as "You know why you are banished" will not be appreciated. however. This will not remove the character from the game or influence him in any way. including reports made by gamemasters. You are encouraged to adjust them according to each specific case. names that are intended to fake the identity of another player. Three kinds of name reports may be accompanied by banishments: Offensive names. Since players frequently do not give coherent descriptions of what has happened the head gamemaster often has to rely on the gamemaster for detailed information. keep in mind that a good reply to a player complaint should also contain a brief summary of what has happened from your perspective. However. that even though the process of reporting names is identical for all classes of helpers. by making offensive statements or by admitting to further rule violations. 5. The standard answers supplied on the private gamemaster board cover all common lines of argument that can be found in player complaints. Always keep in mind that head gamemasters can check the complaint thread belonging to a punishment anytime by viewing the entry in the criminal record of a player as described in the previous section. please report the approved name and explain. They should help you to handle most common cases efficiently and correctly. while the final section focuses on a number of special cases. Moreover. The first five sections cover the same types of rule violations as the rules. that the answers are only standard replies. name in a foreign language or name of the faked character). and many more. or names that have been created to fake an . Keep in mind. Furthermore. Note. If it is not obvious why the name violates a rule (e. though. There are a number of very common points raised in complaints. e. stay polite and answer any questions that the player may have concerning his punishment. including questions concerning the violated rule.g. if you have serious objections against a name which was approved. the following structure mirrors that of the Tibia Rules. it is not possible to report it again.1 Names Names that violate the Tibia Rules should be reported to the customer support via the punishment dialog as explained above. gamemasters have the privilege of being able to apply banishments in addition to namelocks if they find a name justifies such a step. Remember that complaints are often forwarded by the player to the head gamemaster for revision.

Contact the leader of the guild to remove a name problem. Note that statements made by players can be used as valid evidence against them.2 Statements Statements that violate the rules can be found in many places. If you cannot establish beyond doubt that a rule has been broken. Once you have handed out a punishment to a player for an illegal statement on his account page. Note that it is never necessary to re-edit banishments for illegal names. keep in mind that attempts to render statements more harmless by using wildcharacters or abbreviations (e. including gamemasters. Needless to say. Mildly offensive names may be let off without a banishment. including the forum. the points that have been raised at the beginning of this section also apply to statements of this kind. if necessary. some comments on statements made in the game. Again. but any name that clearly violates name rule 1a should be banished according to the progression. character information on the website and. please keep in mind that the guidelines that are laid out in the tutor guide fully apply to all classes of helpers. Keep in mind that the evidence provided by such screenshots must be unambiguous. Finally. although you should. 5. As far as the website is concerned. they should not attempt to sneak into private chat channels or guild chats to serve as . character comment or guild page. A word on guild names: Finally. Subsequent claims to have been ironic or sarcastic are not accepted. For details on making board reports please see the instructions and guidelines provided in the tutor guide as well as the board report reference on the tutor board. If a different character is shown while violating a rule. any text.official position. For this reason. of course. The corresponding support member can adjust the banishment duration or. There is no need to provide any extra rule enforcement. guild ranks and guild titles as described in the comments. However. In severe cases or if the guild leader does not cooperate. you should remove the statement.g. Gamemasters can report illegal statements made on the boards just like senior tutors and counsellors can. "f**ker". of course. link etc. that can be edited by players is considered to be a statement. However. Also. Evidence that is provided by players against themselves is considered to be valid. you may consider handing out a punishment for "Inciting rule violation". even delete concerned accounts at once. provided the image has clearly not been attached with the intention to criticise or accuse the player. Reports of namefaking should always be accompanied by banishments once you have established beyond doubt that the player intentionally and with malicious intent faked another player or an official position. remember to leave a note in the banishment comment that the respective statement has been deleted to inform any future gamemaster or customer support member who checks the players criminal record. as the customer support will process the report and. In case of the guild name the head gamemaster or any other customer support member should disband the whole guild after a warning to the guild members. the player may be punished accordingly. and if any of these statements violates the rules in any way. always consider the context of the statement when banishing. banish the guild leader and remove the bad titles or ranks at the guild page (you have to be logged into your account for this action). even though they are considered to be valid evidence. Thus. please note that the name rules also apply to guild names. as any such banishment is reviewed by the customer support during the name process anyway. "stfu!") should not be rewarded. you must not punish the player. if necessary. apply punishments to the posting player. as are links to images that clearly show the character violating a rule. in the game itself. gamemasters should respect the privacy of players. character comments such as "new owner" are sufficient reason to banish the account.

