Solidarity with Tamarod! June 30th marks president Mursis electoral victory of 2012.

Millions of ordinary Egyptians – including a great majority of those who voted for Mursi last year in order to keep the preferred candidate of the military and torturer Ahmed Shafik out of office – are bitter. They are bitter above all because of social conditions. One drastic development – to name but one among so many – is the growing shortage of cooking gas. Millions of Egyptian families are not connected to the gas network and therefore have to buy cooking gas in bottles. Queues in front of the gas stations are growing longer, and so is the feeling of frustration among the customers. Inevitably even fights break out. Everywhere it's the same picture: complete standstill. No sustainable minimum wage, no progress in education, in the health service, in public transport. Instead Mursi is doing a deal with the International Monetary Fund to obtain a 4.8 billion Dollar loan. The IMF's conditions: Cut all subsidies for vital necessities such as bread – and cooking gas. May has witnessed over 5544 strikes, that of workers and students. Dissatisfaction is spreading everywhere. Now it has a name: »Tamarod«. Tamarod in Arabic means »Rebel«. This new cross-party movement, in which the Revolutionary movements are playing an active part, believes that June 30 th will see a repeat of January 25th. If Mubarak could be toppled, so can Mursi. That is the dominant feeling. June 30th will witness mass coordinated strikes. Comrades are putting all their efforts into making it a success. But the movement is increasingly being criminalized. The leaderships of the Muslim Brotherhood are sending out their thugs to attack signature collectors. And the police and the military are helping them. What in the year 2012 appeared to be an alternative – either Mursi or the military – has now mutated into siamese twins. The situation is very similar to that in Turkey, where Erdogan has bought off the military by spending billions on the most modern weaponry and sends the police in to attack the broad democracy movement. The movement in Egypt is alive and kicking and deserves our international solidarity. Egyptians living in New York together with their friends are planning solidarity demonstrations for June 30th. Similar plans are under way for Berlin, Darmstadt and Frankfurt. Turkish activists – who demonstrated only just recently together with the Frankfurt Blockupy – want to join their protests with those for Tamarod and come together on the Sunday, June 30th. The workers' and social movement in Egypt have been demanding for two-and-a-

pegging salaries to the rising costs of living instead of onto productivity. approval of law allowing free trade unions. Sign our appeal to topple Morsi and his corruptive neolibreal regime! . a maximum of 1500 Euros. secure contracts.half years now health provision at work. So we ask of you: Participate in the protest activities around the 30th of June! For the Egyptians here in Germany. mandatory subsidies for basic necessities. not the businessmen. a minimum salary of 150 Euros. Those are demands with which we here in Germany (where presently 3 million shop workers are being threatened with drastic reductions in pay and working conditions) and other countries can well identify with. nationalization of the monopolies and privatized companies and running them for the welfare of the workers.