Thus. Moreover. Of course. we suggest the following procedure for public statements in the game: •First off. if players deliberately and systematically repeat statements within the allowed frame of the automatic spam control over and over again. these persons may not offer or request these deals in the public. it is still possible to spam in Tibia. However. Real money advertisements should be banished according to progression. the purchase of Premium Accounts is actually supported on the website. Note that. and players must not be banished for this reason as long as they do not offer or ask for trades in public. punishments may be anything between mere warnings and 30 days + final warning. •Offensive statement Statements can vary greatly in offensiveness. note that actual trades of Tibia items for real money are not illegal. •Non-English public statement When dealing with non-English statements you should take the careful approach outlined . of the two common exclamations "Stfu" and "wtf". Players who casually discuss about merchandise products of their favourite football club may be let off with notations. For this reason. statements that seriously violate the rules should result in instant banishments. for example. he should be banished according to progression. as a rule. simple exclamations of disgust or anger. The reason for this is that we have often found that public advertising of real money trades has lead to incidents of players being tricked. Needless to say. you should apply account banishments according to progression. extremely foul insults etc. if a player deliberately advertises websites. other games etc. though. statements that are meant to attack or insult others are considered to be worse than. However. say. Punishments for spamming should range between notations and banishments according to progression. You may also consider handing out notations to players to add weight to your warning. the first one is definitely more insulting and thus more offensive than the second. On the other hand. In severe cases such as low-level free account players offering Premium Accounts to many other players you should even request a final warning. Only statements that are directly made to gamemasters may be used as evidence. as are all kinds of statements that are made in the public. this rule explicitly covers the public advertising of real money trades like buying or selling Premium Accounts or items. as you can be sure that they do it only to trick others. Extreme cases should be reported on the final warning thread. check the player's criminal record beforehand to see if he has made illegal statements before. friends or even persons who act like resellers. Also. •Real money advertisement Apart from any general advertisements that are not related to the game. commercial products. they may also be banished. Examples of spamming include excessive repetitions within single statements on the trade channel ("Buy Sword!Buy Sword!Buy Sword!Buy Sword!") and the use of so-called ASCII art. •Spamming Even though there are technical impediments. it is acceptable for players to have their Premium Accounts paid by relatives. As a rule. Examples of extremely offensive statements include seriously racist remarks. give a clear warning using red text. In this case you should make sure to inform the respective players of their notations. •Advertisement not related to the game The seriousness of this rule violation can also differ greatly depending on the intention of the player and the nature of the item that is being advertised. Also. This may seem paradoxical as.witnesses while other players try to trick alleged rule violators into confessing.. •If players do not heed your warning. the special problems posed by individual statement rules must be taken into consideration.

although it originally was not designed for this purpose. If you suspect a player uses a logout bot.3 Cheating A variety of diverse rule violations are subsumed under this term. banished according to the progression. or even automatic hunting. Typical examples of macro functions include the rapid changing of outfits. admitting the use of cheat tools or publishing links to hack websites should be banished with the reason of the corresponding cheating rule. Other typical examples of game weakness abuse include blocking characters on Non-PvP worlds or on Rookgaard. we suggest you put the character on your VIP list for future investigation. or the trading of accounts between players. Players who make off-topic statements should be warned or. punishments are often extremely tough. game weaknesses are actually intended to work the way they do. Always report macroers to the head gamemaster and request final warnings. •Game weakness abuse While bugs are errors of the game or the website. so unless there is a clear indication that a player did not know what he was doing.e. or if you have reason to believe that the statement in question also violates the rule in some other way. In other words. teleport there with your battle list open and make a screenshot. among others. he should be banished according to progression or even be reported to the head gamemaster for a final warning. well-hidden place. If a player logs out on you as soon as you teleport to him and the surrounding factors like lots of fish. For more information please see the next section. note that both recruiting players for guilds and for quests are tolerated in the trade channel. the abuse of game flaws. quiet. players should only use the various chat channels for their specific purposes that are laid out in the manual. previous reports etc. this is game weakness abuse rather than a bug abuse. •Bug abuse You can safely assume that players who abuse bugs know what they are doing. Banish only if your warnings are not heeded. Players who abuse game weaknesses should be banished according to the progression. blocking NPC's by continually greeting them etc. For example. calls for help should be taken to the game chat unless they concern aspects that are covered by the help channel. the automatic casting of spells. the abuse of bugs should be punished by a banishment of 30 days plus a final warning. Alternatively. point to the interpretation that a macro was at work. Please remember to report any bugs you find so they can be removed as soon as possible. •Off-topic public statement Generally. However. . rule violations of this kind tend to be more serious than others. so solid punishments should be applied. A word on so-called logout bots: These macros automatically log out characters as soon as a gamemaster or perhaps a player enters the screen. the use of unofficial software to play the game. Finally. i. please note that players making statements that violate the cheating rules such as selling accounts.above. you should warn players beforehand. if you are not sure. 5. including. the fact that characters who try to log in at a blocked spot are teleported to their home temple is often abused by players. you are free to banish. but since it is actually intended to work that way. offences of this class are usually harder to prove than other rule violations. On the other hand. if they do not heed the warning. As a rule. •Inciting rule violation This rule violation has a tendency to be quite serious. Also. •Macro use The use of macros to make characters automatically perform or repeat narrowly defined actions is a serious rule violation. automatic dancing to avoid logout due to inactivity. and they typically require careful investigation.

CipSoft's general line is that players are responsible for the security of their accounts. The traditional definition of hacking is the "unauthorized use. Keep in mind that accounts that have previously been banished for trading should be kept an eye on: If you find that the account is still being used by a player who is not the rightful owner once the banishment has expired. however. etc.•Using unofficial software to play The use of any other software to play the game on top of the official client is considered to be illegal. the term "hacking" is often misleadingly used. . Convicted multi-clienters should be banished according to progression. usually with the result that the powered-up characters are used to bully other players. you should not hesitate to banish the account and to request a final warning on the gamemaster board. note that the so-called "experience checker" software is considered to be legal. as is "Tibiacam". Typical methods of hacking in Tibia include the faking of official staff members or of the official website ("phishing") as well as the spreading of spy software. It will eventually be investigated. •Multi-clienting Another serious rule violation. If you are sure an account is shared. forward the report to the head gamemaster along with any extra information you have. Investigating multi-clienting can be a tricky affair. If they do. however. shared characters are often hijacked by one of their users. this does not mean that we approve of hacking. Typical examples include the so-called "war bots" and "aim bots". as is the use of modified versions of the official client and its data. banish them according to progression. Moreover. If you are uncertain. •Account trading The trading or transfer of accounts between players in any form is illegal. Typical actions include the quick turning of characters on the spot. However. and in fact it appears that the majority of players are hacked simply because they are trying to cheat or become victims of simple deception. report the case to the head gamemaster. that so-called light-hacks are only to be punished according to the progression. multi-clienting describes the illegal playing of Tibia on several clients at the same time. Serious cases may also be reported on the final warning request for revision by the head gamemaster. banish and report the account on the final warning thread. it is often quite difficult to prove. Unfortunately. However. contact them via private message and ask them both to start counting. Note. it is recommended to keep an eye on convicted sharers. Note that it does not matter if a player uses several clients on the same computer or if he actually uses several computers at the same time. To investigate ask the suspects to perform actions at the same time. If suspicious characters are actually standing far apart. However. the account should consequently be re-banished and thus deleted. •Account sharing Another rule violation with far-reaching consequences. If you cannot find definite proof. If you can prove beyond doubt that a player uses such software. in Tibia it is used to describe the systematic theft of account data by various means. however. counting. As with trading. macros. or attempt to circumvent or bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network". players should be warned that they will use them at their own risk. If you have valid evidence that an account has been traded. sharing allows players to quickly level characters to amazing levels. When investigating you should keep in mind to warn players not to log out beforehand. Convicted hackers must be banished and reported on the final warning thread. you should banish him and request a final warning on the corresponding thread. Unfortunately. •Hacking In Tibia. as the full-light effect can also be achieved by tampering with legal graphics software. proxies and any other tool that automates or changes functions of the client or replaces it or its data in whole or parts. sharing is just as difficult to prove as trading. Also. The name will be put on a list for eventual investigation.

. to try to steal account data. he will be auto-banished according to the banishment progression and receive an entry in his criminal record. this is considered to be a serious rule violation. if a player uses his supposed influence. you must find a solution within the frame of the game just like any other regular player. If a player kills more than 5 unmarked people in one day. Also. If you feel you are unable to process a case of player threats because you fear you might be biased. depending on the seriousness of the rule violation and the player's intention. If you find a player who is trying to exploit you in this manner. being killed by his enemies. but in serious cases you may contact the head gamemaster and request a final warning. For such cases.5 Player Killing Although excessive player killing is a rule violation you are not required to take action. The recommended punishment for players who threaten gamemasters is a banishment according to progression. for example. note that players sometimes more or less beg for banishments. If you find a player intentionally tries to mislead you. Again. please report them on the internal boards or contact the customer support via email. It is recommended for gamemasters to reduce potential frictions between themselves and the community to a minimum. it is suggested for playing gamemasters to use names that do not relate to their gamemaster characters. •Pretending to have official position This rule violation is related to rule violation 1c (Name to faking official position). If you are unable to prove that a player's aggressions are motivated by the fact that you are gamemaster. reward his resourcefulness with an extension of his banishment. Report such players on the final warning thread.g. •Threatening gamemaster Systematic harassment or killing of characters of gamemasters is a rule violation. However. •False report to gamemaster Sometimes players make false reports to gamemasters. do not hesitate to banish him for his attempt to exploit gamemasters. more than 9 in one week or more than 19 in one month. In such cases you should make sure to check their motivation carefully. contact another gamemaster or the head gamemaster for advice. As players usually try to use their alleged official position to steal account data. Try to separate your gamemaster work and your private life as a player as strictly as possible. Of course. he should be reported on the final warning thread. a notation or a banishment according to the progression are adequate. e. any insults you take should be dealt with normally.5.4 Gamemasters This section of the rules focuses on the relationship between gamemasters and the community. •Pretending to have influence on gamemaster The main motivation for players to do this is usually to threaten or impress other players. Of course. 5. and to hide the fact that they are gamemasters from all but their closest friends. there must be a clear link between the player's actions and the gamemaster's work. If you should observe irregularities in the automatic banishment system which indicates a bug. It may be the case that a player actually provokes a banishment in order to be able to avoid some other unpleasant experience.

you may banish his account for destructive behaviour. It is almost impossible and usually also unnecessary to investigate each report thoroughly. player combat (non-PvP) face a number of unique problems because the players have fewer options to regulate problems by themselves. Should a specific person get reported over and over again by different people who are independent from each other. The risk to bring loot bags home safely lies entirely with themselves. punish the players in a decisive way. as it is in large majority of cases caused by the players' carelessness. Note that this explicitly includes power abusing by individual players to make sure they win a house auction. c) Bugged Account or Character If a character or a whole account seems obviously bugged.especially high level . Below you can find some examples for applying this banishment reason. Encourage the players to find compromises and friendly solutions with each other and only interfere if it is absolutely necessary. Once you have made sure that the accused players are really guilty of excessive power abusing. Thieving is a good example. Stay suspicious and collect solid proof before you start contacting the players. If the player proves to be a common trouble maker who does not listen to warnings or if you are able to catch him red-handed. Remember not to spoil players by investigating cases for which they usually have themselves to blame. Do not hesitate to request final warnings for the leading players. However.players for reasons such as jealousy. you may banish this account for the protection of the player and ask for an investigation by CipSoft. Be wary. repeatedly interfering during their hunts. If they do not heed your warning and keep on terrorising their home world. as some players tend to accuse other .6 Destructive Behaviour Try to use this banishment reason sparely. though. this is not a rule break. . Only use it if none of the other banishment reasons applies to the case at hand. As a rule. gamemasters need to have a special eye on players who abuse the safety of a non-PvP world to intentionally harm or even kill players. blocking areas or trapping them with monsters. stealing loot. This may include disbanding of the corresponding guild as well as summary banishments of members. Also. contact them personally and give them solid warnings as well as a deadline. it will be sufficient to talk to the reported player and to remind him to keep up a friendly level of behaviour. especially if only minor provocations have occurred or if the truth of the report is next to impossible to determine. b) Misuse of Power This is a very common accusation which is frequently referred to as "power abuse". In sporadic and random cases. it is time for a definite warning and a notation that further trouble making can lead to an account banishment.g. Advise players to use the safe trade feature and not to let stuff lay around on the ground. if those actions continue systematically over a longer period of time.5. keep in mind that you are not the referee for everyone and everything. Player Combat Worlds without player vs. Although in general the Tibia Rules apply. It aims at single high level characters or whole guilds consisting of mainly high level characters who are abusing the fact that no one is able to stand up against them to oppress other players and force them to play by their rules. including loot bags. a) Behaviour on Worlds Without Player vs. you should investigate them. They cannot take revenge on players who deprive them of their fun or even cause their death by e.

6 Quick Reference 6. alito tera Disintegrates all movable objects in front of your gamemaster character 6.3 Teleportation Marks Mark Ab'Dendriel Amazons Ankrahmun Banuta Camp Carlin Core Cormaya Darashia Desert DragonIsle Drefia Edron Efreet Elvenbane Description Centre of the elven town Amazon village in the northwest of Venore Centre of the desert town Ankrahmun The ape city in Tiquanda The outlaw camp Centre of the town Carlin The lizard settlement in Tiquanda The village on the isle southeast of Edron The desert town on Darama The dungeon entrance in the centre of Jakundaf desert The dragon isle near Ab'Dendriel The town of the undead in the west of Darama The town of Edron Entrance of the tower of the green djinns Entrance gate of castle Elvenbane .1 Gamemaster Account Spells Syntax omana [name] omani [name] Description Kicks character [name] Teleports character [name] to home temple 6. "normal" alani hur [directio Works just like the spell "Levitate" for gamemaster characters. "fastest". "slow".2 Gamemaster Character Spells Syntax alani sio [name] alani [mark] alani [speed] Description Teleports the gamemaster character to the player [name] Teleports the gamemaster character to a certain point on the map called [mark] Sets the walking strength of the gamemaster character to [speed]. Valid values for n] the parameter [direction] are "up" and "down". Valid values are "fast".

Fibula FibulaDungeon FieldOfGlory Folda Ghostlands Ghostship Greenshore Havoc HellsGate Hills Home Kazordoon KingsIsle Marid Minocity Minoroom Mists Necropolis Northport Orc Porthope Rookgaard Senja Shadowthorn Sternum Stonehome Swamp Thais Trapwood TrollCaves Vega Venore VenoreDragons Centre of Fibula village Centre of Fibula dungeon Fields of Glory northeast of Carlin Nordic isle Folda The Ghostlands west of Carlin The ghost ship between Venore and Darashia Centre of the village northwest of Thais At the pit in the Plains of Havoc Entrance to the dungeon below Ab'Dendriel On the hills north of Kazordoon Home sweet home Next to the depot of the dwarven town Kazordoon Kings' Isle in the south of the Ghostlands Entrance of the tower of the blue djinns Centre of the minotaur town One of the deeper dungeons on newbie isle The Isle of the Mists in the southeast of the Plains of Havoc Town of the undead below Ab'Dendriel Centre of the village northeast of Carlin The gate to the orc fortress Centre of the city in western Tiquanda Centre of the village on newbie island Nordic isle Senja Village of evil swamp elves southeast of Venore In the caves of mount Sternum The village on Edron The witch's house in Green Claw Swamp Main crossroad in the town Thais The dworc settlement in Tiquanda Entrance to the troll caves east of Thais Nordic isle Vega At the temple of the town Venore Near the dragons' lair at Venore .

6.4 Talking Options Syntax #b [message] #c [message] @name@ [message] Description Broadcast to all players on game world Red message in active channel Red message to a specific player .